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Imran Khan is the single most handsome, intelligent, and charismatic person in Pakistan. He should be the leader of the country. He is also a populist, combining traditional Islamic views with a progressive economic and technological agenda in a way that fits the spirit of the country. He is basically the Paki Donald Trump. He... Read More
America and the West have begun promoting the idea of a war against China over Taiwan. If China invades Taiwan, President Joe Biden has said, the U.S. would go further than it has in Ukraine, sending American ground troops as well as weapons. Thirty-seven percent of American voters agree with Biden. But how do you... Read More
Here’s the thing for everyone who doubts me: if I didn’t know what was going on, how would I be able to make all of these predictions? Do I just guess, and somehow always end up correct? I said, explicitly, that the narrative from all of the top figures in the GOP was going to... Read More
Africa’s pushback against war with Russia provides some oscillation in the faulty circuit of American hegemony.
While offering meek opposition to the Ukraine project, the ostensibly “sane” wing of the GOP is ready with an alternative war: China. The base seems on board with the batshit-crazy buildup in American belligerence toward China. I am, however, buoyed by Africa’s resistance to US foreign-policy diktats, the direction taken by African leaders with Putin,... Read More
Mike Whitney--- The Biden administration is determined to provoke China on the issue of Taiwan. The White House now believes that they must take a more aggressive approach to China in order to contain their development and preserve America's role as regional hegemon. The irony of Washington's approach, however, is the fact that tens of... Read More
Trump’s full speech at CPAC Donald Trump is the anti-war candidate. This is good ground for him to stake out – especially if he can oppose the war with China as well. There are a lot of people who don’t like these wars, and no Democrat or Republican can go against the war on China.... Read More
US leaders are picking a fight with the country's largest financier and supplier of goods.
Bipartisanship is foolishly celebrated. It often comes in the form of banal red tape, expansion of the sacred welfare state, but worst of all is good old-fashioned war. Warfare makes the job of a politician easy: pious speeches, self-affirming pats on the back, and vague saber-rattling without repercussions. DC lawmakers get to masquerade as freedom-fighting... Read More
Conservatives hate Christopher Wray. Now, he is endorsing their theories. What do they think of this? Why would they imagine that the same guy who crushed the MAGA movement would be promoting this theory, if the theory was true and somehow exposed the left? The Guardian: Christopher Wray, the FBI director, has weighed in on... Read More
Americas Hyper-Financialized Economic System Is No Match for China's Government-Directed Investment Model. Regrettably,...
Ukraine is the first flashpoint in a great power struggle between the United States and China. After years of shifting its industries to low-wage locations around the world, the US finds itself steadliy losing market-share to a faster-growing and more resourceful China. By most estimates, China's economy will overtake the United States by 2035 at... Read More
A powerful feeling rhythms your skin and drums up your soul as you’re immersed in a long walk under persistent snow flurries, pinpointed by selected stops and enlightening conversations, crystallizing disparate vectors one year after the start of the accelerated phase of the proxy war between U.S./NATO and Russia. That’s how Moscow welcomes you: the... Read More
According to Google News, the world's top story early Monday morning was the report that intelligence analysts at the Department of Energy concluded that the global Covid epidemic had resulted from a Chinese lab-leak in Wuhan. That original story ran as a Wall Street Journal news exclusive on Sunday and was Retweeted out many tens... Read More
You people really need to start paying attention to the things I say on this website. I’ve been telling you exactly what is happening: there is a conspiracy within the “populist” conservative movement to transform American right-wing politics into a war machine against the Chinese. I actually am willing to believe that at least some... Read More
Hobbled US Turns to War to Preserve its Waning Primacy
The future of humanity will be decided on a battlefield in Ukraine. That's no exaggeration. The conflict between the United States and Russia will determine whether global economic integration will expand within an evolving multi-polar system or if the "rules-based order" will succeed in crushing any opponent to its Western-centric model. This is what's taking... Read More
Vloggerdormodo (NOT Vladimir) Zelensky, the brutal and terroristic leader of Ukraine Democracy™, has threatened America with total doom if they do not give more and more money for his “endless war.” According to NATO and several Twitter accounts, as well as the US president Jim Brandon, Zelensky is Luke Skywalker and Putin is Thanos, and... Read More
Full document: US Hegemony and Its Perils 2023-02-20 16:28 February 2023 Contents Introduction I. Political Hegemony—Throwing Its Weight Around II. Military Hegemony—Wanton Use of Force III. Economic Hegemony—Looting and Exploitation IV. Technological Hegemony—Monopoly and Suppression V. Cultural Hegemony—Spreading False Narratives Conclusion Since becoming the world’s most powerful country after the two world wars and the... Read More
