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Autopsy of the Minsk Agreements
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The recent Paris summit and the few days following the summit have brought a lot of clarity about the future of the Minsk Agreements. Short version: Kiev has officially rejected them (by rejecting both the sequence of steps and several crucial steps). For those interested, let’s look a little further.

First, what just happened

First, here are the key excerpts from the Paris Conference and from statements made by “Ze” and his superior, Arsen Avakov right after their return to Kiev:

Paris Conference statement: source

The Minsk agreements (Minsk Protocol of 5 September 2014, Minsk Memorandum of 19 September 2014 and the Minsk Package of Measures of 12 February 2015) continue to be the basis of the work of the Normandy format whose member states are committed to their full implementation (…) The sides express interest in agreeing within the Normandy format (N4) and the Trilateral Contact Group on all the legal aspects of the Special Order of Local Self-Government – special status – of Certain Areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions – as outlined in the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements from 2015 – in order to ensure its functioning on a permanent basis .They consider it necessary to incorporate the “Steinmeier formula” into the Ukrainian legislation, in accordance with the version agreed upon within the N4 and the Trilateral Contact Group.

President ‘Ze’ statement on Ukrainian TV: (unofficial, in-house, translation) source

The most difficult question is the question of the transfer of the border control to Ukraine. It’s very funny, because its our border and the transfer of the control to us. But, it’s a weak sport, the Achilles’ heel of the Minsk Agreement.” “It’s what was signed by us, unfortunately. We can discuss this for a very long time. Possibly, the conditions were as such.” “But we signed that we will get the control over our border only after the elections on the temporarily occupied territories.” “We dedicated a very long time to this question, we discussed it in details, we have a very different positions with the president of Russia.” “But this is the Minsk position, we have to understand this. I only like one thing, that we started talking about this. We agreed that we will continue talking about this in details and with the different variations during our next meeting.” “This is also a victory, because we will have a meeting in four months.”

Q. What do you think, is it possible to change the Minsk Agreement? source

This will be very difficult to do, but we have to do it. We have to change it. First, we have to understand that it’s been over four years since the Minsk Agreement was signed. Everything changes in our life. We have to understand that it wasn’t my team that signed the Minsk Agreement, but we as a power have to fulfill the conditions that our power at the time agreed back then. But? I am sure that some things we will be able to change. We will be changing them.” “Because the transfer of the Ukraine’s border after our control only after the elections, – it’s not our position. I said about this don’t know how many times, but this is the final decision.”

Arsen Avakov’s statement on Ukrainian TV: (unofficial, in-house, translation):

The philosophy of the border control… the part of the border that we don’t have control over is 408 kilometers. It’s not that easy to take it over, to equip it, even to get there across the enemy territories. It’s a procedure. As a compromise, we offered the following scheme: we will start taking the border under our control stating with the New Year, little by little, reducing the length of the border that is not controlled by us, and a day before the local election we will close the border, we will close this bottleneck. And this way will get the control over the border. Why isn’t this a good compromise? Considering, that at the same time according to the Steinmeier Formula, they have to disarm all the illegal armed formations of this pseudo-state DNR. This is how we see the compromise.”

In other words, both the official President and real President of the Ukraine agree: the Ukraine will not implement the Minsk Agreements as written, made law by the UNSC and clarified by the so-called Steinmeier Formula.

Ukrainian propagandists on Russian TV (yes, Urkonazi and hardline nationalist propagandists do get air time on Russian TV on a daily basis – for an explanation why, see here and here) went into damage control mode and explained it all away by saying “these are only words, what matters is what Zelenskii signed in Paris“. They are wrong. First of all, statements made in their official capacity by the President or the Minister of Internal Affairs do represent OFFICIAL policy statements. Second, this explanation completely overlooks the reason why Ze and Avakov said these things. That reason is very simple: Ze caved in to the Urkonazis, completely. He now uses EXACTLY the same rhetoric as Poroshenko did, in spite of the fact that the only reason he was elected is that he presented himself as the ultimate anti-Poroshenko. Now all we see is Poroshenko 2.0.

So in the behind-the-scenes (but very real) struggle between the Zionist camp (Kolomoiskii and Zelenskii) and the Urkonazi camp (Avakov and Poroshenko), the latter have successfully taken control of the former and now the chances for saving a unitary Ukraine are down to, maybe not quite zero, but to something like 0.0000001% (I leave that one under the heading “never say never” and because I have been wrong in the past).

So what happens next?

That is the interesting question. In theory, the Normandy Four will meet again in 4 months. But that assumes that some progress was made. Well, it is possible that in a few sections of the line of contact there will be an OSCE supervised withdrawal of forces. But, let’s be honest here, the people have seen many, many such promised withdrawals, and they all turned out to be fake. Either the Ukronazis return to the neutral zone (claiming huge victories over the (sic) “Russian armed force”), or they resume bombing civilians, or they never even bother to change position. Any withdrawal is a good thing if it can save a single life! But no amount of withdrawals will settle anything in this conflict.

Second, there are A LOT of Ukrainian politicians who now say that the citizens of the LDNR have to “return” to Russia if they don’t like the Urkonazi coup or its ideology. They either don’t realize, or don’t care, that there are very few Russian volunteers in Novorussia and that the vast majority of the men and women who compose the LDNR forces are locals. These locals, by the way, get the Ukie message loud and clear: you better get away while you can, because when we show up you will all be prosecuted for terrorism and aiding terrorists, that is ALSO something the Urkonazis like to repeat day after day. By the way, while in Banderastan all Russian TV channels are censored, and while they also try to censor the Russian language Internet, in Novorussia all the Ukrainian (and Russian) TV stations are freely available. So as soon as some Nazi freak comes out and says something crazy like “we will create filtration camps” (aka concentration camps) this news is instantly repeated all over Novorussia, which only strengthens the resolve of the people of the LDNR to fight to their death rather than accept a Nazi occupation..

I said it many times, Zelenskii’s ONLY chance was to crackdown on the Nazis as soon as he was elected. He either did not have the courage to do so, or his U.S. bosses told him to leave them unmolested. Whatever the case may be, it’s now over, we are back to square one.

The most likely scenario is a “slow freezing” of the conflict meaning now that Kiev has officially and overtly rejected the Minsk Agreements, there will be some minor, pretend-negotiations, maybe, but that fundamentally the conflict will be frozen.

That will be the last nail in the coffin of the pro-EU, pro-NATO so-called “Independent Ukraine”, since the most important condition to try to salvage the Ukrainian economy, namely peace, is now gone. Furthermore, the political climate in the Ukraine will further deteriorate (the hated Nazi minority + an even worse economic crisis are a perfect recipe for disaster).

For the Novorussians, it’s now clear: the rump-Ukraine* does not want them, nor will Kiev ever agree to the Minsk Agreement. That means that the LDNR will separate from the rump-Ukraine and, on time, rejoin Russia. Good bye Banderites and Urkonazis!

The rump-Ukraine will eventually break-up further: Crimea truly was the “jewel of the Black Sea” and its future appears to be extremely bright while the Donbass was the biggest source of raw materials, energy, industry, high-tech, etc. etc. etc.). What is left of the Ukraine is either poor and under-developed (the West) or needs to reopen economic ties with Russia (the South).

