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Greg Grandin: Donald Trump, Pornographer-In-Chief
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He descended that Trump Tower escalator on June 16, 2015, to announce his presidential candidacy already bragging about the “great, great wall” he was going to build on the U.S.-Mexico border (“and nobody builds walls better than me… And I will have Mexico pay for that wall”). “When Mexico sends its people,” he insisted that day, “they’re not sending their best… They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

And his tune has never really changed. Almost three years later, in April 2018, he was still focused on those Mexican rapists, still insisting “they’re not sending their best.” In his final presidential debate with Hillary Clinton in October 2016, he denounced all the “bad hombres” who have made it to this country and how “we’re going to get them out.” A week into his presidency, he was already threatening to send the U.S. military into Mexico to get rid of the “tough hombres” from the Mexican drug cartels preparing to invade this country. And just a week ago at a breakfast with U.S. governors, he was at it again, this time denouncing “rough hombres“: “And I told Guatemala and I told Honduras, and I told El Salvador — three places where they send us tremendous numbers of people… They’re not sending us their finest… They’re sending us some very — as I would sometimes say — rough hombres. These are rough, rough, tough people.”

In fact, many of those “hombres” — and they are always hombres — turned out to be rough, tough, bad children (even breast-feeding babies of the roughest, toughest sort) and rough, tough, desperate mothers, a crew so malign that they had to be eternally separated and incarcerated, which meant creating a children’s Gitmo on the southern border.

In his new book, The End of the Myth, From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America, TomDispatch regular Greg Grandin focuses on what it means for our country to live beyond the end of its own mythology. He sees that great wall, the one long ago constructed in the president’s mind (if nowhere else), as a forerunner of a grim new American mythology, “a monument to the final closing of the frontier.” Whether it’s ever built, that wall is already a symbol of a country whose inhabitants once believed they could escape history and now are in the process of walling themselves in, psychologically speaking, and becoming what Grandin calls “prisoners of the past.” Oh, and speaking of prisoners, today he points out the one circumstance in which the president tosses those hombres out the window and focuses instead on mujeres. And it’s undoubtedly no mistake that, when he brings them up, they always have duct tape across their mouths.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Immigration 
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  1. rough, tough, bad children (even breast-feeding babies of the roughest, toughest sort) and rough, tough, desperate mothers, a crew so malign that they had to be eternally separated and incarcerated, which meant creating a children’s Gitmo on the southern border

    Camp of The Saints:

    Calcutta, … Consulate General of Belgium

    At daybreak the Sikh guard had chained the
    front gate shut. From time to time he would point the barrel of his antique rifle
    between the bars, to urge back the ones who had pushed their way up front.

    “…Pursuant to the royal decree… no new requests for adoption will be accepted.
    Similarly, no Belgian entry visas will be granted for those children currently
    being processed for departure

    Up front, a woman stepped out of the crowd and started to speak….She was
    holding a child in her outstretched arms, a little boy, maybe two years old,
    thrusting his face so close to the gate that it made him cross his big, gaping

    “Look at my son,” she cried. “Isn’t he pretty? Isn’t he solid and strong for
    his age, with his plump little thighs…we fed him the best, we fattened him up just for that. … And now you’re trying to tell me that we fattened him up for nothing,
    that his poor father slaved in the ricefields and worked himself to death, all for
    nothing, and that I’m going to have him on my hands for good, and keep him and feed him? …A hundred women pushed forward, each one with a child in her
    outstretched arms. And they cried out things like: “He’s theirs now, he’s
    theirs!,” … And
    the crowd howled, “Take them, take them! They’re theirs now! Take them!,”
    while hundreds of others pressed forward behind the ones up front, with
    armfuls of babes by the hundreds, and hundreds of bigger ones too, all ripe for
    adoption, pushing them up to the brink, to take the giant leap to paradise.

  2. Nations do reach a carrying capacity both numerically and culturally. That borders tighten is hardly a sign of failure.

  3. Donald Trump is not the cause of this just a symptom. As a comment on the state of the USA it works for me but the mere mention of Trump in the title seems gratuitous.

  4. Trump has done nothing to send this filth back to their own stinking countries.He lied to us.He only cares about Israel’s borders(just like almost all members of Congress).Race matters,and when you bring the mongrels from Mexico,etc here then shortly America will be a sewer like their countries.Not sure why the author of this article thinks its okay to storm our border and steal our birthright but he is an idiot.They are invading OUR land to take WHAT we have built.None of them are innocent,they are here to replace us if we do nothing.Tom and Greg are cucks who can’t wait to serve those squatty,jelly-like mestizo women.Dumbass article.

    • Replies: @DINDUNUFFINS,esquire
  5. fnn says:

    How many people do you think should be living in the US? One billion, two billion, how many?

    • Replies: @Oleaginous Outrager
  6. What is this lunatic raving about now? There is a Gitmo on the border? Something has affected this poor old man’s brain. I have no idea how anyone would bother to read past the title of this lying gargage.

    • Replies: @Charles_Martel
  7. @restless94110

    “I have no idea how anyone would bother to read past the title of this lying gargage.”

    Me, either. But we both did!

    • Replies: @restless94110
  8. @Charles_Martel

    Lol, Nope. You did. But I did not. I never do nowadays. I know his game.

  9. @fnn

    They believe in seven billion Americans.

  10. @Christians aka God's true chosen people

    Your White Cucks because you allow BLACKS to breed out your White Women,and then those LOW IQ Black halfbreeds will be your enemy as well.Since they always side with the Black half. Hence Obama the half breed loser in chief. You White Cucks rather beat off over Black thug NFL and NBA degenerates that beat and rape women. What do you think all these Browns and Muslims are doing .They are just following what Blacks are doing to Whites. That is shitting all over your White Founding Fathers and your White History .Blacks are destroying the fabric of this country with all their ghetto trash degenerate , no law and order anarchanistic bullshit. But hey don’t worry the Black man will save you Whitey by breeding you out. Good luck with that!

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