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 Fadi Abu Shammalah Archive
The Great Return March and the Women of Gaza
Why Palestine’s Feminists are Fighting on Two Fronts
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“I am here because I heard my town call me, and ask me to maintain my honor.” Fifty-seven-year-old Um Khalid Abu Mosa spoke in a strong, gravelly voice as she sat on the desert sand, a white tent protecting her from the blazing sun. “The land,” she says with determination, “is honor and dignity.”

She was near the southern Gaza Strip town of Khuza’a, the heavily fortified barrier with Israel in plain sight and well-armed Israeli soldiers just a few hundred meters away. Abu Mosa’s left arm was wrapped in a sling fashioned from a black-and-white-checkered kuffiyeh, or scarf, and a Palestinian flag. Israeli soldiers had shot her in the shoulder with live ammunition on March 30th as she approached the barrier to plant a Palestinian flag in a mound of earth. The bullet is still lodged in her collarbone. Three weeks later, however, she’s back at the Great Return March, a series of protests organized around five encampments stretching along a unilaterally imposed Israeli buffer zone on the 37-mile barrier between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The Return March, which has just ended, was unique in recent history in Gaza for a number of reasons. Palestinians there are known for engaging in militant resistance against the Israeli occupation and also for the internal political split in their ranks between two dominant factions, Fatah and Hamas. Yet, in these weeks, the March has been characterized by a popular, predominantly nonviolent mobilization during which Gaza’s fractured political parties have demonstrated a surprising degree of unity. And perhaps most noteworthy of all, women activists have played a visibly crucial role in the protests on a scale not seen for decades, possibly indicating what the future may look like when it comes to activism in the Gaza Strip.

The Return March began on March 30th, or Land Day, commemorating the 1976 killings of six Palestinians inside Israel who had been protesting land confiscations. The March was slated to end on May 15th, the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, Arabic for “catastrophe.” The term is used to refer to the 1948 war that led to the creation of Israel and the displacement of approximately 750,000 Palestinians, as well as the depopulation of more than 450 Palestinian towns and villages. Seventy percent of Gaza’s blockaded population is made up of those who fled or were expelled from their lands and villages during the Nakba or their descendants. The vast majority of those participating in the Great Return March, including Abu Mosa, know those native villages only through family lore, yet their yearning to return is visceral.

During the March, 125 Palestinians were killed and a staggering 13,000 wounded. Abu Mosa saw many fellow protesters wounded or killed, especially on May 14th, the day the Trump administration opened its new embassy in Jerusalem when the protests escalated and some participants attempted to break through the barrier.

On that day alone, Israeli forces killed 62 Palestinians and injured 2,700 more. “Don’t ask me if someone close to me has been injured or killed,” Abu Mosa says. “All the protesters are my relatives and friends. We became one family.” After the carnage of May 14th, the grassroots committee organizing the March decided that the protests had to continue. The killings continued as well. On June 1st, a 21-year old woman volunteer paramedic was, for instance, shot in the chest and killed.

For Abu Mosa, a schoolteacher and mother of six, the March centers entirely on her dream of returning to her native town of Beer Sheva. And in its wake, she insists that she will go back, “and on my way, I will plant mint and flowers.”

Much like Abu Mosa, 20-year-old Siwar Alza’anen, an activist in an organization called the Palestinian Students Labor Front, is motivated by a deep desire to return to her native village. She is also marching “to send a message to the international community that we are suffering a lot, we are living under pressure, siege, pain, poverty.”

The Great Return March and the First Intifada

A small Palestinian flag flutters on the edge of Samira Abdelalim’s desk in Rafah, the southernmost town in the Gaza Strip. Forty-four-year-old Abdelalim serves as the director of the women’s department at the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions. Her steely eyes are framed with a simple navy-blue headscarf. Abdelalim hopes the Great March of Return will peacefully achieve the right of return to her people’s villages, self-determination, and the possibility of living “in peace and freedom” — but she’s realistic, too. “I know that the occupation will not end in one day,” she says, “but by cumulative work.”

Iktimal Hamad is on the Supreme National Commission of the Return March, the only woman among the March’s 15 lead organizers. Sitting in her Gaza City office, her light brown hair pulled into a tight bun, she speaks about her own double agenda — to end the Israeli occupation, but also to promote equality for women in Gaza. “Women can play a prominent role in the liberation of Palestine, because they are integral to the Palestinian community,” she tells us.

Abdelalim leads the March’s women’s committee in Rafah, one of five with 15 members for each of the encampments. With her fellow committee members, she organizes the women in the March, arranges logistics such as water and buses, and plans youth empowerment and cultural activities.

Her own activism began during the first Palestinian Intifada (Arabic for “shaking off”) or “uprising” and she insists that the goals and methods are the same in the present set of demonstrations. The First Intifada began in 1987 and was characterized by a highly coordinated, unarmed mass-mobilization against the Israeli occupation. Widespread acts of civil disobedience included strikes, boycotts, the creation of “underground” schools, grassroots projects to develop economic independence from Israel, and mass demonstrations. Women were that uprising’s backbone.

“The masters of the field are the protestors,” Abdelalim says of both then and now. “In the First Intifada, women and men used to stand shoulder to shoulder beside each other, struggling together.”

Abu Mosa, who is typical of many women in Gaza in not having been politically active in more than 25 years, tells us that the Return March brings back her memories of that earlier period. Even the smell of tear gas makes her nostalgic. “I feel this March is the First Intifada.”

Hamad was also a young activist during the First Intifada. Now 51, she remembers how women were “the vanguard” of that uprising. “There was a unified women’s council in 1989 and this council had the responsibility of the streets,” she recalls. Women led demonstrations and sit-ins, distributed leaflets, created neighborhood committees and participated in a unified women’s council. They even worked together in remarkable unity, whatever political faction they belonged to.