Besides, Zelenskii and his party are now trying to rush a new law through the Rada which will allow the sale of Ukrainian land to private interests (aka foreign interests + a local frontman). As a result, there is now a new “maidan” brewing, pitting Iulia Timoshenko and other nationalist leaders against Zelenskii and his party. This could become a major crisis very fast, especially now that is appears that Zelenskii will also renege on this promise to call for a national referendum on the issue of the sale/privatization of land.

As for the Russians, they already realize that Ze is a joke, unsurprisingly so since he is a comic by trade, and that the Ukrainians are “not agreement capable”. They will treat him like they did Poroshenko in the last years: completely ignore him and not even take his telephone calls. Right now, there is just a tiny bit of good will left in Moscow, but it is drying up so fast that it will soon totally disappear. Besides, the Russians really don’t care that much anymore: the sanctions turned out to be a blessing, time is on Russia’s side, the Ukronazis are destroying their own state and, finally, the important stuff for Russia is happening in Asia, not the West.

The Europeans will take a long time to come to terms with two simple facts:

  1. Russia was never a party to this conflict (if she had, it would have been over long ago).
  2. The Ukronazis are the ones who won’t implement the Minsk Agreements

This means that the politicians who were behind the EU’s backing of the Euromaidan (Merkel) will have to go before their successors can say that, oops, we got our colors confused, and white is actually black and black turned out to be white. That’s okay, politicians are pretty good at that. The honeymoon between Kiev and Warsaw on the one hand and Berlin on the other will soon end as bad times are ahead.

Macron looks much better, and he will probably pursue his efforts to restore semi-normal relations with Russia, for France’s sake first, but also eventually the rest of the EU. The Poles and the Balts will accuse him of “treason” and he will just ignore them.

As for Trump, he will most likely make small steps towards Russia, but most of his energy will be directed either inwards (impeachment) or outwards (Israel), but not towards the Ukrainian conflict. Good.


It’s over. Crimea and the Donbass are gone forever, the first is de jure, the latter merely de facto. The rump-Ukraine is completely unconformable (barring some kind of coup followed by a government of national unity supported Moscow – I consider this hypothesis as highly unlikely).

If you live in the West, don’t expect your national media to report on any of this. They will be the LAST ones to actually admit it (journos have a longer shelf life than politicians, it is harder for them to make a 180).

PS: to get a feeling for the kind of silly stunts the “Ze team” is now busying itself with, just check this one: they actually tried to falsify the Ukrainian version of the Paris Communique. For details, see Scott’s report here: . If the Ukraine was a Kindergarten, then “Ze” would be a perfect classroom teacher or visiting entertainer. But for a country fighting for its survival, such stunts are a very, very bad sign indeed!

(*rump-Ukraine: In broad terms, a “rump” state is what remains of a state when a portion is carved away. Expanding on the “butcher” metaphor, the rump is what is left when the higher-value cuts such as rib roast and loin have been removed.)

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. I said it many times, Zelenskii’s ONLY chance was to crackdown on the Nazis as soon as he was elected. He either did not have the courage to do so, or his U.S. bosses told him to leave them unmolested.

    Are the security forces loyal to him to the extent that he could realistically counted on them to carry out a crackdown on the “Nazis”?

    For the Novorussians, it’s now clear: the rump-Ukraine* does not want them, nor will Kiev ever agree to the Minsk Agreement.

    So what is the Ukrainian thinking here–that they are better off simply cutting bait on the east and letting Russia deal with the headache of the Donbass’s antiquated infrastructure? And that a truncated Ukraine would at least be mostly free of internal pro-Russian sentiment?

    I am sympathetic to a lot of what Putin has felt it necessary to do, but I must say, I don’t buy the incessant use of the term “Ukronazi.” Sounds propagandistic.

    • Replies: @Felix Keverich
    , @Wally
    , @WHAT
  2. bob sykes says:

    What about the Ukrainian people? A large majority of them voted for some sort of reconciliation with the separatists and Russia. They did so twice: once for Zelenskii, and once again for his party. Does that count for nothing?

    • Agree: Alfred, Miro23
    • Replies: @AnonymousUkr
    , @AnonFromTN
  3. @Oscar Peterson

    So what is the Ukrainian thinking here

    I think the plan is to wait until Russia collapses from Western sanctions, and then invade Crimea and Donbass. They didn’t give up on the territory by any means, which is why I don’t think that any ceasefire in Donbass will hold. It is going to remain a slow-burning conflict, the regime will continue to complain about “Russian invasion” and international investors will continue to avoid the Ukraine.

  4. Anonymous[176] • Disclaimer says:

    “Russia collapses from Western sanctions”
    If that is the plan, then Russia has already won.
    And, of course, she has.

    • Replies: @sally
    , @AnonymousUkr
  5. huwhyte says:

    Daily reminder that Saker is a senile Boomer who hasn’t been right about anything since 2016.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @MLK
  6. Anonymous[607] • Disclaimer says:

    Brilliant argument! You have proven him wrong. Bravo!

  7. vot tak says:

    “That reason is very simple: Ze caved in to the Ukronazis, completely. He now uses EXACTLY the same rhetoric as Poroshenko did, in spite of the fact that the only reason he was elected is that he presented himself as the ultimate anti-Poroshenko. Now all we see is Poroshenko 2.0.”

    This is interesting. It implies z actually meant what he said in order to gain votes to get elected. In fact, he is very similar to trump in this respect. Lied about desiring an end to the conflict (conflicts in the case of trump), but once in office continued the aggressive policies (and expanded them in the case of trump). Actually, if one considers poroshenko as the ukraine version of obama/clinton and zelinsky as trump, it looks like the ukrainian regime is following in the footsteps of the american regime.

    • Replies: @AnonymousUkr
  8. Mr. Hack says:

    What, only one reference to the dreaded “Ukro-Nazis” that is the hallmark of Saker’s prognostications? I’m disappointed and ready to end my subscription! 🙁

  9. Anonymous[351] • Disclaimer says:

    Another brilliant argument.
    The Saker must be in tears 🙂

  10. Hoyeru says:

    I tried posting this on the sucker I mean the saker but it was rejected:

    Not quite right. The Saker has the tendency to present his “analyses” while wearing rose colored glasses and this one is no exception.

    USA is preparing a few nasty surprises for Putin in 2020. big things will begin occurring around April 2020. Remember, it’s USA doesn’t want resolution to Ukrainian conflict. Europe wants a solution but USA doesn’t. So USA will do anything in its power.
    Remember, Russia/Putin do not want Donetk or however it is spelled. If Russia wanted them it would have integrated them into Russia by now. But Putin knows very well if he does that, USA/West will immediately began screaming that Russia is annexing more territories and will slap heavy sanctions to Russia. Putin doesnt want that. Russia’s economy is bad enough as it is.

    USA will begin war games using 33.000=40.000 solders in Europe in April. Those war games might happen aroudn the same time an attack on Dontez might occur. If RUssia responds in any shaope or form USA/NATO will began screaming about “Russian aggression” and all gloves will be off. Putin knows this thats why he will not help Donetz. USA knows by Putin’s meek behavior what he will or wont do. Donetz has no value to Russia the same way Crimea had.

    Second, by that time USA would have passed a law designating Russia as state sponsor of terror, and that will give the US ability to slap severe sanctions in Russia manye even cutting Russia from the SWIFT.

