Chapter 31 - Segregation
Integration: the interval between the first black moving in and the last white moving out."
Mike Berman

    Freedom of association is not explicitly mentioned in the Bill of Rights, though it was implicit in the First Amendment, at least until the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights law. Before that law abolished that Constitutional right, people had the freedom to associate (or not associate) with other people as they chose, for any reason whatsoever. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the government the power to take that freedom away and the Ninth and Tenth Amendments explicitly state that unless the government is given a power by the Constitution, it does not have it. 1 But our eviscerated Constitution now lies in shambles and we no longer have the right to buy, sell, rent, hire, or otherwise contract with whomever we wish to. Housing, schools, and the workplace, segregated by race, even if done by a private party and not by a government, and all “public accommodations” are illegal.
    Yet a propensity to associate with those who are genetically similar is innate. (Chapter 8). Just as under Communism, where people did not behave the way Communist doctrine said they should, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” so under egalitarianism, despite the pervasiveness of the Equality Police, people do not behave as though racial differences were superficial and of no importance. They still choose their friends (including teenage gangs), mates, churches, and neighborhoods based at least partly on race. 2 Ideology can beat Nature down, but it cannot keep it down. Even children, who have not been encouraged to segregate by race and, to the contrary, have been told not to do so, nevertheless segregate themselves by race at lunchtime and at other times when they are free to choose with whom they associate. 3 The two authors of a book on segregation (Steinhorn, 1999), one white and one black, think race is trivial and lament the failure of society to integrate, while admitting that they themselves have been to each other’s home only once. Even the most fervent white anti-racist selects a white neighborhood to live in, though he will swear that he does not and that he merely wants a “nice” neighborhood with “good” schools which, just coincidentally, turn out to be white. 4 White Christians may profess egalitarianism and universal love, but “11:00 Sunday morning …[is] the most segregated hour in this nation.” (Martin Luther King, from Billy Graham).
    One may pose a simple question: Is there less conflict between two groups of racially different people when they are interspersed or when they are segregated? There is little doubt that “stop the hate, segregate” is the answer. 5 Many primate species form “biological nations” of related individuals and defend their territory against contiguous nations of others of their species. The conflicts between these populations are often ritualized, rather than physical, and serve the purpose of unifying their populations (Ardrey, 1966, pp. 191-200), much as the leaders of human governments deliberately create external enemies to unify the country behind them. Egalitarians may be surprised to learn that territorial species have more social equality than non-territorial species.

Thus, the egalitarians, by embracing multiculturalism and the immigration of non-whites in to white nations on the basis of the genetic equality of all peoples, undermine their social equality, and create societies of conflict, violence, ethnic cleansing, and civil war.
    One might think that insuring domestic tranquility would be an objective of the U.S. government, 6 but instead the Judicial and the Executive branches perversely uphold and enforce laws that lead to and, indeed, require, the exact opposite result. 7 Even if two or more populations could peacefully occupy the same territory, it is a delusion to think that such a situation would be stable. 8
    Then there is Gause’s Law of Competitive Exclusion:

