Chapter 37 - Which Way Western Man?
Civilizations die from suicide, not murder."
Arnold Toynbee

    When the environment changes, behavior that was so adaptive that it made a population supreme may be so maladaptive that it leads them towards extinction. Such is the case with whites, whose intra-group cooperation and altruism took them to the top, but now that they are no longer isolated from other races, their altruism is their Achilles' heel, leaving them a mere resource to be used by others. Yet changing their innate, now maladaptive, behavior may be more difficult for them than watching their race disappear forever. To paraphrase Woody Allen’s dark humor:

    The decline of the West has been lamented, 1 but warnings go unheeded and we continue to decline; indeed, our decline is accelerating. All the signs of a catastrophic collapse are there, and getting worse all the time – financing current consumption by massive foreign debt, lowering the national average IQ by subsidizing the reproduction of the less intelligent and permitting them to enter the country (La Griffe du Lion, 2005), and wasting thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars on counterproductive military adventures. Struggle and suffering can make a people great, but once they have achieved greatness they flee the caldron that made them so, lose their edge, indulge in hedonism and baseness, and are no longer the equal of those who begot them.
    Today, white men in the military fight all over the world, but they do not fight for the one thing that is most important to the survival of their kind – who impregnates their women. 2 They not only condone the impregnation of white women by other races, 3 they not only facilitate it, they actually celebrate it! Unless they throw off the shackles of egalitarianism and fulfill their biological destiny, there will soon be no more white babies and no more whites.
    Almost nothing is as maladaptive for whites as admitting non-white immigrants and refugees into white homelands (Salter, 2002a), yet every year white elites in churches and governments bring in tens of thousands of non-whites. Our territory is lost and our gene pool is desecrated, a slow genocide of the white race, all so the white elites can gloat in their supposed moral superiority.
    The closer the West moves towards the precipice, 4 the more difficult it becomes to reverse directions and save it. (Stang, A., "A Warning for America from South Africa," Nov. 6, 2008). The West is nominally democratic, and the best survival strategy in a democracy is to form an interest group and vote yourself somebody else’s money. There are dozens of coalitions of like-benefiting people – seniors for old-age benefits, blacks for affirmative action and welfare, Jews for foreign aid and military support for Israel, trial lawyers for laws that benefit plaintiffs, farmers for agricultural subsidies, manufacturers for tariffs on imports, and so on, with the government taking a “handling fee,” which can amount to as much as 90% of the money transferred. Each coalition is a small minority, but few politicians can afford to lose their votes or campaign contributions, so the coalitions and their power increases. Everyone ends up putting the interest of his own group first, until the system collapses. 5 Since no coalitions are permitted to represent the interests of the whites who made the West – that would be racism – the only solution is to reduce the power of government so that it can no longer take from one person and give to another, but that is unlikely to happen. 6
    Because whites are genetically programmed to be altruistic, it is difficult for them to resist financing their own extinction. 7 Every year billions of dollars are transferred from whites to blacks, 8 subsidizing blacks and their children while whites forego, postpone, or limit childbearing because of the expense. These transfers consist not only of government welfare payments, housing subsidies, food stamps, Medicaid, aid to schools and black organizations, but international aid to Africa. In addition, individual whites make huge transfers of funds to blacks in the form of donations to black organizations and scholarships, 9 and white businesses lose money complying with affirmative action laws 10 and paying out damages for discrimination. 11 A hidden cost, which extends indefinitely into the future, is the lost opportunities that whites would have had to survive and propagate, had they helped themselves and had not aided the survival and propagation of other races, all due to egalitarianism, the greatest triumph of ideology over adaptation in man’s entire lineage. 12
    A conquering tribe claims the territory, resources, and women 13 of the conquered. The massive amount of wealth transferred from whites to blacks, the ubiquitous white women with mulatto children, 14 and the tens of millions of Mexicans claiming most of the western states as their own, are the proof that whites are the vanquished. There is no doubt that whites, in their own homelands, could not be vanquished by other races, if they only believed in their own right to exist and had the will to resist. It is their own conscience, their own decency, that has brought them down. What better way is there to destroy an enemy with a conscience than to convince him that he is the cause of the misery of others and therefore should not survive? 15 Whites have been convinced that they are evil – responsible for the poverty and suffering of others, the destruction of the environment, and the carnage of wars. Even the crimes that other races commit against whites are blamed on whites – those crimes are excused as justifiable reactions to the racism of whites. An unexpressed, but critical, thought in the mind of a white about a non-white is a thought crime – proof that whites oppress other races. Both mentally and physically, whites have been demonized, demoralized, and disarmed by the relentless self-serving anger of non-whites and their fifth column allies, white egalitarians. Since non-whites gain from the defeat of the whites, there is no one who can or will save whites but themselves.
    Are there populations living today that, unlike most whites, try to preserve themselves? Yes, there are. In fact, every other population on the planet believes in its own goodness and tries to preserve itself, but the population that has done so most effectively is, perhaps surprisingly, the European Jews. They strongly discourage marriage to non-Jews, nor do they proselytize to bring non-Jews into their genetic fold. They have strong in-group amity and out-group enmity, a dual morality that is supported and justified by their religious rules, the Talmud, 16 and they support policies for white countries (multiculturalism, open immigration, miscegenation, 17 civil rights) that weaken and divide their out-group, the non-Jews. 18 19 They encourage their daughters to marry the most intelligent Jews and have many children, thereby raising their average IQ to the highest of any population. 20 They have many cultural practices that increase group coherence, including their own religion, language, holidays, rituals, and even humor. They have their own clubs and organizations, even one for keeping Jewish criminals out of jail (the “Alternative Sentencing Proposals” of the ALEPH Institute). Were whites to emulate the European Jews, they would be unstoppable.
    Neuroses, according to Karen Horney, (1945) are caused by unconscious conflicts. By cowering before the Equality Police, whites have internalized a conflict between their innate, now-subconscious ethnocentrism and their conscious thinking processes, which warn them that any expression of their ethnocentrism is dangerous. Thus, they act according to their ethnocentrism by avoiding other races, then use their conscious thinking to rationalize their choices, i.e., they are hypocrites. 21 This is, of course, unhealthy, as a person who has internal conflicts cannot function as well as a person who is of one mind. 22
    There is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the conflict will end when reality so blatantly conflicts with conscious thinking that the conflict can no longer be rationalized. At that time whites will have an epiphany and, in an exuberant feeling of joy and freedom, they will throw off their false view of reality and openly embrace their ethnocentrism. The epiphany will begin not with a few demoralized race realists on the fringes, who already know the score, but with a well-respected and loved leader who will stand up and say the obvious. There will be dead silence as whites wait for the Equality Police to push him down the memory hole. 23 When that does not happen, other whites will quickly agree with him because they have been waiting all their lives for a savior. The bad news is that whites may have to suffer considerably more before this happens.
    In the meantime, a little push here, a bit of a nudge there, can only bring that day closer. David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary in Great Britain, now admits that multiculturalism is not working. 24 Perhaps a prominent person in the US could do the same? (e.g., Putnam, 2007). A few college debates on the benefits of diversity, or the lack thereof, would be refreshing. How about a study showing that white mothers of mulatto children feel alienated from their children? 25 Or a bold statement by the CEO of a large company that a decline in IQ is occurring and that it is not in the national interest? A moratorium on immigration, including refugees, would probably be too much to hope for, but you never know. Or how about “Proud and confident explicit assertions of ethnic identity and interests among white people, and the creation of communities where such explicit assertions are considered normal and natural rather than a reason for ostracism.” (MacDonald, 2006).
    In the final analysis, the most valuable possession whites have is their genome. They can lose territory and wealth but, if their genome is intact, they can survive and recover all that they have lost. 26 In today’s times, however, it is racist and immoral for whites to love and cherish their own racial uniqueness. So on to the precipice we go. It won’t be a pleasant descent, but the wise and well-prepared will perhaps survive and, after much suffering, will rise again.
    I leave the reader with one last question to ponder: Suppose, hypothetically, of course, that the information presented in this book is mostly correct, despite being extremely politically incorrect, what action, if any, would he take?


