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Has the US Begun Its "Great Retreat"?
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French Retreat in 1812

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I have to begin this column by admitting that “Biden” (note: when in quotation marks, I refer to the “collective Biden”, not the clearly senile man) surprised me: it appears that my personal rule-of-thumb about US Presidents (each one is even worse than his predecessor) might not necessarily apply in “Biden’s” case. That is not to say that “Biden” won’t end up proving my rule of thumb as still applicable, just that what I am seeing right now is not what I feared or expected.

Initially, I felt my the rule still held. The total US faceplant in Alaska when Blinken apparently mistook the Chinese for woke-neutered serfs and quickly found out how mistaken he was.

But then there was the meeting with Putin which surprised many, including myself. Initially, most Russian observers joined one of two groups about the prospects for this summit:

  1. This summit will never happen, there is nothing to discuss, Biden is senile, his Admin is filled wall to wall with harcore russophobes and, besides, the (US) Americans are “not agreement capable” (недоговороспособные) anyway, so what is the point?
  2. If the summit takes place, it will be a comprehensive failure. At best a shouting match or exchange of insults.

Neither of these happened. Truth be told, we still do not really know what happened. All we have are some vague declarations of intent and worded pious intentions. And even those were minimalistic! In fact, after the summit most Russian observers, again, broke into two main camps:

  1. “Biden” threw in the towel and gave up. Russian won this round. Hurray!
  2. “Biden” only changed tactics, and now the new US posture might well become even more aggressive and hostile. Russia is about to see a major surge in anti-Russian provocations. Alarm!

I think that both of these grossly oversimplify a probably much more complex and nuanced reality. In other words, “Biden” surprised many, if not most, Russians. That is very interesting by itself (neither Bush, nor Obama nor Trump ever surprised the Russians – who knew the score about all of them – in any meaningful way).

My strictly personal guess is that there is some very serious infighting currently taking place inside the US ruling class. Furthermore, that serious infighting is not about core principles or even strategy – it is a dispute over tactics only.

We have to keep in mind an old truism about outcomes: John F. Kennedy once said that “victory has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan” and he was right. When any group seizes power and effectively controls its interests, all is well, and everybody is busy consuming the proverbial milk and honey. But when this group suffers a series of humiliating defeats, a typical cascade of events begins:

  • Finger pointing: everybody blames everybody else (but never himself/herself)
  • Hindsight wisdom: “if I had been in charge, this would not have happened!
  • Infighting over quickly shrinking spoils of war
  • A collapse of the centralized center of authority/decision-making centers
  • Generation of subgroups, fighting each other over their sub-interests

In other words, following many years of extremely weak presidential administrations (since Clinton, imho), it is hardly a surprise that infighting would take place (in both parties, by the way). In fact, an apparently chaotic set of uncoordinated, or even contradictory, policies is what one should expect. And that is exactly what we have been observing since 1993 and this dynamic has been getting worse and worse with each passing year).

Needless to say, the main outcome of such defeat-induced infighting is to weaken all the groups involved, regardless of their objectives and policies. Some might believe that this is a positive development, but I am not so sure at all (see below).

That being said, there are some observations which might be helpful when trying to at least (indirectly) identify who are the main groups fighting each other.

The hardcore, really nutty, russophobes are still here, especially in the US media which seems to be serving not so much “Biden” as much as some “crazies in the basement” kind of cabal. Next to the legacy ziomedia, there is an increasing number of US/NATO/UK military officials who are foaming at the mouth with threats, warnings, complaints and insults, all against Putin and Russia. This is important because:

  • The “Zone A” media has comprehensively and very effectively concealed the very real risks of war with Russia, China and Iran. And if this was mentioned, the presstitutes always stressed that the US has the “best military in the history of the galaxy” and that Uncle Sam will “kickass” anybody he chooses to. If the people of the USA were informed of the truth of the matter, they would freak out and demand that this path to war be immediately abandoned and replaced with a meaningful dialog.
  • US/NATO/UK authorities have talked themselves into a corner where they have only two outcomes left: they can do what the US always does, that is to “declare victory and leave”, or they can force Russia to protect her borders on land, air and sea and, thereby, face a major military humiliation delivered by Russia.

Truth be told, during the recent naval exercises UK and US officials made a lot of threats and promises to ignore Russian warnings, but in the end, they quietly packed and left. Smart choice, but it must have been painfully humiliating for them, which is very dangerous by itself.

How much of these statements/threats actually were done with “Biden’s” approval? I don’t know. But I am unaware of any reprimands, demotions or any other action taken against the crazies who are calling for a war against Russia, China or Iran. That does not mean that it did not happen, only that it was not publicized. My feeling is, however, that even if “Biden” did object to this kind of dangerous sabre rattling, “he” is too weak to do anything about it. It is quite possible that “Biden” is gradually losing control of his own administration.

I recently had a good laugh hearing NATO naval personnel saying that Russians made “imitation attacks” on NATO ships by overflying them several times. Apparently, these folks sincerely think that gravity bombs are the main/only threat from the Russian Aerospace Forces and coastal defenses which, in reality, can sink US/UK/NATO ships without ever approaching them or even getting in their radar range. Not to mention 6-7 extremely quiet and heavily armed advanced diesel-electric subs of the Black Sea Fleet. While I don’t doubt the “diversity” of these NATO naval crews, I am now having major doubts about even their basic competence.

There will be many more NATO exercises in the Black Sea in the future. Ditto for USN operations off the Chinese, Iranian or DPRK coasts. This (always explosive) combo of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence could result in a major war.

Another option is the terminally delusional UK government (supported by those Brits who still have phantom pains about their lost empire and, of course, by the largely irrelevant 3B+PU gang) might do something really stupid (say, like this) and trigger a war with the DPRK, Russia, China or Iran and then the US would have to move to defend/save a British Navy which is mostly a joke (at least by Russian or Chinese standards). The main problem here being that the USN is also in a terrible shape and cannot compete against Russian and Chinese standoff weapons (I mean that literally, there are currently no defenses against maneuvering hypersonic missiles! The only exception would be the Russian S-500). The latter two nations, by the way, have joined into an informal and unofficial military alliance for many years already; check out this article and video or this one for a recent update).

But opposite, de-escalatory developments are also taking place. First and foremost, “Biden” seemed to have “farmed out” the “Ukrainian dossier” to the Germans and washed Uncle Shmuel’s hands from it. If so, that was a very slick and smart move (which is something we have not witnessed from any administration in decades!). I highly recommend this translation of a most interesting article by arguably the best Ukraine specialist out there, Rostislav Ishchenko.

Ishchenko goes into a lot of interesting details and explains what “Biden” apparently just did. Frankly, the Germans richly deserve this full-spectrum mess and they will be dealing with the consequences of this disaster for a long time, possibly decades. In fact, the Germans are stuck: they want to be the Big European Leader? Let them. After all, the EU politicians, led by Germany, did all they could to create what is now often called “country 404” – a black hole in the heart of the European continent. Germany is the biggest economic power of the EU? Good, then let the Germans (and the rest of the EU) pay for the eventual reconstruction of the Ukraine (or of the successor-states resulting from the breakup of the country)! Russia simply cannot foot that bill, China most definitely won’t (especially after being cheated several times by the Ukies) and the USA has absolutely no reasons whatsoever to do so. I would even argue that chaos (social, economic, political, cultural. etc.) in Europe is probably seen by the US ruling class as highly desirable since it 1) weakens the EU as a competitor 2) justifies, however hypocritically and mistakenly, a “strong US presence” in Europe and 3) gives NATO a reason (however mistaken, misguided and even immoral) to exist

The US is protected from the fallout (immigrants, violence, extremism, etc.) of the Ukrainian disaster by distance, the Atlantic, a much stronger military (at least compared to anybody else in NATO). The US can print money in any way it wants and has no interests whatsoever in the (dying) Ukraine. If Ishchenko is right, and I agree with him, then there is somebody (possibly a group of somebodies) who is a lot smarter than anybody in the Trump Admin and who figured out that the Nazi-occuppied Ukraine should be an German/EU problem, not one for the US.

There is, of course, also the pessimistic analysis: the US is on the retreat everywhere, but only for the following reasons:

  • Regroup, reorganize, buy time to develop some kind of coherent strategy
  • Focus on each adversary separately and prioritize (divide et impera at least!)
  • Re-analyze, re-plan, re-design, re-develop, re-train, re-equip and re-test pretty much everything in the US armed forces (which have not been shaped by any rational force planning in decades)

Those who believe the strategic retreat theory (I am not personally discounting this version, but I do not see enough evidence – yet – to endorse it either) typically add that “the US only left Afghanistan to hand it over to the Taliban/al-Qaeda and unleash them against “soft underbelly of Russia”. Now, that is utter nonsense, if only because Russia does not have a common border with Afghanistan.

Yes, sure, what is currently taking place in Afghanistan greatly worries all the leaders of the region, including the leaders of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran. But it just so happens that the Russians have been in intense consultations with all these regional powers. Not only that, but Russia already has forces deployed in the region (including the 201st base in Tajikistan) and she has been substantially reinforcing them with no protests from the Empire (at least so far). Finally, all of Central Asia, the Caucasus and even the Middle-East is well within reach of numerous types of Russian long-range standoff weapons. Apparently, the Taliban know that, because they went to great lengths to promise all their neighbors that the (now inevitable) regime-change in Kabul will not represent a threat for anybody. Can we trust them? Nope, of course not. But can we trust them to be smart enough to realize that while they are currently the biggest force in Afghanistan, they don’t even come close to having what it takes to fight a war against any of Afghanistan’s neighbors? Yes, I think we can. After many years of fighting, and the Taliban already in control of part of Kabul, the Taliban will finally achieve their goals and become the true, official, leaders of Afghanistan. Should they try to attack or destabilize any of their neighbors, the very first thing they would lose would be Kabul and any chance to be accepted as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. Remember that, like the US, neither Russia nor Iran need to invade Afghanistan to strike at the Taliban, they can use proxies and they have the kind of weapon systems and launch platforms from which the Taliban cannot protect themselves. Last, but certainly not least, the Taliban know how the Russians and the Iranians fought in Syria, and they will not want to trigger anything similar in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, Russia’s “soft underbelly” is a 19th century concept. In the 21st century only the least informed and least competent people would ever use such a concept. Furthermore, only somebody with zero knowledge of actual military capabilities of the Southern and Central Military Districts of Russia could mention such a silly and outdated notion with a straight face. Besides, while the Afghans can be superb guerillas (but not always, contrary to the popular myth!), they cannot conduct combined arms offensive operations, while Russia and Iran can. Again, I will never say never, especially with Takfiris in the loop, but I don’t see the Taliban attacking anybody, least of all Russian or Iranian allies in the region

Coming back to “Biden’s” great retreat: if “Biden” is smart enough to hang the Ukraine on Germany, “he” is probably too smart to predicate the US foreign policy towards Russia predicated around the “soft underbelly” thingie. As for all the “fire and brimstone” threats of war against Russia, they are not impressing anybody as the Russians, the Chinese and the Iranians know that a confident and powerful country does not need to threaten anybody, if only because the actual capabilities of these country are a very telling “threat” by themselves. But when a former superpower is weak, confused and frightened, it will make many roaring statements about how it can defeat the entire planet if needed (after all, the US military is “the best military in the history of the galaxy”! If you doubt that, just listen to Toby Keith!). In other words, while in the West threats are an instrument of foreign policy, in Russia, and in the rest of Asia, they are inevitably seen as a sign of weakness, doubts and even fear.

Then there seems to be a long list of weapons systems, procurement plans and “defense” monies which have been pulled back, including the (truly awful) LCS and F-35. While it is true that the US is gradually phasing out fantastically expensive weapons systems and platforms which were also more or less useless, this show the ability to at least admit that all that talk about super-dooper US superweapons was just that, talk, and that in reality the US MIC is incapable of producing the kind of superb high quality systems which it used to produce in large quantities in the past (Arleigh Burke, F-15, Jumbo 747, the Willys Jeep, F-16, A-10, Los Angeles SSN, KH satellites, etc.). This is why the F-15X is designed to “augment” the F-35 feet (by itself a very smart move!).

Such an admission, even if indirect and only logically implied, might show a level of maturity, or courage, by “Biden” which his predecessors did not have.

Could it be that the folks at the Pentagon, who do know the reality of the situation (see here for a very good Moon of Alabama article about this), figured out that Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump vastly over extended the Empire and now they need to regroup and “re-everything” to achieve a more sustainable “defense” posture?

Could it be that “Biden” will deliver what Trump promised, i.e. to end the useless (and unwinnable!) wars, stop caring too much about the agonizing EU, silently accept that Russia has no intentions (and no need!) whatsoever to attack anyone and focus on the biggest non-military threat out there: China. Maybe.

As far as I know, many (all?) simulations – by RAND and the US military – and command staff exercises have shown that the US would lose badly to both Russia or China. Could it be that “Biden” wants to put Russia and China on the backburner and “deal” with Iran first? The latest news on the US/Israel vs Iran front is not good, to say the least.

I still believe that following the murder of General Suleimani and the retaliatory Iranian missile strikes the US seems to have given up on the idea of a direct attack on Iran. After all, not only did Trump let the “most powerful military in the history of the galaxy” be humiliated and seriously scared – for good reason – by the extremely accurate Iranian missile strikes, but the entire world witnessed this humiliation. After that disaster, why would “Biden” decide to attack?

Could “Biden” be even dumber than Trump? I very much doubt it. Besides, both Trump and Biden were equally subservient to the Israel Lobby anyway, so I would never say never, especially since all Israel has to do to force the US to attack Iran, is to attack first, then present any Iranian response as a planned “genocide of 6 million Jews” (what else?), but this time in Israel and by the Iranians (who might even use gas, who knows?). At these words, both the GOP and the Dems will snap to attention and immediately rush to save America’s most precious and beloved “ally” (in reality, its colonial master and overlord, of course). About Israel, we can only sadly conclude that it really makes no difference whatsoever whether the Demolicans or the Republicrats (mostly RINOs anyway) happens to be in the White House.

So what are we left with?

Frankly, I am not sure.

I think that there is very strong, even if only indirect, evidence which there is some very serious in-fighting taking place in the “Biden” administration and there is also strong, but also indirect, evidence that the military posture of the United States is undergoing what might end up being a major overhaul of the US armed forces.

If true, and that is a big “if”, this is neither good news nor bad news.

But this might be big news.


Because, objectively, the current US retreat on most fronts might be the “soft landing” (transition from Empire to “normal” country) many Trump voters were hoping for. Or it might not. If it is not, this might be a chaos-induced retreat, indicating that the US state is crumbling and has to urgently “simplify” things to try to survive, thereby generating a lot of factional infighting (at least one Russian observer specialized in “US studies”, Dmitrii Drobnitskii, believes to be the case: see the original article here, and its machine translation here). Finally, the state of decay of the US state might already be so advanced that we can consider it as profoundly dysfunctional and basically collapsing/collapsed. The first option (soft landing) is unlikely, yet highly desirable. The second option (chaos-induced retreat) is more likely, but much less desirable as it is only a single step back to then make several steps forward again. The last option (profoundly dysfunctional and basically collapsing/collapsed) is, alas, the most likely, and it is also, by far, the most perilous one.

For one thing, options #2 and #3 will make US actions very unpredictable and, therefore, potentially extremely dangerous. Unpredictable chaos can also quickly morph into a major war, or even several major ones, so the potential danger here is very real (even if totally unreported in Zone A). This, in turn, means that Russia, China, Iran, the DPRK, Venezuela or Cuba all have to keep their guard up and be ready for anything, even the unthinkable (which is often what total chaos generates).

Right now, the fact that the US has initiated a “great retreat” is undeniable. But the true reasons behind it, and its implications, remain quite obscure, at least to me.

I will conclude by asking you, the readers, for your opinion: do you think that the US is currently in a “contraction phase”? If yes, do you believe that this is a short-term only phenomenon, or will this retreat continue and, if yes, how far?

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  1. Of course the US is in retreat mode. Everywhere you go you hear talk of seccession, civil war, uncontrolled immigration, white replacement. We’re no longer the good guys, so servicemen are just mercenaries. Today’s military would make the mixed-race divisions that bugged out in the Korean war look like Stonewall Jackson’s regiment at 1st Bull Run. Who would fight for this sh_t show? Not to mention the mentally retarded weapon systems. What do you call \$20 billion of sunk costs? An aircraft carrier.

  2. sheliak says:

    Strongly agree that the US is profoundly dysfunctional and collapsing/collapsed. I do question your conclusion this would result in a wounded US animal being a serious threat to international adversaries in the near term. In fact, you may have it exactly backwards. Biden administration energies thus far appear to be primarily directed at suppression of the US domestic population. A US international ‘retreat’ that may be in progress might include a previous decision that a conservation of resources is needed for this domestic purpose. Just as the roman legions retreated many times from the empire’s frontiers to engage in Rome’s endless civil wars, with the “barbarian’ tribes strategically exploiting each absence, so China/Russia/Iran not to mention so called US allies might perceive the near term to be the best opportunity to move against US interests.

    • Agree: Ktulu
    • Replies: @sally
    , @David Homer
    , @augusto
  3. Alfa158 says:

    “ there is some very serious in-fighting taking place in the “Biden” administration”
    Regarding this, there doesn’t appear to be any public transcript of the Biden/Putin summit. However some people have reported that Biden and his handler Blinken were sometimes at odds. Blinken was present at the meeting, and it has been claimed that on a couple of occasions Biden made statements that might seem conciliatory or accommodating, whereupon Blinken chimed in trying to correct Biden and yank his leash back.
    Do you have any sources on whether those rumors have any validity?

    • Replies: @JWalters
    , @Richard B
  4. prosa123 says:

    Speaking of the US Navy, it speaks volumes that a bipolar and/or bisexual sailor barely out of his teens can start a fire that destroyed a hugely expensive amphibious assault ship.

    • Agree: Decoy, SteveRogers42
  5. Biff says:

    Cue the false flags for more power grabs as the collapsing empire looks to secure hedgemony anywhere it can, especially on the domestic front.

    A Beirut style nuclear blast would fit the bill.

    • Replies: @JWalters
    , @Tonyblah
  6. The US appears to be following the South African case, which demonstrate a country the grew over 40 years, then went in decline for the next 40 years since 1989-1994. The characteristics of the decline can be described as a Dark Organization (book by psychiatrist Howard Stein) basically attributing decline to personal defensivity. This can be more easily described as careerists defending their salaried income and pension etc against ever demanding politicians and shareholders. For example Biden is elected and his White House staff is not, so they are defensive by forming “factions”. According to this theory, legal capitulation will occur, which as we speak is happening, while the end-result will be bankruptcy with a difference – you can operate despite being bankrupt thereby lasting almost indefinitely. And because this is quite apparent, one should deduce that the new “hegemon” or overlord is identifiable by the feudal overlord scenario which is not so much about what the American State is doing, but what the defensive WEF, Prince Charles, the CFR etc wants. From what I understand Prince Charles visited Iran, so there is that, which means not so much that America is in retreat, but merely that they were told to, or made to retreat for some reason. You can also read up about the Precariat and that such a “controlled” class do not even need war to exist into perpetuity. If you ask me, all this sabre-rattling is just to push Russian buttons and obfuscation towards incorporation into this Great Reset World Order.

  7. Robinski says:

    I think that if you consider the U.S. an independent nation-state with a government based on democratic principles, then a strategic retreat is essential to re-evaluate it’s position in the world. If you look at the reality of who controls the U.S. and it’s financial system, then collapse is more important to the controllers than regrouping. The failing central bank system and insane derivative debt demand a global response and Klaus Schwab and the rest of the “Davos Crowd” as Tom Luongo calls them, have our future all planned out for us.

  8. Yes, in retreat

    Bluff has been properly called overseas

    They will increase their fury on the homeland dissidents to their domestic nonsense

    Their hubris sleeps –they will hope to travel overseas once again
    always looking to intervene where they should not

  9. I vote for “soft landing”, but not because Trump said so.

    War profiteering is easy.

    Crisis profiteering is easy.

    Infrastructure profiteering is hard.

    The overwhelming success of the monied interests shows the game has been too easy for our fearless and peerless elite. Let’s see them accept the challenge of rebuilding this country. And not at the expense of the rest of the world.

    And let’s improve the southern continents while we are at it, too, eh?

    Just sayin’.

    • Agree: Boomthorkell
  10. @Sparkylyle92

    United States of America is going from Melting Pot to Crack Pot —-and it should not be happening. Head to Canada and start over—there are few Blacks and Jews only in Montreal and it is a great country but remember to say “eh ” after you say something “Joe Biden is great -eh?” OR “Trump was tripped – eh?”

  11. SafeNow says:

    My vote goes to deployments that are expensive, and, run no risk of actual fighting. Australia commends itself. The purported justification would be to create a “presence” against China in the Western Pacific. Easy duty for our own inept military. Other peripheral places arguably requiring a “presence”: The southern and northern polar regions. The campaign patches would be, respectively, a kangaroo, a penguin, and a polar bear.

    I would also paint a carrier white, with diagonal orange stripes at the bow, and call it a “cutter.” Remove all the aircraft except for a few helicopters. Send it to patrol the waters around Japan and Taiwan. This would be in reply to the gigantic Chinese 12,000-ton “cutters.” These are not warships. Worst-case scenario is shouldering, ramming, or the exchange of small-arms fire. Presence, expense, no WWIII.

    • LOL: littlereddot
  12. Ghali says:

    A week before the meeting between Putin and Biden, The Saker wrote: “This summit will never happen, there is nothing to discuss, Biden is senile, his Admin is filled wall to wall with harcore russophobes and, besides, the (US) Americans are “not agreement capable” (недоговороспособные) anyway, so what is the point?”.

    Is The Saker balming others?

    • Replies: @Poiuytrewq
    , @Boomthorkell
  13. Ktulu says:

    America was the flask into which poured all of the toxic byproducts of infinitt growth capitalism. Now, with dwindling fossil fuels, likely insufficient rare earths to make up for fossil fuels, and a global population so spiritually physically and eugenically sick off the results of capitalism, the whole system is going to come crashing down, and America, being the glass walled reservoir of capitalisms most toxic byproducts, will be the most horribly and irreparably torn to pieces by this inevitability.

  14. Retreat mode, yes, but it seems Turkey is taking up the slack and trying to cause chaos in Central Asia and getting Pakistani help along the way. A lot of potential wildcards out there. The Empire is down, but not out yet.

    • Replies: @haha
  15. US collapse is inevitable and welcome. The whole world, including c.90% of Americans would benefit from the death of the Great Satan. But how it can be done peacefully and non-destructively is beyond me. The Zionazis, in particular, ie almost all the Bidet Administration, having captured that great prize, won’t surrender without a fight. They spill as much goy blood as necessary, American and other, to keep their Precious.

  16. Our global world today, the way I see it:

    The sad truth is that the modern society is a very rigid class system. Forget about the autocracy vs democracy dichotomy, NATO vs axis of resistance, “Woke” left vs “Conservative” right. Forget about the upper, middle, lower division of the good old days. Today there are only two tiers – upper and lower – with three distinctive layers: dominating, intermediate and the dominated.

    Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit – there is still a middle class, kinda, sort of, but it consists mostly of low-level corporate and state workers, and small private enterpreneurs, trying to run their own businesses (but, regrettably, doomed to fail in long term).

    Nevertheless, the social stratification is at its peak everywhere in the world. At the top of our society you have the transnational megacorporations. These global companies ARE the real power in our world today – they have more money and yield more political influence than most of the governments today; they practically create their own culture, laws and social systems. Indeed, there are some cultural differences between them, result of their nation of origin, but ALL of them value the same things – conformity, observation of the hierarchy, unyielding loyalty to the company and its policies, but above everything else – Power (with capital “P”).

