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My Dead French Grandfather Helped Me with COVID-19
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After my mother died on Feb. 7, I gathered her valuables and photo albums and drove home to New York. But there wasn’t enough room in the car for everything I wanted to keep.

There were tchotchkes such as a silly white ceramic saltshaker and pepper shaker in the shape of Arab kings. They weren’t my taste, but they had been there my entire life, so I wanted them. There was a box of birth certificates and other official documents from her parents and grandparents back in France. And her bike. She had bought a wooden chair for $5 at a garage sale, stripped off the hideous paint and discovered it was an early 19th-century Shaker; I didn’t want to let that go.

One more trip to Dayton, Ohio, was all I needed.

Her house sold faster than I expected. Closing is in a month. The buyers want to move in then, so I have to get my stuff out before then. My Realtor was generous. She offered to pack everything up and store it for me until the end of the coronavirus crisis. But I prefer to do it myself. Things you care about get lost and screwed up when you leave them to others.

COVID-19 be damned, I packed up to drive from New York to Ohio.

It was going to be a cannonball run: 12 hours from New York to Dayton, one day to pack, 12 hours back. I’d only need to get gas once each way. If I needed to urinate, I’d do it on the side of the Pennsylvania Interstate 80. As Gary Numan noted, the automobile is the epitome of social distancing.

Aside from the possibility of contracting the coronavirus, my plan entailed the risk of being trapped at some checkpoint or forcibly quarantined as lockdowns continue to spread. Ohio has a shelter-in-place order. There are rumors that nonessential travel verifiable by documentation has been prohibited. The White House wants anyone who leaves New York to self-quarantine for 14 days. As of this writing, the highways are supposedly open. But will they be on Friday?

I couldn’t sleep last night.

What if I were to get sick somewhere in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio? I wouldn’t have any clue where to go. Would I be able to drive the remainder of the way to Dayton? Would I get stuck there? If I were on my way back, would I be in good-enough shape to make it back to New York? There are too many variables to feel good about it.

It’s not like I am particularly risk-averse. I’ve filed conflict reports, including from Afghanistan. But something kept telling me I was being stupid.

Then my grandfather spoke to me. Not literally. He died over 30 years ago. But I could hear him in my mind, telling me a story for the umpteenth time, so clearly that I re-remembered the timbre of his voice.

The story concerned his best friend.


When France fell to the Germans in 1940, the country was partitioned. The western Atlantic coast and northern France including Paris were subjected to direct Nazi occupation. The center and the south became known as the absurdly misnamed “Free Zone,” governed for the first couple of years of World War II by the treasonous collaborationist regime of Marshal Philippe Petain. My grandfather and his family lived in the free zone. His boyhood best friend lived in Paris.

A member of the French Resistance, he learned that Jews and others deported to Eastern Europe would never return, that they were being mass murdered by the Germans. He determined to save his friend, a Jew living in Paris.

Using forged papers that could have gotten him shot on the spot had they been discovered, he illegally crossed the line of demarcation into the occupied zone and made his way to his friend’s apartment in Paris.

“You and your family,” he told his friend as they smoked together, “must leave at once. I have arranged forged documents for you. I will take you over the mountains to Spain, where you will be safe.”

His friend trusted him implicitly. “I understand,” he said. Then he went to talk to his wife.

After a time, his friend returned to the living room to inform him that they would not be leaving with my grandfather. They had a beautiful rent-controlled apartment, nice furniture. He specifically mentioned a fine china cabinet. Holocaust rumors seemed so over-the-top. Perhaps, he told my grandfather, everything will be all right.

After liberation, my grandfather returned to Paris and learned that months after their meeting, his friend, his friend’s wife and their two daughters had been deported to Auschwitz. They were almost certainly gassed upon arrival.

The apartment was bare, the door wide open. Someone — neighbors, probably — had taken everything, even the china cabinet.

