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Talking Sense About Immigration
Rejecting the President’s Manichaean Worldview
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The immigration debate seems to have gone crazy.

President Obama’s widely popular Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which offered some 750,000 young immigrants brought to the United States as children a temporary reprieve from deportation, is ending… except it isn’t… except it is… President Trump claims to support it but ordered its halt, while both Republicans and Democrats insist that they want to preserve it and blame each other for its impending demise. (Meanwhile, the Supreme Court recently stepped in to allow DACA recipients to renew their status at least for now.)

On a single day in mid-February, the Senate rejected no less than four immigration bills. These ranged from a narrow proposal to punish sanctuary cities that placed limits on local police collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials to major overhauls of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that established the current system of immigration quotas (with preferences for “family reunification”).

And add in one more thing: virtually everyone in the political sphere is now tailoring his or her pronouncements and votes to political opportunism rather than the real issues at hand.

Politicians and commentators who once denounced “illegal immigration,” insisting that people “do it the right way,” are now advocating stripping legal status from many who possess it and drastically cutting even legalized immigration. These days, the hearts of conservative Republicans, otherwise promoting programs for plutocrats, are bleeding for low-wage workers whose livelihoods, they claim (quite incorrectly), are being undermined by competition from immigrants. Meanwhile, Chicago Democrat Luis Gutiérrez — a rare, reliably pro-immigrant voice in Congress — recently swore that, when it came to Trump’s much-touted wall on the Mexican border, he was ready to “take a bucket, take bricks, and start building it myself… We will dirty our hands in order for the Dreamers to have a clean future in America.”

While in Gutiérrez’s neck of the woods, favoring Dreamers may seem politically expedient, giving in to Trump’s wall would result in far more than just dirty hands, buckets, and bricks, and the congressman knows that quite well. The significant fortifications already in place on the U.S.-Mexican border have already contributed to the deaths of thousands of migrants, to the increasing militarization of the region, to a dramatic rise of paramilitary drug- and human-smuggling gangs, and to a rise in violent lawlessness on both sides of the border. Add to that a 2,000-mile concrete wall or some combination of walls, fences, bolstered border patrols, and the latest in technology and you’re not just talking about some benign waste of money in return for hanging on to the DACA kids.

In the swirl of all this, the demands of immigrant rights organizations for a “clean Dream Act” that would genuinely protect DACA recipients without giving in to Trump’s many anti-immigration demands have come to seem increasingly unrealistic. No matter that they hold the only morally coherent position in town — and a broadly popular one nationally as well — DACA’s congressional backers seem to have already conceded defeat.

Good Guys and Bad Guys

It won’t surprise you, I’m sure, to learn that Donald Trump portrays the world in a strikingly black-and-white way when it comes to immigration (and so much else). He emphasizes the violent criminal nature of immigrants and the undocumented, repeatedly highlighting and falsely generalizing from relatively rare cases in which one of them committed a violent crime like the San Francisco killing of Kate Steinle. His sweeping references to “foreign bad guys” and “shithole countries” suggest that he applies the same set of judgments to the international arena.

Under Trump’s auspices, the agency in charge of applying the law to immigrants, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has taken the concept of criminality to new heights in order to justify expanded priorities for deportation. Now, an actual criminal conviction is no longer necessary. An individual with “pending criminal charges” or simply a “known gang member” has also become an ICE “priority.” In other words, a fear-inspiring accusation or even rumor is all that’s needed to deem an immigrant a “criminal.”

And such attitudes are making their way ever deeper into this society. I’ve seen it at Salem State University, the college where I teach. In a recent memo explaining why he opposes giving the school sanctuary-campus status, the chief of campus police insisted that his force must remain authorized to report students to ICE when there are cases of “bad actors… street gang participation… drug trafficking… even absent a warrant or other judicial order.” In other words, due process be damned, the police, any police, can determine guilt as they wish.

And this tendency toward such a Trumpian Manichaean worldview, now being used to justify the growth of what can only be called an incipient police state, is so strong that it’s even infiltrated the thinking of some of the president’s immigration opponents. Take “chain migration,” an obscure concept previously used mainly by sociologists and historians to describe nineteenth and twentieth century global migration patterns. The president has, of course, made it his epithet du jour.

Because the president spoke of “chain migration” in such a derogatory way, anti-Trump liberals immediately assumed that the phrase was inherently insulting. MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid typically charged that “the president is saying that the only bill he will approve of must end what they call ‘chain migration’ which is actually a term we in the media should just not use! Because quite frankly it’s not a real thing, it’s a made up term… [and] so offensive! It’s shocking to me that we’re just adopting it wholesale because [White House adviser] Stephen Miller wants to call it that… [The term should be] family migration.”

Similarly, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand claimed that “when someone uses the phrase chain migration… it is intentional in trying to demonize families, literally trying to demonize families, and make it a racist slur.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi agreed: “Look what they’re doing with family unification, making up a fake name, chain. Chain, they like the word ‘chain.’ That sends tremors through people.”

But chain migration is not the same as family reunification. Chain migration is a term used by academics to explain how people tended to migrate from their home communities using pre-existing networks. Examples would include the great migration of African Americans from the rural south to the urban north and west, the migrations of rural Appalachians to Midwestern industrial cities, waves of European migration to the United States at the turn of the last century, as well as contemporary migration from Latin America and Asia.

A single individual or a small group, possibly recruited through a state-sponsored system or by an employer, or simply knowing of employment opportunities in a particular area, sometimes making use of a new rail line or steamship or air route, would venture forth, opening up new horizons. Once in a new region or land, such immigrants directly or indirectly recruited friends, acquaintances, and family members. Soon enough, there were growing links — hence that “chain” — between the original rural or urban communities where such people lived and distant cities. Financial remittances began to flow back; return migration (or simply visits to the old homeland) took place; letters about the new world arrived; and sometimes new technologies solidified ongoing ties, impelling yet more streams of migrants. That’s the chain in chain migration and, despite the president and his supporters, there’s nothing offensive about it.

Family reunification, on the other hand, was a specific part of this country’s 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which imposed quotas globally. These were then distributed through a priority system that privileged the close relatives of immigrants who had already become permanent residents or U.S. citizens. Family reunification opened paths for those who had family members in the United States (though in countries where the urge to migrate was high, the waiting list could be decades long). In the process, however, it made legal migration virtually impossible for those without such ties. There was no “line” for them to wait in. Like DACA and Temporary Protected Status (TPS), the two programs that President Trump is now working so assiduously to dismantle, family reunification has been beneficial to those in a position to take advantage of it, even if it excluded far more people than it helped.

Why does this matter? As a start, at a moment when political posturing and “fake news” are becoming the norm, it’s important that the immigrant rights movement remain accurate and on solid ground in its arguments. (Indeed, the anti-immigrant right has been quick to gloat over Democrats condemning a term they had been perfectly happy to use in the past.) In addition, it’s crucial not to be swept away by Trump’s Manichaean view of the world when it comes to immigration. Legally, family reunification was never an open-arms policy. It was always a key component in a system of quotas meant to limit, control, and police migration, often in stringent ways. It was part of a system built to exclude at least as much as include. There may be good reasons to defend the family reunification provisions of the 1965 Act, just as there are good reasons to defend DACA — but that does not mean that a deeply problematic status quo should be glorified.

Racism and the Immigrant “Threat”

Those very quotas and family-reunification policies served to “illegalize” most Mexican migration to the United States. That, in turn, created the basis not just for militarizing the police and the border, but for what anthropologist Leo Chávez has called the “Latino threat narrative”: the notion that the United States somehow faces an existential threat from Mexican and other Latino immigrants.

So President Trump has drawn on a long legacy here, even if in a particularly invidious fashion. The narrative evolved over time in ways that sought to downplay its explicitly racial nature. Popular commentators railed against “illegal” immigrants, while lauding those who “do it the right way.” The threat narrative, for instance, lurked at the very heart of the immigration policies of the Obama administration. President Obama regularly hailed exceptional Latino and other immigrants, even as the criminalization, mass incarceration, and deportation of so many were, if anything, being ramped up. Criminalization provided a “color-blind” cover as the president separated undocumented immigrants into two distinct groups: “felons” and “families.” In those years, so many commentators postured on the side of those they defined as the deserving exceptions, while adding further fuel to the threat narrative.

President Trump has held onto a version of this ostensibly color-blind and exceptionalist narrative, while loudly proclaiming himself “the least racist person” anyone might ever run into and praising DACA recipients as “good, educated, and accomplished young people.” But the racist nature of his anti-immigrant extremism and his invocations of the “threat” have gone well beyond Obama’s programs. In his attack on legal immigration, chain migration, and legal statuses like DACA and TPS, race has again reared its head explicitly.

Unless they were to come from “countries like Norway” or have some special “merit,” Trump seems to believe that immigrants should essentially all be illegalized, prohibited, or expelled. Some of his earliest policy moves like his attacks on refugees and his travel ban were aimed precisely at those who would otherwise fall into a legal category, those who had “followed the rules,” “waited in line,” “registered with the government,” or “paid taxes,” including refugees, DACA kids, and TPS recipients — all of them people already in the system and approved for entry or residence.

As ICE spokespeople remind us when asked to comment on particularly egregious examples of the arbitrary detention and deportation of long-term residents, President Trump has rescinded the Obama-era “priority enforcement” program that emphasized the apprehension and deportation of people with criminal records and recent border-crossers. Now, “no category of removable aliens [is] exempt from enforcement.” While President Trump has continued to verbally support the Dreamers, his main goal in doing so has clearly been to use them as a bargaining chip in obtaining his dramatically restrictionist priorities from a reluctant Congress.

The U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) made the new restrictionist turn official in late February when it revised its mission statement to delete this singular line: “USCIS secures America’s promise as a nation of immigrants.” No longer. Instead, we are now told, the agency “administers the nation’s lawful immigration system, safeguarding its integrity and promise… while protecting Americans, securing the homeland, and honoring our values.”

Challenging the Restrictionist Agenda

Many immigrant rights organizations have fought hard against the criminalization narrative that distinguishes the Dreamers from other categories of immigrants. Mainstream and Democrat-affiliated organizations have, however, generally pulled the other way, emphasizing the “innocence” of those young people who were brought here “through no fault of their own.”

