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Pepe Escobar: the New Great Game Between China and the U.S.
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In Washington, voices are rising fast and furiously. “Freedom fries” are a thing of the past and everyone agrees on the need to support France (and on more or less nothing else). Now, disagreements are sharpening over whether to only incrementally “intensify” the use of U.S. military power in Syria and Iraq or go to “war” big time and send in the troops. The editor of the right-wing Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, is already calling for 50,000 American troops to take the Islamic State’s “capital,” Raqqa. Republican presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham, who has been urging that another 20,000 troops be dispatched to the region for months, offers this illuminating analogy to sports: “I’m looking for an away game when it comes to ISIL, not a home game. I want to fight them in their backyard.”

And don’t forget that increasingly angry sideline discussion about the Obama administration’s plan to let 10,000 Syrian refugees, carefully vetted for up to two years, trickle into the country. Alternatives proposed include setting up even harsher, more time-consuming vetting processes to insure that few of them can make it, allowing only certified, God-fearing Christian Syrians in while — give a rousing cheer for the “clash of civilizations” — leaving Muslims to rot in hell, or just blocking the whole damn lot of them.

In such an atmosphere of rancor and pure war-hawkishness, it’s increasingly hard to remember what a more peaceable world looked and sounded like. That’s why TomDispatch’s peripatetic reporter Pepe Escobar, who roams Eurasia, especially the region he long ago dubbed Pipelineistan, is like a breath of fresh air. He reminds us that there are still places where people are talking about — gasp! — building up infrastructure in a big way, not defunding it and letting it crumble into dust; places where leaders are intent on thinking about how to unify worlds through commerce and trade, not smash them to smithereens via air power and drones. Maybe that’s just what it means to live in the heartland of a rising power, rather than a declining one.

His focus is China and don’t get me wrong, that country’s no bowl of cherries. Even if not at American levels, it’s pouring money into its military and elbowing its neighbors in nearby waters, as you might expect of a bulking-up regional power. Still, it’s got a dream that its leaders are actually happy to promote and it’s not a warlike one that highlights an ever-more heavily militarized world either. That in itself should count for something. But let Pepe Escobar fill in the details on a Chinese dream of full-time construction across Eurasia that, transposed to this continent, would once have sounded American indeed.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, China 
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  1. Rehmat says:

    The Weekly Standard magazine is Israel Lobby’s mouthpiece. Bill Kristol is a Zionist hack who will ran his car over his mother if tries to criticize Netanyahu.

    On September 30, 2013, Bill Kristol penned a hateful column against Barack Obama and Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani. Kristol called Rouhani deceitful and accused Obama of retreating from his earlier tough stand against Iran. He warned Obama that “smaller retreats leads to larger ones”. Kristol whined that Obama should have treated Rouhani like Winston Churchill treated Hitler and Mussolini in the 1940s.

    At the end of his hasbara crap, Kristol claimed that Obama being defeated by Rouhani’s charm, leaves Netanyahu to save the West from Iran.

    “It is a strange course of events, heavy with historical irony, that has made the prime minister of Israel for now the leader of the West. But irony is better than tragedy,” wrote Kristol.

    William Kristol is an American spokesperson for Israel’s foreign policy in the Muslim world. His statements and campaigns show which Muslim country the Zionist regime wants to destroy. Kristol was one of the authors of the US invasion of Iraq. He campaigned for American military attacks on Somalia, Afghanistan and Libya in the past. He blasted Barack Obama for withdrawing US forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. He supported Egyptian military coup against the elected president Dr. Morsi. Currently, he is running a similar war campaign against Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Hizbullah. Kristol is one of the founders of the ‘Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), an Israeli advocacy group. He is a committed Islamophobe. Kristol is the editor of the Weekly Standard and a columnist at the Jewish Washington Post. Kristol was a senior adviser to Mitt Romney on foreign policy.

    Professor Kevin MacDonald describes Kristol and other Israel-Firsters like him, saying: “They are the moving force behind the violence unleashed by the West on the enemies of Israel – the wars that have become the face of the West to the rest of the world. And despite all the high-flown rhetoric about freedom and human rights, it is an ugly face indeed.”

    Robert Parry, American journalist, author and blogger says that while the Zionist Muslim-bashers blame Muslims for terrorism, it’s them who teach terrorism to western Judeo-Christians.

    Watch below an excellent video on the true face of Israel and Jewish control over America.

  2. @Rehmat

    Robert Parry is a pro at substituting false narrative with alternative false narrative:

    ^ I recommend the piece where he pulls a revisionist history of the anti-Federalists out of his ass

  3. kinda fuck up that something as obvious as “treating another country as an enemy, threat, it will act/react accordingly” needed to be emphasize so much 🙁

    why the hell do we go out of our way to make enemies? are these fuckers in our govt right in the head?

  4. @Rehmat

    Israel, does not control US foreign policy. The appearance of that is a result of the political influence of Dispensationalist Christians. This, however, is changing because all Christians are having progressively less influence on US politics. There are a number of false Christians supporting the left, but they are consistently anti-Semitic and have no use whatsoever for Israel or anything that smacks of support for her.

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