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Liberals' Bizarre Fear of an Unmasked Nation
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During last year’s campaign, Joe Biden promised to “listen to the scientists.” He repeatedly said his coronavirus-response policy would be “informed by science and by experts.”

On issues from the environment to teaching evolution in public schools to the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, liberals often accuse conservatives of putting emotions ahead of facts. While recognizing that the scientific process of acquiring knowledge and putting hypotheses to an empirical test can and often does lead to shifts in consensus, we on the left claim to trust scientists such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert and unlikely media icon.

After Fauci and other authorities like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told us to wear masks, Blue America listened. As of late June 2020, 86% of Democrats wore a face mask whenever they left home, compared with 48% of Republicans.

Now scientific consensus has changed. But lefties are choosing to ignore the new reality — not that it’s new. Beginning nearly a year ago , in July 2020, the CDC stated that wearing a mask outdoors was unnecessary unless one was less than six feet away from someone else. Aside from crowded events like rallies, sports and concerts, risk of outdoor transmission is lower than a rounding error.

Clarifying its long-held stance, the CDC said on May 13 that people need not wear a mask outdoors, unless they are in a crowd of strangers, or inside with their “pod” of friends and family members. Masking outside is “optional,” Paul Sax, clinical director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, told The Washington Post — optional as in unnecessary.

Let’s pivot toward hope. Nearly half of American adults have been fully vaccinated, and Pfizer is vaccinating children ages 12 to 15. We can go outside, have fun and socialize within the new liberalized guidelines, yet too many people remain traumatized and grimly coasting on paranoid inertia. “It’s the return of freedom,” said Dr. Mike Saag, an infectious disease expert at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Weeks after the latest CDC guidelines were issued, however, normalcy and freedom are still in short supply in liberal bastions like my neighborhood in Manhattan, where Biden won 91% of the vote. In compliance with the CDC, I walk outside without a mask because it’s unnecessary. Moreover, I’m fully vaccinated. Rules require that I put one on when I go into a store or ride the subway.

Furrowed brows, glares and general stink eyes still abound. My neighbors are ignoring the CDC as much as right-wingers in West Virginia did last summer.


One would expect attitudes to evolve with the passage of time, but that hasn’t been the case so far. When a fellow tenant confronted me recently about my masklessness in the lobby — where I’d been alone prior to her arrival — I informed her that I’d been fully vaccinated. “Everyone in the building has probably been vaccinated,” she said, “but here we still wear them.” I asked why. “It’s just the right thing to do,” she replied.

At a full-serve gas station in Manhattan, the attendant demanded that I put on my mask before giving me a fill-up. “We’re outside,” I pointed out. It was windy to boot. “The CDC says you don’t need a mask.” “I don’t care what the CDC says,” he told me. “I’m going to keep wearing a mask forever, like in Asia.”

Half-empty streets in majority-Democratic areas — where people are far more likely to get vaxxed — are still, CDC be damned, dotted with people wearing one or two masks on sidewalks where no one can be seen for hundreds of feet. Many of the bemasked will tell you that they have been fully vaccinated. You’ll see people jogging down lonely country roads, riding bikes and driving cars while wearing masks.

“You can understand that when people have been following a certain trend for a considerable period of time that it may take time for them to adjust” to the new mask rules, Fauci said on May 21. “So I would not say that that’s irrational. I’d say that’s understandable.”

Go ahead, wear a mask indoors if you want to, despite being vaccinated. Wear one outside if you feel like it. However, you are — sorry, Dr. Fauci — acting irrationally. What’s the point of the jab if you behave the same way as a year ago when we wiped down our groceries, bleached our counters and wore plastic gloves out of since-debunked worries over surface transmission?

Masks have devolved from medical imperative to virtue signaling. According to a May 5 Ipsos poll, 63% of vaccinated Americans were still wearing masks outdoors, down from 74% in April but still a surprisingly high number. That number ticked up to 65% the following week. President Biden has begun appearing in public with his face fully exposed, yet his supporters are not following his example.

