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If Biden Loses, This Will be Why
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It would be a stretch to say that Joe Biden is in trouble. He is ahead in the polls, including in states where Donald Trump won last time. Unlike Trump, whose campaign is apparently nearly broke, Biden’s campaign is raking in corporate donations.

Of course, Democrats couldn’t have asked for a weaker incumbent: nearly 200,000 Americans dead of COVID-19 after the president downplayed the threat and failed to provide relief; tens of millions of people newly unemployed months away from the election; polls showing that a record number of voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction; supplemental unemployment benefits expired with no sign that they will ever be renewed. Almost any other candidate would be poised to trounce Trump by double-digit landslide of historical proportions.

Not Biden.

The two crazy old white men with bad hair are in a dead heat in key battleground states like Florida. As one would expect during a normal year — when the president had not just killed a bunch of voters and made a bunch of others jobless — the race is tightening. Biden is still ahead by 7 points nationally, but that’s not significantly better than Hillary Clinton was doing at the same point in time. A worried Bernie Sanders has been advising Biden to nix his vague rightward pivot and articulate stronger stances on bread-and-butter issues.

More than any other single factor, I am focused on the enthusiasm gap. Anyone who counts yard signs and bumper stickers can see that Trump’s supporters are fired up while Biden’s are dutifully going through the motions, motivated primarily by their desire to unseat the incumbent.

Like most elections in recent years, 2020 isn’t about swaying swing voters on the fence. It’s a turnout game. Whoever gets more of their baked-in supporters to the polls wins. Not only are Biden’s supporters not all that into him; more of them are scared of the coronavirus than Trump’s people — and that could make all the difference when they decide whether or not to leave their homes on Election Day.

Then there’s the debates. Biden could exceed expectations. But those expectations are there for a reason. Biden has never been a good debater; he was awful during the primaries. He is well past his expiration date. He is easily rattled (“lying, dog-faced pony soldier”), and Trump is a master rattler. Debates could destroy Biden.

Setting aside the almost-inevitable constitutional crisis caused by the system’s inability to deliver and process an expected 80 million mail-in ballots, there is a real chance Donald Trump could straight out win.

At this point, there are still several things Biden could do to maintain and even expand his lead over the president. If I were advising him, I would tell him to do the following:


Nail Down the Base. The progressive Democrats who supported Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren during the primaries are not, contrary to statements by the old liberal centrists, “purity ponies” determined to punish the Democratic Party because their preferred candidate didn’t win. They are driven by policy, and so far, the Biden campaign has refused to throw them any red meat. Democrats can truly unify the party in November by getting Biden to campaign on at least one major issue dear to progressives, like “Medicare for All,” the Green New Deal or swearing off wars of choice. It would be smart to add in some minor promises with symbolic residence, like prosecuting CIA torturers, closing Gitmo, eliminating drones, refusing to prosecute Julian Assange and allowing Edward Snowden to come home. Progressives don’t need the whole cow. But you do have to throw them a bone — or risk losing them the way Clinton did in 2016.

Weasel out of the Debate. If he were to follow this advice, I would be even more determined not to vote for him. Denying voters the right to watch candidates answer questions about themselves and their stances is profoundly undemocratic. Still, ethics aside, debating can only help Trump. If I were Biden, I’d refuse to prove to the country what every honest person who has been paying attention knows: He is suffering from dementia.

Announce an Agenda for the First 100 Days. Biden likes to compare himself to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Like FDR, he should announce his agenda for his first 100 days in office. That way, should he win, Republicans won’t be able to argue that he didn’t earn a mandate for specific changes. During this time of medical and socioeconomic crisis, Americans crave specific solutions to their problems. While it is true that staying vague frustrates the writers of GOP attack ads, it also feeds the suspicion that Biden, like Obama, is all hat and no cattle when it comes to trying to legislate big changes.

