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Cui Bono from the Situation in France
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I won’t even bother repeating it all here, those who are interested in my views of this entire Charlie Hebdo canard can read my article “I am NOT Charlie” here:

No, what I want to do is to ask a simple question: do you think the French leaders are simply stupid, suicidal or naive? I submit that they neither stupid, nor suicidal nor naive. In fact, they are using a well practiced technique which goes with some variation of this:

  • Infiltrate some pseudo-Islamic gang of cutthroats (literally!)
  • Keep them under close scrutiny ostensibly for counter-terrorism purposes
  • Inside the group, try to promote your confidential informers
  • Have your analysts work on the following question: “how could we best provoke these nutcases into a bloody terrorist act?
  • Once the plan is decided, simply execute it, say by organizing the posting fantastically offensive caricatures
  • Once the cutthroats strike, blame Islam and double down
  • By then, you have infuriated most of the immense Muslim world out there and you can rest assured that the process is launched and will continue on its own. You can now relax and get the pop-corn
  • Have your propaganda machine declare that Islam is incompatible with western civilization (whatever that means in 2020, both Descartes and Conchita Wurst I suppose…)
  • Shed some crocodile tears when the cutthroats murder some completely innocent Christian bystander
  • And announce a new crusade against “Islamism” (also a vague and, frankly, meaningless term!) and crack down on true Muslim communities and ideas while continuing to lovingly arm, train, finance and direct the “good terrorists” who have now become your own, personal, cutthroats.

Cui bono?

Anybody who knows anything about the political realities in France will immediately know in whose interests this all is and who is behind that: the Zionist power structure in France (CRIF, UEJF, etc. and the Israelis). They have a total control over Macron and over the entire political class, very much including Marine LePen.

Who else could have concocted the “beautiful” term “Islamo-Fascisme“?!

This is a new phenomenon, a new ideology and a new strategy, which Alain Soral calls “National Zionism” which I discussed in some details here: .

In its inception (from Ahad Ha’am, Theodor Herzl, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, etc) Zionism used to be a largely secular and nationalistic, then, later, after WWII, it became very leftist and still secular ( Ben-Gurion, Shlomo Lavi, Golda Meir). Modern Zionism, however, is both rabidly racist and religious – the perfect example would be US neocons. It is also a ruthless and genocidal ideology which has created something truly original: God-mandated racism, something which, as far as I know, no other religion professes (so much for the ignorant and, frankly, plain stupid notions of “Abrahamic religions” or, even worse, “Judeo-Christian values”!). National Zionism is the next phase of Zionism – it is rabidly “conservative” (in a Neocon sense only, of course!) and it parasitically feeds on whatever nationalist ideology the local patriotic goyim are inclined towards (the best example of that being the so-called “Christian Zionists” in the USA).

But here is the demonic “beauty” of it all: in a society like the French one, the Zionists don’t even need to micromanage their false flags: given enough uneducated and murderous pseudo-Muslim cutthroats and enough rabid secularists wanted to offend the faithful – some kind of violent explosion will *inevitably* happen!

Right now, between the embarrassing Yellow Vests movement, the crumbling economy, the massive influx, wave after wave, of unwanted and un-adaptable immigrants and the resulting social tensions, the French regime is in deep trouble. Add to this the COVID pandemic which just added to the chaos and anger and finish with a total lack of foreign policy successes and you will immediately see why this regime badly needed what could be called a “patriotic reaction”.

Finally, there is the time-proven method of scaring your own population into a state of catatonic acceptance of everything and anything in the name of “security”.


We see it all in France today, we saw it in the UK before, and also in Belgium. And, rest assured, we will see much more such massacres in the future. The only way to really stop these “terrorist” attacks is to show their sponsors that we know who they are and we understand what they are doing. Short of this, these attacks will continue.

(Republished from The Vineyard of the Saker by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: France, Israel Lobby, Muslims, Terrorism 
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  1. Lot says:

    Another Unz writer, another excuse for Islamic invader terrorism.

    **The Unz Review: Allaha Akbar PBUH!**

    “They have a total control over Macron and over the entire political class, very much including Marine LePen.”

    Wrong. LePen would mass deport the invaders and force the ones eligible to stay to secularize. Ham and bacon for school lunches, yum!

    You know where there isn’t Muslim terrorism? Places without Muslims.

    Broke loser jailbird, islam convert, and failed communist “filmmaker” Alan Sorel has more fans than actual followers in France!

  2. In its inception, Zionism used to be a largely secular and nationalistic, then, later, after WWII, it became very leftist and still secular. Modern Zionism, however, is both rabidly racist and religious – the perfect example would be US neocons. It is also a ruthless and genocidal ideology …

    But the ‘secular’,’nationalistic’, and ‘leftist’ Jews carried out the Nakba pogroms and started the Six Day War to grab more Arab land.

  3. Go Muslims! Destroy Sodomite France.

  4. Endikap says:

    Agree with the essence but not with the theory that have been directly cordinated

    You dont even need to micromanage the situation when all the pieces are well located

    Mass inmigration of muslims , the west destruction of muslim countries , pariah status of the muslim comunity is france ….

  5. Endikap says:

    The history repeat

    A Compilation of Christian and Arab chronicles

    Upon arrival in North Africa, the Jews worked together with the Muslims to prepare an invasion of Spain. King Egika recognized this danger in 694, when he declared in Toledo: “We have recently learned from reliable sources that the Jews of Spain are working with Jews from other countries to conspire against Christians.

    All Arab historians agree that the Jews, both inside and outside Spain, helped organize the Islamic conquest of Spain. (Hermann Schreiber, Auf den Spuren der Goten, Weltbild, 1973, p 298) Jews traveled freely between Spain and North Africa, and spied on Gothic armies and military arrangements.

    The Jews opened the gates of Europe to the Moors:

    “Settlements in all cities [Jews opened doors of any commercially significant size. (Hermann Schreiber, Auf den Spuren der Goten, Weltbild, 1973, p 298) Some cities seemed to have almost the entire Jewish population, such as Granada and Lucena.

    A more contemporary scholar, the eminent Arabist, Pascual de Gayangos, wrote

    The practice so universally observed by the invaders of entrusting Jews with the defense of cities and fortresses taken from Christians would, in the absence of any other fact, show that a prior understanding must have existed long ago between
    they and the Berbers under the orders of Tarik… . . That of the Jews of the peninsula had been suspected at different times to maintain communication with those of Africa, – that in the reign of Egica had been really accused, and in all appear inviting the Arabs to conquer Spain is also testified by the national writers.

    Dozy seems to have limited himself to repeating these statements when he stated that
    in 694 the Jews of Spain planned a “general insurrection with their colonel”…
    gionists” in Africa, “where several Berber tribes professed Judaism, and where
    The Jews exiled from Spain had found a refuge.

    Arabian chronicle the most reliable

    Having captured Cordoba, Mugit gathered the Jews “to whom he had entrusted the custody of the city”. There is no mention of the Jews
    in the conquest of Toledo. It is said that Musa ibn Nusayr arrived in Rama… dan 93 (June 12-July 11, 712) with 18,000 soldiers and took
    Seville after several months of siege He, too, “entrusted the custody of the city
    to the Jews,” and proceeded to Merida.37

    Ibn al-Atir agrees with his sources in stating that Musa came to Rama
    dan and, following Tariq’s route, took “Medinat ibn-es-Selim” (?) and
    marched to Carmona, “the most fortified city in the country”. He then proceeded to Seville, “one of the most populous cities in Spain, and one of the
    the most notable for its antiquity,” which he captured after several months of siege, “and installed the Jews there to replace the inhabitants
    who had fled”. The Jews of Cordoba are not mentioned, but he adds that
    when Tariq found Toledo abandoned, he “installed the Jews there together with a certain number of his soldiers” while marching in Guadalajara.38

    • Thanks: Alden
  6. Endikap says:

    Do you know where there are no Muslims in the west ?