    Either way, things will begin happening in April 2020 and Putin better wake up and show he has a backbone and not just talk and try to make nice with Trump. Thats a pure waste of time and only shows how weak he is.

    April 2020. Remember, you heard it form me first.

  11. Begemot says:

    April 2020. Remember, you heard it form me first.

    If your predictions don’t happen will you make a public announcement of your error?

    Donetk or however it is spelled …. [or maybe it’s] Donetz

    It’s Donetsk. A seer who doesn’t know how to spell the name of the object of his predictions doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

    • Replies: @Marshall Lentini
  12. It’s not just Minsk that has been abandoned by the Kiev junta. Kiev itself has been abandoned by the EU, which now looks to Nordstream-2 for its energy supplies from Russia, thus bypassing the thieves in Ukraine. Even sanctions from the Supreme Sanctioner in DC is not going to persuade the Germans to shiver in the winter.

    • Replies: @Popeye
  13. The reason for the failure of Minsk can be stated in one word – Putin. Putin is an inveterate liar and Saker has bought those lies lock, stock and barrel. The Ukrainians have tried to maintain ceasefires only to have them broken by Putin’s boys in the Donbas time and again.

    One myth that needs to be disposed of is that separatists are calling the shots in the Donbas. They are not. The Russian Army and Russian mercenaries dominate the conflict on the Russian side. The Ukrainians the GRU used have been cast aside. Putin wants the Donbas as part of a land bridge. He was thwarted from his goal as the GRU thought they could give Putin what he wanted non the cheap and make it look as though the eastern Ukrainians wanted the invasion and they were “returning home” to the Russian motherland. That didn’t work out at all. Now Ukraine has learned their lesson and turned Ukraine into an indigestible lump.

    It’s funny how those “Ukro-Nazis” don’t want to live under Russian domination. Idiots like Saker will never learn.

    • LOL: Alfred
    • Troll: bluedog
    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
    , @Alfred
    , @Truth3
  14. @Quartermaster

    It’s funny how those “Ukro-Nazis” don’t want to live under Russian domination.

    It’s not funny at all. They want to live in their own ethnically pure volkish state.

  15. Sean says:

    Worse is better for Ukraine. They need to get the US into a war for retaking the Donbass and the window of opportunity will close after the Presidential election. The more Putin seems to have utterly triumphed over Ukraine and the mor Ukraine seems to be falling apart the more the impeachment of Trump will gain steam. However that opens an opportunity for him to turn the tables, because the Dems and deep state can hardly complain if Trump suddenly gets tough even kinetic with Russia.

    It is always open to Trump to heat up the Ukraine conflict to get himself out of domestic trouble. If Ukrainonazis (now you’ve got me doing it) sorry the Ukrainians analyse this and understand their hopeless position they will get desperate then they might well see mutual advantage in an offensive that will draw in Trump for his own reasons. The Ukraine will never have better leverage than now, but it will disappear forever soon. Do it now!

  16. What is going on in Ukraine is what Jews did to Germany in Danzing, They are now doing it to Russians, The five billions US spent in Ukraine was Jewish money. Maidan was organized by Rabbinical council from Israel. The fuck the Euro girl Kaganovskaja (Jewes) was boldly selecting
    The new independent (Jewish) government.
    Donbas and Lugansk wanted to be independent federal Republics, But did not mind to remain in Ukraine.
    Ukronazis did cut them of from Ukrainian power grid. and UKZN did cut them of from water supply.
    Donbas an Lugansk Are getting utilities from Russia.
    Jews want to create new better Birobidzan in Ukraine by buying up Ukrainians land.

  17. Begemot says:

    Putin wants the Donbas as part of a land bridge.

    A land bridge to where? Crimea?

    This stupid notion was put forward back in 2014 by morons like John McCain and Col. Antal. The idea was that the only way the Russians could support Crimea was by a land route to Crimea through southern Ukraine to the Perekop. Therefore, a Russian invasion and drive across southern Ukraine was imminent. That was five years ago.

    However, if you envisioned Crimea as an island you could imagine communications to Crimea via ship and plane, and in time, a bridge and pipe lines, the Kerch Strait being just a few miles across. Hawaii doesn’t need a land bridge to survive, does it? And lo, in 2018 a bridge had been built across the Kerch Strait and Crimea survived without the land bridge or Russian invasion of Ukraine during the interim until its completion.

    Or is your land bridge expected to go somewhere else? Paris, perhaps?

  18. Wally says: • Website
    @Oscar Peterson

    “I am sympathetic to a lot of what Putin has felt it necessary to do, but I must say, I don’t buy the incessant use of the term “Ukronazi.” Sounds propagandistic.”

    – Because it IS propaganda. Shaker makes a fool of himself with such desperate childishness.

    – It’s Zionist propaganda based upon the ridiculous and utterly impossible lies of ‘6M Jews & 5M others, & laughable gas chambers’ . That propaganda has been completely debunked by Revisionist scholars worldwide. Here at The Unz Review we have example after example that expose the “holocaust” narrative for the fraud that it is.

    Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurd impossibility of the laughable ‘holocaust’ storyline is the message.

  19. Alfred says:

    Putin is an inveterate liar 🙂

    The only politician on the world stage who has a reputation for keeping his word is Putin. When he makes a promise, people believe him. He inspires great trust. A true Russian patriot. The vitriolic hatred of Putin by the Jews who control the media of the West is ample proof.

    Almost all the civilians killed in the Donbass conflict are Russian-speakers. Claiming that Russians killed them is akin to the claims that Assad is dropping chemical weapons on his own people. It is total nonsense. The people living in that region have absolutely no intention of ever rejoining Kiev.

    If a referendum were held today in the Donbass, the support for integration with Russia or independence under Russian protection would exceed 95%.

    The notion that Russia or that the people of the Donbass wish to occupy the Nazified west of Ukraine is hilarious. However, the Russian government will not allow American missiles on its border with Ukraine. Is that too much to ask?

    The notion that there is democracy in Ukraine is laughable. The people voted repeatedly for peace and all they get is a cabinet that is composed of Jews and/or Nazis. People with no interest in the welfare of the population. They are currently trying to pass a law to allow foreigners to buy Ukrainian farmland. The price of farmland in Ukraine is 1/10 that of the UK – and its quality is much better. Those in the west will end up being serfs once more. There is essentially no middle-class in the farming areas of Ukraine. And there will never be such a class if the current plans are implemented.

    There is no free media in Ukraine. In Kharkov, for example, three independent TV stations were shut down after the Maidan coup. Non-conformist journalists are shot or are forced to flee to Russia.

    At this very moment, Poland is relishing the forthcoming opportunity to reclaim parts of the west of Ukraine. Similarly, Hungary is anxious to protect Hungarian-speakers near its own border. Hungary is not ethnically-diverse because so many Hungarians were cut off by artificial borders with neighboring countries. Ukraine itself is an artificial country.

    The days when the British – and later the Americans – and Soviets could draw lines on maps and decide who lives where are over. Europe is not one homogeneous lump. People’s race / tribe / religion – call it what you like – does matter once more.

