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Max Blumenthal: the Next Gaza War
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We’ve just passed the first “anniversary” — if such a word can even be used with such a catastrophe — of Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s third invasion of the Gaza Strip in recent years. That small bit of land has now suffered more devastation than just about any place on the planet. In the wake of the third war since 2008, more than 100,000 displaced Gazans remain homeless or crowded in with relatives. Whole neighborhoods, destroyed in the conflict, have yet to be rebuilt. A year later, there is still next to no electricity, the area’s sole power plant having been taken out by Israeli air strikes, and the situation when it comes to sewage and potable water, is disastrous. Blockaded and devastated by repeated wars, Gaza’s manufacturing sector has almost disappeared, while its economy is “on the verge of collapse,” according to the World Bank. In short, by any standard, Gaza is not a livable place and yet 1.8 million people (more than half of them under 18 years old, 43% under 15) are crammed into it with nowhere to go and in most cases nothing to do. After all, Gaza now has what may be the highest unemployment rate on the planet at 44%, with youth unemployment reaching 60%.

The great Israeli reporter Amira Hass, author of the classic book Drinking the Sea at Gaza: Days and Nights in a Land Under Siege, recently put the matter this way: “In practice, Gaza has become a huge, let me be blunt, concentration camp… This is not a novelty… This did not start, unlike what many people think, with the rise of Hamas… This policy of sealing off Gaza, of making Gazans into… defacto prisoners, started [in 1991]… So if I want to sum up the reality of Gaza: it is a huge prison… It is an Israel-meditated, pre-meditated, pre-planned, and planned project to separate Gaza from the West Bank.”

Max Blumenthal’s new book, The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza, catches the nightmare of the third war in this tiny piece of land in the last six-and-a-half years in a uniquely gripping way. In its pages, you follow him directly into the devastation of the Israeli invasion. (He entered Gaza during the first extended truce of the war.) I doubt there could be a more vivid account of what it felt like, as a Palestinian civilian, to endure those weeks of horror, massive destruction, and killing. Today at TomDispatch, he looks back on that experience and forward to what he doesn’t doubt will be the fourth war of its kind. If he’s right, then sadly, in the years to come, some reporter will be writing yet another book on a Gaza war.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Gaza, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir. Agree with you on your description of Gaza.

    To quote a famous author (I think it was Israel Shamir), we are all Palestinians.

    And that is the cause of the Gaza problem and is another bigger problem.

    Everywhere you travel in USA and Europe, you see towns and cities that look right out of the 3rd world—crime ridden neighborhoods full of blacks and Mexicans out of the 3rd world and with no whites in sight, having disappeared—mostly by going extinct, not having children, due to Jewish media’s promotion of barrenness, and malcegenation, and due to imposition of the alien invasion by the Judaists.

    Our Congressmen are Gazans. They are forced to sign pledges supporting Israel, and forced to destroy their country through 3rd world immigration, or risk destruction of their careers, mockery or defamation by the Jewish controlled media (eg. Trump), loss of campaign contributions from their biggest donors, or even risk being framed.

    When Cynthia McKinney refused to sign the pledge, she was forced out. When another freshman Congressman simply wanted to delay a vote in favor of Israel, he was attacked, taken to Israel where he was softened up and now is totally under the Jewish Lobby’s control. Trafficant said that he was framed because he helped Demjanjuk.

    Even our Supreme Court is totally under Jewish control—just look at the way they fabricated a “legal right” to “gay marriage” when the constitution says no such think, a fraud manufactured and promoted by the Judaists.

    • Replies: @Tom_R
  2. Romanian says:

    I might get flamed for this, but this is the problem: “1.8 million people (more than half of them under 18 years old, 43% under 15) are crammed into it with nowhere to go and in most cases nothing to do. After all, Gaza now has what may be the highest unemployment rate on the planet at 44%, with youth unemployment reaching 60%”.