    Where there is no jewish influence

    • Replies: @Jake
  7. Yeah, shame. I never heard hardly nobody say no nothing about morals and law when France, or more specifically, Total Oil France, called up their mate Hussein Obama and his psychotic vice Hellary Clinton and asked them to bomb Libia back into the stone age.
    I never saw one article on one website or one teevee station condemning the day when a bunch of CIA operatives dragged Gadhafi out into the street and executed him by shoving a knife up his anus. I am not aware that any of the CIA’s “social media platforms” sensoring or blocking the video footage of that anal knifing.
    France has been a Zionist Bolshevik shithole ever since the first Bolshevik revolution, when they dragged a legitimate queen out into the streets for a spectacular beheading. Last I checked, the sick fucks were quite proud of that little show of power by their new Bolshevik overlords.
    So the Muslims are knifing a few Zionist whoremongers.
    Why did they think their masters are importing so many Muslims in the first place?

    • Replies: @jacobs-adder
  8. Are the roots of ISIS in British Intelligence since 1710?

    A great book, by William Guy Carr, WWII Canadian naval intelligence officer: Pawns In The Game.
    Can be read free online using the search box at

    Rothschild + 12 pals plot for global domination, 1773, is in chapter 3.
    Bankster funding, 1917, for the Bolshevik Revolution, $50,000,000, is in chapter 9.


  9. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    They could have taken action years ago when there were other Muslim terrorist attacks. Why now? What’s changed? The best approach would have been to prevent all the Muslim migrations into France to begin with. Just a little bit of determination would have sufficed. Now that they’ve got millions on their soil they decide to have a showy crackdown on just a few and deport some trivial number of them? It would be good for them if all the Muslims decided to leave, like yesterday. This doesn’t seem like a realistic prospect though so what are they aiming at? Sure, Zionists might like this but a 1492 type mass expulsion would be a great thing for France and for all Europe.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  10. The beheading was actually completely fake. It was a silicone head used for practice by medical professionals. The Bataclan was fake too along with Charlie Hebdo. Regardless, France should stop importing any immigrants. All immigration should be banned everywhere.

  11. @Lot

    Wrong. LePen would mass deport the invaders and force the ones eligible to stay to secularize. Ham and bacon for school lunches, yum!

    She is just controlled opposition. They can’t allow her to become president despite modernization i.e., pro-Zionism.

    According to think tank Henry Jackson Society mosque-building and so-called ‘extremism’ are financed by Saudis who buy French military hardware.

    The CIA also radicalized lots Arabs during the Soviet-Afghan War. Some of these started a civil war in Algeria and brought their bomb-making skills to France.

    The bottom line is importing third world people has been a total disaster. France is effectively failed country and pretending otherwise is only making things worse. Vile creatures who run the UK are even rewriting history to prop up the ‘We have always been multicultural’ lie.

    • Replies: @Lot
  12. Hillbob says:

    Killing of innocents is wrong, wrong , dead wrong.
    Then again, it happens every day outside of Europe and America. No?

  13. Jake says:

    The Saker says of Zionism: ” It is also a ruthless and genocidal ideology which has created something truly original: God-mandated racism, something which, as far as I know, no other religion professes (so much for the ignorant and, frankly, plain stupid notions of “Abrahamic religions” or, even worse, “Judeo-Christian values”!). ”

    That is not correct. Zionism did not create ‘God-mandated racism.’ Second Temple Judaism created that as it went heretical. Second Temple Judaism forged a new religion out of the religion of Abraham and Moses, and that new religion was first and foremost about racial/ethnic/tribal superiority. Rabbinic Judaism, evolving out of the Second Temple rather quickly, was based on faith that Jewish blood, Jewish ancestry was not merely supreme, but was so much supreme over blood/ancestry of other peoples that the Gentiles were very much as cattle compared to Jews.

    Jesus said that the Oral Law, which was the expression of Second Temple heretical racist religion and would be compiled as the Talmud, was of Satan.

    How did France get into this mess?

    It began with French Elites getting too big for their britches and embracing all aspects of Enlightenment. That set up the French Revolution, which acted to exterminate France’s Catholic heritage and identity, and therefore was allied with Jewish anti-Christ and anti-white Christian hatreds.

    There is no neutral: when you rebel against Christ and Christendom, then you also simultaneously rebel for the spiritual, moral, and genetic offspring of Second Temple Judaism. Who are best defined as viciously, murderously racist-Jews denounced by Jesus as having Satan as their spiritual Father.

    France’s sin has been compounded by the fact that Modern English culture is the product of the Judaizing heresy Anglo-Saxon Puritanism. England spread its pro-Jewish, Zionist, worldview globally via the British Empire. And in [email protected], the American, Yank, form of WASP pro-Zionism began to bestride the globe. France, which suffered from having several 18th intellectuals who were Anglophile (which was central to their being anti-Catholic – see Voltaire for an example), has been slowly Anglicizing itself since at least the 1960s. France today is not France of old. France today is merely a province of the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    Either France will repent of The Revolution and work to remake France as Eldest Daughter of the Church, or France will die a suicide.

    Anglo-Zionists want the suicide.

    • Replies: @Awash
  14. Jake says:

    The larger point you make is that Islam is itself dependent upon Judaism and serves Jewish interests.

    And that point is 100% correct.

    Of course, the same can be said of almost all Protestantism, and certainly of all English-speaking Protestantism.

    • Disagree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Endikap
  15. LG says:

    Why is the obvious question not asked by the author? Why are muslims in Europe, and more specifically in France in the first place. Who is encouraging their settlement in the west?
    But it is ok, I am sure Andrei will find another way to bloviate about the beauty of Islam.

    Meanwhile turkish gangs are roaming the streets of Lyon and other French cities looking for Armenians and Greeks.

    Ah the religion of peace!!!

    • Replies: @Jim Jatras
  16. GeeBee says:

    Undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant Unz Review posts I’ve seen. It manages to combine bigotry, ignorance and insult in just that way that lets one know its writer would rightly be shunned in anything passing for civilised society.

    • Replies: @22pp22
  17. Nona says:

    At the end you say, “embarrassing Yellow Vests.”

    Why embarrassing?

    • Replies: @JimmyB.
    , @Sue
  18. @LG

    The Saker often has a lot of value to offer, but the soft spot for Islam (especially, Shiism) is inexplicable. Say what you want about organized Jewish influence in France and selectively jailing people for what amounts to anti-Jewish blasphemy. (Certainly nobody would be prosecuted for defaming Christians .) But why omission of the elephant in the room: Why are all these Muslims in France in the first place? Certainly liberal Jews in France and elsewhere, along with non-Jewish Leftists, have done their part, equating with anti-Semitism any criticism of Islam and its 14 centuries of aggression, slavery, murder, rape, pillage, and genocide, and rolling out the red carpet for millions of people who just shouldn’t be in France or any other traditionally Christian European country. The irony is that it’s this migrant population, not supposed neo-Nazis, that spawns the vast majority of anti-Jewish attacks, as well as those against Christians. As for “Once the cutthroats strike, blame Islam and double down,” name ONE prominent French (or other European, or North American) political leader who’s ever blamed Islam per se for anything? No, they use weasel words like “Islamism,” “Islamofascism,” or generic no-brand-name “extremism” or “religious fanaticism” precisely to avoid pointing the finger at core “religion of peace and toleration” doctrines and practices and to warn against “blaming all Muslims,” a red herring. (“Huh. ‘Allahu akbar’ — I wonder what he meant by that….”) Then they double down on so-called laïcité (secularism) as a fundamental French “value,” in place of the only value that defined France for centuries: Catholicism. Until that is recovered (BTW, I am not Roman Catholic) as the necessary bedrock of French national identity, things will get worse. The rest of what was once known as Christendom isn’t far behind, and in some cases (Sweden or Canada) may be ahead of France.

  19. Lot says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    The CIA also radicalized lots Arabs during the Soviet-Afghan War. Some of these started a civil war in Algeria and brought their bomb-making skills to France.

