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Democrats' Wimpy Impeachment Has Made Trump Stronger Than Ever
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“Many Democrats fear that Trump may be laying an impeachment trap,” Stephen Collins wrote for CNN last May. “It’s possible that the wider political divides get, the more Trump benefits. The spectacle would help him charge up the political base he needs to turn out in droves in 2020 with claims their 2016 votes were being stolen by political elites.”

Give that man whatever passes for a cigar in this smokeless age.

Any number of metaphors serves to illustrate the unintended effect that the hapless failed impeachment of President Donald Trump is having on his base of support. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; the Democrats did just that with an attack that didn’t stand a chance of felling its target.

If you’re thinking about taking a swing at a bully at a bar, be sure you can deliver a roundhouse punch that’s going to lay the bastard out flat on the floor. But if you don’t have what it takes to bring him down with the first blow, sneak out to the parking lot.

The new coronavirus outbreak has me thinking about disease. There’s a medical metaphor that I like best: When fighting off an infection, it’s better not to use any medication than to take a weak antibiotic and risk strengthening what ails you.

No matter the analogy, President Trump emerges from his Senate impeachment trial as a more formidable adversary. While his overall popularity remains at about 46%, the number of voters who “strongly” support him just hit a three-year high, indicating that he is better off than before impeachment. This should come to the surprise of no one who remembers the humiliation of former President Bill Clinton. Republican overreach over Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky led the Democrat to leave office in 2000 with soaring popularity.

Probably the biggest movement in favor of Trump has been with formerly “anti-Trump Republicans” who now see the truth of Trump supporters’ claims that Democrats would do and say anything in order to get rid of a sitting Republican president. The ranks of never-Trumpers are shrinking, throwing a wrench into the strategy of centrist candidates like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg.

Polls in key swing states show disproportionately high disapproval for impeachment. Voters in these places tend to prefer antiestablishment candidates. Impeachment allows Trump to frame himself as the rebel getting picked on by the in crowd, congressional Democrats.

Impeachment — more specifically, this very lame, rushed, pro forma impeachment — also dispirits Democratic voters who see, once again, that the Democratic Party only seems to wage wars it knows it can’t win. What’s the point of voting for these clowns?


One thing is for sure: No matter what perfidy is discovered or comes to light in the future, it’s going to be all but impossible to take a second stab at impeachment. Now Trump really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. Impeaching the same president twice is all but inconceivable.

How did this happen? Democrats made one mistake after another.

First and foremost was the lousy choice of impeachment counts. Pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden looked and felt too much like political business as usual, not a breach of normality so outrageous as to justify removal from office. Shades of Rob Blagojevich, former governor of Illinois.

The Ukraine line of inquiry prompted as many questions as it tried to ask. If Trump is corrupt, what about the Bidens? Why were we giving aid to Ukraine in the first place when millions of Americans are homeless or poor? Why should Americans care about Ukraine? The country certainly isn’t, as Democrats alleged, important to American national security.

A slim majority thought the Ukraine call was wrong. But they didn’t care enough to impeach him over it.

Americans did care about emoluments and the president using his office to enrich himself. They did care about his wacko temperament and erratic behavior. They did care about separating children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. Inexplicably, the Democrats let the good bad stuff go.

Democrats screwed up badly with timing. You don’t have to be James Carville to know that it’s foolish to start an impeachment trial at the beginning of a presidential election campaign. You certainly don’t do it when many of your big-name candidates are senators who can’t campaign because they are stuck in Washington. Yet that’s exactly what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff did.

Starting the impeachment process so late in Trump’s first term forced Democrats into a rushed pro-forma process. Because Trump administration officials broadcasted their intention to resist congressional subpoenas and the courts might have taken months to compel them to testify, Democratic prosecutors didn’t bother to subpoena key Republican witnesses or documents. (GOP obstruction became the basis for a dubious second count, “contempt of Congress.”)

None of this would have been a problem had the “resistance” started working on impeachment in 2017. If they were worried about the politicizing effort of impeachment on the midterm elections, they could have begun impeachment in December 2018, which would have given them enough time to work through the court system last year.

No serious student of politics thought there was a real chance that this process, rushed over a relatively inconsequential issue, could convince 17 Republican senators to vote to remove a president for the first time in American history. Nevertheless, Democrats started a fight they knew they couldn’t win.

Now liberals are dispirited. The president goes into his reelection campaign stronger than ever. A second term looks likelier than ever. Heckuva job, Nancy and Adam.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Democratic Party, Donald Trump 
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  1. BuelahMan says:

    Looks like an orchestration to me.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  2. Bill H says: • Website

    Remember when Democrats took control of Congress in the Bush presidency? Supporters were giddy to the point of delirium. They were going to end the war in Iraq. They were going to reverse the Bush tax cuts. It was going to be Nirvana.

    They got “the surge” in Iraq, not only not ending that war but enlarging and extending it. They never brought a tax bill to the floor of the House.

    To this day, when Democrats are in control they can do nothing because of “obstruction by the Republican minority,” and when they are not in control they cannot prevent Republicans from doing anything that they want to do because “we just don’t have enough votes.”

    A Republican minority can obstruct, but a Democratic minority cannot obstruct.
    The reality is that Democrats just have no stomach for a fight.