    The population of a third world area with massive wants doubled in 15 years, African style. The incredible youth bulge in many places of the world would outpace the capacity even of competent and free countries to provide education, jobs, social status opportunities, to the level which people expect by comparison with the most successful nations etc, let alone that of failed or unsustainable states.


    The Gazans are living in, basically, a prison, but they’re churning out children with no regard for their future or their crowdedness. How much parental investment is even possible under these circumstances? Are those children even able to become, on average, well adjusted citizens of some other country, or are they raised to hate an enemy and wish for their destruction, to the exclusion of their own safety or that of their families?

    Saudi Arabia had 3 million people when it gained independence, it has 30 million today. Jordan, which is the true Palestinian state to my mind, not those little rumps Israel does not know what to do with, had 300 thousand people when it became the Hashemite Kingdom, and now has 6.5 million, supposedly. Don’t get me started on Africa.

    Would Europeans be multiplying at that level under these circumstances, especially with humanitarian and economic concerns in mind? Of course not. They would, if they were thinking of eventually outlasting the will to fight of their enemy through sheer numbers and masochism.

    Cui bono? The answer is that, while Europeans (and Euros only) are wringing their hands about the poor Palestinians, the Palestinians (and their Arab enablers, who are just as much their jailers as the Israelis, if not more so) see only the cause. Absent some ancient-style population cleansing, which is impossible to do today, the population with the most children wins out in the end – it has the most future soldiers, the most martyrs, the meatiest human shields and eventual political majorities under misguided democratic principles. The War Nerd said it best when he described “womb warfare” as the great strategy of all unconventional wars, from Timor to Kosovo and South Africa.

    I pity everybody, but I pity the Israelis more.

    • Replies: @George Taylor
  3. Tom_R says:


    ‘when the constitution says no such think’

    should read:

    when the constitution says no such THING.

  4. Stogie says: • Website

    Considering the ongoing campaign of murder against the Israelis, the murder of the Fogel family and the passing out of sweets by the so-called Palestinians in celebration of the murder, which included an infant, the street celebrations when their fellow Muslims flew planes into the Twin Towers, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the “Palestinians.” A pox on them.

    • Replies: @Art
  5. Q: What do you call a Palestinian population explosion?

    A: Genocide, you filthy Jew lover!

    • Replies: @KA
  6. @Romanian

    The Gazans are living in, basically, a prison, but they’re churning out children with no regard for their future or their crowdedness.

    Your up against Goliath, in effect there is virtually no way to fight back conventionally. I purpose this is a logical way to fight back, when one side wants to wipe you out. It’s another form of asymmetric warfare.

    • Replies: @Romanian
  7. Romanian says:
    @George Taylor

    That’s what I said, asymmetric warfare… unconventional etc etc. As opposed to smart bombs and soldiers whose every loss is a political crisis. But what does that mean, in a larger sense?!


    The people coming on those ships in the Mediterranean, mostly young men of military age, they’re not armed and looking for “space to destroy” (except for the Daesh plants), but they are just as much an invasion force as any that has set sail on the Med. It is enabled by the weakness of its adversary. Does the fact that they are unarmed and presumably not hostile change what they are and what the response must be if they cannot be discouraged by civil means to not come to Europe anymore? Isn’t it suicide or abandonment of responsibility to let yourself be exploited by adversaries in that way?

    The demographic timebomb in Gaza is the same – children bred to be, more or less intentionally, a weapon, not with the expectation that they would live a normal life. Are they, in that sense, still children? The Egyptians won’t have them, the Jordanians dropped the West Bank like a lump of uranium after they tried to assassinate the king and make a larger Palestinian state in the region. And the Israelis can’t do a thing about them either, without losing their precious national project. And it’s even more messed up, when you think that Israeli Arabs and other Muslims are some of the most prosperous and democratically empowered individuals in the Middle East. There just can never be too many of them, or the thing goes to hell.