    • LOL: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @AnonymousUkr
  20. sally says:

    I don’t think is the collapse of Russian they are waiting for, its the step down of Putin in 2024 they are waiting for.

    probably when Trump finishes his second four years in the big white house on the hill and Putin retires from the Russian federation, they plan to swap Jobs. Putin, President of the USA and Trump premier of Russia.

    • LOL: AnonFromTN
    • Replies: @Wally
  21. @bob sykes

    it’s a lie they voted for reforms and against Poroshenko personally. they also voted for Yushchenko in 2004 pro-NATO and that’s including Crimea and Donbass . 54% to 46%. don’t forget Yanukovich support in 21013 was 20% . and also he advocated for EU too when campaigning. Yanukovich won beacuse Western Ukraine didn’t showed up on elections in 2010 cause they saw Tymoshenko as corrupt (Manafort success) and not nationalistic enough.

  22. GMC says:

    Thanks Saker for helping out the honest folks of East Ukraine and Crimea. Ze had to bring up ” Privatization” of the farmlands because the IMF always makes that – the Law- Privatization. But Monsanto, Cargill, and the Others are already producing and sending out their grains etc. through their own port near Odecca { with a US Navy security}. I’ve seen, ate and showed others their GMO Corn from Ukraine and the Ukies steal it then sell it by the name – Amerikanskii CookaRoozia. LOL The farmland is lost – Globalists aren’t about to give up this bonanza. Funny, how China had an agreement with the last President Yanukovych , to lease half a million acres or more and have China develope the infrastructure associated with the transportation to the port in – Crimea. Another NWO reason to take over Kyiv and Ukraine – I’m betting.

  23. @vot tak

    it’s lie that cheka(kgb)-mafia propaganda pushes that one might think Ukraine occupied Russian territories and doesn’t want piece not the other way around. might work for useful idiots. why 800 000 ethnic Russians flew to Ukraine from occupied territories moron!!!!!!!!

    • Replies: @vot tak
  24. @Anonymous

    Kremlin instigated war as way of terrorizing Russian populaion who are shown regularly what happens when you overthrow tyranny of communists and mafia. Russian ethnic villages are drunk or dead because of cheap Uzbek labor and Russian middle class is being pushed out of the country.

    • Troll: GMC
    • Replies: @bikeanarkist
  25. Anonymous[940] • Disclaimer says:

    Yawn. Nobody is interested in this crap except Russians, some Ukrainians and a handful of boomer weirdos. Minsk, shminsk… crap.

    • Replies: @AnonymousUkr
    , @GMC
    , @Wally
  26. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    I never understand why so few analysts will tell the truth about the conflict in Ukraine. It’s obvious that Jews used U.S. \$ to buy Ukraine for the future (wheat basket) and have something to haggle with Putin over when the time comes.
    This is not rocket science.
    I never know what to make of what the Saker says. I find the comments section more informative than any of his articles.

  27. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Your astrologer is wrong . The Kairos has changed .

    Nuclear Russia is fed up with US interference . China is fed up with US interference . The europeans are fed up with US sanctions , interference and militarism . The europeans are fed up with US occupation bases in Europe , WWII finished 75 years ago . Even Macron said that NATO is ” brain dead ” . Even Trump is considering closing american bases in foreing countries , he knows that the US military has ruined the US . You can cram your laws , your sanctions , your swifts, your tricks and you propaganda wherever you want . You have destroyed Ukraina , ukranian morons have proved that whites can have very low IQ`s . If you can not even spell Donetsk , how your 40.000 otanic soldiers are going to be able to read anything in cirilic ? , they can nor even invade Venezuela , Maduro is arming venezuelans with rifles , he is forming a civilian milicia of 4 million men , just in case .

    Beware that we americans and europeans don`t have a ” nasty surprise ” in the next future given the big economic and social problems that we have , given the anger that the europeans and americans are developing towards their elites . We should mend our own problems instead of playing Clancy novels like you do . We should work at creating prosperity and jobs instead of picking up fights around the world .

  28. @Alfred

    idiot 10% of Hungary population is Gypsy also they have one of the largest Jewish minority in Europe. idiot all countries are “artificial”. there is international law and there is Russia for whom there is no law internally and externally. there are no real elections there and second largest party are Communists!!!! intelligent people flee from there.

  29. @Anonymous

    agree and also content is dumb. it fits Russian average Ivan the Fool who watches Russian TV propaganda not the more intelligent reader of this blog.

    • Replies: @Melotte 22
  30. Walter says:

    That roguish son of that rogue state, Texas, has a darker view. He opines that when the Minsk Group meet in April 2020 all hell is going to break lose.

    see his argument>

    “…I expect the ukrops and their NATO masters to go through with their schemes, and present an ultimatum to Putin at the next Normandy Meeting in April 2020. I expect Putin will throw the ultimatum back in their faces and call their bluff and assure them that if Ukraine attacks the Republics, we will counter-attack, and Russia will be with us, come what may. Then we will see who is really ready to pull the trigger and do the ultimate “man dance”. Putin has promised that if Russia is attacked, he will destroy the places the attacks come from, and also the places where the orders for the attacks come from. And Vladimir Putin don’t lie…” Texas

    I do not necessarily agree with Texas, but I note that all war originates from internal force, domestic force, and thus from delusional apriori assumptions. In view of the vast delusions presently held in Imperial Circles, it does seem probable that there will be a crises in April.

    Oh yeah, and the Russians have said they’ll attack on build-up, ie not wait for an Imperial attack.

    It looks like 1914 to my old eyes…

  31. vot tak says:

    That alprazolam isn’t working, is it. 😀

  32. GMC says:

    Ya you’re right – people that praise and love the Western Main Stream Media – aren’t interested in East European or Russian crap. That’s what 50+ years of TV and Hollywood programing/propaganda will Do. No need to read Saker , Unz or even comment anymore . lol

  33. MLK says:

    Yeah, while as unfair as only fourteen words of summation can be, it’s good enough for government work.

    I won’t attempt to reinvent the wheel because most everyone, including here, long ago ceased being open to reason.

    As Trump has frequently said since election night, “It’s just common sense.” It’s a testament to how lost so many are that they can’t just calm down and consider that admonition.

    Okay, here we go in absurdly abridged form. . . . .

    When Snowden went public and fled, it became obvious that not only had the national security state built a global surveillance apparatus, including of Americans (this anyone paying attention knew years earlier), but had lost it to China, Russia and God Knows Who Else.

    In that moment I knew the salient question was how much of the national interest would those responsible for this fiasco gift to foreign powers in return for hiding this truth from the American people.

    Not for nothing, Snowden travelled through Hong Kong before finding refuge in Russia. China was exfiltrating too much Amercian wealth and key industries to cause a breach. Conversely, Russia/Putin had become the ‘malign actor,’ acting as cover for CCP China. Sort of North Korea times 100.

    That was the backdrop for the US elections beginning in 2015.

    Now, in a COMMON SENSE fashion, put yourself in Putin’s position. You see that the entire American establishment is on board, or made its peace, with Hillary winning. Putin/Russia knows that it’s in an essentially unique position, even though many foreign states have been enlisted in Hillary’s cause. Russia had the highest risk and, what every seems to have forgotten, risk and reward are inextricably linked.

