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Wigmore Hall is not a place that one would typically expect to find out is intimately connected with the subversion of the sexual morals of the West. If you aren’t a fan of classical music, then its name probably means little to you, but since 1901 this concert hall located in central London has been... Read More
In almost every state in the union there is a government agency or department with the name “Child Protective Services”. Its purported mission is to act as the long arm of a responsible community to protect children from their own parents or guardians when children are being mis-treated. Although vastly abusive in many, if not... Read More
President Johnson signs the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act
Last Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, publicly pleaded for “a path of citizenship” for America’s eleven million illegal immigrants “or however many” there are (November 16, 2022). Eleven million illegals, incidentally, is the low-ball number that democrats prefer to use. There are good reasons, however, to believe that a more accurate assessment would reflect... Read More
Right behind your eyes. That’s where you’ll find the most complex thing in the known universe. And right before your eyes is where you’ll presently find the second-most complex thing in the known universe. What are those things? Well, the most complex thing in the known universe is the human brain. And the most second-complex... Read More
The narrator of the opening chapter of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury is Benjy Compson, a 33-year-old man with an intellectual disability who is very much the embarrassment of his disintegrating family. Compson’s diminished mental capacity, and the ‘stream of consciousness’ manner in which his thoughts and perceptions are presented to the reader,... Read More
When I wrote this, six full days after the 2022 midterm election, the situation was still undecided. The Senate is apparently in Democrat hands again, and the House was “leaning” Republican , although some 19 (!) races are still undetermined. [Editor’s note: The Democrats have indeed held the Senate, and the Republicans now have been... Read More
The recent mid-term election results which many people predicted would be a “red wave” throughout the U.S. proved at best to be a red drizzle. It was not what many political conservatives wanted although, in fairness, the Democrats lost several seats in the House of Representatives where the GOP will have a slim majority. Many... Read More
Oppressed Jew Is Watching You: the sinister American Attorney-General Merrick Garland
What Orwell Got Wrong in his Dystopian Satire Nineteen Eighty-Four
When it was first published in 1949, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was a dystopian satire aimed at the left. In 2022, the novel seems to have become an instruction manual used by the left. For example, in Orwell’s satire the worst of all offences is thoughtcrime, the denial of official ideology and rebellion against the... Read More
I am not in the least bit susceptible to depression, but I have to admit that as Tuesday night wore on, I found I was getting depressed. And on Wednesday I was really down. If you watch conservative media, you were expecting a red wave, and there was even talk of a paradigm shift as... Read More
William F. Buckley’s "In Search of Anti-Semitism"
Introduction A conservative who doesn’t care to fight against the Left is useless. He might as well be a leftist himself, because, over time he becomes more a symbol of capitulation than a leading light of the Right. As a twentieth-century conservative icon, pundit, and National Review publisher, William F. Buckley certainly wasn’t this bad... Read More
Caterpillars are racist. Fact. When a caterpillar is fully grown, its body is packed with tasty nutrients. But the caterpillar doesn’t want to share those nutrients with other insects, no matter how needy they are. This is ignorant and irrational xenophobia. Science teaches us that all insects have a common ancestor and are essentially the... Read More
A recent article published in The Jerusalem Post by Adam Milstein laments what appears to be the end of the Jewish golden age: “Why the Golden Age for Jews in America is Coming to an End” (10/19/2022). Milstein attributes this apparent end to an array of factors, such as rising anti-Semitism, a fading memory of... Read More
Mr. Pavlov, who has not been fired yet.
