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William DeBuys: 12 Ways to Make Sense of the Border Mess
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Who now remembers the classic 1956 sci-fi movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers? In it, alien spores drop to earth in… yes, California (undoubtedly not too far from the Mexican border)… and develop into seed pods that can replicate and then take over any nearby sleeping human being. What a nightmarish film. It certainly scared the hell out of 12-year-old me! What a terrifying, fantastical vision of alien “invasion” and “invaders,” terms that are now as comfortable for President Trump and his base as they were for the murderous Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand recently. In fact, both men used similar terms on the same day. Tarrant posted a 74-page white-nationalist screed in which he swore that his killing spree was “to show the invaders that our lands will never be their lands.” The president, vetoing a Congressional attempt to block his national emergency to build his “great, great wall,” claimed that “people hate the word ‘invasion,’ but that’s what it is.”

Of course, Trump, who has long wanted to militarize the U.S.-Mexico border and raised the possibility of sending troops there in the first days of his presidency (finally doing so last year), has regularly claimed that the citizens of this country face a literal “invasion” of aliens. As he tweeted last October, “This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!” He was then focused on one of the “caravans” of several thousand refugees from various devastated Central American countries who wanted to reach the border safely to present themselves as candidates for asylum here. Significantly — as TomDispatch regular and border expert William deBuys points out today — the cast of “invaders” crossing that border in recent years, like those filling the caravans, has increasingly been made up of parents (often mothers) and children.

In New Zealand, Tarrant’s response to such “invaders” — Muslims, not Mexicans or Central Americans — was to slaughter 50 people, the youngest a three year old, the oldest 78. In the U.S., it’s been other kinds of cruelty, but in both cases, the perpetrators are living in a distinctly sci-fi world in which modern versions of those body snatchers are the norm and, to take but one example, El Paso, Texas, was essentially the crime capital of the United States until it got its border wall. (It wasn’t faintly, but no matter.) So believe me, it’s a relief to leave the Trumpian body-snatching version of the border behind for a moment as deBuys explores what the realities of those borderlands actually are.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Immigration 
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  1. What a joke. I’ve heard on public radio that there are 600,000 Mexicans in the Chicago area. In the Pilsen neighborhood, the Benito Juarez Academy, a Chicago Public High School, was expanded to accommodate the Mexican invaders and their Anchor Babies. The taxpayer funded school used to fly the MEXICAN flag alongside the US flag, and for all I know may still do so. The adjacent park has statues of Hispanic “heroes” paid for by the Mexican Consulate.

    America is under invasion by Mexicans. US taxpayers are supposed to pay for the education of these invaders instead of on their own.

    Send ALL the invaders back, Anchor Babies, mothers, fathers. Let them ignite the social revolutions their Communist ideals inspire in their own damn countries and leave the US the hell alone.

  2. SafeNow says:

    Reporting-in from S. California, where I am an attentive long-time resident. Regular readers have seen my posts detailing relaxed proficiency, fastidiousness, and conscientiousness, and so I will not deal with that cultural change here. I will only add one new aspect. A recent study disclosed that we have the most aggressive drivers in the country. I am not a psychologist, but it seems to me that road aggressiveness might be only a part of a larger personality constellation, a kind of hyper-masculinity. I would proofread this, but hey, good enough.

  3. … and develop into seed pods that can replicate and then take over any nearby sleeping human being.

    Or at least take his job, at a lower wage.

    Why won’t Mr Engelhardt concede that this is what it is about, and only what it is about?

    Come on, own up… how much will these people be paid?

  4. The goyim have noticed that Jews take every opportunity to push white countries to open their borders to the Third World. One Jew, a friend of Douglas Murray, sees where this is heading:

    ‘When the European migration crisis reached its latest peak earlier this year [2015], a Jewish friend said to me: “This will come round to hurt the Jews—you’ll see.” At the time, I dismissed it. “The only group this might affect are Muslims,” I replied. He knew better. “You’ll see,” he warned. And now I have.’

    Murray concludes: ‘…it could yet be a problem for European Jews if their leaders and visible figures get ahead of (and are seen to be the progenitors of) a mass movement of peoples that looks likely in the near future to go unimaginably sour’.

  5. m___ says:

    The goyim have noticed that Jews take every opportunity to push white countries to open their borders to the Third World. One Jew, a friend of Douglas Murray, sees where this is heading:

    Those goyim did not, they do not, readers here do not graps this. They do not see the intentional confusion created, by our cherished cluster of Jew mindsets for meager pay, as to propping Muslims, Negroes, Latinos, Christians, White Europeans, etc. whatever can be staked agains one another. They do not see the single consistency: maintain the elites in the dark as to being the perpetrators of a game to control the global masses into their servants. Play all groups against each other, regardless of territory, ethnicity, culture, religion.

    Here at, the group to be worked to the body, slugging at infinitum, is the dominantly White European, in an effort to prohibit reproduction of memories and identity in the younger generations of them. The ambition is exuberant, delirious for other reasons, but in the short term, things work out. At an immense effort, at the expense of keeping alive part of the Jewish middle classes, zillions of words with zero of meaning, it seems to work in the short term.

    The addendive underlying, prohibitive factor, is capitalized on, the lack of alternative leadership by brute forcing any meaningful critique out of the public view, to the ones, all, that cannot do their own associative thinking. Having the ones noticing silenced is of lesser importance, the harder message is theirs, and beyond the fray.

    The above is elaborated by hardware and network control, by “platforms”, middle men who filter out what is accessible, dose content (gooooogle, Fecesbook, Tweeter, Patreon, WordPress, analytics, search engines, open-source, science), and leaving the handy-man work to zines as and others. They scale in style, they are identical in agenda: keep the masses dumbstruck and poor. Nothing new, nothing very important.

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