Dreamers, TPS recipients, refugees, and even those granted priority under the family reunification policy have all operated as exceptions to what has long been a far broader restrictionist immigration agenda. Trump has now taken that agenda in remarkably extreme directions. So fighting to protect such exceptional categories makes sense, given the millions who have benefited from them, but no one should imagine that America’s policies have ever been generous or open.

Regarding refugees, for example, the State Department website still suggests that “the United States is proud of its history of welcoming immigrants and refugees… The U.S. refugee resettlement program reflects the United States’ highest values and aspirations to compassion, generosity, and leadership.” Even before Trump entered the Oval Office, this wasn’t actually true: the refugee resettlement program has always been both small and highly politicized. For example, out of approximately seven million Syrian refugees who fled the complex set of conflicts in their country since 2011 — conflicts that would not have unfolded as they did without the American invasion of Iraq — the United States has accepted only 21,000. Now, however, the fight to preserve even such numbers looks like a losing rearguard battle.

Given that a truly just reform of the country’s immigration system is inconceivable at the moment, it makes sense that those concerned with immigrant rights concentrate on areas where egregious need or popular sympathy have made stopgap measures realistic. The problem is that, over the years, this approach has tended to separate out particular groups of immigrants from the larger narrative and so failed to challenge the underlying racial and criminalizing animus toward all those immigrants consigned to the depths of the economic system and systematically denied the right of belonging.

In a sense, President Trump is correct: there really isn’t a way to draw a hard and fast line between legal and illegal immigration or between the felons and the families. Many immigrants live in mixed-status households, including those whose presence has been authorized in different ways or not authorized at all. And most of those felons, often convicted of recently criminalized, immigration-related or other minor violations, have families, too.

Trump and his followers, of course, want just about all immigrants to be criminalized and excluded or deported because, in one way or another, they consider them dangers to the rest of us. While political realism demands that battles be fought for the rights of particular groups of immigrants, it’s no less important to challenge the looming narrative of immigrant criminalization and to refuse to assume that the larger war has already been lost. In the end, isn’t it time to challenge the notion that people in general, and immigrants in particular, can be easily divided into deserving good guys and undeserving bad guys?

Aviva Chomsky is professor of history and coordinator of Latin American studies at Salem State University in Massachusetts and a TomDispatch regular. Her most recent book is Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: DACA, Donald Trump, Immigration 
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  1. jonomd says:

    Imagine that, another (((Chomsky))) looking to justify the destruction of America. Take this $hit back to HuffPo (or better, back to Israel), you stupid treasonous b!tch.

  2. Michelle says:

    Salem is not Los Angeles, Oakland, or especially San Jose, which used to be a great place to live and was considered one of the safest cities in the country, but is now being hit with an increasing rape and homicide rate based almost entirely on Hispanic immigration. Roll out the welcome mat to more and more young Hispanic males and a gang and murder problem you shall receive.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Liberty Mike
  3. Calvin Hobbes [AKA "Calvin X Hobbes"] says:

    “Take this $hit back to HuffPo (or better, back to Israel), you stupid treasonous b!tch.”

    This article appearing at Unz helps those of us who don’t read HuffPo see what our mortal enemies are saying.

    • Agree: bomag
  4. Ron Unz says:

    Salem is not Los Angeles, Oakland, or especially San Jose, which used to be a great place to live and was considered one of the safest cities in the country, but is now being hit with an increasing rape and homicide rate based almost entirely on Hispanic immigration. Roll out the welcome mat to more and more young Hispanic males and a gang and murder problem you shall receive.

    I must say that some of the commenters on my website are rather delusional….

    Although reported rapes have increased a good deal in San Jose over the last decade, that’s a very poor measure of crime since rape-reporting is so extremely variable. For example, some of the absolutely worst urban centers in America have relatively low or average rates of *reported* rape. So maybe actual SJ rapes have gone up and maybe they haven’t.

    By contrast, homicide is the gold-standard in crime since reporting is close to 100%. And although San Jose homicides were up quite a bit in 2016, they plunged by something like 40% in 2017, making that city once again just about the safest in the entire country, despite having so few police officers.

    If you check, you’ll discover that crime rates in San Jose are roughly the same as those in tiny Beverly Hills, or perhaps even a little lower. So I guess you must be very glad you don’t live in a horrific urban hell-hole like Beverly Hills 90210…

  5. @Ron Unz

    What is the hispanic rape rate vs. the white rape rate? Can this even be figured out in light of how the DoJ reports offender race?

    Most on the far right do indeed overestimate the hispanic penchant for crime (as you exposed), but I can overlook this vice. After all, they are undesirable invaders and quite unattractive to boot.

    I suspect rape statistics become more reliable once you eliminate black areas from the data. In African countries it is routine to have billboards telling men not to rape women, and the locals express confusion about the idea of rape being wrong. Likely black communities have high rates of what we regard as rape, but the locals either do not or do not care enough to report it.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  6. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What is the hispanic rape rate vs. the white rape rate? Can this even be figured out in light of how the DoJ reports offender race?

    Going over pages of the Illinois sex offender registry I’m struck by how Hispanics are so glaringly misidentified. Those with obvious Hispanic names not to mention appearance are routinely categorized as race being unknown or as white. I’m not sure if this is due to employee stupidity, bureaucratic ineptness or what but there’s definitely an undercount of Hispanics in the statistics.

    Most on the far right do indeed overestimate the hispanic penchant for crime

    Maybe they’re looking at what goes on in Latin America where the murder rate is sky high and assume, quite reasonably, that that’s what will move up here if it hasn’t already.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Patricus
  7. Examples would include the great migration of African Americans from the rural south to the urban north and west, the migrations of rural Appalachians to Midwestern industrial cities.

    Those internal migrations, which resulted in massive economic benefits for Blacks and Appalachians, only occurred because immigration was temporarily shut down by WW1, the quota-based immigration restriction acts of 1920 and 1924, and the stringent enforcement of immigration laws by presidents such as FDR and Eisenhower (“Operation Wetback”), forcing industrialists to use domestic labor resources.

    The great pause in immigration, 1914-1965, allowed economically disadvantaged native born Americans to monopolize the domestic labor market and thus rise into the middle class in massive numbers.

    Ever since immigration started increasing again with the repeal of the quota based system in 1965 and the lax enforcement of immigration laws on the part of all presidents since Eisenhower, the American lower middle class has been sliding back towards poverty, as a direct result of unemployment, lower wages, higher housing costs, and higher taxes at the state and local level (where taxes are, unavoidably, regressive), all caused directly by mass immigration.

    Furthermore, post-1965 immigrants tend to vote for the cultural left, who in turn dismantle the traditional systems of morality which used to shield the native born lower class from self destructive behavior (see Murray’s Coming Apart for details).

    Is Chomsky ignorant of all this, or does she choose to play dumb because she hates old stock Americans and wants policies to be implemented which will harm them?

    The ideal immigration policy would consist of the following:

    1. Deport, or encourage the self deportation of, all illegal immigrants (Operation Wetback 2.0)

    2. Remove all artificial incentives which discourage the post-1965 legal chain immigration from operating in reverse (hope of family reunification in America, welfare, affirmative action, no go zone policing, undo toleration for Central American gangs and militant Salafists, etc.).

    3. A complete and permanent moratorium on legal immigration, with one exception:

    4. Unlimited immigration of Afrikaners and Ulster Protestants. These peoples are extremely similar to America’s core ethnic group, old-stock White Protestants. They would reinforce their traditional morality and demographic dominance, much as Jewish immigrants do for Israel. Furthermore, they would be grateful for asylum from their current oppressors, the ANC and IRA. The US government supported, or negligently tolerated groups and individuals who supported, the Marxist terrorist groups Umkhonto we Sezwe and IRA. Americans thus have a moral obligation to rescue these brother nations from the tyranny thus established. There are a total of only 2,750,000 Afrikaners and 1,000,000 Ulster Protestants. The maximum possible immigration of these groups would thus not have the negative economic consequences of the current mass immigration.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Alden
  8. Michelle says:
    @Ron Unz

    You know what, Mr Unz, try using Google and seeing how much violent crime has spiked in San Jose in the past few years. At the risk of losing my commenting privileges, I must say you are beginning to sound like the Hispanophile, Fred Reed. San Jose used to have almost zero incidences of violent crime and now, you can’t drop your kids off to play basketball at a park and be sure that they they will come home alive. Let me reiterate, almost all crime in San Jose is a direct result of Hispanic immigration. There is an Hispanic immigrant, gang problem in San Jose.…2171.18772..19668…0….808.6905.0j18j9j2j1j0j1…………….0j0i71j35i39j0i131i67j0i131j0i20i263j0i22i30.6pPR4aJRKTQ%3D

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Buzz Mohawk
  9. Ron Unz says:

    At the risk of losing my commenting privileges, I must say you are beginning to sound like the Hispanophile, Fred Reed…There is an Hispanic immigrant, gang problem in San Jose.

    Ha, ha, ha… If I banned every commenter who said totally ridiculous things, there wouldn’t be too many left on my website!

    I read the SJ Merc every morning, and also saw that big year-end story on the “horrifying” spike of violent crime in San Jose during 2017 you cite. However, the actual facts were a bit less alarming.

    SJ Violent crime did raise by 7.2% that year, but for various reasons, it rose throughout CA, including by 5.5% in my own city of Palo Alto. Is 7.2% so much larger than 5.5%? My guess is that the silly story was pushed by the SJ police union, looking for a big budget increase or something.

    Furthermore, as I’d already mentioned, homicides dropped by something like 35% in San Jose that same year, reducing the figure to among the lowest anywhere in urban America. Since you’re apparently terrified by being killed by San Jose gang-bangers, I’d advise you never to visit Tokyo since everyone who watches movies knows that the Yakuza gangsters are always massacring innocent bystandes on every street corner, not to mention the huge numbers killed by Ninja warriors and Godzilla on his episodic rampages.

    Here’s a website providing aggregate crime data for San Jose through 2016 (prior to the huge homicide drop in 2017). Offhand, the crime rates seem about the same as it was 15 years ago:

    And for comparison, here’s ultra-wealthy Beverly Hills, with has roughly comparable crime rates:

    My heart bleeds for the people of Beverly Hills, who risk being killed in a drive-by on every trip to the grocery store.