    This is why beginning in the campaign and continuing ever since, brilliantly avoided the trap of endorsing the Democrat/Deep State narrative that Putin/Russia attempted to assist candidate Trump. If he had that would have sealed his fate, because it would have emphatically been in Putin/Russia’s interest to play along. In other words, by messaging the way he consistently did, Trump blocked Putin from extracting the geopolitical gains he was promised by seditious filth like Brennan.

    Trump has demonstrated that he’s a real POTUS. A smaller man would have considered all of the foreign meddling against him a personal affront which he couldn’t fully get over.

    The US and Russia have much bigger fish to fry than Ukraine. Think of poor Ukraine/Russia as somewhat akin, a mirror, really, to North Korea/China. For decades, China played its North Korean card, having it make trouble only then to sit on it once the USG exfiltrated more wealth and key industries to China. Trump neutralized China’s North Korea Card; and he has been attempting the same with Ukraine.

  34. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    According to this link the total military/security spending in the US for 2020 including the Veteran Administration , will be 1,254.200, 000.000 dollars .

    Dividing this figure among the 320.000.000 americans , each american has to pay 3,919 dollars during 2020 for military/security expenses , for a family of four it would amount to 15,676 dollars during 2020 .

  35. Pandour says: • Website

    The St, Petersburg branch of the Committee of Soldiers Mothers was declared a foreign agent shortly after going public with news that an estimated 100 Russian soldiers were killed on Ukranian territory on August 28th 2014.The mothers compiled a list of 400 Russian troops who have been killed or wounded.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  36. Wally says:

    We know you’re here somewhere:

  37. Robyt says:

    I am so bored of this anti nazi propaganda, it is so boldly poor and utterly stupid.

    What the hell is wrong with National Socialism ? Just explain me that, I am listening. I do not favor one party or the other in this conflict. This is just the wrong choice of words to use in this context. I would even agree that socialism by itself is just another tool for marxists and post marxists. But realy, is anything of Nationalism concept wrong ? No. Loud and clear. So, this kind of propaganda is delusional, to say the less.

    I could also argue that National Socialism would not exists without the Λογος: it would be just another form of pneumatic material emptiness.

    • Replies: @Truth3
    , @Curmudgeon
  38. Wally says:

    Except that it’s US taxpayers money being wastefully spent in Ukraine.

    So yes, we care.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  39. @AnonymousUkr

    Even Communists are not entirely stupid. They do realize that unyielding rigid Communist idealism is dead. That does not mean that all communist ideals were wrong.
    Russians were pushing the rigid communism on Chinese because they realized that rigid communism is guarantee them hegemony in Communist world. Eventually Chinese rebelled and got rid of rigid Communism. They were more successful than expected. Chinese were fist that did allow private enterprise to exist. Chinese were extremely successful. Now Chinese are hegemony in Communists ideas, and Russians are followers.

  40. @Begemot

    He’s comical, but he didn’t say anything prophetic — the writing is on the wall: a new American air base in Poland, anti-Russian hysteria at fever pitch, the possible removal of Russia from SWIFT, probably other shit I’m forgetting. This could all fizzle out somehow, but it could also very easily blow up in Putin’s face before 2024. Latter seems likely to me. If American voters are doggedly stupid enough to put Biden in office, he may try to legitimize himself by doubling-down on American involvement in Ukraine, which means going even harder against “Russia, Russia”. Who knows what the orange man will do if he wins.

  41. The missing issue here is the money and other aide packages that the US has or intends to send the Ukraine.

    And I remain ever curious why the EU is so silent in this support if Russia is such a threat.

    And I don’t take away the same read on Pres Zelenski. I hear him saying i am caught between a rock and a hard spot given the previous negotiations which are in some manner legally binding. I am not sure of the author expects him to simply dismiss the previous agreements as null and void because they are

    1. some how bad

    2. null and void because the previous government was illegitimate or

    3. simply dismiss them as for cause of starting something new

    If one believes in honoring agreements, then he is acknowledging some level of efficacy to the agreed upon and noting some level of integrity.

    It is possible that the position is a dodge from hard work, but that does not change the essential reality that a process was begun before he came into office and justifying ignoring the same has serious consequences he would have to consider.


    as with all plays to this being a minor incident — it doesn’t take much for the minors to cause major league headaches:

    Serbia, Kurds, Yeminis, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Greece, etc.

    • Replies: @Anon
  42. @Wally

    You are correct my friend. Ukrainians will be milking US brainless milking cow until rib case will be showing bones. than Ukrainians will realize that they cannot exists without Russia.

  43. Agent76 says:

    May 15, 2017 Ukraine: US-Installed Fascist Rule in Europe’s Heartland

    Will Donetsk Rejoin Russia? The nation shares a near-1,500 mile land and sea border with Russia.

    Nov 29, 2016 The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With US

    Sep 9, 2016 US funded Ukrainian army is terrorizing civilians, 2016

    Russell Bentley is a former US marine, that now fights for the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, against the US-funded Ukrainian army.

    • Replies: @Walter
  44. Truth3 says:

    Oh my God what an idiotka you are.

  45. Truth3 says:

    They aren’t National Socialists in Ukraine. They are Galician Clowns on the Jew Payroll, pretending to be Nazis.

    Hood Ornaments.


    Stage Effects.

    A False Flag with Lightning Bolts.

  46. @Robyt

    There is nothing wrong with National Socialism, unless you are a banker or otherwise tied to the “financial industry”. That is why I have issues with Saker’s analyses. Much of his thoughts make sense, but I believe he has, for whatever reason, not seen the “Ukronazis” for what they are: the other claw of the Zionist pincer through their proxy, the US.
    No self respecting “Nazi” would be interested in being subservient to the EU any more than being subservient to Russia. That Yanukovych rejected a “deal” with the EU that would have decimated Ukrainian industry and put the country up for sale is entirely understandable. What “Nazi” would buy into that? The deal signed with Russia was only a “good” deal by virtue of the EU deal being so bad.
    Of course Yanukovych was corrupt, but so are overwhelming majority of politicians everywhere in the world. It’s only a question of degree.
    Ukraine is about making Russia accede to the becoming “democratic”, i.e. a Zionist Occupied Government. NATO is Israel’s pitbull.

  47. Walter says:

    Comrade Texas has an interesting cv. My guess is that he’s a typical son of Texas who became radicalized in the US Federal joint. A philosophical matter, and then he crossed the Rubicon and set out to discover his Fate. I knew guys like Texas in high school, once they made up their minds they were mule-stubborn.

    But what’s especially important is not the man, but what he must hear…and then what he says about things. He says (see Walter above) that the zeitgeist is that the war goes hot in April.

    I’d disregard that, except for all the military exercises underway now through April, and the disposition of forces I see.

    These include Russian submarine exercises in the Atlantic, Combined Iranian, Chinese, Russian naval maneuvers in the Indian Ocean (positioned to liquidate Diego Garcia) , the fielding of Kinzal in the Ru air-force at antipodal airfields, and much more.

    War comes from domestic forces. These may themselves be deceived by their own policies, especially over time. (“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA)

    So the question here may rest on just how delusional those forces may be when Reality is summoned some time next April.

  48. Let’s look at things objectively: both Minsk agreements were signed after shameful defeats of Ukrainian forces at the hands of Donbass freedom fighters. In essence, Minsk is conditional surrender by Ukraine, and it was conditional only because Russia, for reasons of its own, wanted Ukraine to save face (or whatever was left of it). There was no serious action for 4+ years. Therefore, current Ukie “leadership”, although just as much puppets as the previous one, has no personal experience of being the defeated party. They try to present themselves as somebodies.

