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When we were children in Canada we enjoyed making what we called “snow angels”, the impressions made by lying on one’s back in fresh snow and swishing the arms up and down, leaving a pretty caricature of an angel’s wings. Today we have ‘ice angels’, the exceptionally talented young figure skaters exemplified and even personified... Read More
Good mental health was not a prerequisite for European settlers emigrating to the New World. We are fond of reminding ourselves that Australia was (and mostly still is) populated primarily with murderers, thieves and sexual perverts, but the immigrants to America were not noticeably better. Indeed, the inscription on the Statue of Liberty got the... Read More
Few wars of recent history have been generated by politics or territorial ambitions. Almost all wars launched by the West in the earth's modern history, including the US Civil War and both World Wars, have been bankers' wars, incited, instigated and financed by the financial powers of Europe. Anatole France, the Nobel Prize-winning French novelist,... Read More
I provided in earlier articles some evidence of the fundamental criminality of American corporations, with only a brief introduction to the criminality of the US government and of Bernays' 'invisible people' who control it from behind the scenes. This latter subject is too large to be adequately dealt with here, but later articles in this... Read More
US authorities have for decades become increasingly prepared for mass civil disturbances resulting from government and corporate attacks on American society. We can recall that in the early 1980s the Hidden State launched its open war on the middle class by the savage FED-induced recession and the unilateral revocation of the social contract that had... Read More
It is a strange thing that the foundation of P&G’s success as a consumer goods company began with a man who specialised in the intense (and fraudulent) manipulation of the public mind. To appreciate the full flavor of this, you might care to read the details in ‘The Anger Campaign Against China’. [1] Edward Bernays... Read More
Just as with the quality of US education, most of what you are told about the superiority of the American medical system is just false propaganda and brand marketing. The US spends more than twice as much as any other Western nation on a health care system widely considered to be the most dysfunctional in... Read More
Nestlé is one of the four most-boycotted companies in the world, having been subjected to the longest-running worldwide boycott in history, now nearing 50 years. Let's see why. The production and sale of baby milk powder is one of the largest, probably the most profitable, and unquestionably the most criminal, industries in the world today,... Read More
The true origins of the two World Wars form a crucial part of our modern history, the truths of which have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology blaming Germany. This article is a minor attempt to set straight part of the record. From the Introduction to the article 'The Anger... Read More
In my prior articles ‘Private Enterprise and the National Good’ and ‘A further look at Privatisation’, I painted only a small part of the total picture of "privatisation" as it really is, part of a concerted long-term plan to control the world's infrastructure, land, water and food supplies, and to effectively replace nation-states with a... Read More
In 2014, due to repeated complaints and alarming suspicions, Chinese authorities undertook an enormous wide-ranging anti-monopoly investigation of the country's auto industry that involved more than 1,000 Chinese and foreign companies including automakers, dealers and suppliers, many of whom were suspected of collusion in price-fixing, price-gouging, other anti-competitive behavior, as well as fraudulent sales, service... Read More
Privatisation is generally considered to mean the selling off to privately-owned companies the basic publicly-owned physical and social infrastructure of a country, including things like airports, railways, electricity generation, ports and so on, and also including the takeover of health care and educational systems by private for-profit firms. But in the dictionary of the Americans... Read More
It needs to be said that there are greater values in life than economic efficiency and unregulated capitalism. Many things we do are decided not by economics but by our social and personal values, and are done for human reasons unrelated to economics or profit. If our activities were restricted to economics we would never... Read More
Playing the Word Game In early 2014 the Shanghai Daily carried an article by Cherry Cao titled "Pudong office rents outperform Puxi’s in Q4". Its content is instructive. First, what are rising prices? Inflation. Is that good? Not usually. We certainly don't like to see rising home prices, we don't enjoy paying more for the... Read More
Extreme financialisation is a serious structural defect in the US economy, and which is unsustainable in the long run. As Richard Eskow noted in a Huffington Post article, In a report in 2013, the Chinese global credit rating agency DaGong made the following observation: This compares to published figures of about $13 trillion for the... Read More