    That’s true, and if your point is the US taking the side of the Wahabis against the Russians was wrong, I agree. Same with our awful bombing of Serbia. Every time the US took the side of Islam, it was wrong.

    However, bringing up our mistakes 40 years ago over there when talking about Muslim terrorism is France in 2020 is wrong in a larger sense.

    People are far too shy about saying the truth: Islam is the problem, Muslims of all types are the problem, Arab culture is the problem. Maybe Israel, France, the USA, the USSR have done things to worsen the problem. But the moral and factual responsibility for Islamic terrorism is on Islam, not Islam’s victims.

    • Agree: Alden
  20. Bartolo says:

    Sorry, but I read you and listen to Soral on a regular basis and I still don´t see how the Zionists profit from all this. The French state, well, yes, it´s crumbling and wants to elicit a patriotic reaction, divert attention, etc.
    But the “National Zionists”? I am still waiting for a convincing case, and would really like to hear it.

  21. Do French people wonder why it’s fine to insult Moslems by drawing a picture of their prophet, but illegal to question “the holocaust”?

    • Thanks: AnonStarter
    • Replies: @AaronB
  22. While I condemn the grisly violence carried out by Muslim lunatics, is there anything worth saving in current France? It chose Globo-Homo-Mania over Catholicism. It has ‘gay marriage’ like the rest of EU that is under Jewish Supremacist control. Also, what is secular France? Is it about philosophy, science, arts & culture, and reason? No, it’s all about pop culture, mostly of dumb Hollywood movies and savage black jungle jivery. Pornography is the ONLY domain left for ‘free expression’, and it’s controlled by anti-white Jews. If the choice is between Jihad and the Jungle, the former is better as the Muslim World is at least civilized whereas blacks turn more places into New Detroits and New Haitis.

    Steve Turley foolishly praises Emmanuel Macron for his sudden hard-line stance against Islam, but what is globo-boy or globoy defending? Is he being nationalist? No, he’s the same globalist. He wants more immigrant-invaders to replace white Frenchmen. He is denouncing aspects of Islam because they give a bad name to Diversity. He seeks to suppress the most violent aspects of Islam but only to increase mass immigration-invasion and hasten the Great Replacement. “You see, apart from the few bad apples, most are good and more than welcome.”

    And on occasions when the likes of Macron defend French or ‘Western’ values against ‘Islamo-Fascism’, they are not defending Europeans and their civilization. They denounce aspects of Islam as too conservative and antithetical to open sewage pornification of culture that they promote as ’empowering’ and ‘liberating’. It mainly means celebration of ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs and BAMMAMA or blacks-are-more-muscular-and-more-aggressive, i.e. because blacks kick white butts in sports, whites should cuck and worship blacks as the superior race of heroes who deserve to take white women. When Macron and such ilk denounce Jihad, they are defending the Junglization of the white race. (Muslim acts of beheading, cruel and grisly as they are, affect only a tiny number of people. In contrast, black ‘bewombing’ is affecting millions of white women. White women who could be using their wombs to create more white babies are now creating more blacks, the natural enemy of the white race as black males have the power to emasculate white men into a bunch of fa**oty-ass wussy-boys. Every time a white woman is ‘bewombed’, a potential white child is being pre-murdered in favor of creating a black child. A Muslim sicko beheading a 70 yr old woman is less threatening to the West than a bunch of Simon Mols ‘bewombing’ millions of white women in the West.)

    In a way, Jews love the presence of Muslims in the West. Sure, there are downsides. It means more attacks on Jews and their property. But this very fact makes whites side with Jews against Muslims. So, Jews get to kill two birds with one stone. By pushing for non-white mass immigration-invasion, Jews undermine white power and white majority. But because Muslims are seen as hostile to Jews, whites become ever more protective of Jews. Now, in a sane world, whites would hate Jews for pushing mass-immigration. Whites would connect the dots and say, “Jews are increasing diversity to play divide-and-rule among goyim.” But whites cannot say or even think this because of the cult of the Holy Holocaust. Whites have been inculcated to feel that it’s ‘antisemitic’ to be critical of Jews in any way. One mustn’t believe Jews can be wicked or have hostile intentions. One must believe in JEWISH POWER KNOW BEST and LEAVE IT TO BEAVEROWICZ. Also, whites have been so brainwashed with the wonders of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ that they can’t say NO to mass-immigration and the Great Replacement, supposedly a ‘far right’ conspiracy-notion.

    Then, the ONLY option left for whites is to find a way to oppose mass-immigration that might flatter and please Jews. And that, of course, is anti-Islamism on account that Muslims are ‘antisemitic’. So, the likes of Tommy Robinson can’t say NO to more black immigration-invasion even though blacks cause the most problems in the UK. He can only oppose too-many-Muslims because… uh… they hate Jews and, of course, homos. So, never mind white identity and white interests. (Using his logic, More Muslims would be welcome if they were pro-Jewish and pro-homo.) Robinson and his crew don’t oppose mass-immigration to save historic Britain of white folks. No, they oppose certain features of mass-immigration, mostly of Muslims, because nasty ‘Muzzies’ hate the Jews(and homos and feminists too). This is why Jews actually value Muslim Immigration. More Muslims in the West means more whites cozying up to Jews and saying, “We want to protect you Holy Holocaust Jews from those nasty Islamo-Fascists.” Of course, Jews feel contempt for such white toadies. Jews go on pushing for mass-immigration to reduce whites into minorities throughout the West. But they play both sides. So devious and cunning.
    Jews feel as gods over whites. Whites must make offerings to Jews. Jews take the offerings, but there’s no guarantee of appreciation. After all, gods feel entitled to be served by humans. A master doesn’t feel much appreciation for what the slaves do for him. He feels entitled to be served whereas the slaves are obligated to serve. Jews and white ‘conservatives’ are like a glutton and the cook. The cook makes lots of dishes for the glutton who gobbles up everything but pays nothing and doesn’t even leave a tip.
    As far as Jews are concerned, white ‘conservatives’ who oppose mass-immigration and rag on Muslims are merely variations of the Old Anti-Semite, and Jews aren’t entirely wrong about this. White ‘conservatives’ have merely transferred their ancient distrust of the Jew as the Other onto other groups, such as Muslims. And yet, Jews also encourage such hatreds as they foster white support for Wars for Israel. Jews loathe anti-Muslim whites as arche-Anti-Semites(archetypal anti-semites) but also value them as useful attack dogs for Zion against Muslims as the ‘other Jews’.

    As for Free Speech and Muslims, I side with the Muslims. They have every right to call for curtailment of denigration of Islam and Muslims. Now, I prefer a world of total and unfettered free speech. If the West were genuinely committed to free speech for all, I would side with free-speechers against the Muslim hotheads. Back when the West stood for the right of Salman Rushdie to write a controversial book, I was on the side of free-speechers against Iran and Muslim firebrands.
    But the notion that the current West is a ‘liberal democracy’ committed to free speech is a joke. Europe and Canada trample on free speech all the time. And Jews, once the biggest defenders of free speech(to say their say and gain power), are now the biggest enforcers of censorship(to defend the immense power they’ve accumulated). Jews killed free speech along with white identity and Christianity. So, the real dichotomy is NOT liberal West that respects free speech VERSUS atavistic Muslim dogmatists. The real situation is Muslims calling for respect for Islam on par with enforced respect for Jewish Supremacist Power, globo-homo vanity, and the Jungle Cult of the Noble Negro(and maybe feminist bitchery). In current UK where people are fined and/or hauled off to prison for making a mocking tweet about Nelson Mandela, exposing the dirty machinations of Jewish Power, questioning aspects of the Shoah(as the iron-clad 6 million figure is more numerology than history), making fun of homos, and positing honest questions about racial/sexual differences, where is the commitment to Free Speech? France and Canada are notorious for fining and imprisoning people for offending Jews. It began with the criminalization of denying the Holocaust, but now one can end up in the can for offending Jews in any way. Macron even supported a measure that would criminalize condemnation of Israel for its near-genocidal policies against Palestinians.
    Given this context, Muslims have just as much right as Jews, blacks, and homos(and other groups) to demand respect and call on the state to ENFORCE the respect. Muslims are not going against the prevailing wind of Western Values. As the current ‘Western Values’ are about PC, ‘wokeness’, and the Tri-Supremacism of Jews, blacks, & homos, the Muslim demands are very much in sync with existing currents of ‘Western Thought’. Even in the US, the so-called ‘liberals’ are supportive of silencing voices, censoring alternative news, and denying basic services of finance to thought-criminals. They are not for more debate, more discussion, more controversy, and more contention of opposing views. They think along doctrinal lines and insist that their ‘values’ of the Current Year are canonical and cannot be questioned. So much for ‘liberalism’. They are ‘doctrinals’, not liberals. Notice how these mobs are in the habit of chanting slogans together than thinking and speaking as individuals.

