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He was once credited as the leading figure of the “Conservative Intellectual Movement” (to borrowGeorge Nash’s phrase) but today Conservatism Inc. wants to keep Russell Kirk in obscurity. Luckily,Bradley Birzer, the Russell Amos Kirk Professor of History at Hillsdale College, has written what may be the definitive Kirk biography Russell Kirk: American Conservative. It will... Read More
Russell Kirk: American Conservative. By Bradley J. Birzer. University Press of Kentucky, 2015. 574 pages. When The Conservative Mind was published in 1953, its author, like Lord Byron after the appearance of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage,awoke to find himself famous. Russell Kirk was a hitherto unknown American academic, but Time magazine, which “devoted its entire July... Read More
It is hard to understand why those who are not cognitively challenged write inexplicably stupid things. Although Professor Allan Wolfe and I would not agree on much politically or philosophically, from all accounts he is an intelligent man. In June 1999 he wrote a reasonably perceptive review of my book After Liberalism for The New... Read More
The latest commentary by David Brooks in the New York Times (October 25, 2005) on how "Bush has revitalized, rescued the right" illustrates the direction in which the "conservative movement" has been traveling for decades. Brooks thanks Bush for having taken over the country when the Republican Party was "was veering toward isolationism, its immigration... Read More
Earlier this year the Philadelphia Society, the conservative affinity group, elected neoconservative matriarch Midge Decter its president. The members apparently accepted their new leader happily and even applauded when she announced that she was not (nor had she ever been) a "neoconservative"— no one in Decter's family or social circle, the members were told, would... Read More
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