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As President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa was a Godsend for the Ecuadorian people, for Latin American independence and for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. By serving justice and truth instead of Washington, Correa earned Washington’s hatred and determination to destroy him. Correa was succeeded as president by Lenin Moreno, who Correa mistakenly believed to be an ally,... Read More
Introduction: On February 17, 2013, national elections will take place in Ecuador in which incumbent left-center President, Rafael Correa, is likely to win with an absolute majority against opposition candidates covering the political spectrum from Right to Left. Since he was first elected in 2006, Correa has won a string of elections, including presidential elections... Read More
In a cliffhanger move John Le Carre would be proud of, WikiLeaks superstar Julian Assange stepped into the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge, central London, on Tuesday, requested political asylum invoking the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and unleashed yet another international storm. Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino confirmed that the Rafael Correa government in Quito... Read More
The abortive military-police coup in Ecuador, which took place on September 30, has raised numerous questions about the role of the US and its allies among the traditional oligarchy and the leftist social movements, Indian organizations and their political parties. While President Correa and all governments in Latin America, and significant sectors of the Ecuadorian... Read More
>Ecuador today faces great opportunities for a basic social transformation and also grave threats from imperial networks. In the recent period, popular social mobilization of urban and rural popular classes (workers, peasants, Indians, public employees, urban barrio militants, teachers and street venders) have succeeded in overthrowing neo-liberal presidents, discrediting a corrupt and reactionary congress, and... Read More
On January 21 a popular rebellion, led by a coalition of Indians, peasants, and urban workers, supported by junior military officials occupied the Parliament, Judiciary, and surrounded the presidential palace. A three-person junta was established including a leader of CONAI?the Indian peasant organization?a civilian representing the middle class, and a junior military officer. President Clinton,... Read More
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