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Cape Town, 2021
Cape Town, 2021
Pho in Saigon, 2021
Government and social media move to block platforms for those promoting “misinformation”
Librazhd, 2021
Penang, Malaysia, 2019
Graham, Oksana and their children in Kiev, 2021
Taipei, 2021
Democrats prepare to eliminate opposition to woke culture
A Boots-on-the-Ground Report
The Six Stages of Enlightenment
The Key to Macron’s Success...and Failures
“Le 20h” nightly news on TF1 set the tone for the nation.
The Sacred Central Principle of Modern Western Politics and Culture
Whitey in the Woodpile: The eleven members of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities
Or, the Accidental Biopolitics of the Culture Wars
Ultrasound of Emma - 20 weeks old. Credit: Michael Fürstenberg/Flickr
A review of For a European Awakening
Credit: Abir Sultan/EPE/EFE
The Porn Industry as Jewish Anti-Fascist Activism & Cultural Terrorism
Artemisia Gentileschi, Susanna and the Elders, circa 1610. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Nostalgic recollection of a missed friend
Glenn Greenwald has Written the Defining Article of 2021
Mosque of Ibn Tulun, 2021
Beirut, 2020
Lessons from the Collapse of Catholicism in France
A particularly rare issue of Signal.
Arnoun, Lebanon, 2020
Sidon, Lebanon, 2020
A Statistical Portrait of a Nation in Decay
Me shack in Al-Quala\
More in Culture/Society
They Say Goodbye. We Say Hello
26% do not oppose the assassination of cartoonists mocking Mohammed
or: The Storming of the Reichstag Building on 29 August, 2020
"Listva" Bookshop Opens Up in Russian Capital
The Truth and its Consequences
The EU interviewed 8,000 Gypsies, the results will shock you!
A World No Longer in Supply
The Nazi Leader’s Critique of the European Union
The City’s Socialist-Communist Government Is at a Loss as to Why
Why You Should Stay the Hell Away From the American Military
“I am sad that I was not able to make Europeans love Europe”
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