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Pepe Escobar: Inside China's "New Normal"
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Sometimes this planet changes right under your nose and you still don’t notice. This sentence, buried in a New York Times piece on the Greek debt crisis, caught my attention the other day: “Greece, meanwhile, has suggested that it could turn to Russia or China for help if its talks on debt relief and a rollback of austerity measures break down.” Russia is, of course, an unlikely bulwark, being on distinctly shaky economic grounds itself right now, but I’m not surprised by the thought — at least from Syriza, the lefty party now in power in Greece. But China? Not since tiny Albania joined the Chinese camp in the Cold War have we seen a sentence that in any way resembled that one. And yet it certainly catches something of the changing face of our planet. After all, as time goes by, the magnetic power of the Chinese economy is moving ever closer to Europe. Just two years ago, the Chinese became the Middle East’s largest trading partner, leaving the European Union in second place and the United States in third. By then, China was already Africa’s largest trading partner, having displaced the U.S. some years earlier.

This may not be making headlines here, but it’s no small thing. The economic rise of China, especially in areas where the U.S. had committed so much in blood, sweat, and drones, should take anyone’s breath away. Fortunately, TomDispatch’s peripatetic Eurasian correspondent Pepe Escobar (the man who invented the term “Pipelineistan” for the web of energy conduits that crisscross that vast continental area) arrives in the nick of time to offer us a view from Beijing of an economy still staggeringly on the rise and the plans of the Chinese leadership, from Asia to Europe, for knitting together what, if it happened, might indeed someday be seen as a new world economic order.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: China 
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  1. The NYT piece neglects to mention the USA was included in Greece’s list of alternative possible sources of financing.

    “We have other ways of finding money. It could be the United States at best, it could be Russia, it could be China or other countries” -Panos Kammenos, defense minister

    Of course that doesn’t fit the American mainstream media ‘reckless Greek left’ narrative and is conveniently ignored. It takes about two seconds to get the actual quote but apparently it doesn’t fit Englehardt’s narrative either. Is this possibly because it comes from Syriza’s right-wing coalition partner?

    Taking nothing away from Pepe Escobar (other than his using a ‘Nation’ project/platform to publish) Engelhardt’s spin reminds me of other ‘alternative’ media platforms (with ‘Nation’ personalities & ties) taking dives into the gutter of misinforming people as to the facts:


  2. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    All exponential growth comes to an end. China’s economic growth will come to an end because the Han people are destroying their ecological life support system.

    Second point:it is monumentally outrageous that China is allowed to export its Han Youth population to the US…where the Han People can vote enthusiastically on Nov 3 2016 to very rapidly reduce The Historic Native Born White American Majority to a violently persecuted racial minority in post-white US….And, the Han “Americans” are actively participating in the destruction of Centuries of Native Born White American Engineering and Medical Experience…this is most definitely in the realm of Genocide!!!!

    The Han People invaders in California are a major threat to California’s Endangered and Endemic Species. The Late Alex Cockburn wrote once about how he would like to see Ursus Horriblis(Grizzly Bears) restored to the Golden State…Alex was also a fanatical enthusiast for flooding the Golden State with the ecocidal maniac Han People!!!!

  3. Well Bill, why doncha propose your own Fu Manchurian candidate and foil their nefarious scheme ?

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