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The justice department targets dissenters
There have been a number of suggestions online that the withdrawal of American soldiers from overseas is being undertaken to use the troops against those individuals and domestic groups that are being targeted by the Justice Department. The possibility has a certain coherency given that we have a White House that it believes it has... Read More
A national health crisis does not stop the beat of the war drums
The United States has just declared war against the coronavirus, with President Donald Trump self-proclaiming that he is now a “wartime president.” Whether one believes that the virus must be confronted with maximum aggression by effectively shutting down the country or that the measures already in place are already an overreaction hardly seems to matter... Read More
Palo Alto, CA---Dr. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning former Republican congressman and presidential candidate, has endorsed Ron Unz in his current U.S. Senate race in California. Mr. Unz, a software developer and former theoretical physicist with degrees from Harvard University and Cambridge University, is a leading Republican candidate for the Senate seat held by California's retiring... Read More
A review of Ron Paul's exploration of the American malaise
Dr. Ron Paul has written many books but I would highly recommend his latest, Swords into Plowshares: A Lifetime in Wartime and a Future of Peace and Prosperity, for those who are particularly interested in how his political views developed and what his assessment of today’s political landscape might be. As the title suggests, the... Read More
Puzzled by the title? It will all come clear. Europeans have written to me with more information that raises questions about the Charlie Hebdo affair. Some point out the strange emptiness of the street on which the professional killers depart. Others point out the film has hallmarks of orchestration or staging. Still others point out... Read More
Rand Paul’s Bumper Sticker Foreign Policy is Dangerous
I and others have been noting that Senator Rand Paul is particularly prone to shoot from the lip when it comes to foreign policy, raising serious concerns about his judgment if he should ever be elected president. Paul has surrounded himself with his father’s former advisers, who failed Ron in his electoral bid, and are... Read More
Polling Shows Big Disconnect
Good news and bad news: market research confirms most Americans side to one degree or another with former Congressman Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Bad news? The neo-cons are still at the switch. In 2003, with flags flying and trumpets blaring, opinion polls showed some 60 percent of Americans supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq. As... Read More
Rich Koele /
Former Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is a genuine American hero. He stood for a new way of thinking about America’s place in the world and recognized that the war party and its policies were both destructive to the US Constitution and imperiling liberties at home. He is a national treasure. But I sometimes have... Read More
Even though Ron Paul will not be the next president of the United States, some pundits are now beginning to wake up to the fact that his campaign gave birth to an awareness among many voters, young and old, that there is something very wrong with America’s two party political system. Paul’s ideas about constitutionalism,... Read More
It is my understanding, from a very reliable source, that the Ron Paul campaign laid off most of its staff nationwide yesterday. I do not know if that means he will suspend his campaign, though I hope he will continue on to the convention to make sure his voice is heard, even if ignored. I... Read More
New York Times resident compassionate conservative David Brooks can be quite clever in how he creates mental linkages for his audience. His recent article on his travels observing the candidates in the South Carolina takes no prisoners when it comes to Ron Paul. He reports speaking to “a pawnshop manager who supports Ron Paul and... Read More
NEW YORK - America has come back, at least politically, to where it was in the far-off 1950’s when Communist-scares and the modern fascism of Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy kept the republic in a state of anxiety and deep fear. “Reds under our beds” was the slogan in those days of paranoia and witch-hunting. Today,... Read More
I was just reading Eric Dondero's revelations about the time he spent working as personal assistant, campaign co-ordinator, and senior aide to Ron Paul. Dondero denies or plays down Paul's rumored offenses against political correctness, but has a few things to say that are giving liberals the vapors none the less. On homosexuality, for example.... Read More
Of War and Social Security
Ron Paul is the only antiwar candidate who has a (microscopic) chance of winning in 2012. He's also the only candidate who will make an effort to restore the Bill of Rights and reverse Congress's decision to allow the president to "indefinitely" imprison American citizens without due process. For these reasons alone, Paul should garner... Read More
Sometimes intelligent people say things that are so dumb, I wonder whom they are trying to please. In George Will’s latest diatribe, “Ron Paul, spoiler?,” he makes nice to those groups that have advanced his career—GOP foundations, the media establishment, and DC insiders whom he presumably sees socially. Unlike other Republican commentators, Will recognizes that... Read More
During the Republican presidential primary debate from Des Moines on December 15, Ron Paul caused uproar when he said that a strike against Iran “would risk a repeat of the useless Iraqi war.” In response to a question from Bret Baier, Paul made this statement: “To me the greatest danger is that we will have... Read More
This morning there was some peculiar media coverage of last night’s Republican debate. Predictably, in all sources Ron Paul coverage was significantly less than the column inches provided Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, even though he is running neck-and-neck with them in Iowa. Ron Paul was the only one to raise the issue of foreign... Read More
The Consciousness of Guilt
I don't like mixing politics with morality, but sometimes it's unavoidable. What I mean is this: how can anyone cast a ballot for a man who they know will continue to kill people in other countries merely to advance US policy objectives? That's the question people need to ask themselves. Under normal circumstances, I can... Read More
