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Thoughts Regarding His Extinction
Regarding the imposed demise of Timothy McVeigh, and the gnashing of teeth following said demise, a few thoughts: Much noise ensued from Amnesty International, one of those organizations which consist three-quarters of some good idea, and one-quarter of excessive satisfaction with themselves for espousing the good idea. The execution, said Amnesty, was barbaric, cruel and... Read More
For all the fun and frolic that the nation's media elite was enjoying over the now-delayed execution of Timothy McVeigh, there remains a nagging question in their minds about the Oklahoma City bombing that McVeigh now openly admits having committed: Why doesn't this terrorist feel any guilt? The question permeates the best-selling examination of the... Read More
The social event of the year seems to be the impending execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on May 16. Since McVeigh has admitted his guilt and abandoned his claims to further legal appeals that might have kept him alive for several more years, there need be no worries about what DNA evidence could... Read More
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