  3. Ted, the updated phrase you’re looking for is “give that man a joint.”

    Or a vape.

  4. I am in agreement with BuelahMan. This was just another episode in the soap series, “As the World Burns”.

    • Replies: @BDS Always
  5. @Three of Swords

    Agreed upon.
    Another Psy-Op played out in La La Land.

  6. GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    The author encapsulates what I’ve been saying to my family for now nearly 3 years. And, that is that the Democrats were walking into a land-mine laden area of their own installation.

    What kind of a nut-case political party allows their standard bearer (Clinton) to call half the American electorate “deplorables” (which lead to her defeat) and then goes on to for the next three years to embrase and amplify that unseemly sentiment with near endless condemnations of those same Americans and think that the message that conveys is how to win in in 2020?

    Political suicide is what the Dims have committed. No question about it.


  7. joe2.5 says:

    Ted Rall proves that he is a Demolican.
    As a good Democrat, he doesn’t seem to consider war and aggression as a legitimate count of high crimes. Or misdemeanor.

  8. I generally do not favor the politics of the Democratic Party, so I won’t shed any tears over this stupid impeachment reaching its inevitable conclusion.

    What this does make me worried about is how stupid people are becoming. Don’t know what to call it, so I’ll label it the “hashtag phenomenon.” Social media has caused people to think that all they need to do to solve complex problems is state their opinion on social media. And that’s what this impeachment was. A bunch of narcissistic politicians using an 18th century mechanism to post “#impeach trump.”

    Solving real problems takes real thinking, real resources and real planning. And if people don’t get this through their heads, the US has a very troubled future.

  9. There’s one party in this country, the DemoPublican Party. Every four years, it puts up two hacks–one for the Democrats, one for the Republicans. Choose one from Column A, or one from Column B. They’re both bought-and-paid-for by every special interest imaginable. They both favor military adventurism.

    A careful, nuanced foreign policy? Respect for civil liberties and the law? Hell, you’ll never get that.

  10. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    The democrats remind of the guy who cleans his gun with a round still in the chamber.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  11. SteveK9 says:

    The reason the impeachment failed is not that it was ‘rushed’ or ‘weak’, it is that it was dishonest at its core. Asking a country to investigate (obvious) corruption by US officials is what a President should do.

    Work on impeachment earlier? For what? Because, for the first time in our history the losing candidate in a Presidential election, did not accept the results. The Democratic Party deserves to be totally destroyed, as they have shown themselves to be an existential threat to America and possibly the human race. This totally concocted, dishonest, and despicable ‘Russia’ horseshit could end in a nuclear war that would incinerate this country.

    • Agree: Lost american
  12. How did this happen? Democrats made one mistake after another … Democrats started a fight they knew they couldn’t win.

    Does anyone else see a slight inconsistency there? Well, here it is: if the Dems started a fight they knew they couldn’t win, then it was not really a “mistake”. It had to be intentional.

    For a long time now, people like Caitlin Johnstone have been calling the Trump vs. Never-Trumper fight a big ‘kayfabe‘; but until recently, I had always resisted this logic, thinking it too conspiratorial. However, now that this ridiculous attempt at impeachment has failed (just as the whole world new it would from the start), I’m really starting to come around to the view that the whole thing probably was just a psy-op.

    What bothers me is this: if TPTB have agreed to help with Trump’s re-election, what has he promised them in term 2? So far, despite his total lack of effectiveness on virtually every issue he campaigned on, I have continued to support Trump, if only reluctantly. Why? Because although he got nothing done, at least he hasn’t started any brand-new wars … yet.

    But what if he’s caved and promised them their war with Iran after the election? Mind, I can’t actually prove any of this; but it worries me just the same.

  13. Thirdeye says:

    Some needed corrections:

    1) In the Zelensky call, there was no “pressure” on Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. The two were simply stating, in a general way, things they wanted from each other. Trump said it would be good for Zelensky to get to the bottom of the firing of Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor who was investigating corruption at Burisma, where Hunter Biden sat on the board for a \$50,000/month stipend despite having no knowledge of the energy industry or Ukraine. The firing of Shokin spiked that investigation. Trump’s question was based on the same sentiments that any reasonable person aware of Shokin’s firing, Biden’s role in it, and its results, would share. Zelensky wanted to meet with Trump. He was not even aware that military aid was being delayed. In the end, Zelensky got the meeting with Trump and release of the aid and had to do essentially nothing in return.

    2) The Democrats did in fact decide to impeach Trump in 2017. They were hoping that the Mueller investigation would provide a pretext. It didn’t.

    The desperation to hinge impeachment on the Zelensky call led the Democrats into shoot themselves in the foot royally and they’re in all probability going to do it again at least once between now and November.

  14. @Crazy Horse

    And blame the white guy who sold them the gun.

  15. TG says:

    “If you would kill a king, make sure you succeed.”

    But on another note, the chaos and lunacy surrounding this event suites our oligarchs just fine. There was no coverage of our endless winless overseas wars, no coverage of our ongoing multi-multi-trillion dollar bailouts and subsidies of big finance, no coverage of “surprise medical billing,” no coverage of the ongoing third world invasion of our southern border (because cheap labor), etc.

    Mission accomplished!

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