    I’ve actually published a quite a lot on ethnic crime issues, and you should definitely take a look at some of my articles:

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @Liljoe
  10. Wally says:

    So what does this Jew Chomsky think of Israeli immigration laws which state JEWS ONLY?

    Does she advocate that the US stop funding Israel in order to stop the JEWS ONLY Israeli laws?

    • Replies: @WJ
  11. @Michelle

    Don’t disturb Ron while he’s eating his taco bowl.

    Crime or not, the issue is too many people coming into our country, lowering wages, adding to unemployment, doing jobs American teenagers used to do (thus robbing them of the opportunity to learn how to work).

    There is the little matter of changing the culture too — to the point where most college students now think inclusion is more important than free speech.

    Don’t be distracted by the political-emotional appeal to fear-of-crime. True or not, that is just one by-product of too much immigration.

    Ron is smarter than us, and our stupidity hurts his brain. He’s already had to read moronic comments from people like me about things like plasma in space. Give him a break.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @tjm
  12. Alden says:

    How dare someone named Chomsky teach Latin studies? I can’t wait till some of her students graduate and sue the 6th rate college because a White woman with a Polish last name is teaching Latin studies.

    Only 100 percent Indians with Hispanic last names are qualified to teach Hispanic studies or whatever crap the witch pretends to teach.

  13. Mark Presco says: • Website

    Crime statistics mean very little. White men have a history of violence, which will become apparent if this invasion continues. However, only white men can create the kind of cultures most people want to live in, so the invasions of all white cultures will continue until force is used.

    Otherwise, South Africa will be our fate. White job creation caused migrants to swell the population by a factor of 10. They used democracy to turn the white culture into their culture, typified by the ANC. Now, they are threatening to use democracy to vote themselves a license to steal, confiscation of land without compensation. Will the whites fight or flee?

    Why can’t you morons get it through your heads that only white men can create and maintain the values of Western Civilization.

    • Replies: @HogHappenin
  14. Alden says:
    @John Gruskos

    Why would ulster Protestants want to immigrate to the United States where by ferociously enforced federal and state law it is illegal to hire them because they are White? Why would any White European want to move to a country where they are hated and vilified by academia, the media and the government?

    The IRA vs UDL troubles ended 30 years ago.

  15. Thomm says:
    @Ron Unz

    Although reported rapes have increased a good deal in San Jose over the last decade, that’s a very poor measure of crime since rape-reporting is so extremely variable.

    That’s right. Plus, feminists (and their cuckservative servants) have successfully expanded the definition of rape that has engineered a 50-100% increase in *reported* rape, even if the actual incidence has not changed under apples-to-apples measures.

    Add to that the well-documented fact that 40% of rape accusations are false (and that women get a financial incentive to make such false accusations).

    Murder is the crime that counts, since the victim can be identified and recorded. There are no ‘false accusations of murder’, nor can a person be murdered twice.

  16. Alden says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Speaking of tacos, it is my opinion that the rise in obesity in the last 50 years is caused by Asian and Hispanic food. Rice, noodles, beans and tortillas are nothing but fat manufacturing calorie laden carbohydrates.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  17. RudyM says:

    Immigration–all of it–has been allowed (or encouraged) to get out of hand in the United States and more or less all of the west. It’s not a time for subtleties. Shut it down, the goyim know.

    Latino identity politics stands exposed as the banality it is. There is nothing special and mystical about it, though it may leave white liberals all teary-eyed. Whites need to start thinking more in terms of their group identity, because everyone else is doing it, as they celebrate the eventual replacement of whites and the distinctive Anglo traditions that shaped the United States.

  18. Another mentally ill Jew telling America what they should do while Israel throws out black migrants, puts walls and fences to keep people out, has one the highest child prostitution rates and refuses to prosecute them ( Israel imports thousands of kidnapped young women from the Balkans which they drug and use as prostitutes with government help.

    Israel’s constant attack on the Palestinians including their children and continual theft of their homes and land is hidden only from US citizens. The rest of the world knows what’s going on. And finally the constant attack by Jews against Western Civilization and whites in a 24 hour 365 days a year attack that never lets up.

    And you my dear Jewess will lecture us on morality and the right thing to do!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @tjm
    , @Dave Bowman
  19. T%he nonsense over enforcing immigration laws is tiresome.

    There’s a way to avoid death via heat, thieves, rapists, and dehydration while attempting to cross the border illegally.

    Don’t do it. Do not attempt to violate the sovereignty of the US via crossing the border illegally in any manner.

    Note: Build the wall — yesterday and send the educated elite DACA recipients a ticket home where they can use their skills for the betterment of their homelands.

    ohh, You are very welcome. Perhaps, not very.

  20. Manichean world view?

    That’s hysterical. How about Druze or Kemetism or even Cargo Cult? Clearly, the idea is to pretend Trump is both driven and blinded by some obscure,” illegitimate” religion we can make fun of and at the same time pass off the author with a faux intellectualism. As if the author actually had done a valid analysis of Trump and Manichean belief – and why that matters.

    Trump is a Christian religiously, and clearly understands negotiation and compromise politically. Sun Tzu is a better understanding of how Trump thinks and acts, if the author is attempting an extremely weak parallel between the dualism in Manichean thought and Trump’s much less simplistic behavior.

    • Replies: @tjm
    , @Dave Bowman
  21. In most countries there is a dominant culture.
    The Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s is a good example.
    When stupid Belgians overnight introduced democracy the dominant group, always forget which, lost power.
    Any group losing power resists, nothing special, happens anywhere.
    And so a blood bath was the result.
    You can see it happening in South Africa.
    You see the conflicts in S American states, Bolivia the only country where the dominant group of European descent lost power.
    The conflict in Colombia continues.
    The Indian point of view is admirably described in
    Rigoberta Menchú, ‘I, Rigoberta Menchú, An Indian Woman in Guatemala’, 1984, 1996 (Me Llamo Rigoberta Menchú Y Asi Me Nació La Concienca, Barcelona 1983)

  22. @Alden

    In the USA, fast food with far too much sugar, is far cheaper than buying potatoes, vegetables, meat, etc., yourselves, and prepare meals.
    So poor people, most of them not educated in what to eat, grow very fat.
    When traveling with an RV in the United States we very quickly stopped cooking ourselves.
    But we were just there for four weeks.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  23. @Alden

    The root cause of migration is the expectation of a better life.
    These expectations not always come true
    Herbert J. Brinks, editor, ‘Dutch American Voices, Letters from the United States, 1850- 1930’, London 1995

  24. She is the eldest daughter of linguists Noam and Carol Chomsky.

    Was curious of the relationship myself.

  25. Ms. Chomsky don’t mean to be mean.
    But dumb Whitey’s prospeks is lean:
    His Hispanic co-workers
    Is cheap, an’ no shirkers
    At keepin’ dem toilitboles clean.

  26. WJ says:

    We need Israel’s wall and Israel’s immigration policy. Despite his many problems we must give credit to Mr. Netanyahu for his candor. Israel can handle the occasional terrorist but it can’t handle the demographic flood from Africa that would change it forever. Importing millions of additional south of the border types to this country will ensure that we become much more like Honduras.

    I don’t know or care about San Jose’s homicide rate. I do know that my relatively recent visits to places in Cali outside of the PCH strip, show it to be an over-populated dirty s-hole.

    • Replies: @anon
  27. Brabantian says: • Website

    One thing superbly clear, is that no one of significantly Jewish heritage, should be pimping for mass immigration and open borders –

    Unless they first prominently, loudly, and consistently denounce the State of Israel for its ethno-centric strict anti-immigration policies … Israel so ethnically-biased they even reject highly religious black JEWS from Africa, via specious claims they are ‘not really Jewish’ etc … unlike totally atheist Ashkenazic white Jews, fully accepted as instant Israelis tho believing in nothing

    Eldest daughter Aviva Chomsky is here re-inforcing the long-running theme that her father the celeb ‘leftist’ Noam Chomsky, a ‘Zionist lite’ part-backer of Israel, was always a ‘limited hang out’, ‘controlled opposition’ pseudo-dissident

    Noam Chomsky and some others, were allowed to become ‘celebrities’ upon their agreement to join in pooh-poohing the JFK assassination files, which Noam claims ‘were not important’ … later making the same argument re 9-11

  28. Jake says:

    That crime will move here as the Hispanic drug gangs move here. And as the post-Christian Hispanics arrive, continuing to rediscover their pagan ancestry.

    Historically, not merely white/Gringo atheists have endorsed the latter, but so have many rather devout Protestants. I first heard the logic 3 decades ago from a Southern Baptist and a Pentecostal, both with long histories of ‘missionary’ work in Mexico and Central America. They said that to break the stranglehold of Catholicism, you sometimes had to help them get halfway re-paganized.

    So, both Anglo-American liberalism and Anglo-American Protestantism play key roles in Mexican American crime rates. Bad philosophy and bad theology do that.

    The German Trump.
    Kehrtwende is something like turning around.
    Seehofer is German minister of the Interior, that is police and so on.
    His opinion is that Islam does not belong to Germany, contrary to Merkel’s idea.
    He wants to guard the German borders, as the EU does not do it.
    76% of the Germans agree with him on all this.

  30. “Immigration” is about Jews genociding Whites.

    • Replies: @Another Realist
  31. What a surprise that this twaddle is spewed by one of the tribe that has concocted the operation to replae America’s population with Third World immigrants. With all respect to Mr. Unz, who is a true patriot and an honest man, why give space to people like this Chomsky? They already have the rest of the news media.

  32. tjm says:

    First off, the so called “wildly popular DACA”, you mean the illegally imposed Obama legislation, then supported by the Zionist media?

    Polls mean absolutely NOTHING in America. The ZioMedia purposely hides the innumerable downsides of mass immigration, and play up the guilt to make the sheep get in line. Popularity in the 21st century is only a measure of the power of the Zionist media to manipulate the indigenous American population to work against it’s own interests.

    If you love your country, you are against mass Latino immigration, because what is happening to America is not something anyone would wish in their worst enemy.

