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Rebecca Gordon: One Weekend a Month, My A**
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Think about this for a moment: in a country whose infrastructure is falling apart and where an inequality gap of monumental proportions is still growing, at least we should feel remarkably well-protected. After all, in the last fiscal year, the Pentagon, the one institution in Washington that only seems to receive more taxpayer dollars every year, spent 103 million of them to send thousands of National Guard troops to our southern border. It is expected to spend another $308 million in fiscal 2019 mainly to fund them to string concertina wire and twiddle their thumbs. At least that much (and probably more) will be spent maintaining Army units on that same border, as several thousand more troops are soon to be dispatched there. In 2019, it’s estimated that up to 5,800 troops and 2,300 members of the National Guard will continue to be deployed to support and reinforce the president’s oversized ego in those borderlands.

When it comes to infrastructure, however, despite his past promises of $1.5 trillion in investment and the barest of nods to such financing in his recent State of (Dis)Union Speech, the main infrastructure Donald J. Trump seems intent on financing with all that concertina wire is the shaky set of great walls inside his still expanding head.

If only we could see that set of structures, we would surely be awed. Since we can’t caravan into his brain, however, how about spending a little time instead with TomDispatch regular Rebecca Gordon. Consider just what that strange and, as she puts it, “unregulated” fellow in the Oval Office, who has already felt so free to send the National Guard off in search of his particular demons on that southern border, may do with those same troops in 2019. Who will be his next set of demons, the next caravanning crew to inhabit his disordered brain and our increasingly disordered world? It might even be us.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Military, Donald Trump 
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  1. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Like cleaning the litter box, I repeat: why does Mr. Engelhardt enjoy the privilege of having these introductions published separately from the article of the, as he vainly reminds us, “TomDispatch regular”? Ms. Gordon’s article is on another page, with its own place for comments; so to the extent people want to discuss the NPR/NPC view of things, we’ll have commenters literally talking past each other, diminishing one of the best aspects of TUR.

    Assuming (very) hypothetically that TomDispatch or its parent The Nation wanted to amplify a TUR article written by, say, Linh Dinh or C. J. Hopkins, it’s hard to imagine Mr. Unz requesting, much less receiving, such an annoying little soapbox.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  2. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    So I just read Ms. Gordon’s informative article about the legal status and history of the National Guard. Notwithstanding this teaser, her principal concern is a young friend’s exposure to extended combat overseas, the sort of thing that used to rile people like Mr. Engelhardt before the Pax Obama and, now, what he has called the “Age of Trump.”

    Read both, and you’ll see how he has once again pimped a “TomDispatch regular” to get some DTS snark published here.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  3. Hibernian says:

    My Dad was a Marine in the 50s and almost all of the kids’ dads, in the 60s, were veterans, mostly WW2. Also we watched war movies and military TV shows. When I went into the service, (Illinois National Guard, not as a draft dodger, it was many years after the War and I was near the maximum age) I understood that the purpose of the armed forces was to KILL. (What is the spirit of the bayonet? To KILL, Senior Drill Sergeant.) The recruits of more typical age were streetwise and also knew this. I think a fair number were sons of Vietnam veterans. And everyone in the service knows, “Recruiters lie!”

  4. peterike says:

    One need only glance at Rebecca Gordon to know that no sane person should ever listen to her.

  5. Rags says:

    We should institute QP(Quantitative Pedro). Since, as Greenspan had admitted, the UnFederal Reserve can print money ad infinitum the Border Patrol can hand out cash from huge bales until Pedro says “Gracias” and heads home. That’s all he’s here for anyway.

  6. What the hell is going on here with the double promotion? And its on behalf of a stupid article that wants to pretend there is no demographic invasion flooding across the southern border into America.

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