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Looking back on the affair of little Elián González, there are questions to ponder and lessons to be learned. The largest of the questions is: Why did the administration go to such lengths to make sure that Fidel Castro had his way? To suggest that it did so on moral grounds is preposterous — this... Read More
Once in a while some issue in our public life — not necessarily an issue of great intrinsic importance — acts like a flare sent up over a night-time battlefield, throwing all the contours into sharp relief and shedding light on dark places. The Clarence Thomas hearings were such an issue; the impeachment was of... Read More
A United States court of appeals in Atlanta has now heard the case for granting a political asylum hearing to Elián González. Nothing much can be deduced from the exchanges in the eighty-minute hearing, and it will be at least a week before the court issues its ruling. Those of us who would like to... Read More
The sad, depressing affair of Elián González has brought to light the following unpleasant truth, among many others: that so long as Communism is with us, so also will be the Useful Idiots — those members of western intellectual elites who can find nothing bad to say about the totalitarian order. Useful Idiocy has a... Read More
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