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Previewing a Biden Presidency: Dementia, Impotence, Collapse
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At this writing, two days after the election, Joe Biden appears to be six electoral votes away from winning the presidency.

The Trump campaign has requested a recount in Wisconsin. Republicans are suing in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada to demand the right to observe vote counts and challenge absentee ballots and COVID-related mail-in ballots.

Recounts rarely change the outcome of an election and never do so when the margin is significant. So that’s a doomed Hail Mary pass. Trump’s fading hopes remain, as I have written previously, with the obscure 12th Amendment to the United States Constitution. If legal challenges prevent another state from certifying its results to the Electoral College by the Dec. 14 deadline, the incoming House of Representatives votes by state delegation for the new president. Most states are Republican, so Trump would win.

If Trump can reverse the trend of Biden being a single state away from legitimately declaring victory, possibly by disqualifying Democratic votes, he may remain in the White House. But Trump’s legal challenges in Nevada, though technically still alive, face long odds.

So, the wind is at Biden’s back, even if it feels more like a mild breeze. Which makes it a good time to consider what a Biden presidency could/will look like.

Few presidents in American history have entered the White House as politically impotent as Joe Biden. No Democrat since and including Andrew Jackson has ever been elected without Democratic control of both houses of Congress. Biden’s inverse coattails made history: Democrats lost four seats in the House. They expected to pick up 15.

The most recent Republican to face congressional opposition on day one was Ronald Reagan in 1981. The GOP controlled the House; Democrats had the Senate.

Biden’s advisers have to be obsessing over the words of former House Speaker John Boehner in 2010: “We’re going to do everything — and I mean everything we can do — to kill it, stop it, slow it down, whatever we can.” “It” was then-President Barack Obama’s agenda. Then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell added at the time: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” McConnell is even more of an obstructionist today. And now he’s the majority leader.

Even if Joe Biden were predisposed to a bold agenda, which progressives have a good reason to doubt, McConnell will block it. Unlike Obama, who had a Democratic supermajority in the Senate, Biden will have a valid excuse to accomplish nothing.


And that’s assuming that he is able to function in the first place. All the Democratic denials in the world can’t hide the possible president-elect’s worsening dementia. At a recent campaign event, Biden introduced his granddaughter as if she were his dead son: “This is my son Beau Biden, who a lot of you helped elect to the Senate in Delaware.” Wrong gender, wrong generation, wrong sentience. He tried to correct himself. “This is my granddaughter, Natalie.”

Actually, Natalie is a different granddaughter. His son Beau died five years ago. Beau never even ran for the Senate. This is dementia, not “stuttering.” It’s sad. It’s also scary. As commander in chief, Biden could single-handedly launch a nuclear attack.

Biden’s defenders point to evidence that Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s, but there was zero evidence of the disease when he took office in 1981. Woodrow Wilson suffered cognitive decline after a stroke, but that was toward the end of his second term. Biden will be the first president to begin his first term with clear signs of dementia.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden 
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  1. The best thing that could happen is total gridlock in DC.

    No new stupid laws passed.

    If they can keep it up for 4 years, maybe people would realize that we don’t need no stinking Fed Gov.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  2. Biden will be the first president to begin his first term with clear signs of dementia.

    White people have mass dementia in sucking up to Jews.

  3. anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden Biden Biden Trump Trump Trump. You poor brainwashed bastards.

    For the few remaining, utterly alienated, sane people, on Monday you can sit down, escape the ambient indoctrination and see the US as the civilized world sees it. Streamed live.

    The world don’t give a shit which puppet ruler CIA installs. The state is the state. The outside world sees a Gestapo headquartered in Langley pushing you around, stuffing slogans and figureheads up your ass. “They control it. All of it. All of it. All the time,” as Senator Rockefeller told you.

    The civilized world sympathizes with you poor downtrodden wogs (yes W.O.G.s, sad to say. you’re Western-Oriented Gentlemen but the world has left the Western bloc behind.)