Personnel Is Policy, So Appoint Personnel Now. Progressives were let down in a big way by the choice of right-wing prosecutor Kamala Harris as Biden’s vice president. Biden supporters’ most frequently uttered talking point is that he would appoint better-qualified Cabinet members than Trump has, but keeping losers like Lawrence “Women Can’t Do Math” Summers among his closest advisors and compiling a foreign policy team so full of neoconservatives that only Dick Cheney is missing doesn’t inspire confidence. Writing a blank check doesn’t make sense anymore. Let’s see some of those Cabinet appointments now, before we vote.

Campaign in Person. Last but not least, and probably most controversially, Biden needs to hit the road like COVID-19 never happened. Elections are job interviews, and Donald Trump seems to want the gig. Biden doesn’t. He needs to appear in public, socially distance, no mask, heavy schedule of in-person appearances. Most Americans venture out in public every single day these days and manage not to contract COVID-19. Surely, Biden’s handlers can figure out how to do the same for their candidate.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden 
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  1. Tick Tock says:

    Ok I will go first. The author is a cretin or perhaps on some bad Acid.

  2. MarkinLA says:

    The reason Biden will lose is because he will crap his pants during one of the debates and turn to the crowd and say “Mommy I made a poopy”.

    • LOL: Realist
  3. meamjojo says:

    “Are we destined to be ruled by a bunch of old white men
    who compare the world to football and are programmed to defend?”

    –Jimmy Buffett on song “Only Time Will Tell” (1996)

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  4. Wyatt says:

    “Democrats couldn’t have asked for a weaker incumbent: nearly 200,000 Americans dead of COVID-19 after the president downplayed the threat and failed to provide relief…”

    I really am starting to understand why capital punishment was much more common and for more trivial things.

    DotR when?

  5. sonofman says:

    If Biden loses, it is because he is a Democrat.

    Look at what the Democratic Party has done:

    Conducting a campaign that is mainly focused upon portraying assumed negatives of the opposition.

    Trying to impeach a democratically elected President with trumped up (pun intended) and unprovable charges of being a Russian puppet.

    Supporting the subversive changing of education into indoctrination of an ideology that is devoid of God.

    Supporting an organization that uses Black African Americans to incite division, destruction and death without prosecution.

    Blaming the federal government for policies that are the responsibility of states.

    Collusion with the MSM to revise historical narratives in order to demonize the national identity.

    No shame in using dubious methods to achieve their goals.

    Threatening insurrection if enough people call out their treachery.

    The Democrats seem to have lost their compass of moral standards and principles. Even though it is obvious that Mr. Biden has lost some of his mental facilities, the reason he will lose is because the actions of the Democrats and their supporters are very distasteful, and it is too late extinguish the pungency.

  6. Matteo says:

    The elections are as fake as pro wrestling, football, and nascar. They just tell us who won. Your vote don’t mean jack. That’s what the hanging chad operation in 2000 was all about. Get the votes digital. Then they can change the numbers to whatever they decided beforehand. And you can’t re-count them like you could with paper ballets. And the “right” has to go down with the economic ship. That’s Trump. Herbert Hoover part 2. They love to rerun playbooks that worked before. So expect Trump to win the electoral college, and Biden to win popular.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Thanks: GazaPlanet
  7. Jmaie says:

    Lawrence “Women Can’t Do Math” Summers

    Are you aware of what Summers actually said and that he was correct?

    • Agree: zimriel
    • Replies: @anonymous
  8. If Biden Loses, This Will Be Why?

    While I was eager to undertake a read that might point to why the Dems came into the election facing a badly self damaged Donnie Trump incumbency thanks to a strongly failing economy and Covid Media hyped pandemic drama. The Dems gave up their winning hand, as they distanced themselves from their voting constituency right from the start:

    1. they jumped in feet first in the Covid locked down stuff, looking exaggerated and medically misunderstood to their Middle Class small business owner , professional and working poor that is living pay check to pay check or pay check to unemployment check;

    2. The Dem Party focused on going into open competition for the MAGA Zio money donors and backing which the Kushner- Trump team has long ago locked -up. Biden has promised the Israel First crowed unparalleled subservience to the Zio-Israeli agenda, but it is too little to late and really does not determine the popular vote. Biden has no clear and therefore competitive foreign policy agenda like pulling out of the M.E. or elsewhere or how to handle the China Trade issue.