One of the major trends affecting society during the 1970's and 1980's was the reversal of position of (largest) manufacturers, (middle-sized) wholesalers and (smallest) retailers. Market power and influence corresponded with size. The manufacturer of a product appointed a few wholesalers to handle its lines, and obedience to price and marketing practice was obtained by... Read More
The area of IP protection is one that deserves more international attention by voices other than American ones. American belligerence on the subject notwithstanding, IP and patents are neither a religious nor a moral issue, but are inherently a cultural matter that should never have been permitted to become so embroiled in legalism. China's pluralism... Read More
Insurance is not a financing mechanism for regular and predictable expenses. It is not a kind of "Ali-pay" for treating colds and tonsillitis. Insurance and re-insurance are used to cover the costs of unpredictable calamities for which a person or corporation cannot be reasonably assumed to be able to cover on their own. We carry... Read More
One category contained in the flood of US anti-China propaganda is the current emphasis on how China must 'rebalance' its economy to imitate that of the US, most particularly in the area of increased consumer demand. The Americans offer an unending stream of negative commentary informing us that China's program of capital investment in infrastructure,... Read More
Economic textbook theory tells us competition will provide increased social benefits, but is pitifully thin on evidence to justify the claim. The one place where competition might have social value is in the case of a monopoly, where the dominant firm abuses its position to charge inflated prices and offer poor service, which is why... Read More
In the past 8 years in China, there have been about 170 auto recalls by joint venture manufacturers and foreign brands, with Mercedes, Toyota, Honda and Nissan doing most of the recalls. Out of about 9 million recalled cars, more than 7 million were Japanese; roughly one million were American and about one million European.... Read More
I want to set the stage for this topic by telling you a story. When I was a university student, I worked during one summer at a huge supermarket in my city. It was a great place to work, with good management and very high standards of customer service, so much so that our location... Read More
In joining the WTO, China made substantial commitments to relax the restrictions on foreign investment, on ownership of assets and the transfer of technology. Coupled with increasingly open capital markets, these acquisitions created convenient conditions for the expansion of foreign control of many economic sectors, with takeovers increasing almost exponentially, led by US and European... Read More
According to Chinese state authorities, Ron Brown of the AGAPE Foundation of Peachtree City, Georgia, traveled to Wuhan in late 2004 and signed a contract with several domestic charitable organisations in China to provide 2 million RMB each year of medical supplies and materials, in part to assist with cardiac surgery and treatments, but the... Read More
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday delivered a speech via video link at the annual General Debate of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Here is the full text: Mr. President, Colleagues, This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory in the World Anti-Fascist War and the founding of the United... Read More
The Western media inform us on a regular basis about cheap products sent to the world from China, and about the substandard and even dangerous content of some of them. Lead in paint, melamine in dog food, chemicals in drywall, glycol in toothpaste. We can be forgiven for thinking this is a one-way street, but... Read More
Let's begin with a description of the practices of American food companies in the US, important to Chinese readers since these practices have already been exported to China and exist here. I'll focus here only on meat production, the chickens and hamburgers you buy at KFC and McDonald's. The Johns Hopkins Center and the Arizona... Read More
Confucius taught that wisdom must come before knowledge, the reason for which is not difficult to fathom. When we impart knowledge, we give people tools - and the power to use them, and we all know that many tools, improperly used, can cause harm. The tools of knowledge imparted in most of the prominent MBA... Read More
It is a matter of urban legend in the West that China has no international brands. With brand warfare being the current rage, so many articles in so many Western media take apparent pleasure in mocking and denigrating China for the apparent inability of Chinese companies to either produce a brand attractive to Westerners or... Read More
Most domestic goods are a product of, and contain much of, a nation's cultural and value-based heritage. It may be difficult to find much culture in a ballpoint pen, but Chinese Moon Cakes are all culture. Brands and products that become famous, popular, and even beloved, in a nation earn that position because of the... Read More
