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My Predictions for Biden's Probably Truncated Presidency
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Beginning in March 2016, I repeatedly and almost famously warned overconfident Democrats — who ridiculed me for saying so — that Donald Trump would probably win the 2016 election. Days after Trump’s “softly sensuous” inauguration, I accurately predicted the next four years: “Three scenarios show us what everyday life in Trumpian America will probably feel like: Third World dictatorships, prison and having an alcoholic parent.”

“In a dictatorship,” I noted, “particularly where the despot is a megalomaniac in the vein of a Saddam Hussein or a Muammar Gaddafi, citizens obsess over the Great Leader’s every move.” Never have the American people obsessed for four exhausting years over a president as we did over Trump and his autocratic style.

“People who have done time will tell you that it’s important to study the guards, particularly the sadistic ones,” I said. Like prison inmates, we studied Trump and his tweets and his strange, corrupt family incessantly in a vain attempt to isolate the methods to his madnesses.

As I concluded in January 2017: “It’s never fun to be Cassandra.”

Now it’s time to weigh in on what President Joe Biden’s first — and, despite his recent statement to the contrary, almost certainly only — term will probably look like.

Spoiler alert: It probably won’t last four years.

There’s a reason candidate Biden barely campaigned and almost never spoke extemporaneously, and that President Biden has only given one highly cringy press conference so far, a record low in the modern era. Biden, 78, is the oldest man to have taken the oath of office. And while a lot of 78-year-olds are physically vigorous and mentally sharp, Biden isn’t one of them.

Biden’s cabal of handlers from former President Obama’s era are doing their best to hide their fading commander-in-chief and his obvious-to-all-non-Democrats infirmities, running the country from behind the scenes. His media allies have sacrificed their last vestige of dignity in their heroic support for the Dems’ ridiculous “nothing to see here” narrative.

As professional gamblers evaluate the president’s health and political performance, posted odds that he’ll remain in office through Jan. 19, 2025 — when he’ll be 82 — have already plunged from 75% to 60%. My guess is that no one is more aware of Biden’s condition than Democratic National Committee bosses. They would like Biden to hang on until after the November 2022 midterm elections and then step aside in order to allow Vice President Kamala Harris a year of incumbency, which could bolster her case for 2024.

Biden can still read a speech. But he is a husk, a placeholder leader like Pope Benedict XVI, who, like Biden, was elected at age 78. Benedict resigned at age 85, citing old age.

Following Trump’s bipolar rule and violent departure from office, Biden’s courtly elder-statesman style and successful passage of the \$1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill has him enjoying high approval ratings. But failures of commission and omission lie ahead. It’s mostly downhill from here.


The next major item on the Biden administration’s legislative agenda is a \$2.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Until recently, building stuff seemed like one of the few areas in which a bipartisan grand bargain might be possible. Now, however, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has united the GOP in opposition. With DINOs (Democrats in Name Only) such as Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia going wobbly, the bill seems destined for outright defeat or worse, because it only pretends to fix the issue and is severely diluted.

Voters judge presidential success and failure on two metrics. First, did the president correctly identify the problems people care about most? Second, did he fix those problems or at least do his best to try?

In part because they listened to progressives, Biden’s people wisely put money into people’s pockets to help them recover from the economic pain of the COVID-19 lockdown. As checks arrive this month, voters will feel warm fuzzies for the Democrats. But it wasn’t nearly enough. What happens in two or three months? Those single \$1,400 payments, a tiny fraction of a whole year of fiscal pain, will be spent and gone. The eviction and foreclosure moratorium ends June 30. There is no indication that the White House plans another relief package.

Look for a long, hot summer as complacency deteriorates into despair.

Biden’s presidency will likely crash on the shoals of the country’s numerous long-neglected problems. Legislation to increase the minimum wage from \$7.25 an hour will be tepid to nonexistent. The same goes for student loan debt relief. Biden promised to add a public option to the Affordable Care Act, but there’s no sign of life there either. He talks a good game on racial justice yet offers nothing by way of forced federal reform of local policing.

If I’m right, the second two years of the administration will belong to Kamala Harris as of 2023.

She is young, charismatic and relatively energetic. She will make the most of her historical moment as the first woman of color to hold the nation’s highest political office; the media will be on her side. But if history repeats itself by punishing the party in power, Democrats will likely lose seats in the House and control of the Senate in the midterms, leaving her in an even worse position to get anything done in Congress. Nevertheless, she’ll be a formidable candidate in 2024.

As befitted him, Trump went out with a bang.