    Under these circumstances, the most likely scenario is that Kiev attempts to conquer Donbass, gets beaten to pulp by Donbass freedom fighters, loses the parts of Lugansk and Donetsk regions it currently controls (just recently both LNR and DNR adopted laws stating that their borders include the whole regions), and then signs an unconditional surrender. Russia will keep supplying LNR and DNR, but no Russian troops will be needed to beat Ukie army. Besides, Ukie personnel is stealing military supplies and starting military warehouse fires to cover up this thievery on such a scale, that Russia won’t even need to supply much: Ukies are selling stolen goods to anyone, including Donbass freedom fighters.

    • LOL: Mr. Hack
  49. @bob sykes

    Since when people’s wishes counted for anything in a “democracy”? This was studied scientifically in the US (see
    The conclusion was unambiguous: the US is an oligarchy.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  50. @Pandour

    Find out who is funding those “mothers” and you would know whose propaganda you repost.

    • Replies: @Pandour
  51. Anon[426] • Disclaimer says:

    the ‘rump’ Ukraine in context: as a transit region, all value still remains in the Ukraine.

    Loss of Crimea and Donbass did not decrease transit value.

    Ukraine had record grain harvests. It still has some construction. Education system still works. Ukraine still not dead. The tagged bagged and fragged refrain is just more whining and whingeing. The Saker bots will take a long time to come to terms with these simple facts.

    And Russia is still the largest trade partner of the Ukraine.

    And now, Russia and Ukraine have signed an agreement to continue gas transit for 5 years. ~40% of Russian gas to western Europe transits the Ukraine. And they aren’t stopping it.
    ““We will look for a solution that is acceptable for all parties, including Ukraine,” Putin said, adding that Russia would be ready to give Kiev a discount of 20-25% for gas purchases. ” -Reuters.

    So Russia is helping to keep the Ukraine alive.

    “The Europeans will take a long time to come to terms with two simple facts:

    1 Russia was never a party to this conflict (if she had, it would have been over long ago).
    2 The Ukronazis are the ones who won’t implement the Minsk Agreements”

    I don’t believe this, as there is a clear difference between realpolitik and security forces intelligence gathering on one hand, and public pr, propaganda on the other hand. The ‘Europeans’ (west) came to terms with this a long time ago.

    The (west) Europeans know very well that Russia is not a party to the conflict, although it is a supplier (voentorg). The ‘Ukrnazis’ are not in charge, they are a public face of stronger powers. The Europeans know this. And it does not prevent the modus vivendi realpolitik of new gas transit agreements.

    The Ukronazis are just part of the sturm und drang.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  52. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    ” And I remain ever curious why the EU is so silent in this support if Russia is such a threat ”

    I would believe that most of the EU countries :

    – do not think Russia is a threat

    – are fed up with the americans for the economic sanctions they have imposed on Russia which limit
    the trade EU-Russia and are producing big loses for the EU countries .

    – are fed up with the american militarism in the UE and with its warmongering stooges
    Ukraina , the Baltics and Poland . Since the Yugoslavian and Ukrainian wars , I would say that
    many europeans are more affraid of americans than of russians .

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  53. @Anon

    Polls support your perception. In case of the US-Russia conflict, most Europeans would prefer to be out of it
    Reality is an existential threat to propaganda.

  54. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Happy Christmas and New year 2020 !!

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  55. @AnonFromTN

    Olygarchy is everywhere now. The difference is only in some places slaves are fed better and have better slavery conditions and in some worse.

  56. @Anon

    I wonder how would they take Viva España in Barcelona. Feliz navidad, anyway.

    • Replies: @Anon
  57. @Anon

    Putin declared that negotiations with Ze are difficult.
    That is worrisome to me.
    Only time will show.

  58. Robjil says:

    I don’t think the ZUS empire really cares about Donetsk.

    Iran is the prize.

    Purim is the time for wars in the spring for ZUS.

    If anything is planned for Iran this spring, it would have around March 10 2020.

    Donetsk is right next to Russia. What good would Donetsk be for the ZUS empire? It is just a piece of land near Russia. ZUS already has most of Ukraine with land next to Russia. It also has the Baltics with lots of land next to Russia.

    Crimea is a better deal. It is a nice peninsula in middle of Black Sea. Russia will not give that up.

    ZUS is Israel’s Golem. Israel doesn’t need Donetsk, it got most of Ukraine. Donetsk is nothing special. ZUS has lots of cities similar to Donetsk in the ZUS part of Ukraine.

    Israel wants Iran knocked down. Donetsk is not in Israel’s interest.

  59. @AnonymousUkr

    Any sources to back this up?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  60. @Robjil

    You’d be surprised, but there are Jews in Israel from Donetsk. Donbass had very diverse (in a good way, no Africans) population. It is still more diverse than parts of Ukraine where primeval tribal nationalism originated. Arguably, only Crimea had similar diversity, and it already ran away to Russia.

  61. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Much better than you would think , at least 2/3 rds of the catalans will enjoy it . Most of the catalans ( and the rest of he spanish ) are fed up with the fanatic catalan separatists .

    In Catalonia there is a lot of collective histeria, of catalan supremacism , of media manipulation , anarchism , economic interest of the catalan oligarchies ( and of the sorosites ) ….

    . The main problem of independentists is that they are imperialistic , supremacists , racists , They would not stop at independence , they have manifested repeatedly their intention to invade other spanish regions such as Valencia, Mallorca part of Aragon , plus the french province of Rousillon , capital Perpignan , ( what they call the ” catalan countries” ), and maybe even Naples and Sicily in the future . You have to be a bit megalomaniac , even delusional to pretend that , and a bit masochistic , they are unable to learn from the ukrainian experience .

    Out of the 7,5 million catalans more than 600,000 are moslem inmigrants , and another 400.000 are latinamerican and asians inmigrants , but catalan independentists seem more motivated to revive the medieval Crown of Aragòn , than to secure a future for their children .

    So, Viva España and Viva Cataluña .

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  62. @bikeanarkist

    Hey, didn’t you notice that little “Ukr” in the moniker? Ukies don’t do sources. Little voices tell them everything. Key point is, no mater what is wrong in Ukraine, they know that Russians are to blame.

    Back in 2014, when it was not as clear as today that Ukraine will never join the EU, there was a Russian joke about two Ukrainians meeting after Ukraine joined the EU.
    – How is it going?
    – Oh, everything is awful. I am unemployed, so is my wife. My daughter is a prostitute in France, my son got himself a German husband. And it’s all the fault of damn Russians. They kept saying: “don’t join the EU”. The bastards knew that we would just to spite them.

    • LOL: bikeanarkist
  63. In typical liar sheepdog fashion, Unz and his “review” do not report at all on the fact that indigenous revolutionaries in Bolivia (you know, the people you hate because they are braver than you), have taken over a military base in Luepa Bolivar state.

    Fighting back against your buddies, the military, which you want us to worship so much because they kill babies with bombs.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  64. Bobitza says:

    Ukronazi, not “Urkonazi”. For UKRainian NAZI.

