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The wages of sin is success.
The text for today, brothers and sisters, is from the Marquess of Montrose (who was no doubt inspired by Jeremiah 12:1): "Doth not sometimes a just man perish in his righteousness, and a wicked man prosper in his wickedness and malice?" This came to mind with the news story about the 13 Arab terrorists currently... Read More
Watch your backs, America.
It's nice to be British at the moment. Prime Minister Tony Blair has been getting high marks from Americans for the loud and clear support support he has given to George W. Bush's war on terrorism. After his two powerful speeches about the war — at his own party's annual conference on October 3rd and... Read More
A long-term diplomatic strategy.
Lifting our eyes from the current crisis, and the fireworks no doubt soon to begin, let us ponder some more general lessons for the West. Here, to get us started, is the story of Shining Lady Wang, an actual incident from ancient Chinese history. Shining Lady Wang was one of the great beauties of her... Read More
Twice the usual congregation at church this Sunday. If I were more of a churchgoer myself, I would be smug about this. As it is, I confess to a teeny bit of smugness. Though not an active member of my church, never having faced up to the hundreds of hours of time and thousands of... Read More
• Cry havoc! and let slip the appropriate dogs God knows, there has been enough to feel depressed about these few days. One of the lesser things has been the way these events have exposed the terrible poverty of our public language. May I be the first to say that George W. Bush's speech on... Read More
If you are a reader of right-wing opinion websites, you will by now have heard the voice of the Paleos, loud and strong. That last one is from Pat Buchanan, who will be on TV a lot these next few weeks, and whose royalty statements (the bit of paper your publisher sends you twice a... Read More
I am writing this less than an hour after the U.S.A. was struck by what looks very much like a coordinated wave of terrorist attacks. Two planes, one said to have been hijacked, crashed into the World Trade Center, setting both towers on fire. From my front lawn here in Long Island, thirty miles away,... Read More
You may have caught the report in Sunday's New York Times titled "The Future of American Terrorism," written by two gentlemen named Morris Dees and Mark Potok, both activists working in the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing lobbying group. Messrs. Dees and Potok tell us that the milita movement has declined to less than... Read More
Last Tuesday the prosecution rested its case in the trial of the Lockerbie bombers, two Libyans accused of blowing up a jumbo jet over Scotland in 1988. Lost your attention? Yes, I know, this is one of those news stories that seems to have been bobbing about in the media for ever. The bombing was,... Read More
Perhaps it is a bit much, in an election season, with a major crisis a-building in the Middle East, to expect Americans to concentrate their minds on Ireland. Ninety-nine per cent of Americans do not care about Ireland one way or the other; and the one per cent that do care mostly have attitudes frozen... Read More
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