“My friend died over an apartment and some stuff,” my grandfather remembered. He was still angry, saying: “Never die over stuff. Society can collapse in an instant. Accept the truth. Pivot. And never look back. It’s the difference between life and death. Never risk death over a stupid china cabinet.”

COVID-19 isn’t World War II, and driving to Ohio is hardly on par with waiting out the Nazi occupation of Paris. Yet my grandfather’s lesson was pertinent. I nearly risked myself and everyone that I came into contact with over stuff .

Stuff doesn’t matter. People matter.

I’m sure my Realtor will pack everything up diligently.

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  1. Rich says:

    They weren’t “gassed at Auschwitz”. No one was gassed at Auschwitz. They may have died from Typhus, they may have become refugees or they may have died from any number of causes. The one thing you can be sure of though, is that they weren’t gassed.

  2. Take care of yourself Ted.

    I think, almost every day, about what it would be like to go back to Hawaii where I grew up. Where I fled, as soon as I could, being a member of a hated minority there.

    How many WWII escapees, the lucky ones who got out, 80 and 90 or more years old now, pine for the flowers along their old childhood street, the feel and smell and even taste of the waters of the lake where they learned to swim, of hiking and sports and the old library, the sound of the wind through trees now long cut down or shot down and the ground effectively salted, covered with asphalt or concrete?

    The beach along Portlock Road where I lived when I was little was a living ecosystem. There were many, many different types of seashells, clear water, happy fish, interesting driftwood, and even a kukui nut tree that grew right down near the beach and dropped its nuts into the water where, washed back and forth with pebbles and other flotsam and jetsam, they made a sound like a herd of little old-western-movie clippety-clops in miniature with each wave. Kukui nuts have a distinct stink, too, and so did the pandanus tree up a ways, and there were other stinks and smells too.

    The beach consisted of two layers. There was an upper layer of light, coral and fossil-coral, close enough to white to gleam in the sun with the odd shadow of a coconut tree crossing it, and an under-layer, of heavy olivine. Also known as peridot, it’s green and thus, at times when the waves had temporarily removed the lighter sand-blanket, we played on a beach of green gemstone.

    I was last back in 03. Everything that was once alive there is gone now – it’s all been silted and cemented to death. The water’s grey and murky, and even the most noxious of sea-bubble algae can’t live there now. The only seashells are fossil ones. That was in 03 and I’m sure it’s worse now.

    I myself have no papers and not pictures of my parents, needless to say nothing of earlier generations. History is bunk! And so I don’t even have the collection of menus from the too-expensive restaurants my father apparently took my mother to after a fight, or the photo I once had of my father in a much younger, much slimmer time, wearing “Roman” sandals I remember seeing in my childhood, standing beside a marlin he’d caught, in front of the charter boat out of Honolulu Harbor. The shorts he wore, I later wore myself in high school but all of that is gone – papers, shorts, all of it.

    Because in the American machine you’re supposed to be ready to pick up at a moment’s notice and run. Run! Run! Foreclosed, evicted, a parent or relative dies and whoosh! There went the papers and the memories, who knows where they went. You need to move cross-country, again and again, to get a job, to avoid violence or starvation or utter despair. We are all becoming Gorkys.

    So trust the movers; they’ll get enough through. Look into Dmitry Orlov’s concept of the NMI or New Monastic Individual; people who try to find some hidey-hole where hopefully they won’t get crushed like a bug by the thrashings of the dying Empire. And hopefully they can save a bit of what was, like the bits and pieces saved of the old Roman empire.

  3. Wielgus says:

    If they were Jewish, being deliberately killed by Germans was a very likely outcome, whether or not gas was used.
    Being too attached to fixed property could indeed kill you in WW2. Although they were not flavour of the month with the Third Reich either, most studies tend to suggest the proportion of Gypsies killed was smaller than the proportion of Jews. And this sounds right – a partially nomadic population group used to living hand to mouth and capable of considerable low-level opportunism might have better chances of survival in a war.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  4. gT says:

    That’s why I drive a bakkie (pickup), with a tow bar for a trailer if I need it. Even now with the lockdown I’m unconcerned, I can always go fetch a few sheep or a cow from the rural areas if needed.