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2.  The use of the word “their” is deliberate. Feminism teaches that women (and, presumably, men) are autonomous beings who do not belong to anyone. Like all ideologies, that is a position created by humans; it is not a fact that was discovered to be true in nature. Biology matches up those males and females who are likely to have the greatest reproductive success. That is what gives white males a claim to white females and vice versa. Feminism, like anti-racism, is unnatural and maladaptive. Back

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6.  There are two political parties that oppose the vast power of government, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party, but so far neither has had much success. However, “It is a well-established finding that the more ethnically mixed a population becomes, the greater is its resistance to redistributive policies.” (McDonald, 2006). Back

7. Without the altruism of whites, providing them with the benefits of white civilization, Africans would have gone extinct long ago. Back

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9. Poor, mostly black students receive 20% of the tuition collected at major colleges. (Goldin, 1995). Bill and Melinda Gates, both of whom are white, have set aside $1,000,000,000.00 ($1 billion) through their foundation for scholarships for “minorities,” and many other well-off white people have created similar scholarship funds with lesser amounts. Three-fourths of Federal education money goes to the handicapped and “disadvantaged,” i.e., mostly blacks, and 0.02% goes to gifted and talented programs, i.e., mostly whites. (Rubenstein, 2007). Thus, the educatable are not educated because they are white, while a fruitless attempt is made to educate the uneducatable because they are black. Back