    In such a climate, Muslims are only conforming to the current ‘Western’ trend of demanding respect for certain groups and damning all those who don’t comply. How many people have been ‘canceled’ in the West, not least in the US, by institutions and industries for refusing to ‘take the knee’ before the Negroes? How many people have a chance in business or politics in the US or EU were they to stand up to the power of Zion and dare name the evil of Jewish Supremacism? The new church puts up ‘gay’ flags and signs that say “All Are Welcome”, but of course, you are NOT welcome if you are a moral traditionalist and refuse to accept the ‘sodomization’ of Christianity. In an illiberal West that worships the Tri-Supremacism of Jews, homos, and Negroes as the new holy trinity, Muslims have every right to demand that they too be included in the canon. Besides, if black violence is always excused in the name of fighting ‘systemic racism’ and if Zionist violence is always rationalized as Israeli self-defense — you see, Israel must continue bombing Syria and giving aid to ISIS Jihadis to ‘defend’ itself, the only nation in the Middle East with nukes — , why shouldn’t Muslims use violence to get what they want? Is black and Jewish violence okay but Muslim violence isn’t?

    Finally, all this Jihadi business is the product of Western support of the worsts elements in the Arab-Muslim world. Following World War II, the Arab World did try to modernize and even secularize. Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and etc. all sought modernization and some degree of secularization. While some of the regimes were repressive and cruel at times, the last thing they wanted was Muslim rule. The main reason Iran went with the Islamic Revolution was not because most Iranians were opposed to secular power per se but because it became associated with the Shah puppetry to the Americans. Prior to CIA’s installation of the Shah, Iran had a national secular government that could have developed into something decent. Gaddafi who came to power in Libya in 1969 was an unapologetic Muslim but not a hothead. If anything, he did everything to suppress Jihadi elements while modernizing much of the country; he also secured basic rights for womenfolk. Same was true of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. The regimes there could be cruel, but they were NOT pro-Jihadi. Also, even when Iran became a Islamic republic, it didn’t support Jihadi violence but usually fought against it. The main support for the Jihadis in Pakistan and Afghanistan came from US and Saudis.
    Indeed, Saudi Arabia and other arch-conservative Muslim states in the Gulf were backed by the West. The so-called Liberal Democratic West had more cordial relations with theocratic and/or monarchic Saudi Arabia and Gulf States than with the modernizing and secularizing Arab/Muslim nations. Whereas most secular Arab nations were friendly if not allied with the USSR, the arch-conservative Muslim states remained close to the US. When Jews gained dominance in the West, the ‘Arabists’ were purged and US foreign policy became even more hostile to secular Arab nations and friendlier with arch-conservative Muslim nations that support Jihadi violence. Jews figured Jihadis are most useful in undermining stability in nations like Libya and Syria. When Syria was on fire, Western Europe did NOTHING to stem the flow of Jihadi types from Europe to the Middle East. European policy was “Let Muslims in Europe go to Syria to mess that place up and create a refugee crisis that will lead to more mass-migration to the West. It will please Jews, and we white cucks have no higher value that appeasing and pleasing the Holy Holocaust Jews who have so much money and carrots to dole out to the biggest cucks like us.”
    So, all this Muslim-bashing is disingenuous on so many levels. Truth is ‘liberal democracy’ is dead in the West, which is really under Jewria, Gayria, & Negria Law that are as stringent as Sharia Law. Also, Jihadis are to the Middle East what BLM and Antifa are to the West. They’ve been recruited, enabled, and funded by the proxies of the Jewish-controlled West. Saudis are happy to support Jihadis in Syria to appease Zionists and the West for favorable deals. And which power nudged the Muslim radicals to attack the US on 9/11? Look at the fingerprints. Zionists knew what was up and nudge-nudged the Jihadis to complete their mission. But all we get from the likes of Tommy Robinson and the Trumpkins is ‘Muh Israel’.

    • Replies: @Annony Mouse
  23. This is a good speech but she is wrong to oppose immigration based on cultural values.

    After all, her opposition would vanish IF Muslims and others were to adopt the ‘Western Values’ of Homo-worship.

  24. Bert33 says:

    France better pull their socks up and stop screwing around or they’ll end up speaking arabic by requirement and not by choice.

  25. Saker, I do agree! — thank any “Allah” for having Islamist fringe critters as enemies, being the greasing to shove Covid into the face of the surplus populations. Macron, the domestic of Zion, an example of all other politicians in France. May Zion add to his good fortunes, and stash his short career as president, before left milking out the rest of his time to retirement as a major domo of some elite gig. Tony Macron it should be!

  26. Some readers may be interested in knowing about specific prophecies in both Judaism and Islam that relate to the “Cui Bono?” query posed by Mr. Saker.

    In Judaism, there is an ancient prophecy concerning the end times which foretells of an alliance between the descendants of Esau — perceived to be the west — and Ishmael — representative of the Arab/Muslim world. This alliance is held to be inimical to Israel, hence the perpetual endeavor on behalf of Israel to reify the “clash of civilizations” narrative, instigating conflict between western peoples and the greater Muslim world.

    Some contemporary sources that allude to this eschatology:

    As a complement to this, Islamic eschatology includes prophecy that speaks of an end-times alliance between faithful Muslims and Christians, one formed to combat a common nemesis — an enemy of humanity.

    However much one may disdain both religions, it’s important to remember that such prophecy plays a significant role in determining present day conduct. Israel Shahak’s excellent Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years provides irrefutable evidence that Israel, in spite of its self-declared secularism, predicates its policy — both domestic and foreign — almost entirely upon Talmudic exegesis:

    As a scholar of Islam, one who remained almost entirely ignorant of the religion for the first two decades of his life, my decades-long discovery of the religion has made it clear to me that the vast majority of anti-Islam rhetoric is promulgated primarily by Zionists. Others have provided evidence that supports this finding:

    My home country, America, was lied into an entirely unnecessary war with the Muslim world, one initiated and perpetuated primarily for the benefit of Israel. All that has followed from this has been nothing more than a protracted effort on behalf of Zionists to fuel further conflagration between the west and Muslims.

    This is not to exculpate Muslims, who must learn not only to identify obvious provocation, but approach it with more sagacity, understanding its intent to incite anger and discord. The Prophet was known more for forgiveness than not:

    Nor is this an effort to deny my fellow citizens agency. The reality of Israel’s deception and inhumanity must be spread far and abroad throughout the American milieu. There is no such thing as “too much” news concerning the depredations of the Jewish lobby, as the media organs it so adeptly manipulates remain unflagging in advancing propaganda concealing its criminality.

    Let’s identify the actual threat, the malignant tumor that, once extracted, will relieve humankind and allow us to work toward a more auspicious future.

    • Thanks: Tommy Thompson
    • Replies: @AaronB
  27. @Jim Jatras

    Good comment! I live in France and I’d have to say to The Saker that yes, the French elites really are that stupid, or at least they are so ideologically blinded that they believe that they can develop a French Islam whose followers are as indifferent to their religion as the French elites are indifferent, or even hostile, to Christianity and to France’s Catholic heritage.

