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Suppose there are organisms in a certain environment. They compete with other organisms and even face the invasion by foreign organisms. Within these native organisms, there are those that react strongly to threats and act accordingly. They fight or build defenses. And then, there are those that are passive, weak, or even welcoming of rivals... Read More
Salute the Anal Flag of The United States of Puppy Torture, goy. That’s our values. It’s a very serious and moral country. New York Post: The Army Medical Research and Development Command has quietly allowed shooting cats and dogs for wound experiments despite a 1983 Defense Department ban on the practice, according to a policy... Read More
Why are people spending their time and money rescuing dogs who are the victims of abandonment or abuse being labeled “white supremacists?” In most countries, dogs are regarded either as “working” or as companions and they rarely venture into the realm of politics apart from occasionally serving as props to demonstrate that their owners are... Read More
I do not have a dog in the fight about dogs. My dad said that there was a dog in every boy’s life, and so we had some dogs when I was young, and then in my own life, no dogs. I was living a town life, and working, and had neither need nor wish... Read More
Measured by any standard, Uncle Sam has been a failed social engineer. He has spent hundreds of billions—perhaps trillions—trying to transform Third World hellholes into First World democracies and the results have been embarrassing. Our well-intentioned Uncle has failed even where he called the shots. How can you explain the sorry state of Puerto Rico... Read More
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