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Congress Votes to Arm Violent Mobs That Storm Through Capitols Around the World
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Terrified political leaders watched the police who were assigned to protect them melt away. They fled as an angry mob of hooligans, riled up by sketchy allegations of rigged elections, stormed up the stairs of the government building that hosted the debates and deliberations of their venerable democracy. The rioters, reactionary right-wingers from the nation’s rural hinterlands, rampaged through the corridors of power, smashing windows, vandalizing offices and looting files and furniture.

Political elites deplored the physical appearance and comportment of the protesters. “I’d like to believe and hope that the actions of a mob high on narcotic substances will not totally destabilize this republic,” remarked a top official of a neighboring country.

This scene didn’t take place at the Capitol. It occurred at the “White House,” the seat of parliament and the presidential staff in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

In March 2005, the mob got its away. President Askar Akayev, the only leader of a former Soviet republic in Central Asia to have been democratically elected, fled into exile. The Tulip Revolution, as Western news media approvingly dubbed the coup, prompted the all-but-total collapse of the country’s economy and politics into chaos so intense that parts of the country have become a failed state where currency has stopped circulating. When I entered via Tajikistan in 2009, the illiterate border guards didn’t even have a stamp in order to mark my passport.

Stability remains elusive. Mobs similarly toppled Akayev’s successor, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, in 2010 and, in a barely noticed bit of international drama eclipsed by the U.S. election, Bakiyev’s replacement in October 2020.

Those Kyrgyz mobs of Muslim young men from the conservative Ferghana Valley didn’t materialize by chance in 2005. They were reportedly trained and funded by you and me.

Scores of CIA agents permanently stationed in southern Kyrgyzstan trained a bunch of hicks to overthrow a northern-based secular government that had annoyed former President George W. Bush’s administration. The Akayev regime’s real sin? Not fixing an election. It was their demand for higher rent payments from the U.S. to use the Bishkek airport as a base for bombing runs into Afghanistan.

The overthrow of Akayev “would have been absolutely impossible … without that help” from the U.S., said Edil Baisolov, who led an NGO financed by the U.S. government. Freedom House, a CIA cover operation masquerading as an NGO, published anti-Akayev newspapers. In 2004, the U.S. Congress allocated $12 million under the Freedom Support Act toward undermining Central Asia’s sole democracy.

“Hundreds of thousands more filter into pro-democracy programs in the country from other United States government-financed institutions like the National Endowment for Democracy,” reported The New York Times in 2005. “That does not include the money for the Freedom House printing press or Kyrgyz-language service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a pro-democracy broadcaster.” Bakiyev was himself trained in the U.S.

American media outlets loved the Kyrgyz insurrection. They grouped it with other CIA-backed “color revolutions” against the governments of Ukraine and Georgia, spinning the overthrow of Akayev, an intellectual physicist, as the liberation of the people from an authoritarian despot.

So, please excuse me if I don’t shed geysers of tears over the traumas endured by the pampered, lobbyist-fattened members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate while idiots wearing horned Viking masks desecrated the hallowed hallways of the Capitol.


What happened on Jan. 6 is infinitely less than chickens coming home to roost. A few hours of mayhem is but a tiny taste of the far greater violence and misery those 535 men and women vote to inflict on countries around the world. According to one study, the United States interfered overtly or covertly in the free elections of 81 foreign countries between 1946 and 2000. The U.S. tried to overthrow the president of Venezuela in 2002; invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, where it replaced the local governments with puppet regimes; set off a war within the Palestinian Authority by trying to get rid of Hamas in 2006; and is currently trying to destroy Yemen, Syria, Iran and Libya, the last of which, thanks to us, has become a failed state. This is, by necessity, a truncated list.

Here is true American exceptionalism. Our Congress throws billions of dollars a year at regime change operations around the globe, but, with the exception of events like the 9/11 attacks, nothing happens. Blowback is infrequent and relatively small-scale, and it never directly impacts the people who are responsible, i.e. the political class. Given that one of the few things Democrats and Republicans still agree upon is to finance the cash-bloated military, I don’t see that changing.