  28. Endikap says:

    Yes but That doent mean that islamist dont have their own agenda and that the current terrostic attack are not in consonance with the situation islamic people create in whatever country they asent

    ¡1492 !

  29. Thank you Saker for pointing out the obvious, but not to the totally dumb down racialist and bigoted that have a need to blame and beat down those more marginalized and disenfranchised than themselves in this emerging Neo-liberal NWO, and be sure not to take aim at those that are plundering France and its national ethos.

    A 10 year old child could surely connect the dots here, let’s see:
    -Macron popularity plummeting to bottomless levels after Yellow Vest demonstrations;
    -French voters feel marginalized by Covid economic shut down and bankster take over of French business. Need to re-direct their rage away from Il Presidente.
    -Macron needs to bring back the French Middle Class voters before election, best to remake himself as the Great Savior of France;

    Out of the blue at this time 4 weeks after Macron makes a policy statement for prepping the anti-Islam crusade, the Charlie Hebdo journal rag just happens to take aim with more insult cartoons at the Prophet Mohammed as part of French right to Free Speech ( of course BDS and other anti-Zionist or official WWII history not included in this Free Speech or the discourse of the French Intelligentsia).

    What else, well get the Clash of Civilizations going, make peace with the French right and extreme nationalists show them that you are one of theirs. Call in a few French Intel – Mossad teams ready to put the fix-in. Perform their duties and arrange for a few French Immigrant Muslim teenager patsies or perpetrators to undertake a few bloody spectacles. As standard practice, shoot them dead before they can talk, no need to investigate.

    On cue, a couple of supposed teenagers who we are told are Islamic extremists (but surely of dubious intelligence and religious education) go on a knifing and head chopping spree attacking innocent French persons not guilty of any anti Muslim action. Hmmmm.

    Nothing suspicious here at all? Just the usual everyday goings on by Muslims, a knife crazy religious order. So the MSM narrative implies. LOL. What a joke. All organically grown Islamic extremism. Blame the large Muslim population in France at large and Islam as a religion.

    Sure thing, the Koran is just filled with passages calling for decapping the infidels. Oh yes, be assured, as implied by the French politicians like Macron, that the Islamic religion needs major rehabilitation. Macron, can tell us which Koranic verses you were referring to?? Maybe if they just kneel to the World Zionist Project like everyone else, they might redeem themselves as the Vatican had some decades earlier and Protestantism a century earlier.

    Keep posting, I really enjoy reading the ridiculous and debased bigoted comments here on RU.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  30. JimmyB. says:

    I wondered about that, too. I think what the commenter meant was ’embarrassing Yellow Vests’ as in ‘seeking to embarrass Yellow Vests’. A verbal ’embarrassing’, not adjectival…

  31. AaronB says:

    Actually, in the Midrash it says that Jacob and Esau will reconcile in the Messianic Age. I have a crazy Jewish friend who thinks the positive things Trump is doing for Israel mean he is Esau and that the Messianic Age is nigh.

    The Talmud also says that Esau actually had a loftier soul and more spiritual potential than Jacob, and was given the more difficult task of being a man of God who is involved with physical things and elevates them, whereas Jacob was the the type of ascetic spirituality aloof from physical temptation. Esau failed, and eventually Jacob had to take on both tasks and unite the spiritual with the physical.

    But that is very high praise indeed for Esau, who does represent the West.

    In the Messianic Age, all the nations will live on amity and worship God while rejoicing. It is a time of universal peace where the lion lays down with the lamb and swords are beaten into plowshares. As I understand it, for you Muslims the end times involves all sorts of wars where you slay your enemies.

    Indeed, the myths of a culture do play a role in shaping peoples behavior.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  32. AaronB says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    While I dont support any speech suppression, the two are very different from the liberal point of view.

    Denying that Jews were mass killed can lead to minimizing the seriousness of antisemitism, which historically has led to persecution and killing of Jews. Understandably, those who believe the Holocaust happened are quite concerned that minimizing it will create the conditions for it to happen again.

    If Charlie Hebdo drew caricatures of Moses or King David it would be perfectly OK. No Jew would object.

    There is no history in Europe of caricatures of Mohhammed being a prelude to mass killing of Muslims. Indeed, such caricatures are for the purpose of fighting superstition, irrationality, and bigotry, from the liberal point of view, so are perfectly fair game. They advance the Enlightenment agenda.

    Finally, Muslims are today far more fanatic than Jews – they kill people and regularly call for Sharia law to be passed. Anyone concerned with liberal freedoms and culture will obviously much more on where the threat is coming from, which today, is not Jews.

    You may disagree with all this, but it us perfectly consistent from the liberal point of view. Applying liberal principles obhectively leads precisely to this.

  33. @AaronB

    First of all, you don’t actually deny the Esau-joins-Ishmael prophecy that’s acknowledged by Jews far and wide, you merely try to dodge it. Second, not long ago, you tucked tail and ran when I asked why you had lied about me in the following post:

    So, tell us again why we should believe what you write when you’ve proven yourself so thoroughly mendacious?

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  34. Awash says:

    Just asking to learn.

    Was the second temple ideology a response to Roman rule? A sort of anti imperialist ideology gone too far?

    The French revolution was completed long ago. No? Are there anti revolutionary parties/groups today?

  35. Norteno says:

    This article describes basically what is happening in the US with BLM and Antifa as a substitute for radical Islam. I’m sure the world players are the same cabal that is literally hell bent on destroying all things European and causing world misery. The scamdemic known as covid is the spear used to prep people into accepting communism worldwide. Mask wearing is mandated even though there are many many studies that logically show that it deters nothing in regard to viruses and makes no sense. the real reason behind the mask wearing is to humiliate us and break us down in preparation for their satanic new world order.

    • Replies: @Sue
  36. Sue says:

    Jesus is the way to God. He called the Sanhedrin the “Synagogue of Satan.”
    And he was, of course, Jewish, so he wasn’t being anti-semitic. He was being
    anti-satan. Christianity was responsible for creating the best elements of western
    society. Period.

    Jesus is the only way to God. Take on the blood of the cross that Jesus Christ shed,
    and take on salvation thru Grace by faith, followed with repentance of sins and
    good works.

  37. Sue says:

    Yes! And Antifa/BLM (BLM’s membership consists of white people, 5 out 6 members are white, LOL), were TRAINED by Muslim Brotherhood members which the DNC has used for funding. Imagine that, democrat party funded by MB crime networks. They are allied with the cartels and Chinese military intelligence. The trained hard core of Antifa/BLM are paid in bitcoin by globalist organizations.

  38. @AnonStarter

    In fact, the alleged “reconciliation” between Esau and Jacob to which Aaron refers is less reconciliation than the subjugation of the west to Israel. This is absolutely established in Jewish eschatology.

    In Zionism, this is what “peace” means: when the non-Jewish nations have submitted unequivocally to Israel’s dominion.

    Which is why Israel is the most aggressive nation on earth in seeking to undermine freedom of expression where its criminality is concerned. It is not enough that America serve Israel as generously as it does, no. It must also do whatever is within its power to stamp out dissent among its ranks, however righteous that dissent may be.

    Hence anti-BDS laws in 3/5 of the United States. Hence an Executive Order chilling freedom of speech on college campuses. Hence Israel’s control of social media corporations. Hence its numerous intimidation campaigns against individuals expressing anti-Zionist sentiment. And so on and so forth …

    Only when such legislation becomes so comprehensive as to squelch all manner of criticism will Esau truly have “reconciled” with Jacob.

  39. jacobs-adder [AKA "darkmark2.0"] says:
    @paranoid goy

    So the Muslims are knifing a few Zionist whoremongers.

    No, the muslims are be-heading innocent people like school teachers and a woman (from Brazil) visiting a Catholic Church. Don’t be so flippant and disrespectful towards innocent people who’s families have lost someone -in the most abhorrent way.