I had two interesting experiences over the weekend, totally unrelated to the non-event of Hurricane Irene, which only dropped an inch of rain on northern Virginia. On Friday I went to dinner with a mixed group consisting of the women who are in my wife’s quilting group together with their husbands. All of the men... Read More
Bankers, War Mongers, Drug Dealers, The New York Times, The Military Industrial Complex, the Neo-Cons, The Wall Street Journal, The DEA, Organized Crime, The CIA, the FBI, The FDA, The Department of Education, The Federal Reserve and the IRS. “With politicians like these,who needs terrorists?” Ron Paul Ron Paul is neither a big man nor... Read More
Republicans need Ron Paul's honesty
Republican Congressman Ron Paul became a hero to many Americans last year when he ran for president against the political establishment. The 11-term Texas congressman is the most respected and admired American politician around the world after President Barack Obama. Rep. Paul is a vocal critic of what he calls reckless deficit spending, "welfare" for... Read More
This is the third installment in a four-part symposium on the Ron Paul movement to be published in Taki’s magazine. John Derbyshire and Justin Raimondo have made previous contributions. Although it might be premature to claim that Ron Paul’s campaign is winding down, plainly the candidate has not done as well as his supporters had... Read More
In his message to supporters on Friday, Dr. Paul declared his intention to continue campaigning, but with less intensity since, in the first place, "the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero," and in the second, he wants to put more effort into his own congressional campaign. He also promised that "I am committed... Read More
Why I'm for Ron Paul
You can waste a lot of time in my line of work, noodling around on internet search engines to not much effect. If the matter is sufficiently pressing (translation: remunerative), when the internet has comprehensively failed you, you can head to your library. If that fails, you can head to the nearest university library; and... Read More
It seems that I may have to use my rights as a senior blogger to respond to some of the critics of my recently posted remarks on RP. The aforesaid commentary was written several weeks ago and therefore the figures cited for Mike Huckabee are much lower than they would become after his recent surge... Read More
The recent endorsement of Rudy by televangelist Pat Robertson has turned the former mayor’s supporters at National Review, the New York Post, and other obliging outposts of the neoconservative empire from a state of hope to one of outright jubilation. If Lawrence Kudlow, NR economics editor, is correct, the nomination “has been wrapped up.” Perhaps... Read More
The recent endorsement of Rudy by televangelist Pat Robertson has turned the former mayor's supporters at National Review (NR), the New York Post, and other obliging outposts of the neoconservative empire from a state of hope to one of outright jubilation. If Lawrence Kudlow, NR economics editor, is correct, the nomination "has been wrapped up."... Read More
At long last the ADL has pinpointed Ron Paul’s “extremist” associations. According to ADL’s assistant director of civil rights Steve Freeman, Dr. Paul’s campaign was reckless enough to accept the donation of Don Black, the owner of a white supremacist website, Stormfront. The candidate then refused to return the gift and, in an interview with... Read More
On Saturday November 10, on a visit to my wife’s friends in South Philadelphia (near the turf immortalized by Rocky), I attended a Ron Paul rally at Independence Mall. By the time the hurried candidate arrived at the scene, at 1:45 PM, the mulling crowds already numbered in the thousands (perhaps tens of thousands); and... Read More
During the last few weeks, I've been looking at the indignant notes sent to me from Jews for Ron Paul, a high-spirited group to which I lent my radioactive name, about the crude behavior of the Republican Jewish Coalition and its National Chairman David Flaum. Ron Paul did not receive an invitation to appear with... Read More
Stop the War? Restore the Constitution? He's Your Man
First we stop the killing, and then we restore the Constitution. These are our two main priorities. And that's why I'm voting for Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who's promising to do both. And he'll keep his word. That makes him the only truly American candidate running for president. Paul is serious about... Read More
I am writing this blog for two reasons, first, to second the webmaster’s exhortation to our readers to shower Ron Paul with additional campaign funding (I am now doing my part); and second, to express my utter contempt for the website GOPUSA for its comments against Dr. Paul’s “avid supporters.” Whom do these Republican hacks... Read More
John Ross, in his labyrinthine commentary on Ron Paul and his neo-hippy (or is it neo-Bolshevik followers?), introduces himself as a “Kirkian” and a “Burkean,” and in view of this stated pedigree, I’m not at all surprised that he is annoyed with me. Although a self-described “man of the Right” who profoundly admires Burke and... Read More
Go on, admit it: you have felt the Ron Paul temptation, haven't you? And it's not just the thrill of imagining another president named Ron, is it? Ron Paul believes a lot of what you believe, and what I believe. You don't imagine he's going to be the 44th POTUS, but you kind of hope... Read More
About two weeks ago Justin Raimondo mentioned on a blog that Ron Paul’s enemies had begun to smear him as an anti-Semite and racist. From the references I assumed that the sources of the attack were the neoconservatives, an assumption that made perfectly good sense given the diametrically opposed views of the two camps. While... Read More
Ron Paul vs. the Throng
Put together Murdoch's Fox News, a mid-May debate between Republican presidential candidates and the state of South Carolina and you have a hotbed of stupidity. But to the fury of the Republican organizers there was an intrusion of rational thought, in the person of Ron Paul, a US congressman from Texas, classed as a rank... Read More
Richard Brookhiser is a National Review senior editor and the author of a readable biography of Alexander Hamilton. But his job in recent years seems to involve repeating neoconservative opinions, perhaps in his capacity as an upper-class WASP with a courteous manner and a soft voice. Typically I skim over Brookhiser's commentaries as déjà vu,... Read More
Dozens of people have announced their candidacies for the White House in 2008, and if I had to bet at this point, I would put my money on the old woman. Hillary may be awful, but at least she is predictable. I suppose I can learn to resign myself to her. What difference does it... Read More
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