  33. “the U.S.-Mexican border have already contributed to the deaths of thousands of migrants, to the increasing militarization of the region, to a dramatic rise of paramilitary drug- and human-smuggling gangs, and to a rise in violent lawlessness on both sides of the border”

    That is the best case for building a wall I’ve heard in a long time. Well done. I’m not sure WTF the rest of the text needs to be. Other than the fact that Obingo allowed these children to come here in the first place. Aren’t a bunch of these DACA kids part of the child invasion of a couple years ago? Amnesty will only send the message “just get here, anyway you can”

  34. tjm says:
    @Buzz Mohawk


    Leave it to the Zionist politicians and media to frame the debate in a fashion that allows for more immigration.

    “Latino crime rates are lower”, so, we should welcome the invasion…”

    The Zionist Jews use immigration to destroy western civilizations. You will note, while Jews of all stripes push for open borders for the West, they insure “purity” for their evil little nation.

    Even the “anchor baby” laws were installed and supported by our dear friends the Zionist Jews…

    We could write all day on this matter, but at this point anyone who supports DACA, liar Chump, or mass immigration, are no friends to America.

    • Agree: HogHappenin
  35. Anonymous [AKA "Avi Schlockwurst"] says:

    Another bigot scapegoating innocent Jews for merely practicing their faith just like anyone else.
    The Holy Talmud does not consider it a sin to engage in sexual activity with children (as long as they are Gentile).

  36. Another leftard screed from another Tomtard. I have to wonder how many regular readers here actually want to read anything from Leftard Tom’s lineup.

  37. tjm says:


    My brother in law is in law enforcement on a national level, and is always talking about Latino gang violence being the real problem. Something the Zionist media will rarely touch.

    The Zionist Jew media will hide all the down sides of mass immigration, while hyping the so called “benefits”.

    Healthcare, ever wonder why health care is so expensive, I am sure there are many reasons, but one sure reason is the number of migrants that use the emergency room as their “free” primary care doctor. You don’t think 50 million migrants (legal and illegal) using “free” care is going to have an adverse effect on the cost of healthcare?

    How about so called “pre-K education”, AKA day care of migrants millions of kids.

    And on and on, there are so many programs that have been instituted to cover the mass migration crisis, hide its destructive effect upon society.

    The Zionists are the enemy within, pushing for war, open borders, and self hate/hate of white/Christian America.

    PS. Trump is a zionist whole, a puppet to the Jewish financial system. They love to paint Chump as an American firster, but he is anything but. Chump is about as anti immigration, as Obama was anti war…We have not had a President since they killed JFK.

  38. cezanne says:

    Here we have another prime example of a jewess professor trying to change Americans’ mind with prattle about diversity is our strength. I lived in a Washington state community that once was white, sleepy and happy. Then the Migrants came, bought up the houses (poor people? We couldn’t afford a house!) and turned the neighborhood into a known drug den. It’s now Mexican except for the few old white holdouts, who are too old to leave. This is happening all over. Where, I ask you do migrants (“who make less than whites”) get the money to afford new cars, homes, phones etc…, which many white families cannot afford? Drugs, illegal activities, crime and cartels. The money flows both way folks. Any person whose mind is changed by this POS professor just ought to leave America, and please take her with you!

  39. Borsalino says:

    My hometown in Pennsylvania is a shining example of the effects of illegal immigration. No one knows exactly how many illegal hispanics are here, but after having worked in Los Angeles for a few decades I wouldn’t hesitate to compare my area in PA to east LA. Some cities, like Hazleton, have gone from a small percentage of illegals to a current majority of the population. This area has also had a massive influx of blacks from the Bronx and Philadelphia within the last ten years. The last reports I’ve seen on our area give it a homicide rate 200% higher than Philadelphia and 800% higher than New York. Economically, we are tied with Little Rock, Arkansas, for last place in the nation.

    The daily news here offers the same droning reports of massive heroin busts and murders, hispanic domestic violence and child sexual molestation (a few blocks away an 86-year-old Mexican raped a 6-year-old girl, etc), blacks with a chronic penchant for infanticide, Dominican school kids settling their differences with machetes, packs of black teenagers roaming the streets day and night to beat up and rob people for their money and cell phones. A public service announcement last year even urged students not to walk alone during the day on their own college campuses. Add to this the endless reports of people dropping like flies from heroin and opioid overdoses.

    You can’t walk safely in any neighborhood anymore. Like LA, you live in your car going from one place to another, and the place you go to is likely a mall or store or bank where the video monitor ads they flash in your face are all in Spanish.

    Another effect of illegal immigration, I had a middle-aged cousin, a professional investor, who was killed during a robbery attempt, stabbed in the heart with a letter opener by an illegal Mexican. And now as tax payers we have the privilege of paying about $50k a year to house that Mexican in a steel cage for the rest of his life.

    To use an art metaphor, it looks like we’ve gone from Norman Rockwell to Hieronymus Bosch in about a decade.

    And I no longer see a political solution to any of it.

  40. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well spotted. How many times do (((they))) expect the white goyim to fall for this assisted suicide?

    No. The Tribe is digging its own grave – again – and this time it’s global. There’s no realistic scenario in which the parasite survives.

  41. tjm says:
    @Backwoods Bob

    Trump is an “American firster”, as “Obama was anti war”, as illegals are “dreamers”, as “America is a nation of immigrants”as white Americans are “racist”, as “Israel is our closest ally”, as concern for extreme control over the US governemnt by Zionist Jews is “anti-Semitic”, as “Israel does not occupy Gaza”, as 9/11 was done by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan”, as “Syria used chemical weapons on its people”, as “Russia was behind MH-117”, and on and on…

    America’s media has been run by Zionist Jews for decades, and they have used that control to destroy this country from within and without.

    Zionist Jews have controlled the financial industry for centuries, and have used that control to steal the wealth of the American people.

    Zionist Jews have controlled the entertainment industry for decades, and have used that control to demonize our religion, our small towns, our values, and have hyped the poison of “multiculturalism”, and piped hate into the veins of society…

    Immigration is the primary weapon used upon great societies to destroy them, using our desire to help, to harm ourselves.

    Trump is a whore to the Zionist money machine, any media attacks on Chump, are just cover, distraction, to hide what is really going on.

    • Replies: @sarz
  42. @Brabantian

    Noam Chomsky is right about the JFK assasination and 9/11…

    People are projecting their fanatasies onto JFK and Trump….Most of Trump’s Voting Bloc supports the illegal US Military occupation of Syria because they insanely believe that Trump is working with Vladimir Putin to defeat ISIS in Syria…JFK was a Cold Warrior…not a peacenick like Oliver Stone would have us believe.

    And when one provides the very compelling evidence that both JFK and Donald Trump are indictable War Criminals…their fans will go on to say:”Well….it’s the people who were advising JFK and Trump”….But this would be evidence that both JFK and Donald Trump are both stupid and morally weak men….not so great after all….

    I have no problem with Ron Unz posting commentary by Aviva Chomsky..I wish he would post Jeffrey Saint Claire’s Counterpunch commentary here also…..not because I agree with them. It’s your opportunity to respond to the Left..

    I would like Ron Unz to carry commentary by Bill Kauffman…

    I would also like see Andrie Martyanov give a Russian persepective on the Cuban Missile Crisis on Unz Review..

    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
  43. tjm says:

    AMEN, great comment!

    Like all the great evils Zionist Jews have delivered to America, open borders, mass migration, feminism, racism…all rife with hypocrisy, the Zio-media will always ignore.

  44. Iberiano says:
    @jilles dykstra

    The people most Americans call “poor” are not poor at all. They have public transportation, heat, often A/C, socialized health care benefits, etc. Take anyone from Latin America who has seen actual poverty and they will laugh at what we call poor in America.

    Most of America’s so-called poor are fat or obese because they eat all day, as a pastime and do not only no physical labor, but very little movement at all, past the TV or computer (both of which they typically have). The closest thing we have to real poverty in America, is in Appalachia, and almost all of those poverty stricken there, are thin, like their ancestors for hundreds of years were, in the same areas.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  45. “Immigration” is about Jews genociding Whites.

    Polio shots are about Jews genociding Arabs. We should encourage young Arabs to boycott them.

    The health authorities would scream, but nobody trusts them anyway, and the street would likely go whole-hog– excuse me, whole goat– for such a strategy.

  46. San Francisco newspaper owner and editor Isadore Choyinski…father of the Great Jewish Boxer Joe Choyinski(knocked out Jack Johnson in the third round) defended Denis Kearney during the anti-Chinese race riots in San Francisco…..Don’t forget Jewish Socialist Labor Leader Samuel Gompers…

    The Left in 2018 are a cabal of wierdos…freaks….and degenerates on parade……The demographic shift ultimately will not favor them…these freaks most definitely have an expiration date comming around the bend….

    Don’t forget (((Shelby Foote)))…

  47. I came to Unz to avoid this kind of stupidity but alas, even Unz has been infected by the libtards.

  48. @Fred on Nothing

    Isn’t that amazing? Almost without fail the most vocal supporters of open borders are Jews, doesn’t even matter if they are Democrat or Republican, they all want open borders. The only difference between liberal and conservative Jews is the conservative Jews are also Zionists who want us to go to war with every Shiite country on behalf of Israel, but then a lot of liberal Jews are Zionists too, so in the end there’s really not much difference.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @jilles dykstra
  49. Seneca44 says:

    A serious question for the author: Would you place any restriction on those seeking to emigrate to the United States? If so, what numbers would you permit annually? If not, are you aware that polling data indicates that somewhere between 150 million and 700 million worldwide would emigrate to the U.S. if they could? Should there be any penalty for those who enter illegally or overstay their visa?

  50. sarz says:

    Trump is a whore to the Zionist money machine, any media attacks on Chump, are just cover, distraction, to hide what is really going on.

    Actually, I saw there was an article by Chomsky’s daughter, so I sauntered by to get a whiff of sulphur… but now that I am here, let me respond to this possibly mistaken attack on Trump. Do go on attacking him. Many of his actions deserve it. But keep open the possibility for a few more months that charges will be brought against Hillary and other criminal globalists, and all hell will break out, and all the rules will change.

  51. @Seneca44

    Aviva and Noam Chomsky would place no restrictions on the number of nonwhite immigrants comming to America…They want The Historic Native Born White American Working Class DEAD!!!