    Though I’m not a semi-mental (aka sentimental) type, I do understand that some people really become attached to some of their possessions, its different strokes for different folks I guess.

    Holocau$t forever.

  5. Svevlad says:

    Why do americans like selling houses that belonged to their ancestors? Keep that shit, tent it out

  6. BuelahMan says:

    “They were almost certainly gassed upon arrival.”

    It is real in your mind.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  7. bro3886 says:

    The only place where you’ll find more bullshit than in war stories are holocaust stories. They both bring out pathetic attention-seeking dingbats.

    • Agree: RodW
  8. They were almost certainly gassed upon arrival.

    Some heroic jews survived the Auschwitz Death Camp™ when the evil notsees ran out of gas for the masturbation machines. Some brave and formidable jews, like Bernard Holstein, were rescued by wolves.

    Holstein’s book is so popular that Lord Bezos cannot keep it in stock.

    • Replies: @Malla
  9. WHAT says:

    But what about the lampshades?

  10. @Wielgus

    If they were Jewish, being deliberately killed by Germans was a very likely outcome, whether or not gas was used.

    Paul Rassinier would disagree.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  11. Max Payne says:

    Good display of hysteria.

  12. How about a little background? In the Thirty Years’ War, France with her allies dismembered Germany and slaughtered half her population. France was a powerful global empire that invaded the weak city-states and principalities of Germany at will, more than thirty times over the following two centuries. The modern German nationalist movement was in fact triggered by Napoleon’s murderous rampage through Prussia in 1813. Even after the horror and bloodshed of the Great War, France felt entitled to violate the Treaties of Versailles and Lucarno, and then to launch another total war against a Germany that had done her no injury. And this came after the German government acquiesced to French territorial demands in the west and built the costly Siegfried Line on the new border as a tangible guarantee of the peace and security of both nations.

    In 1919 French Premier Clemenceau declared that Europe’s problem was that there were still “twenty million Germans too many”, setting the stage for more carnage. But France in 1940 learned a bitter lesson about the folly of allying with England’s attempt to destroy Germany in 1939. Partitioning such a treacherous neighbor into two separate regions (while generously allowing the defeated enemy to retain her navy and overseas colonies) seems a most prudent act of German diplomacy.

  13. Have you thought of taking your story to Stephen Spielberg? “Gassed in Auschwitz over a rent-controlled apartment in Paris” is almost as good as Les Miserables, ” twenty years in the dungeons over stealing a a loaf of bread.”
    I like the part about the French Resistance, forged papers to go into occupied France from unoccupied France, forged papers for the reluctant Jew to get out of Paris to be smuggled into unoccupied France, then Spain, then Portugal, then Morocco, then New York. How did your grandfather know they went to Auschwitz? How did he know they were gassed? Maybe they went to Israel? Maybe they did go to New York?
    But no matter. You could become the next Elie Wiesel. And your grandfather may be recognized in the Hall of righteous Gentiles.

  14. orionyx says:

    Ain’t that cute – using his fear of maybe catching a cold to pour out more Holohoax crap. From now on I’m ignoring Ted Rall.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  15. Malla says:
    @Adam Smith

    Bernard Holstein, were rescued by wolves.

    Wuz one of those wulfs, a noble one and hence can be described az “Adolf”???
    Imagine da headline “Adolf rescues the Jew Bernard Holstein”. Excellent!!