A higher-up in the Security Council of Russia penned a op-ed in which he said that Chabad, the premier representatives of organized Jewry in the Slavlands, was up to no good. JTA: A Russian official has apologized after his deputy published an op-ed that referred to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement of Orthodox Judaism as a “neo-pagan... Read More
Results from the 2021 Australian Census revealed an astonishing 25 per cent jump in the nation’s Aboriginal population over the preceding five years. This confirmed the trend of the 2016 census showing a 19 per cent surge in the Aboriginal population. Over the last decade the self-identifying “Aboriginal” percentage of the population of Australia has... Read More
The late, great Larry Auster did it in three words. He captured the essence of a complex socio-political phenomenon and told us exactly how we should behave towards that phenomenon. Yes, he did all that when he wrote these three words: “Islam is evil.” It’s an accurate description of Islam and an acute prescription of... Read More
In my previous essay in this series, we examined the Jews who owned and operated the media “watch dogs” and fact checkers who harassed and censored popular natural health doctor Joseph Mercola and Children’s Health Defense (CHD), especially for their views on covid vaccines and the covid pandemic generally. While Mercola wrote in extensive detail... Read More
Thoughts on Igor Shafarevich’s “Postscript to ‘The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma’”
I recently provided a translation of Igor Shafarevich’s final remarks on his own work, “The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma,” addressing the Jewish Question in which he tries to expound on possible solutions going forward. Please read the original text first. If I wanted to, I could easily write a glowing review of Igor Shafarevich and his work... Read More
“Thou shalt not recognize patterns.” It’s one of the core commandments of modern leftism. But that’s only the short version. In full, the commandment runs: “Thou shalt not recognize patterns — except when they’re not there.” For example, you’ll be severely punished if you recognize any genuine pattern involving misbehavior by a favored minority like... Read More
Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have thrown your television out the window, you’ve probably noticed how frequently Blacks are shown on TV and in the movies. It’s not like the old days when token Black actors played minor and inconsequential roles. Blacks were rarely portrayed as important persons in professional roles such... Read More
An issue that comes up when talking about Jewish influence, especially, say, in the early twentieth century, is how to interpret the calls of some Jewish intellectuals for Jews to assimilate. Assimilation can mean many things. We can all agree that Orthodox and Hasidic Jews tucked away in self-created ghettos and eschewing secular education are... Read More
I re-read my book on Jewish history (The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma) and the feeling I experienced was one of dissatisfaction. Since the author (myself) has taken a stab at shedding light on such a broad historical phenomenon, I thought, he could have made more specific observations that shed light on the current situation and the possible... Read More
Leftist Lies in the War on Whites and the West
The Biblical scholar John Allegro (1923–88) once argued that Jesus Christ was a magic mushroom. His theory was utter nonsense, of course. It’s obvious that Jesus was in fact a horse. After all, he was born in a stable. His supposed Greek title, ὁ Υἱὸς τοῦ Θεοῦ, ho Huios tou Theou, “The Son of God,”... Read More
Following Portnoy’s victory in 1972, obscene and sexually explicit material was riding high in Australia. The abandonment of threshold censorship by the federal government and the collapse of the enforcement of obscenity law inaugurated a twelve-year period where Australia was treated to one political backdown after another when it came to the policing of what... Read More
Three Jovial Jewish activists Promote the Poison of Translunacy
One golden day in late June 2022 I was walking my Saluki Zenobia by a canal near the great English city of Birmingham. Birds were singing, dragonflies were zooming, meadowsweet was sweetly scenting the air. I passed a moored canal-boat, freshly painted and gleaming in the sun. On its side, in elegant white script, ran... Read More
One way to become an unwitting dissident is to assume that the truth will set everyone free. Igor Shafarevich, in his 1989 essay “Russophobia” (my review here), spoke the truth about the overwhelmingly negative impact the Jewish Left has had on Russia, and he received merciless defamation from the Jewish Left in return. Much of... Read More
The rise of Giorgia Meloni and her coalition of the right has struck fear into the hearts of the EU and the left everywhere. God forbid that a political movement arise that would challenge globalist dogma. As Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission said before the election, said before the election, “If... Read More
Leftist Minority-Worship Preaches the Innate Evil of Whites
What’s the connection between cakes and leftism? Until last week, I would have found it impossible to give a good answer to that question. Then I picked up a new book by the British mathematician Ian Stewart (born 1945) and read the following: That might seem a funny but trivial story. In fact, it’s more... Read More
This writing sketches out a perspective on schooling and education (they are different things; more on that later on) for your consideration, including what, if anything, to do about it. Me: Retired after a career in schooling, first as a high school teacher and later a professor of education. Late in life, the birth of... Read More
Going to a gathering of old friends and acquaintances is always sort of bittersweet. The sweet part is seeing the friends and getting some positive attention rather than a lot of negative attention as I have become accustomed to when not around people who are already on board. The sad part is contemplating the political... Read More
I first noticed it 10 years ago while watching a BBC adaptation of Graham Greene’s famous 1938 gangster novel Brighton Rock. Considered a very violent book for its time, it was famously filmed in 1948 as a classic piece of British noir starring a young Richard Attenborough as Pinkie, the hoodlum with the sharp suits... Read More
Queen Elizabeth II is dead. When I heard the news, I didn’t join the laments of the leftist media or wish a long and happy reign to her successor. No, I thought about a sharp contrast between her final days and the final days of many of her most loyal and loving subjects. The Queen... Read More