    The Langley regime is pissing legitimacy down its leg, unable to demonstrate the rudiments of sovereignty in law. The world is going to pile on and remind them what they have to do to be taken seriously. All Langley can do is blow shit up and now they’re too scared to do that, since Russia can control escalation all the way to surgical decapitation – the missile gap’s for real now.

    The world will have Gina, She-Wolf of the SIS on the spot. They’ll be demanding to know what she has to say for herself. She’ll hide behind DoS consultants who explain why torture is justified, why your right to life has to be revocable by any asshole cop, why you have to pay to fix a broken leg but you get fighter jets and cops in tanks for free, why state secrets dictate that Epstein can fuck your kids for years on end.

    The world is going to show you why you need to storm Langley like the Germans stormed the Stasi, shave Gina’s head, and lock the fuckers up.

  4. TGD says:

    The real president will be Barack Obama.

    I wondered how Biden went from way down in the candidate pack in Iowa and New Hampshire to the top dog in the democrat’s menagerie. I have come to the conclusion that Obama arranged it. Obama and Jim Clyburn (D, SC) together made sure that Biden would win big in South Carolina. Then Clyburn recorded messages, which were “robocalled” to all of the blacks living in the “Super Tuesday” states. This resulted in a Biden sweep.

    The day after “Super Tuesday,” the other candidates magically dropped out of the race with the exception of Bernie Sanders. Lunkheaded Sanders took a few days more until he realized that he’d been throw under the locomotive. Only Obama could have arranged all of this.

    The question remains, will Obama move into the White House to directly pull Joe’s strings or will he do it by remote control?

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Hibernian
  5. HBM says:

    Has there ever been a worse human being to (maybe) become President? Biden sold his office for millions to his nation’s greatest enemy and apparently several others. He exploited his own ne’er do well degenerate son, having him do the legwork for his treachery. He covered up this same son’s apparent pedophilic rape of his granddaughter. He participated in perhaps the two biggest scandals in our nation’s history: the rolling coup of 2016 and beyond, and the blatant theft of 2020. He has a sexual fetish for smelling children who come into his orbit, which anyone with a screen and a working pair of eyes can see for themselves. Biden is like the cartoon evil Trump allegedly embodies, but for real, replete with the unsolicited pussy-grabbing rape. Watching the Establishment and Media defend him and carry his demented near-corpse to the White House is almost impossible for me to process. They are in some other universe where, clearly, anything goes.

    • Agree: SteveK9
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  6. meamjojo says:

    Thanks Ted for motivating Libertarians to to vote 3rd party, taking votes away from Trump! Biden almost surely would have lost w/o your help.

  7. Notsofast says:

    I think the real purpose of this election was to see if they could get 70,000,000+ idiots to demand a senile war criminal mafia crime boss to be their fearless leader. If they can do this, they can make them vote for anything, a catchers mit, a bolo paddle, a stuffed parrot, how about a donkey?

    • Replies: @Jmaie
  8. Notsofast says:

    Kamala is a transgendered obama. Exactly why she was chosen. If they can prop up biden for a little over 2 years they get 10 years of kamala. Whats the difference between obama and a camel? A couple of humps.

  9. roonaldo says:

    That bizarre episode Mr. Rall recounts of Joe introducing his granddaughter as Beau and hallucinating that Beau had been a Delaware Senator should have cued the medics to cart him off the stage. I suppose Joe’s physician will soon declare him in perfect health and Dr. Fauci will vouch for his razor-sharp mental faculties.

    Ol’ Emporer Joe has no clothes, but the media will declare him fashionably attired ’til the end. “Now don’t he look natural!” All of which, it seems, makes for a suitable analogy for a sham democracy and dying empire.

  10. Other people on the web are pointing towards the 14th amendment, on the basis that Antifa and the BLM movement are insurrectionist.