What’s the harm in a fashion accessory that, as the vaxxed-yet-masked crowd informs you, merely tries to make other people feel more comfortable while also sending a subtle anti-MAGA message? It’s about thinking straight. Democrats can’t credibly claim the scientific high ground unless they adapt to the latest medical consensus.

You have the right to be anxious and illogical, not the right to be catered to. No one should wear a mask outside. Vaxxed Americans shouldn’t wear them at all.

• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: Coronavirus, Masks 
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  1. Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy and utter stupidity of liberals-I used to be one until this shit show. To get vaccinated with an experimental drug that according to the EUA materials on FDA site doesn’t prevent transmission, for a supposed disease with a survival rate of more than 99 percent, from which most people suffer only mild symptoms, is the result of mass delusion that began with the delusion that Trump is Hitler installed by Putin. The funny thing is these people think the vax works (why did they get it?) but are still so afraid that even with vax and double mask still fear the unmasked. They can’t even see the illogic. Ted, you need to give up on these angry duped fools

    • Agree: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Rahan
  2. Rall’s point about the outdoor wearing of masks is quite right. However, his apparent unquestioning confidence in the effecacy of the Covid 19 Vac’s is…. disturbing.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  3. It’s got nothing to do with the “plannedemic”.It’s to hide
    identities from the cameras.The guilty criminals are being exposed
    like never before.It muffles recordings,stops lip reading and reveals
    other comrades in public.It’s brilliant but for the fact that almost everyone
    now knows that EVERYTHING,including the election,is manipulated.
    One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist.War,what is it good for?
    President Biden?Seriously?Have they no shame?No one older or more frail
    to hide behind than a dirty,racist career politician with dementia?Sad.
    Times are going to get ugly again…as nobody actually needs them around.

  4. Anonymous[312] • Disclaimer says:

    The answer is very simple: These people are mentally retarded.

    • Agree: meamjojo, nickels, dimples
  5. Rahan says:
    @Langley Angel

    Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy and utter stupidity of liberals-I used to be one until this shit show. /…/is the result of mass delusion that began with the delusion that Trump is Hitler installed by Putin.

    So did I, so did I. Before Trump made them all go insane and I realized the corporate liberasts are as degenerate, if not worse, than the corporate neocon conservatives.

    The author of this article is obviously a classical left-winger trying to maintain faith in the pre-globohomo face of the movement, well, good luck to him.

    In fact, I would welcome a classical populist left-wing revival, focused on the working class, and demanding govt transparency, and control of mega corporations, and total free speech, as opposed to what the assholes are doing now. Deconstructing the system, in short, as opposed to being its lackeys.

    Heck, the communist party leader in Russia sounds more based than western right-wingers.
    Online translate:

    Without detracting from the dignity and interests of other ethnic groups that make up the multinational Russian people, it is necessary to recognize that the Russian question is the most acute and topical today. The fate of Russia and all the peoples living both within its borders and on the territory of the former USSR depends on its decision.

    We Communists are firmly committed supporters and adherents of internationalism. And we are well aware that every nation is interested in preserving its language, developing its culture, preserving its faith, preserving its traditional way of life, and strengthening its well-being. But the Russians are the spiritual, moral and sovereign core of the country. So our common destiny was formed. So the Story went. This cannot be undone. To deny, reason, and act contrary to this is madness, ruinous to all the peoples of Russia. If the Russians finally weaken and withdraw from the main historical arena, which is inevitable if the course pursued in the country since the early 1990s is maintained, it will entail an irreversible catastrophe. I emphasize: a catastrophe for all citizens living in our vast Eurasian expanses. Russia will simply be trampled and dragged away by stronger and more successful neighbors.

