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Burning a Police Station Led to Justice
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As people of good will celebrate or merely breathe a sigh of relief in response to the conviction of Minneapolis former police officer Derek Chauvin for the videotaped murder of George Floyd, it is worth noting that this victory likely would never have occurred had it not been for a spectacular act of property destruction.

Yes, there was that damning video. True, the police chief testified for the prosecution. Those factors caused Chauvin’s rare conviction. But you can’t convict unless you indict first — and there was no move to indict Chauvin before city officials were scared into filing charges.

Floyd was killed May 25, 2020. Three days later, demonstrators burned down the Minneapolis Third Precinct police headquarters, which had been abandoned by fleeing cops. On May 29, the next day after the conflagration, prosecutors announced charges against Chauvin.

In October 2020, a member of the right-wing “Bugaloo Bois” was charged with setting the building ablaze. But no one knew that right-wing infiltrators had been involved at the time of Chauvin’s arrest.

Throughout the modern history of the American left, there has been a raging debate between militant pacifists who believe violence has no place in the struggle for political emancipation, and revolutionaries who think powerful institutions and individuals will never relinquish control or allow the radical solutions we need to our worst problems unless they face violence or the credible threat thereof.

(Many on the left do not believe that destruction of property is a form of violence. Ignoring this question in this essay because it would be a distraction from the issue at hand, I use “violence” here as shorthand for any act of political resistance or protest that goes beyond physical passivity, including vandalism, arson, etc.)

From the 1980s until the current Black Lives Matter movement, the pacifists won the argument. Marches against Reagan’s budget cuts and globalization, LGBTQA demonstrations and antiwar protests were coordinated with local authorities to obtain parade permits and internally disciplined by the ironically violent “peace police,” who separated violent pro-“black bloc” marchers from the cops. When I raised the temperature of my speech to the Occupy rally in Washington, D.C., shouting pacifist organizers dressed me down afterward for what they believed to have been incitement.


No one sane is against nonviolence as a tactic against oppression, even the dominant tactic to be used against a system we primarily oppose precisely because of its violence at home and abroad. But no one intelligent, no one who studies history, can deny that revolutionary change — the sweeping transfer of power from one class to another — has never resulted from the victory of a purely nonviolent movement. Indeed, the past 40 years of leftist activism in America, a period 99% characterized by nonviolent protest, is a case study in failure. Reagan’s destruction of the post-New Deal social contract was thoroughly internalized by presidents of both parties, including Barack Obama. Outsourcing American jobs and crushing labor unions is standard practice. We fight one war after another, none justified, all of them doomed efforts, though we can’t admit it. We can’t even increase the minimum wage.

No one knows whether the conviction of Chauvin will set a precedent that holds cops accountable for killing unarmed suspects in their custody. Personally, I doubt it. Very few police killings play out on video over nine minutes; defense attorneys can create a bucketload of reasonable doubt among jurors who wonder what they would do in the course of a few confusing seconds. As Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey pointed out before Chauvin was charged: “We are not talking about a split-second decision that was made incorrectly. … There’s somewhere around 300 seconds in those five minutes — every one of which that officer could have turned back, every second of which he could have removed his knee from George Floyd’s neck.” Frey called for Chauvin to be charged, but only after two days of rioting raised fears that the police had lost control of the city.

That’s when city officials decided to throw Chauvin to the wolves in a trial with a surprising feature: the police chief testifying against one of his own officers.

What we do know is that Chauvin’s conviction was a rare victory for a left unaccustomed to winning even when, as in the case of the brutal beating of Rodney King, the facts are not in question. We also know that that victory followed days of riots punctuated by a spectacular act of violence that terrified the powers that be into doing the right thing.