  11. I am no Biden fan, Trump either, and think the faux Imperial Presidency we sort-of have is an ugly joke. But, there is no way that the President (no matter who it is) can singlehandedly launch nuclear weapons. Oh, if some sort of a movie-scenario massive first strike, unforeseen, were en-route the POTUS might be tasked with authorizing counterstrike just before DC gets smoked (Change we can believe in!!) but that exceedingly unlikely scenario is not what pundits and people mean when they refer to the President having his hand on the nuclear button.

    If the President, on his or her own volition and without the US (Not Taiwan, or Dehli, or Tel Aviv, or…) having been attacked first were to order a nuclear strike anywhere, The President would be carefully, quietly advised that it was just not a good time, etc. etc.

    There may be nuclear weapons used first around the world someday, but it will not be from the US as it is now constituted. That is subject to change, but not for a while yet. Nuclear explosions are bad for business, and business is what the people who make and break POTUS are all about.

    • Replies: @SteveK9
  12. SteveK9 says:

    Brezhnev, Chernenko, Andropov …

    • Replies: @roonaldo
  13. SteveK9 says:
    @Brian Reilly

    Especially when EVERYONE knows Joe has dementia.

  14. I you think this website doesn’t indulge in stealth cancel culture, at the behest of the big guys, then you are very naive.

  15. Tor597 says:

    This is just wishful thinking or Republican Cope.

    The president is not the one making most decisions, even with an egomaniac like Trump. It is cabinet appointments and consultants who are writing policy.

    A good president makes appearances to influence the public, which Biden won’t be able to help with. But that’s not what his term is about.

    His term was 100% about beating Trump and that is all he will be known for.

    By the way, Reagan definitely had alzheimers and his administration carried on just fine.

    Our economy was going to collapse no matter who won.

  16. TG says:

    With respect, it is not relevant whether Biden is or is not senile. It’s probably note even relevant whether or not he has a pulse. Biden has spent about half a century stabbing the working class in the back at the behest of his wealthy patrons. That’s why the rich love him so much: he is a reliable errand boy, who will do ANYTHING he is paid to do.

    At this point, Team Biden has institutionalized this selling out, and Biden’s intelligence or lack thereof means nothing. What does matter is what the elites pulling his strings tell him to do.

  17. Jmaie says:

    I think the real purpose of this election was to see if they could get 70,000,000+ idiots to demand a senile war criminal mafia crime boss to be their fearless leader.

    Could you narrow it down a bit further?

    (Yeah, I get that Trump isn’t senile but the rest mostly fits.)

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  18. roonaldo says:

    Yep, the Geriatric Union’s demise was a sorry affair, but Russia is better off for it, it appears. Perhaps the U.S. empire will die with a whimper rather than a bang and the troops and CIA brigades will return home. Too bad Dennis Kucinich was deep-sixed.

  19. Joe Corpse did not win not even close. Sydney Powell and the software Hammer and Scorecard tell the truth about the coup. Joe Corpse and the Hindu Ho need to hang for treason along with the rest of the demons.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  20. Expect that before too long some very smart and aggressive foreign powers will move to take full advantage of the US before Biden is eased out. We will witness a Pentagon going its own way because it lacks direction, a CIA going its way to advance its agenda (expect lots of money parked overseas), and deep pocket hedge fund types making parallel market moves. Not that a President Harris would be in a much better position …

  21. Hibernian says:

    The problem is the actions the Executive Branch can take on its own.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  22. Hibernian says:

    Obama doesn’t like Biden and didn’t campaign for him until near the end. That’s not to say that he will not have influence.

  23. @Hibernian

    It’s my understanding that Executive Orders are legally only applicable to executive branch employees. How they became the mechanism whereby a dictator barks orders to the country’s inhabitants is something I’d like someone to explain.

    The very idea that one man can make the equivalent of law and that no one objects is definite proof that the Federal government as a whole is illegitimate.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  24. @Jmaie

    HEY, Asshole…
    No more new wars for Israel with Trump…depite his kissing of jew asses.
    Drawdown of forces in places effed up by Obongo and Hildabeast, with Trump.
    Chinese egg roll cart overturned by Trump…why do you think that the Chins are so pissed off that the scummy Asian murderers unleashed BioWarfare…that helps our Domestic Enemies.
    Also, you are a DERANGED Asshole, Asshole.

