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There are a lot of people in America with a lot of problems. Many of these people do not hurt other people. For example, wage slaves caught up working multiple jobs just to survive. They are a group that could easily be helped by government regulation. Instead, government regulation favors corporations and the ultra wealthy,... Read More
CNN wonders why niggas be do like that. As the media, including CNN, continues to ask “why are blacks stealing things?”, I’m reminded of an old saying: “Niggas wanna try, niggas wanna lie, then niggas wonder why niggas wanna die.” CNN: One thing is for certain: this has nothing to do with defunding the police... Read More
A white man angry about anti-Kyle sentiment has crashed into a crowded Christmas parade in Milwaukee and killed five people. The feds are no doubt going to use this as part of their “domestic terrorism” agenda. I’m just joking. It was this guy! They haven’t announced that he did it because he was angry about... Read More
Well, at time of writing, there is no riot yet in Kenosha. However, the blacks are rioting in New York City, and calling for the murder of cops – in response to Kyle Rittenhouse being declared not guilty. This entire race war is really nonsensical. It is just 100% manufactured, and no place has that... Read More
Black people really do seek out and target the weak. Asians come from a society that is even more heavily socialized than European society, so they really don’t have much context for ridiculous acts of violence. Hence… I guess those women are Islamic, maybe from Nigeria. You can’t help but feel bad for the Asians.... Read More
Wow, this is completely insane. (That sentence doesn’t have any meaning anymore, does it?) RT: The QAnon Shaman was invited into the Capitol by the cops. They literally waved him inside. Even if it was trespassing, he didn’t know he was trespassing. I don’t think he’s even going to get time served.
There is zero possibility for the Jewnited Snakes to compete with China. It is simply not a serious proposition. The Snakes have attacked the natural population of America, called them evil, vaxed them, and then replaced most of us with moronic brown people. The Snakes have also turned our sons gay, and pimped out our... Read More
Glenn Greenwald gave a 30-minute interview with Chris Hedges on RT about the new war on terror, an anti-white war on the normal population of America. Glenn was not totally on the ball at the beginning of the coronavirus hoax, but that is likely because he is a gay (fag), and homos (queers) are constantly... Read More
Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson experienced a bizarre interview with Ohio Congressman Mike Turner, who is calling for a war with Russia to protect anal-oriented democracy in the Ukraine. It was really a staggering thing, what this guy was saying. Tucker kept asking him why Americans should go fight and die for democracy in the... Read More
Nathaniel DeGrave, before being tortured for nearly a year in a special political prison in DC. He has now lost 15 pounds and grown a long beard, as he is being starved and not permitted to shave.
The following letter from 1/6 protester and political prisoner Nathaniel DeGrave, a podcaster who entered the Capitol, was published last week. In it, DeGrave outlines the conditions of the jail, describing inhumane conditions which amount to torture. You should read the whole thing. Dear Fellow Americans – I never thought I’d write a letter like... Read More
Yesterday, I wrote that if the Democrats were remotely engaged with basic strategy, they would not do too much fraud in the Virginia governor’s race and allow the Republican to win. If Glenn Youngkin Doesn’t Win, It’s Obvious Fraud Again (Which is Why He Might Win) You can go back and look at my reasoning... Read More
Kyle might as well of just opened fire on Antifa unprovoked, RoboCop style. Not that I would support that, but he would have killed more of these people, and they’re going to treat his obvious self-defense case the same way. They’re going to give him the same amount of time as they would give a... Read More
Like every individual in the Biden Administration, the bumbling menace Antony Blinken stumbles from weird event to ensuing weird event. His latest strange and confounding behavior is asserting the claim that the false country of Taiwan should join the UN. What the Biden Administration is doing is the equivalent of poking China with a stick.... Read More
Previously: I Don’t Understand What Tucker Doesn’t Understand About the UFO Hoax…? The government is covering up UFOs, but government officials can’t open their mouths without babbling about UFOs, unprompted. This NASA guy looks really serious and honest. Yeah, okay. Sure. Okay yeah sure. Washington Examiner: The leader of NASA hinted at the possibility that... Read More
This is wild! I don’t think Donald Trump knows how to run a social media company! Bloomberg News: It’s also unclear how Trump plans to build a social-media platform on the scale of Twitter over the next few months, let alone a streamin
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has addressed the “small eye yella muffagguahs” and the threat they pose to “dem bitches out der.” Speaking on China’s claims that the US is being very aggressive, Austin said, “the drama really means nothing to me.” When a NATO member asked how the United States would respond if faced... Read More
Being afraid of “Chinese aggression” is nonsensical. Chinese people will not even confront you at a store if you get angry about something. If you start yelling, the manager will try to distract you so he can slip out the back. Asians are the single most non-confrontational group of people on earth. They are basically... Read More
Fiston Ngoy. Note: If you name your son “Fiston,” there’s a high probability he will grow up to be a sex criminal.