Women’s Activism After the First Intifada

The First Intifada ended with the signing of the Oslo Accords, a peace agreement negotiated in secret between the government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Made up only of Palestinians in exile, the PLO negotiation team was all male.

The Oslo Accords led to the creation of the Palestinian Authority and the return of the exiled PLO leaders to the West Bank and Gaza. Many of the grassroots activists who had led the uprising were promptly marginalized in the formation of new leadership structures — and women were excluded altogether.

According to Samira Abdelalim, the trajectory of the struggle, and particularly the role of women, then shifted radically. There was now an armed, institutional Authority governing a traditional, patriarchal society. “The male societies refused to include women in the decision-making units, and denied women’s [engagement] in policies and plans,” she explains. So, rather than confronting the Israeli occupation, Palestinian women began agitating for social, political, legal, and economic rights within Palestinian society. Abdelalim and other women activists organized around the task of creating laws to protect women from honor killings — that is, the murder of a female family member when she is perceived to have brought shame upon the family — and to prevent gender-based male violence.

The Oslo process was supposed to culminate in agreements on a set of thorny “permanent status” issues between Israel and the Palestinians. These issues included Jerusalem, water rights, border delineation, settlements, and refugees. However, trust in the process continued to erode over the years and the “final” status negotiations held in the summer of 2000 collapsed, setting the stage for the Second Intifada, which erupted on September 29th of that year.

Though that uprising initially began with large-scale demonstrations reminiscent of the previous one, it quickly turned toward armed resistance. According to political scientist Marie Principe’s research for the United States Institute for Peace, nonviolent movements create openings for a wide range of people, including women, children, and the old, to get involved in a way that violent campaigns don’t. Due to the armed nature of the Second Intifada, the space for the involvement of women, in particular, began to shrink radically. In this period, according to Abdelalim, women activists refocused their work in the international arena, attempting to expose the violence of the occupation to the world through documentation, media reports, and international conferences.

This sort of activism, however, was predominantly open only to women from a higher socio-economic class — those, in particular, who worked for NGOs, had access to university education, and had some ability, however restricted, to reach the outside world, whether through travel or the Internet. Many of the women who had been out on the streets during the First Intifada were left without roles to play.

In 2006, Hamas (an Arabic acronym for Islamic Resistance Movement) won the Palestinian legislative elections over the previously dominant Palestinian National Liberation Movement, or Fatah. Some Gaza-based leaders of Fatah then sought to oust Hamas (with U.S. backing), leading to a bloody internecine civil war on the Strip in which Hamas violently gained control in 2007.

The Hamas-Fatah divide became a new focal point for women activists in Gaza. In those years, women generally called for Palestinian unity, remembers Abdelalim, insisting that their enemy should be the Israeli occupation, not a competing Palestinian faction. The official reconciliation negotiation team (which signed multiple unity agreements starting in 2011 that were never implemented) did not include women. Abdelalim and other women activists nonetheless held weekly demonstrations to protest the internal split in Gaza, even drafting a joint statement by women on both sides of the political divide calling for national unity.

Under the Hamas regime, however, the situation of women only continued to deteriorate. “Hamas took us back decades,” says Iktimal Hamad, noting the regime’s desire to impose Islamic Sharia law in place of the Palestinian law in force on the West Bank. “Hamas doesn’t believe in equality between women and men,” she says bluntly.

Palestinian society has indeed grown ever more religiously conservative over the past decades, especially in Gaza. Siwar Alza’anen remains among a small minority of women in that imprisoned strip of land who do not cover their hair. She admits, though, that most women in Gaza have little choice but to adhere to restrictive societal norms in dress and culture. They generally can’t even leave home without the permission of a male relative. Abu Mosa remembers protesting during the First Intifada alongside women with uncovered hair who were wearing short skirts. “Now they ask girls to wear head scarves at the age of 12,” she adds with obvious disapproval, though she herself does cover.

Yet throughout those repressive years, Hamad points out, women continued to play a central role in the Palestinian struggle through family education. Women were the mothers of the martyrs, the wounded, and the prisoners. A woman, as she puts it, remains “half of the community and the community is not complete without her contribution.”

Women Begin to Reclaim Their Activist Roles

Abdelalim and Hamad are hopeful that the current protests indicate a new phase for women’s activism in Gaza and may provide a path to greater gender equality. “What happened in this Great Return March is that women reclaimed their large role in the Palestinian struggle,” Abdelalim says. As Hamad observes, the number of women involved increased each Friday. In fact, according to Abdelalim’s estimate, women made up about 40% of the protesters, a remarkable figure given the history of these last years.

Because the protests are unarmed and popular in nature, men have even supported women’s involvement. Hamad is organizing for the first time not just with men from the national secular movements but from the Islamic movements as well, and she feels respected and appreciated by them.

Still, Abdelalim insists that women have never simply sat around waiting for men’s permission to act. “We’ve always claimed our role in the struggle,” she says.

Abdelalim, Hamad, Alza’anen, and Abu Mosa all spoke with pride about the unity exhibited during the Great Return March. As Hamad put it, “In spite of the internal political split, we succeeded in embodying the unified struggle.”

“No one raises the flag of their political faction,” adds Alza’anen. Instead, the chants for Palestine send a message of unity both to Palestinians and to the world.

Women’s participation in the March boosts their self-confidence, says Abdelalim. “The march broke the wall of silence between the women and [the rest of our] community,” she insists. And she’s convinced that this new sense of power will lead women to struggle to take part in decision-making on a larger scale, while becoming more courageous in demanding their rights. After marching at the border side by side with her father, her husband, her brothers, no young woman will be content to “stay at home waiting for men to give her small benefits.”

All four women hold expansive visions of what they want their national struggle to yield. Abdelalim says that she is “fighting to guarantee the best future” for her children. She wants her people to be free in their homeland. She imagines children playing with joy instead of fear and a future world lacking refugees, hunger, or war-related disabilities. “The future means young men and women singing, dancing, building their homeland,” she muses.

