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I was just reading Eric Dondero's revelations about the time he spent working as personal assistant, campaign co-ordinator, and senior aide to Ron Paul. Dondero denies or plays down Paul's rumored offenses against political correctness, but has a few things to say that are giving liberals the vapors none the less. On homosexuality, for example.... Read More
Sometimes intelligent people say things that are so dumb, I wonder whom they are trying to please. In George Will’s latest diatribe, “Ron Paul, spoiler?,” he makes nice to those groups that have advanced his career—GOP foundations, the media establishment, and DC insiders whom he presumably sees socially. Unlike other Republican commentators, Will recognizes that... Read More
This is the third installment in a four-part symposium on the Ron Paul movement to be published in Taki’s magazine. John Derbyshire and Justin Raimondo have made previous contributions. Although it might be premature to claim that Ron Paul’s campaign is winding down, plainly the candidate has not done as well as his supporters had... Read More
In his message to supporters on Friday, Dr. Paul declared his intention to continue campaigning, but with less intensity since, in the first place, "the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero," and in the second, he wants to put more effort into his own congressional campaign. He also promised that "I am committed... Read More
It seems that I may have to use my rights as a senior blogger to respond to some of the critics of my recently posted remarks on RP. The aforesaid commentary was written several weeks ago and therefore the figures cited for Mike Huckabee are much lower than they would become after his recent surge... Read More
The recent endorsement of Rudy by televangelist Pat Robertson has turned the former mayor’s supporters at National Review, the New York Post, and other obliging outposts of the neoconservative empire from a state of hope to one of outright jubilation. If Lawrence Kudlow, NR economics editor, is correct, the nomination “has been wrapped up.” Perhaps... Read More
At long last the ADL has pinpointed Ron Paul’s “extremist” associations. According to ADL’s assistant director of civil rights Steve Freeman, Dr. Paul’s campaign was reckless enough to accept the donation of Don Black, the owner of a white supremacist website, Stormfront. The candidate then refused to return the gift and, in an interview with... Read More
On Saturday November 10, on a visit to my wife’s friends in South Philadelphia (near the turf immortalized by Rocky), I attended a Ron Paul rally at Independence Mall. By the time the hurried candidate arrived at the scene, at 1:45 PM, the mulling crowds already numbered in the thousands (perhaps tens of thousands); and... Read More
I am writing this blog for two reasons, first, to second the webmaster’s exhortation to our readers to shower Ron Paul with additional campaign funding (I am now doing my part); and second, to express my utter contempt for the website GOPUSA for its comments against Dr. Paul’s “avid supporters.” Whom do these Republican hacks... Read More
John Ross, in his labyrinthine commentary on Ron Paul and his neo-hippy (or is it neo-Bolshevik followers?), introduces himself as a “Kirkian” and a “Burkean,” and in view of this stated pedigree, I’m not at all surprised that he is annoyed with me. Although a self-described “man of the Right” who profoundly admires Burke and... Read More
About two weeks ago Justin Raimondo mentioned on a blog that Ron Paul’s enemies had begun to smear him as an anti-Semite and racist. From the references I assumed that the sources of the attack were the neoconservatives, an assumption that made perfectly good sense given the diametrically opposed views of the two camps. While... Read More
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