Biden will end with a whimper.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris 
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  1. andreas says:

    Kamala is charismatic? On what planet? She peaked at 2% support in the primaries. That’s about the measure of her charisma.

  2. @andreas

    She peaked at 2% support in the primaries.

    And that was among the Democrat base, the ones most likely to vote in Democrat primaries, and a far more prog group than the rest of the country. I’ve yet to meet a normal person who thinks much of Harris.

  3. anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for your laser focus on the crucial issues of the contemporary world. Next you should do a post on who is going to replace Vanna White.

    • Agree: schnellandine, meamjojo
  4. roonaldo says:

    Admit it, Mr. Rall, old Joe is mentally incapacitated, and his decline was obvious a year and a half ago.

    And “his courtly elder-statesman style…has him enjoying high approval ratings” could more accurately be stated…”his corpse-like embalmed statesman style…has garnered him a 51% disapproval rating.”

    And your description of Camelass Harris as “young, charismatic, and relatively energetic” ought to have said…”dumb, sociopathic, and energetically fucked her way to Attorney General of California.”

    You do see this administration fizzling out and I regret that your earlier hopes that Biden would fill his Cabinet with the best and the brightest was not to be. Though he will certainly go out whimpering and slobbering in his oatmeal, his arming and goading of the Ukraine to threaten Crimea and assault the Donbass will create a big bang when Russia puts the hammer down on such idiocy.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  5. Michelle says:

    President Crypt Keeper and Vice President Dwayne Johnson in drag. Kamala is just awful! That thick neck, that witchy voice, that stupid cackling laugh, and worst of all, her opened mouth smiles. She is just giddy and high on herself and loving all the attention, which is what she’s been looking for her whole life. She slept with a married man, thirty years her senior, to get into SF political circles. I thought she’d be a formidable candidate, then I saw her in the Presidential debates and realized there was nothing in her head at all. She’s way more of a narcissist than Trump is.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  6. There are a lot of 50+ men who wouldn’t mind banging someone who looked like Kamala Harris.

    That isn’t quite the same thing as being charismatic.

    • Replies: @Druid
  7. @Michelle

    Really an unfair comparison. Dwayne Johnson is hard working and has a bit of charisma. Harris is lazy and has a repellant personality.

    • Agree: Ilya G Poimandres
  8. Jmaie says:

    Never have the American people obsessed for four exhausting years over a president as we did over Trump and his autocratic style.

    Only those on the left and only the subsets “Professional talking heads” and “tin foil hat nutjobs.”

  9. Sean says:

    Biden had no reelection committee set up. He knows he has one term and he intends to serve almost all of it; his agenda converges with the Dems wanting to protect Kamala from exposure, economic chaos is coming and she is safer as VP.

    They would like Biden to hang on until after the November 2022 midterm elections

    I very much doubt that. Quite apart from the aforementioned unfavorable economic climate to be in the White House in 2022, so soon would make it obvious that electors were sold a bill of goods by the Dems with Biden in 2020. Moreover, Kamala Harris is a woman and history shows that women are often unfairly judged in politics. She’d have to suddenly draw on a hitherto unsuspected reservoir of brilliance to navigate what is coming as pres, but the evidence to date is she is far from being a natural politician. The Dem stratagem will be to will keep Biden in office until everyone is begging for him to be replaced. Harris will come in a little before the election, and everyone will be so relieved and grateful that they’ll elect her back into the White House. Then the wrapping will come off.

    • Replies: @willem1
  10. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden has gone from demented to dementia, a stupid narcissistic compulsive liar who is now on the verge of drooling. This is obvious to all so writing a column to that effect hardly rivals Sherlock Holmes. Stating that Harris is “charismatic” is bizarre, more like a laughing hyena. Author must be speaking for himself since no one in the Dem party thought that. That they may keep this dangerous clown around until the end of 2022 sounds like a plausible guess. Article could be reduced to about five sentences.

  11. Here’s Kamala Harris when she was dating Montel Williams in 2001. The woman on the left is Montel’s daughter Ashley. Click to enlarge –

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  12. Druid says:
    @Servant of Gla'aki

    I wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole! The greasy who(le) would be a disgust!1

  13. Miha says:

    Just to remind me, will you list Trump’s autocratic actions (as against Biden’s) ? In the space you use for ‘Third World dictatorships, prison and having an alcoholic parent.”, ‘Trump and his autocratic style.” , ” Trump and his tweets and his strange, corrupt family incessantly in a vain attempt to isolate the methods to his madnesses.’ , ‘ Trump’s bipolar rule and violent departure from office’, (all amounting to mere rhetoric) you could have given chapter and verse and actually persuaded me as to my idiocy in ever supporting him.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  14. What is the attitude of Jill Biden (Dr. Jill to you!)? I don’t think she wants to give up being First Lady to babysit Joe in a retirement home in Wilmington. Harris may want to wait until January 21, 2023 when she can serve out Joe’s term and then be elected to two consecutive terms, but Jill wants four years as First Lady. The catfight between those two and their respective camps will be epic, but the media probably won’t let us see it.