  25. The self proclaimed Zionist Biden will make the perfect puppet actor president just like Trump has. There will be no real difference. Only some window dressing to make it appear that there is conflict between the Socialist Zionist Dem. and the Socialist Zionist Rep. The globalist agenda is not only moving ahead as planned but has been greatly enhanced by the livestocks obsequious submission to the long planned fake virus, fake test, fake numbers and soon fake vaccine. Zionist operative for big Pharma Fauchi was behind the fake AIDS epidemic and cause thousands of vaccine injuries with the Swine flu fraud. All these and the other flus were a precursor to todays covid scam.

    Our shabbos goy congress (regardless of party) lets the sovereign banking cartel led by the Jews at Goldman Sachs commit all the financial crimes they want and shovel trillions more to their cronies on Wall St. just like in the bailouts for billionaires program of 08. This all started way back in 1910 with the syphilitic puppet Wilson who already had two nervous breakdowns before the Zionist Jews placed him in office to be controlled by Bernard Baruch, Eugene Meyer and Col. House. It’s been no different with Netanyahu cheerleader Trump and now the senile shyster Biden will make the perfect Pres. for Jewmerica. I was going to post Biden’s declaration of being a Zionist but it has been removed just as has Fauchi’s statement in February that the masks were counterproductive.

    It should be obvious to everyone that Biden;’s victory in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania was rigged. This is really just more verification that the whole election process is merely a sham put up by the Zionist elite to make the goyim think that they have a choice, when the presidency has been controlled sine Wilson and the same elites run both fake parties at the top.

    To moderator: It appears that comments are limited to 1 per 24 hrs. Not enough to conduct any kind of reasonable discussion on topic, hit agree button or make replies.

  26. There are 70 million people (probably more) in the U.S. that absolutely hate Biden and the federal government. I am one of them and I will do nothing to help that filthy group. The world senses an idiot is on the scene for the US who is going to do nothing but capitulate on every issue. Some countries are happy and some are afraid. Biden’s mental aptitudes are few and Harris is an outright idiot. Both are clueless and have never had the pressure they are about to endure by the outside world. Trump enjoyed pressure. He was a man’s man and got along with the bullies of the world and made them afraid of him. He pushed America’s power and good name everywhere. This group of handwringing democrats cannot cope. Soon, we will be more of a laughing stock than we ever were. One crisis will hit after another. What will Biden do when China encroaches are even invades Taiwan (for example)? He will do nothing or he will be like Jimmy Carter and do something half-arse and make a fool of himself and America. There is no leadership in this bunch of socialists. We must fight to save the country or else.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  27. @HBM

    The hindu-dindu assuming power is their endgame.

    Secession and creation of Red State Nation is a logical response.

  28. @RoatanBill

    There is no provision in our original constitution for execute orders. The constitution is very clear as far as presidential authority. It is mainly a chief magistrate role to enforce the laws of congress which is supposed to be where most power resides. Our founders did not place much power in the presidency or in the federal government overall. The powers of the central government are strictly limited by he 10th amendment and augmented to make sure by the others. That was the whole purpose of the original Bill of Rights. To limit the power of the federal gov. and preserve the Republic of sovereign States. This protection was lost with the sodomite murderer Lincoln’s attack on his own people in order to maintain the illegal tariffs for his New England manufacture and industrial power base.

    It’s been down hill ever since till today the whole world is falling into the clutches of the Zionist criminal syndicate. Whenever a country becomes more socialistic, whenever more power is concentrated at the top as the elites must do to increase that control then this power will be first evidenced in the executive branch and usually in the expansion of the military. All the livestock are directed to look to the federal (elite controlled) gov. to solve all their problems that the Zionist elites created in the problem – reaction – solution Hegelian model to begin with. The fake virus is a good illustration.