The competition would be intense, but if there were an international search to find the world’s most repulsive and irritating Jew, my money would go on Britain’s very own David Baddiel (born 1964). He’s a highly successful comedian who combines minimal talent with maximal smugness. He’s overweight and oily and, like Harvey Weinstein, he has... Read More
Just a twenty-minute walk east from the centre of Sydney, passing along Hyde Park and the traffic sewer of William Street, you will reach what is arguably the most infamous precinct in all of Australia. Kings Cross, or more informally “The Cross,” is not a suburb in the traditional sense of the word; rather, it’s... Read More
On August 19th, in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), among the most shocking statements ever made by any government agency in US history was issued by the CDC. In its “Summary of Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems — United States, August (19) 2022,”... Read More
I am going to assume that most readers of The Occidental Observer are familiar with the official story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl (aged 13–15) who kept a diary while hiding in a house from Jew-hunting “Nazis” in the Netherlands during World War II. In searching the TOO site for “Anne Frank,” I... Read More
The recent move by the Canadian government to criminalize “condoning, denying, or downplaying” the Holocaust is not just an infringement of civil liberties supposedly guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. More importantly, it endows a distinctively Jewish political theology with legal protections denied to core Christian beliefs. The fact that this development has... Read More
They yawned and looked the other way. That was how leftists reacted to a report in July 2022 describing how at least 1,000 White working-class girls had been raped, prostituted and sometimes brutally murdered by Muslim sex-criminals in merely one town in the English Midlands. The girls were white-trash nobodies, you see, and not worthy... Read More
During the post-war era, a radical change swept across the urban landscape of the city of Melbourne, marking a turning point in its built form. A city comprised overwhelmingly of detached suburban houses began to see the large-scale emergence of a new, very foreign living typology seeking to challenge this hegemony—the flat. Flats, also known... Read More
Jewish Political Theology Enshrined in the Criminal Code
According to the OED, a “mythos” is a “traditional or recurrent narrative theme or pattern; a standard plot in literature.” For many, the Holocaust Mythos conjures up the hope of universal redemption from the absolute evils of racism, anti-Semitism, and militant White nationalism. Arising out of the allegedly planned extermination of the Jewish people by... Read More
Thoughts on Gentile Beauty and Jewish Uglification in Architecture
If you want to feel your head swim, consider this awe-inspiring fact. When Christ was born two thousand years ago, the Great Pyramid at Giza was already more than two thousand years old. In fact, the Great Pyramid is about 4500 years old. But reproducing it would challenge — and perhaps defeat — the technology... Read More
Australia was one of the last holdouts in the West in policing and restricting the publication, importation, and distribution of pornography and other forms of obscenity. Where censorship regimes in the USA and UK had already collapsed by the mid-1960s, as late as the year 1971 vice squads in police forces around Australia still ran... Read More
An Interview With Alexander Porozhnyakov of the “Tsar’s Cross” Movement
Alexander Porozhnyakov is a young, conservative grassroots activist in Russia. He’s been in the wider right-wing movement for a decade, which makes him a veritable veteran of right-wing Russian politics. He runs a media project called “Tsar’s Cross” that promotes Orthodoxy, Russian nationalism and criticizes Liberals in both civil society and the government. We met... Read More
Critical or laudatory writings about Jews seem to be an inexhaustible subject although it often turns into a repetitive rant. Over the last two thousand years tons of books and articles have been published either praising Jewish soul-improvers and their apostate apostles to the heavens, or describing their early Judaic brethren as the scum of... Read More
I recently became aware that Ted Sallis has been criticizing my book, Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition (2019; hereafter Individualism) on his blog. Sallis is basically on-page with most of my work, including my work on Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy, and he has made great contributions in defending and promoting Frank Salter’s... Read More
We left Comrade Krieger last time 37 km from Kiev proper, freezing in a sniper nest on the roof of an abandoned shopping center. After our night on the roof and our morning spent drinking tea, our unit linked up with a SOBR unit (hard-hitting Spetznaz SWAT equivalents) and some OMON people (also a kind... Read More
Jewish Freemasonry: Two Treatises by Éduard Frumont & Nicholae Paulescu with an Introduction by Alexander Jacob Contents Introduction — Alexander Jacob I. “The Freemasons” (Jewish France, Book VI, Chapter 1) — Édouard Drumont II. “Freemasonry,” from The Hospital, the Qur’an, the Talmud, the Kahal, and Freemasonry, Ch. V – Nicolae Paulescu Introduction Freemasonry and its... Read More
A rather negative review of my book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future appeared by someone who calls himself thezman. I am not familiar with his blog, but he seems to be basically on the right side of things as indicated by its blogroll, which includes,... Read More
On May 5, 2022, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith published its annual “Audit of AntiSemitic Incidents 2021.” This is an extensive document with graphs and charts, and seven sections including Executive Summary, Major Findings, Themes and Trends, Methodology, Policy Recommendations, Take Action, and Acknowledgements. The document does have demands for extensive action that must... Read More
Jeffrey Sachs in Tikkun (a liberal-left Jewish publication): The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a 30-year project of the American neoconservative movement. The Biden Administration is packed with the same neocons who championed the US wars of choice in Serbia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Syria (2011), Libya (2011), and who did so... Read More
From the Leo Frank Case to the Present Day
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
Analyzing the History of a Controversial Movement