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Dilip Hiro: America First Actually Means China First
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He took a remarkable star turn at Davos — and, no, I don’t mean President Trump. I was thinking about Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2017, when he claimed the title of globalist-in-chief in a highly praised speech to the world’s assembled CEOs and plutocrats. He was then promoting a “community of shared future for mankind” versus you-know-who’s America First policies! In the process, he won admirers galore. This year, he stayed home to oversee the development of yet more Confucius Institutes, China’s government-sponsored language-teaching programs that now exist in dozens of countries, and to supervise further planning on China’s ambitious projected 65-nation One Belt One Road initiative. That’s the vast economic program meant to tie together much of Eurasia (as well as other parts of the planet, including former U.S.-dominated bailiwicks in Latin America and the Caribbean) in a Chinese-sponsored web of construction and trade projects that, if successful, might someday give “imperial” a new meaning. This year Xi sent his key economic adviser to Davos in his place, ceding center stage to Donald Trump who flew in with seven cabinet members, didn’t drool or tweet insultingly on stage, and was similarly applauded by the globe’s leading billionaires as he declared America “open for business.” (No matter that he was already planning for a State of the Union address that would highlight his desire to wall off his country and further shut it down to outsiders.)

If you followed the America media, which simply can’t get enough of The Donald, day in, day out (minute in, minute out?), you would have experienced his performance at Davos as a grand, not to say surprising presidential triumph of the first order in front of the very crowd of globalists he spent his election campaign blasting. And if you had done so, you might well have been wrong because, even without Xi present, China, not Trump, was, as Ishan Tharoor of the Washington Post wrote, “the elephant in the room,” its “vast investments around the world and increasing geopolitical assertiveness… frequent subjects of panel debates and chatter at cocktail parties.” Keith Bradsher of the New York Times reached a similar conclusion, reporting that at Davos “geopolitical momentum lay with Beijing, not Washington” and that Xi, not The Donald, was once again the “real star” of the gathering.


And as TomDispatch regular Dilip Hiro, author (appropriately enough) of After Empire: The Birth of a Multipolar World, points out today, that’s just the beginning of the way President Trump has been ceding ground to the Chinese leadership. Despite his regular attacks on China for committing the “greatest thefts in the history of the world,” when it comes to its trade policies with the U.S. (not to speak of that classic Chinese “hoax,” climate change), the president has, as Hiro vividly explains, turned out to be China’s greatest promoter on the world stage — and, as it happens, hasn’t done so badly for Russia either.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: China, Donald Trump 
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  1. H.S. says:

    ” … Throw a great deal of dollars into the market all at once, and the dollar will crash. A conflict with Taiwan may follow. It will be a conflict waged with American money, with American weapons, investment, and high technology. Add the nuclear factor here. Suffice it to recall the recent scandal when Chinese intelligence obtained all major nuclear secrets of the United States. Birth rates in China are no longer being kept down; defense spending has been increased. China is buying up armaments and military hardware.

    China has thoroughly studied the Western technique of getting out of crises via controllable armed conflicts and wars. It has written its own script for squeezing the United States off the world stage. The Western script becomes an episode in a larger game.


    Novaya Gazeta
    No. 75
    October 2001

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
  2. @H.S.

    Novaya Gazeta is a West-worshipping Russian neocon paper that wants Russia to fight China for make benefit of America (amongst other typical Russian liberal positions)

    So far as I am aware they have zero China expertise.

  3. Malla says:

    Interesting, earlier in the century Britain sacrificed itself to make way for the USA. Now the USA sacrificing itself to make way for China. Some behind the scenes plan is working, well, just according to plan.
    Pax Britannia –> Pax Americana–>Pax Middle Kingdom–>???

  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Let the Chinese continue to produce the world’s crap; they’ll never be a cultural superpower, because a)they have an impenetratable language b)Chinese people lack personality and or of no interest to Whitey.

  5. augusto says: • Website

    Trump or no trump U all know that Beijings path woul (will) be cut sharply into the falling structures of the present arrogant Empire.
    Yes, the Donald day in day out may be giving a hand: old Europeans so servile for 70 yrs now say: well what do we gain for bowing our spines so sheeply if NOW a blessed stupid in DC despises us so openly. And how about tomorrow – when China is much stronger- another donald does the same? Well seems we ´ve put our feet on the wrong canoe… The real solid canoe is in Asia.
    Now just to drill your brains: if the Donald does that when he is not the boss… just imagine the deep staters who are even more ANTI CHINA and actually run DC, how will XI and his party react?

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