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The stagecoach bounced along the uneven trail through Indian lands. A year ago there would have been danger from Indians. But Ulysses Grant had sent General Philip Henry Sheridan, who had brought the horrors of war to Confederate civilians, to annihilate the plains Indians. In his winter campaign of 1868-69, Sheridan attacked the Cheyenne, Kiowa,... Read More
The shots he heard were too numerous to be a hunter’s work. Maybe Indians had come upon a trapper. Better check it out. If Indians got the trapper, they would be onto him next. Two guns stood a better chance than one, especially when the second wasn’t expected. The firing had stopped as he peered... Read More
The Apaches had found his trail. Despite his Kiowa training, he had slipped up. His mistake could cost him his life. His canteen was full from the spring where he had left his horse. He had hoped the Apaches would accept the gift and let him be. But a white man on foot in the... Read More
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