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The Republican Party has within its grasp long-term political control over several states, including California and Texas, the nation's two largest (the Census Bureau reported this week that New York has slipped to third place). If it misses this historic opportunity, the consequences will probably not be victories for the Democrats, but instead the likely... Read More
Which Is Our Real Enemy?
Immigration has recently become a lightning rod for America's deepest fears of social chaos and national decline. Millions worry that immigration is rapidly transforming America into a third-world country, with crowded, violent cities, under-educated and low-skilled labor, and an ethnic spoils system replacing America's tradition of constitutionalism and individual rights. Concerns are rising that immigrants... Read More
In 1942, during a period of sharp wartime hysteria, Californians blackened our state's good name by overwhelmingly endorsing the imprisonment of all Japanese Americans, most of them native-born U.S. citizens and nearly all deeply loyal to America. Only one member of Congress, Sen. Robert Taft of Ohio, the leading conservative Republican of his day, opposed... Read More
If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then the Save Our State immigration initiative on California's November ballot represents a superhighway. At first glance, the measure, which prevents illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits, might appear quite attractive to opponents of California's overgrown social welfare state. After all, if rolling back the... Read More
Immigrants are a net benefit to the nation and a natural Republican constituency---if the party doesn't blow it
This journal has performed a valuable service by clarifying the immigration debate. Rather than choosing the safe path of attacking only illegal immigration, NR has correctly pointed out that illegal immigration is dwarfed by legal immigration; that legal and illegal immigration share a wide range of important characteristics; and that most of the key arguments... Read More
Lawrence Auster, Vernon M. Briggs, Lawrence W. Fuchs, George B. High, Donald L. Huddle, Fred C. Ikle, Alan C. Nelson, Daniel A. Stein Ron K. Unz, in 'Immigration or the Welfare State' (Fall 1994), challenged the notion that out-of-control immigration is fueling a host of social and economic problems, from crime to welfare dependency to... Read More
California, the leader in national trends, is approaching another crossroads: We can confront the challenges of our ethnic diversity either through the means symbolized by last November's Proposition 187 or by those of the proposed civil rights ballot initiative. Although it began as a measure eliminating government benefits for illegal immigrants, by the end of... Read More
Immigrant alarmists often claim that current policies are leading America to a "clash of cultures." There is certainly some truth in this claim, but an actual analysis of which cultures are clashing, and why, might surprise many conservatives. Consider a recent book on California's Mexican immigrants written by a group of social-service professionals from the... Read More
The revelation that Gov. Pete Wilson, leading scourge of the undocumented, had himself employed an illegal immigrant housekeeper will certainly deepen our political cynicism. Wilson joins the sorry band of hypocrites Dianne Feinstein and Michael Huffington, both of whom made the crusade against illegal immigration the centerpiece of their senatorial campaigns and were then revealed... Read More
Timothy McVeigh, alleged perpetrator of the Oklahoma City bombing, is said to have believed that, while he was in the Army, the government implanted a microchip tracking device in his buttocks. Most of us would dismiss this as the ravings of an obvious madman. But to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, McVeigh is just a bit ahead... Read More
Republican leaders, worried about their party's lack of success among ethnic minorities, are reaching for just the wrong remedy. The GOP, they say, should stress symbolic ethnic outreach, while downplaying its principled opposition to affirmative action, bilingual education, and multiculturalism. As a result, "diversity" is now a watchword in GOP candidate selection, choice of convention... Read More
The unprecedented racial transformation of California and its political consequences.