For Abu Mosa, “the future is hope and love for the homeland.” In her dream of the future, she describes an old man, right of return fulfilled, wiping away his tears so many years later. Her vision also has space for non-Palestinians. “I have no problem with Jews. If they visit me, I will host them in my house, and they can live in my country.” But, she adds, she will not tolerate the presence of the Zionists who displaced her family.

Alza’anen hopes the losses sustained during the March will not be in vain. The killings “motivate us to keep walking in the same direction, that our determination and intention will not collapse.”

Hamad is convinced that the liberation of Palestinian women is dependent on the national liberation that the Great Return March embodied. “Women,” she says, “will always be in the front lines of our national struggle.”

Fadi Abu Shammalah, from Gaza, has contributed writing and reporting to the New York Times, Al Jazeera America , the Nation , and Yes! Magazine . He is the co-producer of Just Vision’s film, Naila and the Uprising. He is the executive director of the General Union of Cultural Centers and has worked as an interpreter, fixer, and producer for many international institutions and news agencies. Follow him on Twitter at @FadiAbuShammala

Jen Marlowe, a TomDispatch regular, is a U.S.-based journalist, an award-winning author, documentary filmmaker, playwright, the Communications Associate for Just Vision, and co-producer of their film Naila and the Uprising. She is the founder of Donkeysaddle Projects. Follow her on Twitter at @donkeysaddleorg

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Gaza, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. An inspiring story. I look forward to the stories about the noble Mexican women marching into Texas to reclaim the land of their ancestors. What a Return March that will be!

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @mark green
  2. llloyd says: • Website

    While I support the people of Gaza, I fear they are being exploited by the Cultural Marxist left. I note none of them are in Gaza taking part in the Great Return March. I guess they are afraid of getting shot while inciting the Gazans. Estimated 8,000,000 Germans were driven out of their centuries old ancestral homeland in Eastern Europe without a dime in compensation. That outnumbers the 1948 expulsion of Palestinians by a factor of ten. When will they start marching home to a homeland that no longer exists?

    • Replies: @Stephen Paul Foster
  3. Contemplation of the Sword

    Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide.
    The sword: an obsolete instrument of bronze or steel,
    formerly used to kill men, but here
    In the sense of a symbol. The sword: that is: the storms
    and counter-storms of general destruction; killing
    of men,
    Destruction of all goods and materials; massacre, more or
    less intentional, of children and women;
    Destruction poured down from wings, the air made accomplice,
    the innocent air
    Perverted into assassin and poisoner…

    …Reason will not decide at last: the sword will decide.

    Robinson Jeffers

    This article, like so many, is couched in terms to sway us to one side of this fight for “justice” as though there is some rational way to solve the problem.

    “… the sword will decide.”

    I believe there will many more dead people and much greater destruction than most realize before the issue is decided. People should be careful what they wish for.

  4. renfro says:

    Remember the Jew lie about a “country without people” and how ‘they made the desert bloom’…those are both lies.
    A lot of people have no idea what a nice little civilized paradise Palestine was before the Jews invaded.
    Look thru the pictures.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  5. Clyde says:

    O brave, noble, proggy women of the Gaza resistance! O fry up your tasty felafels for the brave Gaza Jihadis looking to catch an Israeli bullet for increased status and bragging rights. And to get a \$100 payment or more from Iran via Hamas. O brave real and fake Jihadis worldwide, come help us tear down the Israeli border fence. Or die trying and get the Muslim martyr’s instant access to alleged Allah’s Triple XXX rated harem and massage parlor.

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Frankie P
  6. TG says:

    One may sympathize with the human suffering of the Palestinians, and also not be that great a fan of Israel in general, to yet understand that in this case Israel has no choice. If they do not brutally repel the Palestinians they will themselves eventually be wiped out by them.

    Why do we fear cancer? For one reason only: because it grows without limit, and anything that grows without limit eventually chokes off all other life. That’s all you need to know about cancer. The Palestinians have a sky-high fertility rate, and no matter what their other characteristics, that’s all you need to know. You keep them out of your country, or they will eventually swamp you and turn your own lands into just a bigger Gaza Strip.

    Let’s face it: NOBODY like the Palestinians. The Egyptians are just as brutal as the Israelis in keeping them bottled up – they have quite enough poverty already and don’t need more. Ditto the Saudis. Our last budget gives half a billion dollars to Jordan to build a fence to keep more Palestinians from coming (kind of a kick in the head that Americans can’t defend their own borders, can cay pay to defend other borders).

    As the old saying goes, the Palestinians have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. As this point they have evolved into a deadly threat to anyone foolish enough to let them into their country.

    There is another old saying, that to be loved, one must first be lovable. Perhaps the Palestinians could ask, why does nobody want them? What do they offer anyone else other than mindless propagation, ever-increasing crowding and poverty, terror and corruption? And if the Palestinians just don’t care that they are, apparently, unable to offer the world anything positive, well, perhaps this is to some extent deserved…

  7. @llloyd

    “Much like Abu Mosa, 20-year-old Siwar Alza’anen, an activist in an organization called the Palestinian Students Labor Front, is motivated by a deep desire to return to her native village.”

    My antennas automatically go up when I am supposed to go weak-kneed in admiration for an “activist” (they tend to be female). “Activist” is a euphemism for a specialist in cult-Marxist agitprop.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  8. ” The Oslo process was supposed to culminate in agreements on a set of thorny “permanent status” issues between Israel and the Palestinians. ”

    The chief Israeli negotiator in Oslo later wrote a book with a title something like ‘How we fooled the Palestinians’.
    When the negotiations were nearly completed, Israel at last produced a chart showing the Palestinian and Israeli areas.
    The chief Palestinian negotiator got a heart attack, and was driven off in an ambulance.
    The tragedy was that Israeli jews did not understand the hogwash, so one of them murdered Rabin.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  9. @TG

    ” The Palestinians have a sky-high fertility rate, and no matter what their other characteristics, that’s all you need to know. ”
    Caused by Israel.
    Just married men with children are allowed to work in Israel, just families can get UN food aid.
    So they marry at fifteen.
    I admire the Palestinians for not giving up their resistance.