    In the global picture, nowadays you’re either working for a transnational, or you’re on your own – this means that either you’re struggling to run your own business, you’re freelancer, or you’re unemployed. Low- and middle-level corporation employees are expendable and replaced almost immediately – the large contingent of unemployed are used by the transnationals as readily available pool for replacements, and is a constant threat to the employed. If you’re ineffective – you get fired. If you’re disloyal – you get fired, or worse. And if a transnational considers you a threat – you’re most definitely worse.

    Let’s first review our corporate lords and masters.


    At the bottom of the corporation hierarcy you have the “dominated” – cleaners, drivers, janitors, security guards, low-level employees. For their work they receive a salary, usually bordering to subsistence level. If they’re lucky, they may get a basic health-care insurance, paid by the corporation. Many of them are content with their dull jobs, carrying day by day their mediocre, drap existence. Some of them are dreaming about “promotion” and advancing into the ranks of the “intermediate” – the middle class of the corporate workers. In order to achieve this, they ofter work extended hours (in some cases up to 16 and more per day), they often resort to legal, and in many cases – illegal, stimulants just to keep up with the pressure. As result, they’re stick in a limbo, waking up every morning to do the same thing over and over again (and we all know what Enstein presumably said about doing the same thing and expecting different result). They’re dreaming and waiting for their “big chance”, because, they think, if they’re persistent, clever and ruthless enough, eventually they’ll have their chance to step up the corporate ladder. They dream how they’ll probably get some nice appartment (paid by the company, of course), and, may be, a company car. They imagine that their salary could go up, and,probably, now they could go to eat out from time to time, and enjoy fresh – but still GMO – food. But most importantly – they’ll be eligible for promotion to the upper levels. The sad truth is that such dreams are delusional – no matter if you get up there with your fists or knees, your connections, years of education or practical experience – at this level, is where the things get really serious. Here, you’re just one little shark among older, bigger sharks in a very crowded fish tank. To remain at the intermediate level one must be always few steps ahead of the competition, and be prepared to fight quick and dirty. Many, who’ve reached this level drop out soon after that, sometimes with very grave personal consequences. Very, very few have ever get the chance to progress beyond that.

    At the very top of the corporate hierarchy sit the real son-of-bitches – board members, CEOs, corporate owners (don’t mistake them with shareholders – the shareholders are just the dupes left holding corporate debt instruments, which will never be repaid), their family relatives. The new oligarhy. The ruling families of the brave new world, which all of us are “enjoying” today. Most of them have inherited their positions, groomed from day one to take over, when their parents decide it’s time to change the faces. Some of them worked it out after decades of scheming, back-stabbing, consolidating power and building alliances. Still, while their position is more stable than those of the low- and middle-level employees, it’s far from secured – there are always young and ambitious ascendants, waiting for even the slightest slip.

    It should be noted, that coups at such high level are extremely rare – the stakes are so enormous and the possibility to weaken company’s strength (a sure way for a corporation downfall) in a badly timed overthrow is so high, that this is where those psychopaths draw the line – very few of them would risk internal power struggle. These are the things that high and mighty fear most – for them the company is literally their life, more important than their families. Pretty much every CEO would sacrifice everyone and everything to ensure that his (it’s rarely her’s, but these days you never know…) company will remain alive and profitable.

    The main threat to a transnational company are their fellow transnationals. On their way to the top of the food chain every transnational have worked hardly to overcome every and all domestic and government opposition. In places without strong governments, the transnationals have established bitter rivalries and are their worst enemies. Every imaginable sector of the economy is essentially a war zone, where only the strongest survive. On such battle field there are no rules of engagement and the transnational corporations aren’t beyond using the most gruesome tactics imaginable – hostile take overs, assasinations of key management and research personnel (usually conveniently presented as accidents, incidents or result of worsened health condition) and destroying and sabotaging of production facilities, transport lines and warehouses (presented in corporate-owned mass media as tragic accidents, of course) are just the tip of the iceberg. Many transnationals are not beyond the use of para-military forces and commiting crimes against humanity in regions with weak and corrupt governments in order to increase their bottom line on the balance sheet.

    Speaking of the governments, the businesses of the government and the transnational corporations have always been interlinked, and nowadays, they don’t even try to hide it. Thou the power of the nation states is just a fraction of the power yielded by the transnational corporations, they are still powerful regional players. Still, in the west, the governments these days are nothing more than front-office for the transnationals, which choose to set foot in the respective region. Of course, a lone government “crusader” may start “bashing” a coproration on the local media once and then, but it usually ends when the said government official receives his “fair share” of the bribe money – in the end, the government officials always seem to end up approving laws, which benefit the transnationals first, and the ordinary people be damned – those politicos most definitely know who’s giving them their bread and butter.

    In a world so influenced by corporate-owned mass media, with populace so addicted to cheap entertainment and omnipresent trash culture, the so called “celebrities” have their own place at the top of the social pyramid. Every branch of the show business has its own stars, whose works shape trends and opinions. Most of them are product of the entertainment industry itself, designed to feed the current fashion. Very few of them are natural born talents, discovered by a manager, who recognized their potential and helped them to develop it; these days most of them are creation of the corporate-owned mass-media and aggresively promoted, usually to push forward some idiotic, “woke”, politically-correct agenda. Regardless of their origin, they’ll shine brightly for a (short) period of time, and then replaced by the next trendy face.

    Apart from the low-level corporate employees, today’s middle class consists of those, who’ve failed to find their place in a transnational corporation. These people are trying to run their own business, usually a small-time store. Owners of these enterprises are ordinary, trying to be law-abiding citizens, who try to earn their living without selling their body and soul to a transnational. Some of them even succeed, even if for a brief time, because, despite the efforts of ever-expanding corporations, these business still provide a fair number of jobs for their local communities. A small business owner’s situation is often challenging, as they are forced to rent homes in poor locations with (usually) non-existent security and, therefore, more exposed to criminal activity. They also have to cover the cost of all social and health insurance all by themselves. Usually, without the backing of local authorities, such owners are often forced to pay “protection fees” to local criminal gangs. In all fairness, in such locations, and if you pay your “fee”, the local criminal gangs actually provide better protection from rivals than the authorities ever could. The lowest level of this tier, the “new middle class” of the 21st century, are the people on the verge of poverty. Poorly educated and mostly unemployed, they’re struggling to meet ends by running semi-legal (and in many cases – outright illegal) business, and trying to steer clear of authorities and organized criminals. Ironically, in the cold reality of the 21st century, the fact that they have a job at all counts them among the lucky ones.

    There is always a way down from the rock bottom, of course. Brutal changes in the structure’s society after the financial, health and geo-political crises during the first two decaded of the 21st century have dramatically increased the proporiton of the poorest part of the human population everywhere in the world. In every major city (especially those ranked as global) there are entire districts of shantytowns, tent cities and favelas where tens of housands of people live in outrageous conditions, trying to survive day-by-day. And despite the high mortality rate as result of disease, drug overuse, criminal activity, this army of outcasts grow bigger every day – people, who’ve lost their jobs after last “cost optimisation” by their corporate employers; people, who’ve lost their life savings as result of the latest government-approved financial scam, after which the big banks bailed out their buddies with freshly printed (well, actually electronically created) money; people, who’ve lost their entire families in regions, where local wars, fueled by corporate interests run unchecked, or people, who simple gave up and stopped caring.

    Once a few years, a local government tries to solve the problems of such slums and their inhabitants. All such attempts always end up with corruption scandals, with the poors often left worse than before.

    In this brave new world we live today – there’s hardly place for optimism.

    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64)
  17. Lagopus says:

    Are the Empire retreating? That would be a proverbial retreat, as there are no clrearly defined fronts any more. The Empire is the GloboCapitalists that have ruled USA for a long time (with their globohomo propagandists throwing smokescreens left, right and center).

    The GloboCap Empire is not yet crumbling. That will not happen untill they admit that the debt cannot be repaid, but that is another story.

    Could it be that the GloboCap Empire is shifting its focus, that they have seen that the US military is no longer capable of keeping up the illusion of unvincibility, and thus no longer is the perfect shield and concealment for the real robber-barons that have profiteered on the tax-funded wars the last 40 years (at least).

    The question is then, where have they shifted their focus to? The great reset and the fall out of Covid19 (and the comming follow-ups)? It is to soon to conclude, but I think that USA’s position as the main base for the GloboCap is dwindeling with its position as the sole superpower. I would look for shifts in the strategies of those who controll the global financial markets.

    But USA is heading for disaster. They are virtually sucked dry. The leeches will move on.

    • Agree: Aedib
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  18. moviegoer says:

    There’s a fundamental error in this article.
    In the long run, the US political system, while it looks dysfunctional now, is much more robust than the Russian or Chinese systems. That’s because there is a limit for how long a President can remain President: 8 years. History shows that without such a limit, a leader eventually becomes a tyrant. (Think Stalin.) “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Russia had this, but Putin thwarted it. China had it too, but Xi Jinping has abolished it. Both leaders plan to remain in place indefinitely and in the end will become tyrants, obsessed solely by the desire to remain in power. That’s very bad for their countries.

  19. anon[950] • Disclaimer says:

    The US is now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role.

    • Replies: @frankie p
    , @Radrider
  20. If the people of the USA were informed of the truth of the matter, they would freak out and demand that this path to war be immediately abandoned and replaced with a meaningful dialog.

    Like the opinion of the people matters. If it did, then they wouldn’t have to censor the people’s social media, just to mention one thing.

    I do not believe there’s a retreat, great or otherwise. Until and unless the zionist entity decides it has got all it can suck out of Amerikastan and looks for a new host to parasitise, there will be no retreat. You know those parasitoid wasps that lay their eggs in caterpillars, and the caterpillar is turned into a zombie whose only purpose is to protect the larvae literally eating it alive? That’s zionist controlled Amerikastan.

    So what’s going on? Nothing much except that the Empire is trying to catch its breath and figure out its next move. That is all.

    Going by their ongoing joint exercises, Russia and China don’t seem to think anything has changed anyway.

  21. Dodgone says: • Website

    The drums of war against Iran are blasting in the wake of the incident of the Zionist tanker attacked in strange circumstances. in which two untermenschen goyims died, which the Zionists are stripped of and the neocon Zionist cabal of J-Street in DC, which leads, everything points to a false band is a casus belli to justify an attack on Iran since the neocon cabal For decades, the Zionist has been pushing his subservient guiris (UK and USA) to do their dirty work for them as always and that they even cry out to the United Nations, which have been passing through the Arc de Triomphe (1) since 1948, for protection

    Some 12 years ago they called Putin on the red telephone to see what he thought about an attack on Iran and he answered ни за что

    Today the Islamic Republic has its backs very well covered by Russia, which is not that of 12 years ago and China with which it has extensive and deep political-economic ties and, citing an article by Pepe Escobar that I translated in this blog:

    “Russia’s response will be asymmetric, fast and tough.”

    so here is the new geopolitical jungle law, endorsed by Mr. Iskander, Mr. Kalibr, Mr. Avangard, Mr. Peresvet, Mr. Khinzal, Mr. Sarmat, Mr. Zircon and others respected gentlemen, hypersonic and otherwise

    Iran is one of the red lines mentioned in the speech referred to in that article, the stakes are that high so we will see what happens in the next few days. Hopefully has not to open a website called

    If so, I will be happy to return to my job as editor.(2)

    (1) under the cr+tch, spanish expression
    (2)I was in Porto, Portugal March 11th, I went into a library to ask for a book, the clerk noticed i was spanish and told me, a train station had been bombed in Madrid, I rushed to the cybercafe and spent till 2:00 a.m. online. At one moment microsoft MSN login button disappeared for hours. There were many odd things surrounding that false flag operation intended to tip the electios in favour of the Popular Party, zio stooges that got us into the Iraq war:
    – the house where the “terrorists” blown themselves belonged to the spanish police, it was a trap flat, weeks before some colombian narcos were tricked to stay in it and later arrested.

    -The images of the flat shoowed that the outer walls had been ripped off but showed litte damage inside.

    -The goverment firs blamed ETA, the basque separatist army for the bombing, calling “miserable” to anyone that did not go along with this version, a separatist basque politician phoned his contacts in ETA that denied any involvement.

    -There were rumours that Rajoy, the poppular party candidate asked the King for a postponement of the elections, to be held days latter, but did not work, the wistkeblower of this meeting was Pedro Almodovar, the film director, he was bashed by the media, but I believe him.

    The false flag, probably zio-made did not achieve its objetive and the socialist party won ans withdrew our troops from Irak, to be returned 4 yrs later when the PP returned to power.

    Portuguese are fine peoplo
    e, the following days when they realized u was spanish they they gave their condolences

    This tanker thing, also a false flag, might open a door to something very serious, the US and UK are already on board as they are under the zio boot, the EU, that went along the “right to defend themselves” narrative during the Gaza crisis might hop on board .

    Russia in no longer what it was 12 years ago, when it stood to Iran, late he was called “Protector of the Islam” by the iranian leadership, and Cina was not in the picture as today. The zionist entity is hell bent on beheading the axis of islamic resistance that goes from Yemen to Lebanon, thru Syria and Irak, any wrng move and the zionist regime could disappear from the pages of history, as Ayatolhah Khoeini prophetised…he aslo said that Saddam would end hanged as a war criminal, and remember how it went

    • Replies: @jsg
    , @Bankotsu
  22. El Dato says:

    As indicated in the article, Dmitrii Drobnitskii writes in “Welcome to the age of factional foreign policy” (translation):

    But it is the Nord Stream 2 deal that shows how much things have changed in international affairs. In fact, the Biden administration (which has talked a lot about an alliance with Germany) allowed German businesses to own the main gas distribution hub of the Old World of the XXI century in exchange for the fact that this business (which has always reliably covered Frau Merkel and her associates) will no longer participate in German and EU politics. External management will be carried out from Washington. And not the State Department or the White House, but the US Democratic Party. Perhaps through the structures of the Green Party. Or maybe through funding the “right” decisions of politicians of other parties.

    How exactly the September Bundestag elections and the formation of the German government coalition will be managed is a technical question. It is possible that external managers will not succeed the first time. Then upstart politicians will be hounded, just as Trump was hounded. And new elections, if necessary, will be held taking into account the American experience of 2020.

    This doesn’t sound like retreat, rather than an implementation of an upcoming “green color revolution” to hitch Germany not to the US, but to the Democrats. It also hints at a Third-Reich style balkanization of the administration. Well, that much is evident, the secret services word salads and their off-the-leash and unhinged behaviour is proof enough of that.

    Large multinational corporations will also join the process, first of all a large Number.

    Like this?

    Apple to scan photos on all US iPhones for ‘child abuse imagery’ as researchers warn of impending ‘1984’ – reports

    Countdown to Great Deplatforming part 2? PayPal partners with ADL against ‘extremism & hate’

    Cloud computing was a mistake.

  23. dimples says:

    I think it would make more sense if, when referring to the collective Biden, ‘Biden’ was used instead of “Biden”. I think it would be more grammatically correct but don’t quote me on this.

  24. dimples says:

    This comment is ridiculous. The current Amerikan collapse is the result of generations of leftist brainwashing. The whole world wants to emigrate to capitalist America, haven’t you noticed?

  25. JWalters says:

    Possibly a soft landing, with serious bumps. The war profiteering Jewish mafia headquartered in the City of London and Wall Street may have finally attempted a bridge too far. Too many people may now see their game. A tipping point may be approaching. We may see further desperate moves, such as more false-flag attacks, possibly even in the US. But now instead of stampeding the herd into war (like 9/11 and its anthrax false-flag attacks), these may accelerate the fed-up response into a new consensus.

    To help push such a flip along, I suggest new Unz readers look at “War Profiteer Story”

    On the other hand, the oligarchy may have have decided it’s time to exit Afghanistan because they’ve pushed public patience as far as they could, and milked the war for all they could get. That’s what they did in Vietnam. When JFK was killed his plans to leave Vietnam were shelved, and new plans were drawn up which planned a 10 year war with 57,000 US dead. When they hit those target numbers they simply pulled out. Told at 45:45 in this fascinating interview, one of the very best on the JFK assassination.
    “Insider Col. L. Fletcher Prouty discusses the JFK Assassination and America’s Clandestine History”

  26. I believe that there are 3 stages in a life of an empire: 1.Extrovert 2.Introvert and 3.Pervert.
    The first stage is when an empire is exporting it’s values and wants to have an affair with the world. The second stage is when an empire wants the world to have an affair with them and for this purpose it’s importing waves of 3rd world immigrants in order to convince the world that it’s still desirable and still wanted, and the 3rd stage is pure degeneracy where every conceivable phoniness is used in order to (de)generate a belief that the empire is still relevant as a driving force of civilization.

    • Replies: @wootendw
  27. JWalters says:

    Israel would like a conflict with Iran. But something in the US might be needed to terrorize the population into another war at this point. But that might backfire.

    • Replies: @beavertales
  28. Walter says:

    Thank you very kindly Mr Saker!

    I agree quite closely with your essay above.

    In reply to your question, which some comments seem to avoid, and which was: “do you think that the US is currently in a “contraction phase”? If yes, do you believe that this is a short-term only phenomenon, or will this retreat continue and, if yes, how far?”

    As Kennan wrote about USSR and internal contradictions, the US also has had from the start big internal contradictions…these fester and hatch out under economic stress, as we see. But terribly there is a new factor> vice.

    The US ruling class has become enslaved by vice. As Tacitus tells us in the Agricola, this is the method of imperial rule, and by implication, vice ruled the Roman rulers, and since vice disposes a group gradually to foolish action and stupid delusional beliefs…as we see today in Zone A…Rome declined and “fell”. This is an irretrievable process. Thus imho, the US is in decline and headed to dissolution. As Director Casey said of his goal, “everything American people believe is a lie”…hardly a basis for rational action, eh?

    However, as Saker points out, the US is essentially under zionish control, and their big big project to create a vast “Israel” is therefore about to collapse with the failing US State… For the zionish project, then, this is a moment never to be repeated.

    They may well bring the US into a war with Iran. Often times failing empires “need” a poke in the nose to dispel their fantasies and create the political space for re-organization. Need one also point out that this applies also to the zionish empire in the ME? Zionish empires also “need”…

    The new organization? We shall have another hot phase of our civil war, the causes of which have only evolved, not ended, and which were essentially economic. It seems difficult to imagine, but the continental US may well be “kettled” by “foreign” fleets off both coasts, again, while it sorts out who and what it’s to become.

    Silard thought the USSR and the US (of his day) quite similar… Without the balance of USSR the US entered the road to ruin, and presto! Here we are… One could even blame Gorby, or Bushie 41.
    Wm Pfaff wrote something about this several years ago.

    Of course the road began with a dirt track…”the bomb is for Russia (Groves in March of 44, PRIOR to the timely death (Irving and Stalin suspected poison) death of FDR and the stuff Dulles did with his nazi buddies all through the war…or one can recall the “businessman’s plot” in 33(?) One can find traces all the way back to 1789, at least.

  29. Schuetze says:

    I will conclude by asking you, the readers, for your opinion: do you think that the US is currently in a “contraction phase”? If yes, do you believe that this is a short-term only phenomenon, or will this retreat continue and, if yes, how far?

    To all of us paying attention to the plandemic, which apparently excludes Saker, the entire planet is entering a “contraction phase”, including Russia. Unless of course that Sputnik V adenovirus viral vector vaccine for COVID-19 doesn’t produce ADE (Antibody Dependency Enhancement). I haven’t heard for sure either way, but my guess is that it does, and if it does Russians are in the same boat as all the west.

    No, the contraction will not be short term. The die off will continue at least until all of humanity have accepted the mark of the beast (the clot-shot). After that the die off will continue until the population of the planet has been reduced to somewhere between 500 million and 1 billion. At that point we will enter the “you will own nothing and you will be happy eating bugs” phase.

    It is long past the point where Putin, Xi, and likely even Saker, should have been able to recognize what the real agenda was behind the plandemic, so clearly they are in on it. They have been broadcasting their plans through Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and the Paris Accords what was in the works. Putin and Xi are in on this scam.

  30. Rich says:

    So much secrecy out there it’s almost impossible to know what the US next move will be. I’d guess this move out of Afghanistan is preparation for another war. Iran, Latin America, maybe Africa. There’s also the little move by the dems to have females register for the draft. That could portend preparation for a major war.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
    , @anon
  31. JWalters says:

    Here’s an article that addresses your question.
    “Geneva Rendezvous”

  32. Robjil says:

    That’s because there is a limit for how long a President can remain President: 8 years.

    US presidents are puppets of the people behind the scene. Biden has no clue about anything. He is not allowed to have any real input.

    Putin and Xi can change things in their nations. No people behind the scenes.

    US since 12.23.1913 has been by ruled by Zionist firsters. That is a rule of 108 years, that is a ridiculous of amount of time to remain in power.

    Russia and China has seen far more ups and downs in the nations in those 108 years. Both are on the up. The US is going down with Zionist firsters’s mania for control of its masses. Zionist firsters are control freaks. The joining of a religious group ADL and Paypal to spy on citizens, is sign that US rulers , Zionist firsters that is, care not for its citizens. It cares only about controlling them to be loyal Zionist firster followers.

    Russia and China both do not have an established religion controlling them. The US has in the first clause of its Bill of Rights against having the establishment of a religion. It says nothing about separation of “church and state”. That concept is from Thomas Jefferson in a letter that he wrote in 1802.

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Although the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the First Amendment, the establishment clause was intended to separate church from state. When the First Amendment was adopted in 1791, the establishment clause applied only to the federal government, prohibiting the federal government from any involvement in religion.

    A 1947 case, joined this Jefferson “wall of separation” concept to the First Amendment’s establishment of a religion clause. Why was the word “church” so important to stress in 1947? Zionist firsters just “won” the war in WWII. An establishment of a religion could imply all religions such as Judaism. Thus focusing on ” the separation of “church” and state would keep the eyes off Zionist firsters going to top places in the US government. Only Christianity had churches, thus Judaism was safe to establish itself at the top places of our government. The US has go back to the original clause which was

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

    Here is a bit about the 1947 case. In this case, a big “deal” was made about adding “church” to the establishment of religion clause. It was not a big deal, it was a going down hill deal. Other religions that had no “church” could now go to top of our government without fear, such as the Zionist firsters. Which they have done so in leaps and bounds since 1947.

    Then in 1802, Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, wrote: “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”

    The Supreme Court has cited Jefferson’s letter in key cases, beginning with a polygamy case in the 19th century. In the 1947 case Everson v. Board of Education, the Court cited a direct link between Jefferson’s “wall of separation” concept and the First Amendment’s establishment clause.

  33. @moviegoer

    That would’ve been true, if the president was not just nominally in charge, but actually calling the shots.

    Regrettably, these days the person occupying the office is little more than a ventriloquist puppet for the dominant faction of the modern-day oligarhia. So, despite the fact, that a person is limited to 8 years in the office, there are enough unelected bureaucrats to ensure that the politics that lead to doom remain in place despite the change of faces.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  34. @dimples

    They do? You speak for the whole world?

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  35. @Rich

    It’s not. It is just a move out of Afghanistan. It has been in the works for a long time and was a done deal when Bob Gates gave that speech saying we would never abandon the Afghans, whenever that was.

    The Saker and his fellow travellers have been predicting this war and that since 2003. None of them have happened. And the ones that did were not predicted and were nothingburgers anyway.

    The Saker has a perfect record.

    Read Hopkirk’s The Great Game. This is Afghanistan’s lot. Had almost nothing to do with either Russia, Britain, or the US. If only they had oil.

