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As I waited at the polling booth last Tuesday to vote, I thought about who would run this country if the GOP took back both houses of Congress. In all likelihood it would be the neoconservatives with their usual GOP allies who would be climbing back into the NASCAR of state. In an interview with... Read More
A Worldwide Trend
Introduction: The November 2, 2010 electoral debacle of the Democratic Party in the US cannot be solely ascribed to the failed policies of President Obama, the Congressional leadership or their senior economic advisers. Nor is the demise of what passes for the American “center-left” confined to the US – it is a world-wide pattern, expressed... Read More
CounterPunch Diary
I feel pretty good about the Nov 2 election. After 37 years of taxation without representation, I mailed in my first ballot as a U.S. citizen and registered independent, thus helping Humboldt County, California, amass its bracing 53.3 per cent No on 19. Weed isn’t my thing, especially at current levels of THC, but I... Read More
As widely predicted, American voters, angry and frightened by their nation’s serious economic problems and persistent unemployment, took it out on the Democrats. Republicans scored a big win in last week’s US mid-term elections, taking control of the House of Representatives and leaving Democrats seriously weakened in the Senate. Right in time for Halloween, George... Read More
Gridlock is Good
The American people have spoken, but it’s impossible to decode their incoherent message. Drunk with their capture of the House of Representatives, the Republicans thunder that the verdict of ballot boxes from Maine to Hawai’i is clarion-clear: the ultimate evil in America is government, specifically government as led by President Barack Obama. But when exit... Read More
Fierce debate has raged in these mid-term elections over job losses, the nation's growing $12 trillion debt, mandatory health care, socialism — not to mention childish name-calling and even witchcraft. Sarah Palin, the patron saint of lower IQ Americans, has hovered over this sordid contest like an evil Halloween wraith. Democrats expect a drubbing. What... Read More
"Let the Landslide Begin"
Barack Obama rode into office in 2008 on a wave of populist euphoria. By the time the ballots are counted in today's midterm elections, Obama's personal approval ratings will have fallen to historic lows and he will be universally recognized as the man who brought ruin on the Democratic party. While still popular among party... Read More
Analyzing the History of a Controversial Movement
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The Shaping Event of Our Modern World
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
How America was neoconned into World War IV