    • Replies: @Jmaie
  10. Frankie P says:

    Oh brave SAA, clear the Daesh headchoppers out of the pocket in Southwest Syria where they operate with support from the Israeli devils. Move in the Pantsir anti-aircraft batteries, because no matter what deal Netanyahu made with Putin, he will break it and air attacks will come. Oh, brave Hezbollah, prepare your missiles to attack military installations in the Golan. We know that the Israeli devils attack both military and civilian targets indiscriminately, but we agree with your restraint and policy of focusing on only military targets. Oh, brave, honest Nasrallah, may your bottomless stores of patience and your careful, meticulous strategies continue to result in victories for the resistance against the Israeli racist devils. Return Syria, all of Syria, to Syrian government control. Yes, that includes the Golan. Oh, Palestinian brothers, continue your Sumud, you who have been trampled under the boot of the Israeli devil oppressor for so many years. God knows, and he cries for you, and he will give you justice. Trust in him, and resist, for this is what he has planned for you. Oh, American people, misguided as you are by the endless barrage of propaganda, the control of academia, government, media, and finance, by those who despise you and actively work to destroy your culture and civilization. May God grant you the power and clarity to throw off your blinders, see the truth, and retake your country, punish the traitors, and work towards a peaceful world. I pray that it is the will of God. In the name of and benefit for all humanity.

  11. The Palestinians are sufficiently lovable. Ethnic Germans in eastern Europe paid the price of being on the losing side of WW II. Israeli jews are notoriously unlovable. For example, in Eric Ambler’s The Levanter, the Mossad man who is informed of the terrorist’s plot is portrayed as an uncouth orange-soda guzzling boor. In John LeCarre’s The Little Drummer Girl, a Colonel Blimp type in MI6 in his cups roundly deprecates Israel and Israelis. Personally I have encountered Israelis three times. Once way back at a professional conference, an Israeli lady scholar defended Nixon and Kissinger with passion asserting that without C-41s full of military supplies at one point in the 1973 Yom Kippur war, Israel would have lost. Another time, I heard a girl speaking on a cellphone what I took to be Hebrew sitting on an unmoving luggage turntable at an airport. Finally and recently, on a bus I heard a father prattling to a child on his lap on a seat behind me. I turned and asked if he was speaking Hebrew which indeed was the case. Not to go unmentioned, the Israeli Arab grad student rooming with a friend at an Ivy League university was a large overweight charmer constantly cooking himself ful beans on the stove to keep his spirits up while he prepped for the Ph.D. German competency test. One time a friend of his a Jewish Israeli came around and I can report that he was the sleasiest gent I have ever encountered unless it was an act.

  12. artichoke says:

    She was shot “as she approached the barrier to plant a Palestinian flag in a mound of earth.”

    How were the Israeli solders supposed to know that unlike the others who had declared their intention to enter Israel and kill a lot of Israelis, she was just going to plant a flag on a mound of earth (and do nothing more)? How is anyone supposed to believe that?

    Here’s a clue, young woman. If you don’t want to be shot, don’t join gangs who are trying to do things like what these people were trying to do. Stay away from that action, and plant your flags on your mounds of earth on other, peaceful days.

  13. @Stephen Paul Foster

    Yeah you are right on the money ; “Activist” synonym for leftist nut-case.


    • Replies: @llloyd
  14. anarchyst says:

    Change the word from “Palestinian” to “jew” in the third paragraph and you will have a more truthful take on the Palestinian situation, to wit:
    Let’s face it: NOBODY likes the jews.
    As to the fifth paragraph, “to be loved, one must be lovable”. That certainly does not apply to the jews.

    • Replies: @Anonymouse
  15. unit472 says:

    I would guess the population of Israel mirrors that of Gaza, i.e. 70% were not living in British ruled Palestine in 1948. The difference is the people who came to Israel built a modern nation state and do not rely on UN support 70 years on. Sure, they had lots of help but so did the Palestinians, it was just that Israeli’s went about developing an economy and the Palestinians wasted their’s on idiotic adventures like the current ‘Great Return March’ which will achieve nothing.

    Political and military realities being what they are the Palestinians will not ‘return’ to Israeli territory within the lifetimes of those now living. Anything is possible a century in the future but no one alive will be around to see it. That being the case the people of Gaza might want to wean themselves of UN refugee aid and set about making the most of the territory they have. That might mean putting ‘armed struggle’ on hold, if you can call flying incendiary kites and digging tunnels into Israeli territory ‘armed struggle’.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Wizard of Oz
  16. @anarchyst

    Absurd! Jews have specialized in making themselves lovable. When Jack Benny died it is said that all of England mourned. How ’bout Einstein, Howard Stern, the Three Stooges, Richard Feynman, Steve Miller, Johnny von Neumann, Szilard, Sasha Baron-Cohen, Disraeli, King David, Jesus and others I can’t think of right now?

    • Replies: @Anon
  17. anarchyst says:

    I don’t know what you’ve been smokin’, but…Without “sugar daddy United States of America”, Israel would be just another third-world sh!thole.
    Israel receives more USA “foreign aid” than any other country in the world.
    As to the Palestinian’s “territory” it is being usurped (and stolen) by jews on a continuing basis.

    • Replies: @unit472
    , @artichoke
  18. Jmaie says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Caused by Israel.
    Just married men with children are allowed to work in Israel, just families can get UN food aid.
    So they marry at fifteen.

    So why do Arabs marry at 15 outside of Israel?

