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Not Colin Powell And The Cosbys
The recent race war in Cincinnati -- which is what it was -- might reasonably lead one to ponder the black underclass, its nature, behavior, crimes, and intentions toward whites. Permit me a few unpleasant observations, inescapable after years on the police beat: Crime by the underclass is racial, predatory, and very much targeted against... Read More
Are The Media Actualy Trying To Start Riots?
Since the looting and burning in Cincinnati, the mainstream media have mentioned over and over the fifteen black men killed by police in the city in recent years. The implication, never so far as I know buttressed with data, has been that the police were unjustified, that they kill blacks for reasons of racism. The... Read More
Questioning Togetherheid
As I write, Cincinnati is under curfew. A white police officer shot and killed a black man. Blacks have been looting and burning. The media imply that the shooting was unnecessary, an example of police brutality. Perhaps it was. I don't know. I wasn't there. Over and over it happens. Something upsets blacks, and they... Read More
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