    • Thanks: Adam Smith
  16. Wielgus says:

    I would disagree with Rassinier.
    I think they mass-murdered Jews, shooting, gassing, hanging etc. purely based on what the German authorities themselves said and wrote about Jews. “The Jews are our misfortune” as a widely disseminated slogan, “Jews are not wanted here” widely posted outside villages, SA songs with lyrics like “wenn Judenblut vom Messer spritzt, es geht zweimal so gut” (“When Jewish blood spurts from the knife, things go twice as well”), or a German news agency item showing the synagogue at Brest in occupied France turned into a brothel for German servicemen, but of course they kept the Star of David up. That level of hatred makes me think, not “Why would they kill the Jews?” but rather “Why would they not kill them, especially in the midst of a war?” Even hatred of other targets like Communists was filtered through the anti-Semitism and often inseparable from it.
    If someone is found murdered, detectives will first ask if he had any enemies. Third Reich enmity to Jews was massive and obsessive.

  17. @orionyx

    It could be re-titled “My Dead French Grandfather helped me sell out humanity.”

  18. @Wielgus

    Rassinier was a communist in the French underground, and helped Jews “escape”. He was captured and sent to a “death camp”, yet his books refuted the entire evil murdering Nazi narrative.
    Robert Faurison found cases in Hungary, where German soldiers were court-martialed and executed for causing the death of a civilian Jew. “Death camp” commanders were tried for abusing camp inmates, even before the war.

    If you are referring to the Einsatzgruppen, which was part of the NSDAP apparatus, and their “atrocities”, they only became atrocities at Nuremberg. The Treaty of Westphalia, the “rules of war”, required all combatants to be in uniform. Combatants not in uniform were spies, and could be summarily executed. Those aiding and abetting spies were considered spies. The Einsatzgruppen were tasked with ferreting out partisans. Because partisans were non-uniformed combatants, they were considered spies. Many partisans, particularly in Eastern Europe, were Jews. The were executed because they were spies, not because they were Jewish.

    As for the brothel in a synagogue, were the prostitutes Jewish? It seems the prostitutes in the “death camp” brothels were primarily Jewish. If the Germans hated Jews so much, why didn’t they destroy all of the synagogues? Allied bombing destroyed the synagogues, not the Germans. I’m not saying that bad things didn’t happen, or that individual soldiers didn’t kill Jews, just because they were Jews. There are songs sung in every country demonizing “the enemy”, but the songs are for morale, and do not necessarily represent government policy. You can think whatever you want. However, the fact remains that there is no evidence that the NS German Government ordered, or tolerated, the killing you “think” happened. There is, on the other hand, evidence that those stepping outside the lines were dealt with severely.

  19. … treasonous collaborationist regime of Marshal Philippe Petain.

    Marshall Pétain didn’t deserve the bad press and post-war treatment he received. He kept a huge part of France and its overseas territories as well as its fleet out of German hands, and this slug of “neutral” territory between Germany and Spain made it impossible for the Germans to roll through Spain on their way to taking Gibraltar and cutting off the Med.

    As for being in the La Résistance, it is truly amazing how large its numbers were, particularly after the war.

  20. @Wielgus

    Almost 20 years ago now, along with so many disappeared things (not talking about due to covid, but the overall disappearance of businesses and various ways people used to socialize and do little good deeds for each other) there was a pickup point for the now-deceased Sunnyvale Salvation Army in the parking lot of the now-deceased Sunnyvale OSH store. After hours, people often just dropped things off, and thus it became one of those informal “free markets”.

    I picked up some books one evening, and one of them was written during WWII by a German who’d gotten out, and who described how it was living under the Nazis as a good German. They had rallies, classes, extra work, yadda yadda; it was a hell of busywork that one only got relief from by a few hours of sleep a night. Adults, kids, everyone was kept hopping all the time, mainly to control them and keep them from thinking too much.

    In case I need to remind anyone, Mussolini originally called his plan Corporatism, by which was meant the running of society by the big corporations. He later came upon the term Fascism which was shorter and sharper and catchier and brought to mind the old Roman symbol of the fasces, which you may find on the old US “mercury” dime. But it meant the same thing. The big corp’s were successful, and thus according to some Social Darwinist way of thinking, knew how to do things best, and so, like Hitler with IF Farben and Thyssen and so on, life would be lived the corporate way.