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  1. Getaclue says:

    There are bad cops no doubt, militarized etc. anyone with half a brain tries to stay clear of them…. However, let’s see what the Jurors who saw the evidence had to say as to King? (Anyone, White, Yellow, Red whatever who pulled what King did would have got the same — RAYCCCCIST had zero to do with it — the 2 others in the car who just complied and didn’t attack were fine — Why didn’t the RACCCISTS beat them too?):

    Saint Floyd died of a drug overdose– the crowd that interfered in his arrest did him no favors nor the ambulance that got lost on the way. Funny no one has interviewed the pregnant woman he jacked with a gun to rob in a home invasion — interesting to get her take on his “Sainthood”.

    Used to read Rall long ago as to Bush 2 — who all could agree was terrible and hurt the country beyond measure as his family Tradition seems to require — now when I come across Rall here? — He’s just another Leftist loser cheering on the NWO Agenda, and crying RAYCISSSS over whatever, which Agenda is going to destroy the USA for all of us and put us all under tyrants of the ChiCom nature only worse, Woke Tyrants…. Tired of such as him it might be some justice if he gets a taste of what he helped inflict on us with his Leftist buddies, clueless or worse…maybe driving home one day he gets to experience some reality as to RAYCISSSSS? Maybe that might change his tune? Probably not– but if it was him on the ground here would he be telling how great the “youths” were in a UNZ write up?:

    • Thanks: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Quartermaster
  2. dear god! i cant seriously believe you posted such an irresponsible incitement to violence. you think burning down the police station ‘led to justice’? dont you fucking commies remember the last time you tried that tack in the 60s? no? and if you got ‘your justice’, you living garbage, why is the black homicide rate still rising?

    you are calling up the forces of hell when you argue for such destruction. whether you serve them willfully or blindly, the result will be the same.

    • Replies: @ADP
  3. Biff says:

    You’re going to argue until history has a different outcome. Good luck with that..!

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  4. anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    Leftist Ted Rall doesn’t just approve of book-burning, he approves of burning entire bookstores.

    We could send him a copy of Fahrenheit 451 to learn from, but he would probably just burn it.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  5. Rahan says:

    Chauvin’s conviction was a rare victory for a left unaccustomed to winning

    You’ve got a Left utterly convinced the Right controls everything and the Left never wins.
    You’ve got a Right utterly convinced the Left controls everything and the Right never wins.

    The GloboHomo neo-feudalists are masters at this misdirection and ghostlighting business.

    But concerning the central concept of this essay. The establishment did not “back down for fear of arson and riots”. With political will those would be put down in a day, and a lot of arsonists and rioters put to honest work making big rocks into little rocks. The political will was to do the opposite.

    The arson was not “a spontaneous people’s instrument to blackmail the establishment to do the right thing”. It was merely a theatrical effect within a predetermined drama to dismantle the existing policing structures and replace them with vastly more dystopian alternatives.

    For decades the Left literally chose to pretend that the megacorp and deep state neofeudalists, and their academia and media neo-Brahmin virtue assigning priests, are on the side “of the people” because of all the virtue they signal.

    The Left literally gave up on the working class “because it votes wrong and talks wrong and thinks wrong” and allied itself with the globohomo feudalists and helped them deconstruct society from top to bottom in half a century, and fill the resulting vacuum with the power of the megacorps and the deep state. Literally as willfully blind and hypocritically righteous as the neocon-supporting zionist retards.

    Morons who bought into the neofeudalist simulacrum of a left wing and of a right wing deserve every last bit of the dystopia they helped bring about.

    Also, anyone who allows to be conditioned by the now universally prevalent “globohomo art” style needs to drop out of the gene pool. Left or right, if you allow your nervous system and thoughts to be influenced through the scientifically designed “happy imagery” of the globohomo pop art style, either wake the hell up, or just do the world a favor.

  6. El Dato says:

    “Burning a Police Station Led to Justice”

    “Do you mean … lawlessness and murder?”

    “I prefer it my way.”

    We also know that that victory followed days of riots punctuated by a spectacular act of violence that terrified the powers that be into doing the right thing.

    And people are going to get the “right thing”, hard and fast.

    My popcorn is ready.