No one should be surprised by this. I don’t believe anyone can be surprised by this. I mean, come on. White people have been taught for a year and a half that black people are above the law, and that if you try to stop them from committing crimes, you will be charged with a... Read More
Yahoo! News had this headline at the top on Thursday morning. When you click the article, you get this different headline: The actual appropriate headline for this article would be “A Baby’s First Guide to Why the US Must Initiate a World War in Order to Prevent Chinese Reunification.” The article gives a quick, slanted... Read More
Sam Biddle of the Intercept obtained a copy of Facebook’s blacklist, which includes “dangerous individuals and organizations” that are not allowed to be “freely discussed” on the platform. This website is actually the single most banned thing on Facebook, as you are not allowed to link it, even in private messages. That happened after a... Read More
It’s time to implement the Stephen King plan, hardcore. We need equal coverage of black crime, and we need it now. These whites are out of control hogging up all the news time, and we need coverage of things like this old Asian woman being slaughtered, randomly, by the blacks. New York Post: The New... Read More
The ratty Mexican “Jim Acosta” was violently deported from Yang Town on orders of Mayor Andrew Yang, an Epic Sino-Friend. Acosta had accosted the Friendly Sino Mayor because the latter had talked to Tucker Carlson, and developed a Sino-Friendship with him. Acosta, feeling very emotional and looking like a mess, told Mayor Yang that Carlson... Read More
I get that it’s illegal to kill black men for hitting on white women. I don’t agree with that law, but I understand that is the law. So, a murder took place. Okay. Why is it the DA’s job to exonerate the sexual behaviors of the victim? Business Insider: A 22-year-old Black man was shot... Read More
On Monday, I watched a segment on Tucker Carlson featuring Thomas Caldwell and his wife, who attended the January 6 protest. Caldwell is a disabled veteran, and he and his wife went to the event simply to see Trump speak. They were not involved in any rioting. Caldwell was not a member of the Oath... Read More
This is actually pretty awesome news. In Chicago, you can no longer be charged for murder if it’s established that you were having a duel. The black lesbian Chicago mayor (white wife), Lori Lightfoot, complained about not charging these gang members. But then the prosecutor, Kim Foxx, was like “uh-uh – oh no she de-ent.”... Read More
Author’s Note: This article is effectively a short book. There are subheadings, so you should be able to read it in parts. But it was written in one sitting, so I am publishing it as a single post. It’s a personal record for most words in a single post in a single sitting, but the... Read More
The shocking face of pure and total evil.
UPDATE: They already caught her. I guess evil can’t run very fast, huh? At least not when the forces of good are on its heels. Original article follows. More than 75 years after the six million Jews were gassed to death in steam chambers and turned into furniture and cleaning products, the woman responsible has... Read More
Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Liz Cheney are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. And still, they both agree that American military intervention is necessary all over the world. Sadly, the people they were elected to represent are losing faith in American values due to the proliferation of false theories and canards on social... Read More
If I had to guess, this is an attempt to look less ridiculous to the Europeans. BBC News: The whole Australian-French-US-UK submarine fiasco, and the weird saber-rattling that followed, kind of made America look as insane as its leadership actually is. If America is really planning on stirring up some kind of serious conflict with... Read More
I love this image juxtaposition.