    And so everyone was put to work, right down to 5-year-olds, life as one big work camp. And it’s hard to keep that all rolling unless you do two things: You just nakedly show that everyone, even good Germans, are prisoners of the machine and must work or it’s the wall, or because that would really piss off all the good Germans who voted Hitler in, you come up with some object of hate. In Animal Farm it was one of the pigs who left, in Nazi Germany it was Jews. It was a handy, ancient hate, and yes indeed there are all kinds of folk-hatreds around Jews. One of the most bizarre is the “Judensau” which is found in Germany everywhere, even now. It’s a statue, painting, stone carving, etc. of a Jew or Jews suckling on a sow.

    Germans had lived in a culture of fear and hatred and gruesome death and spirits lurking behind every tree since antiquity. All primitive peoples tend to, and if you don’t believe me, read about the world of darkness Eskimos lived in before white contact. Or the ancient Hawaiians who even Captain Cook, coming from cruel Britain, observed had come up with more methods of torture and killing than any other group he’d seen. Germans had only relatively recently been freed from most, if not all, of this by the Catholic Church, and one only needs to research their behavior in WWI to see that they were barely civilized.

    The Catholic Church had taken away were-wolves and kobolds and so on, and replaced them with The Jew. So the Germans had a multitude of sayings and tropes about The Jew. And the Nazis found this useful – Hitler himself describes being casting about for a way to make it in life after WWI and seizing upon anti-Semitic pamphlets. Here was a wave he could ride.

    When I was over in Germany in the mid-90s it was the Poles. Poles this and Poles that. “Polonisch” they called them. Germans just have to have someone to hate; kind of like US Southerners in that way.

    • Replies: @Tusk
    , @ploni almoni
  21. Tusk says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Pretty delusional post.

    Germans had lived in a culture of fear and hatred and gruesome death and spirits lurking behind every tree since antiquity. All primitive peoples tend to

    How long was Germany a Christian nation again? In fact even in antiquity Germany was semi-easygoing as evidenced by Tacitus’ account.

    The Catholic Church had taken away were-wolves and kobolds and so on, and replaced them with The Jew

    Yes Jews never did anything wrong in the history of Europe. In fact if it wasn’t for the filthy chr*stians slandering God’s chosen people everything would have gone along perfectly fine.

    Hitler himself describes being casting about for a way to make it in life after WWI

    Glad he didn’t turn to prostituting children just like a significant portion of the Weimar era population. I think being an ex-soldier as your countries sovereignty and dignity was destroyed would put you in a prime position to figure out what you should do to fix the poverty and filth all around you, but to you this is a bad thing.

    Here was a wave he could ride.

    Yeah he “rode” the wave. It wasn’t like he was a driving force behind some of the ideas, and then later the person in charge who restored normalcy to a broken country. He was just some delusional anti-semite don’t investigate further.

    Here’s some wonderful quotes from the friendly God’s Chosen demonstrating their tolerance of their host country:

    Th. Nathan Kaufman, in his book Germany Must Perish (edited at Newark, see p. 104), wrote as early as 1941 that after the war Germany must be completely dismembered. Kaufman demanded that the German population, both male and female, surviving the aerial bombings, be sterilised in order to secure the total extinction of the German race.

    The same hatred flares up in Maurice Leon Dodd’s book How Many World Wars (New York, 1942), in which the author proclaims that no Germany and no German race must be left after this war. Charles G. Haertman in his book There Must be no Germany after War (New York, 1942), also demands the physical extermination of the German people. Einzig Palil, a Canadian Jewish writer, in his book Can we Win the Peace? (London, 1942), takes a similar stand demanding the dismembering of Germany and the total demolition of German industry. Ivor Duncan, another Jewish writer, in his article Die Quelle des Pan-Germanismus which appeared in the March, 1942, issue of Zentral Europa Observer, demanded the sterilisation of forty million Germans. He estimated the total cost of his scheme to be five million pounds sterling.