  36. B N W says:

    The future of the US is spelled IMPLOSION. Retreat under humiliation. Civil war and venting anger inwards. Breakaway states. Texas and California lead the way, Florida, etc follow suit. The rest is, well, empire collapse history as they say

    • Agree: Thim
  37. Realist says:

    Head to Canada and start over—there are few Blacks and Jews only in Montreal and it is a great country but remember to say “eh ” after you say something “Joe Biden is great -eh?” OR “Trump was tripped – eh?”

    Canada is totally under the control of shitlibs…not going there.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  38. jsg says:

    “Today the Islamic Republic has its backs very well covered by Russia”

    But how can that be if they allow bordering Azerbaijan to essentially be an airbase for Israel (remember reports on this several years ago)? At the very least they would have prevented Israel’s influence in the Caucasus as a preventive measure, which did not happen. They didn’t even bother to help Armenia last year and allowed Turkey’s influence in the region. I don’t think Russia is going to help Iran, and likely will join any deal to occupy it, like in the past. It’s clear they are anticipating and encouraging war that would benefit them. Why would they risk WWIII over Iran?

    • Replies: @Dodgone
    , @Avery
    , @Anonymous
  39. Drew says:
    @George Kovachev

    I can’t say if your analysis of the lower class or the people at the top is right or wrong, but your analysis of small business owners is way, way off. I say this as a small business owner myself.

    Most SBOs that I know are in the service or small scale fabrication categories (I’m in the former category myself), none of them pay protection money, and the pay is really good. I don’t know any who are relegated to living in terrible rentals (most own fairly pricy homes, including yours truly). The work is demanding, of course, but very highly rewarding. You could be right about SBOs in big cities like SF or NY, but most SBOs live outside those cities, and their lives and opportunities are undoubtedly quite different.

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @George Kovachev
  40. Drew says:

    There’s a fundamental error in your comment. The president is a figurehead, not an autocrat. It used to be, prior to Grover Cleveland’s civil service reforms, that a newly elected president could essentially, if he wanted, fire the entire bureaucracy and hire cronies (and new presidents often did a lot of this). However, since Cleveland, the civil service has been generally unassailable, and has therefore been basically in charge, regardless of who holds the presidency, which is why each new president basically extends the policies of his predecessor. America is ruled by a tyrant, and that tyrant is the federal bureaucracy.

    • Replies: @Paul Greenwood
  41. @moviegoer

    Wrong. America’s been a dictatorship since Bush 1. The faces up front may change, but the people pulling the strings are all the same.

  42. Well-found comparison. The US is now weathering its Berezina : they are retreating on hastily built crumbling bridges of the kind Napoleon built to get out of Eastern Europe for good, while France has to retreat from Spain likewise : the Middle East shall never be again a privileged US terrain of operations, while South America is replacing American influence with that of China or other better clients. Napoleon was not trying to conquer Europe for France’s glory but to build a revival of the Roman Empire which was actually a gift offered to the European Jewry, and all Napoleonic inventions such as the Civil Code were there to defend property rights as Jews conceived them. But they had overplayed Napoleon. Napoleon still had glorious battles to wage to come but these would be played on the soil of France against the Royalists and the greater half of the decimated and impoverished French population who would never dream again of an Empire and of achievements of world-record proportions : they wanted France to be a country like any other and caring for itself. The battles to come for the American army will be waged on the American soil, and they will be lost despite the excellence of the strategy deployed. The series has to end up with a battle of Waterloo to be waged on a bordering territory now taken for granted for upcoming statehood, but to be lost forever at the hands of three or four allied belligerents having already planned a world without an American Empire. Before the imperialists, whose series had started with Wilson there had been the merely Republicans and Isolationists who wanted American friendship with various foreign elites but no kind of military presence on overseas battle fields, and the country to be isolated from global networks of influence, as in France before the imperialists there had been the Royalists which were to come back in saddle and draw the curtain once for all on the overseas adventure. With the return of Kings, France would take care of its own and develop its gastronomy among others, which didn’t really exist up to then except for a minority of private enjoyers. France was to wage mostly class wars from then on inside the national territory : they would still be inventors but never be number one again. France would lead quixotic battle of ideas they thought to be global and have replaced the military adventures, in reality despite its rhetoric France just adapted and styled ideas invented elsewhere. There would still be inventors galore in France but their employment would be outside. France was to look older and older, as a country with a civilisation more or less reclaimed or imitated from a bygone era and with most cities kept in a state of relative disrepair and quaintness. America is to take that direction : visiting that continent will be visiting the world as it looked in the past, and as it looked in the pre-imperial past before 1918 or before 1945 with maybe the art deco architecture of the 1920’s or the gingerbread styles of the early 1900 as the models best imitated. The Jewish American Empire will be still missed by many but they will be felt to be an old-style aristocracy of the kind most detested elsewhere in the world, and it will be only a cultural party, not an oligarchy.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. @Realist

    Canada is totally under the control of shitlibs…not going there.

    Canada has one huge advantage over the U.S. – outside of Toronto and Montreal, there are few blacks. Entire regions of the country, like the Maritimes, have virtually no blacks in them at all. Moving to Canada would be like moving to Denmark; you’d still get all the annoying shitlib stuff, but minus the mayhem in the streets that blacks bring.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Curmudgeon
  44. MLK says:

    There’s genuinely nothing new under the sun.

    Anyone making assertions about the import of current events, much less forecasts, should be judged by his chosen historical analogues.

    The place to begin is clear-eyed, sober common sense. Establishing the broader, long-term trends, as you approach the present situation.

    As everyone who knows how to fog a mirror now concedes, the US’s ‘Unipolar Moment’ is over. Indeed, that was obvious years ago. It’s such a monumentally Sad Story — telegraphed by the use of “Moment in the label, it became evident (again, years ago) that there simply was no limit to what of the national interest the ruling and governing classes wouldn’t sacrifice to protect themselves and their hold on power.

    (There were many notable, if difficult to stomach if you’re an American, pathetic stages along the way during Obama’s eight years. I’ll simply mention one, when Snowden finally was publicly rolled out, we learned that the USG built a global panopticon, with Americans at the center of the comprehensive surveillance, and then lost it to Russia, China and God knows who else.)

    Something akin to The Law of Energy Conservation applies. All of the geopolitical energy (and more) that transferred in the blink of an eye 1989-91 with the collapse of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact (and other alliances) has returned to Russia and CCP China in little more than a quarter century,

    However arrogant you are, if I tasked you in 1991 with figuring out how f**k up that geopolitical free lunch, could you have done it? I couldn’t have even come close!

    No, that took the full efforts of Neocon filth in league with a corrupt, decadent ruling and governing classes tired and now desperate for CCP China to take the global lead, allowing them to deliver to the American people something like the good and hard magic Stalin and Mao did.

    It’s almost too obvious to point out that Biden is Yeltsin (circa 96-99) except that no one else does.

    As I predicted, the payoffs to foreign powers, congruent with their participation in and acquiescence to “Trump Must Go!” have come fast and furious. Though all concerned have learned from the mistakes made vis-à-vis Russia 96-99. They are modulating to allow the current “Biden” regime the room to consolidate its power internally. The near-term objective is to destroy the core of the American Project, it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights (Obama now informs that “it’s just a piece of parchment”), replacing them with “our democracy.”

    But it ain’t over yet. As I keep telling patriots, whether you assess that the American republic has already fallen or is within an inch of doing so, you’ll know if the traitors and filth have won — back to that fog a mirror thingie.

    It’s impossible to overstate how dangerous this situation is for the entire planet with the US Sovereign under an illegitimate regime under the sway of foreign powers.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  45. @George Kovachev

    You’re definitely barking up the right tree. In all areas in the US we are seeing private entities taking up government functions. In the past few years social media, the virtual Ministry of Truth, and many other industry groups us the official government for their own ends. War and Empire is run by the arms industry which is only interested in using up ordinance and other equipment not any reasonable goal or strategy other than maintaining a high degree of chaos.

    • Replies: @Paul Greenwood
  46. Biden is in the later stages of dementia. Smarts aren’t there. Every country minus Syria and North Korea has the same banker stationed in London. The world leaders count money, but still say when you fight. Putin obeys just like every other leader sans a few. Lastly the bankers with their modern feudal oligarchs are doing the most audacious human cull ever. Viktor Luschenko and more recently Andres Obrado might be the last national leaders to say no to the cull. The few from Africa that did have died in their prime. No US troopsare needed anywhere but the home front to get the dissenters. Also said troops will soon be forced to take their needled death shots. If believing Russia is now winning makes you happy, go with it. Reality is much more scary, but oddly not as complex.

  47. Are the Empire retreating? of course. But not a great retreat, chronic retreat. This state of chronic retreat will last for another 5-10 years… then collapse of empires. But not before Israel uses the hands of the United States to fight against Iran. First the war, then the fall of the Empire and as a result, Israel’s Pyrrhic victory over Iran.

  48. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    US may just be downsizing like a business divests itself of unprofitable acquisitions. Afghanistan is hardly some crown jewel property. The US probably figured they could still bomb the place from outside the country. The Taliban form of Islam isn’t exportable outside the country except into Pakistan where they have an overlapping Pashtun population. It’s not any threat to neighboring countries although it may provide others with an example of how to resist occupiers. A direct attack on Iran may not be currently planned but the general policy of isolating it along with economic warfare will continue, a policy of unrelenting aggression. Things could change in the blink of an eye though, something blows up and there’s open warfare. What they’ve got planned they’re not telling us.

  49. @JWalters

    “the US might be needed to terrorize the population into another war at this point. But that might backfire.”

    The US invading a Cuba, Venezuela or Iran at this point would be like Britain trying to occupy the Suez Canal in 1956. It would be a humiliating defeat on the world stage, earning the disgust of allies and foes alike. The home front would not go along with it.

  50. It is bemusing how the same idee fixe is reeled off whenever Britain is mentioned. – “hankering after long-lost empire”. – or Putin “hankering after Soviet Union”

    It is the product of facile minds that think “Italians are Mafiosi”, “Germans are Waffen-SS” and Chinese are “Fu Manchu” or “Charlie Chan”

    Britain has NO view on the British Empire other than it was an historical reality for 300 years when most Subjects in Britain lived miserable lives of relative poverty which they no longer do.

    The Ruling Elite knows it has a weak hand – it bootstraps its limited defence assets and has a bloated Officer Corps defending living standards and privileged existence by hyping up every posturing to cover defeat at the hands of Moqtada al-Sadr in Basra or Taliban in Helmand – and to deceive the domestic populace inside UK into funding yet more wasteful Defence projects underwritten by non-fighting senior officers headed to BAe consultancy jobs.

    British Defence posturing is about selling weapons overseas. There is total realism – and has been for decades that Russia and China are well-armed. Perhaps even Iran with 80 million people is too big for anyone but Israeli-funded shills demanding yet another war be fought by the Anglo-Americans to serve Israel.

    It is an era of busted flushes. USA knows it dare not risk an F-35 being painted by an S-400. WHEN Russia hides a Syrian crew with S300 in Lebanon to bring down Israeli planes the balance will shift.

    Noone takes a warship within range of Bastion installations or land-based batteries without recalling Gallipoli or even HMS Amethyst

    • Replies: @FedUp
  51. Anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    The whole world used to want to emigrate to America but now it’s just the very poorest of the whole world who want to go there and, as luck would have it, the borders seemingly are wide open for them.

    • Agree: Fred777, Bert, Decoy
  52. @Chris Cosmos

    That is why DoD has a 60,000 man private army “off the books”

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  53. @Drew

    The President was supposed to be a figurehead in a Confederation balanced by the States nominating Members of The US Senate – that was how the balance of an Elected Monarch was achieved. By electing the US Senate the States lost power.

    The beauty of the checks and balances were direct election to Congress with Indirect Election to The Senate via The States which determined Electoral Law – and which also provided Electors to appoint the president of The Confederation.

    Lincoln overthrew the Confederation and centralisation of power became essentially complete under Woodrow Wilson with Elected Senate, Federal Reserve, and Espionage Act together with press censorship and dictatorial wartime powers.

    The 14th Amendment had already been passed by SOME States in the absence of SOME States in Congress to force ALL States to comply with the dictates of SOME States

  54. anon[535] • Disclaimer says:

    The Deep State of Uncle Schmuel will probably release more viruses, attack more livestock with animal diseaes and possibly agriculture with plant diseases. They will continue the flow of refugees, the funding of international BLM chapters and anifa chapters and continue news and entertainmnet propaganda attempting to spread degeneracy in targeted populations. Like a bad neighbor, Uncle Schmuel is there.

  55. The illegal war of the North on the South and tyrant Lincoln was a down fall. The illegal Fed monster created in 1913 was a downfall. But then, the other countries are even worse. They are all just puny pawns. Read Psalms 2. God will judge the puny pawns and liars, eventually.

    • Replies: @John Q Duped
  56. Dodgone says: • Website

    Russia confrionted the zios 12 years ago , thwy wwent to Moscow to ask for money to fix a courts building property of Russia but squatted by the zios , Putin’s answer was , why dont you ask for the money to xxxxxx a israelo-russian o mobster living in the zio entity, i think! it” was later blown to pieces when starting his car

    July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

    If you can be KGB and Ortodox as PM Vladimir Putin, maybe they allow Catholics too, there were rumours that Bush might become Catholic as ex PM Tony Blair, in case he becomes too G-d will not recognize the Calendar of Saints, even we might see Britney Spears When the Saints Go Marching Amok….

    if you do not believe me I bet that bridge I own in Lisbon, the castle is alsoin. in case you raise your bet

  57. The Saker and Pepe Escobar need to merge their columns and should title it, “Uncles Vanya and Dong, leaders of the Third World to confront Uncle Sam very soon, as soon as they get up some courage” to save their readers time. Oy vey!

    • Replies: @Dodgone
  58. BorisMay says:

    More Saker angst that reveals Saker is where he always is: standing in a fog of indecision.

    My personal opinion is the opposite of Saker’s, in that I believe that at this time, more than any in the past, the international Establishment, for want of a better name, knows exactly what it is doing.

    Capitalism is just the other end of the branch to communism and the socialist variations on that theme. The one funds the other and the other can not survive without the one. They both exploit the poor, the weak and the vulnerable, albeit in different ways. Capitalists promise prosperity in return for taxation. Communists promise prosperity by eliminating the greed principle and by sharing other people’s wealth. Neither can deliver what they promise except to the ruling cabal.

    The Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers of this world call the shots and the Bidens, Johnsons and Merkels do their bidding. There are probably others who direct the ultra rich but we don’t know who they are, though they most likely number just a few dozen, if that.

    The US is expendable and it has been fully spent…so the conclusion is the US will soon become the USSA.

  59. Zen says:

    There will be many more NATO exercises in the Black Sea in the future. Ditto for USN operations off the Chinese, Iranian or DPRK coasts. This (always explosive) combo of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence could result in a major war.

    couldn’t agree more.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  60. Aedib says:

    Superb article
    The US had to accept NS2 as an fait accompli, and so Biden wanted to save his face. Germans allowing this face saving move by accepting to invest a tiny quantity of money in what remains of former-Ukraine. In addition, the US is redeploying strength to confront Chica, because it is unable to keep pressure on two front although it claims otherwise. The declination of the power of the Anglosionist empire is already quite visible.

  61. I continue to think that it is economics; the dollar, the debt of the entire western world that is at the bottom of the whole shebang. The Fed is stuck. They must keep printing and keep interest rates low in order to keep the economy from crashing, yet if it does the whole thing will eventually fly apart anyway.

    • Replies: @Decoy
  62. haha says:
    @Robert Bruce

    And how exactly is Turkey causing chaos in Central Asia? What evil deeds has it done? Pakistan seems to be a voice of sanity regarding the Afghan mess left behind by the US. The US shamefully packed up and left in the middle of the night – slunk away, really – leaving countries like Pakistan to deal with the mess. Let us not worry about Turkey and Pakistan, the big worry is what next calamity is being planned by the evil empire, who could be next on the regime-change or “freedom and democracy” list .

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  63. anon[950] • Disclaimer says:

    Canada has not yet learned how to be multicultural and I think we(Jews) are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which MUST take place!

  64. “Do you think that the US is currently in a “contraction phase? If yes, do you believe that this is a short-term only phenomenon, or will this retreat continue and, if yes, how far?”


    It is the end of the USA. The proverbial writing is on the wall. Eventually, the USA will break up into 3-5 nations I think. This will be for sure within the next 100 years, perhaps within the next 50 years. That seems to be the plan or agenda. The parasites have noted that they have devoured and sucked as much as they can from certain nations like the USA and it is time to move on. The parasites think generationally.

    The most vile of the parasites–Chabad–dominates America and American presidents, surrounds Putin, has many tentacles in China, and through Persian Jewry, has tentacles in Iran. Everywhere they “pour poison into the ear” of leaders and important individuals, as well as set-up, facilitate, create, observe, and take not/record, of Epstein and Epsteinesque activities and scenarios.

    Things are changing, however, and, sadly, unless something is done about the Talmudics, the change will superficial, as it is always superficial it seems.

    That all being said, the day-to-day reality will be a Chinese, Russian, and Iranian one soon enough.

  65. sally says:

    Biden administration energies thus far appear to be primarily directed at suppression of the US domestic population. A US international ‘retreat’ that may be in progress might include a previous decision that a conservation of resources is needed for this domestic purpose. also,<= UN forces are rumored tb in place on America soil should harbinger some concerns?

  66. Definitely a Retreat and not organised individually (Bagram) or as a strategy. Maybe a policy to privatise Afghan occupation giving target practice for Taliban.
    Maybe Navy patrols to “defend” Taiwan providing amusement for the world at large.

    Chaotic, hallmark of a declining/collapsing power, competing power-cells
    troops return to wrecked cities/infrastructure and societal collapse BLM/Antifa with no role except to watch their country being overrun …
    Maybe escort illegals, perhaps cv-infected illegals to “safe” US cities … ?

    Chaos, loss of morale, (yet more) racial conflict …
    a war of all against all as Hobbes said in Leviathan … ?
    Planned or the natural outcome of a century of talmudism ?
    Could USA have had a better future ?
    Will there be rtc full flights from JFK to Tel Aviv ? How safe for corrupt politico’s, “journalists”, freemasons, Scofield “christians”, CIA/FBI/ADL etc … ?

    Hope it doesn’t happen … but …

  67. Realist says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Canada has one huge advantage over the U.S. – outside of Toronto and Montreal, there are few blacks.

    The same is true for most of the plains states.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
  68. Drakejax says:

    The “Biden” regime is retreating globally not to rationalize strategy or improve the US Military. They are doing so because they were the greatest believers in the QAnon conspiracy and thus want to make the military as “woke” as possible so as to unleash it against their domestic opponents. That such a “woke” military is useless in actual combat is irrelevant to them.

  69. HbutnotG says:

    They moved most of the Jews to Toronto 40 years ago.

  70. @GomezAdddams

    Ever heard of the Bronfmans? This tribe has the Canadian politicos firmly under it’s thumb. Canada is rapidly turning into a socialist third-world hellhole run by clueless socialists and brown sludge. I’ll take my chances in the U.S., thanks. If I’m killed in a war, at least I’ll be warm.

  71. @Ktulu

    There’s enough oil in the Earth’s crust to last at least half-a-millennium at current consumption rates, and hundreds of times more natural gas. I know, I’ve been looking for and retrieving it most of my life. The last several years of my career was spent sucking the remaining oil out of reservoirs drilled in the 50’s and 60’s. In some cases there was three times the original amount drilled in those decades in the periphery of the field, only accessible since the advent of horizontal drilling able to target formations only two meters thick.

    The U.S. is collapsing because of the Leftist revolution of feminism, civil rights for savages, and the uncloseting of the butt pirates and other sexual freaks.

    • Agree: HbutnotG, BorisMay, Dnought
    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  72. The hypergalactic hyperpower cannot intimidate North Korea, knows better than to attack Iran, cannot get China out of its islands, has no hope of retrieving the Crimea, doesn’t dare recognize Taiwan as a country or say clearly that it will defend it, just got run out of Afghanistan, cannot get its way in Syria, lost on Nordstream II, lost on S-400 in Turkey, seems about to pull out of Iraq, with the trade deficit with China and the national debt competing to see which grows the fastest, pits its military against China’s economy. Looks like a retreat to me, leaving the choice between war and second fiddle.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  73. “It is quite possible that “Biden” is gradually losing control of his own administration.”

    Inane observation by Saker.

    Bidet has NEVER had ANY ‘control’ of ‘his’ administration. Never had, never will.

    That’s why he was installed as president, despite being the candidate that democratic voters liked the least (next to Kamala Harris, that is.)

    The president and vice president bear no real relation to the wishes of the democratic electorate as evidenced by the early polls in the primaries.

    (But Wall Street, Israel/zionists and the MIC absolutely LOVE them. And that’s who matter…..)

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Stonewall Jackson
  74. @Paul Greenwood

    I’ve often wondered where DOD squirreled away the missing \$20+ Trillion they can’t account for. I figured they were spending at least some of that on a mercenary force completely hidden from view along with weapons systems no one knows about.

    Your mention of a large force is the first time I’ve heard anyone mention a similar thought. Do you have any reading material on the topic?

  75. Anon[418] • Disclaimer says:

    “…do you think that the US is currently in a “contraction phase”?”

    No. The US is exercising power via the false pandemic public health interventions.

    Extreme interventions via health policy based on propaganda on Covid. Authoritarian overkill lockdowns and restrictions. Originating in corporate America. Gates et al.

  76. Dodgone says: • Website
    @A Half Naked Fakir

    Volodya confronted them when he had not

    Mr. Iskander
    , Mr. Kalibr, Mr. Avangard, Mr. Peresvet, Mr. Khinzal, Mr. Sarmat, Mr. Zircon and others respected gentlemen, hypersonic and otherwise

    I bet you my synagogue

    But note the Rachel column is not named after Abraham’s wife but after Rachel Corrie
    She deserves it more as surely she is in heaven

    אתה תישרף בגיהנום יותר מאשר נאצי

  77. @Ghali

    Where did he write this?

  78. HbutnotG says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Very true about oil & gas. I remember the guy who outed that fact back around 1974 (oil embargo days) whose dead body with a gsw to the head was found on a rural road in Iowa. What did we learn there? You never fuck with big money!

    Just as interesting is the incessant and obvious lying about that fact since that time. But the average Joe is more interested in NFL games, to be blared in the living room, just to make sure that Trevor doesn’t grow up to be a hairdresser.

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  79. Most of the ruling faction in Washington does not want war and all factions agree they don’t want peace or the well-being of humans or other creatures. Washington has decided to go forward with a slightly warmer cold war than the last one. Operations are now focused on propaganda and associated mind control technology, sanctions against those who don’t want to.follow orders drop the Empire, a solid network of agents, sabatoeurs, assassins, and covert operatives and hackers. Legacy military forces are maintained mainly to enrich one of the major factions within the Deep State and to cause enemies to spend more money on arms and security services which guarantee a modicum of hostility in the long term. While it appears the ultimate goal is world conquest I think it goes deeper than that. I think Washington’s true goal (and it may be largely unconscious) is to fashion a world of distrust, fear, and spiritual malaise which will install a world ruled by machines and machine-like human nihilists.

    • Agree: annamaria
  80. @haha

    Erdogan is trying to create an a pan Islamic bloc with Central Asia and Pakistan. Whether he succeeds is anyone’s guess, but it seems some parties have been receptive. My point is Erdogan is acting the part of wild card. Who knows what he is doing or what the greater agenda is. My point in criticizing the Saker and Pepe is that they are biased and their articles seem to totally dismiss the Empire’s counter moves. Those two make you believe it is game over, when things may be just heating up. Ten years ago Pepe was creaming his pants over BRICS, now that whole arrangement is messed up. Things are up in the air still and they seem to have declared victory.