    …As does MIT Professor Steven Pinker who in his new book makes a racially genocidal case to eliminate White Males from American Society….I am not exaggerating in the least when I write this.

    When is Steve Sailer gonna start a thread on Steven Pinker’s new book….Steven Pinker is an arrogant….odious…..creepy character….

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Hey AVIVA CHOMSKY – why waste all these words, words, words?

    Why not just come “out of the closet” so to speak and announce that you support, no demand the USA and all remaining (White) Western countries must have open borders immigration, unlimited migration from the entire world, including the entire Sub Sahara Black African world and the entire Islamic world.

    The Wall Street Journal’s chief editor Robert Bartley did indeed do this, publishing an annual July 4th editorial:

    “Thou Shalt have open borders”

    This demand that Europe, UK, Australia, Canada and the USA – the (White) West must accept every single human on planet earth does not of course apply to the favored state of Israel which is reserved as Jewish ethno state, with strong border walls, deportation of Black African undocumented etc.

    But, hey when you’re state is God’s Chosen State for God’s Chosen people you get certain tax breaks, advantageous like note having to welcome every last single ISIS terrorist, every last single Pakistani child rapists, every single M13 gang member, Ebola plague victim etc.

    Hey AVIVA CHOMSKY – here’s hoping you get a bad case of TB, infectious hepatitis before you bug out and retire to Israel on the US taxpayer’s dime.

  53. These days, the hearts of conservative Republicans, otherwise promoting programs for plutocrats, are bleeding for low-wage workers whose livelihoods, they claim (quite incorrectly), are being undermined by competition from immigrants.

    Send American payrolls off shore wherever possible. For jobs that cannot be sent abroad import cheap labor. These policies will not hurt native American workers.

    Perhaps you really are that stupid Aviva. But I am guessing you harbor a malevolent prejudice against American proles such as myself. Let them eat white privilege.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  54. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    Colin Flaherty referenced a Baltimore cop who said labeling homicides as suicides is an epidemic in Wakanda on the Chesapeake. He estimated 300 per year,unless the suicide victims stabbed and shot themselves multiple times.

  55. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    But keep open the possibility for a few more months that charges will be brought against Hillary and other criminal globalists, and all hell will break out, and all the rules will change.

    Let me guess: n’th dimensional chess…?

    It’s too late. Trump is a weak, weak, man – elected at the time when his country demanded strength. Appointing Pompeo to run his shit was the last straw for the remaining faithful.

    I still believe that he was not a Manchurian candidate (at the time). The (((CIA/MSM))) destroyed the last shreds of its influence trying to smear him… but he was always too weak and to clueless to resist effectively.

    So… let’s see what M.A.D. can do for humanity… We probably deserve it.

    • Replies: @tjm
  56. @sarz

    If the Democrats remove Trump from office in a soft coup….it will ignite a Civil War in the US… state the very obvious:A Civil War in the US in 2018 will always be an open race war…This is the open intent of The Democratic Party:an open race war against Trump’s Native Born White American Working Class Voting Bloc…And when you throw in gun confiscation….

    The Democratic Party has open viceral hatred of Conservative Christian Native Born Russia…and Donald Trump’s Native Born White American Christian American Voting Bloc…..just go read Steven Pinker’s new book….

    • Replies: @tjm
  57. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    It would be nice if innumerate Americans were made aware of the massive numbers involved. 430 million by 2040, the housing, pavement, sprawl and ensuing pollution. And for what?

  58. @War for Blair Mountain

    Hey “War for Blair Mountain”
    So you think that~

    “Noam Chomsky is right about the JFK assasination and 9/11″…

    Well to follow left gatekeeper sophists like Israei Firster Noam Chomsky and his insane views about both the JFK assassination and 9/11 as being unimportant is quite pathetic, but inducing learned helplessness is exactly the strategy of such warmonger apologists like Chomsky. It was always interesting to see the supposed ‘antiwar’ left get all bent out of shape as concerns 9/11 Truth, but of course when Obama was elected… more antiwar protests anymore either.

    Here is an article with some perspective on such “Academic Authoritarians” as Chomsky.

  59. @Iberiano

    Poverty is a relative concept.
    In my opinion there is a lot of poverty in the richest land on earth.
    That there are many poor countries in the world where the USA poor would be seen as rich is correct.
    This changes nothing to poor in the USA, and also in European countries, feeling poor, and being seen as poor.
    In Germany poverty is defined as an income lower than 60% of the average income, something like that.
    The attraction for migrant to come to W Europe is that for many being poor here is far more attractive than being rich in where they come from.
    And indeed, without doing anything.
    More than half of our poor are of non western origin, they cost us three billion a year.
    On top of all this, far too fat USA girls I met personally were not poor at all.
    But indeed, they also did nothing.

  60. @Another Realist

    Same here in Europe.
    Muslim hater Wilders, who lived two years in Israel, is accused of being an antisemite by the local Dutch AIPAC, CIDI, of being an antisemite, because he wants our country to leave the EU.
    Jews feel safe in multicultural societies.
    They loved the Austrian-Hungarian empire.
    They’re afraid of nation states, not without reason.

    • Replies: @Another Realist
  61. The Unz Review bills itself as an “Alternative Media”: A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media.

    This article is neither interesting, nor important, nor controversial, and will never be excluded from mainstream media. It is exactly like the thousands of articles we’ve read in msm that are all pro immigration. Why is it here?

  62. @jilles dykstra

    They’re afraid of nation states, not without reason.

    Most Jews could never be loyal to any country they are in. Even now when they practically run the US they are still consumed with paranoia. Throughout history Jews have been detested because they refuse to assimilate, are tribal, money hungry, power hungry, dishonest and lack self-restraint. They are completely incapable of self-critique, refusing to accept that it takes two to tango. Everything is always someone else’s fault. Nothing is ever their own damn fault. They are the perpetual victims, even as they’ve become the richest victim group in history. They’ve now hammered this poisonous attitude into the blacks, hispanics, muslims, women, LGBTQ and every minority group. In every country they are in, they become the fifth columnists wanting to sell out the country to outsiders, mostly for their personal financial gains, under the disguise of humanitarianism.

    Since Jews can never be loyal to any country that is not Israel, they need to voluntarily relocate themselves to Israel, put their multiculturalism ideal to practice in their real home country. But then that would require showing some honor, which most Jews greatly lack.

  63. Alfa158 says:

    One correction: Chomsky is not treasonous. A traitor is a person who betrays their own people and nation. She exhibits a loyalty to her people and hatred of her enemies that I can only wish all Whites would emulate.

  64. bjondo says:

    It won’t surprise you, I’m sure, to learn that Donald Trump portrays the world in a strikingly black-and-white way when it comes to immigration

    Not as black and white as Jew views Palestinians returning to their land and homes. The Noams and N. Finkelstein and ilk see Palestinians returning home as pointless, not serving any purpose other than needlessly upsetting the strange g-d’s PUREBREDS. Straight line: Abraham to The Noam.

    15th year anniversary near of Jew organized, planned, pushed, destruction of Iraq.

    Almost quoting The Noam, “Get it out of your minds. This war is for oil not Israel.”

  65. @Alden

    The Marxist terrorists are still active:

    a country where they are hated and vilified by academia, the media and the government?

    That sounds like a description of the UK.

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  66. @Michelle

    You don’t know Salem, Massachusetts. Its neither a haven for free enterprise nor limited, progressive free, governance.

  67. tjm says:


    So, tired of the apologists for Chump. I think the Zionists who rule us think we all have amnesia, sadly many do, but not all. I knew Chump was a fraud from the start. I took note of his divisive ways, his call for a “wall” (which will never get built). That Zionist traitor McShame used to push for a wall, it is the common meme of the shabbos goy, tell the sheep what they want to hear, but never follow through, just move onto the next lie.

    Love the “three dimensional chess” line, they used the same line for Obama when he was handing our rights to the healthcare industry. Those who own Trump, own Obama, own, Clinton. The goal is to split us in half, then set one side against the other.

    I sometimes wonder how far the control goes, I know they own the press, and can PICK any poll which reflects their globalist propaganda. I am sure they gave Trump the election, they have been grooming that prick ever since they bailed his fat ass out years ago. These people measure time in decades, while they have us on a 24 hour cycle.

  68. Wally says:
    @Ron Unz

    Unz said:
    “If you check, you’ll discover that crime rates in San Jose are roughly the same as those in tiny Beverly Hills, …”

    But who is committing the crimes in Beverly Hills?

  69. tjm says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Nonsense, the same people that own Trump own Clinton. It is indeed shocking how many fall for the theatrics of Washington/MSM. You know who Trump’s biggest supporters are, and Clinton’s?

    This is not rocket science, you must simply stop hating your fellow American.

    There are NO PURE LIBERAL OR CONSERVATIVES, those are constructs, used to manipulate.

    Most Americans are somewhere in the middle culturally. GIVEN THE FACTS, most Americans are just and decent, STOP BUYING THE JEW MEDIA BS!

    Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddox, Wolf Blitzer…and on and on, are all paid whore, immoral filth that have sold their souls to the devil.

    We all know the media lies, but we ignore that lie if it suites us, so called liberals buy into any lie if it demonizes so called conservatives, and conservative do the same.

    US elections have one purpose, divide the American people. Both Chump and Clinton are despicable people, yet those are the choices we are given, not because they are the best, but because they are good at acting, and because they are good at being hated. You really think Trump’s tweets are not contrived, written for him? It is shocking how naive Americans are. No one gets into the White House unless you are 100% vetted by the Zionist money machine. Trump is a product of Jew York City, how much more ANTI-AMERICAN CAN YOU GET?!

    • Agree: HogHappenin
  70. bjondo says:
    @Another Realist

    Since Jews can never be loyal to any country that is not Israel, they need to voluntarily relocate themselves to Israel

    Jew should never be allowed to relocate to Occupied Palestine.

    Israel is a term for the illegal, genocidal taking, uglifying, poisoning of land – someone else’s land.

    However, not far is a live volcano. In addition to settling, sacrifices can be done. Locals do not object. Just leave valuables behind before occupying, redeeming, becoming one with magma.

  71. @jonomd

    You must be some kind of special snowflake if reading something you don’t agree with sends you into such hysterics.