    The best representatives of our Fatherland have been well aware of this in all ages. An example of this is the words uttered in the middle of the XVIII century by the outstanding scientist Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov: “The greatness, power and wealth of the entire state consists in the preservation and reproduction of the Russian people.” The same idea excited the great Mendeleev at the beginning of the XX century. The genius of Pushkin was also concerned about Russian and Russianness. Russian Russian Russians are still the most important element of national policy in a country where 80% of the population is ethnic Russian, and the program of saving the original Russian civilization and reviving the Russians as the backbone of the Fatherland should become the most important element of national policy.

    Here’s the Russian socialist-green alliance leader

    I am an internationalist and I want Russia to continue to be a multinational state. Our ancestors collected lands, united them, and accepted different peoples into their fraternal family. But the foundation of this multinational unity was created by the Russians. It’s a story, it’s true, and there’s no need to be ashamed of it.

    And if we talk about the “national idea”, about the national foundations of Russia, I would like to express my personal point of view:

    Russians are the unifying force of the multinational Russian people.

    Russian culture is the foundation, the foundation of the Russian nation.

    The Russian language is the bond of unity of the peoples of Russia.

    And the main thing is that there should be three times as many of us Russians in Russia as there are now. And it should not be at the expense of migration. And all citizens of Russia, without exception, must live in accordance with our material, intellectual and spiritual riches.

    The post-USSR leftists have certainly learned their lesson about what’s what.

    I also welcome a classical populist right-wing revival, best of all led by Tucker Carlson (who again, by post-Soviet standards sounds like a social-democrat or a communist).

    Actual ugly street violence fascist reaction happens when:
    1) The “center” is utterly rotten and inadequate, and
    2) The radical left goes on madness sprees, and there’s no one to stop them.

    That’s when an ugly right wing reaction appears, backed by the “silent majority”.

    Globohomo tries to evade this reaction not through having a sane center, and not through having a sane leftwing or rightwing, but simply through dismantling all the social structures that allow having a coherent silent majority in the first place, turning it into a simple biomass made up of utterly alienated units all of which have been brainwashed from birth and addicted to a dozen different medications.

    This has already worked for many zoomers and many millennials, but there are still chunks of older people alive, who are still traditional un-augmented human beings. A potential “revolt of the middle aged and the seniors” is the final thing globohomo has to fear on the homefront.

    Even as it dilutes the remaining natives with robust importation of replacement scabs.
    All the filthy degenerates had to do was try to control themselves and not be psychopaths. All they had to do was try to be human beings.

    • Replies: @Tom Marvolo Riddle
  6. Let’s face it, we’re becoming a nation of introverts from all the inversion forced upon us. There’s no place to hide except behind your mask.

  7. meamjojo says:

    Just wait to see the long-term vascular damage caused by all those artificially created spike proteins circulating in your body.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain, EoinW
    • Replies: @animalogic
  8. Phibbs says:

    As a people, Jews are obsessed with health & security issues. So it is no wonder the most Jewish cities are the most paranoid about Covid and have the strictest mask and lock-down rules. (Heroic, Jews are not!)

    • Replies: @MrJJ
  9. RudyM says:

    It wasn’t “scientific consensus” a year ago either! Stop skimming there. Third-rate left-wing writers not worth my time.

  10. Don’t be so proud. From the beginning, it was clear for an 8 year old that wearing a face mask was completly delusional.

    It seems that you had to wait for Faucy to tell you so to realise it.

    Anyway, you will probably quickly die from a vascular disease.

  11. Let’s pivot toward hope. Nearly half of American adults have been fully vaccinated, and Pfizer is vaccinating children ages 12 to 15. We can go outside, have fun and socialize within the new liberalized guidelines

    The attribution of safety to the ‘vaccinations’ is overlooking the reality that few people remain who have to interact on a daily basis with the general public, or with household members who interact with the general public, who have not already been infected with the virus – as well as those vaccinated.

    There are people in neighboring homes to me who never leave for any length of time, and mostly sit on the porch or in their garage, and have done so long before Covid. Others work from home via the internet and dont go anywhere.

    Vaccines did nothing for me. I cleared this naturally long before the first vaccination Bully had taken their spike protein hit, and then ran amok, dictating to others who they had been oppressing with intrusive mandates long after our own immune systems had protected us.