    • Replies: @haha
  81. @Ghali

    Sometimes people are just wrong.

    Biden had promised greater antagonism against China, Iran and Russia, yet here we are are getting (at least so far) greater peace.

    I was pleased when Trump brought so much Chaos to the whole set up, and I’m fairly pleased “Biden” is taking the current course. I’d rather a Hellish crackdown here over a war elsewhere. Then again, I plan on leaving.

    Still, my preferences are for honesty and open peace, and a single-minded focus on infrastructure, resource exploitation, and sane trade development as the open goals for any US regime. That and Pan American unification, of course.

  82. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    The huge stream of folks coming over the southern border should have given you a hint. That isn’t counting the thousands coming in legally each year. This will maybe change when the collapse occurs, but til then this is where folks still want to come to. When the Empire falls that might change.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  83. macilrae says:

    The hardcore, really nutty, russophobes are still here, especially in the US media

    Most certainly, but also in the UK media and much of the ‘western’ press. And they are so well coordinated in their ‘narrative’ that it’s obvious there’s a small international cabal of conspirators who plan, oversee and enforce this. We often hear the names of people like Haim Saban, Rupert Murdoch and George Soros mentioned in this connection but aren’t they too obvious – aren’t they just implementers rather than the architects?

    It’s rather amazing that there have been no high-profile whistle-blowers on the internal function of the media. But then of course we have to realize that such people would need to have a podium – and can so easily be swatted before they become too big for their boots.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  84. Tonyblah says:

    As long as the US military sticks to its primary purpose, namely defending Israel’s interests, it can keep its bloated budget. Extra goodies can now be acquired for the purpose of dealing with domestic terrorists, without the need to look foolish losing to vastly less well-funded outfits. There is no chance of them taking on a serious major power like China.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Richard B
  85. @HbutnotG

    Almost all geologists in the field know the facts, but no one listens to us. The Monterey Formation in California, alone, could power the entire world for several decades. The bitumen reserves in Canada and Venezuela, and the Green River Formation in Colorado, are still the largest single deposits of petroleum in the world. TRILLIONS of barrels. The entire Western Hemisphere could be energy independent for the known future; we don’t need the ragheads and their shitty religion. The only question is how much money do you want to spend to get it.

    The oil age will end NOT for lack of oil.

    We all know the electric vehicle fantasies will not come to fruition, because rare-earths for car batteries are much more scarce than hydrocarbons, and mining for them is far more destructive. If TPTB want to keep civilization going, we will need to keep drilling.

    That’s just a fact.

    However, I question whether TPTB really want to keep civilization going. Human induced climate change is a scam, like the Chinese virus, that the elite are using to try and control everything. In fact, the climate change myth wasn’t working to their satisfaction, so they either engineered or opportunistically used the virus.

  86. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Sadly, an “accidental” global nuclear holocaust is still the most likely outcome of the UKEUNATO-Israeli Empire’s unquenchable thirst for intergalactic supremacy.

    But before The Day After is realized, The Money Monsters will continue flooding North America with millions of undercover CCP troops who will finalize the transformation of the USA into the USK — a fusion of the People’s Republic of Mexico, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the United Kingdom.

    The Pyramid of Power

    Who Rules Today’s “Governments”?


    1 – Bank of England (1694-today, 325 years)

    2 – Rothschild (1769-today, 250 years)

    3 – Brotherhood of the Covenant (1843-today, 177 years)

    4 – WZO (1897-today, 123 years)יושבי-ראש-ההסתדרות-הציונית-העולמית

    5 – Federal Reserve Bank (1913-today, 107 years)

    6 – CFR (1921-today, 100 years)

    7 – CCP (1921-today, 100 years)

    8 – BIS (1930-today, 90 years)

    9 – World Bank Group (1944-today, 76 years)

    10 – UN (1945-today, 75 years)

    11 – NATO (1949-today, 70 years)

    12 – Bilderberg Group (1954-today, 66 years)

    13 – EU (1967-today, 53 years)

    14 – Trilateral Commission (1973-today, 48 years)

    15 – ECB (1988-today, 32 years)

    Welcome to the COVID WORLD ORDER.





  87. Fred777 says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Jimmy, what is your take on the idea oil reservoirs are refilling naturally? Thanks in advance.

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  88. Agent76 says:

    Empires never retreat and only collapse!

    Aug 6, 2021 World Militaries CONFRONT China in South China Sea

    China has tried to convince the world that most of the South China Sea belongs to it. It has built up islands in the sea in an attempt to convince the international community that its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) extends a lot farther than its coast.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Houston 1992
  89. Stonewall Jackson [AKA "Joker"] says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Yes, Harris and Biden are the DeepState/MIC/Corporate/Wall St/Zionist’s Punch and Judy…

    They don’t know whether to respond to the strings on their arms or the stick up their ass.

    The problem with our so called “elites” is that they are both corrupt and incompetent these days. Well… they know what they are doing but as Saker points out they are killing the host.

    Guess Zuckerburg will flee to Israel with the rest of Wall St and Bezos will have to go to his private island with his private army when the SHTF and the US collapses…

    Countdown to collapse? Any guesses to when this thing blows?

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  90. Jiminy says:

    Don’t forget that with “ Dominion,” the electronic voting system used there in the states, Biden will also win his next election as well without even trying. He can claim it with a landslide victory if they so wish, just a simple case of reprogramming is needed I suspect. And after his terms have finished it would then be his proteges election to win.
    But I still think that the twentieth anniversary of the demolition of the three towers is a date too good to allow to pass without utilising it for some nefarious cause. The yanks need an enemy, they need a battle. Leopards do not change their spots.

  91. A totally wishy- washy analysis, and three times longer than necessary. I am none the wiser after reading all these shopkeeper’s views.

  92. Anon[418] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    EVs also require major expansion of electric charging ability/infrastructure. Electric doesn’t have the range. You can have many more Kwatts/mass of energy storage, with hydrocarbons, than with batts. Trains are diesel-electric. Hydrocarbons are the way to go. EVs are just for small distance range consumers.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  93. Richard B says:

    there doesn’t appear to be any public transcript of the Biden/Putin summit.

    That can only mean one thing. It didn’t go well for the The Neoliberal NWO.

    Or, to be more precise, Jewish Supremacy Inc. Speaking of which, it’s not for nothing that the featured book now at TUR is Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion.

  94. anon[291] • Disclaimer says:

    Saudi Arabia. The MSM in the build up to the 9/11 anniversary is already once again going after SA saying that regime is responsible for Alquada. Of course the regime and Alqueda were enemies. But many Americans still want war with SA. Americans will distinguish the Iranian government from the Iranian people. Not so the Sunni Arabs of SA who Americans blame all middle east problems on. Biden is a racist against Arabs too. He’s anti Muslim too hence, the military left their bases in the middle of the night and then he slow walked any evacuation of afghan translators hoping they would all get killed trying to get to Kabul !He made sure Trumps Arab friend got indicted by the, anti Arab/Muslim DOJ too.

  95. HdC says:

    I can vouch for the economic success of a small business. I operated a one-man office for 10 years before my retirement, and only because my wife retired then and we wanted to travel.

    One thing I learned very early was to NEVER quote a price based on hourly rates, because many purchasing people I dealt with were not bright enough to determine that the price = hourly rate x number of hours. They only looked at the price per hour.

    As a consequence I only quoted fixed prices with tough payment terms: I would not accept a new order from a client if a payment was overdue. A new client had to make 50% downpayment. Payment was net30 days with only one exception. A major corporation had a policy of payment in 45 days, which they adhered to religiously. Because my quote was an estimate of how many hours the job would take, my returns were less than what I based my estimate on. But more often than not my actual hours were less, and sometimes much less, than the hours anticipated.

    And my hourly rates were such that I truly enjoyed what I was doing, being able to make a very good living, plus savings for retirement, without being cooped up in a cubicle farm.

    I certainly recommend this route provided that:
    You know how to budget. The income can be sporadic.
    You know how to plan and schedule; you MUST supply your deliverables by the agreed upon date unless the client significantly changed the terms and conditions of the contract.
    Have a decent marketable skill that commands a decent wage in industry.
    Don’t nickel and dime your client for minor contract changes. Get to know repeat clients who tend to do this and build this into your price.
    Unless the client is supremely profitable for you, be a stickler regarding payment on time. My standard line was “I’m not your bank”.
    It helps if you have savings to help you through the lean times without having to beg or borrow funds as this can be hard on your morale which your clientele will detect.
    You must be able to project a positive, upbeat, and successful aura, to your clientele.
    Dress appropriately. When I started out I wore suit and tie. WRONG, because I was perceived as a paper pusher, whereas I wanted to project a personae as a hard-nosed problem solver. Consequently I wore trousers and sports jacket, plus tie.

  96. Every governments needs an enemy of the people. In the US it was fascists, then Russians, then terrorists and then white supremacists. The new enemy of the people will be the unvaxxed who are fascists/Russians/terrorists/white supremacists all rolled into one.

    • Agree: Agent76
  97. Herald says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    In fact, the climate change myth wasn’t working to their satisfaction, so they either engineered or opportunistically used the virus.

    I am inclined to support that view and would suggest that very likely the virus isn’t the main problem, though almost certainly the vaccines are. Ron and Saker probably won’t like that too much, but Mike Whitney might not find it too much of a stretch.

  98. Richard B says:

    There is no chance of them taking on a serious major power like China.

    That’s true.

    As long as the US military sticks to its primary purpose, namely defending Israel’s interests, it can keep its bloated budget.

    If by this you mean that as long as they do what they’re supposed to do (according to their Israeli masters) all will be well, then, no, that’s not true, for a very simple reason.

    In the past, the US could focus on survival, success and growth and be reasonably content with the results. But, today, survival depends on success and growth.

    And that means the US is finished. It can’t grow because it refuses to learn. As a result, it’s just too stupid and lazy. Things like CRT aren’t just anti-white, they’re anti-thought.

    You can hardly grow without an element of mind involved. And the US has lost its mind. So it can’t grow. Not being able to grow, it won’t succeed. So, it won’t survive.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  99. In other words, following many years of extremely weak presidential administrations (since Clinton, imho)….

    The last US President to assert his authority was JFK, and we saw what came to him. The last administration that sowed any oats outside the Oval Office would have been that of Mr. Reagan.

  100. @Dennis Gannon

    Who’s a puny pawn and who’s the King Pawn ? The King Pawn must be God’s Pawn and won’t be judged at all …. that being the mighty JUSA. And the puny pawns should prepare for Judgment because …. why? Are they more evil than the King Pawn? 1913 was the beginning of the end.

  101. @MLK

    As I predicted, the payoffs to foreign powers, congruent with their participation in and acquiescence to “Trump Must Go!” have come fast and furious. Though all concerned have learned from the mistakes made vis-à-vis Russia 96-99. They are modulating to allow the current “Biden” regime the room to consolidate its power internally.

    Nailed it. When you steal an election so blatantly, you need to devote all your energies to regaining credibility, demonizing the victims of your highway robbery and ensuring you can repeat the deed in the next election cycle.

    • Agree: annamaria
  102. HT says:

    The big slow turn to retreat actually started after WWII when we rescued the Soviets and the Tribe and then allowed both to sew the seeds for our demise in our institutions like the media and academia. That is when the Tribe Marxists went on the offensive. Now they have total control of our institutions and have the whites who built America and Western civilization on the run. Not sure what if anything can be done at this point short of having the bloodiest war in the history of the world and see who comes out the other side. Glad I am no longer a young man and staring in the face of a future in subservience to low IQ non-whites controlled by smug super wealthy small hats.

  103. Avery says:

    {They didn’t even bother to help Armenia last year and allowed Turkey’s influence in the region.}

    They (Russia/Moscow/Putin) did everything they could legally do to help Armenia.
    But Armenia’s authorities refused all the help before and during the war.

    It was not known “why?” at the time, but later it became clear that the entire governing apparatus of Republic of Armenia had been Sorosized: from Prime Minister Pashinoglu (aka Pashinyan) down to some officers in the Armenia’s military, were working for the West (read Turks/ Azerbaijan, British Petroleum,….).

    There is quite a lot that most people who are not of Armenian ancestry* do not know about that war. And keep repeating the GloboSorosa propaganda that supposedly Putin abandoned Armenia.
    None of it is true.

    Russia couldn’t very well help Armenia if the Armenia’s legal leadership refused help.

    Even more bizzare: there was a snap Parliamentary election on June 20, 2021, and the Sorosized rabble of Armenia voted FOR the treasonous scum who deliberately engineered the disastrous defeat, and the loss of Artsakh (aka Nagorno-Karabagh).

    As to Azerbaijan: Russia cannot (openly) interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is in the Western/GloboSorosa camp. And Russia has a lot on her hands right now: Ukraine, Syria,……

    * you have to follow the goings on in Armenia, and all of it is in Armenian: so if you don’t know the language, hard to follow. All the English language “news” about Armenia is US State Dept and/or SorosaPropaganda, misinformation, or disinformation.

  104. @Fred777

    I know the theory, and I don’t discount it, but from my point of view, it’s academic. Proven reserves (oil that exists now) would last centuries, so, to me, it doesn’t really matter where it comes from. The only way this theory is valuable to me is if, decades from now, we drill again in “exhausted” reservoirs, and find that there is new oil. Plus, I have never drilled for oil in igneous rock, and, as far as I know, finding oil that way hasn’t been accomplished. If the theory is true, fantastic, because drilling for that oil would be cheap.

    I’m a scientist; I need to see evidence. The people who support that theory have the burden of proof, and, so far, as far I know, no one has proved it.

    All that being said, I found oil based on the theory it is composed of microscopic saltwater creatures that existed millions of years ago, that were buried in sediment, and subject to temperature and pressure. Every where I drilled for oil was, millions of years ago, a shallow sea or river delta. The sediments I drilled in were sand or shale. The theory I used brought results. That’s good enough for me.

    • Thanks: Fred777
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Geowhizz
  105. As a former NATO soldier during the halcyon days of the Cold War, I have a slightly different take on these current antics. First I think the authors analysis of the current state of affairs is spot on. My conclusion however is in part in alignment but I ultimately land in a slightly different place. It’s the place where I see this all most likely leading. All countries and confederations such as the EU and some Asian and Latin client states are currently under the US/Israeli led hegemony will move more or less to support where this is headed. This is very obvious to anyone even casually looking at things see that the thing is Israeli led. Look at the last 30 years of war in the Mid East I don’t know how anyone could miss that. I digress…

    Anyway I’m in looking at redeployments, there’s obviously a visible contraction. I’m with the author all the way to the end of the article. My guessing goes to the end game and where this all lands. Here we go. Please feel free to take out your red markers and correct me. Also I’m an engineer and I’m not proof reading this so please excuse any grammatical errors. I’ve been out of the service for a very long time so if my terminology is a bit off that’s why. Here goes. I had a combat MOS. The vast majority of the combat jobs in my brigade were all white men. We were in a combat aviation brigades supporting an armored divisions. Our support staffs like fuel, motor pool, cooks etc., were black or mystery meat. But mostly black. They simply could not typically qualify for or complete the complex and demanding requirements that we whites could. In fact today. Most combat units are white men. But simultaneously with the author’s observations around force contraction, the military is actively targeting and racially harassing white, Christian straight me in its ranks. It’s very clear that this is a purge of these men. No global scale war has ever been fought or won by blacks, Latin Americans, or the modern mystery meat we call Arabs today: never. There are lots of reasons for this most so obvious that there’s no point wasting time pointing out the obvious.

    So what are the simplest facts before us? Well I think the most pertinent are the following: 1. Visible force contraction and retreat. 2. Loss of the ability to innovate better more technologically and decisive weapon systems. 3. The purge of white males and patriotic American citizens of other races with historical American roots and ties to our shared history and ties to the land. 4. The increasing numbers of minorities and foreigners being recruited into the ranks replacing traditional Americans in all the armed forces. 5. Diversity and political wokeness are replacing merit, achievement and ability in the chain of command.

    So the US and western (NATO) militaries are no longer capable of engaging any formidable unified nationalistic racially cohesive nation state. Everyone in charge of this mess is likely aware of this for one reason or another. This is a retreat that I do not see being reversed ever. The empire was built and maintained by white Christian men. Since they’re being purged that use case no longer is relevant.

    So let’s exam where we are headed. We have a huge and lethal military but it’s no longer capable of engaging and winning against any real power of stature: Russia, China or Iran. Iran is the weakest of those states. Even assuming China and Russia did not lend aid, there are many reasons the US cannot win there. First off I’ll give this with Iran a light dusting since just some top hits. Iran unlike Iraq is quite mountainous and is a fairly homogeneous population that will unite mostly against foreign attackers. They’ve also proven quite capable of fending off our rapacious, parasitical and blood thirsty “ally” modern Israel. It wouldn’t just be a quagmire it would be a slaughter. Look at Afghanistan. We couldn’t win there and they were basically medieval peasants with rifles and we never really got anywhere. Iran is much much more prepared focused and well armed. Russia is currently a tougher but that china as it just proved in the black seas. China is powerful but hasn’t won a major war in centuries. They’ve got lots of vulnerabilities that they’re keenly aware of but they’re also massively strong. If struck they’ll have to strike back hard or they’ll quickly be out flanked. My guess is that if the US engages over something like Taiwan (they won’t), then China would immediately sink 1-2 US carriers and most st if not all of their escorts. Probably via swarms of hypersonic maneuvering cruise missiles. Everyone is thinking about that. Also look at the hysterical posturing in retreat. That’s an obvious example of popping smoke as you retreat. Since they don’t currently HAVE to retreat yet and are doing this I believe in a more or less orderly but pompous and boorish way it must have an end goal focus. I’ve never really seen seen anything like this. Its a cringe theater.

    Okay so now where do we land? We land with a largely anti American citizen US military being brought back to our shores. What is their new mission now absent empire and white war fighters. Well what do you think is the mostly like? Occam’s Razor says it’s to control and dominate the US population and mainland. There’s really no other purpose beyond border defense. Now that still means open borders. The defense would only be against another power’s attempt to take territory or resources nothing more.

  106. @Jimmy le Blanc

    what is the cost of production of a barrel ? surely these fields cost \$50-90 per barrel to pump and refine versus the \$1-10 of Saudi or sweet West Texas oil? if these fields were so fich with oil, then why drill 5 K feet of water?

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  107. @Johnny Smoggins

    outside of Toronto and Montreal, there are few blacks. Entire regions of the country, like the Maritimes, have virtually no blacks in them at all.

    Nova Scotia had the largest number of blacks in Canada, until it was decided they should be imported some 50 years ago. The current government has a plan of resettling Nigeria into Western Canada, because racism and diversity.
    This country has been controlled by the tribe for close to 60 years.

  108. @Houston 1992

    They drill in deep water because of politics. Convincing the lefty nuts, local governments, Indian tribes, and all the other naysayers to drill has become a Herculean task. It is politically easier to drill in deep water than it is in the Green River Shale, and even then we still don’t drill off the east or west coast anymore, despite billions of barrels in proven reserves. Operators get great tax incentives to drill in the Gulf because Texas and Louisiana want the employment for their people. There is oil in New York State, for crying out loud. Do you see drilling in New York State? No, all because of politics.

    Politics rules all.

    Logically, what should happen, is drill the cheap stuff first, advance technology, and the other reserves become accessible. I started my career just as horizontal drilling was being implemented. Drilling was still slow because of the tricone drill bit (invented over a hundred years ago by Howard Hughes’ father). In the early 90s the PDC bit (polycrystalline diamond compact) was introduced, which sped up drilling tremendously, thereby reducing the cost of drilling. Instead of grinding through the formation like the tricone bit, the PDC bit used diamond cutters to literally carve the formation into pieces. This bit was also far more maneuverable and useful in horizontal drilling, especially in sedimentary formations.

    Horizontal drilling and the PDC bit, combined with fracking, opened up fields that were considered, in the 80s, impossible to drill. It also allowed us to drill again in old oilfields, at the periphery, and recover oil where the formation was the thinnest. On one of my last holes, we targeted a formation two meters thick at a depth of 2200 meters and a horizontal displacement of over 4000 meters.

    With shale oil, processes have been invented to frack the formation, heat the oil to a lower viscosity, and then pump it out of the ground, and probably cheaper than drilling in deep water. A similar process is used to drill for bitumen. Fracking water can be sourced from ancient formations and recycled.

    Technology marches on.

  109. No12kiwi says:

    Billionaire and Google co-founder Larry Page is a New Zealand resident, and visited the country in the midst of Covid-19 border restrictions.

    Page, who is the sixth-richest man in the world, was granted entry into the country despite New Zealand borders remaining closed to most travellers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Last month, researchers designated the country the “best place to survive global societal collapse,” citing its ability to protect borders and grow food for the population, temperate climate and low population density. Those attributes have made it a favoured destination for global elites hoping to buy boltholes or bunkers in preparation for a social or environmental apocalypse in the US.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Miro23
  110. At what point does the USA or UK, EU, etc, come to the realisation that you cannot drink the milk and eat the meat of the cow at the same time?

  111. utu says:

    The analogy of Napoleon, his rise and fall is completely inadequate. While Napoleon was spreading ideas of the French Revolution all over the Europe while perhaps thinking he was doing it for the glory of France at the same time he was shrinking the French Empire by accepting the outcome of the Seven Year’s War by selling the Louisiana Territory and accepting the defeat in Haiti.

    America is not France of the early 19th century. The ultimate fate of France was determined by the loss of he Seven Year’s War in the 18th century.

    America hasn’t lost a significant military conflict since its inception. America unlike France is the first global power that since 1917 has been determining the fate of the world. All the world powers still in the existence in 1917 had to recognize the supremacy of America. Germany’s brief insurrection under Hitler was just an episode like that of Filipinos’ opposition to American power in Asia in the late 19th century.

    America like Napoleon France is driven by Promethean revolutionary idea of changing the wold for the better according to the ideas of Enlightenment and related to it esoteric Freemasons’ teachings. This is where the similarity between France of the early 19th century and America ends – it ends with America’s unquestionable success unlike the failure of France.

    There is no country in the world apart from the artificial constructs and fantasies of Russia Today’s and Sputnik News’s Kremlin propaganda that have an appeal as America. 80% of the world population finds ideas for which American stands appealing because they are not American ideas but universal ideas. Kremlin propaganda of the semantic inversion that it is Moscow or Beijing who now really stand for the traditional American values and ideas is bound to fail. The fact that Kremlin propaganda uses ideas that are quintessentially American proves that they are doomed to fail.

  112. BluEidDvl says:

    Alas, I would have to agree.

    Most of my fellow Americans are in a state of utter denial about what is happening to their country. Walk into ANY shopping mall in America & you can see the hordes of spirituality dead, brain dead, obese, slovenly, & profoundly unhealthy looking plebes. Most, utterly unaware of what is going on around the world & don’t care. Utterly unaware of what is happening to their country or just don’t care. They’ll still boast “we’re number #1” while everything around them is collapsing or decaying. Our cities have become filthy, dystopian hellholes. Most White , ahem, “men” are so cucked that many care FAR more about “their team” winning the ballgame than their children’s own future. Hell, some would gladly hand their daughters over to their Homo Erectus “heroes”. Maybe all of this was inevitable?. We’re not really a nation in the traditional sense. We have no common race/ethnicity/language/culture that traditionally holds a people together. Thus, we have nothing that binds us together as a people save the striving for that all mighty dollar. Hardly a basis for long term survival of a people?. We’re destroying our past with nary a whimper & destroying our children’s future with the same nonchalance.