Commercial consumer fraud by foreign multinationals in China has become so widespread that normal trust factors like famous branding, high standards, or a successful reputation are no longer reliable indicators for Chinese consumers. The many hundreds of foreign consumer-goods companies in China have so consistently and repeatedly violated not only a myriad of China's laws,... Read More
In April of 2005, Margaret Sleeboom from the University of Amsterdam published a paper on concerning a Chinese research project by Harvard University which drew international condemnation for Harvard's appalling lack of ethics in the theft of Chinese DNA.[1][2] Years after completion of this research, when the details were leaked to the media, Chinese... Read More
Steve Hanke, an Economics Professor Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, wrote a good article on this topic in the November, 2010 issue of Globe Asia, titled, "America's Plan to Destabilise China - Currency: The Secret Weapon". It is available online and worth reading. [1] On August 9, 1934, President Roosevelt implemented yet another Executive Order,... Read More
Connecting the Dots to Our Brave New World
Humankind is at a cusp, a point of transition between two different states of governance and existence. The world today is like a sack being slowly filled while the string around the opening is pulled increasingly tighter to prevent the contents from escaping confinement. The shadows of this future are everywhere to be seen but... Read More
Masks and Medical Supplies First, let's accept that the need in March, April and May of 2020 for face masks, respirators and ventilators was urgent and real in every nation, so much so that the US was experiencing enormous blowback from the medical community. There were too many media reports to list, of health care... Read More
This story has all the requirements to qualify for a conspiracy theory, and may not make sense to you without some background for context. Prior to the US entering WWI, an enormous years-long anti-German propaganda campaign was unleashed by the Creel Commission, headed by Walter Lippman and Edward Bernays, the latter being a nephew of... Read More
There appears to be no shortage of claims from multiple informed and independent sources that the WHO has two primary functions, the first as a tool for world population reduction on behalf of its masters, and the second as a powerful marketing agent for big pharma, specifically the vaccine manufacturers. Many critics have pointed out... Read More
I wrote an article on March 19, 2020, titled, "All Truth Has Three Stages", listing them thus: First, it is ignored. Second, it is widely ridiculed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident. In this, I omitted something of importance. The second step actually has two stages: the truth is widely ridiculed but, if ridicule proves... Read More
This article follows from Part 1: "The US Government Declares War on America", which listed a 70-year history of the US military and CIA having performed secret and deadly Biological, Chemical, and Radiation "Experiments" on Americans and on many other nations.
First, it is ignored. Second, it is widely ridiculed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident. With COVID-19, we have now entered Stage 2. At first, the media ignored the claims and the analysis that the virus could have originated in the US. But the spread of information and restatements of evidence from all sides, including... Read More
It should be apparent that the launching of bio-warfare, as with conventional warfare, is considerably eased by locating military bases, offensive weapons and delivery systems as physically close as possible to one’s potential enemies. This is one reason the US has established its nearly 1,000 foreign military bases – to ensure the capability of putting... Read More
The US government and its many agencies and educational and health institutions, have for many decades conducted intensive research into biological warfare, in many cases strongly focused on race-specific pathogens. In a report to the US Congress, the Department of Defense revealed that its program of creating artificial biological agents included modifying non-fatal viruses to... Read More
Some years ago, David Ignatius wrote an article in the Washington Post titled, ‘Replant the American Dream’ [1], in which he told of travelling the world as a foreign correspondent some 35 years ago, and how he believed that as an American he carried a kind of white flag, presumably of purity and moral superiority,... Read More
In June of 2013 an Interstate bridge on a main commercial corridor between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada, collapsed and fell into the river below after being hit by a truck. This was not a high-speed collision; the truck simply bumped one of the main support pillars at low speed, but the weakened and dilapidated... Read More
China as a nation has the longest and by far the most vast record of inventions in the history of the world. It is now reliably estimated that more than 60% of all the knowledge existing in the world today originated in China, a fact swept under the carpet by the West. Joseph Needham, a... Read More
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.
The Shaping Event of Our Modern World
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