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This is footage from a Nick Fuentes rally against CPAC over the weekend. It was pretty awesome. The audio is messed up for a minute or so at the beginning, but the whole thing is worth watching. You might be saying: “why are you reporting this the Wednesday after?” Well, dear reader, there was a... Read More
NICK FUENTES - "YOU CANNOT TALK ABOUT THE JEWS... OR THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS." When Donald Trump ran on the populist platform in 2016 and called out Open Borders RINOS and Neocon warmongers, he angered Jewish Power that, for the next four years, was hell bent on doing whatever it took to dismantle his agenda... Read More
Jewish Power will trump Trump
There is considerable irony in the fact that Donald Trump when president virtually crawled to do Israel’s bidding more than any of his predecessors. He moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he accepted brutal Israeli settlement and control of the Palestinian West Bank, approved of the Israeli annexation of the Syrian Golan... Read More
Scott Adams, Dilbert creator, internet person, conservative thought-leader, and early Trump supporter, has become very interested in the Ye situation. He is defending Ye and Nick Fuentes after the “I love Hitler” comments on the Alex Jones Show, and seems very interested in Ye’s campaign. Above is a full show where he makes some very... Read More
Was it a terrifying display of anti-Semitism? A PR disaster? A plot to undermine what’s left of free speech? Or something else entirely? Mainstream media reports on Kanye “Ye” West’s three-hour interview alongside Nick Fuentes on last Thursday’s Alex Jones show—just days after West and Fuentes dined with former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago—reported it as... Read More
On Thursday, Ye appeared with Nick Fuentes on the Alex Jones Show. The media is focusing on the fact that Ye endorsed Adolf Hitler as not being that bad, said he loves Nazis, and said the Holocaust never happened. Although I agree that Hitler was good and the Nazis are very cool, that was the... Read More
Tucker Carlson’s Monday and Tuesday show were some of the worst he’s ever done. He’s been going full neocon, pushing for war with the Chinese. He actually said that Anthony Fauci was supporting the Chinese, which is the exact opposite of the truth. He also said the State Department is pro-Chinese, which is like, completely... Read More
After future president Ye walked out of a Tim Pool interview because that beanie faggot just kept pushing him, promoting absurd and debunked theories about the absence of Jewish power, Jews are praising him. The faggot Jew Dave Rubin, who literally kidnapped children to molest and abuse, was among the fans of the kikesucker Pool.... Read More
On Monday, Ye appeared with Nick and Milo on Tim Pool’s podcast, “The Timcast.” The interview was cut shot very early on after Tim Pool kept doing the “pushing back” bullshit. Ye said he wasn’t going to do another Lex Fridman humiliation ritual, and he got up and walked out. It’s really just ridiculous that... Read More
Social media has been ablaze with the names Donald Trump, Nick Fuentes, Milo, and Kanye “Ye” West for the past 24 hours. The press has reported that the four men had dinner together at Mar-a-Lago earlier this week, which has attracted a degree of official condemnation for confirmed 2024 presidential contender Trump. Trump, who was... Read More
The Daily Beast initially reported that Nick Fuentes didn’t go into the meeting with Ye and Donald Trump. When I heard that, I said “I don’t believe that.” Shortly thereafter, Axois’ Jonathan Swan – who is my personal favorite commie Jew journalist, simply because he actually behaves professionally despite having the same agenda as every... Read More
Future American Dictator Nick Fuentes appeared on Alex “Prime Stein Time 99” Stein this week in an excellent episode. Just now, however, I was listening to Ethan Ralph’s show, and Alex said that he is getting totally canceled from everything for having Nick on his show. Specifically, he implied he’s been kicked out of Charlie... Read More
Earlier, by Michelle Malkin: America First vs America LAST GOP Last weekend’s AFPAC III was an enormous success. Some 1200 people attended Nick Fuentes’ nationalist alternative to CPAC. Multiple elected officials participated and, although Regime Media journalists were banned because they would have leaked the secret location to Antifa, it drew a large amount of... Read More
Nick Fuentes was always going to get banned from Twitter eventually. He’d managed to get the blue check back a long time ago, then managed to keep his optics close enough to the mainstream to keep from getting banned longer than anyone else. Still, every time he tweeted, it was dead man walking. The Hebrew... Read More
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