  72. @Another Realist

    ” they are still consumed with paranoia. ”
    The jewish identity ‘ever persecuted innocent victims’.
    Even the wife of the Dutch top rabbi said this in a Dutch tv report, ‘ this goes on for 2000 years’.
    The Armenians, the same, as was said by Turkish historians ‘the Armenian genocide is such a part of the Armenian genocide that it will never go away’.
    Keynes understood all this ‘ideas are the most powerful in the world’.
    Richard M. Fried, ‘The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming, Pageantry and patriotism in Cold-war America’, New York, 1998
    Perhaps the worst identity now is the present German identity ‘perpetrators of two world wars, war crimes, and the unique holocaust’.
    Some intelligent Brit understood all this ‘the poison of propaganda goes on for decades’:
    Philip M. Taylor, ‘Munitions of the Mind, A History of Propaganda from the Ancient World to the Present Day’, 1995, Manchester

  73. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Another Realist

    Throughout history Jews have been detested because they refuse to assimilate, are tribal, money hungry, power hungry, dishonest and lack self-restraint. They are completely incapable of self-critique, refusing to accept that it takes two to tango. Everything is always someone else’s fault. Nothing is ever their own damn fault. They are the perpetual victims, even as they’ve become the richest victim group in history. They’ve now hammered this poisonous attitude into the blacks, hispanics, muslims, women, LGBTQ and every minority group. In every country they are in, they become the fifth columnists wanting to sell out the country to outsiders, mostly for their personal financial gains, under the disguise of humanitarianism.

    In Talmud, the goyim (non-jews), and the animals have animal souls. Their only value rests in serving the Tribe, before they get discarded. Only the chosen ones have, actual, human souls. That’s all you need to know. There’s no other “religion” on the planet subscribing to this kind of supremacist ideology.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  74. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    A college professor who repeats the talking points of a largely synthetic wedge issue is depressing just as much as the equally distracting opposition. All is not lost for there are college professors who are very smart and have good ideas but you won’t be reading them on any of the political blogs because critical thinking and actually empowering readers to successfully question authority is actively censored. Insidiously, with an appearance of just the opposite.

    An honest discussion about immigration is being killed by the noise from both sides. Empty op-eds do serve a purpose however, if your emotions are affected you’re less likely to think.

    Here are some questions that could be asked, but there are many more and many better no doubt:

    Is there any mention of H1-B, or guest workers here? What impact is there on American workers? Is a free for all of competition something alleged progressives really want?

    Is there any discussion of immigration law that benefits corporations? How do they benefit? Will the media ever actually inform anybody?

    Is there any mention of the value that immigrants bring by paying taxes? And because this is so why are we only discussing human rights issues? Do immigrants make all Americans richer some how?

    Is there any discussion of how much wealth matters? So much so that misleading discussions of human rights are used to obscure the importance of wealth?

    Is there any discussion of how wealthy immigrants can easily buy access to beneficial outcomes via immigration law?

    There are many Americans wealthy enough to live in the United States yet renounce their own citizenship. Whose human rights are affected? Is this an option for less wealthy citizens or do they lose the rights wealth only affords? Is there such as thing as rights guaranteed by wealth that exceeds rights of being a citizen?

    Wealthy foreigners invested heavily in real estate allegedly displacing US citizens and driving the housing market. Is this good? Is this a human rights issue? Is this fraud? Is this just the free market that demands unimpeded flows of capital from anywhere in the world? Does this benefit Americans somehow? Is the country wealthier because we sell things to foreigners and the citizens suffer from exclusion in their basic needs via both supply and price?

  75. Karl says:

    > professor of history and coordinator of Latin American studies at Salem State University in Massachusetts

    it’s admission standards are lower than that of the community college in Sderot

    If her pappy wasn’t famous, she’d be a elementary school teacher. Or maybe she got her job by the Weinstein Method. Used to be pretty common in academia.

  76. Anonymous [AKA "Carson"] says:

    I believe in freedom.

    An important freedom is the ability to live where one wants to live.

    On the other hand, it seems wise that a country should have jobs, housing and other assistance available before it accepts immigrants. It makes no sense to tell people that they can come and then have no place for them to live and no way for them to earn a living.

    Put those two together, and I believe that a nation should strive to create jobs and housing both for its own population and such that people who want to live there can come.

    In school, economics taught there were three inputs into a business. Materials, capital and labor. The US believes in free trade across borders for materials and goods. And goes absolutely ballistic if anyone tries to say that money can’t cross borders. But the same free traders want to say that people are always trapped where they are, even when the free movement of materials, goods and capitals has destroyed the means of making a living where they are.

    America was based on the dream of people being able to move to America to start a new life. That is one of the most important of human freedoms, and if America is going to say it believes in freedom then it cannot deny this important freedom.

  77. joe webb says:
    @Ron Unz

    HI Ron, since we live nearby, let’s meet for coffee sometime.

    You must read the Daily Post, editor Dave Price. Back in 2015, in September, you may recall the flap in Menlo Park, involving the big Pine tree that was cut down in Fremont Park, across from Peet’s Coffee.

    A clutch of tree-huggers showed up and one of them chained himself to the tree as the Park Dept had cordoned off the area. The police and fire folks showed up, and talked the guy into unchaining himself. The Daily Post got some great copy, pictures of tree-huggers and chains and Sensation!

    That was too bad, as the tree crushing him would have done the world, including trees, a world of good. The tree was a favorite of the Menlo Park kids…dozens would climb it, etc. and it did have a fetching charm with its curling trunks and branches.

    I am alert, and had noticed the tree apparently tipping. I got out my measuring tape and logged it for a few days. When it started accelerating its downward path, I went to the maintenance dept. with my numbers. They immediately cordoned off the tree and prepared to cut it down.

    I called the Daily News 3 times about it and told them of course that I was the guy who had discovered it. They refused to credit me with “saving the children.’ That is liberal Dave Price who hates my guts for various events in the area.

    Now some of the tree’s lovable limbs lie there for the kids to play on, embellished by a wood-carver who has carved a bear in its cave, a throne for the kids, and so on. No dead and maimed kids.

    I got a letter from the maintenance dept of Menlo Park, thanking me. Nothing more until I ran into the female mayor a year later and told her about it. She said she would set up a little ceremony at City Hall to hand me the keys to the city or something.

    A couple weeks later I called in and was told that that was not gonna happen…but that they had written me a letter of commendation and to come in and pick it up. I did not.

    The Word about Joe Webb had been delivered to the Mayor..

    That is the world of Liberals. I probably saved the lives and limbs of several kids, but never give the conservatives anything. No good deed goes reported by the liberals. if it was a conservative or a White Racist!

    The kids love the play area of the remains of the tree. And I enjoy watching them.

    The other thing…you must read the Daily Post. Every day there is Mexican crime reported in it, and that is only a part of it. A few years ago I did a crime study of Mexican crime in our two counties and discovered that Mexicans were doing about twice the rate of crime as white. (There are almost no blacks here anymore since the Mexicans have taken over East Palo Alto, etc.)

    I read other material that suggests a 3 to 1 crime rate for Mexicans in general compared to whites.

    The other thing I notice is that cars with 2 or more Mexican males are not tolerated by the local police in downtown, etc. I have seen them pulled over by the police. For out-of-area folks on this list, Redwood City is walking distance away from Menlo Park, particularly the Fair Oaks area…which is heavily Mexican.

    I you go into the county courthouse in Redwood City, the floor that hears the normal crime stuff is wall- to- wall Mexican. The only Whites appear to be suits/lawyers.

    I had to call the complaint line for code violations on housing issues, and was told (last week) that complaints could not be anonymous except in Fair Oaks. Does that suggest anything?

    We are also building a new jail, which will be filled with Mexicans you can be sure. The aging White folks pay it. Of course, Redwood City, my more or less hometown, has only survived the Mexicans (about 50% now) because it is the county Center. Now that the Facebook and other techie crowd has begun its invasion, the Mexicans are starting to get driven out and will go to the East Bay.

    It is interesting that only now is the County beginning to talk about enforcing health laws in the Mexican part of town…what with houses filled with Mexicans, one family to a bedroom, and garages also housing families.

    Now that the techies need a place to live, the County decides to enforce. Move the Mexicans out…ok with me, but… a few years ago I called about all of this and was told by a County flak re enforcement of occupancy rules and sewer taxes (never mind schools ) , etc…that “what did I want them to do, use Gestapo tactics?”

    Gestapo tactics are not needed when Zuckerberg Speaks, and Money.

    So Silicon Valley saves Redwood City, The Dreamers move in as the nightmare moves out. Now we got white zombies, babbling about rainbows, but they don’t shoot you.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @RobinG
  78. @Anonymous

    Post-1965 Immigration Policy is driven by two powerful forces:1)The monumental greed of The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class…and 2)The racial demographic agenda of the majority nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…..1) and 2) were launched by the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act……

    There is no economic argument for race-replacing The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class……There was no economic need to import even one Asian Legal Immigrant post-1965……

    In 1965, a 90 percent Majority Native Born White America landed two Alpha Native Born White American Males on the Moon…..Asian “Americans” will be voting on Nov 3 2020 to make sure that there will never ever again be a 90 percent Native Born White America that lands two Alpha Native Born White American Males on the Moon ever again….

  79. @John Gruskos

    Ireland belongs to the Irish, not the thoroughly muzzified, progressive police state of Anglo-Saxon Zionophilia.

    • Replies: @John Gruskos
  80. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Aviva writes for Tom’s Dispatch. Tom’s Dispatch is on the real prop-or-not list. Not the fake prop-or-not list that the CIA set up so the media could disparage itself to make it seem more truthy and vital for the credulous readers.

  81. The Chinese in China would never make an economic case for having themselves race-replaced by Hindus in India…

    The Chinese in China would never tolerate an economic case for having themselves race-replaced by Hindus in India…..There would be open race war followed by an exchange of thermonuclear weapons…before it ever happened….