    Anyone here ever read the Carrera series of low-tech military sci fi, by Tom Kratman? Carrera is this mercenary leader who is basically Kratman himself, and he adheres religiously to the letter of the rules of war, which are much less humane than most liberals would assume. You occupy a nursery as an enemy combatant – you are given an opportunity or two to peacefully leave the nursery and set up somewhere else, or you are blown up with it, so that the point is made that there is no kryptonite for straight up combat. War like it has always been. Hamas is doing the same thing in Gaza and forcing the Israelis to lose the PR war when they drop a hospital or school on top of an army plus civilians who are effectively meat shields.

    • Replies: @George Taylor
  8. @Romanian

    The demographic timebomb in Gaza is the same – children bred to be, more or less intentionally, a weapon, not with the expectation that they would live a normal life. Are they, in that sense, still children?

    In the eyes of most of the world “Yes”

    In the USA we know who controls the established media but that is not necessarily the case in China, India, Brazil, Russia even Europe. In asymmetric warfare of the public relations variety. Pictures of starving frail children in Gaza are not being censored and there not blaming Palestinian parents for the problem. Israel is already being isolated over the Iran nuclear negotiations. Netanyahu and Israel are becoming pariahs everywhere but the United States. But even here cracks are happening. Read Steve Sailors Are Jews Losing Control of the Media?

    It’s going to get harder and harder for USA to maintain it’s indifference, the tide is turning. No matter how sick you think the strategy of what there doing is, and yes it is sick, when the tide turns as it almost certainly will, the Gazan’s strategy will be validated.

  9. Patriot says:

    Gaza is the largest and longest running concentration camp in world history.

    Shame on the Jews.

    Shame on the Jews.

    Of all people like they should know better.

    Shame. Shame!

  10. KA says:

    What question are you trying to get answered?

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There’ll be the usual group of people who’ll say the Palestinians deserve to be killed, that they’re just asking for it and whatever misfortune they suffer is all their fault, that they are forcing the reluctant Israelis to do what they are doing. The Palestinians have no right to fight back but are supposed to just roll over and die for the convenience of the Israelis.
    Palestinians may have become something of an unpleasant society but it’s due to the deformation imposed upon them by being herded into what amounts to large reservations. Arabs have too many children, sure, but how much criticism do we hear about Israelis of the fanatical religious type having ‘too many children’? Everyone knows demography is often destiny and they’re acting accordingly. The Arabs within Israel enjoy a much better standard of life than elsewhere, that’s true, but they’re also unwanted. There’s probably scheming going on as to how to get rid of them at some point which will probably be effectuated when conditions permit.
    Israel has never wanted peace but has only pretended to. Force has been what enabled them to get established and force has enabled them to expand, step by step, driving first the British and Arabs out of their way as they’ve enlarged their area and strengthened their state. They’ve had a winning strategy and have stuck to it. The US has been their great enabler as they partner with the US in acting as our local attack dog. The Palestinians are an inconvenient population so they are to be squeezed and strangled so that they just disappear; it’s a long term strategy of getting rid of them little by little until they become extinct. Anyone who looks at the long term pattern knows this since it’s very apparent. The rest is just smokescreen.

    • Replies: @Romanian
  12. Romanian says:

    France was their initial enabler, just to clarify.

    I think you make some very good points, but people forget one thing: Gaza cannot be blockaded by Israel alone. Neither can the West Bank. In Gaza’s case, its southern flank is shared with Egypt. I have yet to be given a good answer as to why Egypt blockades Gaza as well and why it has not assumed (or why Palestinians have not pursued) sovereignty over the area. Why haven’t Palestinian refugees been given citizenship in those respective countries after so many years? I can accept a Palestinian nationality, but not an ethnic identity separate from the Arabs of the area, though that might come one day (and should be avoided, for their sakes). Gazans can be free of their Purgatory to live meaningful lives and not serve as pornography for warmongers. But the Arab states won’t step up. Gazans and West Bankers are both too useful and too dangerous to integrate in one’s nation. You might lose the casus belli, or you might find that their political arm is fomenting unrest in your own country, as they did in Jordan.