    History has never been kind to such a people.. 🤔

  113. gatobart says:

    If I was an astronaut and I had spent the last 10 years out in space and I was coming right now back to Earth I’d need only one single image to have a positive answer to that question. And I would add in my answer, the U.S. is not only in state of generalized retreat but even worse, in state of internal collapse:

    All kinds of weird flags hanging from Amerrican Embassies abroad. That would be for me the unmistakable sign that the U.S. of A as we know doesn’t exist anymore. The embassies of a country are something special, the very face of the country, somehting almost sacred, they show us the country as a unique and living entity,and that is why they deserve so much respect. And when they start looking as if the staff is using their walls to hang their clothes to dry, then, that’s the end, more or less.

  114. Decoy says:

    For about 10 years I have been astonished that we could print so much money and yet keep interest rates near zero and inflation below 2 percent. It was as if Washington D.C. was filled with Money Trees….politicians could just go out and pick as much as they believed they needed. No adverse consequences at all. But things changed and now the Fed at least acknowledges that we will have to endure some mild inflation for an undetermined (but short) period of time. I think J. Powell has some surprises coming down the line involving interest rates, and inflation rates and duration, and he and the American people are not going to be happy.

  115. @utu

    Yep! 80% of the world believes in promoting anal sex between men, trannies, pumping chemicals into children to change their sex, drag queen story hour, Black Lives Matter, the destruction of the family, “hocus pocus” science like so-called man-made climate change, the destruction of the meritocracy, and similar “universal ideals.”


    People want to come here because they’re starving and live with violence. Very soon they’ll discover the same thing here.

    • Agree: Robjil, RadicalCenter, TTSSYF
    • Replies: @utu
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  116. Russia is losing just about everywhere in the world:

    Georgia, Ukraine, and soon Belarus.

    Russia is also being kicked out of the Caucasus by Turkey, which has penetrated Azerbaijan and beaten Russia’s only ally, Armenia, which Russia betrayed in 2020 and now.

    Turkey beat Russia in Libya.

    Russia still can’t kick Turkey out of Syria.

    A NATO member, Turkey, invaded a Russian ally (Syria) and Putin is stuck.

    Putin warned Erdogan not to send drones to Ukraine. Erdogan sent them anyway, plus more weapons, and Putin has egg on his face.

    In the Black Sea, NATO is gaining strength, which is why Putin is so upset about it.

    The truth is that Putin is a loser. He may talk big and do karate, but Russia is going down.

    • Disagree: Decoy
    • Replies: @Farik
  117. Sirius B says:

    Number one rule in politics. You lie. Everything you hear is a lie said to deceive and confuse and distract from the real truth. From what’s really going on. Just look at history. Everything you thought was true was ultimately false. That’s why they control the media and news.

    1. In the 1990s China wanted Afghanistan because of its untouched lithium reserves which is essential for batteries of electric cars. So the US et al tried to stop China’ progress by invading Afghanistan. With an alliance with Afghanistan (Taliban), China will become the leader in Electric car battery manufacture.
    2. Iran has the largest population of Jews living in the Middke East. They are happy there and don’t wish to leave. Why? They have senior level positions and wealth. Israeli Netanyahu’s brother was good friends with Iranian Rouhani.
    The “War with Iran” is a decoy to distract and confuse the masses.
    The real story is elsewhere. That’s why we little guys are so lost and confused with what’s going on.
    Look behind the headlines.

    • Thanks: littlereddot
  118. @Cold War Boomerwaffen

    “China is powerful but hasn’t won a major war in centuries.”

    The Kuomintang, 19th C Manchu forces may have been a joke but the PLA is not: it has a history of enduring and winning.

  119. Sirius B says:

    3. Remember Nordstream 2? Zip in news why?
    Why did US Biden meet Russia’s Putin? After that meeting US gives up on Nordstream 2 and exits Afghanistan. Why?
    At some point Russia and their allies Captured American personnel/soldiers/ intelligence that the Americans didn’t want Congress and the American public to know about so at that meeting they negotiated Russian silence of what really happened and release of the captured Americans in exchange for exit from Afghanistan and Nordstream 2.
    The US doesn’t want to give up either but had too. That why they are taking their time in Afghanistan.

    • Agree: littlereddot
  120. gatobart says:
    @Robert Bruce

    No, no hint there. Most of those coming to the Southern border of the U.S. A. are from the three countries in Central America that Amerrica invaded, bombed, ruined during the last decades, since the 1980s when Reagan launched his terrorist aggression against Sandinista Nicaragua: Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. So we may as well call it the chickens coming back home to roost, or simply Karma, what goes around comes around. In South America when things go bad people usually escape to neighbouring nations where things are calmer or more prosperous.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  121. utu says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    “80% of the world believes in promoting anal sex” – Hetero anal sex is and always was very popular. Even Savonarola in the 15th century Florence had to admit it. Russia whatever Putin claims to think is very much into it.

    Pornhub study: Anal sex porn ‘more popular in Russia than any other country’

    And as you know every pitcher becomes a catcher now and then.

  122. @moviegoer

    Your thesis FAILS because the ‘President’, ‘Congress’ and ‘the courts’ are all Potemkin facades. They could change weekly and it would make NO difference because all REAL power is in the hands of the wealthy elites, the rich owners of the country, the people who own politics.

  123. anaccount says:

    There is one other possibility and that’s the war they are planning right here at home. The police are already militarized and our military is swiftly becoming politicized. I expect more false flags like Jan 6 that will serve as justification for killing White Christians. They want us to revolt so that we present a problem for their final solution. I know many are going to fall into this trap, a hopeless insurrection against a power so abstract that it can’t be seen, let alone seized.

  124. @Patrick Armstrong

    They beat the USA in Korea-forgotten that have you?

  125. @Jimmy le Blanc

    The world is burning or drowning, and STILL the denialist death-cultists call it ‘hocus-pocus’!

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  126. haha says:
    @Robert Bruce

    Now that you lay out what exactly you had in mind, I agree with your thesis. Agree fully, as a matter of fact because I have harbored similar apprehensions. The world seems to be hurtling towards some sort of great calamity thanks to the usual suspects and the usual combination of stupidity, ignorance and arrogance. Hope these thoughts are proven incorrect.

  127. Russian hypersonics are as manufacturable as Russian vaccines or Russian civilian jet engines.

    Saker bombastically boasting as usual..

    • Replies: @Farik
    , @annamaria
  128. @Schuetze

    That’s a conspiracy theory too far my man. Plenty of countries have done badly in vaccinations so it looks like the 500-1bn will be in Africa and other poorer parts of the world. Israel will be a goner. Palestine is lagging in vaccinations so it will survive. The global American empire, Europe and Israel – all gone. Does that make sense.

  129. Miro23 says:
    @Cold War Boomerwaffen

    Okay so now where do we land? We land with a largely anti American citizen US military being brought back to our shores. What is their new mission now absent empire and white war fighters. Well what do you think is the mostly like? Occam’s Razor says it’s to control and dominate the US population and mainland.

    In other words they need to shoot US citizens if necessary. I can’t see it. They’ll go sick, shoot to miss and generally be uncooperative while still hoping to collect their salaries. If it gets really tough they’ll probably clear out or change sides.

    • Replies: @Cold War Boomerwaffen
  130. Grant says:

    ‘7 countries in 5 years’ did not finish so well, and the ‘plan’ is behind schedule. Syria was meant to be in the bag by now, and Russia also via Ukraine. The focus must move to China, per the timetable, before it becomes totally dominant. The other areas are being put on the backburner, but choas will be left in place, just in case, for later. When winning, prosecute immediately, when losing, make space and time until the situation improves. That is all.

  131. Miro23 says:

    They should have also designated it the country “best placed to be overrun by Jewish activist billionaires”.

  132. RobinG says:

    While you’re speculating,
    Breaking the impasse: How a Turkish–Russian deal could light up the way
    A Turkish-Russian Grand Bargain to trade support of northern Cyprus for Crimea and Syria might well flip the dynamic in West Asia. Both would gain and NATO would flail. But is it possible?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  133. SteveK9 says:

    Many people voted for Trump with the idea that his statements on stupid wars, meant we were going to pull back. Most Americans don’t even realize they are part of an Empire. They do wonder why we seem to be sticking our noses in everyone’s business. By the way the ‘conservatives’ are just as bad on this idiocy, they keep bleating on about China and the poor Uighurs, or evil Putin. I don’t give a shit about China, or Russia, or Iran. I’m afraid of the Democratic Party and the radical left that has taken control of it. The US can do perfectly well without an Empire, or even trade, what we cannot survive is a leftist totalitarian takeover of the country. I think Russia could give some good advice on that. 70 years misery, capped off with a near collapse that killed 5 million of its citizens. We don’t need that.

    • Agree: Miro23, annamaria
  134. harfang67 says:

    First if all, thanks for this compréhensive overview.

    I think it’s a repleat. If will morphe into a power to protect the continent ans assuré it’s role on the international sceene vs the euradian continent.


  135. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You have a suitable moniker, Mr. Mumblebrain.

  136. @gatobart

    As long as this nation offers Central Americans a better life, they will keep coming.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  137. @George Kovachev

    It’s not all this terrible. There are ways for young professionals to live meagrely for a few years, invest wisely, and then move to a more rural and less expensive area to raise a family. Generational wealth, even modest, can also save one from the never-ending rat race.

  138. Biden is a zero, when it comes to any influence he personally has. Please. President “Corn pop” is a joke. He is a puppet. He was installed, like a toilet is installed and his administration reflects it.. I’ll never believe he was elected, ALTHOUGH, I do absolutely believe that there are millions of Americans, especially white Americans, stupid enough to have voted for him, despite his insulting them on a regular bases. Does this mean I’m a white supremacist? Of course not. They see all whites as being the same and stupidly believe it.

  139. Sparkon says:

    According to the article you linked, only 6% of the searches in Russia were for specifically gay anal sex, while a little over 7% were so-called “straight” searches, presumably men doing it to women.

    It seems that some men enjoy looking at lesbian porn so I conclude it is at least conceivable that some women may enjoy looking at men doing it to other men, or men engaging in anal sex with women.

    Of course, it is possible that Porn Hub looks at your browsing history and cookies, and might be able to determine your sex from that data. I dunno about that, but certainly it is a good idea to, you know, dump your cookies on a regular basis.

  140. @Cold War Boomerwaffen

    The purple-haired sexually confused soldier, the dyke pilot, the fresh off the boat nog marine from Bukina Faso, the faggot sailor, and the rest of the degenerates the military is favoring over straight White Christian males, have one characteristic that favor Whites the elite seek to suppress.

    Lack of competence.

  141. @Walter

    The Roman Empire maintained and expanded for centuries with vice. It was dependably leveraged as an expected part of the society. It was only when they converted to Christianity and therefore had to present a facade of non-Roman virtue that the most serious cracks developed.

    • Replies: @Walter
    , @Francis Miville
  142. @utu

    Interesting tactic sayanim. Won’t work, but, very interesting approach.

    • Replies: @utu
  143. @utu

    America has lost more conflicts than France. But it has a greater talent at suppressing inconvenient facts and rewriting history. You are only told about the conflicts America won, apparently, even when in reality they were economic defeats, like against Germany and Japan. Apparently, USSR lost absolutely no conflict throughout its whole existence up to its failure in Afghanistan that revealed that Czechoslovakia, Poland … had been like failed victories, that is to say defeats. Trump who promised he would wage no wars and stills boasts of having waged none lost at least half a dozen and that’s why he boasts of having waged none. Do you call the invasion of Iraq a victory? At that account, so was Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.

  144. antibeast says:

    China has tried to convince the world that most of the South China Sea belongs to it. It has built up islands in the sea in an attempt to convince the international community that its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) extends a lot farther than its coast.

    What a bunch of crap. China has never tried to claim the South China Sea as its ‘territorial waters’ nor convince the world that its EEZ extends to the whole of the South China Sea. As a signatory to the UNCLOS, China has agreed to its provisions granting maritime rights to coastal States which include 12-nm territorial seas as well as the 200-nm EEZ. But the nature of the dispute in the South China Sea is not about maritime rights but about TERRITORIAL claims to the offshore islands located within the 9-dash line.

    As for the display of military might by the UK, Germany and other Western nations, China has the military capability to sink those floating coffins in the South China Sea with its massive arsenal of anti-ship missiles. Somebody ought to tell these White bozos that the days when the West could exercise ‘gunboat diplomacy’ against China is long gone.

    • Replies: @No12kiwi
  145. utu says:

    “Interesting tactic” – In the world where the sprit of men is broken down by stratagems and deceit honesty and truth appear to them as just another trick or tactic to deceive them again. Sad.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  146. @RobinG

    Greece is a complete Zionazi colony, so why not? Greece, in any case, looks like being an early casualty of the Pyrocene Age.

  147. k

    , while in the West threats are an instrument of foreign policy, in Russia, and in the rest of Asia, they are inevitably seen as a sign of weakness, doubts and even fear.

    Yes. It looks like the US is covering the retreat with some shows of bravado and ad-hoc alliances such as the Quad. But fear is the driving force behind those actions. This is a tricky period to go through but fortunately the Asian players including the Russians have been showing much self-control up to now.

    I think the US will have opportunities to change it’s attitude and finally recognize the Asian countries as equal partners or just normal competitors on the world stage. Unfortunately that may be a long process and that may involve some military action before the message sinks in.

    The US has been a focal point of industrial, scientific and military developments during the 20th century, but now Asian countries are taking the baton. No one is threatening the continental ÙS.

    I remember when I was a kid I was living in a boarding school, and on Saturday mornings I used to read the newspaper. Kennedy had sent US warships to blockade Cuba and then sometimes later the same Kennedy was starting the project that would send people walking on the moon. The US was at the zenith of it’s power then. That period was followed by a succession of wars culminating into the Afghanistan and Irak’s wars.

    The fascinating space exploration program has morphed into the much more modest space station program. The Mars exploration, Hubble and many other scientific projects took over and those are the bright spots of the US contributions to the world. Many of the most influential innovators in US business have a scientific or technical background.

    By contrast, the less innovative people of the US establishment have succeeded at developing a huge war industry and a complex financial machinery and they have showed no interest for either the US infrastructure or the local production network. Many computer chips needed by the war industry are produced offshore. I think the US is out of balance. The ambitions of those people are simply unrealistic. They know they have unrealistic expectations but still they can’t help but go to war as Bush #2 did in Irak after saying “No nation building.”

    • Replies: @gatobart
  148. @Eugene Norman

    Only if Israel is really getting mRNA gene therapy injections.

  149. @utu

    Speak for yourself, old boy. Anal hetero sex is not really popular with the ladies, as it is intrinsically misogynistic. God created women in a certain way as part of Her Divine Plan.

  150. Che Guava says:

    Good reply. However, Unz readers and commenters trying to reply to Saker’s final question must keep in mind that it is not addressed to this site but to readers on his site.

    I think that Saker says enough of interest at times that Mr. Unz makes a good choice to reprint some here …

    but don”t forget that Saker makes a point of never replying here, and likely, never even reading the comments.

  151. Maybe ‘V for Vendetta’ really was prophetic, a piece of predictive programming, where the US is portrayed as a diseased and dying land after a man made virus was unleashed upon the world.

  152. @Agent76

    The British Empire did not collapse–it liquidated itself in a rather orderly fashion from 1945-1970. And now, even the homeland UK seems likely to allow the Scots to leave.

    The French Empire has continued, however covertly, in Africa et despite tough defeats in Vietnam and Algeria

    • Replies: @Silicon Silence
  153. gatobart says:
    @Robert Bruce

    They don’t deserve any less considering that “this country” ruined and destroyed the lives they already had in theirs.

    Now, how about a little reminder of that…?

  154. Farik says:
    @Basic whitey

    You did not even get Putin’s martial art right, nevermind the rest of your nonsense 🙂

    • Replies: @Basic whitey
  155. @Farik

    Russia and Putin are losers, and I proved it.

    You have no factual response.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  156. @Stonewall Jackson

    It will take one more year when collapse will be in full force.

  157. @Anon

    Modern trains in US are driven by turbines and fuel is the same as for airplanes.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Biff
  158. gatobart says:
    @Basic whitey

    The only thing you proved is that you have a Russian obsession and that you suffer from PDS, or Putin Derangement Syndrome.

  159. gatobart says:

    Sorry but you lost me when I came up to that “Kennedy was starting the project that would send people walking on the Moon” part. There is just so much krap and nonsense that I cant take in a single comment.

  160. @Che Guava

    Oh, the Faker does read the comments here. When he went on a diatribe against me and told me never to darken his doors again on his Junkyard, he referenced comments I made here.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  161. Tim E. says:

    The US is in full retreat and the Nazis are in control while political and publicly funded “local” Police are now preying upon the population of the US at large. That is why they enact even more Draconian Laws.

    It is Dog eat Dog in the US.

    It is the end of an evil Empire.

    The SCO must act to protect itself and strike America first. It is an act of self defense and besides, fire always cleanses.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  162. Dodgone says: • Website

    this is 13 years old but very fit

    Major Israeli Strike Imminent?


    Dear Friends:

    On April 6th, 2017, the Ron Paul Institute received credible information from its network that a US missile attack on Syria by President Trump was imminent. Just a couple of hours after we put out this urgent update, missiles were launched by Trump on Syria under the false pretense that they were retaliation for a Syrian government airstrike on civilians. That claim has since been proven bogus – cooked up by US government spooks and amplified by the media.

    (it is not even in theur website, received fron theis newsletter this morning)

    We reported it to you in real time, where we were told by a source that the “TLAMs were being loaded.” Sadly, we were right.

    We are currently hearing from our sources that Israel may be planning a major “retaliatory” strike on Iran this weekend over the alleged involvement of Iran in the drone attack on a Japanese-owned but Israeli-managed ship, in which a British citizen was killed.

    It’s hardly an Iranian attack on Tel Aviv, but the new government in Israel has been ratcheting up the rhetoric for days, recently claiming that it is “ready to attack Iran alone” over the alleged incident.

    We are told it may happen over the weekend.

    The Israeli defense minister is on the warpath, repeating an endless Netanyahu talking point that Iranian nuclear weapons would be rolled out tomorrow, or in a week, or a few weeks, etc. The Israeli government is tenuously positioned, with recently dethroned Bibi breathing down its neck, so what better way to shore up domestic support – where the “left” parties are as hawkish as the “right” parties – than to launch a big attack on Iran?

    That would solve the ongoing problem of US President Biden’s negotiations – even if half-hearted and fruitless – with the Iranians over the return of the US to its commitment to the JCPOA (“Iran Deal”) the return to which Biden openly campaigned on.

    There is nothing that would excite Israel’s bipartisan “Amen Corner” in the Washington Beltway more than a reckless Israeli attack on Iran (over a minor incident not at all related to Israeli national interests) and an Iranian response, which must come considering the incoming Iranian government is politically obliged to defend the conservative voices of those who recently elected it.

    And the pro-Israel fanatics in the Biden Administration seem to be facilitating the escalation. Indeed, our source informs us, this Israeli attack may have some coordinating help from its friends in the Pentagon.

    Speaking of Pat Buchanan, once again he has it totally on the mark when he warns of a “Gulf of Tonkin incident” in the Gulf of Oman. Writing in an article Friday, he blows apart this bogus narrative: while the Israelis are hysterically trying to frame this as some kind of existential threat to their existence, in fact, as Buchanan writes, such a frontal assault by the incoming Iranian Administration would make no sense.

    Writes Buchanan:

    ‘We are confident that Iran conducted this attack,’ said Secretary of State Antony Blinken. ‘We are working with our partners to consider our next steps and consulting with governments inside the region and beyond on an appropriate response, which will be forthcoming.’

    Iran, however, has repeatedly denied that it ordered the attack.

    What makes the attack puzzling is its timing, as it occurred just days before the inauguration of the newly elected president of Iran, the ultraconservative hardliner Ebrahim Raisi.

    Query: Would Raisi have ordered a provocative attack on an Israeli-managed vessel, just days before taking office, when his highest priority is a lifting of the ‘maximum pressure’ sanctions imposed on his country by former President Donald Trump? Why?

    Would Raisi put at risk his principal diplomatic goal, just to get even with Israel for some earlier pinprick strike in the tit-for-tat war in which Iran and Israel have been engaged for years? Again, why?

    Indeed: why?

    We are providing this information to you, again, to let you know how things work inside the Washington war machine. Conflict is always good from the prospective of those who make millions off the rest of us to keep the tension high. High enough to justify more weapons sales but not too high where it all boils over.

    This may boil over. Israel has been bombing Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, etc with impunity for years, and even its very friendly ally Russia is getting annoyed by Tel Aviv’s relentless attacks on its neighbors.

    So keep an eye open. And, as ever, do NOT trust the mainstream media. Information from our sources may not play out as we have warned. And in fact we would be happy to be wrong, as there is nothing to be gained by Israel, the US, Iran, or any country in the region from a major war.

    Our view is that were the US to disengage from the Middle East, Israel would have to face the music that it must find a way to get along with its neighbors – and the Palestinians who are its closest neighbors – and that would be good not only for the neighborhood, but for Israel as well.

    The problem is not solely Israel or Palestine or Iran. The problem is, as Americans, is US foreign policy, as a major enabler for conflict for the benefit of special interests.

    Pray for peace.
    Sincerely yours,

    Daniel McAdams
    Executive Director
    Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

    • Replies: @Dodgone
  163. @Drew

    I guess you’ve missed the very first sentence in my comment – the one that states “”the way I see it”. Which means – it’s my personal opinion on the subject. To be honest, my observation is based on what happens in big cities in Europe. But I doubt that it’s different in the big cities in US.

    And if you’re living in a community in which the small business are flourishing – well, you’re a very lucky person. Regrettably, with the increasing urbanization, such successes have become more and more rare.

  164. Anonymous[239] • Disclaimer says:

    The vaccine is the new weapon. Who needs soldiers then? Doctors are much better in killing ppl.

  165. Bankotsu says:

    You were the editor at the Iraq War mirror website? What happened to it? How did it get started?

    • Replies: @Dodgone
  166. @Houston 1992


    The Thucydides Trap.

    Btw: “French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France, comprises more than 100 islands in the South Pacific, stretching for more than 2,000km.” And include French New Caledonia.

  167. Schuetze says:
    @Eugene Norman

    “the 500-1bn will be in Africa and other poorer parts of the world.”

    From the Talmud: “Tob shebbe goyyim harog”

    Even the best of the Goyim (Gentiles) should be killed. Soferim 15, Rule 10

    One salient aspect of the judeo-communist revolutions is that they always murdered the goy intelligentsia first. This is what happened to Poland at Katyn forest, in Ukraine during the Holodomor, and in Leningrad and Moscow starting in 1917.

    So it would come as no surprise if the first victims of this global genocide bio-weapon were the useful idiot European and American bourgeoisie and intelligentsia. Once the cream of Caucasians have been eliminated, re-enslaving Africa would be a cake walk.

    • Replies: @Eugene Norman
  168. Anonymous[182] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia has never had Iran’s, or anyone else’s back. Russia has always been a bloodthirsty Imperialist nation. The only thing holding them back from occupying other countries and starving the natives to death today, is the West.

    A cursory knowledge of Russian-Iranian relations in the last two centuries is enough to understand the Russian character.

    They are a mean-spirited, selfish, unfriendly bunch, like Andrei here.

    According to Iranian estimates, millions died of starvation in Iran under Russian-Soviet occupation. Did any of the Russians care?