    As other commentators have noted, Harris has no charisma and isn’t even likeable, except to Silicon Valley, who greatly facilitated her being placed on the ticket to do their bidding.

  15. George says:

    The article does not mention the May 1 Afghanistan deadline when Afghanistan becomes the Biden-Blinken war. And to be honest probably the Blinken war as Biden is out of it.

    • Replies: @A123
  16. @andreas

    Well the hyenas on the plains of Africa sure find her endless cackling endearing.

  17. A123 says:

    Afghanistan becomes the Biden-Blinken war. And to be honest probably the Blinken war as Biden is out of it.

    Vice Führer Harris is the one actually running the administration.

    Trump expelled the NeoConDemocrats (e.g. George Will, Bill Kristol) back to their original DNC War Party home. They are the Power Behind the Throne, so to speak.

    I hope everyone who voted for Harris-Biden appreciate Kamala’s Wars. This is the minimum list:
    • Afghanistan War
    • Syria War
    • Ukraine War

    Optional extra Bonus Wars could include:
    — There are any number of ways Harris could screw up and create additional Middle Eastern Wars.
    — Kamala is Indian, so a proxy battle with China seems inevitable.
    — The DNC War Party’s dogmatic belief in the “Russia, Russia, Russia” myth could add Belarus.

    People are going to want Trump back sooner than later.

    He was the first President in recent history who did not start any new conflicts. Sociopath Khameni was definitely trying to provoke a war, which Trump wisely refused.

    PEACE 😇

    • LOL: meamjojo
    • Replies: @zimriel
    , @TomSchmidt
  18. Kamala Harris is the biggest flake in American politics today. She makes Sarah Palin look like a female Einstein by comparison. Of course the media will be on her side slobbering all over about her new undeserved status. In other words, the usual brainwashing of the public will be on full scale display by a media that is as corrupt as the democrats they work for. President Donald Trump was the last chance for this nation. He understood the problems and tried to change course for the better. That’s why the U.S. elite, needed to sink him and go back to the status quo that has brought the U.S. so low but benefitted the few elite that sold out to China and are now continuing to sell out to China. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ explained it all in his recent article The dictatorship of Numbers with Andrei Martyanov. Harris will be even more manipulated than Biden is.

  19. Johnw says:

    What is this trash? I’m surprised to read this on Unz. This could’ve come from Time Mag. Biden and Harris are illegitimate.

    “Charismatic”? You forgot to mention pure evil.

    How was Trump autocratic? How about Biden’s 80000000 EO’s? The shredding of the Constitution? 2A?

    Remind to further avoid this Ted Rall hack.

    • Agree: Old Brown Fool
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  20. Another says:

    i am surprised that unz let this drivel be printed🤷‍♂️

  21. zimriel says:

    Could we have a moratorium on this stupid lying graphic?
    Trump engaged in a lukewarm-to-hot proxy war against Iran. He bombed their outposts in Syria. He murdered Suleimani in Iraq. He ran cover for the Saudis as they bombed and bombed and bombed some more in the Yemen, against the Houthis.
    You may or may not think that Trump was justified in these acts. You may or may not think that the Islamic Republic declared war on us first, in 1979. I believe this myself and defended Trump for his aggressions.

    But you don’t get to pretend that Trump was all about peace with Iran because he was not.

  22. @Miha

    Trump…autocratic. It recalls the right-wing gibe: the Left told me Trump was Hitler, but all I got was a blowhard.

  23. @A123

    “People are going to want Trump back sooner than later.”

    Jimmy Carter was better than Walter Mondale, who was better than Dukakis, who was better than Clinton, who was better than Gore, who might have been worse than Kerry, who was better than Obama, who was better than Hillary, who was better than Biden. Except Biden beat Trump because Trump was a champion at stirring up opposition while doing nothing for his voters, except not crapping on them.

    Someone with Trump’s brashness but actual accomplishments would gain Trump’s supporters. I’m not loving Biden/Harris, and I suspect the Bolshevik takeover isn’t far away, but I’m glad Trump isn’t around to do nothing about any of this.