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s much awaited address to the Russian Federal Assembly on Tuesday should be interpreted as a tour de force of sovereignty. The address, significantly, marked the first anniversary of Russia’s official recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, only a few hours before 22 February, 2022. In myriad ways, what happened... Read More
I think even some of my anti-US government readers think I’m exaggerating or trolling when I say that the opposition to reunification in Taiwan is now a tiny astroturfed group of dumb whores and homosexual extremists. However, I am being perfectly straightforward with you. The basic fact is this: Chinese people care about money and... Read More
With that headline, I was tying to make a joke about that song “99 Red Balloons,” which was originally a German song called “99 Luftballoons.” It’s also a commentary on, you know, the fact that there are all of these different “red lines” and it’s always a lot of hot air, right? We try to... Read More
I don’t ever make any predictions because I think it’s silly and pointless for commentators to try to gain credibility by predicting things. However, I do think it is useful, as a trained observer, to lay out potentials and likelihoods. I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that the Ukraine could well be wrapping... Read More
In case you haven’t figured out what the Chinese “spy balloon” and additional shoot-downs were all about, they were about removing the prospect of any cuts to the Pentagon’s budget as part of the debt ceiling solution. Republican Senator Tom Cotton declared that “communist China is probably the greatest threat we’ve ever faced.” A number... Read More
It’s totally wacky, but it looks like this train explosion in East Palestine, Ohio is going to poison the entire Ohio River. The media is covering it up by refusing to make it a story, instead focusing on objects. This bitch was burning for days. The government didn’t seem interested in putting it out. The... Read More
China has a whole lot more credibility than America. We don’t really see the Chinese going out there and just lying. Their own population seems to expect the government to tell the truth, given that it is not a democracy. New York Post: This is just self-evidently true. Saying “oh well, they’re the bad guys... Read More
Marjorie “Large Marge” Greene has a catchphrase: “built like a truck with an insatiable urge to suck.” This is derived from her massive girth and he record of cheating on her poor, bitch-made husband, who she eventually divorced. However, the “Beast Unleashed,” as she is known, may soon be in the market for a new... Read More
This is exactly what I told you: that goofy balloon hoax was the opening act of a project of hyping up war with the Chinese. They are inventing a “Chinese threat” whole cloth out of nothing. The last thing the Chinese want is a war, so the US government has to manufacture it completely. The... Read More
Super-genius President Xi plays four-dimensional chess. I am stupid and play one-dimensional checkers. I follow Tao. What else can I do? Because of my mental limitations, certain moves by China appear incongruent to me. I understand this is the “Year of the Rabbit” and a time to lay low. However, even in that context, is... Read More
After the Russiagate Hoax, the Covid hoax, and the Insurrection hoax, We now Have the Chinese Spy Balloon Hoax According to Washington and the whore media, China sent a balloon that the Pentagon said “could” be loaded with explosives to spy on America. A top general said that similar balloons have entered US airspace undetected... Read More
We never thought he had it in him, but Joe Biden today showed courage and bravery when he ordered the Chinese communist spying balloon shot down. Today is a great day. Biden took his sweet time shooting down that balloon, but compare it to 9/11 – after the World Trade Center attacks, it took a... Read More
We’ve entered a new age: the age of the balloon. It’s the Dawn of the Balloon Age, and none shall be left unscathed. The Jewish media is rightfully going totally psycho, having bore witness to the shocking rise of the balloon. The Secretary of State, who is Jewish, was forced to cancel his trip to... Read More
It’s so funny that after a year, someone is forcing all of these international human rights organizations to come out and talking about the atrocities happening in the Ukraine. RT: The Ukrainian military injured scores of civilians when it fired thousands of illegal mines across the city of Izium last year, Human Rights Watch (HRW)... Read More
You people don’t read the think tanks. I read the think tanks. Then I look like some kind of wizard explaining events. But basically, the news media is completely useless. It literally serves no purpose other than to spread disinformation. Meanwhile, in their arduous language, the think tanks give all the details of the agenda... Read More
I'm very pleased to report that Will Jones, the editor of Britain's Daily Sceptic webzine, has now published another important new article on the origins of the global Covid epidemic, declaring that the lab-leak theory so widely accepted across alternative media circles for the last three years "is almost certainly false." Why the Lab Leak... Read More
Amidst indignant reactions to ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel’s revelations about the Minsk accords, worry about Americans “advising” Ukrainians en situ, and the back-and-forth of battle lines, it’s easy to forget what the Ukraine War is all about: the struggle of the United States to maintain its status as the world’s only superpower. More exactly, America’s attempt... Read More
Dr. Robert W. Malone, M.D.