  19. @jilles dykstra

    Please give more detail of that book and how to get hold of it. I am surprised you don’t treat it as such a key piece of evidence that you would give the full citation you so often do.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  20. Alden says:
    @Hans Tholstrup

    But no Mexicans were expelled from Texas or had land or other property confiscated when America acquired Texas.

    • Replies: @Karl
    , @llloyd
  21. @Jmaie

    He may be saying that even the male marries young. Perhaps he will teĺl us. (That would not be true elsewhere I think).

    In Israel itself the originally small Bedouin population has grown enormously with Israeli attention evidently averted for many years while Israeli welfare payments kept the husbands of several wives and fathers of many children in idle comfort in shanty towns. Never underrate governments’ capacity for incompetence, and the Israeli electoral system almost guarantees it while coalition making and breaking proceeds.

  22. @unit472

    More like 90 per cent and counting of Israelis (including West Bank settlers) would not have been living in British mandated Palestine.

  23. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:

    And many more including one’s friends but Israelis not so much.

  24. @Wizard of Oz

    The book ‘how we fooled the Palestinians’ I do not have.
    It is mentioned, I think, I’m not a walking encyclopedia, in
    ‘This side of peace’, Hanan Ashrawi, 1995, Simon + Shuster
    If you’re really interested I’d have to check, but do not even know where the book is, right now.
    Not all my books are in one place.
    Another possibility is
    ‘Het beroofde land’, Anja Meulenbelt, 2000, Amsterdam

  25. @Jmaie

    Do they ?
    But if they do, maybe also for UN food aid ?
    Have no idea if you consider Syrians to be Arabs, but what I witnessed in Syria, no marriages at fifteen.

  26. @TG

    Damn right the Jew State has no choice. They’re going under for the third time, and all the crazy-eye psychojew hasbara in the world can’t stop it.

    The women of Palestine are going to give Israel the coup de grâce. Israel’s trajectory is following that of its Apartheid asshole buddy South Africa: they did lots of US dirty work till they stunk up the place too bad, then the USA dropped them. We’re at that point again. The Jew State is going to get sacrificed for its crimes against humanity and peace.

    The transitional justice is going to be a hoot. For the average sallow hairy sand Jew it means they suck on human rights in Moslem-majority Palestine, which will kill them. The world will want to see some big jewheads roll in truth commissions or tribunals. Thanks to lifelong genocidal brainwashing, Israel boasts hordes of the greasiest, most despicable worms on earth, not even counting your batshit settlers, so there’s an embarrassment of riches.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
    , @Anon
  27. Eagle Eye says:

    A lot of people have no idea what a nice little civilized paradise Palestine was before the Jews invaded.
    Look thru the pictures.

    Gaza is not Palestine, however defined. Gaza was most recently part of Egypt, but the Egyptians wisely don’t want it.

    Re picturesque Palestine: the Arab population back then was a tiny fraction of what it is now, and included many RECENT ARRIVALS from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia as well as numerous non-Arabs from various Ottoman territories (e.g. Circassians).

    Gaza has a total fertility rate (TFR) of 4.54. The West Bank Jordanians are not far behind. Lots of surplus males with nothing to do.

    • Replies: @renfro
  28. Karl says:

    20 Anon[257] > But no Mexicans were expelled from Texas or had land or other property confiscated when America acquired Texas

    that’s the American version of history.

  29. I wonder if Shamallah’s article received the blessing of Norman Finklestein. It certainly puts the Palestinians on notice that their “friends” in the West don’t have a problem with their extermination so much as they do its brand: so much more sexy to be rubbed out by Feminism than clumsy IDF goons.

  30. Eagle Eye says:

    The Jew State is going to get sacrificed for its crimes against humanity and peace.

    Are you equally exercised over what has been and is happening, e.g. in the former Belgian Congo, in South Sudan, the Yemen, all of sub-Saharan Africa, etc.?

    Or do the millions of murders in those areas not count because no Jews are involved, the victims are black Africans, and (ESPECIALLY) because there are no five-star hotels anywhere near from where agenda-pushing presstitutes can file their reports?

    • Replies: @hasbaranek
  31. @Hans Tholstrup

    The ancestors of today’s Mexicans did not dwell in Texas or areas north of the Rio Grande. Where did you dream up this nonsense? And the few who did are now full-blooded Americans. These Americans have families and relatives living happily in New Mexico, Arizona and throughout America’s Southwest.

    And you can bet they speak English.

    Today’s Mexicans have no legitimate claim to American soil.

    Neither today’s Aztecs or their descendents, nor today’s Mayans or their descendents, nor the Spanish (from Europe) who created Mexico or their descendents have any right to Texas, California, or the extraordinary, white, European-derived civilization called the United States.

    If anyone has a claim to the American Southwest, it is the Apache or Navajo or the descendants of many other indigenous North American tribes whose ancestors actually lived and hunted for centuries in what’s now America. But neither the white-ruled Spanish Imperial power called Mexico–nor its mestizo foot soldiers–have any right to our advanced civilization of the land upon which it sits. This is a recidivist political fantasy.

    But since America (unlike Israel) has abandoned any ancestral or racial criteria for citizenship, even lawbreaking desperados who do enter the US do often get to remain here and become full American citizens. Lucky them.

    Unlike Israel, America is not expelling people born in America because they are not genetically compatible with the dominant tribe.

    Yet some dishonest Jews attempt to make a false equivalence between Palestinians and illegal Mexican ‘immigrants’ who seek unlawful entry into the US. Don’t be fooled. This is a fallacious comparison.

    Mexico is a large and autonomous nation. ‘Refugees’ from Mexico are foreign-nationals who were born in Mexico and whose ancestors created that civilization. Mexico is their native land, culture and nation. It is also autonomous. Why don’t they belong there?

    Mexican ‘refugees’ are unlawfully pouring into America for one reason: American prosperity.