    How would you feel if somebody wrote ‘MEH!’ in response to one of your family being viciously hacked apart in broad daylight, by some maniac?

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  40. jacobs-adder [AKA "darkmark2.0"] says:

    As usual its ordinary people who bare the brunt of ridiculous immigration policies. I cannot think of one advantage of having Muslims in any country but their own. If you are ultra religious, don’t mix outside your community and consider people who don’t believe in your backward ideology, to be disgusting ‘infidels’ not worthy of breathing your air -Why are you even here?

    This goes for orthodox Jews who practice the same segregation and religious superiority. Surely if religion is so important, you would be happier in a society, that values and practices it as you do?

    The only reason many of these people are in our countries, is to take advantage of our ridiculously slack benefit/welfare system, to bleed us dry and send the money back home – or to infiltrate our Governments to further the interests of their ethnic group.

    They take our jobs and drive labour costs down as they are used to a 3rd World standard of living and therefore ‘Cost of living’, so don’t have the same financial concerns as we do. You get 10 people sharing a house with one toilet and 4 beds, they just rotate between work shifts. It creates no community and just divides cities along racial lines, in some cases creating entire ‘Muslim’ towns which become no-go zones for local white people.

    This effects house prices, insurance rates due to crime and puts pressure on local authorities who suddenly have to adopt new ‘Muslim friendly’ legislation such as translating everything into Arabic. In France I have seen these beautiful rural villages near Bergerac and Vile Nerve Sur Lot completely overrun and ruined by Moroccans and Tunisians.

    Who pays for all this? Old Whitey as usual. The biggest joke -The Left want more Muslims, more unskilled Africans (as if the blacks we already have are not enough trouble) and more refugees -its often impossible to tell a genuine political refugee from an economic migrant from Africa, as they are well versed in how to beat the system, when they get here!

    When the British and Dutch colonised Africa and gave them the gift of 1st World Civilisation – and all the ‘White’ things that go with it like infrastructure, sewage management, healthcare, justice, and economic systems/access to global markets – They hated us and couldn’t wait to get rid of us. Now its all falling apart as they are incapable, corrupt and inherently tribal…they want to come to our countries and feed off of us!

    When do we realise its a choice between sacrificing our way of life to give to them or saying we have done enough, your not welcome here and start really enforcing it?

  41. @jacobs-adder

    Your comments generally betray you as a blatant racist full of accusations and complaints, but never any realistic solutions to anything. Now:
    Refer us to the many articles you have written on subjects such as the petrodollar-enforced destruction of Iraq, Libia, Jordan, Syria etc. Have you ever had anything intelligent to say about Dresden? Had any of those “innocent French bystanders” any provable history of criticising the Murder of Gadhafi or Hussein or even just a farmer in South Africa? Zionist puppets!
    Once you crawl out your own backside, find out about the holocaust in Nooitgedacht, the concentration camps in Smithfield or Irene. Hell, how about showing us your articulate and informed writings on the current war against White farmers raped and tortured to death by heavily-armed and institutionally protected paramilitary squads roaming the South African countryside.
    That is the reality I live in, mister Smooth, a reality enabled by the Bolsheviks (French included, our two corrupted and communist previous presidents were both French assets) financing, training and enabling of the bloodthirsty murder squads clearing out private landowners under the guise of historic Apartheid restitution, so the Anglo-American (and Chinese) Zionists can rip up the farmlands and mine for metals.
    Your Bolshevik masters are clearing the earth of White people around here, and all you have to say is “how would you feel”? I’ll tell you how I feel, arsehole: I live with the reality of being murdered for the crime of being White every minute of my life, but instead of hating Black people, I hate you fucking armchair commentators who keep sending money to “NGO’s” who are nothing but Soros-led communist revolutionaries infecting every stable society with their “how would you feel ifs”.
    What you see as flippancy is actually Schadenfreude at the assholes financing and legitimising a racist war against me for many decades, asshole!
    Follow my link to see how people with caloused hands manage to think about real issues without reverting to racist nonsense or “how would you feel”. Because around here we live with the results and consequences of your Bolshevik shit.
    I apologise to regular Unzers, who surely know I avoid swearing and such, as such.
    P.S. A123, I see the good guy is on duty today, good comment!

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
    , @jacobs-adder
  42. 22pp22 says:

    He’s not ignorant, you are. Try living in Luton, St Denis or Molenbeek.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  43. Seraphim says:
    @Jim Jatras

    It is utterly inexplicable from a noisily professed Russian Orthodox Christian.
    He kept mum when the Neo-Fatih Sultan cum Calif Erdogan defiled again, in the ecstatic acclamations of the ‘Muslim world’, the very font of Russian Christianity, the Hagia Sophia, in a clear gesture of blasphemous defiance for the Russians, reciting the Sura Al-Fath (Victory): “Indeed, We have granted you a clear triumph ˹O Prophet˺… May He punish hypocrite men and women and ‘mushrikun’ (i.e. ‘associators’, i.e. the believers in Trinity, i.e. Christians) men and women, who harbour evil thoughts of Allah. May ill-fate befall them! Allah is displeased with them. He has condemned them and prepared for them Hell. What an evil destination!”, celebrating the moments when the ‘liberators’ defecated on the altar of Hagia Sophia, raping the Christian women on the same altar.
    He kept mum when the Neo-Fatih doubled down, decreeing the defiling of the church-museum of the Holy Saviour in Chora, that glorious jewel of Christian iconography.
    Not a peep about the discourse of the Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill, [who] had expressed “deep concern at the requests of some Turkish politicians to reconsider the museum status of Hagia Sophia, one of the greatest monuments of Christian culture.” The more that the Patriarch made clear the reason of his ‘concern’: “The basilica built in the sixth century in honour of Christ the Saviour enchanted with its beauty the envoys of Prince Vladimir, to the point that the prince, after listening to their story, received baptism and baptised the Rus’, starting Christian civilisation in the country.” The Patriarch stressed that “with bitterness and indignation, the Russian people have responded in the past and now respond to any attempt to degrade or trample on the ancient spiritual heritage of the Church of Constantinople” . The Patriarch “hoped for a rethink on the part of Turkish leaders, since maintaining Hagia Sophia’s up until then neutral status would facilitate “the further development of relations between the peoples of Russia and Turkey and peace and interreligious harmony.” Nope, the noisy ‘Russian Orthodox’ swamped us with with a stream of speeches of… Hassan Nasrallah and articles of the crypto-communist correspondent of the Iranian Press TV to France, Ramin Mazaheri, and with articles explaining the “Concepts of Imamat and Wilayat in Shi’a Islam”. All he did was to let the ‘roving eye’, the sparkling Pepe Escobar, write an almost humoristic piece about ‘The Clash of Civilizations’, and further bloviate about his favorite hobbies: Anglo-Zionism, Ukronazis and the ‘Islamic eschatology’ of the jester posing in “Islamic scholar, author and philosopher, who specializes in Islamic [e]sc[h]atology, world politics, economics, and modern socio-economic/political issues”, Imran Hossein.
    With such friends, protect me God from enemies.

  44. @Priss Factor

    “And Jews, once the biggest defenders of free speech(to say their say and gain power), are now the biggest enforcers of censorship”

    There is an Israeli company(OPEN WEB) that has decided that IT is going to be the “defender” of free speech in hundreds of Western companies via their comment section. They have taken over Russia Today, and if you say anything negative about Israel, they will let you know that your comment has not been approved due to guideline violations. Again, they have gotten in very early into this medium – so, along with TV, Radio, Movies, Newspapers, Magazines and Academia -we will be at their mercy.

  45. Anybody who knows anything about the political realities in France will immediately know in whose interests this all is and who is behind that: the Zionist power structure in France (CRIF, UEJF, etc. and the Israelis). They have a total control over Macron and over the entire political class, very much including Marine LePen.

    I know little about France, so my question is not very bright; but does Le Pen not seek to halt immigration? How does her stance suit a Zionist plot?