Imagine being an Australian and being completely invaded by the Chinese. Like, literally everything in your country is owned by the Chinese, and they’re building colonies inside your country, because your government legalized selling national resources to foreigners. Then imagine that while you’re being told that it is racist to complain about your country being... Read More
New data shows that them niggas out there be wilin, with many suggesting they are wilin like a muffagguh out of this bitch. Daily Mail: So the murder rate rose almost three times more than any previous murder rate rise in history? [image][F]
One more reason for a war against China: they’re anti-Semitic! Asia Times: You don’t hardly even need evidence for that claim. Soros has supported leftist protests across the entire world, and it is really not believable that he wasn’t funneling cash to a protest movement as large as the one in Hong Kong. It was... Read More
We have questions and we need answers. In particular, we need an answer to this question: Are Walmarts all secret military bases that are linked by hundreds of miles of underground tunnels? Some people say so. Here’s a video of a bunch of different clips of Walmarts which suggest this is the case. Here’s more... Read More
Beijing Biden has been forced to admit Donald Trump was right: we need more refugees from Afghanistan! The libs take another L and get owned yet again. Check out this triggered snowflake Psaki finally having to admit what conservatives have been saying from the start: we made a pact to the people of Afghanistan to... Read More
It’s just really amazing that after fighting a war for 20 years, the US military was incapable of planning an exit wherein everyone came out of the country. RT: That soldier who got fired for asking questions asked how it was possible to not plan to get everyone out. We still don’t have an answer... Read More
The identity of Ashli Babbitt’s murderer has been revealed as Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd, a negro. The negro Byrd had previously been sanctioned for leaving his loaded gun in a public bathroom at the Congressional Visitor Center while kids were on a tour there. NBC News interviewed him. They sent the black guy, and basically... Read More
A natural conservative burning the flag Americans don’t want to burn
I don’t remember where I heard it, but when the Supreme Court ruled that the 2020 election could be completely fake and it didn’t matter, some semi-redpilled legal analyst said that they would try to “balance it out” by doing some conservative rulings during Joe Biden’s first year. That’s what I immediately thought of when... Read More
People are mad that the Taliban recreated the iconic Iwo Jima flag-raising photo while decked out in American gear. Marjorie Taylor Greene is impeaching Joe Biden over his decision to surrender in Afghanistan and leave billions in equipment. Frankly, it is confusing what people are actually mad about. What was insulted when the Taliban won?... Read More
Welp. The criminal prosecution of the opposition has begun. Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer has been indicted by the feds for standing on the steps outside of the Capitol on January 6. It actually began with the prosecution of Ricky Vaughn, days after the Other Biden took office. But yeah – the federal government is prosecuting... Read More
I have said clearly that I believe the defeat of the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) in Afghanistan, and the full surrender of the ZOG military to a band of brave boys from the caves, is the best thing that has happened on earth in decades. I do not think I am required to explain why... Read More
I keep telling you people: the FBI is a literal terrorist organization, working for a foreign occupation regime in Washington. Apparently, none of you are going to realize that this isn’t hyperbole until they kick in your door and hold your kids at gunpoint. Daily Mail: If they had, there would be 10,000 hours of... Read More
For allied nations of the US and the shills that enable them, the fall of Afghanistan is similar to the fall of Christopher Cantwell for fed-backed neo-Nazis and other shills. When Cantwell went down, I told all of the neo-Nazis and Oath Keepers: “this is the fate that awaits you – the feds don’t care... Read More
This weekend saw the fall of the ZOG anal occupation in Afghanistan. The whole thing was more or less completely bloodless. The “Afghan Government,” which were US-trained anal shills, universally laid down their weapons as them bois rolled across the country and took the capital. The weekend in America, a very standard weekend in America,... Read More
Where did the cash come from, I wonder? Hint: it wasn’t from the Afghani taxpayer. RT: This news being made public is further humiliation of the Western system: no one in Afghanistan supported it because they really believe in true democracy values and really want women to rule over them. They did it for the... Read More
Chinese people are noting that the transfer of power in Afghanistan was smoother than the transfer of power in the United States. This is just a stone cold fact of reality. Whereas there was an election hoax in the United States, and many big problems surrounding it, the Taliban just peacefully rolled into Kabul, and... Read More
UPDATE: Boom. Mic drop. Nothing left but sunshine and a cool mountain breeze. So much of my youth was defined by this moronic war. So many of my people I went to school with were wrecked by it. It’s really a monumental event in my life to have it finally over. It’s been going on... Read More
Everything is getting way, way out of control. Donald Trump is now talking a lot about Ashli Babbitt, and the way the media/intelligence establishment are responding is difficult to process, even for me. Andrew McCabe just went on TV to defend the cop who murdered Ashli, and to denounce Donald Trump for saying he shouldn’t... Read More
As a great man once said: “objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are.” We may consider this great wisdom when considering the war in Afghanistan. The war is rapidly approaching entry into its third decade, and virtually nothing has changed on the ground. The Taliban remains the overwhelming and obvious power,... Read More
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