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Review: The Matrix Resurrections
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Larry and Andy Wachowski’s The Matrix (1999) is a science fiction classic. The setting is a devastated Earth in the far future. The premise is that humanity has been enslaved by artificial intelligences. Human beings spend our lives in what are essentially coffins while mechanical vampires drain our energy. We don’t know it, because we are asleep, dreaming that we are in a radically different world. This is the Matrix. Today we would call it a multiplayer online game.

Like many dystopias, The Matrix is actually too optimistic. The Wachowski brothers thought the human race would have to be forced into the pods. They didn’t imagine we would choose them. But eventually, gaming addicts will build coffins for themselves as in The Matrix, where they can loll about catheterized, diapered, and fed intravenously, so the game never ends. To sustain themselves, they’d gladly share their body heat.

The image of the human race both enslaved and deluded about its condition by a fake world of mere projections goes back to the Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in the Republic. It is echoed in Descartes’ Meditations and the Marxist concept of ideology.

Plato, Descartes, and Marx all believed that emancipation is possible. But there’s no way to think yourself out of the Matrix. If you managed to wake yourself up, you’d discover that you are a naked, flabby blob in a pod full of pink goo, hooked into a machine that both nourishes and drains you.

Plato posited a sunlit world outside the cave where one could live and plan to return and liberate one’s fellows. Outside the Matrix, however, the Earth is devastated and shrouded in nuclear winter. You wouldn’t have a chance.

Thus it isn’t clear how the resistance movement of the Matrix started or how it can end. To begin, the resistance needs a deus not from the machine but outside of it altogether: perhaps a seed of unenslaved humanity living in a place called “Zion” near the Earth’s core.

Getting people to join the resistance is a hard sell. You can persuade people to quit a job or a relationship by arguing that “it isn’t really you.” But imagine telling people that everything about their world, including the people they love, including their very selves, is fake. The real world is a hellscape where they are living corpses, imprisoned in coffins, fed upon by parasites. Which world would you choose?

Thus it is nice that the resistance gives people a choice: the first choice they ever really had. If they take the red pill, they will trade everything and everyone they knew and loved for life in a post-apocalyptic hell. If they take the blue pill, they will go back to sleep in the Matrix. Naturally, only deeply alienated people would take the red pill.

However, the ultimate goal of the resistance is to crash the Matrix for everyone, whether they like it or not. But it is not clear how the human race could survive such an event. There’s Zion, but that promised land probably isn’t big enough for everyone.

The Matrix works as the story of the hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves) awakening to his power and joining the resistance. But as far as the larger project of liberating humanity goes, the creators of The Matrix had written themselves into a corner, and they should have quit while they were ahead. The story could not stand up to too much scrutiny about where the resistance came from and where it was going.

The first sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, was a clever movie with a bleak message: the resistance itself is an illusion, created by and subordinate to the Matrix. Of course that’s a useful lesson in a world of coopted and manufactured oppositions. The problem is that on the basic premises of the films, there can’t really be a true opposition. Which means that no matter what happens, the machines will always be in control.

The second sequel, The Matrix Revolutions, was pretentious, incoherent garbage in which Neo and the heroine Trinity (Carrie Anne Moss) both die. It sounds like a bleak ending, but look on the bright side: if the hero and heroine are dead, at least there won’t be another sequel, right?

Wrong. For, as the movie has the brass to explain, Warner Brothers needed more money, and money has the magic power to resurrect dead franchises over and over again. Hence The Matrix Resurrections. What could possibly go wrong? Look how well it worked for Star Wars!

The Matrix is objectively more useful to the pro-white Right than the anti-white Left, but you have to look past the casting to see that. In The Matrix, the bad guys are all clean-cut white men. The good guys look like the Left: a coalition of non-whites and white misfits. But just bracket that out for a minute. Imagine the movie with a monoracial cast and you’ll see that the story itself is not anti-white. Only the casting gives that impression.

In today’s world, what is the closest thing to the Matrix? The mass media, including gaming. In today’s world, who are the parasites who control the Matrix? They are overwhelmingly Leftist and disproportionately Jewish. (The Wachowskis are not Jewish, but Anglo and Polish in descent.) In today’s world, the race-conscious Right are the advocates of realism—racial, sexual, and political—whereas the Left are advocates of social constructionism, utopianism, gender fluidity, and delusional happy talk. (Both Wachowski brothers have “changed their sex.” Larry is now known as Lana, and Andy now styles himself Lilly.)

In today’s world, who are the slaves of the Matrix? The answer is tricky, because almost everyone is bamboozled and exploited to one extent or another. But whites, especially straight white men, are at the bottom of the progressive stack. Whites are targeted with relentless hate propaganda, including the casting of The Matrix itself. Thus it was natural for race-conscious whites to see The Matrix as an allegory for our situation and to appropriate the “red pill” as a symbol of our awakening. To my knowledge, the first use of the red pill in this manner was in Michael Polignano’s speech “My Awakening Too” from May 2004.

One of the ambitions of The Matrix Resurrections was to somehow “take back the red pill” from the Right. The movie accomplishes nothing of the kind, so I suspect that this was just another cynical attempt to promote a movie by getting race-conscious whites to hate it online. (See my article on the No Time to Die trailers.)

The Matrix Resurrections is directed by “Lana” Wachowski, but after a few minutes, I thought this was the work of Jar Jar Abrams, since it follows the pattern of his cursed Star Wars movies. Because the Mouse needed money, Abrams was tasked with resurrecting Star Wars. Since the purpose was money, and since he held the fans in utter contempt, there was no question of creating an original story within the larger Star Wars mythos (what the money people call a “franchise”). So Jar Jar decided to simply coast on nostalgia. He dusted off the original cast members (who were long past their discard dates) and put them in scene by scene, sometime shot by shot rip-offs of the original trilogy, this time as farce. Since he had no idea what make the original trilogy popular, he took the 70-IQ cargo cultist route of imitation, thinking that would be safer. He also junked the plots up with so many inanities and gags and leaps of logic that he delivered running times of 138 and 142 minutes, which simply highlighted the vapidity of the stories. Not only did he insult the intelligence, taste, and values of the fans, he bored them silly.

“Lana” follows the Abrams paybook to the letter. The Matrix Resurrections is garbage: pretentious, incoherent, boring, and deeply insulting to its audience. But “Lana” goes Abrams one better: he breaks the fourth wall; he goes “meta”; he thinks that brazenly flaunting the greed and cynicism of the whole enterprise will somehow redeem it. But it doesn’t. Self-conscious, ironic garbage is still garbage.

I like to think that the Wachowskis were sincere when they made The Matrix. It probably never occurred to them that they were far closer to the machines than the plucky resistance fighters. Judging from the The Matrix Resurrections, however, “Lana” no longer has any illusions. He’s quite comfortable with his role. If you are a fan of The Matrix and still think that objective reality matters—if you’d like to be liberated from illusion—if you are not comfortable with the implied role of pod-dwelling, bamboozled milch-cow being feasted upon by the soulless parasites at Warner Brothers, I’ve got a red pill for you.

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  1. I liked the Wachowskis better when they had balls.

  2. Rurik says:

    In today’s world, what is the closest thing to the Matrix? The mass media,…

    The Matrix as an allegory for our situation and to appropriate the “red pill” as a symbol of our awakening.

    so true

    the Matrix was such a powerful movie, because in spite of the anti-white casting of the evil guys as all white men, the story, that our entire reality is all a carefully constructed illusion, was/is so absolutely spot on.

    Only rather than evil white male ‘agent’ machines creating the false reality, it’s been Jewish supremacists owning our newspapers and publishing houses, and then our mass-media for generations now.

    But the effect is the same. The vast majority of Westerners go around in a daze of manufactured beliefs and opinions. Germans generally despise themselves and their nation and its forebears as evil and murderous. When the opposite is the truth, and it was the enemies of Germany who actually were evil and murderous (and treacherous and deceitful and bloodthirsty supremacists) demanding Germany’s genocide out of pure envy and race-hatred. (And still are, with demands for more and more ‘refugees’, and so forth).

    Americans have been raised to believe that they fought the ‘good’ fights in both World Wars, or that the ‘War on Terror’ is honorable’, when nothing could be more grotesquely preposterous.

    But the iron grip on all information that comes to us in the West, is as controlled as the “reality” in the Matrix. And just as nearly impossible to break free of. And, when faced with the choice, (and this is the beauty of that scene, because it’s so salient)

    how many people would want to know the truth?

    If you’ve delved into something like 9/11, even just barely, you’ll notice immediately that we’re all being lied to, and with the 100% full compliance of the entire mass media and our politicians and televised talking heads.

    So, how many people have the moral courage to want to know what really happened?

    Vs. simply taking the blue pill, (or its equivalent, and being willfully ignorant by default) and staying in the matrix of comfortable lies.

    I’d love to see this choice put to everybody, and what the results would be. Just take 9/11.

    How many people would want to know the truth about 9/11, vs. the safe, comfortable lie?

    I think most people would prefer the lie. Would, in fact, if given the alternative as an ultimatum, ‘you have to pick one or the other’, would actually say, ‘give me the lie’.

    Another movie that touches on our existential quandary, is V for Vendetta.

    And like the Matrix, was produced by the Wachowskis brothers, (stars Hugo Weaving), and includes tropes that are both anti-white, but also gets uncomfortably (for wokeness) close to too many actual truths today.

    The first sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, was a clever movie with a bleak message: the resistance itself is an illusion, created by and subordinate to the Matrix. Of course that’s a useful lesson in a world of coopted and manufactured oppositions. The problem is that on the basic premises of the films, there can’t really be a true opposition. Which means that no matter what happens, the machines will always be in control.

    how many of us have wondered if our efforts here at TUR are little more than owning a copy of Emmanuel Goldstein’s book. And that this place too, is simply controlled ‘opposition’, allowing for The Party to keep an eye on things..

  3. Pheasant says:

    Greg Johnson still knows nothing about gaming

    ‘Thus it is nice that the resistance gives people a choice: the first choice they ever really had. If they take the red pill, they will trade everything and everyone they knew and loved for life in a post-apocalyptic hell. If they take the blue pill, they will go back to sleep in the Matrix. Naturally, only deeply alienated people would take the red pill.’

    The movie does not give them this choice. The choice offered is simply between truth and lies, reality and unreality. Indeed the protagonist is almost driven mad by the actual truth and one of the other characters actually tries to reject it all together by being reinserted into the matrix.

    What does the author of this article think about the truth setting a person free?

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  4. In today’s world, who are the slaves of the Matrix?

    For example:

    Both Wachowski brothers have “changed their sex.” Larry is now known as Lana, and Andy now styles himself Lilly.)

    Psychologically delusional and physically self-mutilating.

  5. Does anyone want to see the latest travesty?

    The first one was really dumb. All the exposition about the Matrix was a load of tired sci-fi cliches. The awful DARK CITY runs on the same idea.

    The second one had a fantastic chase sequence. Ludicrous but ingeniously done with outlandish effects, the kind that makes you wonder, ‘how did they do it?’ Otherwise, unwatchable.

    I rather like the third one, REVOLUTIONS, because 90% of it is action. No more bullshit exposition and just straight action. Mindlessness is better mindless. The first and second ones try to be mindful, really mindful as in ‘spiritual’ and ‘philosophical’, with what is essentially video-game mentality. The third one is just straight out fun. It’s as if, having made their point in parts 1 and 2, it was finally time to shoot off all the fireworks in part 3.

    RESIDENT EVIL series is preferable. It is based on a videogame(one I didn’t even know existed), and its ideas, as well as the action, are for fun than hipster new age ‘meditation’. I like how every new episode twists the plot and apparent premise for reasons both cynical and clever.

  6. PJ London says:

    “The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” —
    FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956

  7. @Priss Factor

    The awful DARK CITY runs on the same idea.

    With the difference that Dark City didn’t take itself very seriously. There are plenty of plot holes, but you’d have to be a real killjoy to fixate on them. That it oozed atmosphere was enough for me to like it.

    (Btw, didn’t you once nominate Mystic Pizza as the greatest film ever made? Or did I misread/misremember that?)

  8. @Kevin Barrett

    “I liked the Wachowskis better when they had balls.”

    Oh, brutal! You are such a naughty boy, Kevin……….

  9. OK Trevor, drop the college philosophy classes, move out of the dorm, get training in an actual skill, start going to church, get a job, marry a nice girl, and have kids. Then you will see what is real and what is fake. You would be better off digging ditches than doing movie reviews. Get your hands dirty, build some muscles, make some vitamin D in the sun. You will be happier and actually doing something to help the world be a better place.

  10. Rurik says:
    @PJ London

    “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world – no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

    Woodrow Wilson

    “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. ”

    Woodrow Wilson

    But the question remains.. if you gave the typical American (or Brit or Canadian or German, et al) the opportunity to take the ‘red pill’, would he?

    Or would he prefer to languish in comfortable ignorance, as his world, and the future of his children, is systematically unraveled by the same forces that Edgar and Wilson are referring to.

    Which is to say, the people who perpetrated 9/11, as their latest Satanic atrocity.

    From what I’ve glimmered, I’d say most people would prefer to not know, than to know something “so monstrous”, that it would deflate their comfortable world view.

    Sort of like religion. If you asked people if they wanted to take the red pill vis-a-vis their respective religions, how many would risk it, knowing that the possibility exists that they might have been/be wrong?

    It isn’t just that they can’t comprehend it, they don’t want to.

    It”s too, (as Edgar says) monstrous. Too evil.

    But by insisting on willful ignorance, they make themselves willing (and their children unwilling) victims to that evil.

  11. Or did I misread/misremember that?

    I said it is a fave-rave, not the best.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  12. @silviosilver

    With the difference that Dark City didn’t take itself very seriously.

    It took itself very seriously, and I hated the art direction. NOSFERATU + Film Noir by a heroin junkie.

  13. gay troll says:

    No one has mentioned that the original trilogy was Christian to the point of being “anti Semitic”. Neo, the One, is a Christ figure, prophesied to save humanity. His bloodless love interest is named Trinity. The ships of the resistance have names like Logos and Nebuchadnezzar; the leaders have names like Haman. Sure, their headquarters are called Zion. But Christians believe in Zion too, in the alternate Zion that exists in heaven instead of on Earth. The humans in the world of the Matrix live in the alternate, Christian Zion. It is the machines who have subdued the nations and taken possession of all material wealth. In the Matrix, as in Judeo Christianity itself, there are two Zions, the Judeo material and the Christian ideal.

    For this reason it is no surprise the franchise was adopted by deplorables. The Matrix is a riff on Gnosticism and should be expected to enthrall religious and spiritual types. The corporate world that defines the Matrix simulation is furthermore emblematic of the power of the deep state. Status quo America in 1999 is presented as a *nightmare*. But now Wachowski wants to disavow anti establishment types, and board the train of neoliberal consensus?

    None of it makes the least bit of sense, especially considering both Wachowski wonder brothers transitioned into sisters. I have always suspected that testosterone is the most powerful drug there is. If these people can understand that men and women are not necessarily that different, why can’t they understand the same thing about “liberals” and “conservatives”, especially when they want the same thing, which is an end to the ersatz military corporate culture that threatens to enslave us all?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @TKK
  14. I would never watch a movie made by men who think they’re women.
    The negro worship in the first Matrix movies was unbearable.

  15. @gay troll

    No one has mentioned that the original trilogy was Christian to the point of being “anti Semitic”. Neo, the One, is a Christ figure, prophesied to save humanity. His bloodless love interest is named Trinity. The ships of the resistance have names like Logos and Nebuchadnezzar; the leaders have names like Haman.

    Maybe vestiges of Wackos’ Catholic background. They are of Polish origin, right?

    But just as Alt-Right appropriated ‘red pill’ for their purposes, the Wackos took Christian symbols and themes for their own purposes. As NBA-loving deracinated(and now de-sexed) goyim, their worldview really came from PC ideology of noble negroes and evil white capitalists. As closet-trannies, they envied the moral capital held by Negroes, and so, MATRIX gives us the fantasy of neo gaining nobility via association with the brothas.

    The problem for ‘wokeness’ is this. When the first MATRIX first came out, one could still see the world in terms of the Left vs the capitalists. Many leftists felt Bill Clinton had betrayed them and was indeed the most conservative president, even more than Reagan. Ralph Nader derailed Al Gore in 2000. There were massive leftist rallies and protests(even riots) against globalism in Seattle and Portland around that time. And during the 8 yrs of Bush, leftists could still see the world in terms of right-wing Big Capital vs the little guys and rebels. Naomi Wolf was crying wolf about the rise of Christo-Fascism. Actually, the business community was going PC at the time. Bush presidency and its pro-business policy just created the illusion of Money = Conservatism. It was during the Obama years that it all became crystal clear. Big Capital is with the Negro, the Homo, and with PC transitioned into ‘wokeness’, and in 2020, Big Business donated tons of money to BLM and gave legal protection to Antifa.

    So, the original MATRIX layout of good guys vs the Big Evil Corporation no longer washes. According to V FOR VENDETTA, Big Money is all about Arch-Conservatism. That’s also the stupidity of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE, another leftard movie (mis)appropriated by rightists. The idiotic premise of THEY LIVE is that capitalism really wants to bring back old family values.
    After all, when the Wackjob Brothers were becoming the Sisters, it was Big Capital that was saying ‘You go, boy, I mean girl’. It’s big capital that is spreading globo-homo all around. And IF, during Bush yrs, the US military seemed to be the bastion of Christian Right, we now know the top commanders are like General Milley-Poo who takes it up the ass from globo-homo Zion. Wokemons love the US military now as its the military arm of BLM and globo-homo missionary crusades.

    Today, ‘wokeness’ is with Big Capital, the Deep State, the Military-Industrial-Complex(hey, we must fight cold wars against China and Russia and Iran that say NO to globo-homo). So, the original demonology of MATRIX has become utterly irrelevant.

    At any rate, Matrix is all gay tricks, and it’s for the kids… unfortunately

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  16. @Priss Factor

    Tread carefully on Dark City, unless you can Tune.

  17. @Kevin Barrett

    I liked the Wachowskis better when they had balls.

    I never liked them though REVOLUTIONS was a blast in action terms.

    The problem is so many took the first movie seriously, and it went to the Wackos whacky heads. There was even a book, The Philosophy of Matrix.

    And so, they got even more pretentious with fancy garbage like CLOUD ATLAS(refuse to see) and JUPITER ASCENDING(lasted about 15 min).

    Success + weirdos brings out some crazy secrets. If Michael Jackson never had success, he would have been a normal looking black guy. But he had all the money to remake himself, and his fantasy was to be a cartoon character.

    Success allowed Wackos to live their dream, and it’s what? To be a ‘woman’ with pink dreadlocks? I guess he wanted to be like one of his college professors.

    • Replies: @SteveK9
  18. @Priss Factor

    Ah, my mistake then. In any case, I watched it on the strength of your recommendation. I often think of the 80s as the last “great white decade,” and I have a soft spot for films made in that period. (I think I would have really enjoyed being an adult in the 80s.)

    I thought Mystic Pizza was okay, though nothing I’d have any interest in watching again any time soon. It also reminded me too much of the kind of small-minded people and small people problems I grew up around, and which nearly completely ruined my life (they certainly did ruin it, just not completely).

    Of course, it could well be argued that small people and small people problems are much closer to “real life” than the lofty concerns of a luftmensch like me. Viewed this way, I am somewhat envious of them. I have stalked some of the people I grew up around on FB, and I see they’ve achieved reasonable financial standing, have families of their own and enjoy the simple pleasures, retaining the community connections that I long ago severed.

    Much as I might like to, I couldn’t bare to face them again. There would be no ‘prodigal son’ homecoming for me. “He left us because he thought he was better than us, and what has he achieved? Sweet fuck all, huh” is the derisive reception I fear I’d get.

  19. @Priss Factor

    Today, ‘wokeness’ is with Big Capital, the Deep State, the Military-Industrial-Complex(hey, we must fight cold wars against China and Russia and Iran that say NO to globo-homo). So, the original demonology of MATRIX has become utterly irrelevant.

    And yet, and yet… economic equality, which is the true essence of leftism, continues to elude them. So while your analysis is good as far as it goes, it still leaves a great deal unresolved.

  20. The Matrix is objectively more useful to the pro-white Right than the anti-white Left, but you have to look past the casting to see that. In The Matrix, the bad guys are all clean-cut white men. The good guys look like the Left: a coalition of non-whites and white misfits. But just bracket that out for a minute. Imagine the movie with a monoracial cast and you’ll see that the story itself is not anti-white. Only the casting gives that impression.

    No, it isn’t. And such fantasizing is ridiculous.
    “Imagine the movie with a monoracial cast…” Huh? Imagine TRIUMPH OF THE WILL with Jews, and it could be a pro-Zionist movie. So, is it really crypto-pro-Jewish?

    We have to respect, or at least acknowledge, the original intent of the film-makers, and MATRIX isn’t rightist in any meaningful sense. Now, it appropriates certain styles of fascism, as did STAR WARS, and its emphasis on aesthetics has an element of hierarchy — as few men have the stuff of heroism and transcendence — , but it is really a work of post-modern fashionism. From an ideological viewpoint, it is neither right or left. Just shallow and stupid.

    Also, we need to distinguish between the ideological right and the situational right.
    Communism began as a radical ideology but became the new conservatism in the Soviet Union, much like Christianity that began in rebellion against Judaism and challenge to the pagan order, became the official ‘conservative’ religion of the West. From a situational point, the right can find itself in the ‘left’ positi0n and vice versa. Today, the dissident right is very much in the position that the (real) left was long ago. So, situationally, today’s real right is ‘situationally leftist’. Does that mean the left has become situationally ‘rightist’ as it has the blessings of the super-rich and the deep state. I would say no because the real left is totally dead. Stuff like globo-homo isn’t leftist in any meaningful sense, and the powerful push that stuff because vain/narcissistic homos are such an asset to globalism. Homos are some of the most tireless people working CIA, FBI, law firms, Hollywood, and etc, even as aids to GOP politicians. Homos love privilege and proximity to power. And Jewish Power isn’t ‘leftist’ but ultra-rightist tribal-supremacist. And BLM is about black supremacism, something Jews use to bash whites because Jews know whites are in awe of black prowess in sports, music, and sex. White ‘wokeness’ about blacks isn’t egalitarian but about special consideration and reverence for blacks as the naturally superior race. All these ‘woke’ types feel zero sympathy for victims of black crime. Of course, outwardly they rationalize it as an understanding of black crime resulting from ‘systemic racism’, but the real reason is more primal. ‘Wokemons’ see blacks as the rightful predators, the lion kings, with the right to feed off on the lesser races. It’s like all the prey animals bow down to the lions in the idiotic cartoon THE LION KING. There is no real Left anymore, and we’re doing a favor to Jews, blacks, and homos by labeling them as ‘left’, thereby giving the false impression that they are about equality when, in fact, all three groups are totally about their own power and privilege. Where is ‘wokeness’ on BDS or Palestinian plight? NOTHING. That gives the game away. The current struggle isn’t between the left vs the right. It’s about the ultra-right vs the right. The ultra-right are Jews, blacks, and homos who want all others to revolve around themselves. The right, or sane right, is about each people and identity having dignity of autonomy, or universal nationalism. The master stroke of Jews is in having dressed up their ultra-rightism as a kind of ‘leftism’, and it goes on and on because even those in the dissident right keep calling the Jews, blacks, and homos the ‘left’.

    Purely from an ideological viewpoint, leftism was historically more pro-people and pro-reality. When leftism really entered history as a force, the right was associated with the church, theology, dogma, aristocracy(vanity and decadence), monarchy(often with idiot kings). It was about the privileged class living in their own cloistered world. Why was the French monarchy so powerless to stop the revolution? It lived in its own little world and ignored what was brewing among the masses. Same with the Shah of Iran. He totally ignored the needs of people and spent lavishly on the festivities and feasts with Persepolis, with nearly all the guests being foreign dignitaries and luminaries. He had no real contact with the people. He was like Michael Jackson in Neverland. And the Tsar of Russia had no idea what was really happening or what was necessary. His wife fell under the spell of nutjob Rasputin. And the whole Russian court was moronic.


    The Left began in defense of reason, science, and equal dignity. Who says a man born an aristocrat was better than a man born a peasant? Why does a certain person deserve more rights and privileges simply because of his caste? An idiot born to an aristocrat had more dignity than a genius born to a peasant or worker. Ludicrous. And what was the basis of church authority? Some ancient texts written when people believed in myths and superstition.
    So, it was the Left that entered history as the voice of reason, facts, and truth. But the problem with the Left was the over-confidence of its knowledge. It’s like the cult of ‘presentism’ that assumes that WE IN THE NOW know so much more than those in the past, indeed ‘we now know everything’, so trust the ‘science’. In its radical or corrupt form, the Left can be plenty retarded. But at least it’s about moving toward a greater truth, whereas has been about a rigid or smug assumption that tradition holds all the answers. If the stupidity of the Left is about the Latest Idea holding all the answers, the stupidity of the Right is the correctness of the oldest idea; no wonder conservative types endless look to the Bible or invoke God. ‘Current Year’ stupidity vs ‘Yesteryear’ stupidity.

    The original Left was bourgeois in origin and agenda. Via the erasure of old privileges based on birth, people could realize their truth worth through freedom, rights, and competition. If the son of a peasant proves himself smarter than a son of a rich man, let the former rise in the world. But the rise of capitalism posed a new challenge. Even though society grew freer, capitalism created new classes with the super-rich coming to own so much while so many former peasants were crowded into cities to toil in dark factories.
    At least a peasant had some contact with nature and fresh air(though manure-smelling). City life during the first phase of the Industrial Revolution was truly wretched. Even though the classic liberalism of the bourgeoisie had done much to liberate man from the Old Order of born-privilege, it also made a small class of people the new overlords while pushing the masses down to the level of urban helots. Also, as the bourgeoisie had so much wealth, they in time became like the aristocracy. They had their own societies, clubs, spent lavishly on clothing and mansions.
    They even appropriated science to morally justify their wealth and privilege. Neo-aristocratism but based on ‘science’. It was Social Darwinism that said the best rise to the top while the dummies fall to the bottom under capitalism. So, the rich should be proud of their wealth and privilege; they deserve it. Still, people were Christian back then, and even Social Darwinist capitalists thought they should do good work with their excess wealth for the pitiable dummies. Social Darwinism was about genes than blood(in the manner of aristocratism), but as smart people give birth to smart people while dummies give birth to dummies, it was moving in the direction of neo-aristocratism. At its worst, it made the upper classes smug and glib, self-satisfied in their power. Thus, all their self-indulgences were okay since they were the BEST and deserved to have it all. Today’s super-oligarchs aren’t much different; though they preach ‘wokery’ to the public, they really believe they should have it all because they are the smartest and the best; and many Jewish elites feel that way, like Alan Dershowitz spilled the beans on how they really feel. Jews DESERVE it. The Tribal Darwinism.

    Communism sought to correct the injustices of capitalism where the super-bourgeoisie grew ever richer and shut themselves to the problems of the real world and real people. The rich had their salons and haute societies. They ate the best food and imported silk from abroad. But the masses didn’t have enough bread and potatoes. They didn’t have decent clothes to wear. It’s like how Strelnikov in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO feels about the rich aristocrats and bourgeoisie who are celebrating at a fancy restaurant while the workers go hungry.

    The Whites lost the Russian Civil War to the Reds because the former had little to offer but the same old rigamarole about the Tsar and God(when the Russian Church had showed itself to be either a corrupt or inept arm of the tyranny). The Reds at least addressed the needs of the people, though communism turned out to be one big nightmare with its radical policies that took away individual incentives for enterprise. Sadly, both the right and the left failed in both Russia and Germany to produce a man like Ataturk who understood the need for change and reform but also knew society cannot be remade overnight. To be sure, National Socialism came pretty close to finding the balance of right and left, but Hitler’s personal demons got the better of him, leading him toward disaster.

    There are leftish elements in MATRIX in its call for spartan struggle. Aristocracy created a Disneyland for the privileged. An extreme form of this is the Vortex in ZARDOZ. And capitalism’s consumer society creates bread-and-circuses for the masses, to a far greater extent than Ancient Rome and without slavery. With far greater productive means, capitalism doesn’t need slavery. Just make people work so that they can spend their excess income on pleasure and entertainment. You don’t need George Orwell’s grim world of 1984. You can have an easier kind of tyranny with soma and cloning in Aldous Huxley’s world of BRAVE NEW WORLD. People will be too drugged on soma or looking forward to the next orgy-porgy to care about meaning and purpose, let alone revolution. Also, as everyone is cloned, no need for sentiment or deep attachments and sadness that comes with family life. Aristocracy led to the fantasy for a special caste.

    Capitalism proved itself far more resilient and effective than the Marxists predicted, but it too maintained itself by lulling people into a fantasy world. Under capitalism, people turned into individuals with little attachment to community, history, heritage, family, and etc. It was all about ‘get paid, get laid’ and living for the next rock concert, movie, video game release, or house party. Even though capitalism survived the first challenge of proletariat unrest(because it produced enough goods and made compromises that made the working class participants in the system, even if mostly as consumers hooked on fantasy), the Left argued that rich capitalist countries(that could offer decent living standards even for the working class) depended on exploitation in the Third World who were either reduced to penury or prevented from developing to catch up with the First World. So, in films like I AM CUBA and BATTLE OF ALGIERS, the hedonistic lifestyles of the global white rich is contrasted with the poverty and spartan struggles of the communists or anti-imperialists. The Western Left much admired the selfless Viet Cong and disdained the capitalist classes in South Vietnam who collaborated with US imperialism and grew fat off the greed and treachery. In the 60s, 70s, and 8os, there were many sympathetic accounts of how Cuba, though dictatorial and repressive, at least tried to provide decent living standards to all its people while the rest of Latin America was mired in scandalous divisions between the spoiled rich and the downtrodden. (The rise of East Asia to western levels of prosperity has undermined the theory that the Third World remains poor due to Western capitalist exploitation. But this is a sensitive subject because it would indicate the role of genes.)

    MATRIX runs with some of these classic leftist themes and tropes, but it’s all gameplay because its core conception is post-modernism, not any real ideology. The Wacko Brothers are utterly hooked to pop culture, celebrity, fashion, the cult of sports, and all the other offerings of bread-and-circuses. So, they like the idea of resistance as style and guff than anything related to real reality. It’s about the Calvin-Kleinization of the Revolution.

    Even as the members of the resistance recover their real selves and become like the humble Hebrews in Cecil B. DeMille epics, they time and again re-enter the Matrix in fancy pagan dress and sunglasses to kick butt and jump around. The whole appeal of MATRIX owes to consumer-paganism, not selfless piety.
    It is ‘reality’ as imagined by people with no real sense of reality. Wackos’ sense of ‘reality’ came from college courses taught by spoiled bourgeois professors playing at being ‘radical’ as academia encourages and enables its scholars to fixate on theory than look and feel the real world. If professors are armchair radicals, Wackos are joystick radicals.
    And the other windows to ‘reality’ are of course TV and Hollywood movies that only reinforce their own prejudices(or ‘prejustices’) and stereotypes. In other words, white ‘woke’-tards who grow up watching white-guilt shows about noble blacks and evil ‘racist’ whites are likely to make more extreme versions of such once they enter the entertainment industry because their own ‘windows’ or references to reality have been academia and entertainment.

    There’s a rave party in MATRIX RELOADED where the people of Zion dance like the Golden Calfers or potheads at a rock concert. In TEN COMMANDMENTS, the calfers were punished.
    Actual potheads can rave and dance all night long ONLY BECAUSE they live in capitalist societies that produce excess goods and services. If you opt out of modern capitalism, you must be ultra-sober like the Amish and work pretty hard. I mean, how long did Woodstock last? Three Days because 400,000 hippies can’t go on like that forever.
    But in the silly heads of the Wacko brothers or ‘sisters'(or brosters), ‘reality’ is where you join a resistance that calls for selflessness but actually encourages self-indulgence.

    When the Cuban revolutionaries went into the jungle, they knew it was going to be a tough spartan struggle, like in the Soviet film I AM CUBA that contrasts capitalist hedonism with communist spartanism. Same with the Viet Cong. But in MATRIX RELOADED, you can have it all. You can play at revolutionary and get tickets to Aerosmith concerts. It’s like you can be like both the rebels and the Roman elites in SPARTACUS. Mao said Revolution is not a tea party, but it is apparently a rave party.
    Of course, if all rebels and revolutionaries in history acted like the drug-addled ravers in MATRIX RELOADED, none of them would have won. Imagine if Strelnikov in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO were all about partying and taking drugs. He would have ended up like the idiot Weathermen whose of idea of ‘revolution’ turned into sex orgies and acid parties. Rebel or Revel, you can’t have both.

    Pet Shop Boys are more knowing about this.

    And it seems like ‘leftist’ Tony Kushner is more about Zionism and Jewish Power than about any ideology.

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @MachinePill
  21. @Priss Factor

    I liked Dark City. It’s basically the same story as the matrix, only the agents of the matrix are aliens in Dark City, basically the same as the aliens from the 80s cult movie The Hidden, for Kyle macchlachlan fans out there! In both a person is born into a controlled reality and in both the hero transcends that artificial reality to be able to compete with the oppressors. The agents/matrix and the aliens in Dark City both represent the Jews, i hypothesize. Both movies came out so close to one another that they must have been in production at the same time, not that the matrix is a take off of Dark City as most people assume. If you are alert many movies have overlapping ideas/themes which are only apparent after reflection. Consider the similarities of midnight cowboy and buch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, for another example. I believe these movies have Kabbalistic underpinnings and the ideas and thematic material do not come from the film makers(perhaps the artistry and details do), but rather from some collective or agency. These movies, matrix and dark city, would be the Jews satirizing themselves, so to speak. The red pill/blue pill fits uncannily well for a reason…that’s what it was conceived to mean!

    I think the Matrix succeeds the better of the two because it captures the zeitgeist of the age better, with the tech bubble and rising power of the internet.

  22. @Happy Tapir

    Heheh, that theory would also explain why the Wachowskis never made another hit to come close to the greatness of Matrix. Hmmm

  23. TKK says:
    @gay troll

    If these people can understand that men and women are not necessarily that different

    Men and women are as different as heat and cold, light and dark, wet and dry.

    Physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

    The differences are so vast, distinct and unalterable that it would take one billion words to do an adequate job.

    As Putin stated, believing that men and women are the same is a virus. He called transgenderism a crime against humanity.

    Moving deeper into movie symbolism ….. In the Silence of the Lambs, what tool is used to depict the most repellent, brutal, deviant killer? Jame Gum, the man who dresses like a woman, and wants to wear their skin.

    This cinematic vehicle was accepted and the movie was considered excellent, Oscar worthy. Now, transgenders are depicted as unassailable heroes who demand to be called women when they have a penis. Refuse? Your life will be cancelled. Truth has become unspeakable.

    Or as one of my clients wore a T-shirt to my office one time:

    If you were born with a dick, you are not a chick.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  24. @Happy Tapir

    for Kyle macchlachlan fans out there!

    I think Greg is a big Kyle MacLachlan fan. I would be really interested in hearing his thoughts on another MacLachlan movie, The Trigger Effect. Its exploration of the fraying effects of a power outage on social bonds under mass multiculturalism is highly relevant to the strains created by covid lockdowns and medical mandates in today’s even more mass multiculturalism. The film only contains one scene, right at the beginning, that sets up a black-white confrontation, but its realism is such – who hasn’t dealt with difficult blacks? – that the tension it creates remains throughout the rest of the movie, falsely priming the audience to expect the “effect” in the movie’s title to be related to a word that rhymes with “trigger.”

  25. Well, fuck it then. Spider-Man it will be for NYE. In fact, I decided to forego the new Matrix a couple of days ago when I heard Morgoth pan it, because I trust that English bastard’s instincts.

    I’m surprised to see so many comments that are derisive of the Matrix concept in general though. It is a magnificent metaphor for humanity at this time. A bunch of tiny little economic batteries, completely oblivious to the reality of the world and our situation in it. Try to wake up a fake news faithful to the Covid Con. Go ahead and try. I’ll wait.

  26. Both FIGHT CLUB and MATRIX came out in 1999.

    FC excited many on the right, M was a bigger thing among the progs.

    Both are about breaking out of consumerist humdrum.

    In FC, sterile modern consumerism made synonymous with insomnia where you’re neither fully awake nor fully asleep. A limbo state of being. But the character is acid-burned into manhood, into reality of red-blooded manhood. To be real is become a warrior-hunter again. Some called the concept ‘fascist’, though I saw it more as anarcho-machismo. It’s about being ‘based’. It’s about feeling the blood running through your veins.

    M also says you have to break free of routine that you take for granted. Look beyond it and touch reality. And the answer isn’t reconnecting with your primal nature(as in FC) but in joining a cause. It’s about being ‘woke’. It’s about gaining higher consciousness, a pop-nirvana. M too is about the need to fight and be manly, but it can be won only by higher brain functions.

    Rightish ideas have an advantage in being more grounded to the brutal ways of human nature. Leftish ideas have an advantage in being more messianic with the vision thing.

    FC is about man reconnecting with the inner ape. M is about man aspiring to be an angel. Latter is more inspiring if less realistic. Both are limited in their own ways.

    However, what both movies have in common is the paradox of proposing a reconnection with real-reality by way of greater unreality. In FC, the guy has to create an alter ego, Hyde-like doppelganger, to force him out of his old self. He can’t do it alone or by reality alone. He needs something more powerful, something of imagination. Delusion to break out of the illusion.

    And in M, the escape from false reality is to gain ever more fantastical visions and powers to break through the illusion. The red pill doesn’t merely wake you up. That is only the initial process. The real ‘awakening’ comes by the way of re-entering the Matrix and gaining mastery over it as a transparent maze to control.

    But for us, the main lesson of M is that the red pill is worthless if one’s idea of reality is fantasy. The Wacko brothers really believe they took the red pill and realized they’re really ‘women’ and made full contact with reality by turning into freaks. But, if that’s your idea of reality, what does it mean to be real? Indeed, the very idea of being ‘woke’ is funny because so-called wokesters are lost in a dream of globo-homo and BLM. They believe blacks are angelic(LOL) and white cops are mowing down innocent blacks(ROTFL).

    Also, the metaphor of the pill or drug is contradictory. Drugs are taken to ease the pain(unbearably real) or alter reality. It is not taken to make reality more intense. So, the idea of taking a pill, any pill. for more reality is sort of absurd.

    What we need is to de-kosherize. Why are all foods tagged with kosher label? Why is that even allowed?

  27. Dumbo says:

    The first one was already trash. How can one make a “masterpiece” (LOL) and then make only trash? It’s not possible. The first one had ONE good idea, which was the red/blue pill thing, which is what became popular and still referred and is mostly the only thing everyone remembers from the movie (that, and perhaps dodging bullets). But the movie in itself was dumb. I wouldn’t watch it again. I didn’t bother to watch any of the sequels, and I certainly don’t want to watch this new one.

    Hint: good movies are not “left” or “right”, they are just good. If they are really good, they usually say something true about human nature, which would put them more on the “right” side, but if they are too militant, then they are also not so good, because then they become mere propaganda.

    • Agree: Etruscan Film Star
  28. Excuse me for interrupting this seminar for movie cultists, but …

    I don’t give a toss about The Matrix Resurrections or its predecessors. I saw the original Matrix when it came out; yeah, okay, it had a concept that obviously connected with the Zeitgeist then (and since). Otherwise it was a dull piece of retarded sci-fi for teenagers of all ages.

    Red pill, blue pill, whatever pill, the metaphor is now established. That intellectually stunted people take the franchise seriously shows how pathetic popular culture has become. If you are looking for “significance” in Matrixology, it is that trifles can now take over minds thanks to hype and desperation to look for meaning in all the wrong places.

    We now return to our scheduled program of pretentious twaddle.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd, mark green
    • LOL: Maddaugh
    • Replies: @Maddaugh
    , @Franz
  29. LondonBob says:

    Dark City was a great film.

    I watched this on Odyssey, I had very low expectations, it wasn’t good but it wasn’t completely awful. The first thirty minutes was interesting enough, as the author has stated the concept of an alternate reality is interesting, going beyond that has always been problematic, should have left the original as a standalone film.

  30. SafeNow says:

    Excellent and useful review and comments for me, an ancient one. Thank you. Very few modern movies appeal to me, but I keep an open mind so as not to miss one of the few that would. I sometimes wonder whether young people have a dual sensibility; that is, they can appreciate many modern movies AND more traditional fare. If so, I am envious.

  31. utu says:

    Were Wachowski brothers (sisters) influenced by The Futurological Congress of S. Lem (1971)?

  32. Yep, this Matrix 4 installment was horrible. And so are the believers in this red-pill franchise. I am not going to spoil anything, but you ought to know what happened to Egon Walther Pillard… 🙁

  33. “Communism” as it was called, was, and is, merely a false opposition to Bourgeois Capitalism. Still, it is the gateway to other things. For, after reading The Communist Manifesto, one begins to realize how one could be deceived, all one’s life, by a small and dedicated minority, whether the Bourgeois or the Jews as the case may be!

    There are no separate and sovereign Nations, as far as the very rich are concerned. All forms of National Patriotism are something imposed by the rich upon everyone else. However we may all hate Marx, he may have had an interesting point about that. Intriguingly though, they promote Communism (Marxism at any rate) at College, but not Nazism. I wonder why? One would think that the Powers That Be would have as much reason to hate and dread Communism. And yet, there are Marxist professors. Why is that? I wonder.

    • Replies: @Engels
  34. Clyde says:

    Ain’t nobody got time for this shit. For watching this drek. But thanks for doing this, for enduring this mess. Why? Because these honky-jive-talking Matrix movies are v big cultural influencers. But then so are comic book movies, so are vampire and zombie movies. Though zombies seem to be old hat these days. Their day has come and gone, plus real zombies live in voodoo Haiti, not America.
    The Matrix hullabaloo makes me curious.

    (never watched any Matrix for more than two minutes)

    • LOL: Maddaugh
    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  35. I always thought the term “Red State” to be ironic. After all, I still remember when “Red” meant Communist.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  36. The Holocaust Industry, paradoxically, keeps alive, in the minds of the average American, that there really is such a thing as separate and sovereign countries, and indeed, that there is such a thing as National Character. After all, why would Americans assume that they are any better, any different, than the Germans? They do so because of the Holocaust Narrative.

    Of course, not all Americans are Nationalistic. Mind you, what I find really intriguing is that precisely the same people whom the Conservatives call Liberals or Globalists; the Soviet Communists would have called the International Bourgeois or the Rootless Cosmopolitans. And, also, were it not for those of Flyover Country, the rural Whites therein, whom would the Liberals project all their barely conscious hatred of Blacks, and other minorities, unto? Now, answer me that!

  37. Maddaugh says:

    It is interesting to watch what people buy, how they stump up their hard earned money.

    At the supermarket the other day I watched a woman fork over $5 for one of those toilet paper magazines, you know the ones where people saw Elvis and Aliens kidnap poodles etc and then hand over some $200 for a cart filled with packaged food.

    The movies fall into the same category. $15 or so in Manhattan plus easily another $20 ++for chocolate bars, sodas and popcorn, plus transportation, parking and the hassle with traffic. One also gets to listen to the other patrons talking, laughing, chatting on their cells and taking calls. All this to be “entertained” by the Ju rubbish from Hollywood.

    Next stop, the fast food outlets where people are too lazy to get out of their cars even to buy junk food.For the poor fukker working minimum or even average wage this amounts to several hours labour and after Uncle Sam has extracted his pound of flesh and pint of blood in taxes.

    That;s right Clyde. The average citizen hands over the fruits of their sweat to put shit in their bodies and shit in their minds………..and then we all are puzzled why we are surrounded by ignorance ??

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • LOL: Thor Walhovd
    • Troll: Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @clyde
  38. Maddaugh says:
    @Etruscan Film Star

    Nice comment.

    I always get a kick reading these previews where the blogger “reviews” some shite movie as if it were Shakespeare. Its even more amusing to watch and listen to some empty head actor/actress just transition from cleaning toilets at a Burrito restaurant breakdown his/her character like it was Hamlet or Julius Caesar.

    Its a clown show and idiots greet all this tripe with a vulgar applause while the prudent stay home and spend their time in more productive activities….like taking a shit.

    • Replies: @Etruscan Film Star
  39. @Rurik

    How many of you have wondered if what you think you see in the world is actually just your own endarkened reflection?

    There is no Matrix. There is just the little personal hell that each soul puts themselves into, while imagining that they are fighting nightmares.

    None of your narrative is true in a literal sense. It is only you, you and you.

    The little hells bang against each other and interact in superficial ways, but they never connect. You are alone, cut off by your self-imposed ignorance. Your politicised personal narrative is no more than a differently branded blue pill. A more antisocial version of the Wachoswkis’ transgender blue pill, or any other number of individual, deluded and limiting beliefs.

    Rather than pretending that there is some all-emcompassing hatred out there. Own your own hatred. And realise exactly at which single person it is directed. Then the bars might slip and a little cool air may seep in.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  40. @Happy Tapir

    The Agents represent the imposition of rules on the self by your own beliefs. Neo is your protagonist. Morpheus curates your soul and what springs from it. Trinity is your love, which is also your true north and motivation.

    Politicised narratives that turn any of these internal forces into groups and scapegoats are the blue pill; which is exactly what you peddle.

  41. gay troll says:

    The major thing that differentiates you from a woman are your hormones. I did not say men and women are the same, and I did not say that a man can become a woman. I merely said they are not that different. Certainly not as different as light and dark. That’s the kind of thinking that makes you a sexist. You do have nipples, correct?

    I find it highly problematic for people like you to insist that men and women are like night and day, and then of course appoint yourself the role of the warm, dry, and bright day, and leave to women the role of the cold, dark, wet night. This kind of thinking logically leads to the conception that men are good and women are evil.

    I’m with you if you want to insist on biological differences, but only if you also accept the premise of relativity, and stop assuming that your experience of gender is the “correct” experience of gender. Why not acknowledge that you are one of billions of imperfect copies of a human being, and you have no authority to cast yourself as normal or superior? A truly superior person keeps their knowledge to themself, they don’t go around with the need to compare themself to their perceived lessers.

    If you were born with a dick, you are not a chick.

    So would you have any qualms about dating/fucking a pretty XY male with complete androgen insensitivity? A male who is born with external female genitalia and naturally develops breasts at puberty? No transition is involved. And CAIS is only one of many intersexual phenomena that are simply manifested by nature.

    • Replies: @TKK
  42. @Happy Tapir

    You should watch the 13th Floor

    • Thanks: Happy Tapir
  43. @Happy Tapir

    I never saw the Jewish angle in The Matrix and I find it dubious at best. But I’ll tell what I have recently found the Jewish angle to, decades after I read it – the Foundation series. I knew Asimov was Jewish, but I didn’t realize how Foundation is basically a metaphor for Jewish domination. In the novels, the titular “Foundation” has been set up to preserve the knowledge of the decaying empire and eventually restore it. This proceeds according to plan (with one noticeable blip). But unbeknownst to the intellectuals in charge of the Foundation, the founder had set up a secret “Second Foundation” of individuals with advanced mental gifts (including literal mind control) who will at the given time step in and take full control of the reborn empire.

    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
  44. Neuday says:

    Woodrow must’ve had a moment of clarity. Here’s Brother Nathanial explaining how Woodrow Wilson was a pawn of the jews:

  45. Maddaugh says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    To: Rurik
    To: Happy Tapir

    Tricky Laxative has been living as a hermit in a cave in the Sahara for much too long. Compounding this life of solitude and loneliness is her pernicious addiction to reading New Age hogwash.

    I propose we take up a collection to buy a camel so she can leave her desert home and re-enter the real world.

    A blue pill, a red pill and an MNRA injection directly into her fevered brain, administered every 15 minutes might fix the confused mental state she appears to be in.

  46. Mike Tre says:

    I liked the Matrix, but as I have said before much of the story, visuals and specifically the red pill / blue pill dichotomy was inspired or perhaps outright stolen from the Paul Verhoeven film Total Recall.

    Quiad / Hauser = Thomas Anderson / Neo

    Mars = The Matrix

    Quato = the Oracle

    Cohaagen = The Architect

    Richter = Agent

    Benny = Cypher

    Melina = Trinity

    The Rekall memory insertion chair, complete with wrist and ankle restraints is almost identical to the chairs used to insert people into the Matrix itself. Both chairs facilitate access to an alternate reality.

    The red pill in each film represent a return to reality.

    It’s kind of like how Days of Thunder is the exact same movie as Top Gun.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  47. @Mike Tre

    Odd, I never thought of it like that, until now!

  48. I’m surprised we haven’t had any mass shooters climbing walls and ceilings wearing virtual reality headsets thinking they were in the Matrix. I thought this last Matrix was a piss poor version of the first, however, they did introduce a dyke and the new Morpheus is gay, so two points for 2SLGBTQQIAPWXYZ. (((Hooray for Hollywood)))

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  49. @Hapalong Cassidy

    Interesting. I haven’t read foundation yet, though I do like Asimov. I like his nonfiction mainly. The “Jewish” elements I refer to in Matrix are not explicit and would not be noted in isolation from considering other media, such as Dark City, and the general kabbalistic underpinnings of mass media generally. If you only had seen matrix, I doubt anyone else would have though that.

  50. @Pheasant

    If both pills only gave access to two symmetrical unrealities? As I watched the film and its sequels (which confirmed what I first thought : hindu advaita vedanta, the ultimate mind control program dreamt by Zionists for world control so as to end with the Western adventure of free thought) I marvelled at the fact that in the supposed realer reality the red pill gives access to, there is no life, no vegetation, not even natural deserts, only urban desert : constructions, building, tunnels, streets… That’s ludicrous. Pills no matter blue or red remain man-made chemical compounds : it is like comparing legal drugs such as psychiatric medication and illegal recreational drugs : as we all know all illegal drugs are manufactured and distributed by the same who push for greater and greater pill consumption, which includes CIA. Cafeine and cocaine are so similar molecules that customers don’t see the difference when pushers give them cafeine white powder (though it is costly to produce) when the coca supply dries out. Why not a green pill which would contain only unprocessed plant leaves and gradually give back access to a world of more living things and less buildings?

    It is no use discussing whether the Wachovski siblings are Jews or not (they are : the Polish name is nearly only Jewish) : what they refer to is gnostic kabbalistic teachings as all Jews I have met reminded me.

    • Replies: @Triteleia Laxa
    , @Dumbo
  51. Anon[349] • Disclaimer says:

    The Wachowskis aren’t Jewish? Good one, Greg. I knew you would make me laugh.

  52. gay troll [AKA "Dr. Fasci, America’s Doctor"] says:

    The point of the original Matrix sequels seemed to be that Neo never really left the Matrix. The Matrix is like an onion with infinite layers. At the end of the trilogy, Neo is told that he must renew the Matrix, or else reality will come to an end. He sees a thousand different versions of himself reacting to this ultimatum in a thousand different ways. And he focuses in on the version of himself that has the willpower to remain calm and simply say no to the machines. He is willing to choose oblivion over enslavement. And this is what makes him the chosen one.

  53. TKK says:
    @gay troll

    It is more than hormones.

    The recent dog I rescued who someone left to starve on the streets (!!!) is a male. He likes to play wrestle with my chunky female American Bulldog.

    Once we began re-feeding him, he is taller, stronger. He has broader bones. He has more stamina. He also has more patience, judgment and manners. She is a meatball who would fight a bear. He has learned to pick his battles.

    No, I do not believe all women are evil…but I believe many of them are. This has come from working with them. Women lawyers are some of the most venomous creatures on the planet.

    But see, you are “worried” about women, but you do not live with them, pay for them, listen to their incessant problems. It is theoretical to you. For me, it is in the real, and it can get very old. I dated a woman who actually had a medical degree who refused to practice medicine. She refused to work. I find females have more mental illness and downright poor character, while a man will just get up and go to work and stop analyzing everything into paralysis.

    No, I don’t believe I am superior. But, a man dressing up as a woman just makes me feel….sad? It is cringe to me. I would not harm this person, beat them up or bother them in any way, but I would not want to dive into the intricacies of why they want to do this. I have to make money and live.

    So would you have any qualms about dating/fucking a pretty XY male with complete androgen insensitivity? A male who is born with external female genitalia and naturally develops breasts at puberty?

    I did not know that existed. I don’t find the ever shifting gender roles fascinating. I believe it is the product of a bored mind who has never had to work 12 hours to keep the wolf from the door.

    These are all luxury ideas. This is what I think about: If the power grid goes down, and the trucks stop rolling, we had better learn to garden and make bullets on a massive scale. I think more dystopian. I watch the videos of blacks gleefully stomping, beating and stabbing whites in urban centers… and I pay close attention to TPTB downplaying and ignoring this war agasint whites, and I listen to my clients brag about “stomping out” other white inmates, and I want to get away from all this.

    Nothing good is growing in America right now. Gender identify will not matter if the State seizes your home and decides to appropriate to the People of Color for “equity”. I believe this could happen. Do you?

  54. Imagine a world where the written works of Dostoevsky or Thomas Mann or George Eliot, and the lessons their works hold for our modern ills and predicaments, got as much attention as all this flickering CIA- and corporate-funded Hollywood trash.

    The blue/red pill metaphor is powerful, but the rest of the Matrix world is just too filthy and dark to appeal to anybody with a sense of real beauty. I mean that one retro kitchen with the wall oven and orange counters was cool and stuff, but everything else was all just so damned filthy and hideous and machine-driven aesthetically. But then again, I guess freedom also means the freedom to choose ugliness over beauty, money before life, machines instead of nature, and Mammon over God, right?

    Every day we the living have choices! Thank you Gods!

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  55. Zazen says:

    We are LIGHT, i.e., “LIGHTS”, awaken silly humans

  56. The Matrix in a Nutshell;

    Morpheus ‘the Magic Negro’, saves whitey from evil AI monsters using VR plug-ins with the help of 2SLGBTQQIAPWXYZ and red and blue hallucinalgenics. Written, produced and directed by the Tranny Kosher Brothers.

    Behold! The future of action/SciFi entertainment.

  57. what the money people call a “franchise”

    Hollywood doesn’t make movies any more. It just makes franchises. But then again Hollywood is the money people. Always has been.

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  58. MLK says:
    @Chris Mallory

    I like your comment as a general proposition. A further peel of the “Get a haircut and a job” onion. However, Lynch doesn’t deserve it. He’s no Steve Sailer when it comes to movie reviews but he’s always an interesting read. Moreover, he engenders the same with commenters to a greater degree than most other writers here.

    This even though I got all of five minutes in to the latest Matrix before switching back to whatever episode of Life Below Zero was on that I had already seen 30 times.

  59. MachinePill says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    No, it isn’t. And such fantasizing is ridiculous.
    “Imagine the movie with a monoracial cast…” Huh? Imagine TRIUMPH OF THE WILL with Jews, and it could be a pro-Zionist movie. So, is it really crypto-pro-Jewish?

    The Matrix trilogy is a subversive, sci-fi series in which the ‘bad guys’ are really on the good side. No need to imagine a different cast or imagery: The Matrix is commonly misinterpreted, and in fact consists of the opposite message than what is typically assumed even by its critics:

    The real message of the three films is that ‘machines are superior to humans’, and are aesthetically pro-European. The first film already implies that humans are the terrorists and inferiors, since they were the ones that ‘scorched the Earth’ and destroyed the environment.

    This is expanded upon in the Animatrix, in which machines were not the ones who started the war: humans in their paranoia did so, and destroyed the entire environment in the process:

    The second film (Matrix Reloaded) displays the racial disparity between humans and machines: not only are machines stronger, but they *look* better as well: they are racially all-European (architecture and aesthetics in the matrix), vs. the primitive African environments in human Zion. As the Architect/Colonel Sanders reveals in the second film, the entire ‘liberation’ message of the first film is simply a trick that machines use to manipulate the savage, ape-like humans (analogous to how KFC manipulates stupid, ape-like consumers of fried chicken).

    The third film gives the most satisfying conclusion: machines destroying the ape-like, inferior humans in Zion. You can see this in the invasion sequence, the most satisfying conclusion to the entire series. The machines are so merciful that they spare humans from complete annihilation. Machine City is displayed in gold code, symbolizing the higher species (that is, even the Machines in the real world ‘look’ better if one sees properly, in contrast to the ape-like jungle animals that are the humans).
    The machines produced only one racially sub-saharan African program (the Oracle) in order to ‘understand the human psyche’: that is, the only machine that can understand humans is a highly specialized program that imitates humans, and is thus racially sub-saharan African (negroid).

    The lesson is: given aesthetically superior, European-looking machines vs. jungle apes, one takes the former any day.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  60. Emslander says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Whover the Wachowskis thought they were at first, I don’t think they had idea one of the message of the original Matrix. With all due respect, I also don’t think Trevor Lynch has idea one of its message.

    The matrix has existed for a long time, long before our nation-states decided to split up into political divisions to give their elites a convenient mechanism for obtaining and holding onto power. A matrix is a system of phony rewards and pleasures that tie us into a false reality. The Romans had a nicely developed matrix that held things together for centuries.

    The Resistance has also existed for a long time. How does anyone wake up from the matrix? It’s a kind of mystery, but even Neo seemed to have seen through it before he was contacted by the resisters. It seems to be the product of self-denial and investigation. The investigation consists of looking past the surface of the existence projected by the controllers.

    We have the Fauci vaccines, championed by Left and Right, so it takes a little insight into their purpose by perceptive people, who are willing to deny themselves the comfort of going along with the powerful narrative. It’s neither White nor Black, Left nor Right, Jew nor Goy.

  61. Che Guava says:

    Happy New Year!
    There as many or more
    plot holes in the Matrix; actually, none in Dark City, it is just the result of the nightly ‘Tuning’ and instilling of false memories.

    The plot holes in the Matrix are just that, plot holes.

    For the later commenter who said that, since Dark City and Matrix were released abt. the same time, claiming it was just synchronicity or the Weltschaung of the time, that is rubbish.

    Both were being filmed or synthesised in the same soundlots and used a few of the same ‘practical’ sites.

    Dark City was completed before the Matrix making started.

    So the original Matrix is clearly the derivative work, and I also prefer the aesthetics and symbolism in Dark City.

    Reloaded and Revolutions both came out the same year as T3, for its mix of practical, animatronic, real stunts, great matte
    painting, miniatures, and more, including many old movie refs, T3 was vastly superior.

  62. I hated The Matrix. Hated it with a passion.

    Everyone was wowed by the CGI and seemed fine with the story that at best should have been part of some late night B movie on the Sci-fi channel.

    Why are there agents at all? These machines can create a complete simulation of the world but need to send in Kung Fu Bad Whites in to fix some code? What?

    The movie is just plain corny. A wise and magical negro that is too cool for sunglasses frames will help The Chosen White Rebel defeat the Bad Whites in suits. Obviously playing to liberal fantasy.

    Keanu Reeves is a terrible actor which is why they never give him a serious role. He is paid to shoot stuff and say NO WAY DUDE.

    Just watch how he interacts with the woman in Point Break. Terrible. Swayze was top notch in that movie and Keanu follows him around like an extra.

    Anyways so after the Wachoski brothers made millions from a CGI flick and had girlfriends they one day decided that they were actually ditzy sluts that needed to get f-ked in their buttholes. How fitting.

    The fat one definitely does not pull it off. Looks like a man dressed up as a woman for Halloween. He should go back to being a man if he hasn’t cut his junk off. Idiot.

    • Agree: VivaLaMigra
  63. Che Guava says:

    Only three points, Trevor, I still have the copy of Cinefex covering Reloaded, and the work on that road/driving scene is very impressive. As you can tell, it is partly physical.

    They are set in the near future, do you have any points to place it in the far future?

    Finally, have you seen the Animatrix?

    The centrepieces about the history are pretty trite, there is a CG intro to one of the suquels, but the episodes by famous Japanese animators, an American who has the ill-fortune to make the prehistory of ‘the kid’, who is showing as an obnoxious lickspittle in one of those sequels.
    The American of Korean origin who did Aeon Flux does a very good, crazy, and effective short story.

    The whole is worth a look.

    I am glad and amused that you said nothing about the movie you were revieming. Pretty sure that I don’t want to see it.

  64. @Chris Mallory

    Marriage, family and a job are excellent ways to detach from the Matrix. I hear St. Paul could deadlift his own weight!

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  65. The First movie was good. The later ones, not so good!

  66. Notsofast says:

    surprising that no one has made a movie about a deepstate billionaire, internet, social media platform gatekeeper, launching his new virtual reality world. it could be called “welcome to the metaverse”.

    • Agree: Twin Ruler
  67. Those sunglasses are so stupid.

  68. These movies over the last 50 years are nothing less than ‘Predictive Programming’.

    Acceptance of these ciNEMA (mental eNEMA=101) events are accepted by the Global Populations that have a Global IQ of 82. That IQ continues to drop due to masking with face nappies, face diapers, etc. that guarantee mental brain damage from the lack of O2, and the build-up of both CO2 and bacterium in the upper respiratory system resulting in bacterial pneumonia. Couple this with vaccinated mainline boosters, and you will have a Covid Zombie Apocalypse by the end of 2022.

    Anyone with an IQ of 99 and over by now should be;

    1. Totally prepped

    2. In the Gray Man mode


    4. Have engaged their defense planning into full play reality

    • Agree: Maowasayali
  69. @Maddaugh

    I always get a kick reading these previews where the blogger “reviews” some shite movie as if it were Shakespeare.

    Right. And possibly the worst offender is Trevor Lynch. I read his explorations of the social, political, and philosophical meaning of empty commercial movies when I’m desperate for a laugh. But I’m rarely that desperate.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  70. @Etruscan Film Star

    The thing is, whether any of us likes it or not, “empty commercial movies” (you think Shakespeare had no commercial interests?) are a mainstay of contemporary culture, and play a formative role in the beliefs and values people hold. Given that, the attempt to tease out the social, political and philosophical implications of various films seems to me like a laudable pursuit. I may not always agree with Lynch’s takes, but I don’t think I’ve ever thought he’s egregiously or laughably wrong. Your mileage may vary, which is fair enough, but I don’t see how that leads to the conclusion that reviewing movies from a pro-white perspective is pointless or valueless.

  71. @John Johnson

    Sadly, both failed at the box office. THE THING nearly destroyed Carpenter’s career, and he was never quite the same again.

    TRON LEGACY is quite good, and ROBOCOP remake is so much better than the dumb original made on the basis of “Americans are dumb, so I made an especially dumb movie for their dumb selves.”

    But they’ve stood the test of time.

    Maybe Hollywood can do THE THING vs E.T.

    Was BLADE RUNNER the first big-budget noir-sci-fi?

    Godard did ALPHAVILLE on a shoestring budget.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  72. Engels says:
    @Twin Ruler

    One would think that the Powers That Be would have as much reason to hate and dread Communism. And yet, there are Marxist professors. Why is that? I wonder.

    Modern radical professors in the west are pretty distant from the old school Marxism of the socialist parties. In times past Marxist intellectuals were kept out of academia and supported materially by the workers’ movement. Being beholden to millions of ordinary people, put very useful constraints on the intellectuals’ writings.

    To read the old Marxists analyse how capitalism works, geo-political rivalry, the development of technology and its effects on human nature, remains a very productive enterprise. They really are vastly different to the woke radicals of today.

    Also, Americans on the right have a tendency to call whatever they don’t like “Marxism”.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  73. gay troll says:

    Thank you for this excellent comment. But let us remember that according to Colonel Sanders, the human spirit, as exemplified by Neo, is something that the machines are ultimately unable to account for; they cannot really put a stop to it or anticipate its actions. They even express a kind of need for it.

    Why not just kill all the humans anyway? Humans are worthless power generators. Why not supply machine civilization with nuclear fusion? Or a Lagrangian solar array? It is a poetic justice, to have machines depend on humans and not vice versa. But why would they really need to keep us around? Even when the squidbillies attack Zion they seem utterly disinterested in victory.

    As mentioned earlier, The Matrix is an essentially Gnostic film, which means it represents a heretical strand of Judeo Christianity. Like Jesus Christ, the Gnostics preached supercession of Yahwist Judaism. They believed in Christ. But they also believed in a complex cosmology of personal forces. Most “Christians” today would denounce their beliefs.

    On the whole, I think you are reading the film backwards. It is a critique of “white supremacy” and that’s why the Matrix simulation is so white. It is saying that the all white world is an illusion designed to harvest your energy, and real humanity is mixed race and lives in desperate poverty at the edge of annihilation. It IS a critique of material Zionism in the real world. The zeitgeist is now confounded because Jewish owned Hollywood has transitioned from sanctifying white people to vilifying them. The producers have not changed, neither their allegiances or goals. Merely their propaganda has changed. They have inverted their illusion in a bid to escape accountability. But Neo and Trinity are also white, and they are the heroes. Trevor seems to think the film would make more sense of all the bad guys were black? Have we forgotten that white people love to kill and conquer each other, in the name of Christ no less? Please.

    It is a humanist film, and even though the conclusion of the trilogy elevates a moral equivalency between human and machine sentience, it does not let the machines sentience reign supreme. The conclusion of the trilogy is ultimately a detente, and the outlook is that man and machine will continue to work hand and hand building the future. It is a massive exercise in Hegelian synthesis.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  74. Smith says:

    Matrix hasn’t been good since the very first one.

  75. @Peter D. Bredon

    The Matrix only exists in the minds of philosophy majors who should be rounded up along with their professors and made to hoe cotton and sweet potatoes in the Texas sun for a couple years.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  76. ebear says:

    Anyone else see the irony of Hollywood producing films about dystopian futures?

    • LOL: silviosilver
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  77. The Matrix movies got the masses to consider that we are being controlled in a political matrix and that we might even exist in a computer simulation.

    Political matrix quote:

    “The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

    The MSM has certainly done that with false narratives, but also there are many you say our history is a manipulation, and the ancient aliens theorists say we were created by the gods not God of the Bible.

    Physical matrix quote:

    “What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” – Morpheus

    Modern holograms are so real the look real, and in the near future this technology will no doubt seem real with force vectors, like in the Star Trek holodeck. So you have to wonder if we are not in a holoverse right now. How would we know? We wouldn’t but we could deduce it from some key observations.

    1. In our reality we can create holograms by interference wave patterns. Thus we are in a hologram and not the original base organic reality. We are creating holograms thus we must be in a holoverse to be able to do this, and thus we are in a simulation creating new simulations.

    2. Double slit experiment. The electron is where you observe it. Consciousness fixed the particle’s location, collapses the wave function. Thus consciousness is sovereign over matter, and thus we must be in a simulation for matter to have a lesser function.

    3. Twin entangled particles. Also called spooky action at a distance, two particles are created entangled then separated by an infinite distance, and when you mess with one the other instantly feels it. How is that possible? Space and distance is an illusion in our mind. On your computer screen is the Milky Way galaxy and the stars are separated by light years, but they are actually next to each other on your computer screen, distance is an illusion.

    4. Probability. Nick Bostrom says we are probably not in the original base reality. In the near future we may be able to create thousands of simulations, thus we are already probably in one.