    I will believe that the Zionists have cajoled Le Pen to philo-Semitism, for Zionists are skilled cajolers. But “total control?” Really?

  46. @paranoid goy

    jacobs-adder [AKA “darkmark2.0”]

    So “darkmark2.0” is just another sockpuppet, eh?

    Thank you, Mr. Unz, for providing this service.

    • Replies: @jacobs-adder
  47. GeeBee says:

    As the Walrus might have put it: “I deeply sympathise”.

    It’s complex. It’s late. But there are nuances here that ‘Lot’ wilfully disregards (he is, I might add, by no means unaware of them.)

  48. @AnonStarter

    Nothing quite so nefarious…as explained in a response to Geokat on another thread, for some reason my usual handle was not permitted, so I changed. Im hardly likely to openly draw attention to this if I’m something sinister. So calm down.

    As for your other comments, so you are suggesting it is ok for random muslims to murder non muslim French citizens, because they may or may not be ‘Zionist Whores’. Seems a little strong maybe? What this has to do with Dresden, Africa, or me being a racist I am really not sure. Your not making any sense…have a xanx or ten maybe.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  49. @paranoid goy

    So you are ok with French citizens being murdered by Muslims because according to you, they are ‘Zionist Whoremongers’? You fail to realise I am merely pointing out the people who suffer as a result of mass immigration are not ‘Zionist Whoremongers’…but ordinary people as in white europeans. Have you read into any of my posts that I am pro-Israel, immigration or anti-white. WTF are you smoking?

    As for the rest of your rant, you not making any sense, so I am not going to bother wasting time on a lengthy reply. You clearly have not read my comments or you would know exactly where I stand on Soros, Zionists, South Africa and as for sending money to ‘NGO’s’? You’ve lost me…

    As for calling me racist, which seems like an odd tangent to go down considering the rest of your post but i’ll go with it – I am merely relaying the facts of immigration that I see with my own eyes happening in my country, in my own community. That is called Race-Realism.You know who calls that racist? The very ‘Bolsheviks’ starting the race war you are claiming which I agree with you on. …again just baffled by that?

    And just for clarity…as mentioned in another thread -I lost the use of my original handle so had to change it, it still will not let me use, RON UNZ please help with this as I would hate to be accused of being a Puppet or false account etc and upsetting these people to the point where they need medicating or long-term care.

  50. @jacobs-adder

    So calm down.

    You should follow your own counsel.

    UR is plagued with multiple sockpuppet accounts. If you’re not among them, great. No need to fly off the handle and accuse me of something I never said because this appeared to be the case. Simply explain your dilemma and be done with it.

    • Replies: @jacobs-adder
  51. In its inception (from Ahad Ha’am, Theodor Herzl, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, etc) Zionism used to be a largely secular and nationalistic.

    Well… the Zionists of those days were largely secular — but Zionism wasn’t a unitary entity. This conflates several different trends in Zionism (and ignores a couple of others):

    The early Rothschild-sponsored s*ettlements of the First Aliyah were practical Zionism — just move a bunch of jews to Palestine and everything will work out somehow.
    *nb4 the reflexive “Rothschild = ‘conspiracy theory’ ” — read the link. Or this. Or just ask yourself: TBalfour “Declaration” was actually a letter — to whom was it addressed, and why?

    Ahad Ha’am = Cultural Zionism. He believed that [secular] cultural identity is more important than a nation-state in resisting “assimilation,” and that establishing a cultural center in Jerusalem to reinforce jewish identity in the diaspora was the goal. An important element — Herzl was initially opposed to reviving Hebrew.

    Herzl = political Zionism = get Western governments and/ or Ottoman Empire to formally grant jews land for settlement, then move a bunch of jews there.

    Practical and political Zionism sidestepped the issue of “What’s gonna motivate these people to move to the desert and fight to take the Arabs’ land?”

    Jabotinsky = Revisionist Zionism = basically terrorist Zionism. The distinguishing feature of Revisionist Zionism was related not so much to goals as to methods. Their philosophy was essentially “Whatever the goal of Zionism is, we’re gonna accomplish it bymurdering anygoyim who appear to stand in our way, and counting on the financial and narrative power of the diaspora to clean up after us.”

    Bibi’s Likud Party is a direct descendant of the Revisionist Zionist terrorist group Irgun (led by the notorious Zionist terrorist Menachem Begin, who ordered both the bombing of the King David Hotel and the Deir Yassin massacre).

    The other major trend in Zionism was Labor/ Socialist Zionism, which originates with one of the founders of Communism, Moses Hess, and his book Rome and Jerusalem, though it didn’t really take off until decades later, eventually becoming the dominant form of Zionism in the 1930s. This was basically a synthesis of jewish nationalism and socialism that some might call, uh… social nationalism? On a practical level, they obviously had a valid point about the inverted class pyramid” of the diaspora; an ideology glorifying manual labor would certainly help in transitioning from that to a jews-only society. While they were certainly willing to engage in large-scale terrorist attacks (including ones that targeted jews, they weren’t as openly homicidal as the the Revisionist Zionists.

    All of these (as you pointed out) were largely secular, including Revisionist Zionism — which is hardly surprising, as Zionism is a product of the “jewish enlightenment”.

    …then, later, after WWII, it became very leftist and still secular (Ben-Gurion, Shlomo Lavi, Golda Meir). Modern Zionism, however, is both rabidly racist and religious – the perfect example would be US neocons.

    Well… Labor Zionism pretty much died*, and Revisionist Zionism won out. Sure, it has incorporated more and more “Modern Orthodox” religious elements over time, and some of those are pretty virulently anti-goy semitic supremacists, but the tendency was always there, long before the post-1967 rise of Religious Zionism.

    But “neocons” are “racist?’ Depends entirely on the context. For Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol, et al, if it involves any acknowledgement of legitimate group interests for Whites? No — they’re virulently anti-White:

    But ethnically cleansing the Arabs from Palestine? Sure — why not?

    It’s not so-called “racism” — neocons are perfectly willing to support brown people against (non-jewish) Whites. it’s semitic supremacism/ anti-goy hatred.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
    , @Seraphim
  52. Publicly, Herzl appeared to advocate living side-by-side with Palestinian Arabs. However, the content of his diaries betray another face:

    David Wolffsohn, Herzl’s successor as President of the World Zionist Organisation, quoted Max Nordau, who, in emphatically opposing their publication, said, “You will ruin Herzl’s name if you publish his diaries. Whoever reads them is bound to believe that he was a fool and a swindler.”

    Certainly, individuals such as Ahad Ha’am and Yitzhak Epstein demonstrated sincerity in their advocacy of good relations between Arabs and Jews, but they constituted an ineffectual minority among Zionists, the preponderance of whom made their intent to “reclaim” Palestine by violence very clear at the turn of the century.

    From Uri Ben-Eliezer’s War Over Peace: One Hundred Years of Israel’s Militaristic Nationalism:

    The first substantial Jewish military organization formed in the Yishuv (the pre-state Zionist-Jewish community) was Hashomer (the Guard). The organization’s immediate goal was to replace Arab guards with Jews, but its underlying objective was far more ambitious. Hashomer promoted the image of the New Jew: strong, healthy of body and mind, and muscular—the diametric opposite of the weak, dependent Jew of exile. Moreover, its members were the first Zionists to develop the theory of conquering the land by force. The organization’s founding meeting discussed the need to liberate the people and the homeland and to establish a Jewish state. The meeting was held under the slogan “In blood and fire Judah fell, in blood and fire Judah will rise.” The poem from which these words were taken also includes the words: “We have arisen and returned invigorated youths … [t]o redeem our oppressed land! We demand our heritage with a mighty hand!” [emphasis added]

    Visiting journalists observed their aggression:

    During a visit to Palestine in 1911, the writer and literary critic David Frishman had no doubts about the character of Hashomer: “Rather than guarding themselves, they provoke others. Their main concern is that others should know that the people that lives here is tough and rash, so that they will always be afraid.” He warned that the day was coming when their Arab neighbors “will finally awake and unite, and suddenly recognize that they have strength and might; and then they will take their revenge.”