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Daniel Chieh
  82. @Anonymous

    ‘Jews. The essence and character of a people’, Arthur Herzberg and Aron Hirt-Manheimer, HarperSanFrancisco, 1998
    asserts, alas without a source, that just thirteen % of those who could have remained jews chose to do so.
    Klaus Hödl, ‘Als Bettler in die Leopoldstadt, Galizische Juden auf dem Weg nach Wien’, Wien, 1994
    states that rabbis discouraged emigration, because many after being overseas chose to leave the ‘suffocating jewish society’.
    I suppose the parent of Richard Feynman belonged to them, just later in life he discovered that they were, or had been jews, he then decided that he never wanted to have anything to do with any religion.
    ⦁ Jagdish Mehra, ‘The Beat of a Different Drum, The Life and Science of Richard Feynman’, Oxford 1994

  83. Growing up in the Chomsky household, I’m reasonably certain that the author has heard of Cesar Chavez. Not exactly the kind of guy you’d think would be promoting xenophobic Republican policies, right?

    Chavez was strongly against illegal immigration, because he had some crazy idea that a glut of poor workers with little to lose diminished the bargaining power of existing workers. Back in the day, such people were called scabs, and they were the scourge of attempts to give workers decent pay, minimally safe working conditions, and leverage against bosses who abused their positions.

    But that was a crazy time when Democrats were known as the party of the working man, and trade unions were occasionally useful for something other than crony capitalism and bullying members into voting against their best interests.

    It’s basically the one thing that even die-hard Socialists and free-market Capitalists can agree upon: an unregulated supply of anything drives down the value, whether you’re talking about dollars or human lives.

    Just as “humanitarian intervention” is used as a moral smokescreen for endless foreign wars, excessive rhetorical compassion for immigrants and refugees is a smokescreen for enriching the affluent at the expense of the political power and working conditions of everyone else. It is about establishing a permanent underclass to serve while progressively denying them both the example and the means to assimilate culturally and improve their socioeconomic position.

    In other words, it is as far from the American Dream as you can get without going full-on feudalist monarchy.

  84. joe webb says:

    Watching Tucker Carlson last night, Ann Coulter brought up the widely reported lack of full support of free speech by college students.

    She notes that it is only White and Black college students who fully support free speech. (Never mind the antifas.)

    She said that Asian and Mexican students do not show much regard for free speech. She did not provide numbers. I searched for them but no luck.

    Hence, the old Oriental Despotism factor that of course, I obsess about, is worth considering.

    Genetically, free speech is not in them. Get along go along is what they do and ‘think.’

    There is a Darwinian benefit in this if you belong to a group that biologically refuses to be overrun by outsiders. I will try to find Coulter and ask her about it.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  85. @Sollipsist

    Yes, that’s true…but unfortunately, Chávez fought against the mechanization of agriculture…and as a consequence, Chavez perpetuated the low wage farm labor market system.

  86. @jilles dykstra

    The Mehra book about Feynman is an excellent book. I just finished reading the book about the Sicilian Physcist Ettore Majorana…by a Portuguese Physcist….Marjorana should have won the Nobel Prize in physics three-four times….

  87. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Think of the Chindians in the dystopian police state of Singapore. They are allowed to register two races on their identity cards. The American rebel may misrepresent his identity on a job application when he sells his labor to the ‘man’. A favorite tactic is to mis-identify as asian, black or white but latino. When the ruling tyranny plays identity politics as the country goes to hell – the wayward citizens need to play science to keep the upper hand. Take a latino, asian or african american spouse. Double up with a foreign roomate. Hide behind the cloak of racial ambiguity on all official documentation. Put aside hysterics and run with the DNA – beat ’em at their own game.

  88. @Liberty Mike

    Ireland belongs to the Irish

    If you want to keep it that way, don’t let the likes of Alan Shatter control Ireland’s immigration and refugee policy.

    And if Andrew Jackson’s people, the people who for several decades chose Enoch Powell to represent them, want to come to America, I’d say we’d be lucky to have them.

  89. @War for Blair Mountain

    Not that reality actually needs to intrude on your world or anything, but China just opened a new immigration agency specifically to target non-Han immigrants. So what do you know, they are making a case specifically for “foreign talent.”

    Of course, the usual Chinese confidence that “multiculturalism means that everyone who enters is forced into Chinese conformity and becomes Chinese, or gets evicted” applies. Its worked for thousands of years, I mean.

  90. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @joe webb

    Speech isn’t free. White nationalists, as discussed previously, are making sure speech is tightly controlled. The sham is their white nationalism. Outrage is created by the press, although there doesn’t seem to be too much to be specifically outraged about. The so-called white nationalists goal is to restrict speech since the public won’t tolerate a group that appears to be racist and hateful enough without actually doing anything illegal. All dissent will then be made illegal by public demand.

    A notably loud group from Kansas managed to stiffle dissent at military funerals. Free speech by law here means keep your distance far away. In other words go away and shut up.

    • Replies: @jtl170
    , @Thomm
  91. @Another Realist

    Well done, Noam. What says: I love America and Americans, and I want my family to assimilate to this land more than naming your daughter Aviva.

  92. Rurik says:

    But I am guessing you harbor a malevolent prejudice against American proles such as myself.

    you’d be guessing right

    only I’d call it hatred

    not for anything we’ve done, but for what we are

  93. It’s Jewish people like Ms. Chomsky who make it difficult for those like me who defend them against charges of being participants in a Zionist conspiracy. The conspiracy is real, but most Jews have no role in it.

    These DACA slugs need to go. The USA has enough angry brownies.

  94. jtl170 says:

    Are white nationalists really the forces behind the suppression of voices like Charles Murray, Milo or Ann Coulter?

    As for nothing to be outraged about, how ’bout these headlines:
    It’s hard to read, but my personal favorite is: “Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  95. @John Gruskos

    Enoch Powell is generally okay by me.

  96. Thomm says:

    White nationalists, as discussed previously, are making sure speech is tightly controlled. The sham is their white nationalism.

    Hence the extremely large overlap between white nationalism and feminism.

  97. jtl170 says:

    Perhaps the best proof of the universality of “American values” is our nation-building campaign in the Islamic world. After trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, look how well that’s gone!

    Truly, everyone in the world is just a little American, waiting to break free.

  98. Renoman says:

    You have a wonderful site Mr. Unz, don’t let the chickens peck at cha.

  99. @Anonymous

    I believe in freedom.

    An important freedom is the ability to live where one wants to live.

    Okay, I will move in your home.

  100. RobinG says:
    @joe webb

    Granular, as always. Liked the tree story. No good deed, indeed. What’s your prediction on CA secession?

    • Replies: @joe webb
  101. Liljoe says:

    Psst… Aviva, “due process” is granted to American citizens and is not to be extended to every human being throughout the entirety of the world, as is often repeated by MSM.

  102. I my particular corner of the construction industry; the illegal aliens working the cash economy are crushing prices and wages. Data point or anecdote, you decide.

    But for you, getting your house cleaners and nannies cheaper is all good. I know you are dirty.

    • Agree: jtl170
  103. @Anonymous

    America was based on the dream of people being able to move to America to start a new life


    No, no it wasn’t. It was based on providing a nation for the descendants of the Founding Fathers.

    “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    “Ourselves and our posterity” not the wretched refuse of distant shores.

  104. Liljoe says:
    @Ron Unz

    “Here’s a website providing aggregate crime data for San Jose through 2016 (prior to the huge homicide drop in 2017). Offhand, the crime rates seem about the same as it was 15 years ago:”

    So, the crime rate is equally high now as 15 years ago, which is still exponentially higher than pre 1965 Immigration Act levels, so proving nothing.

    Love your blog, but as the likable Hispanic fellow says on ESPN all the time…”c’mon man!”

    • Replies: @Michelle
  105. @War for Blair Mountain

    “Steven Pinker is an arrogant….odious…..creepy character”

    I read his book, The Blank Slate. Okay, fine, but it didn’t strike me as a work of genius nor did I feel compelled to heap hosannas on Pinker as do some who cite the book. It seemed just…ordinary. The ordinary product of a good, but ordinary mind.

    I don’t get where people think Jews are so smart. Where are they then? Where are these exceptionally intelligent Jews? They must be working under deep cover because what I read of what they write is, well, disappointingly ordinary.

    Tom Lehrer? Now there’s a guy who wasn’t ordinary.

    • Replies: @jtl170
  106. jtl170 says:

    “I don’t get where people think Jews are so smart. Where are they then? Where are these exceptionally intelligent Jews?”

    Try the Nobel Prizes

  107. @jtl170

    Ah, okay. So you’re saying that the Jewish Nobel Prize winners are much more brilliant than non-Jew Nobel Prize winners. I didn’t know that. And that that’s where I have to look for this “exceptional intelligence”?

    But short of that, where would I find these exceptionally smart Jews? I assume that I would know that I stumbled upon one of them were I to discover one who spoke with a transcendently articulate voice, a logical style which left me stunned by its subtlety and a vocabulary that sent me scrambling to my dictionary for clarification.

    As I say, you Jews should not hide your candle under a basket. Trot them out!!! Put your wares on display! Don’t be shy.

    • Replies: @jtl170
  108. jtl170 says:

    I am not saying that Jewish Nobel Prize winners are smarter than non-Jewish winners. What I am saying is that among natural science and medicine Nobel winners, Jews are vastly overrepresented relative to their portion of the human population.

    Also, I am not Jewish – one of my great-grandfathers was, but it was not passed on. I was raised Roman-Catholic. Despite not being Jewish myself, I think Judaism is foundational to Christianity and Western Civilization.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  109. @jtl170

    As a Jew told me years ago, “Jews are very good at giving each others awards as well as the people who work for them.” The Nobel Prize is a joke. Didn’t Einstein get it? And he gave the money to his ex wife I believe because she did the math for his seminal work which the Jewish controlled media fells to mention. Einstein was a bit of a fraud and a terrible human being. How many Nobel Prizes have been issued for Economics and how many recipients are Jewish? Dr. Nassim Taleb has some interesting ideas on these charlatans.

    Jews like many blacks have no humility and are egomaniacs, thus their belief system that they should control the world. Jews get awards because they control the pathways and write glorious proclamations of each other. What they really do is rip off more deserving people which fits their ideology (for example the academy awards).

  110. anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Disagree with just about everything in this bogus article. Just Jewish cultural Marxist drivel written by yet another nation destroying Jew.

  111. anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘We need Israel’s wall and Israel’s immigration policy”.

    But it is Jews who are stopping us from having it.