  65. @Anon

    This was my impression when I was in Barcelona this summer, before the latest bout of troubles. There were too many halal stores for my taste, and too many women in burqas, more than I saw in Istanbul. But the Catalan flags were a very rare decoration on balconies. I was surprised to find a Catalan Arch de Triumph in Barcelona, as I am not aware of any Catalan triumphs. But overall the city was nice and the food good. Most people looked and behaved normal.

    Then again, there are certain signs. When he went home to Barcelona and his girlfriend asked him via email how things are in Spain, my Catalan collaborator answered her that he is not in Spain, he is in Catalonia. She told me that she was shocked. Also, several years ago when I was in Spain for the first time, I learned that the desert that the whole world calls crème brulee, should be called crema catalana in Barcelona, and crema castilliana in Madrid. That was before the example of Ukraine showed all sane humans how easily these things can become totally crazy and self-defeating.

  66. @obwandiyag

    Tell you what, all Western MSM are “covering” Bolivian protests with a deafening silence. This is a widespread conspiracy by the Western elites and all owners of lying media. Google search yields mostly crap about protests before Evo resigned. Yandex search is better, but most hits it finds are in Russian. RT has reporters in Bolivia, honestly reporting mass shootings, detentions, and torture practiced by the “democrats”. Typical US-backed coup, like Pinochet in 1973 or Ukrainian scum in 2014. I am glad to hear that the people of Bolivia did not take this lying down. However, I totally disapprove of Evo’s running away, instead of defending his country.

  67. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Rump is easy. What’s unconformable?

  68. “I would believe that most of the EU countries ”


    you fail here and fail miserably. What the polls say now after the fact , misses the role of their government in first inviting the Ukraine to purchase EU oil (at higher prices than Russia) in a bid to get them into the EU and when that failed fostering the subsequent coup. It is a mistake to think that the situation in Europe regarding the Ukraine was merely an american scheme. There were plenty of EU and NATO hands in that pot.

    Wanting to wash their hands of the mess those EU and NATO members fostered, encouraged and abetted is fine now that their soup tastes bad, leaving the US to twist in the aftermath.

    You are further incorrect, on the level of US involvement demanded b y the EU. And let’s skip the polls, and get to the responses by the states on any suggestion that the US decrease its roll. Hair pulling and gnashing of teeth — the Europoeans , didn’t engage in that dossier because they Sec Clinton is best thing since sliced bread. They were sending a message about the current president, and his “isolationist ” rhetoric.

    Note: I don’t think a decreased presence equals isolationsim. But a dose of isolation won’t hurt the US.

    You are in every way incorrect, save maybe about the polls. But I suspect, it scapegoating the way Latin American countries scapegoat the US for everything amiss is South America.

    And if you think for one minute the economic boon those US bases provide Eurpean local economies is welcome, I have a fish farm in the Atlantic for sale cheap.

  69. @AnonymousUkr

    Nothing is more amusing than reading comments from Bandera zombies, lost in time and space. Keep them coming.

  70. WHAT says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    >antiquated infrastructure
    Lol. What, the usual roads and railways don’t do it for you anymore?

  71. WHAT says:

    The irony of svidomit subhuman yapping about muh law is delicious.
    I enjoy watching jewkraine die.

  72. yurivku says:

    Now you all have a luck to see a real Ukr. Enjoy.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  73. vot tak says:

    “I tried posting this on the sucker I mean the saker but it was rejected”

    You too, eh? He’s been rejecting a lot of my comments lately, especially when I disagree with something he wrote. This has been going on for more than a year now. Back in 2014-15 I was a moderator on his site. Had to quit due to changes in my personal life, but he later asked me to resume when I could. Given his hostility now, I don’t think that offer now stands. ;-D The last time he censored one of my comments, he took it to a new, lower, very dishonest level.

    “[silly drivel about Jews, again, removed by me, the Saker]”

    What I actually wrote was not about Jews, but about the trump impeachment circus show, comparing it with the similar clinton impeachment circus show during the 1990s. I stated that I believed in both cases both sides had vested interests in these circuses and happily played their roles. The point of these was to draw public attention away from their other actions and give the illusion dems and reps actually are opposing sides, rather than working as a team. I described this process as zionazi-gay psywar.

    It is a longstanding tactic of israel’s supporters to smear anti-zionists as antisemites. Very revealing to see saker resort to this tactic in order to smear me on his site. Especially given his claimed opposition to zionism.

    Getting back to the rest of your comment. The oligarchy (or israeloamericans or zionist power configuration/new world order or zionazi-nazi-gays) is desperate. They are behind in military tech, they losing political and economic influence, while the multipolar grouping of nations is getting stronger and more independent. As I don’t see the oligarchy giving up on ruling the world (their 1000 year reich), their only choice is to initiate more war and destabilization. How far they are willing to go is the question. But since the future of “greater israel” is also at stake I imagine it could be very far.

    The oligarchy has been steadily building up pressure against the multipolar states since trump took office. Often they dramatically increase aggression in a year u.s. presidential elections. Then after the election, strike. So I at the least expect the oligarchy will increase their aggressions in 2020, not decrease them.

    As for Putin, disagree. He’s done a good job countering the oligarchy so far and prevented much of their game plan. I am sure Russia, and China, know exactly what the zpc/nwo are planning, and are prepared.

  74. @Robjil

    Ukraine is to geostrategy what Marvin Gardens is to Monopoly. Total Neocon control of Ukraine potentially puts missiles minutes from Moscow. Ultimate West goal after dispatching Iran is total destruction of Russia. That would eliminate the great obstacle to ‘Murkan control of the planet. (‘Murka mistakenly believes it can take its time with China, thanks to what they believe is superior technology and firepower. No greater miscalculation has ever been made.) Neocons have revived the post-WWII plan of massive nuclear first strike on Russia that would leave it insufficient second-strike capability. Minutes are critical to a surprise first strike.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  75. @SeekerofthePresence

    All Russian nuclear tipped missiles are in one line all across European part and Siberian part in silos, At northern edge.
    They are practically impossible to disable by one strike. There are large distances between silos.
    The path of response will be across Northern pole. (Russia has a huge territory.)
    Some missiles are on trains hidden underground waiting.
    That theory of neocons is theory of child.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
    , @Robjil
  76. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Some silos are also in Kamchatka and Novaya Zemlya.
    Why some people think that Russians are stupid? This is beyond me!

  77. Robjil says:

    Thanks for that reply. Hitting Moscow would not “end” Russia. Russia is huge.

    Germany and Japan could easily be defeated with Amalek (attacking civilian centers) bombs because both of them were relatively small nations geographically.

    China is also on target from ZUS. It is also quite large. Amalek bombing wouldn’t work there either.

    Iran is bigger than usual for a nation. It would also be hard to destroy Amalek style like Japan and Germany.

  78. @yurivku

    That’s not fair. This is not a representative specimen. This is a hopelessly retarded Banderite, not a typical Ukrainian. Too many Ukrainians proved gullible, like little children, otherwise they wouldn’t have believed the lies of their Maidan. But they are not all as dumb and malicious as that thing.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  79. Total destruction of nuclear payload carried by rocket is from 6 to 14 kilometer radius. Beyond that there is possibility of surviving by human.
    US is much more disadvantaged because of wooden structures in suburbs. (Heat wave goes much further.)