    Further proof of Jewish intent to displace Palestinians from the onset of the Zionist project is available in Dr. Nur Masalha’s Expulsion of the Palestinians: The Concept of “Transfer” in Zionist Political Thought, 1882-1948. You can also check out the following page:

    • Thanks: James Forrestal
  53. But here is the demonic “beauty” of it all: in a society like the French one, the Zionists don’t even need to micromanage their false flags: given enough uneducated and murderous pseudo-Muslim cutthroats and enough rabid secularists wanted to offend the faithful – some kind of violent explosion will *inevitably* happen!

    Who else could have concocted the “beautiful” term “Islamo-Fascisme“?!

    This is a new phenomenon, a new ideology and a new strategy, which Alain Soral calls “National Zionism” which I discussed in some details here: .

    Good piece.

    We are under attack and in grave, imminent, danger
    Islam wants to destroy our way of life
    Those who did Charlie Hebdo and all the other terrorist attacks in Europe also want to destroy Israel
    We need to ask the Israelis to share their “expertise” in dealing with Islamic terrorism
    Draconian laws and new police powers need to be passed to protect us from mass murder
    If you are not with us, then you are with the terrorists

    Yup. Focus on ideology (Islam) over physical invasion, and try to make Europeans (who have historically shown significant concern for the Palestinians) identify more with the jewish settler-colonialists in Palestine.

    One additional element — like many semitic narratives, this is deliberately framed as a managed dialectic (kosher sandwich). “Islamofascism!” and “Islamophobia” are not opposites; they act synergistically to promote the overall narrative. “Terrorist attacks” serve to wind up “both” sides:
    “Those evil Muslims are attacking us — just like they attack the innocent jews!” vs.
    “Look at these ignorant, hate-filled ‘Islamophobes” — clearly we need to import even more non-Whites to improve ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’!”

    Producing the desired synthesis.

  54. @Lot

    Ham and bacon for school lunches, yum!

    And in Jewish schools and for Lot’s children too?

    You know where there isn’t Muslim terrorism? Places without Muslims.

    That much is true. So if you haven’t got them, don’t let them in!

  55. Seraphim says:
    @James Forrestal

    Everybody knows that Balfour’s letter was addressed to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, “on behalf of His Majesty’s Government”.

  56. @AnonStarter

    I got you confused with paranoid goy, apologies. Hopefully you can now see I am a ‘real boy’ or ‘real goy’ and not a bad puppet….thanks Mr Unz for returning me to my former glory!

    • Thanks: AnonStarter
  57. @Tommy Thompson

    The Clash of Civilisations has been going on since the Muslims started it by invading Christians lands throughout the Middle East and North Africa and then pushing into Iberia and the Balkans. This could have been ended with the rise of secular Arab nationalist regimes during the mid to late 20th Century but these were brought down by the West since they were a threat to Israel so we got the rise of Islamism and are back to that old clash of civilisations although now the Muslims are arrayed against both the Christians and the secular Atheists.

    Recently Mahatir Mohamad tweeted:

    “Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past”

    Normally I agree with many of Dr. Mahatir’s statements but I don’t think he thought this one through properly. If we were to accept his logic then by the same token we could claim that the French killing all those Muslims in the past was revenge for the massacres and enslavement of Europeans committed by Muslims during their conquest of Christian lands. One could even claim that French occupation of the Maghred was necessitated by the Barbary pirates raiding European lands and shipping and kidnapping and enslaving Christians. In fact this centuries old practice was ended only by French occupation of Morocco and Algeria, and with some help from the US navy bombing Tripoli in the early 19th Century, and if many had to be killed to end it so be it.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  58. @Commentator Mike

    The Clash of Civilisations has been going on since the Muslims started it by invading Christians lands throughout the Middle East and North Africa

    Correction: The first conflict between Muslims and Christians occurred as a result of a Byzantine Christian’s murder of a Muslim ambassador in the 7th Century C.E.

    Don’t start none, won’t be none.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  59. @AnonStarter

    So should Russia invade Turkey because the Turks murdered their ambassador?

    That may have been a spark but the Muslims were on the march regardless to fulfill their religious and historical mission, which still isn’t complete. And I guess it never will be so we’re stuck in this conflict of to and fro.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
    , @Seraphim
  60. @Commentator Mike

    So should Russia invade Turkey because the Turks murdered their ambassador?

    That assassin was a criminal, a renegade not acting in any official capacity, whereas Shurahbil ibn Amr was acting in his official capacity as a governor of a Byzantine vassal. Big difference.

    That may have been a spark but the Muslims were on the march

    Not exactly.

    The Prophet had established treaties with numerous Christian communities well before the greater conflict with Byzantium commenced. There was an effort to establish diplomatic relations prior to this, one which failed upon the assassination of the Muslim ambassador, Harith ibn Amr Al-Azdi.

    And I guess it never will be so we’re stuck in this conflict of to and fro.

    It gets a bit frustrating to have to explain to people how most of the history between Europe and dar al-Islam wasn’t characterized by the cartoonish bloodshed and mayhem we’re so often led to perceive. To understand otherwise, one has to pore over many centuries of historical detail, finding that armed conflict was actually more the exception than the general rule.

    To cite but one example: In spite of their conflicts, Christians and Muslims were busily engaged in commercial enterprise with each other throughout the Middle Ages. There’s good evidence to support the thesis that Muslims introduced capitalism to Europe:

    Charlemagne, Muhammad, and the Arab Roots of Capitalism

    Throughout the vast majority of history, people haven’t been at war with each other. That’s just a perception that’s nurtured by the inordinate attention given to martial conflict in the study of history.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  61. @AnonStarter

    Throughout the vast majority of history, people haven’t been at war with each other.

    I’m all for friendly civilised relations of trade, cultural, technical and educational exchanges between independent nations and avoidance of conflict when possible. Oh, remind me how many years has USA not been at war since its inception.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  62. @Commentator Mike

    I’m all for friendly civilised relations of trade, cultural, technical and educational exchanges between independent nations and avoidance of conflict when possible.

    Thank you for so saying. And while there’s nothing I can do to prevent you from thinking I’m lying (e.g. taqiyyah), I share your sentiment.

    Oh, remind me how many years has USA not been at war since its inception.


    My home country is still a blip on the Great Timeline and I’m certainly not one to varnish its veneer, as it deserves most — if not all — of the opprobrium leveled at it.

  63. Seraphim says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Obviously the ‘ambassador’ mission was to transmit the one of the letters from Muhammad inviting the heads of states to accept Islam or else, which was an outrage in itself.
    Those letters were ultimatums – “Believe, or else pay tribute. And be obedient unto the Lord and his Prophet, and unto the messengers of his Prophet. Honour them and clothe them with excellent vestments, not with inferior raiment. Specially clothe Zeid with excellent garments. As long as my messengers are pleased, so likewise am I”; “Should you reject this invitation, then you will be held responsible for all the evils of the Christians of your people”; “If you two accept Islam, you will remain in command of your country; but if you refuse my Call, you’ve got to remember that all your possessions are perishable. My horsemen will appropriate your land, and my Prophethood will assume preponderance over your kingship.”
    One can imagine the stupefaction and anger of the ‘Byzantine Christian governor’ (who was a Ghassanid, i.e. an Arab Christian) at this insolent demands from a bunch of robbers! The more that it was made when the Muslims were on the march (under the leadership of the Jews) to ‘liberate’ Judaea and Jerusalem, but have been routed at the battle of Mutah (629).
    The so-called ‘Covenants of Muhammad’ with Christians are late forgeries (e.g. the ‘Ashtiname of Muhammad to the monks of Sinai’) however much converts to Islam (John Andrew Morrow, aka Ilyas ‘Abd al-‘Alim Islam), and even the Saker, try to convince us of the contrary.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
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