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Today, Karl Rove was reported as saying: Interesting that Karl Rove would go there.  Karl Rove’s adoptive stepfather, Louis Rove, came out as gay and left the family.  The elder Rove was also reportedly a wonderful guy and a true American original, a pioneer in the body modification/piercing movement, with dozens of piercings, mostly on... Read More
Chinese Condom-Maker Sizes Up Obama and Romney
The caption on this post on the China Weibo blog of the Durex condom company reads “The difference between Obama and Romney is…” Actually, I think the PRC regime-meisters might have a slight preference for President Obama as “the devil you know.” Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is a protean shape-shifter and it was... Read More
Blood was spilled three weeks ago when Christine O’Donnell beat centrist Republican Mike Castle in Delaware’s GOP primary. Long suspicious of the Tea Party challenge to Republican regulars, former Bush advisor and current FOX News contributor Karl Rove attacked O’Donnell as someone who says a lot of “nutty things” and whose background raises “serious questions.”... Read More
Did anyone else catch the unsettling comment made by Karl Rove on the O’Reilly show last night. When O’Reilly asked Bush’s former grey eminence whether Obama had benefited from the speech given in Philadelphia, which failed to condemn the racist pastor Jeremiah Wright unequivocally, Rove showed why the American Right is justified to view him... Read More
CounterPunch Diary
The uproar over Karl Rove's resignation as George Bush's political advisor is stupendous, but in truth he was no great shakes as Svengali and his exit is of scant consequence. Though they profess joy that the nation has been freed at last from his malign supervision the Democrats have lost one of their most useful... Read More
An Op Ed piece in the Washington Post (August 14, 2007) prepared by Grover G. Norquist about why we should admire Karl Rove irritated the hell out of me. A tribute to the retiring presidential advisor by someone who is supposed to speak for the American Right, the text praises a man of deeds who... Read More
The Architects of Centralized Power
Democratic leaders have consistently shown that they are no match for their Republican counterparts. Whenever an opportunity presents itself to swoop down for the kill; congressional Democrats start preening for the cameras or bloviating on the floor of the House. That's not how you get things done in Washington. If the Democrats are serious about... Read More
When Bush's Brain Takes a Perp Walk
Can Bush survive in a post-Rove world? Not likely. The Bush persona is mainly the invention of its author Rove; a careful stitching together of religious and western imagery, of pious moralizing and cowboy "straight-talk". Originally, Bush was a formless glob of clay that uber-advisor Rove tenderly sculpted and brought to life. In many ways... Read More
Analyzing the History of a Controversial Movement
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