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Everyone complains about the Left, but no one does anything about it. Or so it would seem. Part of the problem, I suspect, is that many in the public have mistaken notions about what “the Left” is and how it operates, and thus they more or less mindlessly support it, or oppose it, as the... Read More
Some Buffalo Don’t Rot
Websites pour forth heated arguments between liberals and conservative about almost everything—or, as is becoming clear due to brain research, what seem to be arguments but in fact are genetically determined reflexes. Even before the latest results from PET scans and functional MRI, simple observation convinced the sentient that rationality was not involved in political... Read More
Right, Left and Neutered
The deepening economic crises in Europe and the United States are provoking contrasting socio-political responses from the working and middle classes. In Europe, especially among the Mediterranean countries (Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy) unemployed youth, workers and lower middle class public employees have organized a series of general strikes, occupations of public plazas and other... Read More
In The American Conservative’s September issue, spirited libertarian journalist and editor Justin Raimondo offers his opinions about how Obama lost the left. Raimondo says much of Obama’s support among journalists and intellectuals came from opponents of the Bush Administration’s military adventures. In the 2008 Democratic primaries, Obama rode his unyielding opposition to the Iraq... Read More
The Center Left regimes and their Left intellectual supporters represent a sad epitaph on the radical generation of the 1970\’s and 1980\’s: they are a spent force, lacking critical ideas and audacious proposals for challenging imperialism and capitalist rule Introduction Several years ago I asked an editor of a leading US business journal (Forbes) about... Read More
The news media, academics and conventional politicians have focused on the growth of the electoral power of the Right and far Right. The most recent first round elections in France, where the combined vote for the extreme right totaled 20%, is cited as an indication of the turn to the ultra Right. Within a few... Read More
I got an invitation to speak a couple of months ago from an outfit called, which is run by a young fellow called Justin Raimundo. " is having its second annual national conference March 24 & 25, and we'd like you to be the luncheon speaker," Raimundo wrote. "The conference will be held at... Read More