    Douglas Miller, writing in the New York Times in 1942, states that seventy million Germans are too many. Exports and imports must therefore be so regulated that more than forty million Germans will starve.

    In the library of the American House in Munich, on page 456 of an American book entitled Joy Street, by Keyes, written for the greater glory of overseas propaganda, we read:

    “As Major David Salamon said:

    ‘Could I have had the chance to choose my job in this war, I should have picked the same task I was actually assigned. Right through France, right into Germany to destroy everything. Never in history has there been such a war. I am glad that I can tell my grandchildren that I was there and took part in the revenge. I thank God for this.

    ‘When finally we reached Germany we began to destroy and devastate everything. Then I realised that this was what I was waiting for, this was what I was living for. My only regret is that I was unable to destroy and kill more as we had not much time left for it. When we reached Wiesbaden our tempo became slower for there was nothing left we could attack, bomb or kill. We made such a perfect job that we had to stop for a while.’”

    Louis Marschalko – The World Conquerors (1958) Chapter 8.

    Please take note that the accepted period of Holocaust orthodoxy belives that the “Gas Chambers” only became operational in the end of 1942. So most of these quotes were written before any alleged “mass extermination” program was undertaken. These aren’t statements of revenge, they’re simply stating what they want.

  22. RodW says:

    Ted Rall, your brave, fibbing Grandpa would be ashamed by what a snivelling coward his line produced.

  23. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    My Lithuanian great grandfather was an admirer of Albert Einstein. Einstein, he said, showed the world that Jews are the greatest thinkers. He used to say that only ten people in the world understand Einstein and nine of them were Jews. He was such a great admirer that he had E=mC2 tatooed on his chest. During the war he and my great grandmother were separated. He was sent to Auschwitz and she, because she spoke German, was sent to Theresienstadt. She survived thanks to a defective shipment of Zyklon B, but my great grandfather did not. Imagine her shock when, in 1952 she walked into Rubaschkin’s lamp store on 8th street and third avenue—

    • LOL: Tusk
  24. @Tusk

    I’ve read a *lot* about Hitler. I don’t know why, maybe Hitler takes up the space in my brain that most people have filled with football, Britney Spears, etc. It helps to read Anton Kubizek’s account of the young Hitler. I think I, too, would have liked the young Hitler and found him interesting to hang out with.

    It helps show that Hitler was pretty largely a blank slate looking for the strongest pen to write upon. He felt that Communism was not going to work for him, but nationalism would.

    Result: His 1000-year Reich lasted about 12, and left Germany in a shambles.

    And I’m all for the Morgenthau Plan. I also think the North should have replicated Sherman’s march to the sea, across the whole South. That’s how you win a war.

    • Replies: @Tusk
  25. Ted – I’ve also watched a lot of testaments by Holocaust survivors that are on YouTube, some going back to the late 80s. Very very much worth listening to. The most touching is one by a guy who I think would have done much, much better to move to Israel. The US’s propaganda is so strong that it sucks people in who realized only far too late how shitty a place it really is to live.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  26. Fox says:

    cut all ties with the unholy script of the Federal Republic of Germany. With people like you, I wonder what they could not made to believe. You can pour all of your misanthropy, your disappointment about a life that has been destroyed, robbed of its prospects and youthful hopes by the hateful spawn of the wartime atrocity propagandists, their murderous hate enshrined in law at Nuremberg, onto the world around you and experience the satisfaction of a child with match, setting its parents estate ablaze in order to finally punish them. This what your life has become: An infantile will to destroy that which has been turned into a total control of your life and a negation of the happy expectations you had at one point before your mind and soul was poisoned from dark sources. And you don’t care to find out about the purpose and origin of the poison in your veins. That’s tragic for your life and it’s tragic for all of those who believe what they must believe in order to not fear.
    None of the anti-German hate stories can withstand the light of reason, neither in reality, nor in motivation or psychological duration. They exist to demonize the German being, its nation and its existence as human. That’s why in the Germany that has been beaten into a cripple, the force-separated German province of Austria, in all countries that stand to lose with a factual understanding of what happened before, during and after the war, you have to expect severe trouble if you don’t believe what you are expected to, at least to shut up about it. The US is still the one country where you don’t end up in prison for p u b l i c a l l y not believing, but even so, it is not without risk to do so.