  7. Guy’s in favor of mob rule. Is he in favor of jurors fearing for their lives?

    • Agree: Zimriel
  8. This horrid essay raises the question of to what extent Ted Rall is being evil, or is he just unaware and blind … or too fearful to say a word against the horror of what the ‘Left’ has become

    Thousands of white police officers are retiring early / resigning because of an obvious police officer railroading, as the US oligarchy moves to ethnically cleanse its praetorian guard in anti-white racist war … the railroading clear because:

    George Floyd ingested enough drugs to cause his own death

    Derek Chauvin used a knee-on-neck restraining technique which was standard Minneapolis police department policy, right in the manual

    And used by law enforcement agencies around the world as a reliable non-lethal technique

  9. Like many of Mr. Rall’s columns, this one sounds like a guy after three beers in the freshman dorm.

    The only reason he’s here is that Mr. Unz needed another roster-balancing Progressive to replace the equally lightweight Tom Engelhardt.

  10. Ted Rall. Jubilant participant in a lynch mob. You are dangerous in your ignorance Ted. I suggest you kill yourself.

  11. anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    Kill a arrestee, burn down a precinct. A simple equation like that got Ireland out from under SAS. That’s what it takes to get US peoples out from under America’s Phoenix-template pig patrols. It is the canonical form of community control of police.

    Let’s make it official.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  12. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Poor Teddy Rall, still pining away for the good old days when the Judeofascists ran the left (and the bedroom) with an iron fist, and “world revolution” was just over the horizon. But the Jews have long since moved on to neoliberalism and neoconservatism, and are now preaching “creative destruction” from the center-right. It’s much more amenable to their Zionism.

    Why, look here, top Republican Kevin McCarthy is roommates in a luxury penthouse love nest with ((Frank Luntz)).

    You poor old cult-suckers, always destined to be left at the altar… bitter, frustrated and diseased. Such is the fate of Jew-stooges.

  13. Notsofast says:

    anyone who thinks that all the rioting, looting, burning and shooting is a spontaneous and grassroots reaction to local police brutality is being willfully ignorant of the actual cause. george soros, the ford foundation and our other billionaire overlords decided to bring the color revolution home. apparently they ran out of countries that they can easily loot and we’re the only undefended country worth looting left. this is all the great reset, where the oligarchs reset all the assets of the middle class and small business america into their bank accounts.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  14. Getaclue says:

    So much better when Soros succeeds and the UN is occupying the USA which has been the open plan for years along with the Medical Martial Law scam and “Vaccine Passports” for the impoverished Peons — all cooked up years ago and rolled out now on cue — yet we still have people like you who believe what we’re seeing is somehow spontaneous and will lead to “good things”, Rall who actually thinks burning down Police Stations is good based upon the OD death of Saint Floyd — people like you and Rall are a big part of the problem for the rest of us — too bad you and him and your ilk couldn’t be the only ones effected by your views/actions without getting the carnage on the rest of us who don’t want to live in a 3rd World Hellhole….

  15. Getaclue says:

    “history” is long from over

    • Replies: @Biff
  16. anon[285] • Disclaimer says:

    Getaclue 14. Your notions are very muddled and confused so it’s hard to explain life to you in a synoptic manner.

    (1) What are you so scared of, that you plead for armed assholes to push you around and kneel on your son’s head and kill him if he doesn’t knuckle under? If a pig kneeled on your son’s head and killed him, I trust you would have the stones to burn down a police station. Otherwise, you’re just a helpless mewling pussy. You seem to think people getting fed up with violent cowardly assholes and burning down their asshole forts needs to be induced. It is a natural response among free people.

    (2) The Soros BLM nonsense is a feckless attempt to defang the peoples’ authentic recourse to rebellion: M4BL, Black is Back, BAP, BPP, and the public they educated. BLM pantywaists are not burning down police stations, they are staging bullshit middle class Easter parades that do dick to keep pigs in line.

    (3) What is this 3rd world hellhole you’re so scared of? Your country’s a kleptocracy corrupted to collapse by Big Pharma. If you don’t like the COVID mass hysteria, then you should go to New Jersey and burn down Pfizer and J&J.