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Anonymous
  169. anon[236] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden = Andropov

  170. Walter says:

    Yes,thank you kindly, and that’s wonderful, of course, but perhaps we might agree that while vice was in balance with virtue, Rome was able to operate, just as the US has done…but the USSR was the force than maintained virtue in US by forcing US to balance and limit vice. Without the USSR there was no further need in the US for virtue. As we see, “Mr 10%”, who lost, got elected…zero virtue, and many say, a pervert. And senile. He replaced a clown act routine starring a man who has no qualifications and is understood to be without virtue, or the slightest understanding of history.

    I disagree about cause and effect in re Christianity – and suggest that the proposition works just as well the other way…that lack of virtue caused Christianity, not the other way ’round. There is always both hysteresis and cathodic eruption – as when anode gets strong a cathode is created.

    That’s “Zone B”

    The cathode in the present example is Eurasian, Russian and Chinese mostly.

    I see that just today Meyssan ( ) says> “the two empires were propped up one against the other, the disappearance of the USSR ought logically to have brought about the fall of the other super-power, the United States. In order to prevent its collapse, the US parliamentarians forced President Bill Clinton to rearm…”

    Szilard also spoke of this buttressing pair (Voice of the Dolphin) , as did Bill Pfaff.

    Brother Martyanov’s blog provides telling criticism of the state of Clinton’s “rearmament…

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Sollipsist
    , @ivegotrythm
  171. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:
    @Francis Miville

    Jesus, how about using paragraphs or do you enjoy torturing your readers to death?

  172. Che Guava says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    i was also trying trying to comment there, nothing bad, but think my comments never appeared.

    Another Unz commentor, u-name forgotten, said to me, in a reply two or three years ago, ‘Saker runs his site like a cult religion’.

    It seems to be true.

    Excuse the paraphrase, those words are not a precise quote, but an accurate paraphrase.

  173. The Saker loves “the Russian democracy” so much that he doesn’t shrink at all from unselfishly issuing many disparaging labels about his host country (US) and its government and leadership, despite the fact that he would never be allowed to write anything of the sort if he lived in Russia. How objective and democratic the Saker is can be seen by everyone who tries to post a politically incorrect comment (meaning critical of Putin and/or Russia) on his website. Example:
    Yesterday, after two days already being posted, the: had no comments. Then I posted the following:

    ===” There are NO comments here. Why? Knowing how restrictive this site is to all “unwelcome” comments I assume that some “negative” comments were simply not allowed. On the other hand, it is very likely that the people who usually read and comment here are actually disgusted by the Saker being disgusted by the “anti-COVID Crusaders”. Most “anti-COVID Crusaders” do not deny the existence of a health issue, however, they do not accept all unnecessary hype and propaganda by, invariably, all MSM and they do not allow their governments to forcefully vaccinate them as if they are pigs. How is it that 40 to 70 percent of the population in many countries can be designated as “anti-COVID Crusaders”? So, the question is why would the Saker be so much disgusted if not for a very obvious reason: his beloved leader V. Putin seems to have been 100% compliant with all the orders coming from the “rulers of the world” who are still called “the partners”. And that doesn’t look very good on him especially in the light in which hi is usually depicted by the Saker. In other worlds, the issue of COVID-19 has clearly revealed for everyone to see the true nature of the Russian political “elites”. ===”.

    When I checked shortly thereafter not only that the comment wasn’t there (well, I expected that) but even the comment section with the comment box had magically despaired. So much for the Saker’s analyses, his “democratic” views, representativeness of the comments on his site etc. Yet, he is all in when it comes to criticizing the censorship by the western MSM as if nothing like that exists in Russia, Iran and China, his favorites.

  174. Dodgone says: • Website

    There were several editors, I followed them and was recruited by Spanish Professor in the Milan Catholic Univesity that also worked there when the Iraqui resistance blew Camp Falcon

    10 October 2006 attack
    Members of a U.S. Air Force explosive ordnance disposal team unpack C-4 explosives, Oct. 16, 2006. The explosives will be used to detonate a cache of unexploded ordnance recovered from a blast area on Forward Operating Base Falcon, Iraq, following a recent mortar attack. The airmen are assigned to the 447th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron.

    On October 10, 2006, at about 10:40 p.m. (1940 GMT), a major explosion rocked the base, reportedly due to the base’s ammunition dump being hit by an 82mm mortar round fired by Iraqi insurgents. Further explosions continued for hours. Images of the explosions were carried live on CNN.[3] There were no casualties. According to the official Department of Defense report released by US Central Command, the base resumed normal duties within 24 hours.[4]

    Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq claimed responsibility for the attack

    This is is a big lie from the wiki-ziopedia I had access to a casuality list from another intelligence website that had insider access to the Green Zone and provided a fine insight on what was going on there. A lot of grunts got killed and wounded that night,

    It was all volunteer work posting from all sources and also not only about the war but also economy , history and other news articles. We published links to
    videos of the Iraki resistance operations that countrered the imperial propaganda,
    Rhe resistance reports used to be accurate even putting the acuality rate in the middle poit of what the resistance claims and the allies acknowlegded the toll was a higher than it was declared.
    But the resistance backed their reports with solid proofs

    We had a joke during the Fallujah battle that the most heard battlecry was Remember the Alamo,a lot of south american soldiers got killed bur went undeclared because they were not sworn american citizens when they died

    we were among the firts thousand webtistes in the whole net, a fine rating for an specialized site.
    I have been off line for some years and I do not know when or how it ended.

    The Mirror Foundation from it depended is still online but only in russian and I lost all my sources and contacts,
    I blogged in wodpress too at that time too, my blog in spanish is still online

    I spent last year in confinement recovering my sources and adding new ones before blogging again.

    Let’s pray for we do not have to open an website this week

    Thanks for your interest and have a nice weekend

    • Replies: @Bankotsu
  175. @Schuetze

    Who’s going to do the re-enslaving if all of Europe and all of Israel, and most of the white population of the US is dead or incapacitated. Do you think that the Israel vaccinations are false, that Jewish Americans aren’t taking the vaccine? That’s something that needs extraordinary proof.

    In fact there was grumbling when Israel got a lot of the Pfizer vaccine in January. They have the real thing.

    The Chinese have caught up on vaccination too. If you guys are right the world, will be black and brown, but not Jewish. Palestinians could just climb the walls into a depopulated Israel.

    I don’t like Israel much but extreme anti Zionism can rot your brain.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  176. @utu

    My dearest utu, you wrote:

    “There is no country in the world apart from the artificial constructs and fantasies of Russia Today’s and Sputnik News’s Kremlin propaganda that have an appeal as America. 80% of the world population finds ideas for which American stands appealing because they are not American ideas but universal ideas.”

    Now, my dear friend, is that “truth” above? Or just Talmudic inspired Shabbos Goyism? 80% of the world wants feminism? The political women’s rights movement? MeToo? BelieveAllWomen? Homosexuality? The breakdown of the Family? The attacks on and destruction of Father, Fatherhood, and Fatherland? Militant Atheism?…I could go on and on…

  177. Bankotsu says:

    I used to go to that website daily for updates on the Iraqi resistance.

    Those were crazy days during Bush era.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  178. @Patrick Armstrong

    Thanks for your great response. I am truly not sure. I personally don’t see anyone getting anywhere far invading them. But the PLA is still unproven IMHO. For example the PLA sent a 900,000 man Army across the northern Vietnamese border to distract the Vietnamese from the invasion they’d launched against the Khmer Rouge and Chinese support forces in Cambodia. The Vietnamese promptly crushed that army and the Khmer Rouge at the same time. As I recall the 900,000 were dealt with in less than two weeks. The PLA today is better but so are it’s opposing forces. Look at them getting slapped around like an abused wife by the Indians up on their common border. My view is that the PLA is capable of defending itself with its own territory. But I still can’t see them projecting power effectively. They don’t even have a real blue water navy. The PLA appears to have very good stand off abilities. That said the USN is a shadow of its former self. In my opinion the USN would get badly mauled if it tried to operate within Chinese territorial waters aggressively it would get badly mauled. I don’t think the shrieks of the wokesters and cross dressers on board would inspire any sort of fighting spirit either.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  179. @Miro23

    Honestly yes they will do whatever they’re told to. This won’t happen immediately though. But notice how they’re purging white Christian men. That will take awhile. They’re clearly collapsing back into CONUS. It’s like the police. We’ve watched them beat mothers in front of the children in parks for not following these insane fake SCAMDEMIC rules. They refuse to arrest BLM/Antifa which the FBI is obviously running. They’re wanting that pension plus many modern cops enjoy this sort of thing. Our black and brown military will literally enjoy crushing whitey. Our physical salvation my rely on the national guard but that’s a very long shot.

  180. Mistral says:

    The contractions and all the bad decisions have their origin in the doctrine of Neo-liberalism introduced by Ronald Reagan our of his unholy alliance with Margaret Tatcher. Under the neoliberal control, USA was left in the hands of the super rich who know everything about dispossessing nations of their recourses but are totally ignorants of good governance.

    China is not a neoliberal country and its socialism is based on the classic ideas of the economists of late XIX and mid XX century where the government is in charge of creating money for the benefit of the people. Under this approach, China is not too fond of neoliberal ideas and does not accept the actions of those with the neoliberal desease. No wonder China is now very strong..

    Here in USA the power lays in several billionaires factions that made national decisions behind the shades without being elected. The public has a hunch about the monster behind the curtains. For this reason Trump was elected with the public thinking that Trump would be independent and normal. Little did we know that the power behind him was a casino owner from Las Vegas.

    Our current President Joseph Biden is nothing but a pawn of a different power group. He knew the rules and with his mental deficiency he is the ideal puppet to be on the scene. Under these circumstances, USA will cease to be a global power. However, there is a sane population who understand hard work and after the fall of the globalists will make USA a healthy normal country able to rise through its own boot strings. For this reason, I am optimistic about the future of this country.

  181. As the Jews allow, so the US will go. We allowed 1.5% of the country to defeat us all without their firing a shot. We’re cowards of the lowest order. Our so-called greatest generation of ww2 was not great, they were the worst for allowing it. How it ends is the jews stealing the last morsels.

    • Agree: HdC
  182. Schuetze says:
    @Eugene Norman

    Under EUA (Emergency Usage Authorization) the “vaccine” manufacturers are not only indemnified against any damages, they are also not legally obligated to either list all the ingredients, or to keep their toxic brew consistent over time. Moderna has changed the number of patented ingredients in their version of the clot shot over the last several months.

    In short, we have no idea what is really in these injections. Graphene? Luciferase? Nano-particles? Stem cells from humanized mice? Stem cells from aborted fetuses? Monkey stem cells? Heavy metals? I don’t know, you don’t know, Saker doesn’t know, Joe Biden doesn’t know.

    So who knows?

    Well in Israel the vast majority of people have received the Pfizer injection. This alone is already suspicious. Why only Pfizer? We know that in Israel that the Rabbi’s have the last say over what is “kosher”. Have you heard anything about the Pfizer clot-shot being blessed by Rabbi’s? Does it have a UL seal? The fact that we don’t have these details is very telling.

    So the chance that the Israeli clot-shot is 100% the same clot-shot that American goyim are receiving is about as close to zero as that 6 million jews were gassed and cremated in the last few years of the third reich as oil supplies and transportation services disappeared under genocidal allied bombing campaigns.

    As far as your proclaimed goldilocks style “anti-Zionism” where it is neither too little or too much, why don’t you just go upstairs and take a nap in you mama-rabbi’s bed which is neither too hard or too soft.

    • Replies: @TheJamesRocket
  183. This (always explosive) combo of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence could result in a major war.

    Adapted from Homer,

    “Sing goddess of ignorance, what brought down the wrath of God and destroyed the curséd House of Washington?!”

    The voices from the Joint Chiefs, Pentagon, Pacific, European, and Israeli commands are all literally begging for war. They unite in their recklessness and heedlessness of the consequences. With such a consensus, how can there not be war among the “great” powers?

    TK: “We’ll put a boot in your a__,
    it’s the American way.”

    JC: “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.”

  184. Anon[231] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s interesting. Looking into it, this came up:

    “Union Pacific was the only railroad in the United States to own and operate gas turbine locomotives.”

    Other than that, there are lots of refs to diesel electrics. The engines I see are of diesel electric, not turbines.

    In any case, the energy density storage for hydrocarbons (jet fuel, diesel, etc) is much higher than the maximum energy density in any kind of battery, and that was the point I was getting to.

    EVs are just short range because of that.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  185. FedUp says:
    @Paul Greenwood

    @Paul Greenwood, so, Russia is not ruled by jews & their primary collaborators?

    Why’d Putin go to the wailing wall & bend the knee?

    Why’d he compare Lenin to a “saint” in 2018?

    Why’d he say nationalism is a grave threat?

    Why’d he pass laws against “anti-semitism” & holocaust “denial”?

    Why’s he going along with the c-19 hoax & “great reset”?

    Why’s he promoting *the* jewish Trojan Horse par excellance, christ-insanity?

    Last June (19th as i recall) was supposedly the day that “illegal” immigrants were to be deported from Russia….why did that not apparently happen?

    Why did the partner of (((Weev))) – Anglin – get banned from a Russian website domain (despite Anglin’s habitual disinfo peddling implying that Putin is a great enemy of jewry)?

    Why has Putin repeatedly jumped out of his way to condemn “anti-semitism” as a grave evil? Why’d he literally let Ghaddafi get r8ped by a bayonet? (ahh, riiight, Putin didn’t let NATO destroy Libya..his “hands were tied” since he was only the Prime Minister of Russia when NATO took down Gaddafi & enabled the “refugee crisis” ).

    Sweet denial…sweet ignorance…how sweet they are, indeed!

    It’s a supreme irony; Aryans invented the Trojan Horse, yet, many of us still fight reality as hard as is possible to deny the supreme Trojan Horse of judea: christ-insanity.

    So long as Aryans bow before yahweh, the Aryan life experience will only grow more miserable by the day. What sort of deity would reward (much less “forgive”) a man for proudly forsaking his own posterity?

    A deity which no Aryan man should recognize as legitimate.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  186. @Bankotsu

    Do you know who did own that website?
    And do you know who is Iron_Clay?

  187. No12kiwi says:

    As for the display of military might by the UK, Germany and other Western nations, China has the military capability to sink those floating coffins in the South China Sea with its massive arsenal of anti-ship missiles. Somebody ought to tell these White bozos that the days when the West could exercise ‘gunboat diplomacy’ against China is long gone.

    Those US aircraft carriers will be sunk in the first week if a shooting war starts. The US Navy knows that. The US Navy expenditure in being the self appointed World policeman is the biggest con job on the beleaguered US tax payer ever.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  188. @Anon

    As far as I know diesel- electric drives are used in submarines. The submarine has to surface to charge the batteries. That system of drive is dictated by necessity of submarine to minimize the noise.
    I do not see any advantage to have this kind of drive for locomotion. It is only waste of part of energy.

  189. BTW
    The article is excellent,and true evaluation of international situation. Saker is getting better and better by every article.

  190. pdurpan says:

    LAST OPTION is my choice.
    Factional war is in high gear.
    Dr. Mengele is alive and well, metaphorically.
    OLd money vs new money maybe a hint.
    New money, techno Bourgeoisie, are the most lethal because they are the most devious. Old money smart but not lethally devious.
    Old money responsible for stimulus checks and retreat abroad.
    New money wants to alter that.
    Who knows who will emerge victorious.
    Lethally devious will play their hand soon. I am not optimistic for they play to win. They get away with murder literally on a daily basis. I cannot see them backing down. The death cult play both factions against one another. But who do they really favour?????

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  191. pdurpan says:

    I must clarify the old money new money thingy.
    Individual’s representing each faction may help.
    First and foremost, Alexander Hamilton (new money) vs, Aaron Burr(old money). Next, John Quincy Adams (old money) vs. Andrew Jackson (new money) Next, Lincon/Grant (old money) vs. New money southern planter society.
    Ok wtf you may say? These examples follow a pattern throughout Us History of a repeating rivalry dating back to the English Civil War. Round heads vs Cavaliers. New money from the perspective of colonial America would be Cavaliers attemping to re establish British Cavalier colonial rule. Round heads were the “established” revolutionary order, thus, old money.
    Cavalier new money has re established a neo colonial empire which includes the Zionist Entity. Through a vast network of privielged higher eduaction centers i.e. private Episcopal and Jesuit schools a new order has arisen of a competent fascist bourgeoisie who are quite determined to maintain their prvileged positons in society. THUs the lethally devious mentioned in my previous comment.

  192. @Walter

    What would you say kept Roman vice in check for 500 years?

  193. gatobart says:

    Those US aircraft carriers will be sunk in the first week if a shooting war starts. The US Navy knows that.

    You start with the right premise but that premise negates the conclusion. Of course the UN Navy knows that in a shooting war those will be the first to go, with tens of thousands of their crew lost in just hours (as they would have been followed all their way by the radars of anti-ship missile systems of both China and Russia, and probably also by those of North Korea and Iran). But then, if they know it, they won’t let them be sunk, at least not in in battle. The only rational thing for the Pentagon to do will be then to empty them of their whole crews and put them attached to moorings in naval bases where at least if they are hit they won’t sink a thousand meters to the bottom but just a dozen. Pearl Harbor is a possibility.

    Of course true naval experts have known from decades that those big carriers have served no other purpose than to enforce imperial rule on little, weak, poor Third World countries but that they are useless in a war against world powers. As some U.S. expert said himself, their only use is to throw anchor a hundred miles from the shores of some Third World sh..le and from there, safe from retaliation, launch their warplanes to blow the hell out of the natives, or words to that effect.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Miro23
  194. @FedUp

    “So long as Aryans bow before yahweh, the Aryan life experience will only grow more miserable by the day. What sort of deity would reward (much less “forgive”) a man for proudly forsaking his own posterity?

    A deity which no Aryan man should recognize as legitimate.”

    We have such a rich history of theology and philosophy ourselves, it is truly a shame. One can start from the eastern end with a multitude of Hindu faiths, Jainism, Buddhism, etc., then you have Zoroastrianism, with its three types (monotheist, allegorical monotheist, dualist/Gnostic), next we have the variety of pagan/polytheistic belief systems found from the Balkans through Ireland, such as can be found in Celtic, Norse, and German folklore and myth. And finally such beautiful systems like Neoplatonism and Stoicism that were found in many places of the Aryan world.

    All that which is beautiful in the Semitic religions is essentially of Aryan origin.

    But, yes, the main point is that no Aryan should ever worship the beast yahweh or his vile goons, the supposed “chosen” ones and their Talmud.

  195. @Che Guava

    I think several of us have noticed that the Faker acts like a cult head. You aren’t the only one.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  196. @Murry Murry

    Since the Faker is a half Dutch Swiss by birth, with his only connection to Russia being that his maternal line left Russia at the Revolution and his maternal grandfather was a Nazi collaborator in WWII, I don’t see what your reference to Russia allowing this or that has to do with the rest of your comment.

  197. Biff says:

    Modern trains in US are driven by turbines and fuel is the same as for airplanes.

    Wrong answer Alex. A Diesel engine runs a generator and the train is electric.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Big Bill
  198. Aryan? Ye Gods! I’ll grant you Indo-European, but then there are the Chinees, a fine lot, too. Monotheisms are definitely gigantic errors. Ego and superego, often the id, projected upon the cosmos. God as Bibi Nuttyyahoo? The mind shrinks from the prospect.

  199. @pdurpan

    I saw s0me god-awful hack on PBS today, a ‘female’, positively slavering at taking the ‘stick’ to those refusing to vaccinate, the ‘carrot’ having failed. And this, as ever, is a dynamic process. As every barrier is breached new outrages, long planned in the fever dreams of sick minds, are rolled out as ‘inevitable’, ‘for our own good’ etc. A dying Empire run by talentless psychopaths, whose only skill lies in following orders from the Chosen People, will thrash around madly in its death throes, having no internal moral compass left. The utter, totalitarian, refusal to allow any discussion and debate, the bedrock of scientific and intellectual progress, to be entertained in regard to vaccines, medications, lock-downs etc, is a sign of what Jung called a ‘psychic epidemic’ in progress. They’ll be burning the witches before we know it.

    • Replies: @pdurpan
  200. @utu

    Polls of global opinion universally show that the USA is the most hated and feared country on Earth. However, among parasitic and treacherous elements everywhere, the USA is, indeed, an idol. The embodiment of greed, arrogance. xenophobia, misanthropy and aggressive violence and murder, all truly ‘universal’ among the wicked and venal . That’s why a creature like you, troll, so worships them.

    • Agree: Robjil
  201. Miro23 says:

    But then, if they know it, they won’t let them (aircraft carriers) be sunk, at least not in battle.

    Why not? Nothing like getting a fully manned aircraft carrier sunk to create a media sensation and animate the dopes for a war with China. If the Chinese won’t oblige – then the CIA/Neo-con deep state will probably organize it themselves (as per their PNAC “Project for the New American Century” policy paper – False Flags, “New Pearl Harbours”, Bio-weapons etc).

    • Replies: @gatobart
  202. Andreas says:

    The US is at the cusp of the Great Rollback.

    It is like that instant in time when a wave has broken on the beach and traveled as far as it can, its energy exhausted and spent, yet still recognizable in form, but right before it is inexorably drawn back into the sea.

    You know it when you experience it. That is all.

  203. Helleb says:

    And the Rats leave the sinking Ship in the form of denouncing US citizenship.

  204. Che Guava says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    That isn’t what I said, another commentor was replying to me, I found his or her comment to be accurate.

    There is a difference.

  205. Iva says:

    ….”we still do not really know what happened. “ Yes, we do know what happened. Putin said that “Biden” used most of the meeting time to talk about his “mother”. Sometimes he calls Jill  “mom”so we don’t know if during the meeting he was talking about his real mother or about his wife. 

  206. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    we don’t need the ragheads and their shitty religion.

    Ragheads, ok. But, I strongly object to the reference of “shitty religion.” 😀

    You just need to perform a basic comparison of the core ideology of the “shitty religion,” with all the other, presumably, “less shitty religions.”

    The “shitty religion” says God is One, and the only One worthy of worship. This is the unassailable True Monotheism of Islam.

    The “less shitty religions” say, “god” is one in three (i.e. the oxymoronic monotheistic-trinitarianism), “god” is 100%man-100%god, “god” reincarnated as his son, “gods” fornicating (this is a part of hindooism, if you should know), worship of the genitalia (lingam/yoni, look it up), every man can “become god,” and so on. These pagan godless abominations have no counter to the core of Islam.

    So, the “less shitty religions” appear pretty shitty to me! Lol! But then, how would a shit-for-brains like you comprehend that?!

  207. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    I’m a scientist; I need to see evidence. The people who support that theory have the burden of proof, and, so far, as far I know, no one has proved it.

    Ah, a geological scientist!! Thank you for the fuel in my car, sir.

    The question is whether you are a mangods-worshipping chrizzie, or your quest for scientific “excellence” (I have no idea the level you have achieved) has led you away from the accursed pagan faith which shows no evidence (one in three, “son of god”?), a criteria which you seem to hold dear.

    If you are indeed a chrizzie, then what kind of evidence seeking scientist are you? The application of double-standards and the cognitive dissonance in you must be very strong.

    Either way you are royally phucked, so enjoy while you can! 😉

  208. Schuetze says:

    The Russian Orthodox Church has received its orders from Tsar Vlad. All Russians must take the clot shot or they will go to hell…

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
    , @InnerCynic
  209. @Zarathustra

    Gas turbine-electric drives are standard in e.g. ultraheavy (>200t) dump trucks in open pit mining;
    the gas turbine provides loads of power while weighing next to nothing
    (cf. the Russian rocket turbine generators for satellites) but is hard to handle,
    while the electric motor provides full torque from down low and can be finely regulated and offers all-wheel (hub motor) far simpler and sturdier than any other.
    As an added bonus you can use a trolley system on the inclines as needed.
    A gas turbine (or diesel) driving a generator at +/- constant speed gives maximum efficiency and the rest is just dandier electric –
    for the real heavy-duty stuff batteries don´t hack it (memory effects, cookovers, lifetime 1000-2000 cycles max. and a shitload of dead weight plus the time to fill her up)
    so for submarines much effort goes into fuel cells an sheet.