It would be nice, however, for the members of Congress who finance and arm the rampaging mobs that illegally overthrow the sovereign governments of other countries to take it on the chin when the same thing kind of, sort of, almost happens to them.

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  1. Biff says:

    Nice work Ted. The hypocrisy is stunning!

  2. Antiwar7 says:

    Exactly what I thought, too.

  3. Wyatt says:

    Thank you for telling us what we already know, you weak-chinned, milquetoast rube.

  4. BuelahMan says:

    Let’s see here:

    angry mob of hooligans = white people

    watched the police who were assigned to protect them melt away. = open the doors and escort them in

    rural hinterlands = Patriots realm

    angry mob of hooligans = concerned citizens who can plainly see the steal

    riled up by sketchy allegations of rigged elections = angry at outright Democratic Party (Marxists) thievery and their media protected attempts to cover it up

    stormed up the stairs of the government building = Led up the stairs by willing policemen

    venerable democracy = Federal Republic

    rampaged through = walked in orderly fashion between the ropes

    corridors of power = The People’s House

    smashing windows, vandalizing offices and looting files and furniture = Doing what antifa and BLM do across the country, but it is only a negative when Marxists like Rall want to hide what his ideological brethren do all year long with his endorsement and support

    That’s just the first paragraph. Should I go on?

  5. @BuelahMan

    Yes. Overall, it’s the best thing he’s written here.

    Those cliche’ Progressivisms you noted are on autowrite. And other authors here (Buchanan, Margolis) have also put themselves above the hoi polloi who profaned “our” Exceptional! temple of democracy.

  6. @BuelahMan

    The joke is he was talking about an event in Kyrgyzstan.

  7. Antiwar7 says:

    I so totally agree with this article.

    “A few hours of mayhem is but a tiny taste of the far greater violence and misery those 535 men and women vote to inflict on countries around the world.”

    So true.

  8. Very funny article. I love the way that you described the right wing astro-turph political class as hooligans. The only thing that they were protesting was the elction results, proving that it was the political class that could afford to travwl accrosss the country after the scamdemic to cover for financial fraud in order to prevent a resurgence of a populist movement by locking everyone in their homes over scientific fraud in all things except BLM, also used for blotting the news out whenever it is politically expedient for the political class to do, which they also did on MSNBC when Sanders first announced his bid for the presidency for the 2016 election. Al Sharpton cut Sanders speech after about a minute and a half to cover a police shooting of a black man, rather than running it on the tape feed at the bottom of the screen! It was at that point that I noticed what BLM was being used for, and why it is sponsored by oligarchs, corporations, and the DNC! It is a squirrwl operation that has replaced the high speed car chases that people got sick and tired of!

    If the protesters were anything but the political class, they would not be protesting the election results! Because there is a hell of a lot wrong with this country! They did not protest Assange’s improsonment or U,S. extradition requests, but are willing to protest Trumo being banned from Twitter! They did not protest the massive Wall Street bailouts or the lockdowns, or the scamdemic, but they protested Trump losing the elections! Those few that did hold small anti-lockdown rallies did not protest the giant bail outs to Wall Street or Trump that allowed governors and mayors to violate the 14th amendment which prohibits state and local governments from violating the Bill of Rights, which includes freedom of assembly and makes the lock downs and other corona measures 100% unconstitutional!

    Not to mention that it was organized by the police state surveillance state, and that the FBI framed the protesters that they baited through entrapment which makes the FBI terrorists once again, because if the FBI did not encourage Shahman QAnon, who they were cultivating as a manchurian candidate, it never would have happened!

    Nancy Pelosi believes that she is the republic! Rather than saying oh, that brave man saved my life referring to the cop in the Capitol that shot the protesters, she said oh, what a brave man! He saved our republic! So, the guy killed himself in regret.

    Andrea Iravani

  9. MEH 0910 says:

  10. A few hours of mayhem is but a tiny taste of the far greater violence and misery those 535 men and women* vote to inflict on countries around the world.

    *To be honest, a woman was the only one to vote against it:


    • Thanks: Greta Handel
  11. Further on up the road
    Somebody’s gonna hurt you like you hurt me
    Further on up the road
    Baby, just you wait and see

    Poetic justice for the Amoral Majority that worships in the “Temple of Democracy”.

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