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Arnold Isaacs: Promoting Islamophobia in America
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Honestly, if you’re trying to grasp our strange new world, this Washington Post headline gets you at least part of the way there: “New NSC Chief of Staff Is From Group That Believes Muslims Are Plotting to Take Over U.S.” No, that NSC isn’t the National Student Clearinghouse or the Norfolk Southern Corporation or the National Sports Center. It’s the National Security Council, the outfit that advises the president on, well, national security, and that happens to be headed by new National Security Advisor John Bolton, a man who never saw a country he couldn’t imagine bombing. Now, as its Bolton-appointed chief of staff, it has a genuine Islamophobic crackpot by the name of Fred Fleitz. He previously was vice president for policy at Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, an outfit that, as the Post puts it, “propagates the conspiracy theory that Islamists have infiltrated the U.S. government in a plot to take over the country” (and that’s barely to crack the surface of its mania about Islam).

By the way, you remember that flap about Roseanne Barr calling former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett a spawn of the Planet of the Apes, right? If not, it’s not your fault. Since that controversy exploded across the Twitternet (“Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes = VJ”), our president has been transforming himself into King George III, claiming unprecedented powers over this country and, if he has his way, the world, while there have been so many other manic explosions in our media world that it’s mindboggling. On such a planet, attention spans are understandably short. Nonetheless, it might be worth revisiting the Barr controversy briefly, in light of the Fleitz appointment, since the racist comparison of Jarrett, an African American woman, to an ape proved explosive, yet the other half of Barr’s insulting equation (“Muslim Brotherhood”) was barely noticed.

As the invaluable Juan Cole writes at Informed Comment, however, Barr seems to have picked up much of her Jarrett slam from Gaffney and Fleitz’s center, which has worked hard to “single out Jarrett as a baleful influence on Obama and… connect her to Iran [where she was indeed born], and then implicitly to the Muslim Brotherhood. (Only, the Muslim Brotherhood is a Sunni Muslim organization and Iran is Shiite).” Oh yes, and Jarrett isn’t Muslim.

Well, small points indeed in an American world where wearing the label Islamophobe seems to disqualify you from nothing — certainly not the presidency or becoming secretary of state or, for that matter, chief of staff of the NSC. It’s no longer a problem at all, as TomDispatch regular Arnold Isaacs makes all too clear today.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Islamophobia, John Bolton 
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  1. anon111 says:

    Well, small points indeed in an American world where wearing the label Islamophobe seems to disqualify you from nothing….

    boo hoo

    maybe its because the label is as asinine as all the other “-phobes”

  2. Da Wei says:

    Is Islam our enemy?
    Who would like us to think so?
    Our disgust over despicable Muslim immigrants — “grooming gangs” and other cowardly thugs in Europe — might lead us to an overgeneralized condemnation of all Muslims. Hold on a minute.

    Did Muslims sponsor Trotsky and the Communists, assassinate JFK and RFK, or attack the USS Liberty and covered it up with the US government they owned?
    Were Muslims behind 911? Really, George?
    Was it a Muslim who paid for the never Trump “protestors” to be bused around to raise hell?
    Has Islam bought and paid for our senate and turned the other half into their own whorehouse of representatives?
    Do Muslims own the MSM that tells us what to think?
    Has Islam owned and controlled our money lock stock and barrel since 1913?

    Who wants us to fight a war with Islam for them?
    Are we that stupid, or just plain bought and castrated?

    Any argument to the contrary that is based on criminal behavior of hordes of trashy hooligans raping Europe may overlook an essential point. Although they seem to make a case against Islam, consider that admittance of these animals may have been hastened by that very aspect. If England and others have forsaken the integrity of their legal systems, it wasn’t because Islam enticed them to do so.

    Is Bolton’s new appointment a clone chosen to get them A-rabs?

    Just asking.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @llloyd
  3. @Da Wei

    Is Islam our enemy?
    Who would like us to think so?


  4. llloyd says: • Website
    @Da Wei

    In conservative Islam, a woman is not allowed to be in the company of a man unless she is her husband or brother. When I was living in Iraq, I accompanied a woman to her hotel foyer. The next morning she was kicked out of the hotel. Those grooming gangs come from low class criminals. Nothing to do with Islam. Just maybe the strict segregation between the sexes encourages this behaviour among renegade Moslems. But that’s not Islam’s fault. It’s the fault of the shit hole environment of the West they have been forced or lured into.

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