    (As an aside the Natzees perfected a 1000hp coal-dust (cyclone burner)-fired turbine locomotive just before war´s end – the engineering is something to behold 😀 ).

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  210. anonymous[241] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cold War Boomerwaffen

    No global scale war has ever been fought or won by blacks, Latin Americans, or the modern mystery meat we call Arabs today: never.

    Are you referring to the so-called world wars, started by the pagan godless whitevil vermin race? Why are you taking such pride in your psychopathic race’s necrophilia? The likes of you need to ponder what is fundamentally & irreversibly screwed with your soul-diseased kind? Hint: whitevil supremacy.

    You understand, the fact that non-whites (especially Muslims) did not engage in such satanic slaughter of humans (puppets of whitevils not included), at least on a comparable scale, evidences our relative righteousness over your evil race? We are the God-aware true monotheists. That is who we are. Our Tawheed will vanquish your mind-bending pagan claptrap called the Trinity every time.

    Muslims are the true followers of the commandments of the Almighty One. That makes us better as humans, primarily on the criteria on which we will be judged by the One and only.

    Since I did mention that we are more righteous, relatively speaking, I can’t help but add… 😉

    You seem to forget that the whitevil euRapeans were the bitches of the Muslims for centuries. Now you albino vermin are the top dogs of the world, ok, but for what, when your pagan godless evilisation is destined for eternal Hell.

    What use such glory?

  211. Maybe the US is moving to honour its constitution that forbids interference in other countries and forbids a standing armed forces and instead orders a reliance on militias of the people for defence and they can only be called up if the state or states are actually attacked.

    • LOL: anaccount
  212. The “retreat” is standard Dimocrat behavior. The party has tried retreat and the GOP get in long enough to interrupt and reverse it. The question, this time, is can the Dims keep power long enough, or in some way make the retreat irreversible. If that happens, idiots like Saker will not enjoy the results.

  213. gatobart says:

    Of course that would be the exception to the rule. Ever since the Maine that has been always on the table. In fact that option has been revisitied many times in past decades and they would probably try it if the game is worth the candle, as they see it.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  214. Geowhizz says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Some oil reservoirs, located in basins currently generating oil and gas, are known, by observation, to have refilled. Fact not theory.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  215. @Biff

    Now I am really confused.
    I was working at Prat and Whitney on turbine which was for trains.
    So the bloody Prat and Whitney was lying to me.

  216. @Walter

    You have no idea what Trump was about.

  217. @Schuetze

    The world is m0re complicated than you imagine.

  218. pdurpan says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I am an old man with implants in me, literally. Consequently, I have nothing to lose. If forced to take the jab I will concede. I fully understand your take. Younger folks have alot to lose. I am glad I have no children. If I was younger i would take your position. The frightening nature of this power play is staggering. From my perspective the homosexual mafia is at the top of the power pyramid (Fauci?). Some good gays, alotta bad gays. I hope the good gays win this. Somedays it appears they are winning, other days are bleak as hell. I am in the cheap seats not really knowing what is happening. I still think the chosen take their orders from the cavalier/gays in London( as does Fauci). US and media are totally under control of London’s imperial gay elites who have infiltrated all of the institutions of power in the US. But hey,I know no one believes that. Thank you mumble for your earnest reply . Please don’t hate me for being a coward, the gays have really been kicking my ass for years now I am a shell of my former self. I kick my ass for not awakening sooner. So many distractions. Part of their plan, no? Empires fall we just happen to be at that place in time.

    • Replies: @No12kiwi
    , @littlereddot
  219. Miro23 says:

    Ever since the Maine that has been always on the table. In fact that option has been revisitied many times in past decades and they would probably try it if the game is worth the candle, as they see it.

    My point of view is that if they can carry out the detailed planning of 9/11 and celebrate the burning alive 3.000 American citizens then they are true Satanists. US people have no idea of the evil that has taken control of their country.

  220. @Farik

    PD-14. So good only Russian airlines will use it.

  221. No12kiwi says:

    ……the gays have really been kicking my ass for years…..

    Come on man! How have “gays been kicking your ass”?
    Get real!

    • Replies: @pdurpan
  222. @Geowhizz

    ‘Refilled’ from where? Other natural reservoirs nearby, perhaps, but ‘abiotic’ oil is an old KGB invention, to con the West. In any case burning any more fossil fuels is a suicidal undertaking. Just ask the Greeks, Turks, Lebanese, Cypriots, Yakutians, Karelians, north-Western Yanks, Canadians etc, all burning or the Germans, Chinese, Austrians, Indians, Nepalese, Dutch, Belgians etc, all drowning in unparalleled deluges and floods.

  223. @pdurpan

    Have the gays been sodomising you daily? Or bombing your house? Or maybe castrated you and ate your family jewels with dijon mustard?

    Surely you exaggerate.

    What is this latest trend in America … Fashionable Victimhood ?

    The USA is one big Pity Party.

    • Replies: @pdurpan
  224. @Frederick V. Reed

    You forgot, the amerimutts couldnt even organinze an op in Venezuela without being busted by some fisherman.

    But they sure did show us whatsup in Haiti after they did a drive by on the late President of the struggling island, and made a great, publicly known escape to the taiwanese embassy.


  225. pdurpan says:

    Watch the movie The Draughtman’s Contract.
    Same players same motivations.

  226. @anonymous

    You do realise lots of Muslims, such as Chechens, Daghestanis, Albanians, Bosnians, and Turks, are white, as are Berbers and a good number of Levantine Arabs?


  227. As a retired professional Marine, I am of the opinion we’ve vastly over-played all our cards, as an empire, we’ve transferred all our capacity to manufacture off-shore, we are currently “testing on the ocean, the Ford class carrier”, so far, I’ve not seen it meet a single standard set, and yet it is being touted as “the most advanced ship in the world”. It’s public history should explain everything, if one cares. We can’t build rocket motors, we’ve bought Russian since before the “space shuttle”, we can’t make “steam boilers” for conventional ships or nuclear power, we can’t build anything we could, two decades ago, and then, we couldn’t build anything built in the previous four decades.
    All efforts are to continue as a country, without any physical productivity, other than feeding ourselves, and a few minor productive efforts. We are hastily running into “green failure”, buying the parts because we don’t make them, can’t, while taking real power offline, or allowing it operate without proper maintenance, after all, it’s going to be shut down forever, as soon as we’re “all green”, I’m sixty three, lived across the US, around the world, never seen power go out so commonly in all my life, except in the third world, and now in North Carolina. If we began rebuilding our infrastructure, in about two decades, we could pay off our debt, and be actually productive and making a profit off real capital investment. If we don’t turn to real money, there is no turning back. My best hope is the “State” is so caught up, defending its “own assets”, it can’t turn on “The People” when enough finally realize “it’s now or never”. I don’t hold out much hope. But it will be exciting.

  228. @sheliak

    I agree with your comment. The Saker seems to only have a shallow understanding of what is going on and who holds the real power in the US. He might even be nothing more than a source of disinformation. The conclusions he draws are not valid. The people pulling the strings of Biden are the same people that Trump had to deal with. “Biden” is not actually in charge of anything.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  229. pdurpan says:

    You’re a vicious little puff

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @littlereddot
  230. @pdurpan

    Not really! He is only uniformed!

  231. @David Homer

    Saker is realist. You cannot forcing him to be activist. You can be activist not him.

    • Agree: annamaria
  232. @GomezAdddams

    As a Canadian I can tell you that you are very sadly misinformed. I wish what you said was true.

  233. Dutch says:

    Wow. There’s missing the point, completely missing the point, and then there’s this article. On its face it’s well considered and would probably play well at a CFR meeting. But when you start making the case that Biden is smarter than Trump, ie, a career tax leecher is more capable than a self made billionaire celebrity President, you should probably stop and check a roadmap.
    Trump is infinity times smarter than Biden and The Saker for one simple reason. Because he grasps that war IS NOT America’s special superpower. “Hello Saker, this is 1945 calling. When was the last time the US actually WAS PARTY TO a major military victory? One that we could have won without Russia’s help?”. Was it our 12 year failed effort to quell tiny Vietnam? Our 20 years fighting stone throwers in the ME? Oh wait, Grenada!
    We won the Cold War and the culture war for the same reason Trump won the Presidency. Because millions of people will always show up to see a celebrity be a celebrity. Our government is completely useless and always has been. Their one special skill was staying out of the way while freedom flourished and with it art, music, film, television, skateboarding, BMX, Rollerblades, Playboy, etc, etc, etc. These are the things that no nation in the world could defeat. The more communists dictatorships clamped down, trained soldiers, and bragged about their systems, the more people everywhere yearned to be on TV, eat McDonalds, and wear Nikes. And it was us, the ones who WERE able to do these things that did so to such a level that the tax revenues allowed us to spend the USSR into bankruptcy on futuristic weapon systems that we never actually planned on using or needed to.
    Biden is a potato. Should he actually have some special savvy for politicking the same way Russians, Chinese and Iranians politic then we’re all already dead. Why would you abandon your home field advantage to play a stronger opponent on their turf. If Biden was really the strategist he’s being made out to be here he’d understand game theory. That the easiest path to victory is to change the rules of the game. America’s intangibles, that never had anything to do with traditional politics were how we always won the game. Playing by their rules within a conventional framework is the swiftest path to defeat I can imagine. For all this brilliance Saker sees in Biden, he fails to see that it could all be instantly undone by Megan Rapinoe kneeling for the national anthem. Because when people start seeing cracks in the spectacle that is America we lose that larger than life facade that used to make people think our military could actually win a war. Our culture was always our undefeatable weapon. This is why the war on our culture is so much more dangerous to our long term prospects than any external military threat. Yet Biden is stupid enough to go along with it to garner a few illegal votes for some Democrat county commissioner in New England. Like it ever even mattered what party was in charge. For 100+ years America has been riding this wave that nobody could fully get their mind around, so they just stood and watched. Crash that wave and everything crashes with it.

    • Agree: Zarathustra, Miro23
    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  234. @Che Guava

    I usually have a bone to pick with the Saker, and have left replies on his site. Only a couple have ever been actually been printed on his site. You would think he could rip me a new one with a response like Kuntsler does on his site when a commenter goes off. The Saker is too biased to be taken seriously anymore. He totally ignored the joker Erdogan and Turkey in his recent “analyses”.

  235. Mikoo says:

    A wounded or dying animal is the most dangerous.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  236. Andrew Anglin is on to something in his latest article about Afghanistan I think. Biden is going to use the Taliban offensive to do a Bush/Iraq thing and postpone the withdrawal. I think the Chinese should have kept quiet about helping the Taliban, as they have basically told the world they are going for the rare earth mineral rights in Afghanistan, making a deal with the Taliban. Andrew might be right, we may see another push into Eastern Afghanistan and go for the “gold” just to deny the Chinese those minerals. The Great Game is far from over if this is the case.

  237. @Dutch

    The U S government is run by an oligarchy, the politicians are just props to give you the illusion you actually have a voice at all. Combine that with our loss of a cohesive culture, and you have a low information populace that will do or go along with anything the government tells them. Trump was a failed President, and very well could have been in on the scam. He didn’t start new wars, but went nuts with sanctions, which is just a soft form of warfare. His handling of the pandemic was a joke. My point is yeah, Biden is a potato, but Trump might have well been one too. The people running the show are based in the Eccles Building, Foggy Bottom, and in NYC, not on Capitol Hill. And with the American people running around being fat, drunk(high), and stupid, anything can happen. Don’t be surprised if we see a new “surge” in Afghanistan. The Empire can’t let the Chinese get their hands on those rare earth minerals or it could be game over.

  238. anon[418] • Disclaimer says:

    To answer the Saker’s question (also asked by Pat Buchanan today), I think it’s evident that America is toast and heading toward a very bad place. The last decade has been bad and last year was a disaster. The little that is left of what 30 years ago was an awesome country is rapidly dissipating.

    Over the last five years, free speech gradually died. Last year between covid and the election it was strangled in front of us. Democracy is dead – elections are being stolen in broad daylight and the TV just tells us it’s all kosher. Between the riots, the election and the rent moratorium, justice is dead. The military leadership is clearly incompetent and insane. Culture is collapsing, cinema is one big unwatchable propaganda reel, sport is politicized, music is at the level of the least common denominator. Heather MacDonald just wrote a piece on the suicide of classical music. Between covid, climate change and the racial stuff, science has taken a beating. Formal education is becoming extinct. The tech industry has morphed into a fascist monstrosity. National unity is gone and half the country loathes the other half. The right to assemble – or just leave your damn home to take a walk – is under question due to the lockdowns. The stock market is clearly in a bubble and can pop at any moment. Major cities are turning into hellholes where one can never afford to buy a home and pays thousands to rent matchboxes above sidewalks crawling with bums and fascist thugs. Degeneracy reigns supreme.

    This thing is going down. Though I largely admire people like Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino, more and more they are looking like hardcore stoics who are fighting for the sake of it but realize there is nothing left to fight for.

    As the Saker says, we live in a dangerous moment in history. This thing feels like 1788 or 1913 or 1938.

    • Agree: Miro23
  239. Could it be that “Biden” wants to put Russia and China on the backburner and “deal” with Iran first?

    This is a possibility, because the U.S. military has no real way of dealing with either Russia or China. If they are intent on dealing with the ‘axis of evil’, then they would instead focus on an enemy that can be readily dealt with, which is either Iran or Syria. The U.S. military can launch ground and air operations against both nations through their bases in Iraq. Outright invasion seems unlikely though, especially against Iran (which is huge).

    After all, not only did Trump let the “most powerful military in the history of the galaxy” be humiliated and seriously scared – for good reason – by the extremely accurate Iranian missile strikes

    Actually, most of the Iranian missiles missed their targets, and not a single U.S. soldier died from the strike. This lack of collateral damage may explain the lack of a U.S. response. At any rate, neither they nor Iran were willing to risk starting a war at that time.

    I will conclude by asking you, the readers, for your opinion: do you think that the US is currently in a “contraction phase”? If yes, do you believe that this is a short-term only phenomenon, or will this retreat continue and, if yes, how far?

    The U.S. is undergoing rapid decline, and within a matter of years, will reach a point where collapse is a foregone conclusion. This is a result of an accumulation of decades of social decay caused by multiculturalism, mass immigration, feminism, and other factors.

  240. Bot says:

    This is another stupid article by a stupid, fucked in the head writer who hates the US

    • Replies: @annamaria
  241. Vssx says:

    The objective is the subjugation of American domestic political elements, no matter where the path the WHAT and the WHO are Americans who do not yet kneel.

    The when and how are left to events, the WHY is they must win it all here 🇺🇸 or perish.

    This is the sum of all conflicts now.

  242. @Schuetze

    Well in Israel the vast majority of people have received the Pfizer injection. This alone is already suspicious. Why only Pfizer?

    So the chance that the Israeli clot-shot is 100% the same clot-shot that American goyim are receiving is about as close to zero

    And yet, surprisingly enough, Israel has suffered the same number of deaths as every other country did from taking the vaccine. It looks like someone finally managed to out-Jew them. Israels leaders got suckered like all the others did. Check this out:

    ”We conclude that the Pfizer vaccines, for the elderly, killed during the 5-week vaccination period about 40 times more people than the disease itself would have killed, and about 260 times more people than the disease among the younger age class. We stress that this is in order to produce a green passport valid at most 6 months, and promote Pfizer sales.”

    • Thanks: Miro23
  243. @Lagopus

    Empires retreat when they start lacking ressources to pursue their advances or maintain their rule over distant lands, not when these lands revolt or fight back. That was clearly the case with the Napoleonic Empire in Russia : it had overstretched its logistic capabilities by far in a country whose ressources were of no use to it. The Russian army was at that point substandard at best, it had undergone steep regression since the times of Peter of great and Catherine and anyway the Slavic peoples deeply resented against the Russian regime of then. The Globalist Empire is retreating for the same reason starting with distant interior lands such as Afghanistan : the physical ressources to maintain it, and maintaining a gay-promoting empire is the most costly thing you can imagine in physical ressources, are starting to be lacking. Even though there is no clear frontlines with territorial enemies, the process of retreat can be compared to vegetation receding in a world where deserts form everywhere starting with the lands most exposed to drought and heat.

  244. Dutch says:
    @Robert Bruce

    No argument, @Robert Bruce. I think we’re mostly saying the same thing. You’re right about all of it, and it’s worsened with time. To me that’s more detrimental than a decline in military capability. What always made America a beacon was freedom. Freedom is the exact opposite of government or anything government is doing. Sure there have always been shady things going on behind the scenes, but the average Joe really was that free, and really did have those nice things, and really did look to all the world to have the life they could only dream of. But every advancement of government compromised that image. We never had to fight the USSR because our freedom looked so delicious to them that their best and brightest bolted for our shores every time someone left a door open. It was the greatest military strategy ever: Make your enemies put down their weapons and pick up a Big Mac and a Walkman. Russia never had a chance, nor Cuba, China, Germany ,etc. Remember that a former Nazi is the father of our Space Program and made movies alongside Walt Disney. It was next level and indefensible. But sadly the mission creep characteristic of all governments was always there. And it has been the primary thing that has destroyed our image in the world and emboldened our enemies. Sure Trump bumbled his way through 4 years. He spent more time battling this mission creep, of a self serving bureaucracy more interested in controlling everything than doing the thing it was there to do. But he also understood that the best version of America was the one that looked most like the postcard. Biden thinks it’s the version where he is in control of literally everything. But no matter how savvy he is as a politician he enters every situation at a disadvantage because our best weapon has been destroyed. Saker seems to concede that we need savvy overconfident politicians to secure our position of power in the world. 200 years of history says the exact opposite. Half of Americans hate our perverted, overreaching government. How is anyone outside the US going to respect it? Do we really want to rest our fortunes on a senile old man playing some backstabbing game of politics and power grabbing at a disadvantage? If you’re old enough to remember the contrast between the US and the USSR during the Cold War you have to understand what it was that made us indomitable. It had way more to do with Star Wars the movie than Star Wars the anti missile system. It’s been said that Billy Joel brought down the Iron Curtain by touring the USSR in the mid 80s. I believe that more than I believe that Potato Biden is going to craft some genius political strategy to put us on level footing with our rising adversaries while at home he mandates away our freedoms and divides us against each other. No thinking person could believe that, nor should they even want to. Why haven’t these same dark globalist forces similarly wrecked China or Russia? It’s because their worst politician is more capable and less corrupt than our best one. The clearest proof of that is Biden playing the completely wrong game with no chance of winning. Trump knew the one winning strategy. So did the 100+ million that voted for him (you’ll see). Biden’s ‘win’ was the last mail in the coffin, not some chance for some savvy pol to creaft some genius ‘exit strategy’. It’s literally laughable that Saker would believe this. Biden’s been watching the movie for 40+ years yet has completely lost the plot. The best he can ever do is negotiate a face saving surrender. And he’ll fail at that.

  245. @Schuetze

    Very few in Russia took the vax it’s around 10% from what I’m reading. No real push or mandates either. The mayor of Moscow attempted mandates and Putin shot him down.

  246. annamaria says:

    The Mega-Group x mega Banksters together function as the ruthless mafia organization that they are.

  247. @anonymous

    Your post proves my point. You ignore the substance entirely and launch into a rambling off topic screed. One of the reasons blacks are responsible for the vast majority of violent crime in the US, is their genetically based lack of impulse control. It’s also why they never developed any technology or innovations ever. You and islam are footnotes in history. Sorry it’s written in your genes, you’re topped out beneath grade.

  248. What will cause the fall of the US “empire”? Same as with every other empire before – inability to fight and win wars. The Romans hired the barbarians to fight wars for them, and this empire employed Islamic terrorists to fight wars for them.

    The problem is that their objectives (empire’s and the terrorists) converge only for the briefest moments in time and when the war is won it’s up to anybody’s interpretation to decide who did the victory benefit the most. The more time passes, the less those victories belong to the “empire” and more and more belong to the “democracy’s little helpers” – Islamic terrorists.

    You can delude yourself for a while that you are outsmarting the “democracy’s little helpers” and that they are winning wars for you, but after a while the glaring military incompetence becomes clearer and clearer and it’s obvious that technically the “empire” is winning (or at least enabling) the “democracy’s little helpers” to win wars that will primarily benefit them, without the ability of the empire to eventually wrestle away the victory for themselves from their “helpers” – at some later date – obvious example of this is Afghanistan.

  249. BaronAsh says:

    Canada is super-controlled and post-colonialist stodgy, though Montreal is a gem.
    I suspect Eastern Europe is more interesting – all the way to Georgia. Tucker Carlson reports that everyone in Hungary he has met so far, including waiters and taxi drivers, speaks better English than the current US President (!).

    But if you want a country controlled like most high schools without any press to speak of and a lousy health care system except in rich zones, feel free.

  250. @Sollipsist

    Stupid remark. First the Roman Empire at its apex, even though it practiced gay sex, practiced military virtue and self-restraint in all domains. The vices it became renowned for historically were reserved to a very tiny elite and were never extolled as normal by the journalists of then : there were no such things as LGBT rights being proclaimed or vindicated : anal coitus was accepted as a sign of submission to a higher authority, NEVER as a pleasure in itself : the passive partner was supposed to stay passive and reverent, never to enjoy the act he was submitted to. Even Greek-style paedophilia was practiced under strict moral control by mystery religion authorities so as to initiate youngsters into elite circles where self-control of all appetites was a requirement. Such a moral standard was later known among the Japanese feudal elite : not a state of decadence to say the least.

    Second as Roman military and political virtues started to decay about Marcus Aurelius’ reign, the Empire was about to undergo an economic crisis of nearly one whole century, that destroyed more monuments through malign neglect than the Barbarians would do later on, and that nearly missed breaking it up into small pieces much sooner than happened in historic reality, at the advantage of North African barbarians rather than Germanic. The Roman Empire was rather given an unexpected stay of about two centuries more thanks to the presence of a very well-organized and disciplined Christian sub-society : it could prevent the fall of the Empire wherever it had conquered a clear majority, as near the Black Sea and in Achaia, while in the West it couldn’t since the orthodox society not only had remained a minority (as Saint Augustine complained) but consisted in more heretical sects like the Arians which explicitly fought the destroy the Empire. Had there been no Constantine nor Christianity for him to lean upon you would have learned that Marcus Aurelius was the last Emperor before the deep dark ages would start up the take-over of the whole Mediterranean by the Islamic Empire which would have conquered and re-civilized Europe like savage tribes.

    The problem was that the new society that Christianity was, was just too young and unexperienced to take over at once such a huge empire. They had decided that most of the knowledge inherited from the preceding period was propaganda (a wise assessment : Greek mathematics was then definitely a thing of a very distant past and the whole library of Alexandria for instance consisted nearly only in esotericism, magic, divination : greek geometry had then little use outside astrology to the point that mathematici meant astrologers and nothing else for common Latin speakers ; subjects such as mechanics were too politically incorrect and populist to be worthy of big libraries) and that factual knowledge had to be regained from scratch on. Had there been no political Christianity at the end of the Roman Empire the Roman period would be remembered as a time of tyrannical regression from the Greek summit, leading to a return to near stone age, and Latin would not even be considered as worth the effort of any classical studies.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  251. @Schuetze

    A sin to refuse ones own suicide?