    • Replies: @RodW
  27. RodW says:

    The US is still the one country where you don’t end up in prison for p u b l i c a l l y not believing, but even so, it is not without risk to do so.

    I think you mean “one of the many”. Countries that put you in the sin bin for not believing are in a tiny and disgraceful minority. May they return to normal one day soon.

  28. @ploni almoni


    If there’s one thing I love (among many) about Jooz it’s that they comprehend subtlety. I love me some good pilpul.

    Watch the movie “Max” with John Cusack. Not a bad little flick, and the TL;DR is it’s about a Jew who befriended the young Hitler after the war.

    And it’s not even as kind a portrayal as Anton Kubizek’s, who knew the actual young Hitler. Hitler as a kid and a young guy was one of the weirdos I gravitated to in high school. Smart, often with a bit of anger (and for good reason, try being a non-wealthy white in Hawaii) and quirky. I’d have totally hung out with the young Hitler. I guess if I could travel back in time I’d go back and be his drawing buddy because 99% of “artistic frustration” is simply not being able to buckle down and draw 100 faces a day or whatever it takes.

    Of course then the German right would have found another loudmouth to put in front, and Hitler would have probably become one of the German dissidents.

    It’s entirely possible to feel a kinship with the young Hitler and not hate Jooz.

  29. Tusk says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    And I’m all for the Morgenthau Plan

    You’re a psychopath who thinks the total destruction of the German people? Here you are talking about poor Jews being oppressed in France while being on the side of the eradication of the German people. You’re a complete hypocrite.

    Result: His 1000-year Reich lasted about 12, and left Germany in a shambles.

    Having three empires declare war on you has the tendency to do that. I guess all the Germans starved and raped by the occupying powers is all Hitlers fault. Allies can do no wrong.

  30. The Morgenthau Plan didn’t call for the destruction of Germans any more than de-militarizing Japan called for the destruction of the Japanese.

    And it didn’t go through because we needed a strong Germany to stand against the USSR.

    Germany had a tiring habit of starting a major war every 30 years or so. Bad babies get a good spanking. And, while there was a lot of hyperbole about their acts of atrocity in WWI, there’s plenty of real fact in there too.

    And considering the Allies included my beloved USSR, yeah, to me, the Allies could do no wrong. It’s the last era in history when we really shined.

    • Replies: @Fox
  31. Fox says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Yes, I remember that after the historiographical facelift of 1914, the war of 1870 was also started by Germany, although declared by France; I’d say the same for 1939: declared by France and Britain, and first by Poland in the night of August 31, 1939 (as broadcast on Polish radio) after string of attacks on Germany, verbally, diplomatically and physically (as, for example, firing on Lufthansa passenger planes en route to East Prussia in late August of 1939), nonetheless, it is Germany starting the war. In late July of 1914, he Kaiser was trying to make the Czar retract the general mobilisation order given to the Russian Army, the last stage before engaging in war. Russia, in collusion with France and England standing ready to overwhelm Germany, had brought it to this point. Likewise, in the event-blind version of events, it was not the United States under Roosevelt with its making a mockery out of American neutrality, eventually resulting in orders to fire upon, ramming and relaying of German submarine positions to the Royal Navy that was attacked by Germany.
    In your understanding of reality, if you hit me and I hit you in response, it was me who started the fight and acted as the aggressor.

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