    I would also challenge your cynicism regarding Israeli Arabs. Most of them know which side their pita is buttered, regardless of the reflexive hostility of a certain segment of Jewish society. But the time to expel them has come and gone, with every opportunity sliding by the Israelis. It would be impossible to contemplate, let alone achieve today such an expulsion.

    You are right about the issue of demography, but at least the Israelis pay for their children. I don’t like the Hasidic side policies of Israel, the whole fundamentalist minority parasitism, but you have to admit that Israelis have made good on their commitment to supporting Hasidic families from the common purse. That’s more than I can say for most people popping out babies like they’re flies near a light bulb.

  13. Art says:

    Man you are one sick puppy. You web site says you’re a hateful white southerner. You are proud of southern slavery and crave Jim Crow – you pine for the past – you need your pseudo superiority over black folks.

    I have often wondered what is the tie between the rabid southerner and the Israelis? Why do you militant southerners support the evil Jews.

    I think the answer is that you rabid southerners want to do to your blacks what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. You losers want to kill blacks at will and put up walls just like the Jews do – just like you used to do.

    Oh the glory’ Yes yes’ – KKK and Zionism – hand in hand – both tribal fascists of the worst order.

  14. NickG says:

    Israel’s third invasion of the Gaza Strip in recent years. That small bit of land has now suffered more devastation than just about any place on the planet. In the wake of the third war since 2008, more than 100,000 displaced Gazans remain homeless ….etcetera

    Simples….best not to fire rockets at neighbours!

    • Replies: @Art
  15. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Regarding the so-called Israeli blockade of Gaza: Gaza has a border with Egypt (Sinai), which Israel does not control, so it’s impossible for Israel to completely “blockade” Gaza. If Egypt wanted to, it could allow Gaza’s 1.8 million residents, who speak the same language and worship the same religion as Egyptians, to spread out in the mostly empty Sinai Peninsula, which Egypt has done little with since it recovered it from Israel as part of the Camp David Accords.

    Palestinians are, to borrow Steve Sailer’s phrase used in another context, a “hot potato”. It’s not just Israelis who have a limited tolerance for them. Here’s Germany’s chancellor telling a Palestinian girl that she may have to leave Germany:

  16. Art says:

    “Simples….best not to fire rockets at neighbours!”

    What utter nonsense – how can you call your jailer – someone who murders your people by the thousand – a neighbor?

    The manipulation, the untruths, and the lies that surround the world’s fascist Zionist Jews are astounding.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  17. Clyde says:

    You don’t love Arabs and Palestinians. You hate Jews and this is why you post. Hey, let it all hang out brother!

    • Replies: @Art
  18. Art says:

    Zionism is a Jewish fascist evil – about 80% of all Jews are loyal Zionists. They will manipulate the country they live in to the benefit of Zionist Israel. In 1967 I cheered Israel – but their actions in the last forty years have turned me against them. What they are doing to the Palestinians is criminal at best. No decent human being should support them.

    As for the charge of hate – sure I do hate what they are doing to the world. I am a Christian – life is sacred to me – even Nazi life, even Zionist life. I wish no one to die. Hate the sin not the sinner.

    p.s. I see the Arabs as a backwards people – we use superior weapons to kill them – is it any wonder they want to get back at us?

    • Replies: @Clyde
  19. Clyde says:

    As a phony Christian you should be railing against China’s treatment of the Tibetans.

    about 80% of all Jews are loyal Zionists.

    Maybe they need an ultimate refuge from confused dopes like you. I have nothing against confused dopes except when they are are given guns, missiles, bombs, rockets like your inbred idiot child Paleostinians. Yeah yeah your heart weeps for them. Not!

  20. It’s wrong to use the word “war” to describe these regular slaughterfests on the part of the Israelis. A war requires at least two sides to be fighting each other.

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