  112. anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    POLITICS has an awful lot to do with who gets Nobel prizes sport. Look at how Obama was given one for basically nothing.

  113. @jtl170

    I think we agree then. Some Jews have won Nobel prizes and they are likely to be exceptionally smart–but no smarter than their peers.

    However, though it is widely acknowledged that Jews own and/or dominate the written and electronic media, the central banking system, much of the Judiciary, our Elite Universities etc., their output in these fields is predictably and sadly mediocre–what I call ordinary. They produce nothing that leaps out and grabs you by the collar and shakes you.

    They have contributed no novel ideas to western intellectual thought but are happy to merely paraphrase and relabel concepts developed previously by great European thinkers e.g. Pinker’s book is no more than an aggregation and restatement of prior, original thinkers, Jews conduct symphonies composed by towering European geniuses and so on.

  114. @Mark Presco

    When we become Zionist lackeys, killing and dying for the Zionist Jews who espouse the (now (in)famous) “invade the world invite the world” policy for whitey (and extreme ethno-centrism for themselves in Israel), we are as much to be blamed for this.

    Unless we are able to pry our collective selves out of this zombified Zionist worship, this will never stop. The Zionists use whitey as their toolkit to shape the world as per their liking and in return we are “enriched” with diversity, many a times from the very nations we’ve helped them destroy.

    Now that they are aching for a war with Christian Russia, I think the days of whitey and indeed many people are numbered. Which is why I’ve left this madhouse circus long back since I don’t think it’s possible to re-program people’s mind which has been poisoned by such crap as Diversity and the notion of American “exceptionalism” pushed by the same bunch who pretends to be Leftist and right ones to fools dumb cattle like us.

    Nonetheless, I hope you get what you strive for! I hope and pray to at least see it within our lifetimes!

  115. Medvedev says:

    I genuinely tried to read the article and understand author’s point of view, until this:

    The significant fortifications already in place on the U.S.-Mexican border have already contributed to the deaths of thousands of migrants, to the increasing militarization of the region, to a dramatic rise of paramilitary drug- and human-smuggling gangs, and to a rise in violent lawlessness on both sides of the border.

    If only we eliminated border control and had open borders all those drug smugglers, Central American gangs and cartels would stop breaking the law, killing people, selling drugs. This is beyond stupid even for many SJW types.

  116. Anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Fake news. White nationalists are going to the Supreme Court. You’re not a discriminating consumer of news and information. Ironic – discrimination is an old habit for some of the racist zombies.

    • Replies: @jtl170
  117. We had the Muslim party DENK for some time, but since yesterday, municipal elections, their politicians are all over the Netherlands, in small numbers.
    Their leader, Kuzu is quite open over his views, Erdogan is his president, integration is not necessary.
    His methods resemble those of Erdogan, politicians of the Muslim religion, with other political parties, when they have voted anti Muslim, or anti Turkey, or anti Erdogan, or anti Morocco, are exposed with picture on DENK websites as traitors.
    A few days ago about a hundred French intellectuals, from left and right, warned against the totalitarian Islam.
    It maybe is great that Kuzu acts the way he does.
    Those defending the open multicultural society now can see what they are defending.

  118. Spare me your vile Talmudistic faith.

    Dreamers will cost others jobs and benefits so you can go gloat in Temple.

  119. joe webb says:

    I doubt that it will go anywhere inasmuch as California is too important , etc. The secession movement is probably Mexican led. I recall a Mexican telling me a few years ago that they are going to take back California street by street.

    A comic possibility arises here. California degraded by savages and neighboring Nevada and Oregon build Walls to keep out Mexicans.

    The truth is that Europeans drove out muslims and Turks to keep their precious real estate.

    We captured California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and whatever else in the Mexican War of about 1848. Mexico captured the area from the Spaniards, and the Spaniards captured it from the injuns.
    I think it was Buchanan who pointed out that there is a peace treaty of about 1850 wherein we compensated Mexico with about 8 million dollars. Also, there were only about ten thousand Mexicans living in these territories. How many Indians lived here before the White man?.

    There were about 50 language groups of Indians in California alone…I seem to have read somewhere. Whites took the land from Stone Age folks. Inevitability.

    So Mexicans now take California, etc. back from stone-age liberals who cannot fight their way out of a paper bag of emotional mush.

    Pity…since California is probably, overall, the jewel of the planet. Injuns will squat and shit all over the place. It will look like Mexico and third world teeming of swamp critters.

    Joe Webb…no need for secession formally. Degradation a work in progress.

  120. JessicaR says:

    I spent most of my life in South Florida, an area in which approximately 40% of the population is foreign-born and mostly Spanish-speaking. One consequence of this is that many entry-level jobs–as waitresses and sales clerks, the kinds that allow people to work their way out of poverty,-require applicants to be bilingual. After Hurricane Andrew, many Spanish-speaking people migrated north to Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) and the bilingual requirement exists there too.

    Often studies of immigration focus on recent immigrants and conclude that they take jobs Americans don’t want–such as in agriculture or slaughterhouses. Academicians, by and large, do not study what happens when the linguistic composition of a whole area changes.

    These changes are especially hard on the poor and working class. Imagine being a poor, African-American male educated in a chaotic inner-city school and trying to find a job with a bilingualism requirement in place. When I taught ESE students, I was told that it takes a year for students to acquire conversational English–when they are being taught English full time in school. Imagine the hurdles for people who are older and are not in school? What should they do for the year it takes them to learn Spanish? What about immigrants from Haiti or Brazil? Do they have to learn Spanish and English both to be economically competitive?

    It is very easy to condemn opposition to immigration as racism while ignoring the very real economic effects on the working class. Academicians benefit from immigration because 1. No one is requiring them to learn Spanish to keep their jobs and 2. There is an increased demand for their services because of the extra students.

    Note that nowhere am I claiming that immigrants are especially prone to crime or are any worse or better than anyone else. I absolutely reject those claims as untrue, especially after controlling for family composition, social status, and other variables.

    I do suspect, however, that academics are so out of touch with working-class America that they do not even think to ask the right questions to find the answers about how such Americans are affected.

    Yes, opposition to immigrants is often colored by racism; however, there are real grievances as well.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  121. JessicaR says:

    I should make a correction. Forty percent of the population is not foreign born but in Miami-Dade County is classified as Hispanic. This figure includes the children and grandchildren born in America. However, the non-English speaking population from Latin America, Haiti, and Brazil is large enough to affect the labor market in ways noted above.

  122. wayfarer says:

    I’m from Southern California, and faced an unobstructed immigration tsunami my entire life.

    A positive way to view this phenomenon is that it raises the bar, for working class Americans. At least that’s the view I’ve adopted.

    One should not be afraid to take the path of an entrepreneur, as it’s unbounded and limited only by an individual’s imagination.

    Become a self-employed creator, no university degree is required.

    • Replies: @JessicaR
  123. Anonymous[277] • Disclaimer says:

    Tacos, pupusas. Try the soups. Make sure the cook is good but any place that has been around a while has a good cook.

  124. @John Gruskos

    If you want to keep it that way, don’t let the likes of Alan Shatter control Ireland’s immigration and refugee policy.

    We’re trying. I would take a bullet for a Taoiseach who was even skeptical about immigration. Varadkar said some heartening things but it seems that he is just another bureaucrat who views Irish government as a launchpad to a sweet sinecure in Brussels. Irish pols in general are very invested in the EU. And indeed, those agricultural subsidies were once lifesaving– but a Faustian bargain to be sure.

    “Born in Dublin to a Jewish family, Shatter is the son of Elaine and Reuben Shatter, an English couple who met by chance when they were both on holidays in Ireland in 1947. He was educated at The High School, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin. In his late teens he worked for two months in Israel on a kibbutz.”

    Neither Shatter nor Geldof will make an appearance at this year’s Loyal League of Yiddish Sons of Erin banquet.

  125. Anonymous [AKA "refer"] says:

    Why is the US responsible for uniting families, when it is the immigrant who abandons his family and homeland?
    Yes, immigration can be a major, destructive force. Look at Europe.
    There is no reason why we need any more immigrants, since we have 330 million already. I don’t want groups with high birthrates turning US into China or India. We are already experiencing water shortages, more people makes it worse. More people makes lots of things worse.
    We have had loosey-goosey chain migration for 50+ years, enough already.
    “Chain migration” does not have to be offensive. “Chain” can be used in several ways, in this case it clearly describes a situation in which one migrants links to another, then another, with each new link then bringing in a wide range of relatives.

  126. jtl170 says:

    Is it fake? Are those headlines made up?

    The one I cited, “Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion,” reads awfully like another philosophy that had a “solution” for a certain group of people in mind.

  127. JessicaR says:

    Those entry-level jobs that now require bilingualism allow people to save money to start businesses or support themselves while they acquire needed skills.

  128. Dr. Doom says:

    The Chomsky Brigades always side with Idi Amin. They chuckle and chortle when he says he’s the Last King of Scotland. Bibi is where he is because his brother died saving Chomsky from his Idi Amin fetish. But Idi Amin gets more respect fromChomsky than the GI Joes that fought the Bohemian Corporal.
    It matters little. Chomsky gonna hate. Morality and Christianity in particular always gets in the way of any rational discourse on Idi Amin.
    Sure Mexico is short on Idi. Pancho Villa and the Spanish Inquisition do not co-exist well with Idi and his kind. That Spanish Inquisition lives on in Mexico though you’ll find. The Non-White World is the Place where Time Stands Still.

  129. Patricus says:

    Is it known that Ms. Chomsky is a Zionist or a religious Jew? Most Jews are neither.

    Her opinion that illegal immigration doesn’t matter is certainly deluded.

  130. Michelle says:

    Thank you! There would be almost no crime in San Jose at all, were it not for Hispanic immigration. Oh wait, I used to date an Hispanic/Spanish engineer who worked for General Electric during the 1990’s, I am pretty sure he committed no crimes, excepting, maybe urinating in public during pub crawls, he was a party animal, as are most Europeans.

  131. Patricus says:

    It is remarkable that Hispanics have such a low rate of murders and assaults when the central American nations have the highest rates in the world. Somehow those who immigrate illegally just happen to be the most peaceful characters. Something doesn’t add up.

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The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings