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Want Abortion Back? First, Women Have to Die
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The Supreme Court has sent a message: We’re no longer in the business of ratifying social change. No more legislating from the bench. If Americans want abortion, same-sex marriage and contraception legalized as opposed to merely tolerated, they should look to Congress.

Distraught over the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many women are searching for a quick fix — and they’re right. A 20,000-abortion-per-week nation can’t go to 10,000 overnight without dire social, economic and medical consequences. But the system won’t give us the rapid remedy we need.

Women will have to die.

Congress won’t help. Bless her heart, Sen. Elizabeth Warren articulated the Democrats’ plan, which is magical thinking at its finest: “If we pick up two more senators (in November), we can ditch the filibuster and make Roe the law of the land.” Odds of Democrats losing seats and Senate control are solid; odds that they’ll gain two or more seats are slim to none.

Neither will the Supreme Court. Only one justice, Clarence Thomas, is likely to die in the next year or two. He’s 74, overweight and rumored to be in poor health. Even if Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed Biden to hold a vote and the president were to replace Thomas with a liberal, the conservative majority would remain five to four. Adding new (liberal) justices to the Supreme Court is a pipe dream that would require a 60-vote Democratic supermajority, not to mention changing Biden’s mind about packing the court.

We the people won’t act, either. Now that Roe is no more, look at what has happened in the streets: nothing, unless you count a few sporadic, easily ignored, low-attendance protest demonstrations. Abortion-rights groups like NARAL are still fundraising, not mass-mobilizing.

Want abortion back? Women are going to have to die hard, ugly, public deaths.

A 2021 study estimates that 140 additional women will die each year in the U.S. due to complications from pregnancies that otherwise would have been terminated in abortions.

Vaguely and carelessly written statutes allowing for abortions in case of medical emergencies will kill even more. Women with heart conditions and diabetes are at higher risk of death during childbirth, but what level of risk rises to an emergency? Who makes the call, a doctor or a judge? How many doctors will take the safest course — for themselves — and refuse to perform a needed abortion? Some abortion bans are so sweeping that the procedure isn’t permitted even in case of a miscarriage, which can lead to fatal sepsis unless the fetus is removed.


“What does the risk of death have to be, and how imminent must it be?” University of Michigan reproductive health professor Lisa Harris asked in The New England Journal of Medicine. “Might abortion be permissible in a patient with pulmonary hypertension, for whom we cite a 30-to-50% chance of dying with ongoing pregnancy? Or must it be 100%?” Doctors in states where abortion is now illegal will probably “wait to that very last minute when it’s clear that a patient will die to do the procedure, and that’s just not an ideal time to do any kind of intervention,” Harris said.

Pathetic and absurd and wrong, yet plainly true, is that the quickest and likeliest route toward codifying abortion rights into federal law will begin with one, or more likely several, highly publicized cases of women who suffer hideous deaths because Roe is no more. If enough of those tragedies go viral on social media, there may eventually be enough horror and outrage across the political spectrum to persuade some Republicans to join Democrats into passing an abortion-rights law.

This, of course, is no guarantee. Many thousands of innocents have been slaughtered in mass shootings, all caught in gruesome high-definition video and spread via social media, yet Congress has barely begun to act on gun control measures. Cops routinely murder Black men on video yet the police remain woefully undefunded. Women’s deaths may be like that, piling up with nary a “thought and prayer” for a generation or more until the United States rejoins the developed world and restores Roe.

Without the Supreme Court, a functional Congress or sustained, energetic grassroots activism, however, outrage prompted by social media and high-profile martyrs are all we can hope for under this current system.

Ted Rall (Twitter: @tedrall), the political cartoonist, columnist and graphic novelist, is the author of a new graphic novel about a journalist gone bad, “The Stringer.”

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Abortion, Roe vs. Wade 
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  1. ruralguy says:

    45% of pregnancies are unwanted. If a mother is unable to care for a child, we all pay dearly for it in higher crime rates and a breakdown in civil order. About 40% of births are to single mothers. We know from studies, that children who grow up without father are four times more likely to be poor. 7 of 10 dropouts from school are children come from fatherless households. It goes on and on: much higher levels of suicide, depression, etc.

    Abortions prevents unwanted pregnancies, high crime rates, a breakdown in civil order, suicides, mental illness, etc. If they are banned, the black birth rate will increase from 1.9 to 3.8 births per black woman. We will be majority black in two generations. Our civilization will cease to exist.

    • Agree: Bo Bo
  2. loren says:

    Abortions prevents unwanted pregnancies, –wrong again.

  3. Anon[387] • Disclaimer says:

    The philosophy of abortion on demand for selfish reasons is something that degrades and cheapens life.

    Society can and will change back to a more responsible family structure with normal child birth rates.

    People’s life activities creates social commercial and industrial forces.

    We need to return to a more human focused society, people before obscene 1% profits.

  4. “Women have to die”

    Go on….

    • LOL: Kratoklastes
  5. All the college girls who got abortions were republicans with dads who got their checking statements. Their issue was always getting someone else to pay for the abortion so dad did not know. The world we are moving into is that girls in Norman, Tuscaloosa, Austin, College Station, Oxford, Starkville … and I forget the other towns … will simply get friends to pony up the cash so they can fly to Chicago for their abortion. Their conservative republican daddies who monitor daughters checking and credit card statements will never know.

    • Replies: @Ace
  6. anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    I lost a cousin because they couldn’t find a judge to OK an abortion to save her life because he was out on the golf course.

    Fuck you anti-abortionists.

    • Replies: @Ace
    , @Roger
    , @Precious
  7. AntiDem says:

    “If you don’t let us kill people, people will die!”


    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  8. Women shouldn’t vote, making babies and caring for them is what they’re made for. Do you lactate? Do you have a wide pelvis that makes it hard to run quickly, in order that a baby’s head can pass?

    Cops routinely murder Black men? No, Blacks routinely murder whoever they happen to be near. You shouldn’t vote either.

  9. Ted, somehow in your rant on abortion you manage to slip in some whopping lies. No, mass shootings do NOT kill thousands of people; it is more like hundreds; lamentable but numbers that are a tiny potion of annual murders in the U.S. In fact, fully half of all 47,000 deaths last year were attributed to suicide.

    As far as blacks “routinely murdered by cops”,it is yet another left wing lie that has unfortunately repeated so many milliins of times by the Democrat media that most perople believe it. After controlling for the fact that blacks , with 14% of the poplulation, commit more than half the murders in the U.S. ,they actually are killed LESS by the police than whites. But why let the facts get in the way of your anti-white diatribe?

    Instead of peddling your posionous propaganda on this issue, you might want to actually consult the work of an expert in the field. The foremost one is the intrepid writer Heather McDonald. For many years Ms. McDonald has done exhaustive work on crime statistics. Unlike you, she is does voluminous research ,is stauncly objective, and doesn’t stoop to cartoonish political slander.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Thanks: Ace
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  10. Notsofast says:
    @Kent Thoreau

    ted is a charlie brown democrat, always believing that that the lucy dnc is going to hold the football this time. he always ends up flat on his back and never learns.

  11. TG says:

    I certainly appreciate that abortion is a serious matter, and I do respect both sides of the issue. But: we are being played.

    Why did the ruling class suddenly overturn 50 years of – for better or worse – a basically settled issue? To mess with us, to add yet another thing to distract us from the matters that the rich do care about: forced population growth, massive subsidies and bailouts and near-zero tax rates for the super rich etc. The rich could give a damn about abortion, they can get abortions anytime if they want, and if a few more peasants die so what?

    I mean, suppose someone steals your wallet. You want your wallet back, right? But now this person screams “ABORTION! DEAD BABIES! WOMEN AS SLAVES!” Do you go, OK you’re right abortion is more important keep my wallet? Or do you say, shut up about that and give me my wallet back?

    I find it interesting: Western Europe has long settled on a compromise. They allow abortion on demand for the first three months or so, but greatly restrict it later. I personally see that as kind of sensible: a collection of cells is not a person, they are just cells, but an 8-month term pregnancy sure seems like a baby to me. Now maybe that’s not for America, but there is a total press blackout on what is – by the standards of Roe V. Wade – a quite restrictive western European policy. Perhaps our elites like it that the working class is so polarized between extreme positions – on the one hand verging on outlawing even birth control, and on the other, demanding abortion right up to one minute before birth.

    The super rich are reading the headlines about abortion, and as they sip their \$1,000 bottles of champagne, they are smiling.

  12. Roger says: • Website

    “A 2021 study estimates that 140 additional women will die each year in the U.S. due to complications from pregnancies that otherwise would have been terminated in abortions.”

    There is no question that some women die from complications in pregnancy and/or childbirth. This is unfortunate, but these deaths do not validate the killing of unborn children. Neither does the projection (estimated, unproven) that 140 more will die unless abortion is allowed.

    Ted Rall is claiming that, in order to save the lives of 140 women per year, we must allow the wholesale slaughter of over a million unborn human beings (20, 000/week x 52 weeks = 1, 040,000 abortions). 7, 429 human lives will be terminated forever for every woman who dies, additionally, due to pregnancy complications. 7, 429 to 1.

    Clearly, if this study is to be believed, abortion is NOT about saving the lives of women. There has to be some other reason for the practice. Let’s not get sidetracked with rabbit trails.

    • Replies: @Roger
  13. Get an abortion, get sterilized. Situation is limited to one dead fetus per customer.

    Abortion is neither birth control nor safe sex.

    • Agree: Roger
  14. Dumbo says:

    LOL. What?

    I never read this guy’s columns, and now I know why. What drivel!

    • Agree: Ace
  15. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    Can someone explain how states exercising their newfound right to ban abortion is going to benefit me?

    • Replies: @Ace
  16. Roger says: • Website

    “The Supreme Court has sent a message: We’re no longer in the business of ratifying social change. No more legislating from the bench. If Americans want abortion, same-sex marriage and contraception legalized as opposed to merely tolerated, they should look to Congress.”

    What Rall is really saying here is that he can no longer have what he wants because the Supreme Court is not playing that game any more…and it makes him angry. What shows through his message is that he recognizes that his ideological preferences are being systematically overrun by a change in the mindset of America…and it makes him angry.

    To which I say, “Tough. Deal with it.”

    “The American system was not designed to be unitary. With slavery and other issues dividing the 13 colonies from the beginning, the solution was federalism. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people,” says the Tenth Amendment. On issues where no compromise is possible, states are supposed to run their own affairs.”

    “The Supreme Court and the federal government have crushed federalism by asserting federal power. While countless media outlets are decrying today’s “illegitimate Supreme Court,” almost every major progressive victory — including same-sex marriage, abortion, desegregation, the doctrine of “disparate impact,” affirmative action, abolishing school prayer — was imposed by the Supreme Court.”

    –Gregory Hood,

    On issues where no compromise is possible…

    This explains the abortion issue to a tee. What Rall and other like-minded persons (even those from the opposite side of the issue) refuse to understand is that imposing one legally enforced viewpoint upon everyone does not solve anything, but exacerbates division, discord, and hatred.

    Roe v. Wade was an extreme position imposed on the country by an ideology determined to have its own way, but which could not muster enough support to advance its demands through the legislative process. The 1973 decision immediately split the country between those adamantly in favor of abortion on demand and those vehemently opposed to it, with no possibility of compromise anywhere. After 50 years of unlimited slaughter, there is still no room in Rall’s cadre for any type of limitation, as there will be none from those who will work to outlaw the practice everywhere.

    Nevertheless, returning the issue to the states to regulate on their own is a good start toward reaching that compromise.

  17. Ace says:

    Mr. Rall, pursuant to what enumerated power in the Constitution would Congress be able to legislate on the issue of abortion? Just idle curiosity here. I’m always eager to learn about stuff I can’t seem to find in the Constitution. Nice lurid language though.

  18. Ace says:
    @Harry Huntington

    Conservative republican daddies are clueless.

  19. Ace says:

    What state and county was that in and in what year did that occur?