Although much of my research and writing over the last three years has been devoted to the global Covid epidemic, I've paradoxically paid very little attention to most of the various Covid-oriented websites. That's because I have narrowly concentrated on the origins of the epidemic while they have focused almost entirely upon the details of... Read More
All of these countries, all over the world, are switching teams. China is offering trade and prosperity, while America demands total control of domestic politics. China is peaceful, whereas America wants to use war to force everyone on earth to have gay anal with children. RT: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has proposed establishing a new... Read More
Transcript RADHIKA DESAI: Hi everyone, and welcome to this Geopolitical Economy Hour. I’m Radhika Desai. MICHAEL HUDSON: And I’m Michael Hudson. RADHIKA DESAI: Every fortnight we are going to meet for an hour to discuss major development in the fast-changing geopolitical economy of our 21st-century world. We’ll discuss international developments. We’ll discuss their roots in... Read More
Where did the lab leak theory come from? Who first promoted the idea and why? The answer to this question is surprising – and may be the key to unlocking the mystery of the origin of COVID-19. The first known mention of the idea that the coronavirus may have originated in a Chinese lab appeared... Read More
Scott Adams was pretty good during the run-up to the 2016 election. He was one of the first public figures to say Donald Trump was going to win, which was an impressive feat. However, it turned out that was a fluke. After the election, Adams went on to continue commenting on politics and events, and... Read More
Just remember: all of the conservatives who claim to oppose war with Russia support war with China. That includes Tucker Carlson, who recently had Marco Rubio on and joined him in calling on the government to literally ban TikTok to stick it to the small-eyed yellow men who we’re supposed to believe are the REAL... Read More
(Republished from Asia Times) Ten days of full immersion in Brazil are not for the faint-hearted. Even restricted to the top two megalopolises, Sao Paulo and Rio, watching live the impact of interlocking economic, political, social and environmental crises exacerbated by the Jair Bolsonaro project leaves one stunned. The return of Luiz Inácio Lula da... Read More
Introduction A few years ago, China’s CCTV aired its annual Consumer Reports program in which one of the topics was the products of Apple, Inc. Naturally, the Western media trashed CCTV for having the gall to challenge anything American, accusing the TV station of being “a government mouthpiece” wanting to destroy a foreign brand to... Read More
I want to make it clear from the start that I have no quarrel with Apple products. I am not an Apple fan, but millions of people love Apple products, mostly with good reason, and Apple has become a fad. However, there is a very dirty underbelly to all this, one that the Western and... Read More
I have written earlier that the multi-party electoral system (“democracy”) is the only form of government designed to be controlled by outsiders, naturally leaving it open to corruption and fraud. The Chinese, listening to the Americans, discovered all the proof of this in their own back yard. China has experimented with small-scale introductions of Western-style... Read More
Ye (Kanye) could be crazy. Some might consider destroying your billion-dollar business empire overnight to speak your truth an act of insanity. This is beyond sticking your head out the window and shouting, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” like in that scene from “Network.” It’s more akin... Read More
As of a few years ago, Glenn Greenwald was probably the most famous journalist in the world. And actually, given the striking decline in that mainstream profession, he might still be so today, since few other obvious names come to mind. Meanwhile, I'd never heard of Dan Bongino until I read something about him in... Read More
Look at the chart above. The chart explains everything. It explains why Washington is so worried about China's explosive growth. It explains why the US continues to hector China on the issues of Taiwan and the South China Sea. It explains why Washington sends congressional delegations to Taiwan in defiance of Beijing's explicit requests. It... Read More
One of the greatest things about the United States of America is that it is truly a land of unlimited political opportunity, a country where a man with no education, training or experience, a man bereft of both intelligence and ability, a man with a character eminently corruptible, can rise to become the President of... Read More
President Xi Jinping’s work report at the start of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) this past Sunday in Beijing contained not only a blueprint for the development of the civilization-state, but for the whole Global South. Xi’s 1h45min speech actually delivered a shorter version of the full work report –... Read More
President Xi Jinping’s 1h45min speech at the opening of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing was an absorbing exercise of recent past informing near future. All of Asia and all of the Global South should carefully examine it. The Great Hall was... Read More
During the last year or more, nearly all our mainstream media outlets have regularly ridiculed and denounced China for its stubborn adherence to a "Zero Covid" policy. Whereas most of the West has chosen to "live with Covid," China has worked to immediately stamp out any pinprick viral outbreaks through an increasingly burdensome regime of... Read More
The Biden administration intensified its war on China last week when it detonated a thermonuclear bomb at the heart of Beijing's booming technology industry. In an effort to block China's access to crucial semiconductor technology, Team Biden announced onerous new export rules aimed at a "comprehensive supply cut-off" of essential semic
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