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Those who have been following my extended rant on speed cameras know that my objection to them is based on their role in the developing all-surveillance-state-all-the-time as well as their denial of any due process. I have also noted that their deployment is generally based on potential revenue generation rather than safety. Chevy Chase (not... Read More
My post on the increasing use of speed cameras back about ten days ago in which I though I was attacking the surveillance state attracted some criticism because it revealed inter alia that I am a reckless speeder. Now there is a piece in today's Wash Post about a man driving to a ball game... Read More
There is some debate in the Washington area about the increasing use of speed cameras. It is reported that Montgomery County in Maryland has deployed hundreds of them and is raking in $53,000 a day in fines. The cameras are sited on busy roads and record the license plates of vehicles going five miles per... Read More
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