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All aboot Canada.
Off to Toronto to tape a TV panel discussion on racial profiling. Racial Profiling! Whatever happened to racial profiling? I felt a bit as though I had been asked into a debate about the Missile Gap, or Prohibition. I mean, racial profiling is sonot a current issue. That is the case, at any rate, here... Read More
Back in prehistoric times, before Sept. 11, citizens who follow the administration of the Department of Justice may recall that Attorney General John Ashcroft kept saying that his first priority was to fightracial profiling. After Sept. 11, that seemed a rather peculiar objective, but even before, with millions of illegal aliens roaming the country, it... Read More
Speaking before a luncheon hosted by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith last week, Attorney General John Ashcroft swore eternal enmity to the evil of racial discrimination and its offspring, racial profiling. Discrimination, the attorney general solemnly warned, remains "pervasive," and needs to be combatted "vigorously." That, he continued, is why "racial profiling is an... Read More
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