  24. nsa says:

    The assumption here is that encroaching senility is somehow a bar to public office in an advanced welfare state social democracy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The job of Prez appears to be exceptionally easy, consisting mainly of giving away other people’s money and collecting bribes from various corrupt lobbyists…..and occasionally starting a war that benefits a vile cock cutter cult with lots of money and media leverage. If some perp calls you a name and you are feeling grumpy, you can have some goons visit him or have the IRS audit him. Look at the collection of mediocrities that have held the position……morons like Bush II, vicious cripples like FDR, sexaholics like Clinton and Harding, outright crooks like Nixon and Johnson. So what’s detrimental about a little alzheimers? The B grade actor Ronnie Reagan is a good example. His ballet dancer kid reported ole Ron was senile pissing in a diaper for most his second term, and the country ran fine under the tutelage of Nancy, her astrologer, and Big Al Haig. Woodie Wilson was incapacitated by a stroke and no one even noticed….his wife effectively ran the country. So far, Joe Biden has performed his duties of office admirably…..given away trillions in OPM stimmies to the mostly undeserving, continued the flow of largesse to the vile cock cutter cult, opened the borders up to more undocumented democrats, proposed more money for the empire’s diversified military, etc. Hell, senility might actually be an asset when holding public office.

  25. meamjojo says:

    Damn! Ashley was hot!!

    • Replies: @Boomeritis
  26. willem1 says:

    “She’d have to suddenly draw on a hitherto unsuspected reservoir of brilliance to navigate what is coming as pres, but the evidence to date is she is far from being a natural politician.”

    Nah. The candidacy and election of Joe Biden should prove that you don’t really even need functioning brain cells to be president any more (if ever?). All the real governing is done by power that is publicly invisible, from behind the curtain.

    I myself guessed not too long after the 2016 election that Kamala would get drafted by those powers-that-be, because she is a younger, darker, and less visibly dour version of Hillary.

  27. BuelahMan says:

    Imagine my shock when I read Rall’s piece and found so many stupid ideas that the only conclusion can be he is either totally insane or one of the left’s biggest fools.

    Seriously. Why are his articles posted here?

    I despised Trump. But to think he is anymore a “dictator” that creepy joe is such a stretch that I can’t see anyone but similarly insane, massively foolish or completely corrupt people agreeing.

    As for Harris’ “charisma”: it appears that it comes in the form of a blowjob.

  28. Let’s see if I can break this down so that even Joe Biden can understand what’s going on.

    1.) ORANGE MAN gone, but still BAD.

    2.) Joe Biden is a doddering old fool and will sadly need to be put out to pasture soon, say sometime around the mid-term elections. Will we still be able to have those?

    3.) Kamala Harris is a rising new superstar. The heir apparent to the glitz and glamorous world of D.C. politics.

    After her triumphant tour of the water plant in Oakland, California while touting the Biden administrations infrastructure plan. Just who in their right mind wouldn’t want Kamala placed in charge as leader of the free world?

    Her simple and elegant solutions to the Southern border crises should show that “she will make the most of her historical moment as the first woman of color to hold the nation’s highest political office”

    And, after I finished reading this latest deranged tripe from Ted Rall I headed to the nearest vomitorium to purge myself of my dangerous WYTE privilege and systemic racism.

    Up next. Watch as I jam a coat hanger up my nose and lobotomize myself while live streaming the event so that I too can see what it’s like to live in Ted Rall’s universe.

  29. Anon[418] • Disclaimer says:

    Much like Pat Cockbreath, all this dude’s articles would be right at home at Huffpost or CNN.

  30. @andreas

    I see a major government ending crisis in the USSA before 2024.

  31. @Johnw

    If only Trump were as autocratic as Gaddafi. As crooked? Likely. Autocratic? Not even close. I met Libyan doctors studying specialties. They thought the Jamahiriya was great.

  32. @meamjojo

    And had the good fashion sense to wear some sort of support apparatus…

    • Replies: @A123
  33. A123 says:

    I prefer Ashley Scott.

    She played Huntress on the Birds of Prey TV series from 2002.

    If they had cast the movie this way it would have done *much* better at the box office.

    PEACE 😇

    Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, & Rachel Skarsten


  34. Legislation to increase the minimum wage from \$7.25 an hour will be tepid to nonexistent.

    Never mind raising the immigrant minimum wage to \$72.50.

    The same goes for student loan debt relief.

    Never mind shutting down the overpriced scams known as “universities” and jailing their administrations.

  35. Bite Moi says:

    andreas——-I never expected to see a female politician more repulsive than Hilary Clinton.Now we have the hot mess Kamala as VP.

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