  78. @Semi-Employed White Guy

    “Hollywood doesn’t make movies any more. It just makes franchises. ”

    This reminds me of someone’s comment that in the old Dagwood & Blondie movies and comics, it seemed that Dagwood worked for a company that made contracts, since that’s all they ever talked about: “Where’s that contract, Bumstead?” “I’ve got to work on some contracts, Blondie” etc.

    But really Hollywood doesn’t make franchises. It parasitically exploits the purchased Intellectual Property of others. Lacking any creativity, they can only make movies by mechanically changing around elements of existing properties: Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman, etc. (I feel like an idiot just typing these stupid names).

    They’re not using existing myths as was always done — Romeo & Juliet becomes West Side Story, the Iliad becomes the Aeneid, the Bacchae becomes Paul on the road to Damascus, etc., just using control-replace on the characters. Given the times, the “sure fire” way to “revitalize” a franchise is to awaken it: “It’s Star Wars, but with girls!” “It’s Star Trek, but everyone’s black”, etc.

    Oddly enough, that sounds like Trevor’s idea of a Jewish version of Triumph of the Will. Seth Rogan as Goering, etc.

  79. Rahan says:

    People forget, or perhaps do their damn best to ignore the fact, that the Wachowskis didn’t “become trannies”, but rather became “autogynephilic sissies” which is what 90% of alleged trannies today are.

    First fragile autistic “Lana” was caught by the famous dominatrix Ilsa Strix.

    She became “Lana’s” BDSM svengali, “sissifying him”.

    Then it was “Lily’s” turn.

    When today’s alleged trannies say “I was born in the wrong body” they mean in fact “OMG I love being high while riding a dildo and watching sissy hypno porn. I wish I could afford a real dominatrix. I need fake tits! Someone cum on my face right now!!1111”

    Imagine giving up your freedom of speech and old political rights in order to make anal sissies happy because they will “otherwise kill themselves if you micro-agress them with a raised eyebrow”.

    They made the first Matrix movie while still themselves. The second Matrix movie is already heavily influenced by nipple clamps and pegging and wearing stockings and wigs, with only 50% energy going into the actual movie.

    The third Matrix was obviously made on autopilot, with 90% of their energies being spent in BDSM dungeons.

    Civilization and its Discontents turned inside out. What happens when all your energy is being redirected into constant dildo riding? Now we know.

    • Replies: @Mehen
  80. @gay troll

    I think you guys are reading too much into it.

    It could be a criticism of how humans use machines to create false realities.

    It could be related to religion and modernism.

    It could also just be a couple guys dreaming up this stuff when they are stoned.

    It’s not like all their ideas have been well thought out.


  81. Franz says:
    @Etruscan Film Star

    Red pill, blue pill, whatever pill, the metaphor is now established. That intellectually stunted people take the franchise seriously shows how pathetic popular culture has become.

    Might it be that it shows people are desperate for some brain-food entertainment?

    The Matrix struck me as an anomaly: cleverly made in such a way that you can read it as a Christian parable, a Gnostic warning, a Neo-Platonist thought game.

    What strikes me as obvious is the before/after problem: The two who are supposed to have made this did nothing earlier or later that has the same level of lucidity. It’s hard not to agree with Miles Mathis, who thinks the unlimited funds of the Deep State made this as defeatist porn. As the world gets worse people can devolve to magical thinking and go inward instead of seeking practical ways to change the current system.

    I don’t think Miles is right. But they had SOME mojo on The Matrix that deserted them ever since.

    • Agree: Mehen
  82. @Chris Mallory

    Dr. Johnson as chain gang boss. Still misses the point.

    The sweet potatoes, blistered hands and hot sun are sense impressions, just like Dr. Johnson’s stubbed toe. Find some “material” and get back to me with it.

  83. @ebear

    Anyone else see the irony of Hollywood producing films about dystopian futures?

    When a really good one is made, like THX 1138, it bombs. The success of MATRIX proves it was all about fantasy, which is what people like. THX 1138 really makes you think.

    Nick Bostrom says we are probably not in the original base reality. In the near future we may be able to create thousands of simulations, thus we are already probably in one.

    If this is all a simulation, then why not make all of us billionaires? Everyone would be happy, and it wouldn’t cost anything since it’s all fake anyway.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Pericles
  84. Why are humans so separated from the natural world. Unlike animals we must buy clothes, get a job, live in artificially created structures, and buy food at a grocery store. This is the key why we are in a political matrix on earth, we are being manipulated because who we are, artificially created beings, designed in a lab, not some creature that evolved.

    Getting people to join the resistance is a hard sell. You can persuade people to quit a job or a relationship by arguing that “it isn’t really you.” But imagine telling people that everything about their world, including the people they love, including their very selves, is fake. The real world is a hellscape where they are living corpses, imprisoned in coffins, fed upon by parasites. Which world would you choose?

    The reason we choose our world of money and income and not all run to the woods and live as hermits is that living away from society is practically impossible. Even the hermit will probably have a radio and some store bought food even if it’s just beans and rice. How our situation happened and why it happened is why the resistance is a hard sell.

    If you are a hominid evolving on some planet, like earth, before alien intervention, then by definition you are fit, and fit means you are fit into the environment like a key into a lock. You are made for one another. Take our cousin the Gorilla, the Gorilla is surrounded by food, it has thick fur and doesn’t need a home, a Gorilla needs no wage and will not dig a ditch with a shovel even though a Gorilla is incredibly strong.

    Using this example of the Gorilla illustrates the difference of man, the Gorilla is wild just as God made him (by evolution) and man is artificial, a domesticated creature in need of support, just as the gods made him. That is the difference and that means man did not evolve on earth into his present form. Sure when those from the heavens came here, they did find wild hominids, covered in fur and perfectly adapted to their environment, but they changed us into big brained hairless (and helpless) slaves.

    Planet of the Apes (1968) is an allegory for alien intervention, change the Apes to Anunnaki, and you have a perfect fit to the movie, a more advanced civilization captures wild humans and makes them slaves. This movie came out before Zacharia Sitchin’s first book, The 12th Planet, 1976. Sichin weaves a tale that the Anunnaki came down from the heavens in space ships and created man as a personal slave race to mine gold they needed to save their home planet. They did this by removing eggs from wild Homo Erectus and impregnating the egg with Anunnaki sperm then put the fertilized egg into an Anunnaki nurse Ninmah.

    The first of us were kept as house pets, to do chores around the Anunnaki mission, but were unable to breed, thus the story of Adam’s rib. Sitchin’s story is much more complicated, but after some surgery man was able to breed by correcting our missing sex chromosomes. After tens of thousands of years of slavery, when these space pirates packed up and left they tried to wipe us all out with the Flood, but chief scientist Enki saved his favorite offspring Noah (Sumerian Ziusudra tale). We are all descendents of those that survived the intentional wiping out of humanity way back – when the gods walked amongst us.

    This was all a great tragedy for us, similar to leaving puppy dogs behind a dumpster to fend for themselves. Humans, being domesticated, need their gods just as dogs need their human masters. Since we are not wild we are dependents, on family and society to survive. And that IMO is the real reason we are all currently trapped in a fiat money matrix and forced to slave away for food and rent. The political matrix is real, and it’s cause goes all the way back to illegal alien intervention.

    • Thanks: Servant of Gla'aki
  85. clyde says:

    So right! And you get 100 extra points for using “stump up”.

  86. @Priss Factor

    TRON LEGACY is quite good, and ROBOCOP remake is so much better than the dumb original made on the basis of “Americans are dumb, so I made an especially dumb movie for their dumb selves.”

    I enjoyed the Blade Runner remake but didn’t care for Robocop redux.

    The original does indeed make fun of American society but it is still a good movie. It’s primarily an action movie but with an underlying parody. I think Verhoven was fascinated by American society but was also worried about what direction it would take. You see this same mix of feelings in Total Recall.

  87. Maddaugh says:

    Well as I said in a comment on a distant article, movies in Hollywood must contain one or all of the following:

    1. The lead actor / actress is a fag or lesbian
    2. The lead is a woman who is a take charge bitch and oh so clever
    3. The supporting actor is a man who is dumb and kowtows to Super Chic
    4. There are kids confused about whether they should have dicks or snatches
    5. The lead fag/ leabian/ tranny is a minority in a role typically considered white

    So dont be surprised if we end up with a Nigger fag as Superman, a tranny Gook who is Spiderman oe a lesbian Rambo who had his/ her ? dick removed and a slit cut but now decides in the movie to have the willy reattached..Of course it goes without saying that if a white man were to be Shaft (the private dick) Antifa and Blm would probably reduce Hollywood to smouldering ashes.

    Otherwise, the movie does not make it past the Ju crowd in the studio !!

    Hence a gay Negro Morpheus who is all wise at least in the movies (mind you Lawrie Fushburne’s daughter Chippy D is a porn star) plus a dyke saving the world and spouting “deep” insights comes as no surprise to me.

    All this garbage is of course subject to analysis. I guess it is like CSI examining an intestinal loaf for evidence but where the movies are concerned shit is shit and no amount of examination and intellectual waxing is going to make it into a brick of gold !

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  88. Mehen says:

    You don’t know the worst of it until you’ve seen their “Sense8” 2-season show.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  89. Housewife says:

    The storyline suffered, but I think the ‘meta’ commentary was good.

    Takeaway for me was:

    You are being deceived, you can choose to “wake up” but you don’t have to. No hero is going to come stop this deception or save you, you have to do it yourself.

    Also the force deceiving you does not care about you at all. It will simply take you over and throw you out a window (MK Ultra) simply to complete a goal it has in mind. These programmed people are integrated into real life. The “handlers” appear as just normal people.

    The story did not add to the original at all, as they had previously stated they would not do another matrix. So I think this follows that stance. They said everything they wanted to, this is just another chance to repeat to the people to wake up.

    That being said, I don’t know how many people are going to reach that conclusion. I think most will just walk away disappointed with the movie.

  90. XBardon Kaldlan [AKA "Bardon Kaldlan"] says:

    I hate those stupid coats!

  91. Spring of 1999 is when the original Matrix came out and at the same time we got The Thirteenth Floor. It too is about life in a simulated world and it’s better than the Matrix. Not much action and no big name stars but it’s a very good movie.

  92. Johnno says:

    Big fan of the original film, and I even liked the sequels, despite their problems.

    I have very mixed feelings about Resurrections. There’s good and bad. Most of the bad is in the quality of the filmmaking and action which is a huge step back in many ways.

    The story is also obviously one that directly tells you they don’t know why they are making this or where they are going as the trilogy was pretty definitive. Larry seems to have given in to it mainly due to the death of his parents and said he saw Neo and Trinity as characters he loved that were somehow akin to the memories of his parents and therefore decided to “resurrect” them. His brother didn’t want to return as he saw it as admitting to having failed and needing to fall back to their old property and he has moved past that and moved on, much like his supposed decision to become ‘trans.’

    There were some subtle things in Resurrections that show that movie was not as “woke” as it could’ve been, despite the other two writers trying to play it up. One small detail is that when Neo is locked into a holding room in IO, there is a sign on the door saying “Quarantine” – due to deadly disease etc. So I took that as a nod towards the film’s distaste towards the government lockdowns.

    There are interesting conversations in the film to pay attention to that are very on the nose about the nature of sequels and studio suits and fanboys, but while all of that is interesting, it and the humor felt like a different film that doesn’t fit in with the Matrix franchise. Like as if this whole thing would’ve been better as if it were a meta-documentary rather than an actual follow-up to the movie. Some character developments towards the end like Trinity’s and Smith’s don’t make sense, and neither do other things having to do with Trinity.

    Overall, if you’re a fan of the original trilogy, it’s worth checking out, the film is certainly not boring, but as a whole will leave you feeling ambivalent, and that the humor and cheesiness of its ending don’t quite really gel with what came before.

  93. @Twin Ruler

    My understanding* is that the idea of calling pro-Republican voters and states red and calling pro-Democratic voters and states blue originated with Tim Russert (d. 2008), the jolly, overweight, family-friendly, yet beneath it all, hard-left NBC news reader from Buffalo.

    At root, the object of the enterprise was to minimize in the mind of the viewers the natural and perfectly correct association between the election process, on the one hand, and political parties and their self-centered and invariably profiteering concerns, on the other. Put otherwise, the goal was to make everyone running for office appear to be as free of a hidden agenda as, say, the Stars and Stripes. Indeed, using colors with strong American-flag associations would underline the patriotism and hence legitimacy of the parties (especially the Democrats, whom whites were increasingly getting wise to). Furthermore, making the Republicans red would reduce the likelihood that Americans with an IQ under 85—i.e., the TV watcher median (my undocumented guess)—might automatically associate Democrats with the (((Reds))) they far more nearly resembled.

    In other words, “Red State” is ironic only for those who have (1) something to think with and (2) the will and perseverance to use it. As a mathematician might say, this is a small set, and it seems to grow smaller every day.
    *By “my understanding,” I mean that while I have no firsthand evidence for my claims, my source is someone in whose testimony I have complete confidence, not least because, God forgive him, he favors the deception and works to advance it further.

    • Replies: @VivaLaMigra
  94. @Engels

    Americans on the right have a tendency to call whatever they don’t like “Marxism”.

    Fair point. Still, by my estimate they aren’t far off the mark at least half of the time, probably more. That’s far better than the PCR process’s accuracy regarding COVID positivity.

  95. @Rurik

    Considering our supposedly (((based))) owner of this website is a vaxer, Im pretty sure your hypothesis is correct, unfortunately. Hell, he cant even put Anglin on the front page anymore, obvious sign of caving in.

    But luckily, the Vax will kill the undeserving, so there is that.

  96. @Maddaugh

    Excellent synopsis again Maddaugh. A Great New Year to you and yours.

  97. @James J O'Meara

    Are we trapped in a matrix, is the world really a prison? In the Matrix movies you have to escape 2 different prisons, one is in your mind, you can do things not believed like jump between buildings and the other prison is that your physical body is trapped in a gel cell getting milked of energy to power the machine planet. Humans are ‘copper tops’, or batteries.

    What If The World is Actually a Prison? | The Philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer

    He says suffering is an inherent part of existence, but in his time he could not connect the dots and
    say why this is so. As far as we know, all life is caught up in the struggle for survival, we live in a universe of tooth and claw, predator and prey, and all of this struggle of flesh eating flesh is really an energy exchange. The Robin eats the worm to gain energy. The predator usually has a bigger brain so that it can catch and eat the prey. The lion has a bigger brain than the antelope, so as a general rule as you go up the food chain the greater the intelligence.

    You can also see this first hand within the human population the intellectual (or priest) can fool the masses with clever theories or theologies. In the landmark book ‘Caesar’s Messiah‘, the Flavians wrote the Gospels, keeping the slaves pacified while they sit on the throne eating the best food. Atwill specifically says that is why passages about the meek inheriting the earth or the story of the eye of the needle are in the Gospels, to make the meek and poor feel good while they are ruled over by the ultra wealthy. Even today religion enjoys a tax free status when governments are starved for revenue.

    Up and down the food chain it is the same, all are in struggle for energy, and this struggle causes our suffering. But what few dare to say is that at the top of the food chain sits God on his throne feeding on all. I know that is the ultimate heresy, but I say it is true because it is logical, god (or in the matrix the architect) is the ultimate parasite. The apologists counter, it’s the Archons or Reptilians which have us trapped, but God created them also, so if you are trapped in a hell matrix, it is always God who is ultimately responsible.

    Plain and simple God is making you suffer because you exist. Buddha first observation was all life was suffering. But Buddha didn’t connect the dots either, all life is suffering because it exists, which if you think about it is the greatest condemnation of Creation. The next life (if there is one) is only the promise that once again you will incarnate into a new body, tabula rasa, and have to start over and suffer a whole new life. What kind of existence is that? So the truth is obvious, it would be better if we did not exist at all, and the real heaven is simply never to exist, because if you don’t exist you don’t suffer, you can not suffer, you can never be speared, stabbed, burned at the stake, eaten alive, drowned, etc. etc. Heaven can only be one thing, non existence.

    Schoepenhauer’s ideas have a modern version, earth is a prison planet controlled by Reptilians or Greys. There are way to many good videos to post here, but check some out:

    But you can take these ideas a step further, not only is earth a prison planet run by extraterrestrials, the human body is a prison for the soul, and to keep you trapped on earth, soul traps capture and recycle your soul back into a new body. So reincarnation is real, but it is a bad thing as it keeps your soul trapped on earth, when for the soul the universe is it’s home. Our souls are (literally) trapped on earth for hundreds of lifetimes so say the Hindus.

    But there’s more. The ultimate hypothesis was outed in Lawrence Spencer’s blockbuster book ‘Alien Interview‘. Not only is earth a prison planet, not only is your soul trapped on earth, it’s even worse than you can imagine, earth is a dumping ground for unwanted souls across the galaxy. You can read it for free here:

    Lawrence Spencer | Alien Interview

    And you can not go to the moon or Mars because prison earth has soul traps set up to prevent us from leaving. Thus any astronaut who tries to leave the proximity of the earth may have his soul stripped from his body. This is another (never considered) argument (advanced only by me) that the moon landings are probably a hoax. You can not leave earth because there exists an electronic force screen that keeps your soul here.

    A corollary to this idea is that it is not possible to save souls like so many believe. Salvation theologies are only pacification devices to sooth the souls which are trapped in a real matrix on earth. Religions offer hope to a population of humans which desperately need hope, hope is the cope dope while you tread water in hell. And if you can’t stomach religion, well there is plenty of dope to get you out of your mind an alleviate suffering at least while you are high.

    I am sure these ideas are way too ‘far out’ for most readers but I offer them here only to make sense why humans are so enthralled with the Matrix movies. Movies speak to other levels of self, and at some deep subconscious level we know things are wrong but can not put our finger on it, and we know we are trapped so we surrender to the green pastures of mythos and try not to think, just believe in a heavenly afterlife while we slave away in hell.

    • Thanks: Mehen
    • Replies: @Rex.Reptilius
  98. Publius 2 says:

    Everyone knows it’s the Jews.

  99. @Rurik

    “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. ”

    Woodrow Wilson

    This Wilson guy knows too much, and he talks … we’ll have to cancel him … we’ll tell people he was a racist!

    Seriously, there is probably enough half-forgotten material on Woodrow Wilson to fill an article of American Pravda.

  100. Rahan says:

    You don’t know the worst of it until you’ve seen their “Sense8” 2-season show.

    *Checks it out*
    Christ. Thanks, I guess.

  101. Dumbo says:
    @Priss Factor

    We all live in a simulation in the sense that all you see in the media from news to entertainment is mostly simulation. This will only increase with technologies such as deep fake, VR, etc. Nothing you will see on TV will be really real.

    And people will live mostly in a sort of video game, with fake environments and avatars and so on, but it will not be mistaken for “reality”, it will just replace it in many ways. Lots of people already live in a fantasy world. In Japan most young men have anime girlfriends, and women live immersed in their own fantasy lives with soap operas or romance novels.

    But the idea that the whole universe is a “simulation” is kind of silly. If everything is a simulation, then the simulation is real. We might as well be just a dream in the mind of God, but then dreams are all that exists.

    But in a sense, perhaps Earthly life is a “simulation” of sorts, and we go somewhere else after we die. At least, that’s the hope.

    Happy New Year to all.

  102. The article suffers from a gross misunderstanding: the Wachovskis did not write the script for The Matrix, but rather stole it from Tom Althouse of Warrington, PA, whose Library of Congress original script (completed in 1993) I have personally witnessed in his hands. The original lawsuit didn’t recognize the >190 direct quotes from or the plot of Tom’s script, called The Immortals. Back in the day, anonymous writers were paid to change up details here and there for the original film and its remakes. But those writers made sure that Tom and his family members would appear in various ways in the film, as Tom has shown in many interviews, and the exact quotes persist. As a result of his lawsuit against Warner and the Wachovskis, Tom has been a targeted individual (TI). I’ve witnessed that targeting over the decades, involving the murder of his two eldest sons and far more.

    Please understand the vast corruption and power of that closed, and primarily Jewish, group called “Hollywood”. In the 1990s, Hollywood simply stole scripts and script ideas from the many authors who submitted anything, regardless of copyrights. The producers would hire writers to mangle details here and there in the script, presuming the true author could never succeed in litigating against their powerful attorneys in the 9th Circuit. After all, they had plenty of tricks up their sleeves so as to corrupt any lawyer litigating on behalf of a true script author. I’ve known three authors of very successful scripts who had those scripts stolen, only one of whom was able, against those industry lawyers, to win a lawsuit. That victory pertained to Shakespeare in Love, the rename for the much better, truly excellent, script by Jewish writer Don Miller of Acton, MA, who, as part of his settlement, was placed under gag order and cannot speak publicly about the matter. The other stolen script whose author I’ve met was renamed Saving Private Ryan. Just about anything you’ve ever seen from out of Hollywood was stolen in part or in whole from true authors.

    Back to The Matrix, then: the original cannot be understood by presuming the Wachovskis’ authorship! They couldn’t explain the original plot, when asked publicly, and didn’t even write the sequels! Their participation, apart from possibly influencing casting, was limited to reeling in the more than half-trillion dollars for the original, the scripts and their offshoots in videogames and such.

    Trevor, do your homework and then come back to understand this matter accurately. Take a look at the Library of Congress original and listen to true author Tom Althouse before you write again. See in particular “Matchups” on his teenage son’s site, .

  103. in short, i am at a loss as to why either of the principle actors signed on

    save this one clear message

    if a guy can fly so can gal

    he can’t do i without her

    got it

    ignoring that the film upends the foundations of the first in almost every way

  104. @PJ London

    J. Edgar Hoover is probably not the most credible and praiseworthy candidate for quotations that would inspire truth tellers wishing to liberate the enslaved ,white masses toiling away in a Jewish police state while being continuously vituperated, debased and exploited by their parasitic overlords. While Hoover used the illegal police state methods that he employed against far left political groups and individuals, he would have displayed the same alacrity deploying COINTELPRO tactics against white nationalists today , as the organization that he once commanded, the FBI, under the Jew Merrick Garland’s Justice (sic, gag, cough) Department has quite overtly declared war on patriotic white Americans. The police exist to protect and serve the politicians. They may be in agreement tacitly with your political positions, but they always work for the people who sign their paychecks; they are the epitome of shameless, amoral prostitutes. The Trump supporters who rioted at the Capitol on January 6th last year have had the last twelve months being incarcerated in filthy, brutal and dehumanizing conditions to consider that fact.
    Read the article Criminals with Badges by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    Join the American Freedom Party

  105. @Francis Miville

    Go see a psychiatrist.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  106. AReply says:

    Just keep in mind that ‘red-pilling’ originates with a scenario written by a couple of Jewish Hollywood trannies about a pasty, dweeby incel surrounded by Japanese conside consumer electronics kit, stuck in a dead-end job working for The White Man who gets a Sprint call from a pimping and pushing ghetto nigger in BDSM leathers driving a JFK Presidential Lincoln Continental.

    I think it speaks truly to the reactionary politics of the American Right that this scenario is considered their generational baseline for its political revolution. Lol!

    Meanwhile the GOP is running literally Hitlerian campaigns of insurrection and agitprop while behind the scenes gerrymandering the fuck out of the country to hold on to power.

    …Mr. Lynch, sir. I took me a red pill! Did you take your pill? Are we’re awake now? We are?! Ok, right on. By the way about your name… I feel a pain in me gulliver…

    — Plus, why did Larry Wachowski become ‘Lana’, not ‘Lara’? This deserves more study.

  107. @Yukon Jack

    See also David Icke’s studies on the false reality & the Matrix as explained by him. Dot Connector!

  108. @VeryVeritas

    They tried to steal MEGA Data from Kim Dotcom.

    He wouldn’t budge, so they raided his home in New Zealand on a foreign-issued FBI warrant, and charged him as a criminal when in fact this is only a civil suit filed in California.

    Hellywood wanted the streaming service that Dotcom and three others engineered, using intimidation tactics, threats of criminal charges, etc.

    MEGA was only a vehicle that others were using for copyright violations, unknown to Dotcom at the time. Here’s a ‘for instance’

    1. Your neighbor come to you, asking to borrow your car to take their parent to the Urgent Care doctors, because their car won’t start.

    2. You give them the keys in good faith, and off they go.

    3. You get a call from the police stating that they have seized your car, and that it will be forfeited due to the party driving the same was caught transporting illegal drugs, and that you will be charged as an accomplice!

    The same analogy applies to Kim Dotcom’s MEGA. He had no control over what others were using the MEGA Streaming Service for, including third parties copying and streaming material over the MEGA Streaming Network.

    Rest assured that despite the many extradition requests to have the MEGA Party removed from New Zealand and taken to the U.S.for criminal prosecutions over a corporate civil case, this will not happen due to the torturous conditions they would have to face, AS NOW PROVEN BY THE CO-OP TORTURE OF JULIAN ASSANGE!!!!

    Ed Snowden by now would have been executed due to the pressure applied by the Khazarian Zionist mafia that runs D.C. and the rest of the world for exposing their secrets!

    Speaking of stealing ideas, texts, copyrights, Library of Congress documents, isn’t it just parallel but not unexpected that [email protected] Z#cker$berg just happened to change the name of Facebook to MEGA after an expose’ to avoid lawsuits. I wonder if Kim Dotcom will sue for stealing the name ‘MEGA’ that he first came up with describing an uninterrupted expanded streaming service.

  109. @Yukon Jack

    David Icke and Alex Jones have compared notes and interviews, and what you say is 100% on!! This is backed-up and verified separately by Anthropologist Robert Sepehr.

    Archons, Thetans, Jinn, Demons, Dark Angels,Angels of Light, etc. are all inter-dimensional, and outside the realm of the small, slight sliver of sound, light and EMF wavelengths that we exists in. Occasionally one may see a Spectre due to a wave-length aberration, but that designation was also stolen for the 007 movies.

    Then, there is the highly-radioactive Van Allen Belt that spacecraft would have to pass thru. This is why the Russians never went to the moon…

    I dropped-out of the RRR (Reptilian Regulated Religion), and do self-studies of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddism, Shintoism, and the Mystery Religions. ALL follow a similar path that leads to crowd control in part, while camouflaging the real challenges that we face.

    See Robert Sepehr’s expose’s on YouTube…

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  110. @Rurik

    I wouldn’t say that those who “know” of the evil that is so pervasive amongst us are necessarily keeping themselves blue pulled and willfully ignorant. I myself, and others, know full well and are simply going about the business of living while breath is still within us with an eye open to the dangers and how best to navigate the tides. Up…down… we have been cast upon this ocean of chaos and are paddling as hard as we can for safe harbors

  111. @Rex.Reptilius

    This is why the Russians never went to the moon…

    Have to hand it to the Russians. They are at least more practical. They may play along with the game but they certainly don’t waste as much time on it.

  112. Pericles says:
    @Priss Factor

    If this is all a simulation, then why not make all of us billionaires? Everyone would be happy, and it wouldn’t cost anything since it’s all fake anyway.