    Comparatively, the first vaccination recipient, Mr Shakespeare, is no longer with us.

  12. @Digital Samizdat

    IF; “liberals are sheep”, as you say…
    1. is the shepherd a psychotic nut job?

    IF; “conservatives are wolves”
    2. whose clothes need to be washed?

  13. It’s not ‘virtue signalling’-it’s idiocy signalling. The use of masks is a complex question, but the buffoons require ’emotionally potent over-simplifications’. Wearing outdoors unless in a thick crowd with sickness rampant, is dumb. Ordinary surgical masks are not much good, but might reduce the initial inoculum.
    Wearing them around the clock will cause some degree of hypercapnia, depending on susceptibility. ‘Mask mouth’, ‘mask acne’, ‘mask pneumonia’ do exist. Indoors they might be necessary, but open windows will do the job if the illness is not running amuk. The task of deracinating the plebs, never a difficult enterprise, proceeds apace. Divide and Rule.

  14. black dog says:

    I’d argue that liberals are intrinsically more neurotic and anxious than usual. Their worldview is one of impending doom. Racism, climate emergency, Covid, to name but a few. These are people who can be sent into panic by a Confederate flag. Everything is a crisis to these people. And yes, they love to virtue signal.

  15. You might want to turn your attention to the fact that Fauci funded and directed the development of the Wuhan virus.

    The virus was deliberately released by the CCP/DNC/Media axis as part of the campaign to get rid of Trump. Democratic governors deliberately sabotaged the economies of their states. BLM and Antifa, the DNC’s Brownshirt Nazis, burned, looted and murdered for a year and a half in their part in the effort to sabotage Trump.

    You might want to take a look around.

    Of course, Ted Rall is a communist and mostly likely a Maoist sympathizer of the CCP.

  16. @meamjojo

    Do even read what people write?

  17. @Rahan

    Boomers I know are just as brainwashed but ok… I don’t really think the soft bodied american has the will or numbers to resist any kind of abuse at this point. I’m moving to Eastern Europe myself while I still can. The USA is 440 Rome by my reckoning. I’m going to employ the same strategy that many of the Roman citizens of the time did and leave the ship before it sinks completely. I think every white with half a brain should too. I don’t want my kids to be south africans, rhodesians, or 1930’s jews. I want them to be happy little half slavs.

    • Agree: Rahan
    • Replies: @Rahan
  18. Rahan says:
    @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Here’s a chap reporting on his life in Russia
    But I would suggest something warm (but still affordable), with a seaside and mountains, like Bulgaria or Croatia, or if outside the EU–Montenegro.
    Macedonia has mountains and big lake beaches.

    • Replies: @Tom Marvolo Riddle
  19. @Rahan

    Good advice thanks, I’m taking a tour in a few weeks through a number of places. Balkans are some of my stops. Blog was interesting but I don’t get this blogger guy’s hatred of standardized tests… I had to take a bunch and they never bothered me. It’s gonna be better to move to a neutral country rather than Russia if you still have family or assets in the US though. I don’t think I will end up settling there if only to avoid that risk.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  20. Rahan says:
    @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Neutral countries get bombed (Belgrade) or couped (Minsk), so my suggestion would be to go for countries on the very periphery of the EU and/or NATO.

    Since they are member states they are least likely to get the rough treatment from globohomo, and also least likely to be attacked by external predators.

    But on the periphery, you find the countries that are least affected by globohomo ideology and practice. In a sense they get what good there is to get from “trad western democracy and market economy”, without letting in the contemporary “post-democracy post-capitalism” traits. Mentally stuck in an interpretation of the western 1980s and 1990s as it were.

    Even before setting foot there for physical sensation gathering, it’s possible to zero in and make a shortlist of desirable places by cross-referencing relevant data.