    The carrying capacity of the earth will eventually be reached, and it has probably already been reached in some countries. When that happens in white countries, our descendants will be in a life-and-death struggle for survival with the descendants of the non-whites that whites foolishly let in to their homelands at the behest of the egalitarians and the multiculturalists. The actions we take, or fail to take, now, are setting the stage for multiple civil wars in the future.
    Most higher animals require a territory to survive. (Ardrey, 1966). So vitally do survival and reproductive success depend upon the possession of a territory that most animals will ferociously fight competitors to defend it. Every distinct population of man also requires a territory, a homeland. Without it, they will be nomads who, like the Gypsies, are despised and hated by those whose territory they cross. The Jews, who have been accused of trying to destroy white homelands by supporting massive non-white immigration into them, 10 nevertheless went to extreme lengths 11 to obtain their own homeland, Israel, into which they carefully restrict immigration to other Jews. Indeed, a homeland is so vital to survival that an ethnic group will go to almost any length to have and hold one. The “youth” in multi-racial cities organize by race and kill each other for trespassing into their territory, a few square blocks of the city, and entire countries follow the same pattern. Examples include the Balkan War that occurred after Tito died in 1980 and Yugoslavia disintegrated, the current civil war in Iraq between the Shiites and the Sunnis, the 1994 Rwanda Massacre between the Tutsis and the Hutus, and the endless slaughter in the Middle East between Israel and its Arab neighbors. The Japanese 12 and Chinese do not permit others to settle in their country and the Africans are now murdering, raping, and disenfranchising the few remaining whites in Africa. 13 As Michael Shermer aptly put it, “As a social primate, we evolved within-group amity and between-group enmity.” 14
    But, nevertheless, whites are expected to welcome other races to their homelands - Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Non-whites from the Third World are not only permitted to immigrate into white homelands, they are openly welcomed - white churches work to bring them over and white governments subsidize them when they have arrived. Indeed, governments give these often uneducated, illiterate, low IQ, disease-carrying, and crime-prone Third-World immigrants more benefits and rights than they give to their own people, then send their own people the bill and punish them severely for any discrimination against the unwelcome immigrants. One might think this is suicidal insanity, though the consensus among the ruling elites is that it is a moral necessity. But moral it is definitely not, for a morality that calls for the extinction of its adherents is fatally flawed. 15
    By bringing non-whites into white territories the egalitarians are creating boiling pots whose lids can be kept held down only by police state tactics. When it comes to violence, status drives the individual (Buss, 2005; Barkow, 1991) and territory drives populations. (Ardrey, 1966). If whites do not defend their homelands, they will soon have no homelands, and not long after that, there will be no more whites. The left, even the white left, may cheer the demise of whites, which will also be their own demise, but for those of us who dearly love our culture, our accomplishments, and our people, there can be no greater tragedy.
    Segregation is just an application of the aphorism, “good fences make good neighbors.” 16 Segregation is something that parents do without thinking when their children are fighting. When Yugoslavia broke up into genocidal ethnic groups, even the United Nations, that bastion of egalitarianism, segregated the warring parties to stop the killing. 17 In California, new prison inmates were segregated by race for 60 days for their own protection, until the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. 18 A few months later, there were race riots between blacks and Hispanics in California prisons resulting in serious injuries and at least one death. Egalitarians will not be satisfied until the rest of us enjoy the benefits of being forcibly racially mixed.
    The integration of the races in the United States has already resulted in a large number of racially-motivated crimes (Chapter 12, "Black on White Crime)" and, since blacks are 50 times as likely to attack whites as the reverse, the victims are mostly white. (NCF, 2005). What result, other than black envy and hatred of whites, could be expected when the egalitarians blame the under-achievement of blacks on white racism? 19 To prevent whites from segregating themselves is a deliberate policy of sacrificing a percentage of the white population to rape, robbery, and murder by blacks for the sake of the hopelessly flawed ideology of egalitarianism.
    Voluntary segregation would benefit both whites and blacks. (Jackson, J.P., 2004). That statement is easily proved by the fact that races voluntarily separate, not only at school lunchtime, but in churches, neighborhoods, and clubs and, of course, they do so because they benefit from doing so. 20 Even three month old babies prefer people of their own race. 21 In schools, white children would no longer have to sit through boring material below their abilities and endure assaults by blacks. 22 Blacks would not suffer the humiliation of always being at the bottom. Each could practice his own culture, speak his own dialect, and otherwise go his own way. As Abraham Lincoln said, 23 “It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated.” Forcing people together who do not want to be together is hardly the way to reduce racial tensions. 24
    Diversity, contrary to the multiculturalists, is not strength, but weakness. 25 Who will willingly pay taxes when most of the money goes to other ethnies? Worse, who will risk life and limb defending other ethnies? (Salter, 2004; Putnam, 2007). With a black Congressional Caucus already working in the interests of blacks and a Latino caucus on the horizon, Congress itself will degenerate, if further degeneration is possible, until it becomes an ethnic battleground that mirrors the rest of the country. Have we forgotten “Divide and conquer”? 26
    If there is a common enemy and you ask people to put aside their genetic interests for the common good, they usually will. But most of the time there is no common enemy, despite the best efforts of the power-seekers to create one. As we have seen, we are all biologically programmed to promote our own genetic interests - we would not be here today if that programming had not increased our fitness; to believe that it can suddenly be put aside is a delusion.
    Let us test the reader’s mettle. Suppose a small colony of “Hobbits” (Figure 17-11) is discovered living on a remote Indonesian Island. They stand less than 4 feet tall, walk on two feet, and, except for heavy brow ridges and a sloping forehead, they look human. But they communicate by chattering and facial expressions and are only about as intelligent as a chimpanzee. Visitors flock to see them and it is soon discovered that they have no concept of rights or property and will seize anything that interests them, biting and scratching anyone who resists. Occasionally, they viciously attack and kill people, usually in gangs, apparently defending their territory. The males seize young women, even children, and attempt to mate with them. A number of people, for reasons of ideology, psychopathology, or notoriety, want to mate with the Hobbits and have mixed children. You must decide what to do. Do you prevent the Hobbits from interacting with the outside world, and vice versa, except for a few scientists? Do you treat them as animals like chimpanzees or do you welcome them in to the human family and let them go where they wish? Do you permit interbreeding with them?

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