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John Feffer: The New World Order Is Here
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They swore he’d never build, just tear down. He was, after all, the ultimate loner president with a grim history of bankruptcies. It was obvious that, among other things, he’d destroy the country’s alliances. And admittedly, these last two years his strength hasn’t always been in building. Take that “big, fat, beautiful wall” of his. You know, the one the Mexicans were going to pay for until it turned out that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were the Mexicans he had in mind. Not only hasn’t he gotten it built, but he’s now threatening to shut down part of the government if the Democrats won’t agree to fund it. In something like a hissy fit, in fact, he recently swore that he’d be “proud” to do so, wouldn’t for a second blame it on the Democrats, and might even order the Pentagon to spend a few billion of the bucks he’s been shoveling its way to build that wall for him — all of which may represent a first when it comes to presidential public relations.

Still, in other areas, how wrong they were! It couldn’t be clearer now that Donald Trump is capable of building bigly. Just look at the recent climate-change meeting in Poland if you want some striking evidence of his success! It took a year or so, but now he’s no longer alone in trying to deep-six the Paris climate accord and turn this planet into a fossil-fueled hothouse from hell. Thanks to his kind words and supportive gestures and those of figures close to him, Trump and his men actually managed to put together an informal but potentially powerful alliance of fossil-fuel producing countries at that recent Polish conference — Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Kuwait — to take the world down with him. And on a planet on which fossil fuel emissions remain on the rise and American bank investments in coal and oil from tar sands (but not in renewable energy) are also on the upswing, here’s a strong sign of what such an alliance could ultimately accomplish: glaciers in a part of East Antarctica long considered stable are now melting, a flood threat, sooner or later, to coastal areas globally. In other words, the outlook is bright indeed, if you happen to be a Big Energy tycoon or CEO.

Now, let TomDispatch regular John Feffer, author of the new climate-change thriller Frostlands, the second in his Splinterlands series of dystopian novels, fill you in on the real New World Order whose creation Donald Trump and his alliance are intent on aiding and abetting.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump 
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  1. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    TomDispatch >>> TDS + Climatool

    And again: why does Mr. Engelhardt enjoy the privilege of having these introductions published separately from the article of the, as he vainly reminds us, “TomDispatch regular”?

    Mr. Feffer’s “Are You Ready for an Epoch Fail?” is here under separately, where it can receive comments; so we’ll have commenters literally talking past each other, diminishing one of the best aspects of TUR. (On other occasions, IIRC, the article had to be accessed at TomDispatch itself.)

    Assuming (very) hypothetically that TomDispatch or its parent The Nation wanted to amplify a TUR article written by, say, Linh Dinh or C. J. Hopkins, it’s hard to imagine Mr. Unz requesting, much less receiving, such an annoying little soapbox.

  2. Good news on Trump’s fight against the Climate Change scumbags.

  3. Climate-Change Schizoids Are Psychotic And Must Be Treated Accordingly–As Dangerous Lunatics, Not As Mere Harmless Fools

    Well folks, here we have definitive schizoid, psychotic babbling and raving, starting off w. the typical loose-reference pronoun, “They swore he’d never build, just tear down.” Who’s “they,” exactly? But then, we can figure it out, right?

    “Science of climate-change (or global-warming) is SETTLED,” said Al Gore–and as soooo many others said among the advocates of climate-change. But when u ask these “climate-change” morons what their science is, what it consists of, even what science itself is, they have no answer but a bunch of idiotic babbling and balderdash which is all nonsense and outright lies (a), and then (b) pretend they’re helping their case by saying, “and gee whiz but u know it must be true because, LOOK!–97 % of government-paid scientists and professors all say so–see them all wearing glasses and their white lab-coats?–u KNOW they must be right.”

    Thanks goodness for the “yellow-vests” in France who definitively express their contempt for “climate-change” lies pretending as excuse for taxation and dictatorship–dictatorship pushing for Agenda-21 and -2030 genocide upon excuse of “climate-change” and “climate-change science.” Macron imagines he must be given a “second chance.” Hurray for the yellow-vests.

  4. anon[398] • Disclaimer says:

    sounds like feffer needs to reduce his carbon footprint

  5. Trump was elected—first & forenost—to stop the mass-scale flow of wage-undercutting, welfare-assisted immigration. It is like a salesperson and a customer; it does not matter what the salesperson wants. It is what the voters want that counts. If votes mean nothing in a Republic, with politicans feeling free to tell the voters to go to ***, we may as well forget about elected government, which is exactly what many elites would prefer.

    It is naive to think that far-flung global dictators will comply with global-warming efforts initiated by prim & proper Western virtue-signalers-in-charge. It is naive to think they’ll chuck their nations’ ghost-city building sprees and world-leader-sized coal industries, abandoning all environmentally questionable ventures in a coordinated global effort.

    Why would they really let go of the enterprises that feed the massive number of humans that the mommas in many countries have produced to consume natural resources?

    They’ll let the West abandon all environmentally-unfriendly industries, particularly the ones that employ a lot of working-class men, sparking civil unrest in the West. Corporate talking heads in the cutting-edge industries will claim that they can’t find enough workers in countries pumping out the most STEM-educated grads in the world. They’ll keep hiring cheaper Indian temps, bringing the higher wage temps in with the 1.5 to 1.7 million low-wage H2B visas coming here each year, joining millions of welfare-eligible / womb-productive illegal aliens undercutting non-welfare-eligible US citizens in the labor market.

    If environmentalists meant one word of what they said, they would all be advocating for a global one-child policy or, at least, putting social pressure on people who cannot afford to raise one resource-consuming human not to have more than two.

    The last thing that true environmentalists would do is: advocate for more pay-per-birth monthly welfare, which covers all of the major household bills (food, housing, energy) of single-breadwinner parents when they stay under the income limits for the programs by working part time or in temp jobs, with monthly cash assistance and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credit money on top of it.

    Set aside the near-evil economic brutality of disregarding the displaced native-born and naturalized citizens, and the mocking of them as this subject is lied about or evaded by pampered media elites, focusing on the fact that so-called environmentalists who support the irresponsible, pay-per-birth policy agenda extend it even to hoardes of new legal / illegal immigrants that enter the USA each year.

    They are advocating for an accelerated environmental calamity, while telling the people who pay the price for it in the labor market of their own countries how many more sacrifices they should make, just so elites can pretend to have a moral cause. Elites put cheap, subservient labor far ahead of the environment.

  6. Israel got their 38 billion. That’ll build some sweet walls. In Israel.
    MIC/Pentagon got their 800 billion to piss away on wars they can’t win.
    Big AG gets their 10’s of billions in subsidies.
    1% gets their trillion $$$ tax cut.

    Trump, assuming he gives a shit, should have got “the wall” slipped into a pro-Israel bill. 100% guaranteed to pass then.
    The wall won’t stop those millions of illegals already here throwing off thousands of anchors a day though, nor will it stop the mass legal immigration. Capitalism demands unlimited growth, maximizing profits, hence lots of Mexican cheap labor and low wages for Muricans. Trump loves his cheap labor, he’s a hotel owner for goodness sake folks. Good luck getting Trump to take a pay cut for your sake.

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