10.  (Brimelow, 1993) estimates the cost of Affirmative Action to the U.S. economy at "well over $225 billion" per year, but a follow up study (Rubenstein, 2008) "puts the annual waste at over $1.1 trillion dollars" per year. (Also see Stein, 2006; Brimelow, P., “Invisible Victims: White Males and the Crisis of Affirmative Action Revisited,”, Oct. 15, 2007). The 2008 credit crisis has also been blamed on Affirmation Action as banks for pressured to make loans to minorities who were not credit-worthy. (Liebowitz, S., "House of Cards: Liberals Fueled Wall St. Woes," New York Post, Sept. 24, 2008). Out-sourcing is another consequence of Affirmative Action as companies send jobs overseas to avoid having to hire incompetent blacks. Strangely, in countries where whites are not the majority, such as South Africa and Malaysia, the Affirmative Action laws favor the non-whites who enact them - to the detriment of other non-whites; it is only in countries run by whites that Affirmative Action laws penalize those who pass the laws. Back

11. In 1996, blacks extorted $176 million from Texaco because an executive allegedly used the word “nigger” in a conversation with other executives; an analysis of the tape showed that he did not. (“Texaco Independent Investigator’s Report,” Court TV Online, Legal Documents, Nov. 11, 1996). Back

12. “According to Espenshade’s regression analysis of data from a dozen selective colleges, on a 1600-point SAT scale, being black and Hispanic adds up to an advantage of 230 and 185 extra SAT points respectively.” (Dalmia, S., "Legacies of injustice: alumni preferences threaten educational equity--and no one seems to care," Reason magazine, Feb. 1, 2008, p. 36). This is another cost that whites impose on themselves. Back

13. “In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.” (Auster, L., "The truth of interracial rape in the United States," View from the Right, April 27, 2007, based on Department of Justice, Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005). "Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man's law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women." (Eldridge Cleaver, Soul on Ice, McGraw-Hill, 1968, p. 14). Back

14.  Black men have “a strong preference for meeting either white or Asian women.” (Fisman, 2008). Back

15. Mahatma Gandhi’s passive resistance defeated the British in India only because the British had a conscience. Back

16. It is illegal in Israel, the only western nation with laws against miscegenation, i.e., the Jews in Israel enact the same laws that the Jews in the United States did their best to abolish. (Gitlin, 2004). For 2000 years, only 1 in 200 matings within Jewish communities were with non-Jews. (Hammer, 2000). Back

17. “When a Jew murders a gentile (Cuthean), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.” (Talmud, Sanhedrin 57a). Back

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19. Living in an ethnically diverse environment causes people to mistrust everyone, withdraw from friends, and stay home. “In colloquial language, people living in ethnically diverse settings appear to ‘hunker down’—that is, to pull in like a turtle.” (Putnam, 2007). “It is well recognized in the social sciences that ties, notably between kith, kin and co-ethnics, increase trust and trustworthiness, and thus mitigate breach of agreement.” (Salter, 2002b). Back

20. Yet even very intelligent people can embrace policies that damage their interests. The Jews support multiculturalism and open immigration as they fear living with a racially unified non-Jewish majority, but now anti-Jewish Muslims are flooding into Europe and other countries. The Chinese had a one-child policy to control an exploding population, but soon will have a million men without wives (though this could be eugenic as it is mostly the uneducated men who cannot find wives). (BBC News, Jan. 12, 2007). And the egalitarian policies enacted by whites (e.g., Civil Rights, affirmative action, the No Child Left Behind Act (i.e., the No Black-White Achievement Gap Act) all damaged white interests and left whites permanently supporting a white-hating black population. Back

21. (Sailer, 2005a). When whites are shown photos of blacks for too short a time to register consciously, brains scans (fmRI) show negative reactions. When the photos are shown long enough to register consciously, the negative reactions decrease because whites consciously censor themselves. (Richeson, 2003). White liberals are more hypocritical about race than white conservatives. (MacDonald, 2006). Back

22. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." (Abraham Lincoln). Back

23. James Watson, who won the Nobel Prize (with others) in 1962 for finding the structure of DNA, told a British newspaper (Oct., 2007) that blacks are less intelligent than whites, and all hell broke loose. The Science Museum in London cancelled an over-sold lecture he was to give, he was suspended from his job as director at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, and the Federation of American Scientists said he was promoting "personal prejudices that are racist, vicious and unsupported by science." Did he cite the masses of data that support his statement? No, he squirmed like a scolded child, then joined a long line of sniveling grovelers who begged the Equality Police for absolution. (Sailer, 2007c; Bradley, 2008). Back

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26. After Germany had been defeated in WWI and WWII, the Allies brought in Negro troops in what seems to have been a deliberate effort to destroy the German genome. (Keeliing, 1947). Back