    Homicide rates
    (IMO, anything under 3-4 per 100 000 means it’s fine to raise a family)

    Drinking rates
    (remembering to factor in that northern Europeans tend to lean toward binge-drinking, and their average consumption is compressed into degenerate outbursts, white the southern ones drink more moderately but all the time)

    Antidepressant use (which ones have been drugged into accepting everything)


    LGBT attitudes

    Immigration attitudes

    Of course, the people’s attitude is one thing, while what the govt actually does can be another thing. In places like the UK or Germany the govt doesn’t give a crap about popular sentiment if it’s against the brave new world agenda, but in the peripheral countries they mostly do.

    Now with the viral pneumonia thing, you can see who provided the population with a choice of vaccines, and who only allowed the RNA mutagen serums.

    But there is a difference between: a) actively following the globohomo agenda, b) passively following the globohomo agenda, c) actively defying the globohomo agenda, and d) passively sabotaging the globohomo agenda.
    The most peaceful life would perhaps be in the places that passively sabotage the agenda, while out loud pretending to be following it. Sure, sure, we’ll use your mutagen serum. Why are only five people vaccinated? Well, you know, first my dog ate the paperwork, then his dog ate the paperwork…

    Where are women encouraged to be mothers? Paid maternity leave:

    Good luck!

    • Thanks: Tom Marvolo Riddle
    • Replies: @Tom Marvolo Riddle
  21. Face masks are the Liberal Democrats’ version of a MAGA hat. It never had anything to do with protection from Covid-19, the vast majority of these masks are freely permeable to viruses, and incorrectly fitted and worn. Just part of their “religion” like believing fervently in Russiagate.

    Public health science policy is straightforward, done well in SE Asia (bought them a year, vaccines are now available for their Vulnerable), and AVOIDED by political agenda almost entirely by Western countries. It is not racist to immediately shut the borders to The Infected. It is not discriminatory to quarantine infected households and communities even states and regions to keep the contagion from spreading. This was not AIDS, easily halted by condoms and clean needles! This is an airborne respiratory disease easily spread. The most Vulnerable (95% of victims over age 60 globally) need to be protected from others; they should have been the focus from the start. Everyone else (except those with the worst comorbidities) should have gone about their lives normally, as with the flu.

    Over 30 million Americans have been PCR-confirmed with Covid-19. Experts say that means between 100 million and 300 million Americans have had the virus, and now have natural immunity. Natural immunity accounted for the fall in deaths in NYC a year ago and knocked down daily new cases in the US this year from a peak of 256,000 in mid January to about 20% of that peak (55,000 daily new cases) in Mid March; the vaccines have taken care of most of the final 20%.
    Hopefully there are few adverse effects of vaccinating young, healthy people, or those already naturally immune.

    There are only four US states with over 2500 deaths per million from Covid-19: New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Make of that FACT what you will.

  22. A mask is simple visual shorthand for “Orange Man Bad”.

  23. @Rahan

    Thanks a bunch dude! Very interesting statistics, though I’m always a bit critical of social surveys in regard to their validity. Methodology matters quite a lot and depending on the org. conducting them results can vary widely based on the survey conductor’s desired ideological outcome. The EU is big on globohomo ideology so I suspect the real results of a properly conducted LGBT attitude survey would be a bit less in their ideological favor. One of the more glaring things I saw is acceptance of trannys is supposedly on par with acceptance of regular gays, I don’t believe that for a second. Still, it serves as a rough guideline and is somewhat useful.

    It’s also funny how “level of discrimination towards XYZ” correlates fairly positively with “Level of acceptance of XYZ”. So the places that are the most accepting are also often the most discriminatory? LMAO. Anyways Always love a good dataset.

    And the Belgrade thing happened in 95 during the Yugoslavian war, pretty much ancient history with how fast things move these days. I am a bit worried about Belarus, who knows what a desperate and dying empire will do to a satellite state of an enemy… Also Ukraine. I like Poland a lot but I’m pretty worried about the NWO influence on it, it could go either way. Baltic states might be good, Hungary probably is the most secure, as are the Balkans, but I’d prefer a place where I could blend in better, and eventually get the accent right. I have no idea where my ancestors are from but I don’t tan well. But before I make any decision I need to travel there and absorb the situation with my own eyes and ears. Hopefully I’ll be able to find enough English fluent-enough people to talk to in order to conduct my own sort of survey.

