Readers who think this book is already shockingly politically incorrect should buckle up their seat belts as it is about to become even more so. From the information and conclusions presented so far in this book, the reader may make his own inferences as to the direction in which Homo sapiens sapiens, as a successful species, should proceed in order to continue to be a successful species, and perhaps become an even more successful species. What follows is the author’s opinions on this subject.
    Since the Asians have wisely limited immigration into their homelands by other races and their interbreeding with them, while Caucasians have foolishly done the opposite, Asians do not face the problems that are becoming more and more apparent in Caucasian homelands. For that reason, this discussion of policy is primarily directed at Caucasians in the West.
    One of the conclusions put forth so far in this book is expressed in its title, that primitive man still lives, not just on some isolated islands in the Pacific, but right in your town or even your neighborhood. Africans and part-Africans live throughout the Caucasian homelands. They are not just like everyone else. They have ape-like features and behavior, not by accident, but because, although everyone evolved from an ape ancestor, they did not evolve quite so far. Unlike the Eurasians, they still have strong erectine physical and behavioral traits. And, as their alleles spread by miscegenation, the civilized Western world will become more erectine and less sapiens.
    Given the preceding sections of this book, what policies should be adopted? There are three possibilities: (1) Adopt policies that encourage the spread of Homo erectus alleles, (2) Adopt policies that limit the spread of Homo erectus alleles, or (3) Adopt no policies and let nature take its course. Because the Homo erectus that walks amongst us is genetically more “r” orientated than Caucasians (Chapter 11), and Caucasians will not let them starve, adopting no policy is akin to encouraging the spread of their alleles with the likely outcome of a behavior and an average IQ too low to support an advanced civilization. Adopting policies that encourage the spread of their alleles will, of course, bring about that result even sooner and amounts to not only racial suicide, but also the end of modern civilization, at least in the West.

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