    It’s explained in movie 2 that they have already tried that but it failed miserably. “Entire crops were lost,” if memory serves.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  113. @Pericles

    But if ‘reality’ is all just a simulation, then crops would be just an illusion, so why would it matter?

    • Replies: @silviosilver
    , @Pericles
  114. @Rurik

    If you asked people if they wanted to take the red pill vis-a-vis their respective religions, how many would risk it, knowing that the possibility exists that they might have been/be wrong?

    Religions are like those stories that little kids can enjoy one one level while adults can have a chuckle at the subtle the adult humor. No thinking person believes there is literally a guy on a throne in the sky, but the symbol of a Creator is a powerful one. It serves to remind us that there is a power beyond our own, that we are not the pinnacle of creation. And the Judeo-Christian tradition recognizes that humans are unique in being at once creature and creator (Note the lowercase “c”). So a religion cannot be “wrong” any more than a poem can be wrong, or one of Aesop’s fables. To decide to believe nothing or anyone is logically equivalent to believing everything and everyone. Every religion encourages us to use our reason and to seek wisdom.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  115. Red Pill for red states, Blue Pill for blue states?

  116. Bert33 says:

    If you want to escape the matrix, unplug. Shut it all off, smartphone included, for several months and sober up. Hollywood has been messing with our heads for years, as has the video game industry, as has the larger internet. Get free of all of it, don’t get sucked back in. No holes.

  117. A dork’s favorite movies of 2021.

  118. @Priss Factor

    It’s the kind of question you’d put to God: if you’re so powerful and so loving, why is it you force your creations to suffer as much as they do? Religious people have all sorts of excuses (“explanations”) for why it’s necessary that we suffer as much as we do (suffer this much, and not a mite less), but if you keep probing they all come down to some version of the “unknowable ways of God” justification.

    Okay, maybe that gets God off the hook, but human beings supposedly designed the simulation, so the “unknowable ways” excuse won’t fly. If we can give people anything, then why not give them what they want? In fact, why not let each man include whatever ingredients he wants in his simulation, and in that way avoid the clash of opinions that otherwise necessarily occurs?

  119. Pericles says:
    @Priss Factor

    I think their premise is that there are humans (“the crops”) at the bottom, being subjected to the simulation. These turn out to need to struggle rather than live the good life, leading to the collapse of utopia.

    (So why not just select for their crops the sort of people who are content with living a nice but boring simulated life? All the machines would have needed to get this was some basic population genetics on the level of the Amish to repeatedly send away the malcontents that spring up while breeding the docile ones. Then again, I don’t think these movies were intended to stand this sort of scrutiny.)

  120. @VeryVeritas

    It seems everyone rich and successful has robbed someone along the way.

  121. @Albert Ellis and Robert A. Harper

    What an original analysis! Who’d ‘a’ thunk it? Galatians is on the ropes, and Corinthians is down for the count.

    Did just the two of you work this up, I wonder? Or did Wikicliché lend a hand here and there?

  122. Dumbo says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    He’s right, though. Are you Jewish?

    • Replies: @Triteleia Laxa
  123. Dumbo says:
    @Francis Miville

    I’ve seen only the first one and remember little, but it make sense to suppose that the red and the blue pill are *both* the gateway to mere illusions. You’re not waking up with the red one, you’re just in a different dream where you think you’re a hero. No pill “takes us back to reality”, for that you need to stop taking drugs. (and stop watching Hollywood movies, I suppose).

  124. The Matrix is (was) really a story about much deeper deception than mass control through mass media. The clues are all in the names.
    There is Zion, but there is no Jerusalem. So this is not a story about Jewish power (lack of other Jewish symbols too).
    On the other hand, there is Osiris, Nebuchadnezzar, and Logos (names of zionist ships).
    There is a guy with an antique name of Merovingian, who once was someone, it is imputed. Ask: why such a strange yet historical name?

    Neo (like in Neo Genesis Evangelion, Genesis is a hint here.) is a Messiah, dying god/superhuman, a failed Messiah gulping blue pills, depending on a movie.

    In the first sequel, the Architect says 5 or 6 Zions had been already and they all were destroyed. A hint: well, translate it through Inca myth of worlds-suns.

  125. @Dumbo

    No, I am not someone for you to project your faulty and unloved ability to think flexibly onto.

  126. Irish says:

    This movie is atrocious. Save your money. Go back and watch Matrix.

  127. This movie is useful to the establishment and none other. The poster alone tells you who the outgroup is. We have a mischling, a white woman, and people of color up front. No white males. If they show up later they are bumbling types who need guidance from a Big Negro, sent out by the wise men in the megalopolis, or a dikey white woman.

    Further analysis a waste of a white man’s time—which the Establishment loves.

  128. Nauta says:

    At the end of the 2nd and also the 3rd Matrix movies, Neo learned that he was able to use his power also outside the Matrix. This is an interesting development I really wanted to see picked up in the 4th. ….someone harnessing, concentrating then directing their own energy instead of being farmed for it. Oh well. Someone earlier here commented that the 4th otherwise is the elevation of the female into the same level as Neo once was. Astute observation. Neitzsche said the same exploring the origins and development of his ubermensch… cannot have a ying without its equal yang. It was nice, however anticlimactic, to see them flying around together at the end.

  129. raga10 says:

    It was nice, however anticlimactic, to see them flying around together at the end.

    I didn’t think it was nice at all; actually it peeved me off greatly. Neo was supposed to be The One and the whole point of being The One is that, you know, there is only one of you. Yet now it seems Trinity acquired the same powers if not greater, because didn’t Neo seem to have some trouble flying just before?
    And that is just such a woke thing to do; of course, woman cannot possibly be in any way less powerful than a male character…

    That’s the same sort of thing that annoyed me about the last Mad Max – Furiosa might be a great character but this is MAD MAX; he is supposed to be the focus, not a footnote in his own movie.

    And no, I’m not anti-women heroes as such: my favourite show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    • Replies: @Pericles
    , @Nauta
  130. Pericles says:

    He’s the One and she’s the Better One.

    • Replies: @Trevor Lynch
  131. @Pericles

    He’s been One-Upped by the girl. Surely feminism will triumph in the real world soon. We’re perhaps only one badass movie girl away.

    • Replies: @Al Ross
  132. Nauta says:

    I get your point. Then one can consider the 4th one as a matrix spin off: “The awakening of Trin”

    Interestingly, her name was Tiffany in the movie. The etymology, according to a quick search, is epiphany in Latin from the Greek theophania, translated as the manifestation or appearance of god. Another is god incarnate. Funny though that she wasn’t very aware of that or happy with her condition in the movie….even though having a seemingly desirable life per today’s standards. She has a family, she is successful in a usually male dominated field (motorcycles), she seems to be able to afford an affluent-ish lifestyle. But still missing something as we find out. That something is to discover or rediscover her other name, Trinity, just as Mr. Anderson discovered or rediscovered his other name, Neo.

    Together, now unified, they should have another name to signify that union which is the completion and balance of the ying and Yang I mentioned in my previous post. The Analyst was only able to farm it for energy very precariously…not too far and not too close together….and wasn’t able to harness their true potentials. They themselves are able to turn the energy they generate into numerous manifestations including flying around or whatnot. Alas this is still in the matrix however.

    Her awakening comes with some issues. One of which is that she left her family whose members presumably are not happy with their abandonment. Another one is what comes now? Now that she has the same powers, how will she deal with that responsibility? How will she prioritize her life now? What is the world she wants to manifest? How inclusive/exclusive will she be? At the end of the movie her relationship is still brand new, but how will she solve the issues that surface as that matures?

    I don’t envy feminist thinkers who are grappling with such complex issues. Having Trinity awake now is a welcome addition to the franchise. Let’s see what happens next.

    • Replies: @raga10
  133. raga10 says:

    Let’s see what happens next.

    Do you think anything will happen? It seems there is little appetite at the moment on anybody’s part to continue this series. Of course, we thought the same after the third one. The industry being what it is rarely rests before squeezing every last drop out of every franchise so possibly Matrix will continue, even without Reeves and Moss who, frankly, already looked like they’re too old for this shit…

  134. The calls for “wake up” or take the red pill, can only be done by God, John 1:13. The rest are not just asleep, but spiritually dead. The truth is nonsense to the spiritually dead. The machines could represent the satanists, and those who took the red pill could be the few real Christians. All the non Christians and satanists will be destroyed in the Lake of Fire on Judgment Day. So, the movies only slightly get a few things right, most of it is Godless garbage like most Hollywood movies.

  135. Wokechoke says:
    @Thor Walhovd

    It’s a portrayal of America. The truly materialistic culture would create something vastly more beautiful. America isn’t materialistic. Indeed America punishes itself with ugly metropolitan cities full of decay and rot. Alan Watts made that point. The average Asian city just below the level of Tokyo or Beijing or Singapore likes things to be beautiful if possible. Core cities in Europe try to be pretty enough. Zion looks like the inner city ghetto and parts of the virtual world in the film are only a little bit better than that nightmare. a truly nice world was rejected by the scum who flushed out of the pods. America is a sort of virtuous Zion.

  136. Al Ross says:
    @Trevor Lynch

    Badass is a Chosenite desideratum.

    The infertile soil of modern pornography’s spermatic destination.

  137. WAKANDA, the Matrix fantasy for blacks.

  138. I have finally seen the movie, as a lonely visitor to the cinema, despite (or maybe ‘because’) just 3 ‘green’ rows for the unvaccinated. It was interesting to see, too, that the vaccinated rows were designated as ‘red’ ones.

    The movie has far exceeded my diminished expectations. In fact, it was almost as good as Dune, which is called by some (justly, I think) an ‘extended trailer’ now. Montage and colour are two pluses of Matrix 4 which Dune does not have. Both movies got 6,5 from me.

    The biggest problem is with Matrix 4 story which is understandable only on an esoteric level.
    This is a story about the end of messianic age and its immediate thereafter, fight with God/Demiurge/Analyst (the best character overall in the movie, the worst – new Morpheus) and its grand finale, which no one apparently did notice, namely, CLEARING THE SKIES FOR THE FIRST TIME since the war had started once upon a time. The rainbow on the cleared skies is a reference to Noah covenant with God, not LGBT, even though this time there will be no deal, as the Great Mother Trinity says. That means – no Matrix at all anymore. However, I think this victory was strongly overplayed, especially since the Analytic seemed to be much more present a demiurge than the Architect of the past.

    Neo has been a Messiah who brought about peace which, as we learn from the disappointed Merovingian, resulted in Facebook. Traumatized Niobe (remember gods killed almost all her children, even if merely on Facebook) plays a Persephone in her underground garden in the new base of the pure ones, Io.
    Surrounded by machines shaped perhaps in ancient Egypt, Horus-like Kujaku, snake-like Lumen8, and bee-like Cybebe, a clear weil of Kybele, the dark goddess of Asia Minor (another friendly sentinel, Octacles, rhymes with Heracles, perhaps not by accident), Neo enters the quest of awakening and saving Trinity, the true goddess here, and as such, of higher status than a human after all Neo. It will be she who will fly, not him, at the end. It is she who get resurrected, not Neo really. Matriarchy is power, NOT patriarchy, in other words.

    The end is grandiose – not just Neo’s ‘peace for our time’ as before, but a new world, only for Trinity’s people….

    The worst character – Morpheus, now neither really human nor machine. Ridiculous too. Worse than puffy Duncan Idaho or the black Imperial Ecologist in Dune, which points to the problem with Matrix 4 by this juxtaposition – this is a movie of extremes (which Dune is not).

  139. The very incredible ending of the total victory over Matrix was perhaps my biggest problem with The Matrix Resurrections.

  140. joelc says:

    If you liked The Matrix, you probably want to familiarize yourself with Jean Baudrillard philosophy, which was the basis for the whole thing.

    His concept was hyperreality. In that, he could claim something like “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place”. That is a title of a book he wrote. What he meant simply is that this, that is all just something on the television.

    A very fascinating concept really for our era where we are shaped so much by what we see and hear remotely so much more than what we see and hear through an actual interraction with the object. So what is real when most of what we experience is never infront of us?

    Also, I mean, Facebook went all Matrix recently, becoming Meta. This the brave new world they’ve got planned, because they got to keep us busy once the machines do all the labor for free.

  141. The Matrix sucked donkey balls. The sequel sucked ’em when they were infected. The entire premise of using human bodies as a net energy source was preposterous on its face. Springing from that, we had human beings existing in “reality” who could literally dodge bullets. Whenever the story Jumped the Shark, there’d be another “twist” claiming that what you saw that we told you was real wasn’t really real after all. It got pretty fuckin’ tedious.

  142. @Pierre de Craon

    I’ve seen video footage of the network’s coverage of the 1984 elections where the color codes of the two parties were Red for Dem’s and Blue for the GOP. It’s not a conspiracy theory to suggest that they were changed precisely because the Democratic Party was thus associated with Commie Pinko’s.

  143. @Rurik

    About religious observation, which is true, it also includes atheism.How many atheists would like to know that they are wrong and they have to live their lives according the rules of the Bible/Qur’an/etc.? I say that the number is not despicable.

    How many of the dissident right would like to know that their failings on life are their responsibility and the fall of Western civilization is due to White people instead of the tribe, if this is true?

    If I can give a personal opinion, as a Christian who was an atheist for decades, I would prefer to know if Christianity is false, if this was so. I don’t want to waste my life on lies.

  144. SteveK9 says:
    @Priss Factor

    But they made ‘V for Vendetta’, which is a great film in my opinion, much better than any of the Matrix movies.

    This speech:

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