  20. Ace says:

    You will be gratified that you live in a country where Supreme Court justices can occasionally overturn prior dishonest, purely political opinions.

    Also, your heartfelt opinions can now be expressed in a genuine debate on the state level and subjected to scrutiny. You can grow from engaging in the give and take on the local level.

    It will no longer have to vex you so that a mere five or more Supreme Court justices jammed the notion of a constitutionally-protected right to “privacy” down the throat of millions in blatant defiance of the most fundamental language of the Constitution.

    You will also get 10% off your next Starbucks purchase.

  21. Cowboy says:

    If only 1 women dies who wants to kill her baby but can’t, Ted will cry.

  22. I am pro-choice, but I am resigned to the idea that abortion throughout the Western world will be completely illegal in the long run. We’ve let in too many people who are very unlikely to support it. This is even more true in Europe than it is here in America. Letting in lots of religious conservatives is just a bad idea.

  23. Roger says: • Website

    How long does it take to play a round of golf?

    What if he had been on vacation in Greece or Timbuktu? Did he have no stand-in? Were there not other judges nearby who could OK the abortion? Why was your cousin’s condition so bad that the “window of opportunity” to save her life was limited to only a few hours and, because this one particular judge was not readily available within that time to sign off on the procedure, she was forced to die? What was this life-threatening condition anyway which happened so quickly that the only choice was “Abort or die. Right now!”? How long ago did this happen? What was the “law” of that state at that time? Was it so onerous that the medical establishment was terrified of breaking it in order to save a woman’s life?

    Simple questions. Easily answered, as was Ace’s, which you have not responded to even though you have had plenty of time. Your comment is nothing more than the entirety of Rall’s argument–shrill, hysterical, emotional shrieking, completely devoid of logic and reason.

  24. …until the United States rejoins the developed world and restores Roe.

    Except for Canada, with a decision (in 1988) even more radical than Roe, everywhere in the “developed world”, at least the developed West, had stricter laws than the US.

    Abortion is the ultimate class war, rich people killing poor people.

    …yet Congress has barely begun to act on gun control measures.

    Gun control is also class war, and has always been. That’s why it is hated in America, and loved in the UK.

    For all his “progressive” pretensions, Mr Rall exposes his true self twice here.

  25. Precious says:

    I lost a cousin because they couldn’t find a judge to OK an abortion to save her life because he was out on the golf course.

    A likely story!

    Next time you make something up, don’t forget to mention the coat hanger! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Replies: @Roger
  26. Precious says:

    If the Moloch worshippers best plan is to hope women die of pregnancy, then Moloch is going to have the sadz. Women are pretty good at pregnancy, considering that is what their bodies are designed to do. And let’s not forget medical technology hasn’t stood still since 1973.

    I am just glad that Clarence Thomas was able to safely and legally abort Roe vs Wade.

  27. Roger says: • Website

    How is it possible to be unable to find the judge if they knew he was on the golf course?

    If CSI can get a no-knock warrant signed by a judge who is out at dinner with his wife of 47 years on their anniversary, surely someone could have tracked down this judge and interrupted his game for 30 seconds. Couldn’t they?

    • Agree: Precious
  28. They’ve got all you numbskulls arguing about bullshit, while they set about getting their BlackRobe lickspittles to advance their core objectives.

    While you’ve all been circle-jerking about trying to give full vent to your deeply weird desire to interfere other people’s lives (i.e., whether or not some woman gets to flush a fetus), they’ve just had their BlackRobe lickspittles set the kindling around another important piece of the Bill of Rights.

    Vega v Tekoh. They’ve got their sights on the 5th Amendment.

    By the time you wankers get around to noticing, it’ll already be a dead letter.

    • Replies: @Precious
  29. Ask your wife to volunteer. That should get the ball rolling.

  30. Precious says:

    They’ve got all you numbskulls arguing about bullshit, while they set about getting their BlackRobe lickspittles to advance their core objectives.

    Which is Making America Great Again. Your hysterics over the 5th Amendment are duly noted, and will be laughed at when you are proven wrong.

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