Reflections on the Hispanic Arrival
Regarding the enormous influx of Hispanics into the United States through Mexico, a few disordered and chaotic thoughts: To begin with, why does it get so little attention? The flow across the border is huge, 1066 by inadvertence, resembling the movement of the Germanic people into the Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries.... Read More
Responses to The End of White America by Sean Walsh, James W. Wilson, Mark Krikorian, Fred C. Ikle, Edward Blum, Arthur Kruger, Jay P. Greene, Hal Netkin, and Jared Taylor, with reply by Ron Unz. TO THE EDITOR: Readers of COMMENTARY who are not knowledgeable about the events surrounding the passage of three important ballot... Read More
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Immigration. Bilingual education. Over the past few years, these issues and broader matters of ethnic politics have become the stuff of nightmares for Republican candidates around the country. On the one hand, ethnic issues are tremendously important to the future well-being of our large and diverse society. They are the hottest of hot... Read More
A "racist," immigration expert Peter Brimelow once quipped, is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. For years, the liberal left has claimed that anyone who opposed immigration was a "racist," a "xenophobe," a "nativist" and all sorts of other unpleasant things to be. Now, the libertarian-neo-conservative right has learned how to sling... Read More
Unknown to most Americans, but widely noticed in the Spanish-language media of immigrant communities, the Clinton administration has endorsed legislation that would grant amnesty to some 500,000 illegal aliens already in the country. The administration's endorsement, announced late last month by Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore, is transparently politically motivated -- Gore needs the vast... Read More
Winners take what they want; losers take what they can get. In California, the losers are white people, now known, at least to some, as "European-Americans," and what they can get is their own month, at least in an obscure school district. Everywhere else in the state -- and, before too long, the nation --... Read More
In case you're alarmed at the xenophobic trend in this country that prevents us from accepting more than a mere million legal immigrants per year, a new coalition has been formed that you might want to look up. Last week, the New York Times unveiled the plans of two washed-up politicos and a variety of... Read More
One reason there's not much of a debate about the mass immigration that has swept into the country during the last 30 years is that most of the eggheads who expound on immigration harbor the fond illusion that the immigrants will assimilate -- that is, learn the English language, adopt Western and American values and... Read More
If you like the illegal aliens now pouring across the borders of Arizona and points west to work as cheap labor for agribusiness, you'll love the most recent measure concocted by the Republicrats to import even more foreign workers to take high-tech jobs from Americans. The migrants coming in under the so-called H-1B program are... Read More
Last week, the U.S. Senate voted to spend some $1 billion on behalf of the nation of Colombia, to help it fight drug dealers. The money will go to train Colombian police and military and equip them with helicopters and other fancy stuff. Meanwhile, as the senators spout and sputter over poor little Colombia and... Read More
The Golden State isn't too liberal for the GOP. Its leaders simply scared away immigrant voters
Just 10 years ago, California was a GOP bastion, regarded as the cornerstone of the Republican Electoral College "lock." The 1990 elections merely confirmed this impression, with the GOP winning its third gubernatorial race in a row, its fifth of seven. Two years earlier, the 1988 presidential race had marked the sixth straight California victory... Read More
"And can they speak Chinese?" is the inevitable question when we introduce our children to Chinese acquaintances. The answer is: no, not really, but not for want of trying on the part of their parents. And in that there is a small lesson for America. The children under discussion are Nellie, age 7½, and Ollie,... Read More
Virtually unknown to (and unwanted by) most Americans, Congress may soon vote to grant a mass amnesty to more than 3 million illegal aliens. The reasons the impending vote is virtually unknown are obvious enough: The backers of the amnesty hope to push it through before anyone notices, and its opponents are afraid of the... Read More
Under Prime Minister Tony Blair and his cohorts, Great Britain is threatening to become almost as totalitarian, if not more, in its reconstruction of history as the United States under Bill Clinton. One such cohort is Ken Livingstone, the new mayor of London, whose contribution to constructing the new order is to propose that the... Read More
Even as some left-leaning Democrats pronounced to a yawning world that they would vote against it, the confirmation of former Sen. John Ashcroft as President Bush's attorney general appeared certain. Mr. Ashcroft has trod on the liberal toe on several different issues -- abortion, homosexuality, civil rights and just plain "sensitivity" in general. But on... Read More
It probably ought to tell us something that the first foreign leader to visit President George W. Bush was Jean Chrétien of Canada and that the first foreign leader whom President Bush will visit is Vicente Fox of Mexico. What it should tell us is that globalization - the same process that brought us NAFTA,... Read More
President Bush hasn't even met with Mexican President Vicente Foxyet, but at the rate of the concessions he's already made, we'll be lucky if the Gadsden Purchase is still U.S. territory by the time he does meet him at the end of this week. Two weeks ago, with bipartisan support and tacit administration approval, Congress... Read More
Many Americans know about the Texas town of El Cenizo, which not long ago announced it would no longer allow federal immigration laws to be enforced within its precincts and actually outlawed any city employee from enforcing them. Neither the president of the United States nor his attorney general nor even the governor of Texas... Read More
In 1973 the prize-winning French novelist Jean Raspail published The Camp of the Saints. An English language edition appeared in 1975 to general acclaim. Publishers’ Weekly declared the book to be “remarkable . . . riveting.” The Wall Street Journal‘s Edmond Fuller said, “sensational.” Linell Smith inThe Baltimore Sun said, “no reader will remain unaffected... Read More