    (4) Your UN notions come straight from 50s Bircher propaganda. Where did you get them?

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  17. dvorak says:

    the right-wing “Bugaloo Bois”

    Oh come on. They’re antifa, feds, or both.

  18. Biff says:

    “history” is long from over

    The future ain’t what it used to be.

    Give us another Yogi.

  19. It is difficult to comprehend the insanity of this column. The depth of it. Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose that he ingested himself. He was not killed by anyone least of all Chauvin. As others have pointed out, the technique Chauvin used was taught him by his police department and there was no damage at all done to Floyd by the technique. Floyd resisted arrest, which he should never ever have done. But he did. The cops were waiting for medical help that didn’t arrive in a timely fashion because they made a GPS mistake. The crowd was so hostile that the ambulance left the scene with Floyd driving several blocks before they felt safe enough to stop and attend to him.

    As for the ” Boogaloo” boy, I find the claim that a right-winger burned a police station to be preposterous. Left-wingers and black supremacists have been burning things (buildings, cars, people) for a year now. Why would a right-winger be involved in an insane black riot?

    Furthermore, your preposterous idea that the burning of a cop station is what forced the government to charge Chauvin and the other cops is the veritable definition of mob rule. And you are celebrating this?

    Do you have Mad Cow disease? Or advanced syphilis? What has happened to your brain? Ted, you have topped yourself. I’ve never read a more insane piece of writing from you in my entire life.

  20. Where’s the button that marks the entire essay as “Troll”?

  21. A career criminal OD’s while in police custody.

    Chauvin: blamed.

    Orcs threaten to riot.

    Frightened city wrongly pays off rotten family.

    Judge refuses to move trial to another city.

    Chauvin: show trial.

    Juror later admits lying about foreknowledge of the city’s payout.

    Chauvin: political prisoner.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  22. ADP says:
    @ravin' lunatic

    Well, irrespective of your feelings about it, he’s right.
    No one is interested in debating with your feelers.
    And to be clear, it isn’t the author incentivizing extralegal violence, it is the authorities.
    They are the ones rewarding such behavior.
    Maybe if they did the right thing & went after murderous & corrupt cops more consistently, folks wouldn’t have to burn down police stations to get justice.
    What is amazing is how law enforcement in this country seems to almost perpetually be doing the wrong thing.
    And even in this scenario, they incentivize arson on one end, & ignore evil cops on the other.
    They rarely get anything right. Useless.

  23. @anon

    I’ve been in Uncle Edgar’s. It’s a pretty cramped and humble place. Nothing like the Hoxha-era Albanian bookstore in Vancouver. That was splashy.

    All-sided relations between Canadian and Albanian people growing irresistibly

  24. @Getaclue

    Rall hasn’t changed. He’s always been a moron.

  25. tgordon says:

    “As people of good will celebrate or merely breathe a sigh of relief in response to the conviction of Minneapolis former police officer Derek Chauvin for the videotaped murder of George Floyd, it is worth noting that this victory likely would never have occurred had it not been for a spectacular act of property destruction.”

    It’s nonsense like this that make me unashamed that I don’t read the entirety of an article before choosing to comment. The sad thing is, I’m guessing Mr. Rall is a pretty decent guy. Still, one of us occupies an inverted reality.

  26. @anon

    Your UN notions come straight from 50s Bircher propaganda. Where did you get them?

    If you aren’t a genocidal Jew supremacist you’re an easily-manipulated shabbos goy. Meanwhile, the Palestinians could use your help.

    And while you’re at it, why don’t you look up the Latina who St. George Floyd robbed at gun-point after he & his homies broke into her house & ransacked it?

    The media are too busy promoting anti-White violence get her account of St. George. Why don’t you? Millions of people across the political spectrum would be interested in her account — if they knew about her.

    Feminist anti-racist Ted Rall sure as hell won’t do it.

  27. @Sick of Orcs

    Another (((White genocidal media))) success.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
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