    Palestinians on the other hand, have the misfortune of being born in what’s been declared a ‘Jews Only’ State. Decades of unrelenting persecution ad suffering have followed for these ‘inferior’ non-Jews. This cruel, institutionalized racism is the Israeli model, not the American one.

    • Replies: @Wally
  32. renfro says:
    @Eagle Eye

    Re picturesque Palestine: the Arab population back then was a tiny fraction of what it is now, and included many RECENT ARRIVALS from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia as well as numerous non-Arabs from various Ottoman territories (e.g. Circassians).

    I am tired of responding to the morons and ignorant here….but will post these official population records for the benefit of other readers.

    # The 1922 census of Palestine was the first census carried out by the authorities of the British Mandate of Palestine, on 23 October 1922. The division into religious groups was:
    590,390 Muslims
    83,694 Jews
    73,024 Christians,
    7,028 Druze
    808 Sikhs
    265 Bahais
    156 Metawalis
    163 Samaritans.
    J. B. Barron, ed. (1923). Palestine: Report and General Abstracts of the Census of 1922. Government of Palestine.

    # Official report on the 1931 Census of Palestine, which was the second census carried out by the authorities of the British Mandate of Palestine. It was carried out on 18 November 1931 under the direction of Major E. Mills. The first census had been conducted in 1922. Following the 1931 census, no further census was conducted in Palestine by the British administration. The total population reported was 1,035,821 (1,033,314 excluding the numbers of H.M. Forces) – an increase of 36.8% since 1922, of which the Jewish population increased by 108.4%.
    The population was divided by religion as follows:
    759,717 Muslims,
    174,610 Jews,
    91,398 Christians,
    9,148 Druzes,
    350 Bahais,
    182 Samaritans,
    and 421 “no religion”.
    A special problem was posed by the nomadic Bedouin of the south, who were reluctant to cooperate. Estimates of each tribe were made by officers of the district administration according to local observation. The total of 759,717 Muslims included 66,553 persons enumerated by this method.

    # According to a Survey of Palestine prepared in December 1945 there were :
    1,076,780 Muslims (58% of the total population),
    608,230 Jews (33%),
    145,060 Christians (9%). (4)

    # In the mid-19th century, the area corresponding to Palestine had about 340,000 people, of whom 300,000 or 88 per cent were Muslims or Druze, 27,000 of 8 per cent Christian, and 13,000 or 4 per cent Jews.

    According to the E.Mills British Census of 1931 ***LESS THAN 3% OF THE MUSLIM POPLULATION WAS BORN OUT SIDE OF PALESTINE.****

    Jew were never a majority in Palestine–get over it.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  33. @Eagle Eye

    I can just see young Eagle Eye as the whiniest weasel pariah in class, “But heeee did it toooo!” And then your classmates give you another swirlie at recess, after fat Shmuel grunts out the biggest and greasiest gefilte-dump of his life.

    That’s what all of Israel’s got comin. Universal-jurisdiction crimes elsewhere do not extenuate your own universal-jurisdiction crimes. And helpless whiny manipulation only works with your homely neurotic mother, not with normal humans. Damn, Eagle Beak, there is nothin sadder than a dumb Jew.

  34. CCR says:

    There shouldn’t be any Muslims in Israel or Gaza. Force them to convert to Judaism or move them out.

  35. unit472 says:

    I believe Israel receives ‘military assistance’ not foreign aid. We also provide the same to Egypt and Jordan. Israel receives economic assistance from US and other Jewish communities around the world but that is now a drop in the bucket given the size of the Israeli economy.

    The point is Israel can stand on its own against the Palestinians without foreign help. Gaza and the West Bank have more land that Singapore and Hong Kong combined so it is NOT the lack of territory that leaves the Palestinians in poverty. It is their own lack of effort.

    • Troll: renfro
  36. Brabantian says: • Website

    The abuse of the Palestinians in some of the above comments is appalling … some of the commenters obviously Israeli hasbara agents

    These people are bravely dying in Gandhi-esque fashion, just to try to wake up the world to the fact their homeland has been hijacked and stolen by Western-backed Jewish colonisers

    God bless every victim of the Israeli killers

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
    , @renfro
    , @Clyde
  37. Eagle Eye says:

    Eagle Eye claim:

    the Arab population back then was a tiny fraction of what it is now

    No mention of Jews whatever. The point is that the Arab population exploded.

    Renfro conclusion:

    Jew were never a majority in [Mandate] Palestine–get over it.

    It appears that there was serious immigration of Muslims from Arabic-speaking areas in the 1930s, after the last of Renfro’s statistics. Also, the conclusion in the statistics that most Muslims were born in Mandatory Palestine seems suspect. Note, for example, that the Bedouins refused outright to participate in the census.

    • Replies: @renfro
  38. lenny says:

    The desperately deplorables

  39. Eagle Eye says:

    These people [Gazans, formerly Egyptian citizens] are bravely dying in Gandhi-esque fashion

    Glad to see that you are enjoying the spectacle of Gazans “bravely dying in Gandhi-esque fashion” as you sip your latte.

    Gandhi sure knew how to tug at Western heart-strings.

    I guess you don’t know much about how millions of people were massacred during Partition. Somewhat less “Gandhi-esque” but very authentic. People like you would have enjoyed the spectacle.

    Well, with a few more decades of propaganda, maybe a few thousand surplus Gazan boys or similar dumb schmucks somewhere else will oblige you.

  40. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    If the Palestinians ever did seize Israel and toss out all the Jews, Israel would become exactly like Palestine. Namely, a very poor, seedy place. The Palestinians have never run their own country right, and they have never proved that they can run anything right. If they could, Palestine wouldn’t be such a dump. When you can’t even run your own country right, you’re never going to be able to run someone else’s. You don’t magically become competent, smart, honest, and incorrupt just because you mugged some guy on the street for his wallet. Israel doesn’t possess any magic dirt that improves your character or your genes.

    Israel run by Palestinians would turned into Detroit, a place with a population not smart enough to run it or keep up its infrastructure. The sole reason the Palestinians want Israel is because it’s valuable. It’s been made into something of value by the Jews, and Palestinians are just panting and drooling over all that wealth tantalizingly just across the fence. They’re desperate to mug the Jews for their wealth. They’re jealous the way the Germans of pre-World War II were jealous of the Jews.

    • Agree: Momus
  41. Palestinians have a just and noble cause but, like all Moslems, terrible PR, optics and tactics.

    If I were advising them I’d tell them to triple down on female “activists” peacefully protesting at the border of Occupied Palestine, risking a few getting shot because all the Jewish media in the world can’t spin brown women being murdered by “white” men.

    I’d also tell them to stop trying to fight the Israeli army and focus instead on soft Jewish targets in the west. All Jews support Israel and since Israel uses collective punishment against Palestinians there’s no reason it can’t be used against them.

    With the exception of Jews and weird American evangelicals, the whole world hates Israel and won’t be upset to see them attacked.

  42. llloyd says: • Website

    Still Israel can end the [email protected]@@ blockade of Gaza. Let’s say for argument’s sake, they reduce their retaliation to eye for an eye. What would happen? The answer is not much except for the unfortunate small number of victims. Could not of course expect them to turn the other cheek. Also international law should be applied to Israel also. Right now it is like the cop on the beat is forbidden to intervene against a certain privileged group. That is called protection racket.

    • Replies: @Momus
    , @Anon
  43. renfro says:
    @Eagle Eye

    Dear dumbo…..this is what you claimed:

    ….. the Arab population back then was a tiny fraction of what it is now, and included many RECENT ARRIVALS from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia as well as numerous non-Arabs from various Ottoman territories (e.g. Circassians).

    ‘Recent’ usually means within at least the last decade. You have to be seriously retarded to believe that any Arabs have been able to immigrate into Palestine or Gaza the last 70 years.

    And you doubt this …..”According to the E.Mills British Census of 1931 ***LESS THAN 3% OF THE MUSLIM POPLULATION WAS BORN OUT SIDE OF PALESTINE.****

    You, a little troll, questions a professional on the ground who did the survey?……lol.
    This is why people say that not only do Jews lie constantly but their lies are childish teenage type lies…they never have any proof or evidence for their hasbara.

    • Replies: @Wally
  44. renfro says:

    The abuse of the Palestinians in some of the above comments is appalling … some of the commenters obviously Israeli hasbara agents

    Yes very appalling……but it gives you a good look at what Israeli Jews are.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  45. Tyrion 2 says: • Website

    Israel’s hand is strengthened every year in many different ways. For example, a ‘right of return’ diminishes rather quickly once you get more than the average lifetime away from the departure point.

    Also, given that 750,000 Palestinians have turned into something like 12 million, the incentive for Israel to resist becomes tremendous.

    At what point, when you’re dealing with an opponent who gets stronger every year and less motivated to come to terms, do you move on?

    Every single year the deal that Palestinians may have been able to achieve has diminished. That must be cosmically frustrating but at what point should one stop throwing new lives after old?

    Perhaps the Israelis are the epitomy evil and the Palestinians are the paragons of virtue, yet it still seems pretty churlish to lock your grandchildren into an unwinnable war, forever.

    I’m told by the media that the suffering of the Palestinians is vast. I’m also told that they suffer because they rightfully resist a wrong done to them 70 years ago.

    Yet, I find it so difficult to understand why parents would have their children undergo vast suffering for something 70 years ago, that I begin to question if it is really vast – or else, I’m left asking myself, what the hell of wrong with the parents.

    The word from the Arab street seems to now be that sacrificing for a difficult cause is heroic and something that they were willing to aid the Palestinians in, for 70 years, but sacrificing for an actually lost cause is stupid and it is selfish for the Palestinians to ask.

    I enjoyed my time in Palestinian administered territory. I liked the people. But I couldn’t help but notice the rather theatrical sense of martyrdom: the posters everywhere, the poses, the names of every school, hospital and park bench. It all seemed rather performative. As if it were an enrapted response to the post-WWII liberal consensus gaze.

    Perhaps I’m projecting our own society’s sickness onto the Palestinians, but it seemed that, to them, the fame was worth the suffering. If so, we can expect ever greater and more desperate attention seeking as the world’s attention drifts away. And isn’t that was this march was? A bizarre post-modern piece of theatre with real death sought as the denouement and also to provide a simulacrum of authenticity? What on earth else was it supposed to achieve?

    • Replies: @Them Guys
    , @Clyde
  46. Clyde says:

    O you proggy proggy damsels of the Paleostinian people’s resistance, how your hairy upper lips intoxicate me! No woman in fake Allah’s XXX rated bordello can surpass your beauty and your shaking booties! Raise your black Jihad flags high! Tammy Wynette had nothing on you. You truly know how to back your Jihad fighting men as they burn their tires, fly their kites, and taunt the spray and pray posse of the infidel IDF. You have reduced the despised Yehudi to the confused impotence they merit.

    Once more imaginary Allah’s call goes out worldwide to all Jihad fighting yoofs and the Muslim street rappers of Paris. Come to Gaza and bum rush the illegal Yehudi border fence.

  47. Tyrion 2 says: • Website

    Also, why is the picture at the top that of a Pakistani lady marching in London for easier immigration of Pakistanis at a Socialist Workers’ Party march?

  48. Momus says:

    Also international law should be applied to Israel also

    International law adherence is right at the front and center of Israel’s behaviour. The IDF are very well lawyered and rightly claim to be the most moral defense force.