    Another often used tactic is the divide and conquer technique. We see this in the anti white culture and hate crime legislation in order to divide everyone into groups. Anti semitism is also always used as in shabbos goy Trump’s ex. order against free speech on college campuses. The NAACP founded in 1907 by Zionist Jew Jacob Schiff has been used by the elites for the same purpose by converting the negroes who were making good progress in the early 1900’s, into proxy warriors for the Zionist Jews. Now we have the same Zionist Jews behind their black proxies in the ANTIFA-BLM mov. designed to eliminate what little protection the States have left under the 10th amendment as a move to bring in the Zionist elite’s federal thugs so that the people will accept martial law more routinely.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  29. @roonaldo

    It’s a silly fake news exaggeration to say that Biden mistook his granddaughter for his son.

    Judge for yourself: he clearly means to give context about which granddaughter she is, by first speaking of her father, his son:

    And sure, he got the wrong granddaughter, and sure, he misspoke about what Beau was elected to, but those are not as serious mistakes.

    Biden has always made stupid gaffes and spoken very approximately. He may have dementia, but this is no proof of it. What this is is the kind of fake news / rumor mongering (much of it against Trump) that makes all of us dumber and that I thought Ted Rall was smarter than to indulge in.

    • Thanks: roonaldo
    • Replies: @roonaldo
  30. PhilK says:

    Sorry, Ted, won’t be no Biden preznitzy for you.

  31. roonaldo says:

    The clip from your post starts with Joe saying “This is Beau…,” as if he’s introducing him, so I will presume just prior to that was the relevant context you mention. The way Joe rambles, mutters, and marble-mouths his words can make interpreting him hazardous to one’s mental health. I have become over-cynical (and prone to believing the worst) about politics since a short while into Obama’s reign, when it was clear he’d sold us down the river. Ted Rall’s political cartoons over the years have helped me laugh through the tears.

    • Replies: @European-American
  32. Biden’s (alleged) mental decline is a matter for concern. A president’s mental state has a bearing on everything he does.

    “The Dying President: Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944-1945” by Robert H. Ferrell is an account of Roosevelt’s cardiovascular disease over the last year of his life. His mental faculties were waning, as this incident shows:

    “During these weeks Assistant Secretary of State Nelson A. Rockefeller, future governor of New York, put before the president a memorandum, so Bohlen learned, proposing an invitation to Argentina to become a founding member of the UN. It was a direct breach of an agreement at Yalta, according to which only nations that declared war on Germany could be founding members. Argentina did not qualify. Roosevelt signed the memo without understanding its content.”

  33. @roonaldo

    He starts, “I want to introduce you to my grand— to two of my granddaughters.”

    That’s how the video starts. It DOESN’T start, “I want to introduce you to my son.”

    He then says, moving one of his granddaughters forward, “This is my son Beau Biden, who etc.”, obviously mentioning his dead son, NOT because he somehow thinks he’s suddenly alive and looks like his granddaughter, jeez I mean how crazy do you have to be to believe that’s what he meant? How stupidly literal-minded? It’s enough to despair of the human condition, and of media driving everyone stupid.

    It’s an apposition: “This is Beau [bla la bla saying who that is]’s daughter.”

    Jeez!! Give him a frickin break. I’m not a Biden fan but this is a moronic topic. Gotcha uncharitable soundbites. Seriously… What the… Why am I even discussing this childish nonsense…

    It’s just that like you I have appreciated Ted Rall for his humor and his brave opinions. But this is just dumb, dumb, dumb, I’m very sorry to say.

    • Replies: @roonaldo
  34. roonaldo says:

    Thanks, the way it played on my phone (which is need of an operating system update) was not complete, it seems. Unfortunately, Joe’s made so many bizarre utterances that it’s not necessarily dumb to think he could spontaneously spout most anything. I’m sorry he’s deteriorating–hate to see that happen to anyone.

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