    3. Then the back room Dem Party controllers rounded up the Kamila Harris to be their VP candidate, who garnered zero in popular backing during the Dem primaries; Her claim to fame was regularly performing a political strip -tease at each AIPAC convention and similar Zio events where politicians must Swear their Allegiance to the Big Mother Country ; For those paying attention this is a big turn-off to the Democratic party constituency made up of African American and other minorities, the working poor, the intelligentsia and recently university educated, the Big City Middle Class under severe economic pressure, and Jewish Liberals ( who tend to be critical of the over top Netanyahu agenda of perpetual war, territorial land grabs and brutal occupation of the Palestinians). The electorate want focus on domestic and bread and butter issues and have become increasingly aware that their domestic social / educational / medical programs are competing for shrinking funds with the US defense/ military and Israeli dominated foreign aid program. Further Harris does not yell from any part of the African American heartland and therefore is not really able to galvanize that key voting segment.

    4. there is little in the Dem platform to excite their base this year; the Dem platform is focused on using the BLM/Antifa street theatre to win the youth and minority vote, not a likely plus; While the excessive force of the police has been an issue that garnered a lot of early support, when it was taken over the top with calls to defund and demobilize police forces, they lost further support from many urban dwellers, generally a key Dem base.

    Importantly, except for some attraction from the LBGT types and some urban professional women, the VP slot with Kamila Harris fails to provide the symbiotic pull that is sorely needed to attract undecided voters. While Biden’s oratory skills seem more intact now, maybe thanks to some new found drug concoction, the void needed for a politically skilled and charged speaker to take on the Loud Trumpet is not on the Dem ticket.

    Selecting a politically appealing VP candidate would have strongly swung things in favor of the Dem ticket, but with the primary focus of both Plutocratic Parties prioritizing their sex appeal to their Zio donors and the AIPAC Israel First crowd, it is no wonder the Dems shot themselves in foot with the Harris nomination.

    The election right now is a toss up, but my bet is that the Kushner-Trump team can pull more Aces out of their slippery sleeve in the next few weeks to devastate the hopes of the Harris-Biden ticket. A recent example was the Big Media Stunt of the fake peace deal between UAE / Bahrain and Israel, which were never at war in the first place.

    Best to sit back and enjoy the America Has Got Talent Show into November.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  9. anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    Rall is afflicted with US statist Juche. He has not grasped the overwhelming evidence that the USA is a kleptocracy propped up by a police state. You can’t vote your way out of this. Biden’s malversation is post-colonial African in scale. He looted a US puppet regime as viceroy of Ukraine. He looted the American people as the Senator from MBNA, yanking the rules to set the debt hook in consumers as their indebtedness reached critical levels.

    Biden is a vegetable. Trump is a professional asshole. Both are compromised to helplessness by their criminal errands for CIA: Trump’s as money-launderer and Biden’s as asset-stripper.

    Despite riding Unz’s pony, Rall will be irrelevant as long as he picks a side and sits in the stands waving his pom-poms. He’s got to grow up and learn there’s more to civil society than futile rigged electoral ritual. Get it through your thick skull – you don’t live in a legitimate, or even sovereign, state. Your government’s a criminal enterprise.

    • Agree: RoatanBill, Durruti
  10. joe2.5 says:

    “Progressives don’t need the whole cow. But you do have to throw them a bone”

    Yep, that’s exactly how retarded liberals are (here dubbed “progressives” — which false label we use doesn’t matter that much.). Thanks for making that plain.

  11. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    He has been corrected before, but Mr. Rall’s apparently obsessed about this one. It’s collateral to the column, and may have been stuck in to generate comments and, thus, views.