An unusual amount of diplomatic eyewash passed between President George W. Bush and his counterpart from Mexico, Vicente Fox, at last week's summit meeting in San Cristobal, and Americans are probably lucky that that's all that changed hands. Beneath the platitudes, courtesies and outright lies the two presidents told each other, the unmistakable tone was... Read More
The last vestige of civilized Britain has fallen away — the unarmed British “Bobbie.” For 170 years, British police functioned without guns. Since their founding by Sir Robert Peel in 1829, Bobbies walked their beats armed only with their nightsticks. Until the last few years of these 17 decades, the British public was armed. Now... Read More
A common criticism of multiculturalism is that it aims at "the disuniting of America." In his 1992 book by that title historian Arthur Schlesinger, who has also celebrated the liberal Democratic achievements of FDR and the Kennedy family, bemoans the descent of Americans into a collection of hyphenated minorities. Instead of upholding our shared political... Read More
“President Bush might succeed in building an anti-missile defense system and invigorating our economy with a tax cut. But does it really matter?…” The rot in American intellectual life has reached a putrid state. Nothing better illustrates the decline in education and the ability to think than the argument over “affirmative action.” Affirmative action means... Read More
Last Friday, March 16, was the 250th anniversary of the birth of James Madison—fourth president of the United States, "Father of the Constitution," the major political theorist of The Federalist Papers and the last U.S. president to lead troops into combat (at the battle of Bladensburg, which he lost, in the War of 1812). But... Read More
University of California President Richard C. Atkinson is caught between a rock and a hard place. In order to remain politically correct—a requisite for keeping his job—he had to engage in hate speech and hate thought, offenses that mandate sensitivity training if not prosecution. California’s Proposition 209 forbids privileged university admissions on the basis of... Read More
You really have to tip your hat to Mexican President Vicente Fox, who seems determined to get the United States to change its immigration laws and take in even more Mexican immigrants than we do already. Ever since his election last summer, Mr. Fox has been pushing a scheme under which the two countries would... Read More
Tuesday's Mayoral primary vote in Los Angeles saw left-liberal ex-Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa ride his powerful Latino-Labor coalition to a surprisingly strong first-place showing over LA City Attorney James Hahn, an establishment liberal and the longtime front-runner. Although Villaraigosa still faces an uphill battle in the run-off--- nearly 40% of the vote went to candidates... Read More
With unemployment reaching a new high of 6.4 million last week, President Bush thought it would be a nifty idea to ask Congress to let more illegal immigrants remain in the country. He then met once again (for the fourth time) with Mexico's President Vicente Fox, who once again (for the ten zillionth time) badgered... Read More
Antiquarians may recall that, long ago in April, two high Mexican government officials came to the United States and boasted of how much they were going to help us in controlling illegal immigration. Last week the help arrived in the shape of the Mexican government's plan to distribute some 200,000 survival kits to Mexicans who... Read More
"Remember the immigration debate of the '90s?" asks National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru in an article on immigration policy in the magazine's April 2 issue. No, I'm afraid I don't, actually. What I remember was not a debate so much as a smear campaign to label anyone who favored restricting immigration as a "racist,"... Read More
The biggest problem for the not-very-bustling metropolis of Casa Blanca, Mexico, is, according to a recent story in the New York Times, whether it is going to exist in the near future. "The question we always ask," says one of its dwindling and aging residents, "is, 'Will our community survive?' We are running out of... Read More
It's always refreshing to learn what conservatives think from people who have no credentials whatsoever as conservatives themselves. Thus, The Arizona Republic and other papers recently conscripted one Roger E. Hernandez to explain how "mainline conservatives alter their views on migrants," meaning the immigration issue. Mr. Hernandez is "writer-in-residence at the New Jersey Institute of... Read More
With Hillary Clinton and a platoon of lesser luminaries at his heels, President Bush descended on New York City's famous Ellis Island last week to harangue a bunch of new Americans with the insight that "immigration is a not a problem to be solved; it is a sign of a confident and successful nation." Of... Read More
What does a president do if he wins election after losing the popular vote, nearly losing the electoral vote, watching the base of his party begin to vanish, and wins at all only because his own party's appointees to the Supreme Court say that he won? What George W. Bush is proposing to do is... Read More
The unspoken assumption, shared by Democrats and Republicans, most liberals and most conservatives, behind President Bush's amnesty/guest worker plan to grant legal residency to 3 million illegal aliens from Mexico is that the Mexican and Hispanic vote is important. No one on either side of the political and ideological divide even pretends it's not politics... Read More
All of a sudden, it looks like President Bush's plan for granting amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens from Mexico is about to come a bit of a cropper. Then again, just because the word "amnesty" has vanished from the administration's vocabulary doesn't mean the plan is not still on track. Americans who would like... Read More
pportunity to offset the effect on elections of the black vote by gaining the Latin or Hispanic vote for Republicans. From this standpoint, amnesty for Latin illegals and permission for Mexican trucking companies to deliver goods in the U.S. make political sense. However, the combination of amnesty and quotas spells the end of the American... Read More
A tip of the sombrero to George W. Bush, who cleverly managed to knock what is essentially the stem cell of an amnesty for illegal Mexican aliens off the front pages last week by announcing his new policy on stem cell research itself at almost the same time. Nevertheless, as another Republican president once said,... Read More
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