    Anyways thanks man, really appreciate the aid and well wishes! Good luck to you too! Let’s all work towards and hope that someday, somehow, sanity is restored to the world.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  24. MrJJ says:

    obsessed with health & Security – what kind of stupid statement is that ? Not this Jew

  25. Rahan says:
    @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Yeah, the more brainwashed a society, the more they are convinced their fags and trannies are oppressed, even if they are the most privileged ones in the world.

    Eastern Europe can be divided into three basic chunks.
    1) Former Turkish empire
    2) Former Austrian empire
    3) Former Russian empire

    The former Turkish ones are swarthier due to intra-imperial genetic drift for half a millennium; the other two are more fair-skinned, even the Huns. The former Turkish ones are the least efficient ones, the least Russophobic ones, and have the best weather.

    The former Russian ones are Russophobes, and have a tendency to cut off their nose to spite their face (the Baltics+Poland+Ukraine). If Moscow says “don’t drink bleach”, they will initiate a national bleach-drinking month. If Washington says “do drink bleach”, they’ll make it compulsory and a symbol of democracy.

    The former Austrian ones are in the middle.

    Bulgaria and Serbia + Latvia and Lithuania + the Ukraine are the ones whose population is melting fastest, with most active folks brain-drained and labor-drained into the west years ago. The ones who remained behind are the ones who aren’t that desperate to sell their labor to the highest bidder, nor that motivated to try and become a world-class star in some field. A population of the dull, the lazy, the content with their lot who prefer Sicilian-style friend and family connections, the intelligent urbane chill chaps, and the local pop stars.

    Thus a normal focused guy who goes into one of those places that lost the overactive third of their population, can probably become king quite fast, if he catches on how local things happen. Or if he doesn’t need to become king, with a minimum of effort he can maintain a decent middle of the road existence. With a tiny talent pool like over there, a middling professional from the West becomes an expert in the East. Show them respect, validate them through foreign eyes how awesome they are, and they’ll love you.

    Ok, this is an endless topic, so this is my last post on the subject:)

    • Replies: @dr steve
  26. As a fellow NYC resident, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Today, I watched people walking about in 90 degree heat and humidity masked and in some cases wearing surgical gloves. Rational thought left town and won’t be back. We are living through a massive psychological experiment and we are it’s subjects.

  27. dr steve says:

    That’s nonsense advice too.
    It would tend (irrationally) to imply that vaxxed are less contagious than unvaxxed. That’s the opposite: vaxxed harbor and create variants.
    But the real discriminant here is IMMUNE vs non immune.
    And those who had covid and non injected have a FAR BETTER immunization than the vaxxed (whether they had injections or not).
    And therefore should not wear any mask, anywhere.
    That’s the real science.

  28. dr steve says:

    And when the one who loves you is a stunning Serbian lady…..Oulala….

    • Replies: @Rahan
  29. Rahan says:
    @dr steve


    But remember: Balkan women don’t do antidepressants, they smoke cigarettes.
    If throaty no-nonsense women are your thing, then that’s your heaven.

    • Replies: @Tom Marvolo Riddle
  30. “Masks have devolved from medical imperative.” Stop right there please. On what science was this “medical imperative” based?

  31. The hypoxia combined with hypercapnia induced by prolonged mask-wearing have degraded the reasoning and wisdom of these poor souls.

  32. @Rahan

    Not bad, esp. the first two. Bottom one looks like fake lips… not into it. I’ve watched a lot of videos of people walking around in various EE cities and I have to say one of my favorite thing by far has gotta be how few of the women are fatties. It looks like a world populated by the people I see at my gym, rather than the people I see at my walmart. Globohomo ruins all things, it’s really gotta go. Even for just this reason alone lol.

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