    Keep in mind, too, that Mr. Rall was added to the roster as a replacement for the similarly NPRoggy lightweight, Tom Engelhardt. Self-styled “progressives” tend to conform on issues like “environment” and “discrimination.” (Some months back, when Greta Thunberg was the world’s leading sage, Mr. Rall wrote an ignorant, hysterical column about the Climapocalypse.) Recycling the smear of Mr. Summers is a cheap and easy way to signal solidarity with the flock.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  12. @sonofman

    Supporting the subversive changing of education into indoctrination of an ideology that is devoid of God.

    People have stopped believing in god on their own initiative, not because intellectuals, educators and government bureaucrats turned them into atheists through central planning.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  13. @anonymous

    Rall is here as an act of kindness by Mr Unz.

    Seeing how stupid liberals are amuses that much abused minority, sane people.

  14. nearly 200,000 Americans dead of COVID-19

    No, 200,000 Americans dead with COVID. Less than 10,000 dead caused by COVID.
    Cancer and car accidents don’t count as COVID deaths. More people died on Obama’s watch from H1N1.

  15. zimriel says:

    Medicare For All is a kill-shot. The candidate who runs on that will win.
    The Green New Deal will be perceived as an attack on cheap, clean energy in this Planet Of The Humans. It will also lose the coal states. Biden is wise to stay away from it. Honestly Mr Rall: you would be well advised to switch against it as well, and to watch PotH, in whatever order. Unless and until nuclear fission power is back on the table.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  16. @meamjojo

    “Are we destined to be ruled by a bunch of old white men
    who compare the world to football and are programmed to defend?”

    –Jimmy Buffett on song “Only Time Will Tell” (1996)

    I don’t see Jimmy Buffet or Ted Rall moving to cities where young Black men or women are in charge.

    White people like Ted and Jimmy complain about too many White men in politics and then move into areas that are managed by them.

    Let me know when someone like Ted or Jimmy says they have had it with Whites in politics and then moves to Baltimore. I’ll be waiting.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  17. Weasel out of the Debate. If he were to follow this advice, I would be even more determined not to vote for him. Denying voters the right to watch candidates answer questions about themselves and their stances is profoundly undemocratic. Still, ethics aside, debating can only help Trump.

    Boy you know you have a loser of a candidate if you actually want him to avoid the debate. Your instincts that he shouldn’t debate are in fact correct which speaks volumes. The establishment is basically admitting that he is a Manchurian candidate but we should usher him in anyways cause orange man bad.

    As I have said before I’ll believe he will debate when I see it. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if there is some last minute quarantine. Only problem is that independents are NOT going to buy it and they will decide the election. It could backfire but I understand the strategy for Democrats to act unethically since a debate could potentially be disastrous. I wouldn’t put it past Biden to make some needless cringe comment about Africans or go on some bizarre rant where he forgets what he is even talking about (watch the full cornpop speech). Even worse for Democrats is that they can’t control the internet and memes will be made overnight like the hispandering video.

    Anyways Ted Rall you are an establishment cartoonist and as such you deserve this loser clown town candidate. No matter who wins, you lose.

    – An independent voter

  18. MarkinLA says:

    I don’t know, physicians don’t like it. The only way it saves money is by paying them next to nothing. Why should the government get to tell them how much money they can charge but not you?

  19. or swearing off wars of choice…

    Biden likes to compare himself to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    Doesn’t he see the contradiction here? If he’s opposed to “wars of choice”, why is he in Wilson’s party? Note that FDR ran for VP on Wilson’s line while the latter was still in office– and far deeper into dementia than Joe is now. He was TWW’s Asst. Secretary of the Navy during that war of choice.

    right-wing prosecutor Kamala Harris

    She’d be anything but in DC. She’d have Snowden #MeTooed, like Assange was.

  20. @sonofman

    The Democrats seem to have lost their compass of moral standards and principles.

    As if the party of slave trading, ethnic cleansing, wars in Europe and Asia, internment of innocen citizens, firebombing of women and children, equally destructive policies aimed at our own cities (cf. e.g., Camden), low-wage immigration, and bribing teenage girls to bear children out of wedlock ever had any “moral standards and principles”.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @obwandiyag
  21. meamjojo says:
    @John Johnson

    You clearly don’t understand the song lines I posted. Ponder them some more.

