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With my Escape from America series, I’ve interviewed American ex-pats who have settled in Mexico, the Philippines, Hungary, Costa Rica, Brazil or England, etc., but you’re constantly escaping from one country to the next, with the goal of experiencing all 180 of them! What made you choose such an unusual lifestyle, and how did you... Read More
It will be fascinating to watch how the (Dis)United States will deal with post-coup Myanmar as part of their 24/7 “containment of China” frenzy. The (jade) elephant in the elaborate room housing the military coup in Myanmar had to be – what else – China. And the Tatmadaw – the Myanmar Armed Forces – knows... Read More
Vietnamese church in Chanthaburi, Thailand, 2018
In 1987, V.S. Naipaul was asked by Andrew Robinson, “Have the immigrants from Asia and the Caribbean changed British life?” Naipaul, “I feel that there will be a lot of difficulty. I don’t see how it can be avoided, especially with these immigrants who are not seeking a new identity or a new kind of... Read More
Chanthaburi, Thailand, 2018
History is primarily a chronicle of wars and invasions, most often among neighbors, so every inch of every border has been fiercely fought over, for that’s how any population maintains its autonomy, integrity and identity. Plus, you need land to prosper so, often, you grab your neighbor’s when he’s weak. Everyone has done this. Everyone.... Read More
BANGKOK - A Big Pharma star player - Sanofi Aventis - has been battling a stock market tsunami these past few days. It was all caused by a negative rumor about one of its best-selling products, Lantus (or glargine) - an insulin-a-day wonder that is key in the fight against diabetes. Tens of thousands of... Read More
BANGKOK - A new mobile-phone ring tone is all the rage among Thailand's urban youth: "Thaksin! - Ok pai!" (Get out). Human waves continued to yell the mantra at a massive rally in a huge plaza in central Bangkok on Monday, against the dramatic backdrop of the golden spires of the Grand Palace. What began... Read More
"Thaksin Ample Rich. Thais ample poor". - Banner at the 50,000-plus anti-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra rally in Bangkok, February 4 "I'll go on doing my duty as the prime minister for three more years ... These are just a few stupid people. Let's ignore them." - Thaksin's reaction in Chiang Mai, February 5 BANGKOK -... Read More
BANGKOK - Mermaids took over downtown Bangkok this past Friday, sea shells adorning their long, black silky hair. Was this a case of collective good karma leading to their reincarnation as Thai sea creatures? Might they be alluding to a pristine reality where government corruption is absent and political confrontation is unheard of? Not really.... Read More
BANGKOK - The King of Thailand, constitutionally, is head of state and above politics. But this past Sunday, on the eve of his 78th birthday, revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej - with incomparable grace, subtlety and sense of humor - de facto intervened to potentially defuse what Thais consider the gravest threat to their society at... Read More
BANGKOK - December 9. This is the day of destiny when the Buddhist kingdom of Thailand will see which way the wind blows in the ongoing, no holds barred, very un-Buddhist political confrontation between former allies and best friends, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his now fierce critic, Sondhi Limthongkul, founder of Manager Media Group.... Read More
BANGKOK - With a playful smile, Paul Krugman says China will inevitably become the world's No 1 economy, depending on the criteria one applies, "by 2020 to 2040". You can't be too careful when it's early evening, but the internal clock says it's early morning US East Coast time, you crave for breakfast, but soon... Read More
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