    Not so Hamas. These bearded morons are a proscribed organisation; regarded as terrorists in the west and much of the ME. Where they are not reviled they are seen as extremely dubious. Perhaps, in an effort to help their people they could try a bit of good behaviour- you know not killing their own by forcing them forward- or shooting young female nurses as a PR stunt to blame on Israel, or firing rockets indiscriminately, say.

    They might get themselves off the terror list; perhaps in a generation their present debased population could make worthwhile lives.

    • Agree: International Jew
    • Troll: Them Guys
  49. Them Guys says:
    @Tyrion 2

    For example, a ‘right of return’ diminishes rather quickly once you get more than the average lifetime away from the departure point.

    So being 2,000 years that jewry disappeared from Israel, even though in reality they are Khazars that Never were there at all……As per tyronious own method to allow return, jews need exit asap and never return again eh.

    How many “Lifetimes” on avg does 2,000 years make?

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  50. Tyrion 2 says: • Website
    @Them Guys

    So being 2,000 years that jewry disappeared from Israel, even though in reality they are Khazars that Never were there at all……As per tyronious own method to allow return, jews need exit asap and never return again eh.

    How many “Lifetimes” on avg does 2,000 years make?

    Actually, it means that now that they’re there, their presence becomes easier to justify every year.

    Not that this was really my point. Mine was an exploration of the practicalities from the Palestinian perspective. Rambling on about Khazars is entirely irrelevant to it. Such nonsense certainly isn’t going to change anything.

  51. Clyde says:

    The abuse of the Palestinians in some of the above comments is appalling … some of the commenters obviously Israeli hasbara agents

    You flatter yourself. Your state must be one of those that legalized marijuana.

  52. Clyde says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Also, given that 750,000 Palestinians have turned into something like 12 million, the incentive for Israel to resist becomes tremendous.

    800,000 Jews were driven from Muslim Arab nations so it all equals out. Jews were treated as dhimmis but now that they live in Israel they can defend themselves against the Muslims. The most recent example being the Muslim jihad against the Israeli-Gaza border fence.

  53. Anon[128] • Disclaimer says:

    Nigerian occupation of Biafra 2 million + murdered
    Sudanese occupation od Darfur 800,000+ killed
    Indonesian occupation of Papua 500,000+ killed
    Alawite occupation of Syria 500,00p+ killed
    Russian occupation of Chechnya 150,000+ killed
    Turkish occupation of Cyprus and Kurdistan 75,000 + killed
    Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara 40,000+ killed
    Israel PaLie\$tian conflict 23,000 casualties

    • Replies: @bjondo
  54. Anon[128] • Disclaimer says:

    What cops are intervening on behalf of occupied:
    Western Sahara
    Each has a body count far larger than PaLie\$tinians do .

  55. Anonymous [AKA "Robben Island"] says:

    Yes, Israeli Jews are slavering brainwashed apes of almost unimaginable savagery, obsessive in their sadistic ingenuity: the butterfly bullets, the Palestinian chair, the shaking, the Palestinian hanging, the endless refinements of extermination. Israeli propaganda is almost airtight, better even than Goebbels’. Looking at these Israeli fanatics you see exactly how Nazi concentration camp staff could go about their business, bulldoze Jews into mass graves or sew Gypsy twins together, and come home and tenderly kiss Puppchen – and at the war crimes trials, fail to understand why they’re there. It’s seven million Eichmanns. What Israelis have done is to scale up their concentration camps so they can take it out on victims of their own, and amplify the genocidal propaganda. Propaganda kept German morale from collapsing until the Third Reich was very near its end. You can see the same among the Israeli genocidaires near the end of their own death cult. They’re sure they’ve got everything under control.

  56. .The Israeli army seem to enjoy killing and maiming the incredibly brave Palestinian men women and children who are being deliberately locked up in their Gaza prison without proper medical facilities, clean water, or decent living conditions.

    Without a doubt the Palestinians are heroes of epic proportions for the courage they are showing facing up to these Zionist cowards. Are the Jewish people of the world proud of this shameful Israeli behavior?

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Israeli army display as much courage when they next have to face up to Hezbollah.

    • Replies: @artichoke
  57. bjondo says:

    Your jewsearch confirms what all here know: the jewcaust doesn’t even register.

    Keep up your self hating good work.

  58. Wally says:
    @mark green

    Yep, Jews & their leftists support strict Israeli immigration laws which specify JEWS ONLY, while demanding massive 3rd world immigration into the US & Europe.

  59. Wally says:

    “This is why people say that not only do Jews lie constantly but their lies are childish teenage type lies…they never have any proof or evidence for their hasbara.”


    “Childish teenage type lies” like the impossibly fake & stupid ‘6,000,000 & gas chambers’.

    “Some stories are true that never happened.”
    – Elie Wiesel

    To believe in the ‘holocaust’ fantasy one must want or need to believe in it.

  60. The younger and more attractive women in Gaza should consider converting to Judaism, come to Israel and maybe find a nice Jewish guy to marry. Jewish guys won’t abuse you, make you wear a bag, or expect you to have had your private parts cut off. (No, I’m not volunteering; I’m already taken.)

    • Agree: artichoke
    • Replies: @bjondo
  61. artichoke says:

    Unlike most places we pump foreign aid into (if we do send it to Israel) we get something back. The Tesla autopilot was based on Israeli developed technology, and it doesn’t work as well any more because Tesla stopped (or was not allowed to continue) licensing that tech. That’s just one example.

    Whereas other aid recipients are basket cases and will continue to be basket cases.

  62. artichoke says:

    So why don’t the Palestinians in Gaza build themselves some hospitals and clean up their water supply? Nobody’s stopping them, and the relevant technologies are well known and available for them to read about. Some of it may even have been invented by Israelis.

  63. bjondo says:
    @International Jew

    Male Yids all queer, need too many diaper changes, still sucking from old, dry teats. Poor muter.

    Yid females, closest creature to Yid ‘males’, don’t want these sniveling warts.

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