  22. While Larry Summers is a loser for many reasons, he is objectively correct that women are worse at math than men are. Furthermore the reasons are genetic.

    The refusal to accept biological reality is one of many reasons the left must be permanently eradicated from this world.

  23. anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    There is no “party” in all the evil you quote, you deflecting whitevil lowlife.

    The main thing common between these 2 parties of psychopaths, is they are filled with whitevil chrizzie/juden mofers.

    That is what makes them indistinguishable… so even as the satanic regime changes from the right to the left and back, the exploits of the most Evil “City” on earth remains the same.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  24. I’m sure Biden is getting a lot of expert advice, much of it contradictory, reviewed by expert handlers so as not to confuse him into doing something based on his own judgment.

    They know precisely what he should do, just as they knew exactly what Clinton needed to do to win in 2016. Except this time they’re also drawing up backup plans just in case there are any unwanted lingering effects of representative democracy.

  25. @anonymous

    I can see why you wish to remain anonymous.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  26. @Reg Cæsar

    Who you talking about? The Republicans? Sounds like it. Or do you actually think they are the party of peace.

    FYI, I don’t like Democrats any better than Republicans. Republicans are rubber stamps for Big Business. Democrats are blurry rubber stamps, just as bad but more hypocritical.

  27. Stick says:

    Given Biden was the choice of the Dem Party we can easily recognize the party has no bench. Tulsi was the only one in the mix that had a shot and the party aristocrats black balled her because she wasn’t Pure Enough. This cycle is all about Dems holding on to their crazies to hold the House. It is cringe inducing to watch this. It can be objectively stated that Obama destroyed the party. Trump knows this and is exploiting it. Look for Trump to place six Supreme Justices on the court by the end of his second term. This will force Dems to seek real majorities for their policies. Given the makeup of the party this will be nearly impossible to do.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  28. @Tick Tock

    He (young Mr Rall) used to write for the Village Voice back when lots of original people – well, lots of original people with corrupt souls – used to write for it.

    He survived “A HUNDRED DAYS OF HATRED” soon after the 9/11 Sunni murders because he disagreed with the President on the way forward.

    Look, NOBODY WHO EVER WROTE FOR THE VILLAGE VOICE was ever all that bright —- lots of “hot takes”, lots of “cool dude” appropriation of the cool things poor people say, but no real genius —-
    but that does not make them cretins, or ex-cretins, and that does not mean they are on acid, or were recently on acid.

    GOD LOVES AND LOOKS WITH KINDNESS AND PROTECTION ON COUNTRIES THAT ARE NOT FULL OF REJECTION OF GOD, God may reject America, a country that is full of people who reject God and simple human kindness, and God may put the creature Biden – to his eternal shame – in nominal charge, as a punishment to our liberal friends, and as an incitement to efforts to peaceful, kind, and brave efforts to our non-Marxist non-liberal friends……

    Those are the facts. Deal with it. Don’t over-personalize issues that are, well, not exactly simply personal.

  29. The problem with Sumners (say I as a woman who can do math) is that he himself can’t do math, at least not when it goes against finance capitalism.
    He ridiculed people who said in the early noughts that current ivestment banking practices would lead to financial meltdown and that the profits weren’t sustainable.

  30. TG says:

    I hear you, Mr. Rall, and I truly sympathize with most of what you have to say. You are a rare voice of intelligence and integrity. But:

    “Democrats can truly unify the party in November by getting Biden to campaign on at least one major issue dear to progressives, like “Medicare for All,” the Green New Deal or swearing off wars of choice.”

    Sorry, but this is the sort of sloppy thinking that has led us downwards. For over 50 years Team Biden has viciously stabbed the American working class in the back for money. If he is elected, Team Biden will continue to purse this agenda. What sort of science fiction script his ghostwriters come up with, I don’t care. “Medicare for all.” “No more wars of Choice” “A Magic Sparkle Pony in every garage.” Really, so what?