  80. Popeye says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    I thought Frau merkle was weaning Germany from fossil fuels and abandoning commercial nuclear power generation. I believe Germany would be powered by burning old tea bags and everyone rides bicycles

    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
  81. yurivku says:

    Actually it is. The reality is that absolute majority of UKis are zombified and even those who been adequite before 2014 now are totally poisoned by MSMs.
    This one is pure typical (among ukrnazy/banderites) UKi guy, others, slightly civilized, are represented here by AP and Mr.Hack.
    There are, of course, normal human beings in ukrain, but a) they are few b) they are afraid to appear on public.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  82. Pandour says: • Website

    You may as well not have a computer and live in a cave.At least do some basic research on the subject.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  83. @Pandour

    Good to know there is Internet in Heaven. Why don’t you share your eternal wisdom with us, mere mortals?

  84. @yurivku

    Normal people in Ukraine are indeed afraid to voice their views: Ukrainian Gestapo (SBU) would detain, imprison, and torture them. But there are a lot more normal people there than one would think watching their TV or reading their blogs.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  85. yurivku says:

    Believe me, I’m aware of situation in uki not less than you are. I have enough ascuitance s real and virtual. Your explanations can help foreigners, but not me. And yes, sbu even worse then Gestapo in terms of stupid violence, but here only us who knows and believes in it. Unz residents think that ukronazy it’s an exaggeration…
    And normals … They are ,but mostly they left this monkey,s zoo and those who are still in it are well represented by our Ukr guy.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @AnonFromTN
  86. @yurivku

    Maybe I overestimate the fraction of normal people in Ukraine. See, I grew up in Donbass, where most people are normal. I had a cousin in Lvov, but he worked in Russia for 20+ years and after 2014 never visited Lvov. I have a cousin in Kiev, she is quite normal, but she is older than me. My post-doc has relatives in Kharkov region, they are very normal, but that’s East. An Assistant Professor in our Department (she is from Brazil) has a husband from Kharkov, and he is normal 100%.

    I visited Lvov last back in Soviet times, more than 30 years ago. My recollection is that in terms of architecture its downtown is a miniaturized version of Prague. They did not have decent beer, though, but had lots of mini-cafes with excellent coffee and sweets.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  87. @yurivku

    BTW, I wouldn’t call Ukies Nazis, either. They are true Bandera followers, they don’t measure up to real Nazis in anything except brutality. They are like a proverbial frog that wanted to be as big as a bull.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  88. @Popeye

    I thought Frau merkle was weaning Germany from fossil fuels and abandoning commercial nuclear power generation.

    Just read Phil Giraldi’s latest article.

  89. yurivku says:

    BTW, I wouldn’t call Ukies Nazis, either.

    Yes I’ve seen your explanation and basically agree with it. Ukronazy are nazy in sense of wild cruelty and nationalism, but they can show it only to defenseless peaceful civilians. But they are deserve to be eliminated not less than their idols.

    • Agree: AnonFromTN
  90. yurivku says:

    I spent my youth there, from my 5 yo to 16th I was living in Khmelnitsky, where my father was serving as a Soviet Army offcer. Even these times I had to fight hard with UKi’s classmates for being Russian.

    See, I grew up in Donbass, where most people are normal

    That’s true, but Donbas people actually are south Russians. There are lots of nice and normal people in occupied by UKies regions of Donbass and South-East Ukraine. Quite a different picture is in the middle and West of UKi. Many of normals have left UKi for Russia and other countries.
    Ordinary people got poisoned by nazy propaganda. Lots of stories are exist now how parents and childs, siblings became enemies these days. They hardly need de-nasification before can be dealt with.
    As for majority of Russians – we’re fed up of this stinky rotten people and need only to be separated from them.

    But how we can see at AP/Hack that leaving UKi not always mean give up their banderism.

    Anyway I’m absolutely sure that Ukraine as state is living its last days, it’s doomed to be separated and eliminated.

    PS: One of the funniest thing about UKi inhabitants is how they like glorify themselves – Слава Украине!

  91. yurivku says:

    you can look also here
    people discussing Russia-UKi relations, if skip silly posts which are present as elsewhere you can be in touch with whats going on and what people think. Majority of inhabitants are former UKis or their relatives.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  92. @yurivku

    Thanks for the link! I’ve noticed that people from Ukraine tend to be more militant against Banderites and their ilk than Russians born and living in Russia. I guess I am an outlier, as I did not live in Ukraine since 1975 and left Russia in 1991.

    I my book, one of the things Banderites are guilty of is that they defame Ukraine and even Ukrainian language. Nowadays, if someone speaks Russian on TV, radio, or Internet, you can expect anything, but if someone speaks Ukrainian, it is BS with a probability of about 99%. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between.

    Still, I believe that one has to distinguish Ukrainians from Ukies. Ukrainians are humans, they can be wrong, right, or anything in between, whereas Ukies are nasty cowardly murderous bullshitters, the scum of the Earth deserving gallows. I still hope there will be enough Ukrainians in Ukraine to hang all Banderites and build something decent on whatever territory remains by that time.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  93. Smith says:

    Ukraine and Russia have signed a 5 year gas transit deal contract, this means Putin has backed off and the entire fake East Ukraine shit is off his support, he got what he wanted, a business deal.

    Now why does Saker still drum things up? Does he desire war all that bad?

    And why doesn’t Saker cover things about Libya? Does he fear the recent turk aggression means that his WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN plan in Syria is now a dream?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  94. yurivku says:

    Nowadays, if someone speaks Russian on TV, radio, or Internet, you can expect anything, but if someone speaks Ukrainian, it is BS with a probability of about 99%.

    Exactly, in the past, hearing ukrainian was a sign of meeting some very rural uneducated people, but now it causes nausea and disgust. And yes, nothing but stupid anger and hatred being expressed in this artificial rural dialect composed from polish and other langs plus rustic speaking just to be different from Russian.
    Its speakers always apper as having last stage of debilism. I know you have other opinion about UKi’s lang, but I’m absolutely sure what I just said about its origin.

    As for links, – you can also look at:
    it’s some kind of author’s digest of local and world events with sligthly left inclanation. But analitics of author (Boris Rojin aka colonel cassad) are quite good.

  95. @Smith

    Putin got a business deal, but it does not mean that he intends to throw Donbass under the bus. He can’t afford to: if he does that, his approval in Russia would get to the level of libtards, into single digits. He is a savvy politician, not a business manager, so he won’t play this losing game.

    BTW, recent Turkish moves in Syria dislodged the US troops and gave Russians access to many Kurdish-controlled areas, including Raqqa.

    • Replies: @Smith
  96. Smith says:

    LOL, so Putin cares about his ratings now? It’s his last term and there’s practically no chance anyone is “rising up” against him no matter what he does in Ukraine. And there is jackshit he can do as the business is on because what the fat cats in Russia got what they wanted, and that’s what’s important, not what Putin thinks. Officially, he doesn’t even recognize Donbass as “russian” or whatever, enough money is already wasted supporting the FSB agents there.

    Btw, I said, Libya, not Syria, boomer. Catch the news sometimes. Watch what the turks are saying about russians in Libya, so much for muh rus-turk cooperation, so much for muh WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN plan.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  97. @Smith

    As English folk wisdom puts it, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

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