  252. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    “Saker bombastically boasting as usual…”

    — Hurry! Tell this at once to General Hyten, the Commander of US Strategic Command:

    General John E. Hyten, the Commander of US Strategic Command, admitted that the US has no real defenses against hypersonic weapons that are being “aggressively” pursued by China and Russia. The only defense against such weapons, Hyten said on Tuesday, is the threat of a US nuclear response.

    General John E. Hyten desperately needs your expertise!

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  253. annamaria says:

    “Iran under Russian-Soviet occupation.”

    — What is that? This is what you have posted: Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran. If you cannot be honest in detail, how can you expect your opinions taken seriously? Surely, you have a zionist apologist agreeing with you.

    “The only thing holding them [Russians] back from occupying other countries and starving the natives to death today, is the West.”
    — This sounds like paranoia. Too much MSM in your life? The Atlantic Council and other Bellincats and the Integrity Initiatives were not tailored for providing truthful information.
    FYI: The US Has Invaded 70 Nations Since 1776. Here’s a list of all the countries the US has bombed since World War II:


    China 1945-46
    Korea 1950-53
    China 1950-53
    Guatemala 1954
    Indonesia 1958
    Cuba 1959-60
    Guatemala 1960
    Belgian Congo 1964
    Guatemala 1964
    The Dominican Republic 1965-66
    Peru 1965
    Laos 1964-73
    Vietnam 1961-73
    Cambodia 1969-70
    Guatemala 1967-69
    Lebanon 1982-84
    Grenada 1983-84
    Libya 1986
    El Salvador 1981-92
    Nicaragua 1981-90
    Iran 1987-88
    Libya 1989
    Panama 1989-90
    Iraq 1991
    Kuwait 1991
    Somalia 1992-94
    Bosnia 1995
    Iran 1998
    Sudan 1998
    Afghanistan 1998
    Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
    Afghanistan 2001
    Libya 2011
    Iraq and Syria 2014 –
    Somalia 2011 –

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @Anonymous
  254. @annamaria

    The military industrial complex needs tales of Russian super weapons to continue its feeding frenzy. As we now know, the MIC vastly overstated the Soviet Union’s capabilities. The Russian and US military both have vested interests in exagerrating Russian capability.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  255. @annamaria

    Guatemala is cleraly overdue.

  256. annamaria says:

    Is Yiddish your native tongue?

  257. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    One must assume that your expertise is superior to Martyanov’s. Is this the case?

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  258. @Francis Miville

    You spend a lot of time refuting a stupid remark. Seems like your talents would be better spent on a real challenge.

    Romanitas, permitting private behavior of any kind as long as it didn’t tarnish your Roman social identity, was fundamentally incompatible with a Christian worldview. It was necessary to destroy one or the other to maintain rule. Self-restraint works against a cohesive society when your ideals are directly in conflict with earthly considerations — that’s the moral of every idealistic revolution ever. Having a personal responsibility to God was too seductive to the powerless masses, while granting a boon to leaders that exploited Divine Right and purges of the unfaithful.

    Constantine was a capable manager of what he inherited, just as we’ve had capable world leaders since Liberalism began its unraveling of the unifying cohesiveness of Western society.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  259. Big Bill says:

    Trains are run by big V-20 diesel engines spinning huge generators that are connected to big electric motors. 3,000-4,000 HP.

    A typical diesel engine is made by General Motor’s Electromotive Division (GM-EMD).

  260. JohnH says:
    @Robert Bruce

    It’s pitiable that everything is so simple for you. Access to minerals is just the start. They require extraction, separation and processing. You probably are so simple that you think “rare earths” are rare.

  261. annamaria says:

    “we’ve had capable world leaders since Liberalism began its unraveling of the unifying cohesiveness of Western society.”

    — Can you elaborate?

  262. @pdurpan

    You’re a vicious little puff

    That’s more like it! Time to get over your self pity.

    • Replies: @pdurpan
  263. @annamaria

    Just saying that the “modern” world is having as much trouble with Liberalism as Rome had with Christianity, and in much the same way. Hypocritical elites have exploited it for coercive control, academics have turned education into indoctrination, various offshoots wage social and literal war over differing interpretations, etc… and the result may actually be the fall of an Empire.

    But the basic feature, the inherent worth of the individual (whether as a soul, or a collection of inalienable rights) and one’s responsibility to others (Love, or Society) has been so thoroughly weaponized that it achieves almost the opposite effect as intended. The struggle for utopia, the Kindgom of Heaven, for all mankind… is now a melee of alienated individuals whose self-righteous responsibility to intangible concepts and abstract ‘humanity’ takes precedence over reality.

    The most dependable effect of any democratizing trend — Christianity, Liberalism and especially Liberalism’s offshoots such as Communism, Multiculturalism and Globalism is to amplify disharmony. At that point it becomes necessary to engage in a sleight-of-hand involving retaining the name but jettisoning key ideals in order to return to good ol’ might-makes-right authoritarianism and enforced orthodoxy.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  264. @Tim E.

    Nazi stands for National Socialist. The people controlling this country and enslaving our people are unfortunately not nationalists, and they are not socialists.

    • Replies: @HdC
  265. Anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

    “We’re no longer the good guys”. There is no such thing as “good guys” in politics and geopolitics in particular.

  266. Anonymous[309] • Disclaimer says:

    How utterly insensitive of these two buffoons to glorify the Anglo-Russian invasion and occupation which led to the death of millions of Iranians from starvation.

    Take note, Saker. You can’t bury the truth.

  267. @Sollipsist

    You are correct. That is why always strongly advocate detailed parsing of the trends. There were some god things in communism, and there are some good things in liberalism, etc.
    Weeds will grow in every trend. There is not enough weeding, I would say.

  268. @Anonymous

    As you say.
    Saker, as a would-be mouthpiece for V.V. Putin, has this handicap.

    The continued and very inappropriate glorification of (((bolshevism))).
    The refusal to assess that talmudist horror-show in any meaningful way.

    However much any of us wish well to Russia, the reinstatement of public morality/ROC, curtailing criminals like Bill Browder, rise of living standards and similar welcome developments, this question will not just go away.
    And this in Iran with Perfidious Albion (Mr Rothschild’s fiefdom) …

    Hoping for better things from Russia.
    Because Truth will always out.

    For any who haven’t seen it, here’s Sergei Nekrasov’s film on Browder.
    The Swiss Policy site gives a resume for any not familiar with the story of this rat. My own hero is the Moscow Police Detective who sold his apartment in order to sue Browder in a London Court. I’d like to shake that honourable man’s hand.

  269. augusto says:

    Oh, yeah? ” move against the US interests?” Have you ever noted that the US has moved against the interests of practically everyone else in the last 75 years?
    At last.
    And how about a third rate funeral.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  270. Anonymous[120] • Disclaimer says:

    What exactly are you saying? That there was no invasion and occupation of Iran by the British and the Russians?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  271. HdC says:

    Furthermore, the National Socialists were the only government that managed to significantly improve the standard of living of the average worker.

    All other countries remained in a deep depression.

  272. @Robert Bruce

    I doubt it. They’re sending in some reinforcements into Kabul but it’s to help with the evacuations; I doubt they’ll even take part in Kabul’s last stand. The Taliban are on a roll and there’s no stopping them. The Yanks sure don’t want to hang around and give even more incentive to the Taliban fighters to become millionaires from those bounties Russia offered (allegedly) for each dead American. And pity all those private army mercenaries from the Academy or whatever, 16,000 or however many, you’ll never hear of their fate, and I doubt they’ll be offered seats on the evacuation flights – they’re doomed; the batcha bazi bum boys and other assorted Afghani traitors get priority seating.

  273. annamaria says:

    The face and voice of the US “elites”
    “Joe and Hunter: This is the most devastating video on the Internet:”

    Whether Obama or Hunter, they are totally comfortable with any level of their personal depravity.

  274. Paulo says:

    Probably they are retreating to consolidate their gains where it is possible.

    Central and South America: their backyard where they do not even need to use USA Army as there are plenty of Fifth Columns, normally the rich sob – mainly in Brazil and Colombia.

    Africa and Europe is not so easy because their proximity with Asia.

    Whoever knows if Biden and Putin do not agree in a kind of provisional division of areas of influence?

  275. Seraphim says:

    You confuse the occupation of Persia in WW1 with the occupation of Iran in WW2.
    In June 1941 Iran was strongly pro-German (even pro-Nazi) and the danger of it joining the Axis was a distinct possibility. Russians could not have been indifferent.

  276. annamaria says:

    You have conveniently omitted Brits in your invective, and now you try to play a role of the abused innocence.
    It was an “Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran.” Read your post before attacking the commenters. And learn what you are trying to teach.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  277. Seraphim says:

    In June 1941 Iran was strongly pro-German (even pro-Nazi) and the danger of it joining the Axis was a distinct possibility. Russians and British could not have been indifferent. Famines occurred everywhere during the war and Iran was not affected more that anyone else (even less) despite the hype that it was deliberate. In 1943 Soviet Union released 25,000 tons of grain to ameliorate the situation, despite the dire situation in Soviet Union itself.

    • Replies: @KA
  278. KA says:
    @Seraphim; Russian troops in the northwestern part of Iran (the so-called “Iranian Azerbaijan”), would not leave . They had been deployed there by the tsar to protect Russian subjects during a civil war in Iran in 1909 and, despite repeated appeals from the Iranian government, still remained there by the time WWI broke out.

    After the Bolshevik Revolution and the country’s withdrawal from the war, there were no Russian troops left in the region.

    In 1920, (already Soviet) Russia returned to Iran. Having landed in the port of Anzali and defeated the British troops stationed there, the Bolsheviks helped an uprising that had broken out against the Shah’s rule in the hope of turning Iran into a socialist country. However, the gamble did not pay off.

    A little over 20 years later, Russia and Britain were once again acting as allies in Iran. During World War II, in August and September 1941, the two states jointly carried out ‘Operation Countenance’, as a result of which they temporarily occupied part of the country and overthrew the pro-German shah, Reza Pahlavi.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Zarathustra
  279. Anonymous[309] • Disclaimer says:

    You are an idiot.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  280. Wow, and with no morale and troops being poisoned with injections, committing suicide and having grown up in the tail end of a multi generational psyop. The population is debilitated and now being injected with black magic… human fetal tissue, mercury, graphene, nano-shit!? Only the sickest mind would attempt such a diabolical plot. Folks, get your popcorn! It’s show time! Surely, the hero’s of humanity will rise and find the support of the herd!

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  281. pdurpan says:

    If I am to be insulted; I must first value your opinion.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  282. Seraphim says:

    Russian troops remained in Persia in WW1 to repel the Ottomans. In 1914 the Ottomans in alliance with the Germans moved towards Persia with the aim ”to ignite a general rebellion and repulse the Russians and the British, capture the oil fields, and ultimately realizing the utopian goals of the ”Pan-Turanic Project” cum Islamic Jihad.
    The plan of a general Islamic revolt against Russia and Britain was concocted by the lawyer, diplomat, ancient historian, and archaeologist Max von Oppenheim (incidentally, or rather not, a member of the Oppenheim banking dynasty). The agents of the ‘Intelligence Bureau for the East (Nachrichtenstelle für den Orient) Wilhelm Wassmuss (dubbed the ‘German Lawrence’) and Georg Karl Elias Graf von Kanitz (the military attaché to the German Embassy in Teheran) were very active in fomenting revolts in Persia.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  283. Anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    The Russia hate is another manifestation of Jewish control of America. The Jews HATE Putin & Russia because Putin stopped their looting of Russian assets under the drunk Yeltsin.
    Just as they did during the Wiemar hyper inflation in Germany the Jews had money shipped in from overseas and were buying up Public assets at pennies on the dollar.
    That led to huge resentment of Jews in Germany and again in Russia.
    The Jewish Deep State behind Clinton sent a planeload of “democracy advisors” to Moscow in the 90’s. They were actually an economic wrecking crew that looted the vulnerable Russian people of \$TRILLIONS. The ensuing societal collapse killed ten million Russians (4 million were kids).
    99% of bad things you hear about Russia is Jewish smear.
    Putin is the only SuperPower leader standing up for Western European CHRISTIAN Democratic Civilization. Merkel and the TREASONOUS Brussels Politicians have thrown open the GATES of the CITY to GENOCIDAL Refujihadi INVADERS who have been pushed that way by US/NATO actions and Israeli deceit.
    With no coverage in the Mockingbird Media, the American public remains blissfully uninformed. What exactly has Russia done in the last forty years to warrant the threat of a nuclear war? Is the goal of the Russian HATE to punish Putin for being a Christian or a nationalist who believes in defending the sovereignty of his own country. Or perhaps he is not enough of a deep state disciple or perhaps defeating the last remaining (((Bolseviks))) in the 1990s was a fatal error.
    Putin’s big crime in the mind of our REAL rulers is he did not make any effort to put communism back into place in the former USSR. He made common bond with the Orthodox Christian Church and even encouraged the rebuilding of Christian churches all over the former atheistic USSR.

  284. @pdurpan

    Still perceiving every interaction as victimisation I see.

    It was not meant to insult. It was meant to jolt you out of your self-pity.

    Surely you deserve to think of yourself better than a victim?

  285. annamaria says:

    You see how easy it is to recognize that you had problems during your upbringing? They explain your poor emotional control.
    To emphasize my point that you need to learn the thing before teaching others about it, here is a repost of #281 by Seraphim:

    You confuse the occupation of Persia in WW1 with the occupation of Iran in WW2. In June 1941 Iran was strongly pro-German (even pro-Nazi) and the danger of it joining the Axis was a distinct possibility. Russians could not have been indifferent.

  286. @Anon

    Russia; where the majority are Caucasians.
    America; where the majority once were Caucasians, but is now following the Khazarian Zionista disruption of pitting White against White, & in this case, USA vs Russia.
    The UN wants White People dead, both Russian and American, along with the White population in Eastern and Western Europe.
    This is why Hitler attacked Russia’s Zionist Khazarian Bolsheviks in 1941, as Hitler’s intelligence agents deep inside the Kremlin reported that Stalin was planning to take and annex Eastern Europe, and then the rest of the West by 1946.
    Sir Winston Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain Speech’ confirms this, but the communist quest only got as far as Eastern Europe, which is still trying to recover fro the horrors and atrocities of both World War Two and satellite Communist Governments.
    A KGB Agent who defected to the West in the 1970’s confirmed the West would be defeated by Third World Migrations that would overwhelm the Western Nations populated by mostly White People, and cause a massive drop in the white populations. Look at Londonstan, w/ a Mayor who heralds from that invasive line of ‘migrants’
    & still…they keep coming,…! They bring with them violence, turmoil, and destruction of all that was good, and all that is defined as ‘White Culture’!
    Pat Buchanan’s book titled ‘The Death of the West’ confirms the results of this!
    I am White, and I will NEVER apologize for my advanced culture and heritage as confirmed by Black Pastor James Manning (“Black People have a Problem’ on You Tube’).

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  287. @Anon

    Absolutely True!
    It’s now known that Americans who are Russian / Eastern Orthodox Church Members are moving to Russia. Once they lean Russian and the Cyrillic Alphabet, things seem to go OK for them.
    Let’s hope that President Putin also opens up areas of the Russian Federation to Americans who are fed-up with Zionist influences in their country, and offers Permanent Residency to White Christians from the U.S. and other Nation States who have had their heritage contaminated by Khazarian Zionists by their tools known as ‘politically-correct politicians’ from both Amerika and weakened Europe!

  288. Rambam says:

    Does anyone think that bird on the Sakers website resembles a Phoenix?
    I’m guessing Russian Jew.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  289. @KA

    You are confused Shah Reza Pahlavi (Russian Cossack) Was overthrown by Ayatollah Khomeini returning after medical treatment from France to Iran in late Seventies.

    • Replies: @Anon
  290. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Keep pushing your skewed versions of history, buddy.

    To engage in debate with you, I have to take you seriously first, which you are making it hard to do.

  291. Anon[199] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s you who is confused Pahlavi .Dynasty was overthrown by Ruisa before Mosasegh or late aha were overthrown by different forces

    There was nice book by an American on the Russian and British manipulation , extortion and abuses in early 1900

    That occupation took various forms until 1950.

  292. @Rambam

    Looks like a falcon to me.
    But if you try really really hard, it can look like anything you want it to.

  293. @annamaria

    Not impossible. I have spent 25 years working with Russian industry. Particularly early on in factories of the Ministry of Defence Industries.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @annamaria
  294. @ohshithesright

    A Cape Buffalo is a VERY dangerous beastie. Those lionesses were silly, the croc over-ambitious. You’d need a hippo to referee the stoush.

    • LOL: littlereddot
  295. @annamaria

    The problem with Western ‘liberals’ is that they do not believe in liberalism for everyone. It must be distributed to their advantage, not that of the poor bastard earning five bucks an hour cleaning rest-rooms.

  296. Avery says:
    @Philip Owen

    { I have spent 25 years working with Russian defense industry}

    That’s a non sequitur.

    How does working 25 years with Russian industries qualify you?
    In what capacity were you working?
    When? How many years ago?
    Are you currently working in Russia in a defense industry?

    Obviously you are not a Russian citizen, so you would not be trusted to have access to the most sensitive military industry information. Not even the ones not so secret.

    To be fair, I don’t know much about Martyanov, and can’t tell how you two compare as far as knowledge about current Russian military technology. But he seems to be more knowledgeable than you. And your unwavering denigration of anything Russian devalues all your assessments about Russia, even if some might be true.

    • Replies: @yurivku
    , @Philip Owen
  297. annamaria says:
    @Philip Owen

    There is a difference between the expertise and character of Mr. Martyanov and the expertise and character of Mr. Rezun.

  298. yurivku says:

    Obviously you are not a Russian citizen,

    He’s British Russia hater not disdaining to get russian money. The bastard on my taste.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  299. @Anon

    And to consider that the Russians, with great self-sacrifice, helped to defeat the Jews’ greatest enemy, the German Nazis and liberated Auschwitz. And still the Jewish media relentlessly attacks Russia and Russians and they support Russia’s enemies everywhere. Truly ungrateful.

    • Replies: @Avery
  300. @Avery

    I am a strong promoter of a positive attitude to engagement with Russia by the UK. I speak at conferences in favour of engagement. I was a fan of Putin but he has stayed on too long and over rates himself greatly. Sobchak for whom Putin worked lost an election in St Petersburg and Putin has never forgotten.

  301. @yurivku

    I set out to turn swords into plough shares unlike blood hungry maniacs like you who gobble up war porn. Demons from hell.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  302. Avery says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yep, truly ungrateful.

    From an authentic Jewish source:

    [Russia Helped 1,750,000 Jews to Escape Nazis, Says James N. Rosenberg]

    [“Russia has saved over ten times as many Jews from Nazi extermination as all the rest of the world put together,” James N. Rosenberg, American Jewish leader, declared here today in an address of welcome which he delivered at a reception given at the Astor Hotel to Solomon Mikhoels and Itzik Feffer, the Jewish cultural delegation from Russia. The reception was attended by several hundred representatives of various Jewish organizations.]

    Some of the progeny of those saved by Soviet Union (Russia) repaid the supreme sacrifice of the Slavic peoples by looting Russia (e.g Boris Abramovich Berezovsky) and agitating for Russia’s destruction today (e.g. Max Boot*).

    * Max Boot, a virulent anti-Russian agitator now living in US, was born in Russia.

  303. wootendw says:

    “…the meeting with Putin which surprised many, including myself.”

    What I believe happened here was just a reflection of the earlier meeting (Feb or Mar) between Putin and Macron/Merkel.

    Until then, I believe ‘Biden’s intention was to take up where the EU/US/NATO left off when Trump took over the presidency. That is, the intention was to get Zelensky to attack the Donbas, quickly get control of it before Russia was prepared and then, once the Donbas was secured, up the pressure on Crimea which is still internationally recognized as part of Ukraine. To this very end, Zelensky began sending troops and equipment eastward.

    Putin’s meeting with Macron and Merkel, in conjection with Russia’s rapid mobilation on Ukraine’s borders, put a quick end to it. The EU countries are not prepared for war with Russia and now they know it. ‘Biden’ is doing the EU’s bidding which is consistent with his other defense/foreign policies.

  304. wootendw says:
    @The artist formerly known as a young man

    “1.Extrovert 2.Introvert and 3.Pervert.”

    Interesting idea but, in America’s case, Introvert came before Extrovert.

    Pervert is definitely the final stage.

  305. wootendw says:
    @Murry Murry

    “…despite the fact that he would never be allowed to write anything of the sort if he lived in Russia.”

    Nonsense. You can write articles critical of Russia even if you’re in Russia. Russia is not the old Soviet Union and the US is not what it was during the Cold War. Wake up Rip Van Winkle.

  306. wootendw says:

    ” The submarine has to surface to charge the batteries. ”

    Diesel-electric transmission doesn’t rely on batteries to drive the submarine. The diesel engine powers a dynamo that supplies electrical energy to traction motors that drive the sub.

  307. yurivku says:
    @Philip Owen

    …unlike blood hungry maniacs like you

    Your posts clearly show who are you. You’re still promoting all the lies like Skripal case and Resun fakes. You’re like many in the West dreaming of Russia paid you money and sitting still in the corner. Like your old bitch Thatcher said – there is enough 80 milions of Russians just to deal with oil tubes.

    You are such peaceful as BJ or Defender’s commander, but you’ll have bloody nose and you know that, that’s the reason your screamin here.

    • Replies: @Avery
  308. Corrupt says:

    There are Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) diesel-electric submarines. They used stored air (or oxygen?) so they don’t have to surface.

  309. Avery says:

    Formerly ‘Great’ (sic) Britain has been scheming to mortally damage and dismember Russia for about 2-3 centuries. Even when UK was supposedly friendly with Russia (USSR), she did it because Britain needed Russia to defeat a dangerous enemy of Britain.

    During WW1 Britain allied with Russia, because Britain could not defeat Germany on land by herself.
    During WW2 Britain allied with USSR (Russia), because Churchill knew that Britain was no match for the Wehrmacht on land warfare.

    It’s nothing new: Brits are vile and disgusting.
    They forced weak China at gunpoint to push opium on their own Chinese people.

    When Tsarist Russia was crushing Ottoman Turks in Crimea, Britain (with France) rushed to help the murderous Muslim Turks. If Britain and France had not helped Turks, Russia would have crushed the genocidal Turks: there would be no Genocide of Christian Armenians, Christian Assyrians, and Christian Pontic Greeks. The Turks – originally invaders from East and Central Asia (Uyguristan) – would not be in a position to menace Europe and the entire region today.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @yurivku
  310. yurivku says:

    It’s nothing new: Brits are vile and disgusting.

    Exactly. The British Empire always was and still is (despite it’s now not an empire) nasty and evil, to the whole world especially to Russia. Now it’s a just miserable poodle of US. And that Philip masquerading as peacemaker, is good representative of it, AKA bastard.

  311. Radrider says:

    Ha! ‘Leading role!’ The juice may never understand why the rest pf us het pissed. Its fine that the juice are such formidable business persons and philosophers. Lets say, it was red heads who showed such capabilities…why should that bother us? But when you find out the red heads are preferring each other over the rest of us,, then the trouble starts. The concentration of red heads in large businesses and government agencies means our important infrastructure organizations do not see the world as we see the world…. TBTF is only one of the more blatent results of red head thinking.

  312. jay says:

    Infinite growth “capitalism” isn’t possible without a fractional reserve banking system that requires ever greater loans to pay back previous loan’s+ interest.

    The federal reserve and the loaning of all money into existence is modern slavery.

  313. Ocamized says:

    See: Dmitri Orlov’s “The Five Stages of Collapse.”

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