    Debates are pointless. We know the record. Trump is Bozo the Clown, and Biden is Caligula. I’m voting for the clown, because he can still throw a little sand in the gears of the establishment, and because of my truly deep hatred of Biden. But I surely understand abstaining.

    Maybe the voters should go on strike. “We refuse to vote because the system is rigged and we won’t give it the false sheen of respectability.” I wonder if I could campaign on a platform of not voting for me or anyone else??? Would that be eligible for matching contributions?

  31. Durruti says:

    Anon [360]

    Get it through your thick skull – you don’t live in a legitimate, or even sovereign, state.

    Exactly: We are Slaves!

    Our last Constitutional Government was overthrown -in a hail of bullets- -in a Coup D’état on November 22, 1963. Our last Constitutional President was John F. Kennedy. The coup was masterminded by those we are not permitted to criticize (in Hollywood, or by the rest of the Mainstream Media).

    The Coup, the assassinations, (Both Kennedys, MLK, Malcolm X, Lennon), all by bullets -supposedly- fired by single assassins), and 9/11, and the David Corona Harvard Covid Virus, all bear the same signature, MOSSAD, Rothschilds, other Oligarchs and their CIA & American political puppets.

    By 1963, our Republic under John F. Kennedy had been greatly weakened, but it needed a final Physical (bullets to the head), push, to render it dead. Post JFK governments are run by Traitor Gauleiters, and, unfortunately, the present

    “government’s a criminal enterprise.”

    The Restoration of our American Republic, with all its bells and whistles, all its Constitutionally guaranteed Freedoms, its Bill of Rights, its chaotic elections, its reformers battling corruption – and its corrupts battling reform), its errors and successes, its Unmasked Citizenry, its mostly prosperous economy, its LIBERTY, is Our Only Road to Resurrection.

    God Bless!

    God Bless America!

    Durruti – and his friend, Dr. Peter J. Antonsen

    *Wish Ron Paul a speedy recovery.

  32. Durruti says:

    Tulsi was the only one in the mix that had a shot and the party aristocrats black balled her because she wasn’t Pure Enough.

    You have good eyes. You see something most ignore. However, your explanation is weak.

    Tulsi Gabbard is a Zionist Puppet, as are all America’s 2 gang political leaders.

    However, Tulsi Gabbard has some positives.

    1. She is young (and strong).

    2. She has a good singing voice.

    3. She stands up straight and speaks well.

    4. She is quite intelligent.

    5. She has an air of dignity about her (attractive).

    6. She actually knows things, and has a degree in Nursing.

    7. I saved the best for last. Ms. Gabbard has served her (our) country by serving in our Armed Forces. Understand? Ms. Gabbard actually did something for our country!!!

    Pay Attention:

    As Ms. Gabbard would present an attractive and competent face to the world, as she represents America [at the service of our Zionist Slaver Overlords – of course] she, or any other attractive human will never be permitted to represent the US. Only the most depraved, and contemptable Orc stooges are allowed to become PRETEND PRESIDENTS, and Governors, Mayors, or any other Gauleiter positions in our occupied nation.

    The candidates are chosen for us by our Zionist Oligarch Slavemasters. And they are designed to DISGRACE our Nation and its people in the eyes of the occupants of this planet, in the eyes of our own citizens, and in the eyes of generations to come.

    Since the assassination of JFK, our gauleiter minion puppets have done an excellent job for their masters. Casino money launderer-WW Wrestling clown, friend of pedafiles Epstein & Maxwell Trump, Ukraine Biden, Obomber, Bill -in a blue skirt- friend of pedafile Epstein- Clinton, Cackler Killery in a pantsuit; each Hollywood Election Farce places more of these Traitor Scum in office. They betray us. They kill us, even before the bullets and ‘pandemic.’

    The Key:

    And in office, (even phoney Hollywood make believe office), they represent us, America. They are our face, our picture, to the world. What Shame, What disgrace, What Humiliation!

    We Americans are subjected to Death By a Thousand Cuts!

    The Horror! The Horror!

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